The San Bernardino County Sun from San Bernardino, California on May 30, 1958 · Page 14
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The San Bernardino County Sun from San Bernardino, California · Page 14

San Bernardino, California
Issue Date:
Friday, May 30, 1958
Page 14
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A-14 THE DAILY SUN TV - DIAL - KNXT Ch. 2 KTLA Ch. 5 KKCA Ch. 4 KABC Ch. 7 The Sun-Telegram logs are compiled from information provided by the television stations. tations are not the responsibility (C) Indicates that program is 6:30 8 This is My Faith (Religion) 6:40 4 Morning Farm Report 6:45 2 Give Us This Day (Religion) 8 Morning Farm Report 6:50 2 Farm Report (Pierce) 7:00 2-8 Capt. Kangaroo (Children) Joan Salvator, an expert woman fly-caster, will give some pointers on the proper use of fishing equipment. 1 Today (Garroway) Today's program originates from the 500-mile race track in Indian apolis. Dave Garroway will be on the scene to explore both the human and mechan ical aspects of the Memorial Day automobile classic. In the pre - race hours, viewers will witness a typical pit stop where in 20 to 25 seconds-cars are refueled and tires changed. Garroway will tour the track (in a filmed segment) at 90 miles an hour with last year's "500" win ner, Sam Hanks. 7:45 2-8 News (Holcomb) 8:00 2 Ladies Fair (Moore) 8 Charles Boyer 8:25 2 News (Holcomb) 8:30 5 Hi Fi Vision (Finlev) YOUR R KFI 640 KFXM -0 KRNO -124 KNX 1078 This log if compiled from information provided by the radio station! concerned. It is corrected and emended on basis of latest information made available by the stations. A.M. KRNO Cy Smith KITO Modesto Aguirre KFXM Music KFI News. Bishop KCAL Mexico y Sui Canciones KNX Bob Crane :05 KITO Modesto Aguirre fi: 15 KFI Farm Hi-Litei S:30 KFI Hit the Road KFXM News 6:35 KFXM Music KCALr-fiunrise Salute 6:55 KFXM News KITO Local News 1 A.M. KFXM Music KFI Bishop, News KITO Frank Hemingway KNX Hugh McCoy KRNO News 7:05 KRNO Cy Smith KFXM News; Construction KCAL News 7:10 KNX Business Report KCAL Sunrise Salute KRNO Cy Smith KFXM Music 7:15 KITO Musical Clock KNX Crane 7:30 KCAL News. Sports KCSB Varieties KNX Frank Goss KITO News 7:35 KCAL Sports KITO Bill Stern 7:4(1 KITO Musical Cock 7:45 K FI Report Sports K.'XM Big News KCAL Sunrise Salute KNX Harry Babbitt 7:;.5 KITO News KRNO News KCAL Club News i A.M. KITO Morning Show KFXM Music KCAL Morninz Musical KRNO Cy Smith KNX Bob Crane KFI News :05 KCAL Music & Time KCSB News KFI Hit the Road R:15 KFXM News KNX D. Vaile 8:20 KFXM Musie K:V KRNO News 8: 30 KITO News KRNO Bible Institute KNX Bing Crosby KFI Bishop 8:35 KITO Dow Jones KNX Bob Crane 8:40 KITO-Stock Market 8:45 KFI Andy & Virginia KITO CUB Ensle KNX Howard Miller 8:55 KFXM News 9 A.M. KCSB News KRNO Church of Christ KNX News KITO Coffee Klotcb KFXM Date Book K FI News 9:05 KCSB Varieties KFI Andy & Virginia KFXM Music KNX Peter and Mary 9:15 KRNO Brother John KNX Backstage Wife 9:30 KFI Ladles Day KRNO Metro New$ KNX Helen Trent KITO News 9:35 KRNO Brother John KITO Around the Valley 9:45 KNX Gal Sunrlav 11:15 KNX 2nd Mrs. 1:30 KCAL Music KITO News KFI Art Baker KRNO Metro KNX Couple 35 KRNO Cousin KITO Queen 11:45 KFI-News KNX Pat Euttram 12 NOON KITO Newspaper of Air KCSB News KRNO News KNX News KFI Farm Report 12:05 KRNO Cousin 12:15 KNX Mclnlnch KRNO Cousin KCSB Platter Party KITO Farm Report KFI Cal Asr. 2:30 KCAL Mid KKNO Metro KITO News KFI News KNX Linkletter 12:35 KITO Plaza KRNO Cousin KCAL Music 12:46 KCAL Music 12:55 KITO News 1 l..H. KITO Local KCS3 