The South-Bend Weekly Tribune from South Bend, Indiana on March 22, 1873 · 1
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The South-Bend Weekly Tribune from South Bend, Indiana · 1

South Bend, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 22, 1873
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' ;' s ft. IV . i ,s :t :. ! ', : A) :'r i ,u -r-'vi 1 i . i I', I'll .t7 r f ! rn1:: ! - il n rr n 1 -.UIUI; f r I! hill ; J'l: r L !! i V 11. ' a ) 'it "5 writs tlx ntonlhi; ..j. eaiunlsMUf iraaw.-' - Y I TS f XB aontnins tha latast Bw k i n t l. i utiiphy a ell as spur braviU, i.u-ut.1! Bia.aet reports, luoal Bawa, "sates of ADvrsTisiso 3wwbW In nil . thaBrtcarfavawnaSsp. ft it a tuna th .1, ..... n.i the lortitlOO (wVtipiaa. Anderson! .!Tiaia-SaoaIuT receired my perso&M jo forTOTr rifteen,Te v and are now entirely renewed sad recopied. Orer $1,800 luu been'utely expended ia Compariiii and Vrifdse Und in St. Joseph County, as set out 'Belied OBi i,,., -v As heretofore! pay especial attention to, COTSTEYASCISQ, antes par work to be FKE2 FROM Vhialila BoftVi ta tba nnblie at Guaranteed Abstracts of Title made , KIZER & V00LVERT0N, XZAL ESTATE EISTOAKCZ, COltECTIOJr AS3 10A5 AQE2TC7, nUM, ooUato PPv Mk CBHwrtte" s tIt Tllit for jm BTMUmuU FV.t,uPrt.w5r.w t,r.atr.t t V - S . ' ' ' orriCK rrair r Witt", , MINER E.; LISTENBERCER, REAL ESTATE Eepresent tha northwestern National Fire Xnsf, Co. of Milwaukee; MM. ! ! II" OUSHHSTG- & CO 101 Michigan Street, SOXJTHl BEND INU. KEEP CONSUNTIY ON HAND A LARGE ASSORTMENT OF . f PERniMERIES, HAIR OILS. . TOILET SOAPSj BRUSHES, COMBS ND FApIcY GOODS. ! j - ! ' ALSp A FIILL ASSORTMENT , TEAS, COFFEES and SUGAR, !'' Paints, Oils and Varnishes, ' WINDO.W gla4s and putty. ' Choice ; Supply of CidARS and Tobaccos ' ALL OFFERED AT ' h LiDWEST' PRICES' !j RECEIPTS. AND PRESCIPTIOMS CAREFULLY PREPARE A. O. CVSniNQ. D. M. COONLEY .-TEA DEALER. TOBACCONIST, 'HB BEST PLACK IS THE CITY TO tt roa raptT 01 tneM gooiu tt M in .KOPLU" OKI UN8TORE. Kob but the snrait Urnn will b dipenMl at ivy irtre. 4rniai lrlt It alaat atttviMlMMro. Kemcmbor tba place. ' 103 BlCHIGftli $T, CR. WlSHlRGTOIf. South Bead. FK 15. lfC3. 6lHf. .0, . 0 3 CW, UVICK. 8URQEOM DENTIST. ! Superior wavK Kt. low price n.t nibre- i f tio .irnanuit. oflVc 113 Micai btnet. (apitjrinioatb BendjJntliBnai .1' GfcoT..By It'll,- VESTAL BTBaEOS. . Offlo lUd M iabiynB Wti or or. Counly' rrtru (turn. All ltuntttuiM parftrmi ill workmunlik maonw and aatUiaetioa ana- Dtm4r Vnn. . OpE?fIst: oai.-1, So. , M Mtcbiirnn MMtl, ow W rtnaa a; Co.' ,ure, South Iswu'L Indiana. Tenth; extracted without pttin br the tie of nitrnite-eiide riw. t trr peUntwtU intrtd for J10 to $JJ. All wnrk wiurnutwl, and Ui heat ef rolrB0 - yiyTi. - : - -. '' - ,---' at' frame. JUSTICE o raa PEACE. A oifice I'm Mvliwan etreet, over Slnvety' ire, K.witi Jii-n.i, iml. Prompt attention fii-o to coiieeuuue mod. all buaiuvaa cutrnxtH ,-tiu mm. . . . i lyl -4- . w-jin kL.iu nuuLcn tUf ' ' ' ro:Xoraaj Aaa. Wool; Maoufietureri of ' i : " r.-;-: . OF'WOOLES 0OODS. cf BfiU-e. ' ieiuTioa Pre. PERFUIYIERER. T as, e - S'fi'f -.1 t , a 5 -as 3 . -3 a C-J c -at i-S"0 - G 3 E 1 & S -ill --55 5 - fsllBS 2? 1 A -1 Jtf j 3 1 1 1 1 1 3 i " ft AM Bg M . .-i . X W S M J 1 . I 1 i K II' -W ri; r V ; B-a' 1 1 AT . X. ' S 111 ; ' I V Bnw laV - 1 'V W-' 1 AT . r X at i . 