The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 2, 1952 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 2, 1952
Page 9
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fJUQLT 600BIR PAGE Fund Secretary Refuses To Reveal Red Status; Dismissal Is Demanded YORK IM — An International Monetary Pund economist's refusal,'to »ay whether he ever •"»• i Communist or anti-Amerl- UB spy ha* .tirred Sen. Herbert K. O'Conor (D-Md) to demand his Immediate dUmUsal. O'Conor angrily, called for the ouater of Frank Co*, American- bom iccrtlary of the fund, as the Senate Internal security subcommittee resumed hearings here yesterday. It Is probing alleged American Communist* in tht United Nation*, and , U. N, specialized •gene lea. •I* more of the fund's employes have been subpoenaed for the public hearings which continue today and tomorrow. Coe, himtelf, revealed In testi- monj- yesterday that the State Department had denied a passport to him last year a* a poor security risk and that Secretary of the Treasury John W. Snyder only a month ago had asked the head of the fund to fire Coe from his »20,000-a-year position. A spokesman at the fund's headquarters In Washington said after a .meeting .yesterday, with the fund's .managing director, ' Ivar Booth of Sweden, (hat there would be "no comment yet" on Coe's testimony. The fund is one of several spe- _ clallsed agencies having contractual relations with the U. N.< which ha* no authority over the fund's personnel. The fund does its own hiring and firing. Coe, 45, was the only witness yesterday. Time- after time: he're- fused : to answer the subcommittee's questions-on the constitutional 'grounds of possible ,«elf-incrimination. He had been named In IMS as a Communist and wartime spy ring agent in .testimony.'by Elizabeth T. Bentley, confessed former Soviet spy ring courier, before the House Un_- American ..• activities Committee." The: Virginia-born Coe . then appeared before the House group and denied under oath Mrs. Bentley's allegations. Testerday he remained silent on questions concerning these pre vious accusations by Mrs. Bentley as well as a number of other subjects :brought lip by the subcom- ihittee. Falling In his day-long attempts to draw detailed answers from Coe, O'Conor finally scribbled a atatme'nt out in pencil and read It at,the end of• the session. "Coe should be dismissed summarily from his post," said O'Conor as his face flushed in anger and his fingers tapped in irritation on the table. News of Men In the Service THE LITTLE PEOPLE'S CHRISTMAS Air Power Best Red Weapon, LeMay Says WASHINGTON (fl»>-,-The chief cf the Strategic Air Command says air power today offers the best possibility for decisive action agalast Russia In the event :of another world war. Gen. Curtis E..Lel\|ay said he Is convinced that neither ground nor sea- fighting provided much chance of forcing • decision in a global conflict with the USSR. ' Addressing a session of the Air Force manpower management training, program yesterday, the general said the Russian Army could outnumber Arherican -lanti forces 2 to 1 in both Europe and Asia and still have 228 -divisions left over. The Russians have some 20.000 first-line combat airplanes now. assigned to active units, he said and an equal number 'of aircrafl In reserve; He said the U. S may not be able to have the biggest; air force but It must have the best. Raccoon with Bells On BILLINGS, Monl. (AP) — A pet raccoon with bells on : played hide and-seek on a : downtown street. l A couple of newsboys cornered the timid animal arid picked Him up by his bell-studded collhr. But: he hollered and the boys dropped-'-him on his nose. The raccoon ,was final iy caught .in.a snorting, goods stor< and put on display In the front win dow. Publisher 1st to Testify at Congress' Investigation of Undesirable Books By WILLIAM F.'ARBOGAST WASHINGTON IS—Defending a bcofc he pushed against'char-res of, obscenity, a publisher cited Shakespeare, Homer and Plato to investigating- Congress