News KRNO Open KFI News KNX Arthur 1:05 KCSB Platter KITO Plaza KFI Star Matinee 1:15 KRNO Open 1:30 KFI Woman My House KITO Don Smith Show KRNO Open House 1:45 KITO Merv KFI Pepper 1:55 KITO News 1:58 KCAL News P.M. KNX News KCSB News KRNO Along Trail KITO News KCAL Concert KFI News 05 KFI Mary KITO Don 2:15 KRNO Open 2:30 KNX Don't KRNO Metro KITO Sharpe kH One Man :35 KITO Local KRNO Open KNX Ruth 45 KFI Dr. Gentry KITO News KRNO News 3 P.M. KNX P. Norman KFI News KCAL Musio KCSB News KITO Gabriel KRNO Open 3:05 KRNO Oppn KITO Bumper 3:15 KFI M. Bennett 3:25 KRNO Metro 3:30 KITO News KRNO Pacific KCAL News KNX Matinee 3:35 KITO Bumper KCAL Music 3:45 KRNO Old KCAL Hemot 3:55 KITO News 3:58 KCAL News 4 P.M. KRNO M. McCook Moodey 9:55 KFXM News 10 A.M. Krro-3uii K FI News KFXM Music KRNO News KCSB News KNX Nora Drake 10:05 KCSB Music HaB KRNO Cousin Charlie KFI True Story 10:15 KRNO Cousin Charlie KITO TeUo-Test KNX Ma Perkins 10:30 KITO Ladies In News KCAL News KNX Dr. Malor.e KFI Real Lile 10:35 KITO Dixieland Music KCSB News. Weather KCAL Commuter's Carnival KNX Matinee KRNO El Sol Alegre KFI News 4:15 KFI Caravan KRNO El Sol KITO Hemingway News 4:30 KNX Point at Law KITO Gabriel Heatter 4:35 KNX A Godfrey KITO Bumper 4:55 KFXM Dodger Kr I Local News 5 P.M. KFXM Music KCSB Five Star Final KRNO El Sol Alegre KFI News KFXM Pre-game. Warmup jvlau Morning Musical 10:45 KITO Memory Lane KNX Road of Lile 10:55 K FXM Dodgers- Cu bs 11 A.M KRNO News KCSB News KNX Right to Happiness KFI-News KITO News 11:05 KRNO Cousin Charlie KFI Bandstand KITO Kate Smith KITO Bumper KNX Ed. R. KCAL News 5:111 KFI Weather 5:15 KCAL News. KCSB Band KNX Carroll KFI News n I KCAL Sports Friday, May 30, 1958 O - LOGU KFMB Ch. 8 KTTV Ch. 11 KHJ Ch. 9 KCOP Ch. 13 Last-minute program changes by the of The Sun-Telegram. in color. 8:55 7 Daily Word (Religion) 9:00 2-8 Garry Moore (Variety) 4 Tic Tac Dough (Quiz) 7 It's Fun to Reduce 9:15 7 It's in the Bag (Milani) 9:30- 4 It Could Be You (Leyden) 11 Let's Play Bingo (Game) 10:00 2-8 Arthur Godfrey 4 Dough Re Mi (Quiz) 5 What's the Answer? (Quiz) 7 Chucko's Cartoons (Children) 11 Film Dramas (Wheeler) Margie (Gale Storm) refuses to let her father out of the apartment because a gangster, convicted by a jury on which Vern (Charles Farrell) served, threatens to get even. Second film is "I Led Three Lives" with Richard Carlson starring as counterspy, Herb Philbrick. 10:30 2-8 Dotto (Qiuz 4 Treasure Hunt 5 Guidepost (Education) 1 1 :00 2-8 Love of Life (Serial) 4 Price is Right 5, Romper Room (Children) 7 My Hero (Comedy) Robert Cummings stars as Bean- blossom in a comedy called "Income Tax Investigator." 1 1 :30 2-8 Search for Tomorrow 4 Kitty Foyle (Serial) 7 Janet Dean (Drama) DIAL KCSB -1360 KJTO 1290 KVRC-fm -91.1 KCAL -1410 :25 Burton KFXM News 30 KITO-Van Voorhis KRNO Metro News News KCSB Melody Cafe Next Door KCAL Commuter s Carnival Charlie KFXM Music for Day KFI Feature Wire :35 KITO Bumper to Bumper KRNO Palka Willie KCAL Local Sports News a: 49 KCAL Moods In Music KITO Local News KFI News KCSB Sports Desk KNX News 5:55 Charlie KFXM News KCSB News 6 P.M. KCSB Lawrence Welk Charlie KRNO County News KITO Quiz KFXM Music Day News KNX Roy Storey KFI News 6:05 KRNO Sports News 6:10 KRNO Bill the Bellman Platter Time 6:15 KITO Pinkie y Charlie & Time KCSB Supper Serenade & News News KCAL Si en Off KNX L. Thomas KFI Sports 6:30 KITO Bill Stern KNX P. Rizzuto KRNO Teen Time House KFI City Desk 6:35 Godfrey KITO Dinner Music KNX Amos 'n' Andy 6:40 Party Platten KRNO Bill the Bellman 6:45 KFI