1 ' St - SAT ft. I J K 'jaT 1 I A AW ATN. a .aW. "V .1 aTP aT . . ;,. 1 ' . . . I BW jaW I ' .AV. f :; A W & SW . 1 AT IV "aT at AT. At .AT '! Aw JIT . . I I s I - ' -V H w V'l MI 1 -e- P b - ; if It P ,1 i 1 ti l4 i I M .Tin r 1 r ' " ' - i iif - ' r -Ml of Titles! tie work, o that the Titles to aU, fit THESE BOOKS, can be Implicitly t i Ijj f EEEOE, and proffer the uie of. these Terr reaionabla rates. Written aafl when desired. AtiDBMW ANDERSON iu CU TowLot. FnM k Wter tub. Cmpy from il U prtefltpJ WILI TiM L. KIZErJ . JACOB WOOLYEUTOX trM. itli Beaa. IbT. J" L0A1T AGENT, SOUTH BEND JNU. r :i t :) If I & r. ArVLEUATK. - FOR OVEn FORTY YEABS THIS ' S PURELY VEGETABLE I LIVER MEDICISE hi proved to bp th GREAT UNFAILING SPECIFIC ! for Liver Cuummi unil it painful aff.prini. aYSPa-fSIA, CO H L Jl FT I ( N , Jrnni'W million BttArks. SICK UEADACII 81, ,'epremuon of BiiinW, il enirits. HOliK Nil) MACIf, eartburo, CHILLS nd FEVIR. Ac. iic. After reara of careful exDerimmtji. ttt a groat and urgent demand, we now produce troia oar oricinal Genuine Powder m THE PREPARED. ' A tkjntd form of SIMMONS' LIVER REOTJ LA X OR, containing all ita wonderial and Vat-atl propertiea, and offer it in ;! ;! " ONE DOLLAR BOTTLES. h the Powrlers. l price ai before),1.00 per paokaci ent br Jnail..... 1.04. i . .1 C'Al'TIOSft "k i 1 . Biir no Powders or PREPARED PIMMOKS' LIVER REGULATOR unlen iu our cnirraved wrapper, witb Tmde mark, Stump and oiifno-tnr unbroken. 'one other is genuine, i-; . ; ' J. If. CEJXIX Y O., ;. macox. ua and PHILADELPHIA.. " per pnckne; gent- by mail, POsuwlJ wa-iif. ti.Z Prepared ready for uoe in Wtle.' and Waehinitton U.. South Bend. .' lSyb; f ttornnis at zv. TI'.L R- rT:. Attornet f -LAW. Ueneral Arent. and Calleernri. .- At terBey for the eityAU businea attended lof promptly. . OtEce lOSaRxin Street; op itajr. Stl, Joaeph block. South Bend. Indiana. ! ! : At- N VBTU5I BROWKFiri.n. Qmo 60 Waahinatoa treet. irioatb Iiend. Il AirORSElfS AT lAWi itret. S.iath IttiH Tha w. . r . . " s-.r- j-r-T'-v.'T.' tt . rraoa morion, Jobo tfrowutield, Jr. 1 StSfOLD CREED, ATTORNEYS AT X. XA W , Keep Arnold', Abstract of Title to-aif .lands in St. Joseph County. Office, St.., Joaeph block, corner Washington and I Mata Btreeta, Sonth Bend. Indiana 5tl PFLEfiER, ATTORKEYift Rooina in iMMt-offiea itolr.:i VJ AT LAW. SoutbT Bend. Indiana. W. .6. George, Cnil' 8tatel Commiissioner ; Oeorge 1'tte-ger, City '""Kt ; lyt ; T. Tt'RXER, ATTORNEY AT tAW;i Collection and Loan Agent and dealer in real eatnte. ' Office No. 74 Washington Street, South Bend, Iadiana. t . ! lyl;T T VVWn ItVRUARn, ATTORNEY At au liA w . Office in Odd Follow' block! on 1jiiejioe Loun uouae. t.roar nall, South Uend.' .Birtuna. ,- ' . P'ylM E. H limi lX, ATTORN EY AT t A WJ ' Colteetiona promptly attonded to. OtHs No. 87 Main Street, over Andy Kccleston' Agricultural efore. Sonth Bend. Indiana. i lyt' IWAR1 ECBKRT, ATTORNEt i AT J LAW. Offic in the County Court House, first door on the right, hand aide, bouth BentL Indiana. .. 1 ''Irl ! T B. niDWFLL, ATTORNEY AT L-lrTJ I . Ofnne in St. Joaenh Bloek. Mam fitreit' South Bend, Indiana. Promttt nttcution civew- 4fk enlle.tinn, ami rnl M.r. cm. e;i i 7. S -k. f WITIIKHILL, ATTORNEY AT1 tnauranee and Collecting Agent." Represent teveral of the moat reliable nr in-l aurjtar eompanie in the coununr. OlBc 63- Vnliingtou citreet, (ftp stairs), boiitb iLend. inuiana. XOIIS If t'MPIIREVSt, PHYSICIAN' ,4 ANI gURrtEON. Office. 