The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 30, 1950 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, October 30, 1950
Page 9
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MONDAY, OCTOBES 80, 19W Election May Set Voting Record, Give Close Decision on Congress Bjr TlMi AwoetiUd ftnt *- —- . ~^ B)r , --Politicians figure that the elections a week from tomorrow may provide the closest decision on Congre«« in six years and the greatest total vote ever recorded In a non- presidential year. Minimum claims from the Republican and Democratic parties jwint- *d to the possible closeness of the decision on which shall control Congress, and by how much. Predictions today from party i^hatrmen that lh« total vote Nov. 7 h>iay exceed 42|6oo,00fl and thus set an off-year record are based on high registrations in many northern and some southern states. The previous record for a> year In which there was no presidential campaign was 37,304,380 in 1938. As for control of Congress, the least that GOP Chairman Guy Oa- brielson has claimed is that the Republicans will pick up five seats in the Senate and 25 In the House. That minimum wouldn't be enough to take control fthe GOP would need a net gain of seven In the Senate and 49 In the House) hut Oa- brielson says he has found good reason to believe the actual result will turn the trick with ease. "Hold Own" at Worst On the other hand, the Democrats say their rock-bottom guess Is they will hold their own on in the House and pick up at least two Senate seats. They, loo, have predictions ranging far upward, The closest, off-year election ' In recent history was in 1944, the year of President Roosevelt's fourth term election. Then, the Republicans gained two seats In the 96-man Senale and lost 22 In the 435-man ' House. Two years later, the Republicans gained control of Congress; they lost It back to the Democrats in 1948. Other Developments In other developments, as the campaigning rolled into the last tell I week: '^'1. A Republican headquarters spokesman said that the GOP may let President Truman's political broadcast from St. Louis' next Saturday go unmatched on the air. He eaid the party .doesn't have the money to buy corresponding radio time. 2. Harold- E. Stassen said In a Washington television appearance that neither he, Gov. Thomas E. Dewey of New York nor Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower should be ruled out as possible candidates for the Republican presidential nomination in 1952. "It's too early to say what inyone • will do two years hence," Bid Stassen. one of those Dewey defeated for the 1948 nomination. Lindstrom Divorce Suit Scheduled for Today LOS ANGELES, Oct. 30. 0Pj—Trial of the California divorce suit of Dr. Peter Lindstrom'against Ingrid Bergman—who has a Mexican cli- - vorce and Mexican proxy marriage to Italian film director Roberto Ros- Home Accidents Are Rampant Government Statistics Show By FRANK CAKKV , ST. LOUIS, Oct. 30. m—The U.S. Public Health Service safd today "there's no place like, home—for accidents." Aiding in a new campaign by public health workers throughout the country designed to help prevent fatal or injurious accidents in the home, the government agency gave these statistics: Every 16 minutes someone Is killed by an accident, in the home, and every four minutes someone is per- mantenlly disabled, lu-one year alone, 4,500,000 Americans were either injured or killed in "preventable" accidents .within the home. And, in terms of wages lost, medical expenses and increased insurance premium rates, the annual cost of home accident? approximates $650.000,000. Accidents Preventable "These accidents were preventable because someone or something was at fault." declared the Health Service In special literature distributed at the opening of the American Public Health Association's (APHA) annual meeting. "The matches should not have been left near the baby. The shag rug should have been made slip- proof. The broken-stair should have been repaired. The electrical system was Improperly installed. The step-ladder was poorly constructed." Meanwhile, Dr. .Hugh Leavell. of Harvard University's school of public health, and chairman of APHA',s executive board, said at a news conference that one of the prime issues lo be considered by the association this week would be ways and means whereby 'public health workers could help prevent accidents—especially those in the home. erto Rossellini—is due in superior court today. Dr. Lindst.rom, 43, Beverly Hills, Calif., -surgeon, charges the actress with deserting him and their daughter, Pia, 12, on April 15, 1949. She has entered a denial of desertion and an assertion that she is already divorced. Sings On TV Program NEW