The La Crosse Tribune from La Crosse, Wisconsin on September 16, 1975 · 12
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The La Crosse Tribune from La Crosse, Wisconsin · 12

La Crosse, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 16, 1975
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i. ' t 12-La Crosse Tribune, Tuesday, September 16, 1975 . ' o-, j . eV , . r 1 , r, , ; v : - JFH vf vs1 5?,V'- - h J r, Crate'S 7- iik -vN4, ,v- tfh T o 0; I l:' V-, v I 'jStHNLl , . v-jFr-' i I I Jt7TE Jrj Tr & ArsM , J Ju i Mbiwwii mwnmv m ZL"2zzl.: Jm:'m''mmmm 4 wi Nnrtrn i s fNV ' . ' '- ' .. &&. ,' u,v i nr ta J f.-, Aa.Vfcs ' -, ftr , ; ' '0; ViK g ' ' A - r- .'iLTT r fy :; LR' vl, .,. cr 1rY-u otTAv-i ;:y v;ai y !7jA-JTr!4 "i ,;p .TArA-! A'r?-- .. Starr Cuts Concannon ' GREEN BAY. Wis. (AP) -The Green Bay Packers, already a shadow of their 1974 selves, grew more distant from the Dan Devine era Monday when rookie Coach Bart Starr finished fine tuning his football roster. The rebuilding Packers, 2-4 in exhibition play, open the regular season Sunday at Milwaukee against Detroit. Starr cut Jack Concannon, a 19-year veteran who played at Chicago and Dallas before becoming the No. 1 reserve at quarterback for the Packers last season. t'. Jim Germany and defensive end Mike Fanucci, who was waived off injured reserve and then released Offensive tackle Randy Jackson was placed on injured reserve. The changes set the Packer roster at the National Football League's regular -season limit of 43 men. Including seven rookies. In all. there are K pl.i crs who were not on the roster List year when Devine concluded his career as Packer coac h The newcomers replaced names like Ted Hendricks. Gale .Gillingham. Util luetk. MacAr-thur Lane. Aaron Brown, Jerry .Tagge. Randy Walker and Jim Hi'l. all cut. dropped, traded or otherwise dispatched elsewhere, and eat h a part or full time starter in 1974 By dropping Com annon. Sirr those to go without an expert em ed ba kup quarterbat k John TlaJl. 35. ts the starter, with rookie Carlos Brown and untested Don Milan behind him But Surr Mid that if he had been rspet tally roroerned with creating uch a situation, we wouldnt have made the dist-non ' 'We parted amirably. laid Conranmm 'I have no axe to grind Ive had 10 year in the league, who h t a lew more than I thought I d g( '" lie rmi'plcied 23 ol 54 paswx Lid Kawrv hir 38t yard, and , wax II of 23 M ltd yards in the ptru-a'.m ! Germany came tl (he Pal krt jlad week in a conditional deal Vwilh M latuix. while Ja kun. art year vrteran wdh (hit ag g Wax pliked up on Waivefl hUff xaid Moft lay he d- not npeet anything ximiLif to New rgUnd strike tx by the Pat ker ' I met wdh the ptayrtx $ rmi pie wrekx ago. and I think we , had a g'J exifiar.fce of ideas on j (he wh'ile sjtua'iin.' he mI 'I , h"pe we have a ga-t under-J ytandifg 'The ptavrtx have MT-.e very ! Hfneg feelmgs, and ran gn frf-J eta-id (hat I Ju t h' t-e and pfay i the thing can be x,tt!rd ipoik-. I ' ! Sandra Haynic VVim. j U.S.