members today as authors who wrote'about'sex. The book that generated lively exchanges between the laxvmak'eYs and the publisher, was. "Wohien's Barracks," ah adaptation of Ihe diary of a womoh in the French Women's Army. It has sold a million and a half copies. Ralph Daigh," editorial director of Tawcett Publications of New'York .City, said .She,book is,a contribution to the literature of true human experience. He-argued it is "milder than Plato's Symposium" m dealing with homosexual experiences. Further, he said, the book's 'treatment of sexual'relations certainly i, no franker than the (Homer's) Iliad's.: and' Sh a k e- speare's Hamlet was based on murder, adultery and incest " Daigh wa» the first witness called before a special House committee investigating \indesireable books and magazines. Gathings Chairman I" a preliminary statement, Chairman Gainings (D-Ark) 8»id th« committee has found three types of publications L to be "the most conspicuous offenders against common decency." He named them M "pocket ^ iizrt books, so-called cheese-cake magaxlnes, and flagrantly misnamed eomlci." Oathlngs said n. was not ... dieting all pocket 'site books but Miat aome make "artful appeals «o sensuality, immorality, filth, perversion and degeneracy." ImpowtM* t* Quote Aa for. "Women's -Ba'rracks,' Committee Counsel H. Ralph-Bur ton told THIght "it's Impossible to ejuoie passages In tola book at a public hearing." Awl Rep. Kearns (R-Penn.), a former school superintendent, took tosue. with a 'statement by Daigh that n* aaw nothing wrong with a high school student'^ reading the boo*.. ' •' .' - : "; ~. , .. , "T*»*'a fo<ng too far:for m RICHARDSON'S Super Market \ W. Mate Window Peeping BY WALT SCOTT TIME OOX MEN! V05V TODAY. AMD WOVO IT'S TIME s i DID s*toop iw ODER ANP BISCUITS ROSY /W*:iN6TCfVS UrXtDCR TH£ DIRECTION OP TWE WHITE I WANT TO SNOOR WHlSKBZEDOLOONt I MUST A FAMILY. OP SNOOPERS; served with the U. S. Second Infantry Division for 10 months. NAVAL .AIR CADET—Robert Reid, son of Mr. and Mrs. Hurbert Reid of I«achville, was recently enlisted as a Naval Aviation Cadet. Alter enlisting, Reid -was^ returned to civilian life to await his orders to. active duty., which are expected "within' two months. At present he is a student a't Arkansas State College. Upon call to active "duty, Reid will, report to Pensacola, Pla,, for .18 weeks of pre-ftlght training. Pvt. First Class William A. Moody, son of Wr. and Mrs. Walter B. Moody of Victoria, is currently performing duties as a' cannoneer with Battery "B." 54«th rield Artillery Battalion, Fort Lewis. Wash. Since induction in the Army in March, 19S1, Pvt. Moody has competed an Ammunition Supply ourse and an Armorers clurse, add s now participating In an exlen 1 ive training piogifim in piepara- lon for service with a training unit. Seaman Apprentice Ray Bunn, son of Mrs. Ullle Bumi, 407 Dougan Avenue, Blytheville,: has completed his and is stationed at .ther'naval base In San Diego, Calif. W. H. Richardson,-Jr, seaman, apprentice, son of Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Richardson; Blythevllle, Rt. 3, has returned to San Diego," 1 Calif., after a 15-ciay leave at his home. Seaman Richardson U stationed at the naval base in San Diego. Benjimen W. .Betls, fireman, USN, son of Mr. snd Mrs. Nelson Bgtts of Blythevllle, Is serving with Boat Unit One with ^ the -Amphibious Forces in the Par .East. The Unit is part of Naval Beach Group One, which directs landing crafls from their "mother"'ship to shore. Kcarns Interjected. "I don't think an English teacher would specif> this .book, for., outsida leading An> school superinlendcnt who' woui have tills book in his ; library— vould permit it to be sold any .'here near his school—ought to be irnd " Kearns insisted "it is a terrific- lly weak defense to compaie this iook with the classics " And Rep Ree.s (R-Kans.) wanted to know if nything, in Shakespeare equaled 'Women's Barracks" in the, pro- lortion.of "obscene pages." Daigh replied he hadn't checked he proportion' and. besides,-, defini- ions of obscene are difficult and vonlr! vary from person to person. Dnigh said "Women's Barracks" las been . praised by top ranking iterary figures. "It is a sincere, able, literary effort," he contended • Serving in'the Far.East aboard the. seaplane tender USS Kenneth Whiting, is Mitchell C. Butcher, airman, USN, son of Mrs.. Myrtle M.: Butcher of 913 Pecan Avenue, B'.ytheville. Sgt. First Class Murry .