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South Bend, Indiana
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THE SOUTH-BEXD SATURDAY TRIBUNE, MARCH 6 1880 New Goods for Spring Trade, Wheelock's Crockery Store. etfcr Mr. ftiil Mr. Werley CfcsM. jj Lonie, the infant son of Mr.

and Mrs. John Worley, who has been sick for lome days with the lung fever, died at half past twelve this afternoon, aged 1 year, 1 1 months. The funeral will take place from the residence, No. 109 Lafayette street, to-morrow afternoon at 3 o'clock. Services by Rev.

H. A. Gobin, of the First M. E. church.

Old erCreekrry or sh Mas Willow Paiirru. Oar 73 Wwhi'mttoo sad 98 Mala Btset. SATURDAY EVENING. MARCH m. Ta-Day'sj W-Brown Veil.

Iwt-Pw kid irlorM. Ytuted A good molder. f.nn for ssle Conrtlejr Bill. for Sale or Exchange Good bssioe, of His Wkiau, RAwml ol II PMHlterillM and Many ut ft Uf a's; Qs. No man in St Joseph county has been more talked about this week and had more bad things said about him than Jesse W.

Jennings, now bound over on charge of arson, and also defendant in a breach of promise suit. Jesse has arrived at an age when he should be revered for his gray hairs, or hairs that would be gray were it not W. P. HHurlH ll. Formerly of Thli City.

I ndfr Arrl. V. P. Hancbett, a resident of this city for a short time in 1878, and who afterwards went to Nilee to build water works for that city, was arrested there yesterday as he stepped from a train from the east The arrest was made on the strength of telegram from Buffalo to the police of Xiles, stating that Han-chett had escaped from the custody of the sheriff of Steuben county, New York, who had him in charge to answer a complaint of false pretenses preferred by George Fuller. Hanchett was at one time president of the Nile water works and Fuller had a contract for furnishing the company with pipe, and the present unpleasantness grew out of business troubles arising at the time.

The of Own Iraporuilon We are prepared to offer Special Inducements on this Ware, in Sets or Separate Pieces. Bias if art 146 rleeeW IMwr Sets. 4 09 12 00 Tea e.wsst i mt 11 Chamber 5 00 New Line of Silver Fruit Knives. Nut Picks and Nat Cracks. Hl Will.

ITEMS CAUGHT Off THE ELY. for the copious drenchincrs of I A report is current that Jesse W. Jennings made his will yesterday morning and left all his property to his nephews Sam, Charley and Jesse, jr. is to be hoped that the report is true. They are all worthy young men and would make good use of the old man's iwea'th.

I 1 Fine baby cabs at A large and complete assortment of Silver ware. Silver Casters a specialty. We have met the advance in goods with an unusually large stock enabling us sell at the old prices for dbe present. Avail yourself of the opportunity offered. We are now constantly receiving new and attractive goods, GOMK and sck WHEELOCS CROCKERY STORE, 1 1 "I 1 11 'I i ii i i i i i mi r-j i- i.

-'ii Ui Si- hitfeM 1- i m-v i- I hair dye they receive He will be 74 years old next fall if grim death doe not foreclose on him, and it is safe to say that there are few mfcn living whj have had so many bad things said about them or who are less respected. His is one of those cases where even wealth does hot cover a mnltitudfjof short -comings or awaken a courtesjr. His age, ficers at Buffalo have been notified of too, has always been lia source edles Sewing Machine Ne Brlr fft of Thlnv Joliwl lhwn by -Tribune" Baby cabs at M. A. Smith's.

Mercury 11 at six this morning. Bert 'l'u tt is home from (1iicagoj Easter only three weeks distant. To-morrow is the fourth 0napy in Lent. The March term of the circuit court legins next Monday. Wire hair brushes for 37 cent at Irown A Wtf Charley Hubbard, of Dowagiad, was ii the city last night.

Maennerchor concert to-morrow night. Idmission only 10 cents. The sun rose at 6:27 this niorning, tad will set at 5:57 this evening. All the Chicago dailies will be found tt the Tribune news stand. John R.

Lemen is novf receiving some very nice goods for men. d2t Mrs. Labadie's son, Harry, from Detroit, is down with the measles. Easter cards to send to your friends, mow on sale at the Tribune I ifohn Decker is in the city. This is splendid sugar weather.

There was a very heavy frost last flight i Everybody is trying the "15" block game. The telephone company are painting their poles throughout the city white. Marbles of all kinds and all sizes at the Tribune store. R. E.

Tutt has sold his farm in Liberty township and will move back to this city next week. his detention, and are expected to come on for their prisoner. .4 bfesr Enterprise limiuurniwl la Sonth Bend. fr. 3.

