The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 24, 1952 · Page 12
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 12

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 24, 1952
Page 12
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PAGE TWELVE BT.rrHEVTLLB (AUK.) COITRrER NEWS 'Crippled' Cherry Plans Three Platform Planks iFuibnght Has Better Chance More Radio Talkathons in State ^^mr^ a '" 2ndSpotatCMc ^ THURSDAY, JULY 24, 1952 ,ludce Fiaiici.s Cherry, rripplrrt in ed to slump the his race for the Democratic Riiher- j tor support, natorinl nomin;*lion by a lop in- Ally. Gen. Jury, made plans last nielil foril.nkc- Village three more rnriio "islltnthons" bo. I rhnruril Oral', MrMnlh's nd- fore the camjiniiiti etitls next Mon-• minisl ration blocked two bills iti day. (the 1051 Legislature ulildi *cmlri Meanwhile. Ihe other fmir ran-i have pre\-en'er, pinillc unlities didates for Ihe nomination raKinn rate.s merely hy post- Arkansas News Briefs— Uncle Sam Wants N. Little Rock To Return 1946 $16,122 Loan lly Tlif AsMM'Inlcd J'n'ss .VOKTH l.riTlf. ROr.'K-.IJnele Sr.m want* l>:irk \\li.ln dial N'.ivlh Little Rock ImiKWPrt in Ifl4fi nml fur whirl! Mnynr Ro.vs l.awh/m says the city pot "ju^t smnp rii-a\viMR<." The minify was arhHtiml [>>• HIP liinrini! anrt Noun- pin:inri> Am>cy fur a inilllu: works prnnrain inrhiilms a P-ilk and facilities. TIlH fulvniM-e 'olpllfrl $u»iRri. N'nlhine w;,s .Innr- shout ihe pi'-cmm ;<ii(1 nm»- MIP Tir.isury U<>- jwrlinent has giivii Die rily irjjiil A;IB n *„ scr;i|K up uh,i( waMi'l spent. Arr! that's ju.M uhril the city will liavr In rin. aernvriini! In l,i«hnn. l»iu-hon nicups .'ml. the city rlor^ oof O-AY- fhe /noiiey- that It -A'as not In ho repair! until rci'isr. urtt.m pfaiicd 011 H'e procmm. The treasury tlejipi inipnt does not nyre°. Pay 01 be snvil Ijan'hon WPdne.'-day. Ihc Gathings Favors More Postmaster Freedom ^^<^RKED TRF.R -Rnp K, C. GathiiiKS IK I,, fnvii nf nalion's jioAtmasters niorp frperinni of npfinti. "It is (jmr." he (old (he annual ruceitirt nf [ins-lal einiiloyi?*; of (lie First ConprrsRinriRl ni.sliicl la.^t nlchi. "lo chanpe a pnlley Oinl )in.i been In elfect since 1836 of not nllntngig Itipse lndivl(hmh more freedom." Gathlncs blametl Conurc-i lor the post oflice Ucpurtniciii's continuing deficit. e in iheir quest \ ing an indemnity bond. "Under the citci.msl.incos il fke Miirry .sjjoke In. looks like he (Mr-Math I is acaui Chicol Counlyi, and Mising his own pr'.-uliar douhlp lalk. ' RiviiiK lip service lo srmip he hopes tile public will swallow while he fUlle.lly lolls- the hoys hi- wants somelhiiiB emirely dilferent," said Miirry. j Rep. Bovd Tarlcr-lt railed lor a loriK-ianjje hitilcllnit program for Arkansas' public iriMiMuio/is. nnd stiid Ihe vocational huildlntr at Ihe Arkansas Deaf School "should be condemned ft* loo dnnyerous for rienf cliildier. lo inhabit." Tar-kclt snUI hr U'oulrl support U'Rislfltion to rr-|l]arp Hie bUHdint,' il he Is elected Kovoruor. In 'I'exa.kntia. Cloy. McMnth poinlfd Wi1h pride to Ai' economic condition, and boaster. Ilial employment b.-ul hit ,-ir. nil- tin.e tili>h elm-inn his l-year adtnin- ist( ,-itiriJt. "DllllUfc Mlv trim, 3]n new jn il.lsMl-ipfi Invr hern sinned, fifl otlior plants have been expanded :uui inaniifpcnii i.m payrolls have- bnr-n i.irrcHsed 25 per cent," the unyertinr suit!. ,1,11k Unit, Ihe I.idle Rnrk ntl.u- nny innkiiitt hi*- :-iitnrid rnce for Ihe Mnrr-X tt,|i fob. lolK-uled m a North I-.inle Rork speed, his rhar- £e that he FK-lually won the 1048 election. Hill Holt said Insl nii-lit Mm! McMnth purchased n., available' radio time making it impossible lor him to tell Hie voters thnl he was leariintf the race. CHICAGO CIIICAOO W -- 'J'he Democratic parly's I0r>2 platform in brief: Civil i-lgliiH — Favor* foclernl V; Iruislnlion to wipe out racial dis- F rnJMiti.