Financial House KITO Fulton Lewis Jr. In KFXM News KFI Weather 7 P.M. KITO Concert Hall KRNO Modern Concert Griffin KNX News Young KFXM Music KCSB News KFI Boxing Headlines 7:05 KNX Melody KCSB Valley Swing Santa Fe KITO Series A Drama 7:30 KITO Singiser News KNX Robert Q. Lewis 7:35 Malinee KITO Records 7:45 KCSB News Hickox KFI Outdoor News Smith 7:55 KFXM News House Believe It 8 P.M. KITO Modesto Aguirre krno Music in the Air KCSB Save A Child KFI News News Shopping s Family KFXM Musie KNX News Music 8:05 House KITO Modesto Aguirre Ashton KNX Coliseum Relays KFI News 8.10 KITO Paul Harvey 8:15 KITO Wm. Winter 8:30 KFI Monitor KNX-Business; World Tonight Coliseum Relays KRNO Music in Air Heatter House 8:35 KITO Modesto Aguirre 8:45 House to Bumper KITO Edward P. Morgan 8: .to KFXM News News KITO News 9 P.M. KITO Idaho Call KRNO Headline News KCSB News KFI Palladium High KFXM Music KNX News to Bumper 9:05 KRNO Music ki Air KCSB Music KNX N. McElroy 9:15 KNXStory Teller 9:30 KFI Popular Musie KITO News KNX Armed Forces 9:35 KITO Dusty Rose KFI Melody 9:55 KRNO Headline News 10 P.M. KFI Dr. Homaday KNX Reporter KCSB News KITO News, Weather KRNO Music in Air 10:15 KFI Joy Forever KITO Fulton Lewis Jr. KFI Joy Forever KNX Sport Session 10:30 KITO News KFI Dr. Homaday KNX P. Norman 10:35 KITO Knock and Rile 10:45 KFI Al Poska 10:55 Age Pensions Program Headlines Alegre to Bumper Scoreboard to Bumper KFXM Dodger Scoreboard 11 P.M. KNX News; Merry-Go-Rd. KFI Al Poska KFXM Duke Turner 11:30 KITO Music Till Midnite KFI Al Poska KNX Music 'Til Dawn 12 MIDNITE KFXM Music AH Night Murrow Brief Sports of Week . Alcott ' nurse friend of Janet's (Ella Raines) substitutes for Janet and gets interested in a young doctor's campaign for medical ethics. 1 1 :45 2-8 Guiding Light (Serial) 12:00 2-8 News (Cronkite) 4 Matinee Theater (Q "Hands" is a mystery story of two men who go moun tain climbing and only one comes back. His widow doubts the innocence of the man who returned, and a psychological use of a paint ing is tried to trap him into a confession of murder. The story, by George Leveridge, was adapted for television by Robert Esson. 5 Greet the People Katy Jur- ado will be among guests. 11 Lunch Brigade (Sheriff John) 12:05 2 Our Miss Brooks (Comedy) 8 Film Drama 12:15 2-8 As The World Turns 7 Boston Blackie (Mystery) A bank president disappears in today's story, starring Kent Taylor as Blackie. 12:30 9 Movie 12:45 7 Movie (Drama) Frank Jenks and J. Edward Brom berg star in "The Missing Corpse." A newspaper publisher is suspected by his family of killing a rival pub lisher. 1:00 2-8 Beat the Clock (Games) 4 Queen for a Day 5 News 11 Film Dramas (Whittinghill) "White Savages" stars Jon Hall as Ramar of the jungle. Bill Phipps and Lola Albright are starred in "Bor row My Car." 1:05 5 Movie (Drama) "Oklahoma Kid," starring James Cag ney, is an absorbing story about a man who takes re venge on hoodlums for hang ing his father and shooting his brother. 1:30 2-8 House Party (Linkletter) Wendell Corey, star of tele vision's "Harbor Command,' wall be today's guest. 1:45 4 Modern Romances 2:00 2 8 Big Payoff (Quiz) 4 Memorial Day Service Major portions of the cere monies of the burial of the unknown soldiers of World War II and the Korean con flict will be telecast from Arlington, Va. President Eis enhower will deliver a short Memorial Day address. 5 News, Police Calls . 