J. Egbert, of Chicago, and brother of Rev. T. E. Egbert of this city, has purchased the Elder foundry on Michigan street, and will soon begin the manufacture of malleable iron castings.

His specialties. will be furniture casters, store trucks and boot-heel plates, but it is his intention to do all kinds of job work as well. Such an enterprise has long been needed in this city and has fallen into good hands. Mr. Egbert has had years of experience in the business, and we have no doubt but he will make it succeed.

A Birthday Party. A jolly crowd met last evening at the residence of Milt Bulla and from there proceeded to the residence of Mr. and Mrs. John Soseman, on Laporte avenue, which was entered without ceremony. They brought their suppers with them and announced that they had come for a little time of rejoicing and feasting, remembering that it was Mrs.

Soseman 's 40th birth-day. The surprise was a most complete one and the time until a late hour was passed in an enjoyable manner. For Every Machine Made, We have the agency for the Finest Strongest Needle made. A SEWING MACHINE NEEDLE AND THREAD CUTTER COMDINEO. The particular advantage of this Combination, is having a Cutter for saving the thread at the nearest possible point to the operator.

The Price la the Same aa charart for the Common Sewing Machine Needle. Try Them Once and lou will uie no other. Best Stock of Corsets in the City, for 60 and 75 cents each. ELLSWORTHS. SIGN OF THIS Golden Horseshoe! There will be a and instrumental concert at Maennerchor hall tomorrow night Admission 10 cents.

Wall paper and window shades at Smith's. Price Cowles are to adorn the walls of their theatre with portraits of distinguished actors and managers. We suppose if the telephone is ever extended to the Infernal regions, thee ill will be the same as on earth, "Hell-o By special request the dramatic section of the Turn-verein will reproduce' the play of "Leonore" one week from tomorrow night, March 14. Mineral baths this afternoon and evening and Sunday morning, hot or Cold, at the Mineral Spring bath house, foot of Washington street Price 25 Cents. Preparation for building in the business portion of the city are going on rapidly.

if Big sale of dress goods at the Boston store. d2. The county coinmiaaionere have appropriated $500 towards the repairs on the Jefferson street bridge. The late John Gibson had his life insured for $1,000 in the Mutual Benefit, of Newark, M. E.

Listen berger, agent. AH wool scarlet underwear for 95 rents at Brown regret to him ever since his wife got a divorce from hijn. This dj vorce was obtained on the ground of cruel did the old man find himself free i from matrimonial bonds than, like too many old men, he began to pine for a young wife, and became very sensitivje about his age. We remember, a ludicrious instance when this weakness and his pe-nurigusness came into antagonism. Old settlers were forwarded to Indianapolis last fall free of charge provided they were Over 70 years of age and had lived in the state 40 years or more.

Jesse came under this head, and wasjvery anxious to get a free ride, but was1 just as anxious to not let his age get out as it might damage his matrimonial prospects with a young woman whom he was trying to win. It was suggested to him that if he wished to keep his age a secret and wanted to go to Indianapolis, the safest way was toi pay his fare. The chance to save a few dollars was too tempting and he wenf las "veteran," and his age was made pUplic property and he lost his woman. Ij Jesse always prided himself on his shrewdness, yet it was the cunning of the fox more than shrewdness. His greatest boast was that iff he had been educated he would have smarter than any lawyer in the ty.

"Jesse's got the best head in this bounty, if he does say it K4 believes in phrenology, but would never allow any one to feel his head fpr fear they would find the bump jjjof seoxetive-u ess too largely develobed fir the grood of his neighbors, His vanity was another overweening eakness. He had his photograph taken one time and showed it to some wag on the street Instantly there was such demand for the picture that the old man was astonished, and this time his vanity overcame his penuriousnesS and he supplied the demand. Those who asked for his photograph had only to add, "You are a leading man in this county" and they would get it. Every time he gave away a picture he would nay to himself; "Whaitf in is it that: makes old Jess so popular and he never dropped on to the trick the wag played on him in having people get his photograph. Another source of vanity was his al AUGUSTINE.

BANNEY CO OFFER A LARGE ASSORTMENT A Hale Company. The acknowledged safest and most reliable fire insurance company in the country is the old Home, of New York. Its total assets are $6,410,988.11, of which amount about $5,000,000 are in United States and state bonds. During the: year ending the 12th of January last, the company paid in this state losses amounting to $44,902.48, of which $4,160.58 was paid in losses, to people in this city. This company is considered as safe as the government itself, and its rates are as low as any good company.

J. E. Lewis is the agent, office in Odd Fellows block. Parties wishing to purchase horses will have a chance to select froin a fine lot at Ireland son's livery stable next week. I Mr.