-Mioris. Declares co-operative : s; efforts of sl.ite nnd local irovern- 1 tuents are rerjuirefl also. : ~' Koreluo policy --. Promises to j curry on the "practical nnd -suc- ce.ssful" policies clevelo[ie/i imdr-r Ronsevpli-'ri-inuan administrations. : Sets a Boa] of "peace wilh honor." | National defense — Pledges the | parly lo slam! "imefiun'oi nljy" for |"stlonk r , biilanccd" defense forces ,' for thi:; c/unitly — l;(nd, sea and : ! air. i | Inflation - f'roinisr.s to .slrfniilh- ' en controls \vhlch It says weir I weakened by artion of Republican i meinhr.ij: of CntiKiTss. ! iM-m-i v.-ition of ihe f i n n n <• r n I : strength of ihe tiovet r.nient. Savs | "Ncu- l><-ai" and "I-'nir Deal" fi- nnilfia] policies ha\-e civen llir n^- uoii us greatest prosper!! 1 .- in Illslnlv. ' | Democr.-ili< , , today lo propose Sen. J. William I' ilbrinh Hat president — but his i tiers arc jmich hotter for the Arkansa.1 goes rlcntial cause, was not a candidate ------ f nlr ( ^ p nomination wlien lhe= state says he will settle lor nothing less— nnd Sen. John Sparkman of Alabama, whose compromising hand has been seen In Ihe loyalty oath and civil rights battles. In event of a chance at (he vice- Residency, the Alkansans will do BarhIcy Draws first Full House of Two National Conventions ty's .second . britlit lor pie.-idetit — but his ' 22 votes, pledged to his presi- mediate slatehoort lories. for both lerrl- Oorji.'ios-Monal pro< pet action to impi'ove concressional . Democratic Committee ordered Arkansas' rtcieRiUe,i to vole for him. He still has not formally announced. But for three days — ever since it became evident that a Southerner on the ticket might he a necessary Instcrtienl in any mixture whipped up to seal the North-South party s-plil Pullinent nas been receiving more and more attention Pine Bluff, a member or the credential!; committee that heard the •• - - — ...~.. ...,....,.„., healed testimony over the seits jirncrdmos so Dial "majnritv rule" "roni 'he nominee-makers. r „„;„<, „„. .^ . ','. ^£t^^T*r"' f \" v ^*'*» t ' hiin h " •»-» '^h^^^^^de';^;; , itv'm'^^^r" " s a mlnor -|rca,^±e^r^ 1 , 0 p l ;;„;th;::^ ^^ m — fi ™ n-llnl Fulbright warns them to do, ] according to Chairman Fred Pickens. Vies President larkley drew Ihe first full j house of (he l.»o national ennvrn. Storm Whalc-y of Siioam Springs ! """or the "first"" time' shier th« hi* is schr-rtHlrrd to nominate Fi,ll>ri K W j ,,olUical rallle, began ever" nnS , W /if n I. "? n * ' ""'" rnnirs "" 'h? ! of the 14.000 seats tn Convention i, -H „ ,u 1 ' Ark " nsas Is. Hall was occupied for Barklev's '""£ °" . the "«• i 'Peer*. Late arrivals were turned ihe Arkansas vote wtis cast on ; awa.v ni tile gates, reromiucnriiition of Rain Irvine of Democratic convention official Pin, Tuesday adopted a policy o( admitting the general public to take seats not claimed by ticket-holders. it In nxi's -. Prm eciHlly lor liv as rapnllv n: n-i j, e r in 1 i. lav. nses rerlucMoii::. detplIM-, rcfjlllre- Oppn-es Irde.'.