7 Al Jarvis (Interviews) 9 Gary Goodwin (Variety) 2:30 2-8-4 Memorial Day Service The burial of two unknown soldiers, representing the dead of World War II and the Korean War, and a special Memorial Day address by Pres ident Eisenhower, will be tel ecast. During the national Memorial Day services, which will be held earlier in the afternoon at Arlington National Cemetery, the two additional American unknown soldiers will be laid to rest alongside the famous Unknown Soldier of World War I. The TV broadcast will include the President's bestowal, on behalf of the Congress, of the Medal of Honor (posthumously) on the two unknown heroes. Others participating in the ceremonies will be Vice President Rich ard M. Nixon and many of the country's highest-ranking military and government officials. 11 Abbott and Costello 3:00 2-8 Brighter Day (Serial) 4 Movie- (Drama) 9 Movie (Comedy) 11 Film Dramas (Martin) Stu Erwin tries to stop the pub lication of a book reported to be written by his daughter about their neighbors. June Erwin co-stars in "Jackie Writes a Book." "Bitter Grapes," starring John Ban ner, Jody Lawrence and Pet er Graves, is the second film. 13 Public gervice Film 3:15 2-8 Secret Storm (Serial) 13 Musical Parade (Variety) 3:30 2-8 Edge of Night (Serial) 5 Milady (Dorothy Gardiner) 7 Trust Your Wife? 3:45 5 Flower Arranging 4:00 2 Eisenhower Memorial Day Address. 5 Skipper Frank (Children) 7 American Bandstand 8 Four O'Clock Bingo 13 Science Lab (Education) 4:30 4 Movie (Drama) A return ing Marine finds it hard to adjust to life in his home' town because of his family's background. Dorothy Patrick Arthur Franz and James Ly- don star in "Tarnished." 8 Movie (Drama) Ava Gardner and Fred MacMur-ray head the cast of "Singapore." , 9 Movie (Drama) A son Is accused of murdering his father during a stagecoach robbery in "Lawless Valley." George O'Brien and Kay Sutton are starred. 11 My Little Margie (Comedy) A mink is delivered to the wrong apartment during this comedy, starring Gale Storm. 13 Bingo at Home (Garton) 4:45 2 Movie 5:00 7 Buccaneers (Adventure) Capt. Dan Tempest (Robert Shaw) and his crew come across a rich bed of ambergris, an ingredient for perfume in "Whale Gold" 11 Space Patrol (Adventure) 5:30 5 Funnybuttons (Children) 7 Mickey Mouse Club 9 Hollywood Spotlight 13 Heart of the City (Drama) 5:45 9 Big League Keport 11 Topper (Comedy) Topper (Leo G. Carroll) decides to begin a lobby for a seven-cent dime. 5:55 2 Weather (Geise) 6:00 2" Six O'Clock Keport 4 News, Weather (C) 5 Popeye Cartoons (Hatten) 7 Annie Oakley (Western) Annie's brother comes across an injured man who has lost his memory, but Annie (Gail Davis) sees his picture on a wanted list. 8 Dateline San Diego 9 Cartoon Express (Stulla) 13 News (Ward) 6:10 4 Sports (C) Hearn 6:15 2-8 News (Edwards) 4 News (Huntley, Brinkley) 11 Susie (Comedy) 13 Cal Tinney (Commentary) 6:30 2 Boing-Boing (Cartoons) Ex-San Bernardinan, Robert Cannon, creator of Gerald McBoing-Boing, the affable, little animated emcee who uses sound effects instead of words, brings the little char acter back to TV. Featuring original television characters, stories and musio by jazzman Chico Hamilton and oth ers, the show will pre sent varied cartoon segments, ranging from short sparkling song pictures and whimsical vignettes, to longer productions of a famed story or adventure. Little Gerald is the winner of an Academy Award. 4 Week End (C) McElroy The famous Long Beach Fun Zone, one of California's most popular amusement parks, will be highlighted by Jack McElroy. 