Elliott lost a roll ofJ music yesterday and Mr. Packard found it, The bitter has received his reward from Mr. JSlliott in tile shape of aj ticet good for One i assage over the road, M. K. and T.

Goods, Seasonable Dry 1 The Tribune company had upwards 4f twenty calls through; it telephone from the different factories and business ous to-day, and the tfse of this means of communication saved several Mr. Wheeler, the injured; telephone man is getting along finely. One of his broken limbs was put in a plaster of Paris mould to-day. Dr. Harris and Hon.

Wro. Miller are on the Jesse Jennings' 82,500 bond as sureties. Messrs. Anderson and George were on the preliminary bond. Ex -Congressman L.

E. Duff has our thanks for late southern papers, Mr. Duff has taken a contract to furnish the whole of the southern states with soap. Agates, white allies, painted allies, bull's eyes, brandies, bowlers and glass marbles of all kinds at the Tribune store. 1 THAT WILL REPAY EXAMINATION.

We have no Auction goods, nor Job lots. Everything is Fresh and New, and our prices are as low as those asked for Shop-worn ana Old-fashioned goods, sold as "Bankrupt stock," and which are always dearest in the end. AUGUSTIINTE, RAlffNESY A 113 MICHIGAN STREET, SIGN OF THE GOLDEN HORSESHOE. A Leap-Tear Fight on Carroll Street. This forenoon two irate females got into a quarrel on Carroll street, near the Deniston street crossing, and after a wordy battle of several minutes, they exercised their leap-year privilege and had a regular pitched battle.

They went at it in true prize ring style and soon false hair, bits of shawl, dresses, and parts of mysterious wearing apparel were flying in the air. They fought until both were tired out, but women-like neither gave up. Knennerekor Attention. All members of the Maennerchor society are requested to meet at their hall to-morrow afternoon at 8 o'clock, for the transaction of important business. leged diamond pin.

On dress occas An old lady alighting from a wagon in front of Toon ley's drug store this forenoon, fell and received quite severe injuries by striking her head on the sidewalk. ions it occupied a conspicuous place on his shirt front, and as he did his own washing aud ironing the effect can be better imagined than described This By order printed TT is the pin that McClinnigan referred to mile of travel and at least three hours Of time. Its use is being rapidly appreciated. See M. A Smith's baby Cabs.

The Waldorf Brothers still have the agency for the celebrated McCormick harvester and binder, and will keep a full supply of them for this vicinity, in this city, i Smith has the finest line of wall paper and window shades. The case of Mrs. C. Ashcraft, of this city, against the village of Buchanan for damages she sustained by falling through a defective sidewalk there, will come up for trial in the United States circuit court at Grand Rapids next week. Next week at the Boston store will be one of great interest to the ladies, as we intend devoting our untiring attention to their, wants in the way of dress material.

We are prepared to offer the largest and most complete stock of dress fabrics ever shown on our counters, at griee to defy competition. Special attention is called to the fifty pieces of ail Wool black bunting, to be sold at last jjjears prices, next week only. d2. Whether well or ill all erBons who have arrived at the age of if should call on Dr. S.

D. Howe daring his visit here njeXt week and be examined, he makes charge and will instruct, amuse and benefit Lung diseases a specialty. proprietor of the "Great Arabian Rem- U. Sold by Coonley druggbjk A very enjoyable surprise Was brought Sbout last evening upon Mils E. Mabel CALLS FOR REYNOLDS' Hacks Livery B.

Seifxrt, Sec'y. Bulbs. Bulb. Golden banded lily (lilium auratum) strong bulbs, direct from Japan, at 50 cents each. Tubrose, pearl variety, at $1 per dozen.

Straw baskets, new style and designs, at G. B. Leibig's greenhouse, corner Jefferson and Lafayette streets. d6t Msy be mat through the COUNTERS. BELL TELEPHONE, AT THE Masonic.

A regular convocation of South Bend Chapter K. A. M. next Monday in his testimony. With all of his cunning he was frequently taken in.

A woman of bad character who lived in the Hanauer block, stepped on his pocket-book one day, and he came around to the Tribune office in a great rage to have her written up. He has been in more escapades than any man in the county, but has always managed to escape, by means of his money. It looks now as though he would get a slice of Judgment Day, unless, as know seems to be the case, he forfeits his bond and leaves the countrv. He was seen going north late last night and as no one has seen him at home or in the city, it is comwonlj' believed he has lit out. fi 1 I Burnt OifBbiln.

Wonderful cure of eye and ear diseases are being constantly performed by Dr. Blade. Call on him, tour doors north of Brownfield's store. Office hours from 8:80 to 12. 1 to 4, and 6:30 to 8.