YORK, O:l. 30. (API—Margaret Truman ninde her jsingmg debut on television last night. ' "I love dlt," the President's concert singing daughter said after the telecast. "Everybody was so nice to me—and I had fun." Miss Truman, on [he air si* minutes, sang two songs as a guest artist of Ed Sullivan's "Toast of the Town" (CBS) variety show.. v The studio audience of 150 gave enthusiastic applause to her offerings—"O'er the Hill," a limit Ing song from the America'!! revolullonarj war period by Francis Hopkinson; and "My Johann" by Edward Grieg Red China Told To Back Down U Late Report TAIPEI, Formosa, Oct. 30. m— Pro-Nationalist reports, labelled "information received from the mainland," said today that Moscow had instructed the Chinese Reds to back down over Korea and not to take cpenly provocative action In Indochina. The reports, which must be treated with reserve, sadl Moscow was anxious not. lo have the Chinese Reds lose their chance of admittance to the United Nations. The reports quoted Chou En-lal Communist premier and foreign minuter, as having told his subordinates: "We must be very careful in oin military moves. We cannot afford to go back to the caves of Yenan.' The Cravat was Introduced into England by Charles II in 16GO after his return from exile at the French Court. I How's Your Speedometer? Tn be sure It's reading risht, lei ni check It. We jive one daj service on speedometer repairs lor all can and tracks. ,, T. I. SEAY MOTOR CO. 121 E. Main Phone 2122 Ar« Always Hoppy to Print Proof ACTUAL CASES WHERE HADACOL HAS RELIEVED NAGGING PAINS IN ARMS, LEGS, BACK, SHOULDERS When Due to Lack of Vitamins Bi, B 2 , Iron and Niacin in Their Systemsl .Wr«. Lmrrmce Theriot, 740 Arabella Street, i\««, Orlean,,Laui,iana, \s mast enthusiastic in her - praise of HADACOL. . She states: "HADA- i COLhasbeenabless- ing to me. For quite some time I suffered painsinmyarmsand hands. Then I tried a bottle of HADACOL and was greatly relieved. After the , third bottle all pains g left me." {HADACOL „ gives such wonderful results because it actually relieves the REAL CAUSE of nches and pains when due to these deficiencies. And continued use helps prevent such aches and pains from cominsr back!) '•-..•' Mr. Hnrrj- Springer of Srtfl* Crcer Atenut, Si. loim, ,M;,.o,,ri: "I had nagging aches and pains for some time r • and f continued to suffer pain. Then I read about HADA- COL in a newspaper 1 bought, the first bottle and within a •. week I felt quite a bit better. And since taking the third bottle I have no pains at all. Right now flve of my co-workers are —-— takingHADACOLon my recommendation" Mr. r. L. Daniel,, Springfield, ili», mir i, who had a deficiency or Vitamins Bi, B 3 , iron ; and Niacin: "I can . definitely recom- j mend HADACOL. I ' was bothered with , pains, had little ap- ; petite and had stomach distress. I was nervous and in a • general run-down condition. There is > no doubt in my mind . ,_ J but that HADACOL has been a real and definite help in all these ailments." (Hundreds of Doctors recommend HADACOL. If you are suffering pains when due to such deficiencies try HADACOL. It's guaranteed to help you or money back.) Mr,.. Ethel C,nrm, nf , B (1J r ly 2 , C/ n? -, l,nui.,!nnn, who had sucn a deficiency: "I had been suffering from pains In my neck so bad I couldn't sleep and had no appetite. I decidedtotryHADA- COL, sinfce the testimonials of so many people convinced me it was worth a chance. After taking only one bottle, all '•' the pain and sore- ; ness had left my i body. I found my energy had returned and now I feel better than I have In years " Hollywood Continued tram Page I, drama critics are saying that Vanessa Siown is stealing scenes from Katharine llepurn In the road tour of "As You Like It." Producer Harry Popkln has trlert lo keep It mu'm.'but his "Deep Is the Well" snatches the Kathy Fis- ctis headline story as a climax. The big scene in the picture shows faiilic excavations to rescue R small girt trom Imprisomcnl in a well. • * • ' Weather Warner Bros. like . it «• nnt second run exhibitors arc- already planning In hill Ml: "Mr. and Mrs. Krrol Flynn In 'Kocky Mountain.' " • V • • Cesar Romero Is growling over the fllckciiown niathcmattclaus who added up his public appearances in London with Linda Christian and got the wrong answers. While his hand was getting pumped at a local theater on his performance In the revival of "Strictly Dishonorable." Cesar told me: "It W as ridiculous. Ty hnrt lo work every night in 'Mr. Roberts' and It was only proper that I. as an old fried of Ty's, should escort her to plays. "Strictly Dishonorable" Is a romp for Cc-sar. He played the ingenue-chaser In the Preston Sturges play 20 years afio. His leading