-Japan Goll Meet OKOltMV Japan - San. sir Has tor of the Crntr-f Mates t raf trd a final t'o-i I fwounbt j paf 72 to take the ndvdu-d Idle of t'se f'mtrd Slate Japan w 01-rn 1 If mabhbt fwo xtf irtg the t' S tram bra( J; an " 19 ) v Starr said he is hopeful that four injured starters will be healed in time for Detroit. Safety AI Matthews and wide receiver Barry Smith have had sprained ankles, and eornerback Ken Ellis and tight end Rich McGeorge pulled hamstrings. Packer Roster OFFENSE McCabe BtbMtC ' Gua'dt-B'uct Van Dy man Pa Vaon mtJanf ( NifYvf. i 8 n B n T yM frun-Rich VsGforya Ban A to Ada rc - PYfa I'nrfjr S'f Od-i Gvarrtta M-Jor-n Had- ta'o Bcn ton V. an unr fgta Jc n Br inyc' Sm h nt Tsaion Auad Harra I Tarty Kibar-Caa1' vfi Sp t Jona OEFENSC End-C aava A n am. A. dm BixNr i 8 it ( ook Tair-V tf V-Cft Dint Pua cky V a ak j-m u'et Ft ad (rt tvm tunrf U jt Ai Jloa (rtQii Lafy Mrtnae Dr'f'i t titM-Airj am f lik At Party JW h (hi Nn Sra lwa jmn a ( INJUAIO MSMVC Gvad B a' Per t d ( B ' ad1 tn a a B " mv ad he-4 j0 It n tunn 1-0 ti k k ak C I'd Li ij dr'ci t it N t fix"" Hca; n da ta a itt Jo S'ajjFM (I i h4$ v In Hi 5 ' 1 1 t X Ivewlif I min 'll I .! 4 V 14 Aia- 4f I ta ) e a 4 I Baltimore In Situation With Red Rt inf D not iienri tn Al 'ports WiOr r It 4 fw rt e r?ir m Sr p (rn !r that cih,1 ra 1 1- a seven game Sri ir in tu ! t kftrf J SI ga' r the ft ! n Is. I ' faM p ir ) trail (0 C1 f RaPi f-ar frs rt d n ia tern of the A ere an frr ir fad 3' I the (r. !rs i in t o Don Iverson, Professional Golf Association Touring Pro From La Crosse, Had His Own Day Monday With Ceromonies At The La Crosse Country Club A Large Crowd Of Friends And Onlookers Took Part In Honoring The Winner Of The B.C. Open In Endicott, N.Y. Over The Labor Day Weekend Dn Iverson (Right) And Wile GinrM Were Spcdal People To La CYosse Monday Iverson Tutor Rus Tuvcson (Second Right) And Country Club Tom Gee (Second Mil looked On MAJOR LEAGUE STANDINGS ' A V ri c f-J in U i n - ti , ( T I ir ki b k of a d 4 .! f ei'aa'.01 Ja I 4 gao r s.-; far e Ittiy (ra'i t R nu,'J r't ta lt (Jrrl bl Wr J -r-e j t t f a!) M el, ae )- to. fr i1 t r . ri. an f r .f r f t a-r Of in ,! - ! r l i 5 . g r V I r ! r (-0 'i i i tr at ' 4 at I' r.f s h ' . .--n t.'V in I'j- l-t Srsrn yrrs Wrtr r ; m t j !-ort -fc -J ftilW i' r ft A ru , . .tii-&- Boston Dumps Brewers For 3rd Straight Time It) rnA AWUUY AuocUIrd 110 ttfilrf JinsTuN il - The Lton Red JL. m (he streSih tun for the A merit an league Fail title, have wn three straight games and maftigef Darretl Jotmn u leaurd ' I (hn.k (he guv are ptavirg a g d and as hard a l! -y ran jlaS I dn t (hi( (!ey fired any Ih.rg rUe," Jiihnv.n vaid lad n kd afirf hi Rrd !x f.nahy 1 1! M led the M.lwauVre PreW rr 9 i. at brft sav Park 'Winmig (hire gone (n a fnw i a hn k id a (i.irg he a J itnl I d mu- h father f m wm forg (!.tre m f.i than t-mng oe.e tif O'ttii't.ifg the VnliifV is f (he Rtcwrt hk JR.ep.efS s trad osef (! Pab.m-ae (i 4't ga'lu-., and Lirtrd (he ' H.g Cutt.tier i1 nme game An run.! ic'i.iiy td Rrd h-'i ytil.'trv an ('n.4r b-tiir ilaLrg will te L Do-Or-Die to! I t-rd ba-r ( b J .! n ei V,li tad f, J ( arf ! is! It fa-1 J (.If tv-r f,i' ' M.taa Vre pin i r Is at ; o t y at f rn Was IVk ha f t up t a i i-h t r f' Rr Vi ; 1 Wr t- r! t EM R ( Y-'r L.hint 5f- k R tt!!r( l.e f a ;'t s; ,j m w f Rjl-m-tr c .k. bn the diu-ion crown lwight Evan was the run pfmhnrf (ty the Red So final game ol (he baun with Milwau-kee. driving in four runs wah a nwny hits and Noting omc him-wit bred I ynn and Jim Hire ca h drove in On tr lixnh run for the sea von We jud gotta wm all the red of them. Rue Mid Nothing fvrw I ynn. who reaped injury alter turgirg In.lo the rentrrfield wall im an attrmplrd catth tn tto- ninth )nnmg ref luted on hi h.ttirg I wanted to hit fW Rl't. he Mid ' Rat at'.ct the All Star lueak, t kind trvi'r4 that It I gi-t mte r iortum'ors. III be tryo-g tn mre Marurt fi- Crandall tjtnmrd it up f t the R.fpwrts. h.J ftsav ta nttirf trams tn the trj If T) ry ve gt g-isl e lots mi question he miJ Sox ajy f.t 4 cm ba'k. b.d 4 ar r Ra-fl Won! j ( WitH a M none Uan 4't aOir ho. ri;srsi4"y t.-ne !e wn ,p tram rf ai C-orf agon this sra-n Was )l,e la-t ril a- 1 in an a' ' irM'r, I M. a. hot n'rf t',r kar. ( p R.n. brt t r h ; i VU,,p S' 3 2 ti.? U Al. Rl't SOI R. R? It ... .. , , O Mm !'tI -w- tmhlhr'M Crandalls first George Scott, a former Red Sox, agreed It a firsts lav orgam- Mlmn Siott Mid ol Boston The Red So wored four run meat hoi the first two inning tn powering Roger Morct to hi IRh vnpiry against three losses. Eight batter went to the plate tn the opening frame and seven tp the erund Rmtun final run came tn the ev,mth When call her Rob Mont- gumrf) hit a base load-d Mrnf V CMoo XEAGUE If CODERS AMFmrAN lAftiHsi )V A n - I I -.- Ps jp V'tr Ht H ? a J 3 IgHfl.y Dm m P m f s loiMOrois-v-,,..., K -) I f" KK m Br UK j: at ( vm i tr A -- Mi it 4 n- i, t; A n- v- - in 6 1U . e M V tc 9 Vifc4 if 9 ia iwwi - -t - Fa1 lM- H u fBirm ea-k ti t) Qf e't r f-., t p. f r it , rk i r jj 1 . f J P V dl v i I 4w i p s j -'!? a,.. l -- J t tm M l I .i V ' I f i $ Hm ( i; f. t ry 0t H- t 4l a $ r - i ft v $t f e e f A A 3 HI R J(C t 9 4 4 A I i t m l pat v ? i . r.. tie m p .T"' o Iverson Receives Hero's Welcome At Country Club By JIM PICKETT Tribune Sports Editor Don Iverson was the toast of the town Tuesday as city officials put on a welcome home celebration in honor of his first Professional Golfers Association (PGA) tour victory two weeks ago in the B.C. Open at Endicott, N.Y. Iversons first tournament success brought him a pay-check -of $35,000, and it prompted his father Carl to say the only change he noticed in his son was, that Im not getting any collect phone calls any more. A crowd estimated at close to 1. 