5 News (Chambers) 7 Traffic Court 8 Leave it to Beaver 13 Jungle (Documentary) - 6:45 4 News (C) Latham 5 Sports (Harmon) 11 News (Putnam) 13 Sports (Scott) 7:00 2-8 Trackdown (Western) Hoby Gilman, respected by some and feared by others, meets the worst of his enemies a lawless town Iilled with hate for Texas Ranger; when he is assigned to in vestigate the death of a fellow ranger. Ian MacDonald is featured in the cast as Jed Burroughs with Virginia Christine as Millie. 4 Boxing (Miami Beach) Mid dleweights Ellsworth (Spi der) Webb of Chicago and Jimmy Beecham of Miami tangle in a 10-round bout at Miami Beach Auditorium 5 Official Detective (Sloane) 7 Sports (Weaver) 9 Litte Rascals (Comedy) 11 Badge 714 (Webb) 13 Seven League Boots 7:15 7 News (Daly) 7:30 2 Zane Grey (Western) Dick Powell stars in "The Desert er," the story of a U.S, Army sergeant assigned to track down a deserter from the service in the waste lands of Arizona territory. 5 High Road to Danger Mel Fisher, staff cameraman FROM NINE TO FIVE "Oh, no, I didn't hurt it. That's to remind me to ask you for a day off when you'pe in a better humor." DAY SHIFT Do you want to buy it on our shly wait until you've saved enough for the down payment?" takes viewers down 15 fathoms in search of sunken treasure ships. 7 Rin Tin Tin (Adventure) 8 This Day, 1958 (Comment) 9 Movie (Drama) A woman with a questionable past and a nobleman are married in "The Paradine Case." Gregory Peck, Ann Todd, Charles Laughton and Louis Jordan head the cast. 11 Highway Patrol (Police) The strange theft of a wrecked automobile arouses the interest of the highway patrol who wants to know why someone would bother taking a smashed car. Brod-erick Crawford stars. 13 Victory at Sea (Documen tary) The Mariana Is lands are shown on film. 7:45 4 Post-Fight Beat (Palmer) 8:00 2-8 Phil Silvers (Comedy) Sgt Bilko's efforts to establish himself in the insurance business meet with failure when an ill-advised "maternity benefits' policy wipes out his capital. 4 Jefferson Drum Beautiful Jean Byron (Angela Grant) arrives in Jubilee to marry a man named Tay Beloin and is shocked to find he has been murdered in t h e nearby town of Gunnison in "A Very Deadly Game." Jeff Richard stars as Drum. S Strictly Informal 7 Memorial Day Service In place of "Jim Bowie," films taken during the Memorial Day services at Arlington, Va. will be shown. Presl dent Nixon will highlight the traditional ceremonies at the Tomb of the Unknown Sol dier. 11 Movie (Drama) Greer Gar- son, Gregory Peck and Don ald Crisp star in "The Val ley of Decision," a powerful story of Pittsburgh and the colorful steel industry of the late 1800s which wiU have its TV premiere tonight. 13 Oscar Levant (Interviews) 8:30 2-8 Playhouse of Stars Kevin McCarthy and Thomas Gomez star in "Lottery for Revenge." Probing the inside story of a revolution -vhich has been halted by the death of a betrayed rebel leader, American correspondent Joe Haskell (McCarthy) is de tained by an iron-fisted ruler Col. Pronto (Gomez) who is attempting to suppress the truth. Paris-born Montevec-chi will make her TV debut as a traitor's girlfriend. 4 Life of Riley Chester A. Kuey (William iJendix) is put in charge of the annual party at the aircraft plant, and the company's president disapproves of his talent ine-up. 5 Sword of Freedom 7 Kit Carson (Western) Bandits take advantage of an out break of cholera to gain possession of mines in "Roaring Challenge." Bill Williams stars as Carson in the last show to be seen at this time, ine program will be seen By Jo Fischer By Frank Adamsi 'nothing down' plan or fool each Wednesday at 6 p.m. 9:00 2-8 Lineup (Police) A veter an police officer is gunned down by trigger happy burglars and San Francisco lawmen spread a net to catch the most wanted of all criminalscop killers in "The Samson Magil Case." 4 M Squad (Police) Big-time gamblers and a gunman who preys on their well-hidden, floating games squeeze Lt. Frank Ballinger (Lee Marvin) into a dangerous position. 