-McNeil), son of Mrs. J. A.-McNeil! of Blythe- vllle, has been assigned . to: Company D, 47lh Armored Infantry Battalion of the Fifth jArmored Division at Carnp Chaffeer Ark: McNeill, .who will be field first sergeant, with his company, recently returned from Korea'.where-lie' GALL BLADDER SUFFERERS FINO CUHI FOR Ml SEAT DUE TO V.ACK Of HLALTHY till Supply R'j>b^ Hrr*.— Sirff*r«n *tf«k« Nt-.. relief Tor R B ] *ufT«r*r» UcV- In? hexltSy bile is s«n totlay in *nnt>nnct- mpnt of » wonderful iitep»r«tion nhich Jitts with rcTn'«rkahl« tffect. . Sufferers ^«ilh miserr tine to lark of healthy Kite now teH of,reinark(ih]*V«ull.i iif[«tr usinfr this merfi- flovv of healthy bj]«. GALLUSIN Tn n. very ei:p*n>ive m«i!icine, but ronsi-ierlnx icsuIU, the 53,00 it eosfs ts'onljr MTinic* Tier t r ni- GAILUS1N (c»')imn. 11— ofily •* direc'-d) u soM with full money back suarantee \if Woods Drug Store, Rljtherltlc. Mai Orders Killed, r 404 West Main Phone 4591 POPULAR STYLES 98' ^ 1.98 H«V« pK» hnhien to awry yen Ihnwgh *• heMay f««vitto», Lorg* «z* Me Squarat to •nor to many diffw«iH way., (right gay colon m ojwrted prmH. Hand- roM hwm-wni. Koftop^. Mwri tor grfti toe. Johnny R. Price, . boalswain's mate sfamaii. USN, son of Mr. and •Irs. Eddie R. Price of Osceola. Ht. 2, Is Eervlng aboard the atlack cargo ship USS Uv'alde In the Far East; .I 7 , v> '^ . CAMP FOLK TRAINEE— PvT Andrew Harris, nephew. of Mr. and Mrs.' Henry Amos, Luxora, Rt. 1," has been assigned to Services Battery, 136th Field Artillery Battalion/ IWth Regimental Combat Team of the 37th Infantry Division tor basic training. crly of Blythevllle, Is stationed *t i guson was Mntloned at Camp Fort Richardson, Alaska. , ett, Virginia. Pick- Before being sent to Alaska to terve as part of the security force along the northern frontier, Fcr- Dogs have .scaled wnils as high as la feet, three Inches. Brought to Mexico 500 year* afo from Spain, the fig has had * longer opportunity to establish new varieties there lhan anywhere else In Ihe New World. Sst. Bobby 'F. Smith, son of Mr. and Mrs. A. M. Smith, Hofncrs- \llle. Mo, is »lth the Se\enlh In- antry Division in Korea. Sgt. Smith, a squad leader In the 32nd, Infantry Regiment's Heavy Mortar Company, has been In Korea since last February. Budde R. Thomas, son of Mr, and Mrs. Dean Thomas of 409 Fuqua Street, Kennett, Mo, recently m'as promoted to private nrst/class while serving with the Third Infantry Division in Korea. Thomas, who an heel In Korea In August, has been serving « an assistant gunner with Company H of the ISth Infantry Regiment, Army Pyt, Leon Ferguson, form- For This Chrlstm» An<< a Lifetime . . . MORF.'FAMILIES BUT WORLD BOOK Than AnJ Other ' ENCYCLOPEDIA Help your children win succesfl! Just 910'dnwn and W-a month brinjr* World Rook Into ' yoar home. Call Bill Patton »t M90. You'll thrill them ChrUtma* morning i( you give them the watch they've reamed lor ... from our glorioiM col- lecltat of nationally famous make*. Guard's cr 406 W. Main N. ," • , - if Phone 4591 SHOE SALE! DlftECTOR "I" MilcUnt bucclrl 19C7J OJ ,LADIH' STARIH ^;;^ ; $29" WOMEN'S CUSHIONED CASUALS "««-»-W 2.97 fc fluftarina, •» w««r «m« •« 4 oty an your f*«t yog'H wont to long. Hwl-to-ordi foan rvbbw 17 JEWU "GIUKDSMAN" BE IUX1 "CUMMOf M»in»pring. 17 Jewell. Ex pension biiceleL JEWK GROOM vm-nNN iiniHAi !£t >49" Convenient Terms Quickly Arranged LADIW "WINOA" 17Je»-el». JC775 M.tching f j/ tnlhcr bald. numertld. *64 J Guard': JEWELRY STORE; Christmas Gift Headquarters

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