-il Highway Work Orders Issued for 2 Projects LITTLE ROCK—Work orders for resinfaplne projects In Ft.. Smllhi Morrltton nnrt Russcllvilio were Issued yesterday by the Slate Highway Department, The PI. Smirli job iiiviilves 3.7 milps of erndmii. dralnnqe slnic- tures, a concrete Imse, asplialtir. surface course and the remodeling of two bridges on Tow^oa Avenue (Hlchway 711. The Morrllton and Russpllvillo jobs are Included In one cotiliact toverln? streets on Htchway (H. Convention Is Bit Like Boiler Shop CONVENTION i.l'— Turn on a In a boiler simp HA/. I.. llvelinc while Cliicacn. machine calinpe rr --- r-'nriorser> i 1 support Irvr-K fn ot nnw l.abor — Advncnles rcpr-nl of anrl "iiKlnpendenl bniiiirss { -• C/rfros lau-s rtcsipned to prnvulr "f.Tvornble hirntitive-s" to Ihe e.s and .survival of iude "i erloiihlett" prlion lo rim:.-' nfirl drvrinp nntural tesources chiflinr; dnvelopmcn o[ river h^ for flood control. Uriizntion Henornrioti of power. Atomic C11C-1UV — P!iMi'.;:r- niotion of nuclear encjuv these Demos Draft-Stevenson Move Blows Workers Right Out of Buttons CHICAGO lffi~ The people who ci.ndidalc. Now we've en I seven helped whistle up the drall-Slev- j rooms, moi r volunteers iban we enson move line! it's blown them can use. rlnuniinns rnmlnir In all olepr out of cnmpalpjn butlons. 1 the time anil even Clov Slevensoii A week- n c o Ihey had 3.001) of, is .sMninpr | O .sonnd like he would i them—hifr. shiny red, while nnrl ! inn." i blue luiltons s;n'illjj "Auietica ' - ( -i ' needs Stovetison for President ••' i „''."J'T'T r^' "'"'" ""' * M 1 ptS^o S^r "" ""'T'" --""-"aJeVa 1 ,,^'^;;:' No use asking the volunteer hand i """' ^^"n""^""^ ," rnle!i * nr ' that sot out'six mouths a M to | "" "-" ^uen' 0 "l- I'""" '""" win the top Democratic nomiua- "'^o, ,, a "K"" """""" IPO hut mnsl rne-mhrrs nrr^ IHi- ltJpf\ of hn\v noisy oan Rot. j Fnr ItiRtiincr. din-lnir one rinimixk Intnrlude of Ihj.s nnlionnl convr*n-1 Unn: ; Fosfrr of thp A^<:oria(f*f1 Pro,i.=; svnnU ! Wl lo (ftlh with one of liis mi-s-i sniiRprs wbo \vfiR s t n n tl i n E in iVip , PIOM sft:(fon niflyhp pifilil inner. 1 . 1 ;- { siblr fcpl nwnv. i Thpy Klimited ni nnp rxnnthpr i r n»py Irirrt cJonf-anci-tintnb Inlk.i They trircl tn relay thr inr.^;iep | I hy way of »hp nr\vsrnrn who sat I helwpfn (horn. ] ! NnhotJy rntilfl R tliinw bill .' I Vicp Prpsulcnt Alhrn Rnvklpy jiinl ] j fhp orcnri rhunrlrrin^ "My OIr( j Kentucky Home." 1 So Fos»pr pirferd up hi^ wnlfcip-F utlkir Mpplimip nnd envr> hijs \t\-\ st run tons (o (he rnoKSpriEpr picht frpl nway-~-by i ntUn, .Snt-ial Kornrily -- Fiivnrs lin-llier I •strpiimhrniriK of old n«p in^uvniirp, j a .slrnncpr systnm ot unoinplny- [ nirnt insumncp nnrt nn trnprovprl ' prnurnin of niti lo the bhiiri. rtis- flblrd mitt other loss fonminir, : snluif ntinck on ihe "hpnvv fiimn- rinl h^7.^]-d" of srrintis illnpss. HrtiisiiiK — Plodjcr-s ftilfilliTirnt of i proKrnins of private hoii?;iriti, puh-'. lie* low-cost hotiRiny. shun cloar- fim*p. ui-ban rotJcvpIopjupnt nnct farm hoiHino; authori/Pd by Con- Krinrntinn — Urcos to stnlp and lorn! unit5 Ve.ri'.ins —piPdCOP ii iri 1)t'r)rfj),<; for Vf?tor.i fodr for * tion for * G(w. ArtUI Stev- Their headquarters, on thp Ifttli 1 floor of thn Cnnrrvrt Hilton Hotel, j Biii burn Simpson, n sfrikitur bliio- j eyed bhinrtr. "We've bppn nut of i buttons since Tnos<ii\y. I wish ; those others we ordered \\'ou!d i;el hpre." Another worker. Miss Mary Anderson, carnp in \vitb t\vn loenflypr.s in low, trnilrd b>" n pboinyrnplirr. The trio posod. pvrmdly rlisplrvyinir Slpvpivni) hut Ions, and the /l,(.sji- bulb popped. "All ripht. pirJs." cnMrd out Mrs. .Sitnpson- "lake thrrn nf[ and lark them