The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 30, 1950 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, October 30, 1950
Page 11
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Our Boording House with Moj. Hoopl* i AFTER M.V HOSPITAL TM.W VOU MeeDM'T LIFT A FIN&ER AROUMD JUE MANOR OUT OUR WAY Byj.R.WHIiom, (ARK.)' COURIER NK PAGE ELETEJf HV> * YOUR TALK STILL SOUNDS AS IF YOU COU.O USE A COOPLe OFSFARfc PLUGS/~~X WCW FE6L SURE YOU'RE REALLY VOOR. OLD SeLFTlLL- SEE VOU SPRAWLED Ofi SOFA SMORlUG OM LOST A "K>->CH THERE r\ WKAT * / \) >OU EXPECT / ,TO LOOk AT YOUR HVODEL HUSBAND THIS THE BORDER.' LIME Political' Announcements The Courier News Is aul!ioiiz?a 10 announce the following candidates 'or (he general election, November For AlrK-rman First Wnril Harry Taylor Zml Ward J. L. (Jodie) Naher.s Aldrrmun (4lh Ward) Charles Liplord J. Wilson Henry 4FCAMFTOMU ISM b, MIA J,,*,, I.,. WE BUY IND SELL USED & NEW FURNITURE PHONE 2112 FARM LOANS Cates Wiires Co. RK.VLTORS Phone 2751 , Blythcville what did YOU do witt your , x W»L. You can gel an extra pa!r of shoes for winter at home just by Itltln; your shoe service mnn "do over" your vacation shoes. G«l an Kxlra' Pair Through Shoe Repair. H-flLT€RS lO.'PLITY SHO€ SHOPI I lit W. Mfll N ST. Tlir: S'I'OKVi \Vht-H \UM( MMK- Mi- 'jhurnr U ttillrJi-ri-d. »ui»vlcl<iK p']lr,lH lo l'eii-r, l»«r nrphvw. A I- Iliiluirh all i- !« »f,j,u „! »| m . |.,,_ »/i*. ihe v/rllm'* Krandnlter-. irlrn J Miy ^<in I'rie,-, hut U C«UK*I. ii ctrF [" llul '" 1 ^ ""*"•*' ** k * 1-| *••» fniri t;i>cx Nnrk In her rnoM j»H4 I""!. -So.i.lrn lh, r ,. s.njr. . n ,« "Hi- M.vnTI. k«r kuslmnd J.i f rr ""'I l» > IKllr »Cml4 nf l.rr.n. h"s,«-lf. Aden SnnHrji If.vr.. I..,. t«"r> |[<-« the J»i'»ll«.r^ !• brr knnrf- I-. |-.-l,!,.r :,nJ «,,,p. |, h , „ cfcr.^ • PlicaVi. yrl »' 1 "''- Tkr. J...«, * * « XXII YJfHEN J;ispor muttered hoarsely, "Whore did you get it?" Leeana marshaled her wavering courage. Jasper knew! She lied. "I don't know what you re talking about, Jasper. Cross my heart. Now—will you go?" "No," sullenly. "You've been talking to Sondra, all right, I know she hates me. I know she has reason lo. But don't believe her! I did not kill Aunt Maggie!" "That," Leeana said crisply, "is what Peier says." Inslanlly, she could have bitten out her tongue. Jasi>er Thome's peaked thin race, already stormy darkened. Caution came into his , eyes, blanketing the angry sv, s • picion that had been there, making him a more dangerous enemy than he had been before. 'Tefer is a hit off the beam " she went on quickly. "What with all that's been goinR on around here, he thinks everybody j s ready to pounce on him. ] tried to tell him it's foolish, to let Ihc sheriff find the guilty one, but—" she broke off, shrugging. "Yo« know Peter." " Yp s," Jasper adruUted, "1 k»u>w He sounded, Leeana *oug>it, as though he wished he didn't. She said, "Peter, I'm afraid, doesn't have too nyich of the old Thorne stability. When he runs out of cunning — " "Exactly!" Jss^ar "Pelcr never was' the one to take things on even keel. He always wanted his pafh pitched upward, everything rosy. Especially the future. Only Peter wants his 'future' right now. Me—I can wait. Forget you saw me, Leeana. If you want the lavahere, well"—he grinned crookedly—"you've earned it I'd say." He left. • • • CURE of only one thing—that it had not been Sondra's sharp- clawed fingers at her throat—Leeana retrieved the Thorne family heirloom from its hiding place and went downstairs. Cet Sheriff Purdy worry about the confounded thing, she wasn't going to have the murderer crack her head because o/ it! Was it possible Sondra had been wrongly accused? Could Peter have stolen the jewel on some previous visit, then written Miss Maggie that Sondra had sold it in New York? Had that been the real secret of the letter no one—certainly not Peter Thorne!—would tell? Wearily, Leeana went into th« living room, deserted now but filled nevertheless, with the same strange sense of antagonism, dread and fear that seemed to pervade the entire house. The house held a set-ret, loo—the knowledge of murder. The same knowledge »t which Peter had hinted. She stretched out on the divan coracious only of how tired she was. She yawned and rubbed her eyes, but they would not stop burning. She hated the lavaliere hated the cool feel of it, pinned there beneath her sweater, hated (he hatred it had caused and (he fear. Whjr had Peter bro«ght it home? Beyond all doubt Hie lav.