61 whinitoaj dww. tap Plain?., rtesiaence no. 100 v aanniig wn inwiwuia Drnu. xnqiana. T M. P4RTRII):F. A ' M M -i-frft ...WEPATHIO PHYSICIAN AND ?S,R-i U., HO omoe corner Washington and Aitjii' San Streets. Kesideno .lis MkUicaa' Etet feonth Bcndtlndiana, , t T. j tell J" WORWARD, PHYSICIAN AN W tt iCiitON. OnV'e over OalUgher A Buihy'i clothing store. No. 109 Michigan street, 4tb Bend. Indiana. jliyl;. SOBr RT IUKRI, PHYSICIAN' AIT BIRtJEON, 081.- No. W Main btrw-t.HU eiik iiloek. Residence corner nf JetttMont and Franklin tftroeta. South Bend. Indiana, lyt JctAv,rui.tnuA." anuislkeon . . offlftttover No. 80 Micbigan street. Kualt dene No. W Peart afreet. South Bend, Jntl,. R. ofc E." WAW. nOMTOPATHIST Offiea aor. Miohiran k Waahwttoa streets ever Cushina k Co.'sdrug store. KesidenM Noj Mrktst. . Ali.eaili will mt)wuh vom attention-. ; i fTt a It. MKHRITT. PHYSICIAN f . HITTtllRllV 'will direct his whol l tita and. attention to tha, practic of nicdusne; f Becial attamiiOB will aa naid 1 stvronio diseases and any disease of tb I o arorwicaoasw nsicaeaM. inters tunnfa. v All - - arricttv e..nAilrnitial. L. tUOif- 'i'"jn. street in Ir. btover's old ollrc. ii a. a. . stcaoia. a. i. aTbaairU BTUROIS is SON. I Pbysicians & Burgedns, 4 vmo ana iwataene eomer Jefferwa SnT t i WrlWts Btrjett. SOUTH fcKNfc, iTSuNA, MRS, SIR. , Tr.RIMi.tU onHM.aTta, her profewuoB as Midwife. nd the trwuZ menl of 4iaaaa peculiar ta fea&Jea. -TW, dtwiring her service will receir prompt sad tkiHfnl teeafmenv ; , TIIEO. WITHERItl, CLOCKS; AND Watches, Jewelry. Yankee NotioM.Hlaak anil Reboot liooks, rttaTtoBery. vt innew rapei s 77 Washington street, souta ueoa. iaauuia. SOUTH BE3TD ffATIOHAL BJLN t 107 Sflebls;Mg Street, ; j ,4 DO A GENERAL BAXKINO BUSINESS, Colleotion protnpU attended to. - Joaa BaowvntLo. . Wa ALuunt. ( n rtaaulaat. L. Tin .Lt I m U V aU...9B 1 VI f'1'.VJft'. vmamaft AMI UIIJUVJIIL U1U 1IIL llflirPI'.IMI.IIlir I w.i .B J .u, l 1 a a a wivaM . I mwjiiMii 'V .' JHUJLal HUU1 MMM WMIV. : r "T ..HI .c. - iralllT MattliUn. M . M j I Inl -Vt I ' 1 i 1 Lfcu ts ,11 akj but-1 teaiir I ifti&t bU tbt auigtlilvk. 1! AVlqr there li not bve minfttei ork d be ' dene, ut the hbw I, oa,4 it tMly1 1 Walter !' fit- J4t aid Hot. knb he keot me awake i itLittle Ri li doU Meolto n4 ihlre mitt tawidhoy coJaflt brvw.", 1 1 rWelli hvf Mjunt mar exciwcaT; I'll pufc . it 06 ip;u4 If ou'r . cripf fuV:;iut ft' ft loot; wbl'md ode J Sin vpi. VuieUW niJ f with my dinned lget, Lbw I tin r1tdiie.TlSut I'lSdomy bt.'' mi iimiv'i unit imiimir:; iirt fiiw. hvh'l tfucbt was the eouvpmtioa that wi$cd between tauntr Hubapd and yiHo-o( jglitii iOntlu .standibg. f.i f l Frank; jfurtoaS WMh4t tha yId till fi'nvtr. Imade any thuig tUt '4ni though hanWa inure to hi own lMhefitLp tverviUKly' luced hia be caaw e-wa iran, ana witaai fo nwi pit and: Wtrfirht lit aala' A?alii)irs!th iim cutopiera, m wa;weu eaucaeea 'fiir a! Lumuiw mau; lived Id aocietv; Wd tirade up Jjis tniadhirt ht deuld ujjrt a wne, wna aytoryipi 19 ui reacoaipg soiiicthing to Ufi ! iXea. to be tira ne wuio. 4 itre wtrewx aeuar3jve