up. Thoi's thp Inst three buttons," Mrs. Simpson IP pnsy fr» in tor view. You jn?:1 ask fnr n hiiUon and it's like pushing one — out comes thp whole siorv: "We're ju^t rnnk ani;itfins hei'R. I rion't kno\v nh.if the polincal pros, or \vhf\ipver vou rail (he in, are dojrrfj out r.t the Con vent ion Hull. "All I knnvv i^ \i,r <:l;n,f'il hr r oj^.TriK, Jike "ArtimUy," cnnr 1 from n Mr.s. Simpson, she \vlii.spet ed. M I limn Hun of Vermont "I never was much for politics. T rton'i even rrnirfnoor whether 1 voted tor Stevenson in '-18. But If this (him: works mil. nobody will over convince nie (1enio«rs\«y Is t'ludui^ered iti this country." reorttani7 wherever made. tion of federal improvement.- and Hawaii -- There..-JiUvlhosc whn xny. in n kond nM"phrns4> O f the 1020=; or before, thnt there ain't no Hips ot: Sam Rnyhurn. Lost nielli u-rin, tluunrli. Twn determined Hies sptitpd or Ihp Honsp spp.nkpr'K ha Id heart wrll cnkrri with (elrvision rnnkonp i boon Vo the' ^ —(owned Mic end of his conven-1 Porfpt-tLy d e n rl n n n Ravhi lion address and refused tn lenvc '-ailed for all those m faVor in until ^ the speech wns over. ayf. ' ,, , "Ayr," choi u.^-d ihp fMc".ilr- h«-u- people in all the WOL Id Jtmiw "I shnll nol nsk f ihe ntlos of condnctinn a niretiiic f amu-Jrrt R;iyl>utti •• better than Rnyhurn. «ut lui rlienu ' woulftn't be aiu-" ; m _ ed a lidle last nicht. R.v-Sen, Srott f.iira^ of Illinois proposed n resolution nrrlnhnin^ Bsirklev R creai Amerirnn nnd n th with ron in. n^i mntiry niid no /l4^i; I DIDN'T.' KNOW... . . . until my neighbor told me that the best p/nce to t'l'nrf terrific bargains is in the COURIER classified ads. I know now! I always read f/iem/ MARS-BOUND BOY-Riccctl for fiisco l|:ivcl, six-year-old Johnny Si-Vilnss, of Brooklvn. K. Y., Iries out a "rocket ship built of patts frc.m a io.v mechanical building sol. It was tliov.-n nt thp sixlh nnmi,i) Toj- Guidance Exhibit. More than Sen unuttial loys from 3f)f) Aniciii;,n m.'.n'ii;fr!uiei.s were scon at Ihe exhibit. I'll. Ads ploced before 9 a.m. will appear same day. All classified advertising payable in advance. BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS Uruguay Is smaller In area than Kouth Dakota. HOUHASA OMPLETE PROGRAM FOB ARKANSAS 1 . An Oust.inding Advisory Committee: I »anl the people of ArVunsap 1 ,i havp , real voice it. Ihe manace. ,,f the Slate's affairs. To this end. I s \, an crr ; tr an Advis . or; ( nmniiUee nf .iiilstaiuliur; men an,) «-,,men of ,irkansa= lo aid rnr m ,lev,,,i ll: ,,,ci ,„ carryins out a program of sound and economic service. 2. A Non-Political Highway Department: The li;,rh»-a.r Drtiarfmcnt shall he al ,,m-e and fiK- a!1 lime removed from politics and polities! influence. I f,vnr the Mack- lilack,,ell In Ihe Slalp f'mis ti,, n „ hich v,il] ,,ro- M<lp for eslahlislimenl ,,f , l|i K 1,»-,j. C,, m mi ss inr, n-|,,,se member, rmist h c e,,,,firn,eH Sy the Senate. Their lerms will he controlled by the <',.ns,i,,,ti,,n. .-,,,d ther <-,,,,W „„( he remover! M (he whim ol thr f.ovcrnor, a r,rl therefore th« T coul.l not he influenced by him. 3. Highways: Of primary i rnuortance t the improvtmcnl of major Ir'link hich- "ays. whu-h are greatly rielcrioraterl. i.sine fnr Ihis everv of Federal aid available. Farm-to-market ro a ,l.s M -ill 'he con'- .Mrurled on Ihe basis of merit. Nn| nne cent of hichvav funds will he sr,c,,l no „ ,,,,lili ri ,l roaH. There i= , nerrl for .vell-planued secnmlary hicl.ways in ,he Slate. Tliese -ill 1, P h.iill. N, mc olhers «-!ll l,e prnmiser). Ry improving our main hi B h>vays «-e «ill receive morp revenue from our srasi.Hnc taj. nur! lostethcr »Mh an houesl ami .