5 Night Court (Jostyn) 7 Frank Sinatra (Drama) Glynis Johns will star in "Face of Fear." A boy's gov erness suspects foul play when his mother disappears and the father refuses to discuss the disappearance. 9 Movie (Drama) Fred As-taire is starred in "Damsel in Distress." 9:30 2 Person to Person Texas Pianist, Van Cliburn, who recently won the International Tschaikovsky Award in Moscow, and actress Olivia de Havilland, who of late has been living in Paris and making films there, will be visited by Edward R. Murrow. Van Cliburn 's success in Mos cow electrified the musical world, but 23-J ear-old pianist was a well-established per former in American musical circles when he went to the Moscow competition which made him an international figure, and has been winning prizes since he was 13. 4 Thin Man (Mystery) Nick and Nora (Peter Lawford and Phyllis Kirk) arrive at Nick's alma mater on the eve of "the big game" and learn that the school's mascot, a seal, has been kidnaped by the rival college. S Movie (Melodrama) Sci ence lets loose, a titanic ter ror upon a frightened world, a superhuman whose slightest touch means death during "Man-Made Monster." Lon Chaney, Anne Nagel, Lionel Atwill and Frank Al bertson are starred. 7 Patrice Munsel (Variety) Musical comedy star John Raitt will sing "When I'm Not Near the Girl I Love1 when he appears as Patrice M a n s e I's guest tonight. Sharing honors with the rug ged baritone will be comedian Howard Morris. 8 Movie (Melodrama) Colin Clive and Boris Karloff star in "Frankenstein." 13 Stories of the Century Jim Davis stars as Rail detective - Matt Clark in "Black Bart." 10:00 2 Ten O'Clock Report 4 Juke Box Jury Tommy Sands, little Pat Suzuki, Jacques Bergerac and Deborah Paget will make up tonight's musical jury. 7 Damon Runyon (Drama) Jackie Coogan will be seen in "Honorary Degree" as Okay O'Keefe. The story is about two bookies who go to i college to collect a debt. Allen Jenkins and William Leslie are also in the cast. 13 Tom Duggan (Commentary) 10:25 11 News (Putnam) 10:30 2 Movie (Drama) Charles Boyer, Jennifer Jones, Peter Lawford and Helen Walker star in "Cluny Brown," a comedy about a young English girl who is sent to a country - estate as a parlor maid by her uncle in an attempt to discourage her from becoming a plumber. 7 Whistler (Mystery) 8 Newsroom (Wilson) 10:40 11 Paul Coates (Interview) 10:45 9 Ted Meyers (Commentary) mm TELEVISION WORLD By WHJLIAM EWALD NEW YORK (UPD I've been looking over the tentative fall schedules of the three networks and I find they contain the usual fare Westerns, situation come dies, quizzes. Frankly, the situation disturbs me. But I don't think the season has to fall into the same old rut a few new program ideas would fix things up fine. In the inter ests of better programming, therefore, I have compiled the fol lowing possible formats for TV shows next semester: "The Places Show" I see this as a one-man assisted by one Atlas type show. The idea is for him to call out places Minneap olis; Detroit; Tiffin, Ohio; Chavez Ravine; Kanda Kanda, Belgian Coneo and then let the studio audience applaud. That's all. ALL AWARDS "The Awards Show" an entry that would take care of all the trophies, plaques, medals, statues, certificates, ribbons, decorations, garlands, crowns, citations, hon