tr Wfcrd or doflan Adaen for Wh-idirl a ad then auairler And' dimea Dletabk Ar taking, hia' lad'acqtrailfStt ctutjrhi$ytrlyacctmnt," f'That'a hue. It 4 enough to bNak a lalfok. Af tlii MtUetfonf . lf 'ja , tSo he appltea ioa Litzie Foray tW gb beat and, kmdeti girl a)hong hU to QUalntiiiiceHy it htlp hlWialontf igbia uOod rtnolvHu,and was ' loon la the. tttw- esi)loti-of tliut admirable burden "tjbe ii ldze aras ooL ;eniible gurlind wsa1 QoOf tlrediOf bardiigi . A- Wvug house baa rented: and the aurk iif )ud portinfc a wfie began jn earnest -;Jhe urq T were ed to and being eiert ith, laeedte, Jww afid'thenl foqnd, tame, tomake 4aUar eaura.;- men, ltsvas a mtie jotiwome ior ! Frank, he jbrrmght ILeme lateral cjerkai is dat btardem,at feur dblMtt a wek.btiU, wgtbf all thihe.wbuld tdflli hiii aivimflntnnir-Mllihw: ainch 1hJi it ffat him to Uve4i'owjh aapported a wfl Lje never Beeaned; fcr Ji.inotBeEftJ to reatid ththe t! waa 'wia wao aaylDK aU htie Jjtmnji, and 1f'i hd hatliot fatrwctl a dolUr 'her biy ihand t(juld have paid the rpnt an kepi himrum tutvutk. p f!5 p' ' i 1 r r; berj tVmtJwdi hfe coat. iJziie 'drtw a dep sJgh.Uftfr h4 waa eme and bjirri-ed UerUi4?5 ftT a faatfe pible. jTlhei coa VP W tr0sd(flot0, ahd-Vaa hJs kvmtdifto1 can dent: but it waa.well nii'fe Wejirin st luufe, broken uhder the Hirint (ic cord aniLj lien iu riga ttx4 sleeve liaingf br(jke,loii button wraoi in fide tbereaa ndiuriv. if not iuite a csty'a work. ' pho' aat tjmta to the coatftth hH io.'ilG ' deternuned to la ,hr bsi llleJr jbedl Hew,: but eTery"-rtto- bijertli Jehttd! to bUid doiq, to:jte to tUeidJnrer,(frku4U the baby. ! Tbefabura 9,)t aaT. and tfiotifh 'rfhe-did alf be tWlbly tiiuld, fie yforf&i. aud uafia- I, yVaiterefifd tflceasaoUy. ,1 Me locked .11 .. 1 1 u . .... 1. 'a' 1:11. bale, and hii, ej e were din. taeoiUfted -TraokJ vords, I' Let . htm qnal0 and j let him, ber 1 dfcrliu i cr iiiib m cry ifhairhadr'or i Wearied her id bear liu erf Sot ita WOtheM vThe tears swath .'in ter itya aabe fliooght ic f -finni uav-s -wijra. ajiu want, ui uuh. 1 prction oilhor tabi,, ghe kew he viu n)ktjij fguld look amaist 14 gu4 ok Btiiw " Udt h ;Wbttld ,mter ttnko tbebif the had iut upmjit' fyVlfd'jW'hSit iif M don't e mebtalvy dulted' M ehall in apy? own apint I now JJI tbjit I Jwvti , donet artd tbab ia trSoKb." , g'till lie waa longing King-ing wtli ;fi;lqeriig heart.; 'to hjtv&.her ,ti'cogalze,-to bear im, no'and Uiet, npfhlc a tr5- &er Vorjc van of )trte atil..,'?.hireJ5ie!not more thatifl; njidut wttrk, aqd tle itailor 1 yriuld fbaf-ge-m afdopar," pt.jrthglngtithtr eari. Ij-nlfii I 5 ij'ij P ' 'Zt 1 1 1 I IfutLiazli watr6ttg hearted; asf well a Sovfnft; mid Muiifuli abook off :beri dwcunttdty jifj putting o a sadling fick tolr lip H baby and aanrher ,ffli,:-. lu;iftKi.- .al-ril 'lifra sariititiVt 5 t t-i'?ti.i7S t . 1. ' 1. Tl hjle ah fljUed the tea. fettle nii et itiiR! crttdfp aiid -(liririint in rum, as; ahp ixnq tap let wnw qimiu ukb aecung-nMn in ldtlabsetl)fii4.lati Jequired ,bftthiof, iter naoua4 Ki mis 'she worried, turwugt Kiipper getting, od with much managing bud alt tliings feady by the Jtime) lank tatae it h bW companions. . 'I'IyeotttdodeiUjuie A j quite,'? -r - i ft J. ;1 li 'tThat's sk woman for ye boys, f Une half of theU wuuld let; a husbarld so out I at thd .'ielboWa a -weik before tbev .would tura,aidf6)m any plan of thieiW Aiitue irosittsi'is eompieted. lii bo bound. iAlat if to, Liazie?'