-i.lminislratirm, will build m,, re and heller hijrhvny.c thin ever before. 4. Industrial and Natural Resources: l-Jicoiirngcim-nl ,,F in.luslri,-,! xrnvth .ind development of nnfliral resources are nf tremendoi.s importance Ic. the Stnle. I favor rea-.i.ii.-ililr'.s to empl,,, n.ent and the consequent e,r,-ul. 1 l,,,n,,f l | 0 |l. 1rsiT , Arkansas. One nf r,,,r Creates, industries ." the .o.irist trade. With i,,,pr,,ve,,,e,,t s in hich^ys and facilities fi.Mhr-.r enn.forl. the lo,, r is| Icaffic can he crealh inrr«,.««!. i.MIS briivj..11- In nur ppopfe millions of additional dollars nf revenue- each year. 5. Taxes: -NO TANKS Wll.l, r,tiVKi!\ni5. fr.mirl Ir, lo,,er some of Ihnse lates we .alre^dr have in order to take =nmc nf tW h,,rden off o,, r heaTy-l n de n people. Whalerer rnay be their plea, .idvocales of tax increases will gel no support from me. 6. Agriculture: 'Phis is primarily ., farinine «lale. Our ec,,n,,mv is conditioned larsclj by crop and hresle-cl- surccssos and failures. I favnr a tree mar-cl for horae«r.iwn produce. One of the ereatcsl nids « the comnmnucMth c»n render ils produce and meal j:rnw- ers is the vise establishment of improved road.s. 10. Higher Education'. -All Stale c,,llcf;cs, (he Schools of Medicine and Phsrmarr >nd the l t n,ver S ,ty nf Arkansas will have my support M sha I be my purpose to help all schools expand their facilitie. M that every bny and airl will bare the opportunity nf learning their chnsci, trailp, profcssinr, nr field nf endeavor wilhout leavi nc th« f "l A . r - 1!= T S ' ' S> " 1 " "-' a " lime£ scl ' k (hc Iutvice » n<1 co " n6 ^ ol our leading educators. 11. Wildlife: Tor many years I have been devoted In the fun „{ hnnlinz and fishma. These sports mu sl h« intelligently regulated in "wder that fnlnrc generatmns may enjny Ihcm' as v. An. I shall „ nrk barmnmensl, wi(h our Federal and Stale agencies in a -Hse pri>- Fram lo increase nur reserves nf fish and eame, and to establish well-stocked public hunting and fishing areas. 12.. Assistance for the Ag<jd: II has always been my sincere purpose ti to our nped. I have aln-ays vigorously I shall not permit H let fail. 13. Pardons and Paroles: niprea?p the assistance idvccated thi= prograjn. I'nrlcr my adn.inislrntiiin the Slatp wi)l hnvr a •icn.ible pardon and piirnlp |,nli c y. I'ctilinns for rlrmrnrr will-be piihli^liecl in p llir iipw^paiwrs, pnrlinilal-lj in those papers rirrulalrrl in the CDiinty \\licrc Ihe offense \vas cnmmitlcil. All he:irinzs on thrs« petitions "ill he puhh'c. and inlrrrslcd pcrsmis. officirs and nffi- rbls will he invilcd In nllcnrf. Sympalholic study ivill follovr and llic results will be published immediately. H. Open Door Policy: All public dnnrs will remain "pen at nil times. There will bf ni> closed rtonrs lo ,iny office nnrfe.r (he- fjrivi-rnor's jurisdiction. Come tn Ihe hliildin? anrl sen anri hear Vm« Ihe Slale's b.isiinTis « ill IN- transacted. There will b« no closed-door meetings. 15. State Vehicles: HE INCRE.AFEO n-fULR 1 AM YOUR ' sincerelv hope thai =nme means can he. Stale vehicles will !><• in a motor pool and will b« used only in- official business, and never for private or personal crHivenience. Any olhcr use will result in prompt dismissal of offending parties. Labor -My record has drm ni:«na i:en>rnl -lnhnr laiior iv :ml only the ("•.-ether in .