-.liere was, in some way, connect«d with Miss Maggie's death. And Peter had told the truth. Somehow, now. she was sure of that, too. FeUi had com* to Thorne Hi)] to kill Miss MufiH.- He had gone lo her room—to find her already dead. But what else had he found? Who else? Suddenly terrified, Leeana sal upright. Peter did knowl Darkness, pierced by fingers of light as the logs crackled and burned merrily in lh« fireplace, became damnable. In each shadow was 3 dark, lurking form. Riding each nickering flame was a red devil goading the murderer to kill again. Leeana choked back a cry and almost ran lo the door and into Ihc lighted hall beyond. Miss Agatha was coming down the stairs, her hand resting lightly on the banister. She smiled, and Leeana saw with surprise that she was wearing make-up again. Too much. And her hair was caught up^in its familiar frizzj curls. "Good evening, niece," she said warmly. "You slept through dinner, so we- - Why, Leeana, what's wrong?" • • • JT^EEANA made herself glance at her watch—it was after 8—and take a deep brtnlh be/ore she answered. No need to tell a nervous old woman you were more nervous than she. She said. "Nothing »l all, Min Aggie. Have you seen Peter?" Miss Agatha seemed more like Miss Maggie than ever as she snorted disdainfully and tossed her small head. "Peter is the popular one tonight! Too many people want him." ""Who?" Leeana asked sharply, "Why-Jasper. And later, that Mart Preston Sondra says you're stuck on." She giggled girlishly. "When was that, Miss Agpie?" "Right after dinner." The old lady repealed "Why?" suspiciously. "You haven't seen Pelcr since?" Miss Aggie said, "No." and left her mouth open. Leeana ran past her up the stairs before she could ask why again. Propped up on a pillow in Ihe middle of the bed was a hurriedly scrawled, cryptic note: "Let them look for me-tonight Tomorrow you'll know the truth; It was signed. "Peter." Blytheville Glass & Paint Co. 136 K. Main Phone 6716 Codcrete Culvert Tile Si/cs up to 36 in. Corrugated Metal Culverts up to St In. Automatic Flnoil Gates Concrete Scplic Tanks Metal Sepfic Tanks Sewer Tile Best Prices \\ c Deliver A. H, WEBB Hishw.i.v fil at Slate I.lnc I'hone 114 HAIRY VETCH Balboa Rye, Barley ond Seed Wheat. For Fall Planting See - - - Blylheville Soybean Corp 1800 West .M.ifn Bljtheville Phone 68S6 FOR SALE Concrete rulverts, IZ inch to 41 inch, .plain or recnforced. Also toncrclc BiHWinj Blocks cheaper limn lumber for barns, chlcktn houses, pump hollas, Irnanl liouscs, tout shcils. We deliver. Call us for tree estimate. OSCEOLA TILE & CULVERT CO. fhont 551 NU-WA Laundry Dry Cleaning We're Proud of Our Work ne work • Woodwork scturing • Welding BARKSDALE MFG. CO. • Machine work • Manufacturing The tcx.15 extension service estimate., livestock arriving dead at "f' n '»rk»ts tn 1941 would have filled a train nine mllej! long. KEROSENE & FUEL OIL Dial 4091 or 740 Shirley Hipp /OUR FRIENDLY' MAGNOLIA DEALER ©SPOT v,,™ S - eL ' -^"WALLPAPER MIRRORS—GLASS FOR FURNITURE Awnings—Venetian Blind*—Auto Glass AUSTIN & WICKER Phone 6207 _ 112 S. First _ Blylheville Why, certainly . . . it you hare a late model 900ti risk tor °" ••rtemofcil. loon CO " TRACT WKHAse COR- FRfcCKLES AND HIS FRIENDS BY MERRILLBLO8SCT i He's Convinced I only hope, Dr. Ferris, that tha heavenly chr'- is abla to «tay on key more successfully than the on» in your church!" 19M BY MA HBViCE. I*C. T.'H. Mft. V. t. »A1 I'HISCLLA'S POI' As Advertised WAIT TILL YOU ! VOU MISSED -SEVEN I'M :?uRPRisEDvrjL7F SEE MY SPELLING HAD THE TO BRING IT HOME 1 PAPER! THIS WILL • WHY, THIS IS BY MICHAEL O'MAM.EY and RALPH LANE ! V LUCKY? THAT WCH V UUCKV * ,,. ,»EEN A SKn us.'J NOW m v-" \jr- i *_^w r*^r» ( M SERDM ME SKf USlfi KACV eye OV Hfl\. CAPTAIN EASY BY LKSLTE TURNER on, BUT i wo! T My <OUK CHARGING FIMOC6E. VCXJR FIAUCEE IUIUAT7 WAEUED ME— 1 IfflMI T 5HES miGHTFUl,..SO PK?UMIT BUGS HUN NY VOU'SE IN «HAPE FOR TODAV'S GAME, BUSS.' OON'T SET HU*T AGAIN/ J PON'T W03RY, DOC; I'tf, GONNA TAKS CARE O' MYSELF THIS TIME/ BY V. T. HAMUN BY EDGAR MARTIN I 1 I

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