! , ' jT: ,; 1 Lizafie Wild tpkfng bet' bJscuit jpatof tbe ovD,tb young men did not e tne iW tleasje.? , she ;aid, . pieasantlr adt, , ! r 'fXhere it aa1n, wht'tt I wM 4 bach tvejr ta th? toule pay bM1 i dollaj and it wa aono-iu a ityy grurmtung. So) water to ftilih when k fallow's tired tntaer- iff ia serilrt 11 iM utile waf tieca sad anp-nervous! 3 df aleeu arid tba exhauitation faeidnt tb iiftingber Beautiful boy,ndW w'beaj niclthe jburriqg to ket tiroe fat tbe liehdinc not to ailtT on the disap1eint toe,tit tn putting aside aU bef own plans, thus throwing fler. batifig and nvmng bit fragine kbiy fut butb must be. "done on jthei 'Biirro, ;rth.ej clothes would tfjiiKkw, 'kM tb boarders go without breads-all thi Was ,tor mch. I JUzitip corUJjjbofc WnUtire'bi badinage,ftbu;bv half f !ayrt,i for Eeb ,k;Vew, andlntr irelf,itbat (if some suck thought weVe riotti la; bif tmind. Uvcy wohtd i not bay ftund'.way,tti.blafip.3( - f 1 t She h atj ty set tbe bisdujt n the. table, and! aayiji BiniiJy, wiqpAer; i refcd,'! latefrpW info the bedroom, add bantintoi tlearsJ J Yo it may call; bN a-'fooL if ybuf t d iboii Yoa rbight as well ask; tbe Witlif d leaven not Id falb wired tbet Uutuiifl galip; sweeps .tlfougb i tbaEti s$ fell ask 4litiwer not to iUfltjr tha niors-i rtg fews. to exhale ittwsbtnevas tA ask 4 tenderlbingt sensitiM wife, to with-i bolder .tears, wbeli5 she knows the id fdl(iplpcL jfc'h ittay -fojrgive she.jmsy Ifwlt cb'eerful-rrit hoar 6fter,'byirfht aa tpieitky' Wbn the cloud ibas jjasseti-fc-bUt lietrsettf fee);, and it ia only whetf her beaaful nature is destroyed; whenas m toYjitfteri th,c&8,; tb very tmiu of 4hatactul whicb won s-bunsnd'sbva irf ttte bfeiiwijrjo: ae obliterated; whei lav tnrM-to " bfttet 'that jsltoican bear.jTrQnt liriil j sligl.or 'tjiaetjoh Jslth ua fijovjea ilndOTt'rf'uuft. i 15 Ji 'X 1 - t, t, f? 1 Lixsie'a iearil didjiot flow lrjnft bf heart rafnel il natural; relief, attd aftet tretehdins: she, was trettlnar WaXrttt sjieepj witoh he actually dld he bibel tier ' ryes and came (ut,' washed ner jdiKiies, ana sas uowp.4 agrun ; tp i toe I mnksAvVatcbing be' flyine fingtrs fa an hob? or tiro, jaaj be laughed an talked with bUifrierid; thinking thim-elf,that every turn VfOuld jbe tb; jAt iaine o'clock' ahe! bad raet the las! stltcV. ' yew JCtclngHi (fiad beer, tatSnJ asd new,Hjclexa, the' boleS nodt-r he arrrls neatly patched and darned, n cuf, ewottona and mew limits all ffl ,'-nA" EV ?"-d. h Jooted ?up witbaUO aaliuda at aaOneasj aponber orow, f t . I t m' i . ii .J, L i 'IXKtnl Frank; I hve metiae;f you coat .thoroughly.' I gutss; it wj;f boat another year bow." ' I 1 f i , .rviuts a job, wan-' tit tdoT.iongrUaa tea w afJfi uc ipcaiiri i ic-tTi'aj llxn& tall oftsri(u; 4. ' j ! i; ! I "JJvfUeorwIX he exclaimed.! a 'be ttrettililariilBhed. S l4aue.ijrfer- dn lwr.fflwft tviork. WAsluAe add aJl. deep miaii pt psan tuat sujaned ovr ner wewry 4eaturea. I (, Y i 1 . 1 4 t 'l j "iWin m hi4rt m a. riitrhef at wa-1 2 thonkt' said lie. depreciatinitly I li MJiow much clear caah have you made lonlay.iFAtnk aaked lizzie ia an earn text tone. T ( j . t s, j j 1 j What do you Want to know that tat iiraathdaanrer."