000 greeted Iverson at the La Crosse Country Club for ceremonies late Tuesday afternoon following a police-escorted caravan from the airport. La Crosse Mayor Patrick Ziclke proclaimed Tuesday as Don Iverson day and the 29-year-old pro received numerous accolades from other city dignitaries. "There hasn't been anyone that has brought as great accomplishments to the city of La Crosse since we received our All-American City award in 16." said Zit-Ike. Among the speakers was The Rrcwcn scored twice Jn the third, in the fifth on shorts- top Rohm Yount eighth homer of the ear. and again tn the ev- enth following Darrell Porter' triple Scott added a run in the eighth inning with hr 3Wh homer, the nuvt he ever hit in a major league season, and the Rrcwrn made their final tallies in the fin- al mmpg on luiTessive doubte by D-.n Money and Ss ott and a mgle by Rank Aaron NAfiaNAW BifftNG IM i Vad l Ck 4 t Nt Ail A- j t h- fjh ID VI M?s v i . e t w FJ I r A- jn ( e If f 4 m t tf JH BAttfO IH L - t I". Pa-Nr t-w tJ t If v it --.! 4 Pv H Ih i -es m ( 9 If 5 t A roH tr An Vi 1 ts D V fi r - t s n t Fa4 9 t i4. v-y . r JR AD 9, f NIV I r- K fit. V Ai t. He, f M. VWyyc. Ms f 0 At 9 KOVP BVN- h 9 ( . r. Pa-,, r - r C I ft H MULM IMM-Dewy (ft ft V - f ft ft- A( M ra-A "S !' ( . (j 19 tn .t-H ) AH M ft I A- t . I 44 AfM I W 4 s I (Hie ft 9 i ( M sl,r W I'M 0 A ' llr Ns- Ct 9 1 ftt I f' , . ft 1 9 A 9 f 5? tftr pout A'Ew,. N MM 'a 1ft Py V-M t- Ae j a. A n r. pi - J HySmm -4 Staff Photoyrapher Ed Huebner (h.unber of Commerce President Walt Ilammund. who presented Iverson with the La Crosse Speak -lp Award J.h k Custer. Oktoberfest Fest-master, gave Iverson an Oktoberfest beer stem, and La Country Club - president Bill Skemp presented Iverson and his wile, Ginmc, with an engraved silver tea set and a computer watch Others who made presentations were master of ceromonies Ray Ping. 1j Crosse Country Club pro l)u k Cotter, and Milwaukee Rlue Mound pro Russ Tuvcson. who has been Iverson'S tutor. Iverson read a description of golf, whnh was written for the World's Cull Halt of Fame In IV nehurd. N (., by gelling immortal Bobby Junes, then talked about what it's like on the pro tour There's an 'onlmess' when your playing gull on the tour. 1 here are no him krrs. no substitutes. no timeout You're on ymir own out there But all of us ,ut ihne um the tourh have so m.iny p,,(pi(. pulling for us and you've shown that to me tintav Vou all have been a big part of jm Lie. supporting me through the good and the had Cllpre Phrp , J, riuwc Ifl BOrClOOt EVGfTt jim)N Wh - Steve Tu k . na .. e ,. ' . i , n.n)jM7, 'f 'n,,. R,rf City Water Skj Club, Imi hed afllullg the leader In the b"Vl divhion of the Wiaamon Rare f.Mit Water Skt ( h.irnpon-hip line Saturday 1 U ki t Wat M-u.nJ tn Wake ifrmmg and third Ire barrjied t itt methf while SatmLe fm-tdu-d wymd tn b ifrlixit Iriik SpSIie it ivitlh Co?n6t n Tho Golden Spike 4 M dtarg I ' ft f tu ty I J Coronct.Tho Great California Brandy. f I fttOMfl' f A I ft x

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