It is reported that Jesse Jennings made his will since the law got hold of him, and has left the bulk of his property to a nephew 8am Jennings. Sam is a splendid fellow and we hope this report is true. Dr. Rixa will have office hours at his residence, No. 72 Lafayette Street, from 1 to 8 o'clock, p.

especially for treatment of female complaints and dueaset children. Consultation free. Miss Lizzie Rush gave a party hut nig I it. at the residence of her mother, 41m John Gallagher, in honor of Miss Matie Knott, of Laporte. A large aura-hir of the young people of the city was present, and all were handsomely entertained.

Mvt ttHt Please Apair of black kid gloves. JL4 leave at TribuM office. CHOICE H1I MODS, Just Opened on Our Five Cent Con altera, and Sold Without Reference to I the Recent Rise. We Can Give You More WANTED kood Holder in light work. Apply on Monday at the Elder Foundry.

It ''mm. 0A1B Oft EXCHAiea-A half Interest in a good manufitrturinp bunlakpg. A'Mreiv Lock 1 H. Soath BeocL Tad. MtS imam amnion, uw avery man as i Walkerton, put $120 in greenbacks in OB usrr at Tata otable oa Jefferson, near Lafayette Street EVERYTHING FIRST-CLASS MILTON ELIEL, DRUGGISTS, Oliver Houee Block.

To ov Utv Mo of DmT Ptnt ARTISTS MATERIALS. A Ladr'i brown veil this morning-, between St. Patrick's church and the post-office The finder will please leave it St the Tribune store tor the owner. dlf 4Lj FOR RAMC-Two. brand new organ of the best make, for sale cheap.

Apply to E. G. Frej -ertnnth, No. 60 Main street. 43wlt Sfmith, daughter of Mr.

and. Mrs. J. M. a straw tick some months ago for sale keeping.

A lew days agtifhit wife began house cleaning an emptied the straw tick on the family bonfire. The money was not thought of until afterwards and in pocking around among THAN3ANY OTHER HOUSE IN THE CITY. ffi BKffiT A house for rent on the corner and Water streets. Apply at the residence, or at No. 69 Main street, and there Its stable on the lot.

Use 7 rooms 2t3 Mac svsuv it cao iwuuu uauj uui uvu it cept the center of the bills one $50 and 7 $10's. Mr. Hamilton brought them to the city this morning and upon mmjAPIf, A girl to do house-work. Apply vv north-west corner of Willism sad WaymMtrsst. 92t3 FOAi HAXK A desirable residence on Laporte avenue.

House is two stories high, contains 6 rooms with Saismar kitchen. Lot is 40 feet front by 301) feet deep. Will be sold cheap. Inqaire of John Soseman. on the premises.

3t The regular monthly concert of the South Bend Maennerchor will take place next Sunday evening at their hall. The late Peter Friedenberger, Whose death was mentioned yesterday, was buried this morning in Notre Dame cemetery, the funeral services being held in St. Patrick's church. The Catholic Benevolent Society turned but in large numbers and escorted the remains to their last resting place. Dr.

Drolliuger, whose office is over Shively's stare, on Michigan street, pays special attention to chronic diseases and diseases of children. All calls, niaht or day. promptly attended to. tf arcs as Take Paints, Snath, of Laporte by about twenty-five of her associates and school mates. was partly in commemoration of her birth-day, which occurred last Sunday, the 20th of February being her third birth -day, and yet she is twelve years old.

We have to say for Miss Mabel, if she lives to see 1896 she will have to wait eight years thereafter for her next birth-day. as the year 1900 is not a leap year. The young folks enjoyed themselves immensely. Refreshments were served at 9 o'clock, and between 11 and 2 they returned to their homes. Bemember the regular monthlv con-eert of the South Bend Maennerchor at their hail on Sunday night.

his affidavit they were forwarded to Washington through Mr. Wm. Miller, cashier of the South Bend National Bank, where it is believed they will be Bristle Pallette A full line of Seasonable Dry Goods Just Received at Sterns Bros. 65 Washington Street KiIvm, HM rem Mrsr-i st MeDon-jsld's photograph gallery, or on the premises. No.

31 esst Water street. Will sire pseanon the tb of April. A. Mc Don alps. 1T or 18.000, amply secured jWW onirovedunincumbered city property.

their place. If '1 I jH 1 Return balls at the Tribune store at 1 WHICH WE OFFER AT LO WIPRICES. MILTON Ml ELIEL. $50 cent and 8 cents each. Th0 8 cent ones are striped and very handsome.

ursennrarrt. v..

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