-in h list rated slrai: l.ltions. Intel 1 £li1 and op|mr scni! h for leadership in both fields I pledge m 8. Youth: M-ltiinkinc anrl fair jibj in irent leaders in industry and iirnly in pursue Iheir courses securily and peace. To such ardent support. Arkansas c rt.versHi.-d «e have 1, » omen » ho hav n ,iml should provide Rreater oppnrl,mities and more terests f,, r i,, ,,,,, nR ,„,„,,,,_ , n , h( , Us| ( ^^ more Iban r.O.OIKl of r,,,r IH-S, trained v,,,,n c m en and lher stales to seek' Ihe opportnni- one forlh lo 1..-.S Ihey ».-,,,led because w e did not provide Ihcm at home This I rend m.,s1 firsl IH- arreslert and then reversed. We mnst provide He-re nl home eiio.ich prodnrtive enterprise lo cive to o,,r voulh the ,.pponnn,l,e. the, seek and deserve. I r,anl lo be able to M...W lo them cre... possiKilnies in Ihr fields n f recrealion sehol- arsh,,,s and jnl, a.sis.ance. I shall ,,1, l^is|.,,,, r ain (o provjrie happ.v ,,,H construclive diversion-, and more educational opnor- lunitlps for m.r fwttjrr citi/ens. 9. A flan for Teachers and Education: .hall devote my energies lo Ihe increase ,,f school f,,n,U and fliers I ,m adopt, n j as my policy the support of the .try H.ll and a proposed minimum salary law for teachers o.M re.evanmie the Aulry Bill »,,d if ,hal re.«,minatio n reveals , hat ,1 ,s not ade.,,.ale to care for Ihe needs nf the schools and e,f the teachers. I .hall tal,. .halever steps arc- necessarv lo propose legislation lhal Wll.l. guarantee a remedv for the s.iua. 'v'l.'J-lM.ul ""."•"r 11 "'' " "-""^ th »> «i" Crease Ihe ^ j,, "• Srhrr ' i "1"'". I also pledge ,h», ever, edo- and'h H r 1 ^ '" "" ' rh "" U - ' r<l ' "" '«« «<«""5 and honestly Ihe dtsirihulion of Itiose lax-dollar!. 16. Annual Audits: I shall ask Ihe Legislature lo provide for annual independent audils and inventories el .ill departments under the Governor's jurisdiction, and the reports mnsl he made public. I will have ahsolulc confidence in any repntable firm of certified public accountants, and I will nol array myself as an opponent nf mj Slate's Audit Commission hy rlamoriiiR for Ihe privilege nf cross- examination nf the witnesses il calls to aid il in finding (he lru,h. 17. St.ire Payrolls: -As Corrrnnr, I shall clean trie State payrolls of all iinnecewarr and inefficient employees. 1 will relain worlhy people, even (hmicli tlirv feel compelled I., support m.- ••pponrnl in Ihis rare. lly Ibis means, alone, substantial savings of tax money can, and will, he accomplished. 18. Employees: No Stale Employee will be assessed for campaign contributions. These- pi' are oflrr hard prc-sseo 1 lo maintain (heir families on ihe nates .hey receive. Nn employee will be cxpeclcrt In contribute more than honest service. These eighteen items Jre the major promisoi which I will carry out as youi Governor. All needs for improvement of our St.ile government have not been covered completely. For example, I have advanced an eight-point clean-up program for the Highway Department alone. Further, 1 hare advocated centraliicd purchasing for all State agenciet. Wherever and whenever changes arc necessary for better government—changes that will be for the benefit of th« taxpayers of Arkansas—they will be made. Above all, 1 pledge to serve the interests of afl Ihe people or Arkansas and not to use my high office for the benefit of j fjvored few. -Jack Holt The Trained-Experienced Candidate for Governor Political Adv,,tUtr»,,™l p ,,i,J fo, by Aclkut Y. Ormonel. Campaign Man»T«

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