! i 'Iff h "Foriwr o aatSafkctlon. - Certaialy anouta leet an 'inierea in your ai- J WcB.IibtaK tle shop baa 'cleared twenty idoalara."' Uof much do) yon const your aervi five dollar a day 1 ' "Ho--man r hours do too labor?" , ! ';. "Terj k the legal time, now-a-days. X don't treoeralbr work that many. 1 Bat that's fli; these queations for?" s J iifauae, xrana; we are auaoanaanq wife. , Vp expect to live the reat of out live takether, and if there is harmony in. our marriage relation, there mut N justice and right. You may call me daily to appif chite your ilabora, 1 and .remind, be of; the comfort and support jyou are; giving toe, -arid I feel 1 appreciate any, thiag i yoa Qh ioa nave earned.) nv dollars jtotdav and tha shop has cl Iwentyf Yet, ta save you one dollar, .worked ten hours 00 year coat, and si in tret tin' vour breakfast, dinner an subDeriand makine.roar bometleaaau and comfbrtable. i To sate vou that dol Jar I havfchad to hurry al day, tapu all mv (work sont of line, and to reallj 3 toegleeti oP darling boy. who ahould M our flrsjt oareand the bat thing onde any ArteemaUnces; that anouia oe pet aaide.'! I ! - Mi I bid no ide4, Lizzie, that it was uchaJbb.M f , I 1 ill II "I kiiow yoa bad not. Frank. ao ball reely.fjorgiveyou. but must Insist tha hereafter! J rouy be allowed to. be my own iudtra of what work I had best dob ZbnA ahatl nnt:.iivaet. M.ha thro. tdnaA !' nor nearrmvMii accnaea. 01 not Dew : c raus fen uie lorce 01 uer wurua air baa .shJta! ? I v : It, l S; "Oud, thing more, Frank. I want to; aay, biie 1 ant about it, tnat( i don't want to, hear ou 1 talk about supporting your ffb. I will not be supported while it, am able, to support myaelf.? X find, oa looking over my books, that the pror fits 6ftnv labor amount to five dollars a weeks and tne board or yourself, my . . ..... . self, arid: the baby beside. Then I do all your xtr work and my own. All this saving baa gone into yonrcapital to be lbvested, and to help yoa make your twenty dollars a day. Out; of this comes the five dpllarsyou caU the worth -of yon day's work, while I must labor. with jyiuly :weary. umba and i aching head add eves, to save a dollar in mendv inea old coat, which when done would aiot .aelllibrthe amount of your ten hours'- work.? I ? b It if I I "Votiare makuig out a pretty strong linst me. Lizzie." : I ' Nd, Frank, not a case; I tuld h it do thati but I am stating facts; ;Urte th: Dg more. 1 1 have been i at work three h urs since supper, while you have been enurely idle; not even rocking tne cradle Which I have been obliged toi do nau sv lezen times." ; . i i 'i " "Lijj ie, don't isay another word, and I'll oerr do sd again' said Frank, spring) ag irom bla chair, to jog ye cn" die. wiifcre tne. sweet boy wa nestling, i You shall-never mend another coat." Yesjbut I will." answered i Lizrie. advancing to the cradle, "only don't tell me ten Ihoura work can be done : in five minutea nor ask me to 'let baby squall ' She lilted wa ter from the cradleJ . ithey Stbdped to kdsS bu fair Tosy cheek, but made: a mistake, and klsaed each other, v Ltile Frank whUpered: i- "God i! bless you 1 Lizzie, li neves thought at all thia before. , I wtint do it, again." if fit . j i I j Six y iars have paased by.f and Frank bas kiep i bia Word, j . i ! 