lady was Eli/abcth Love and her understudy was an unknown named Margaret Sullavan. Is Keel Hole Heal? June Havoc isn't Mire whether the gal she's playing in "Follow the Sun" is a real person out of Hen Hogan's life or n character. She told me: "I'm playing her in nn unreal way so naturally I hope she doesn't turn out to be real." June and her husband, Director Dill Spier, haven't done anything yet about climbing aboard the video bandwagon. "Knl," she fllpprrl, "WE look at It. We sit at home, put up our feet, eat popcorn and even make love and it's iomlerlu;." Let's shed a quick tear for all gals named Irene, who have lakcn a merciless ribbing since "Goodnight, Irene" hi{ the song parade. Irene Carroll, a local TV secretary, wails that for weeks an anonymous jokster phones her three times a day. First it's "good morning, Irene," (hen "good afternoon. Irene" and (hen you kno\v what. Farley Granger In Motion picture Magazine: "When rm with her (Shelleri Winters) a sip of water tastes like the juice of rare and exotic flowers. A sunset ij a symphony . . . the earth spins and tlie flower* dance ami (he mountains jump over the moon." Sounds like trie ?ny ncerl a cold P! 6 BONUS RECORDS ATHO RCAVICIW WHY HADACOL GIVES SUCH WONDERFUL RESULTS ACT NOW — HADACOL Is not a quick-acting pill which gives symptomatic relief —HADACOL gives , .such remarkable results ifH>ecause it actually relieves ' the REAL CADSE of aches and pains when due to lack of Vitamins Bi, Bj, Iron and Niacin In the system. And continued use of HADACOL not only helps give continuous, complete relief but also helps prevent such- annoying pains from coming bar*. A 'big Improve- mentlsoftennotlced within a few days! WHAT HADACOL DOES This great product not only supplies weak, deficient systems with extra quantities of Vitamins B,, Bj, iron and Niacin but also beneficial amounts of precious Calcium and Phosphorus- elements so vital to maintain good health and to help guard against such deflciency,ailments. SE FAIR TO YOURSELF. Start taking HADACOL to- day. If you have such a deficiency, don't keep dragging yourself around when relief Is so inexpensive and near at hand—your neighborhood drugstore. Trial- size bottle, only SI.25. Large family or hospital size, $3.50. HADACOL comes In special liquid form so that it's quickly absorbed and assimilated by the blood. A big Improvement Is often noticed within a few days. Buy HADACOL today. FOR. JUST He/e'i opportunity crashing Ihrough your dooH. ..the all-play and no-work ricord.syilem PIUS 4 of lh« lateil hi*" a "record" low price, S 12.95. You'll gel the RCA Victor's new "Vklrolo"45crtachmenl. You'll get yow choice ol a brand-new RCA Victor "45* rtcord, from ihe loleii monlhly ilrtgl* re- leaiei, every monlli for 6 monlfci. Come nowl This offer good only for a limited tim». Vlsll Our ncrorrl Bar For F.alcst Recordings ADAMS APPLIANCE co., inc. •>«« ' ' l . -M-208 West Main , Theme 2071 MISSISSIPPI FARMERS REPORT SAVINGS OF S 50 PER BALE by using the McCormick-Deering Mechanical Cotton Picker Here we show you the exoct figures on 3,ion, that we« mad- i« s."within the last two weeks , . . results from 14 McCormick-Deermg Picker,. The "tVtai out of the pocket cosh to pick a 1400 Ib. bale of cotton with this mechanical picker . . . for labor, gas, oil, repairs and incidentals ... was $6! To pick a 1400 Ib. bale by hand costs $56. So that', a saying, to you of $50 per bale. And, remembering that the price of seed and the price of lint will add another $50 per bale over last year's prices , . you can see that using a McCormick-De.ring Cotton Picker will actually giVe you $100 more per bale this year thon last. But now, check the detailed figures on each ' pf these three Mississippi operations: OPERATION 1 MACHINE PICKED COTTON Middling ....,„.,.,.,. .,..13 bales or 9.5% plui ,.,. 14 bales or 10.3% -•- .-, ,.,.,., 91 bale* or 66.9% .•:. • -,. 18 bales or 13.2% 136 bales 86.8% SLM or better OPERATION 2 MACHINE PICKED COTTON SM .....I.,....,...,. . 2 bates or 1.0% M Plus , ,.,., 9 bales or 4.8% M .., ,.....,-.. .20 bales or 10.7% SLM plus. . .....,.„ ,.,. 70 bales or 37.4% SLM b «x ,.,.,.,.,.,.,. 80 bales or 42.8% LM plus ..,.,.,.,„...,., 4 bales or 2.1% .,.„.,»,.,.,. . 2 bales or 1.0% \ 187 bales 96.9% SLM or better OPERATION 3 30 Bales Machine Picked. . ..... ... . .Middling 1 3-32 Delta & Pine Land Co. 30 Bales Hand Picked 28 Bales Middling 1 1-16 D& PL Co. 2 Bales LM .... 1 1-16 Delta & P L Co. WHY NOT SAVE YOURSELF SOME MONEY? Get the Details on the Mc-Cormick-Deering Mechanical Cotton Picker at either of these firms -BLYTHEVILLE Delta Implements, Inc. PHONE 6863 -MANILA- Farmers Tractor & Truck Go. PHONE 91

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