ors, titles, cups, saucers and gold records ordinarily bestowed upon performers each week on their own programs. "The Coming Attractions The atre" This one would be a dra ma show made up of all those scenes played at the end of "Playhouse 90," "Climax" and "Studio One" that 'capsulizes what's coming up the following week. They're usually the best part of the upcoming script anyhow. "The Vaughn Monroe Show" one half-hour of Monroe dropping radios. "The Plug Show" in which stars would parade on stage to puff their latest movies, books, plays and to make jokes about commercial products that aren't their sponsors's. I see Bob Hope as emcee. "The Sound Track Show" made up of the greatest canned laughs from filmed situation comedies. "The Egghead Show" Italian and Japanese movies. 1 1 :00 4-5-13 News 7 Main St to Malibu An all - Hawaiian show will be presented when Hank Weaver holds a luau. 8 Eleven O'Clock Bingo 9 Gene Sherman (Interview) 1 1 :05 11 Movie (Drama) 11:10 9 Sports (Brundige) 11:15 4 Jack Paar (Variety) 5 Movie (Comedy) 9 Movie (Western) rtNorth west Stampede" stars Jack Oakie, Joan Leslie and James Craig. 13 Tom Duggan (Commentary) 1 1 :30 8 Jack Paar (Variety) 12:00 2 Movie (Comedy) "Our Re lations" stars Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy. 7 Movie (Suspense) 13 Here's Juli (Music) 12:30 4 News 8 Daily Word (Religion) 12:45 5 Movie (Western) 11 News 12:55 - 11 Movie (Drama) "W hat Every Woman Knows." 1:00 ' 2 Give Us This Day (Religion) IPOLITICAL A GREAT STATE DESERVES A GREAT LEADER Elect BILL l 1 ' ' A Z I I V?' f Z Itl GOVERNOR "Although all Californians may not agree with every policy I propose, or the details of each program I pr ent, they will know where I stand and why I stand there! Vote for Bill Knowland for Governor Sponsored by KNOWLAND for GOVERNOR COMMITTEE "The Super-Egghead Show" Italian and Japanese movies with French titles. "The Postcard Show" a once-a-month entry in which all the home participation quizzes like "The Price is Right," "Dotto" and "Treasure Hunt" select a viewer to whom they can send all their used postcards. "The Horror Show" made up entirely of stomach acid commercials. ' "The Break - Up Show" Helen Traubel roaring at Eddie Fisher who has muffed his lines after watching Steve Allen giggle when Sid Caesar coughed as a result of Frank Sinatra mumbling under his breath in Italian because Patti Page forgot the words to an introduction. I should explain that it was all caused by Perry Como who misread his cue cards. "The Stars Strike Back Show" In which TV critics poke their heads through a 21-inch hole while performers throw typewriters at then. I see this as a spectacular. Short Shots: It - was - bound- to-happen dep't: Tuesday night a contestant on NBC-TV's "Treas ure Hunt," a citizen of New York, won an all - expenses-paid trip to New York. . .Debbie Reynolds, who guested on the NBC-TV "Eddie Fisher Show" Tuesday night, blotted out her husband. Oscar Levant was on hand, too, and I must say it's satisfying to watch a disruptive force at work in a show ordinarily made up of milk - and - water Margaret Truman turned in a charming guest stint with Johnny Carson on the NBC-TV "Jack Paar Show" Tuesday night poised, assured and non-giggly. tMD Did you know p That with highest trades, biggest choice, lowest prices, easiest terms now is the best time to buy Mercury58 Performance Champion San Bernardino Lincoln-Mercury, Inc. 4th & F Sts., San Bernardino, Calif, fhon: TUrntr 8-4835 ADVERTISEMENT)

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