3 ! ! , f OtePklaia; Behtaal.'! ; ? : ' i !JVoA. Aornl Krlrm. ll 4 . 1 'i "CablbJnK on behind" iaf the! crowns intf eniovnient now for boys, i s- Johny fco urea home at night surfeited with fun, lie has bad a good time but be is tired. Ilia po;is split at the end! and one of his te ti 'gone, and he-has tumps on the back alibi hfead.i but-he haa had a rood time, and het comes home to tear his motner react, auoqt' josepn . ana dm brethren.5 and rub him with liniment. iThero ia hug fun catching, on behind, ibut it requires ai great deal of? adroiu mess and decision, i The succeasful lad is never on tbe lookout for a ride. ile stands witb bis hands in bis pockets act lively devouring the 'scenery with ens eye. while the other is prbwling aroand 'under1 dover on the Jookout for a chance, And wen it .comes be pounces down on the cornice of the sleigh, ia nuch a man rier a tp rover the ; most tender parts of himselff in case hoi had fallen ;Upon a Fhilitjn. The aolicitude ! with which ia boy shield bis tender parta will bring i tears! td the eyes Of a tax collector. But he atwayB gets on i the sleigh. And gets off, oo, 'when urged by a lone whip lash i and when -lie Reta off he roll him-. ;self up in a lump,; and merely lets go J and t(ie fitte thai) always , protects boya gees that he bounds intoeafety.j Wood uleihwj with long strong stakes td catch hold of, are Oodjsends, but a box sleigh, with a lace for two to sib Qn and make Lfaces ,at ithetr rivals who are breaaing tempt to catch up, is not to be despised; No, not ft all. Heaven blesa the tarm era Who own blue sleighs! with floor boards Drotrttdifiir a foot or so beyond the tail board. Family prayer- cannot avail inucn where those boards are sawed loft too elosa- j i i s . ; Scolding is mostly a habit There U dot much meaning! in iu It ia often the result of nervousnessj and an Irritable conditjon of both: mind and body.! A person j is tried and annoyed at aom trivial lauser and forth with commences finding, fault with Everything and every -j body in) reach. Scolding ia a babit very easily! Jormed. IT is astonishing' bow soon some who indulges in it at all be. comes Addicted to it and confirmed ia it wl - Sit JL J 1.1.. ,.Ti . i iv,. if; an; uugeaaouauie juauii , jx eiouj whoTbmce get in the way of scolding always bd somethinir to scold aboiit. If there fere nothibg else, they would fal a scolding at thu mere absence of any thing-" to- scold at. I It ia an extremely disagreeable habit. The constant rum-4 DUur i autant tnunaer,; caterwauungaj ior .a i band organ . under one s window, would be less unpleasant!) - nfr .t r The babit is contazious. tOnceintro-3 dnced Into a farriilv. it is orett eertain 4n ai short time to .affect all the mem beraifiijLt one ,oi them begins nndjng fault about omletbinR Or aothinc, :tha others are apt very soon to take it upj and a ery unneceaaary bedlam ia ere- ate pis i 'j' , 4- i i , 3 Women contrct the, babit more by frequent; use than men.; This may be, lecad jhey live more in tbe house, in ja cbfied and heated atmoapbera very irymr uy tne neryoua system ana : tne health id xeneral aand it may be partly that! their natures are mor susceptible! ana i wis aensiuvenrsa t murq i cauy Wounded. Women are sometimes called divide i but a'kcblding IwbmSn never; Seems ditinev Ml ! iwtaar: a Ha- t11risi BaWreli t Fitting a hoop 6o tbe family tour" i i . a 1 r . T 1 S2T-. . S s if i. panet u an operation that win nardiy beat aa encore. I The woman generally atteniirt it before the man comes home to.dianer.f She acts the boon up on tbe cnu qi lite stave, a uewueraie aim with tlio! rolling-pin, and then shuttins-both teves brines the pin down with all the force of one arm, while the "other in etnicUTejy ahieldai her ; face; 1 hen t she: makes ! a diva for the camphor and un-, bleached muslin, f and when the man corqes homi she Is sitting back of the I tovej stniniting oi et. etepben and tne Other toartyrs, wblla a burnt, dinner and 2u. i j...u .u. j.. l: i. ; ii ' for tbe mastert. i Ua saya if she had kdpt heit temper abe wouldn't have got $nrti And be yisita the barrel himself, indj puts the hoop on very carefully, and adjusts It so nicely to the top of every state that only a few smart knocks ap parently are needed to bnng u-down ail right then be laneha to himself ta think what Jum bis i wile kicked tip overs Simple matter that only needed a tittle bawmce t adjuat itself, and- therj be gets the hammer, and fetches tbe hoop a Sharp rsjJ on one side, and the other side flies tip, and catchea him on the bridge of the nose.1 filling his soul with wrath and his eVeS with tears, and the next in stant: that barrel is flyinic acros the room, accompanied by the hammer, and another candidate -for camphor and rag ia enrolled in tha rreat army that is un 1 ceaaicgly marchiaz toward the grave. iriTtut rRox xiasorKt.4 , lWsro CJlTT, Marcb 15, 1871! blnklng tifew linea'froto MiasooH would not come amiss to the imany read- eraof thaTxiBtjjE, I take!: tbe liberty ofjMdresBingyotLj (Tba past has been i winder of unusual severity. !l The tber-j tnn)eter standing 21 belw zero fo? several days In sucoeasion-i-sometbintf whitSh aeldom occurs here. (This montb so lax, naa peea quua warm,. tan gru 11014 is yutwisg1. and '! from present indi'ca4 . I il - s 'J . 'alt ' a i a . ' t uohi we "may look aa eany spripg Wi kave lived bere twoand-balf years nowj and I can aay; without any heslta4 tiop?that this Country ia good. 1 The soil ia deep, rich and porous. The sub-aoii has the faculty of retaining moisture to a-remarkable extent.! Our buids will bear mdre drouth tbab'ahy I have seen. l .Tii ' r. ..-!.. . ' . .a.1... -.ij ! nave a mueu oerxer suppiy 01 wooa tnaa nsaally falis to the lot of western coiin-tie. I bave heard it aaitj, that Holt county has more timber tbaif tbe whole te 01 eorsaKa, certain it is to&t iasourl iotom is supplying 'he of Kanaaa and Nebraska witb lour native lumber and! the markets of! 8t Joseph and pouticll Blufff with pord wool. Coal baa! been found in smalt quantities,' ami ;we have no doubt that1 wiio? proper scare n 11 woma oe rouna m paying quantities. Water abundant; ana Jgood. j We have something special to ietice ia this.Une, viz The miners fottotaln on the farm of $It. Henry Kuiniel, near; JJouijd Citjy. ! This gen-j: tleman while rospectingj for coal dug to tbe depth ojf 9)1 feet, then commenced boring, and pargetting about 20 feet deeper suddenly struck a vein of wkterj hi Oh rose; with; great force and ran frojnthe'topef iibe welL Mr. Kunket tubed It and t inow rises jdxrat three feet Jabov jthe- triace. The water has a peculiar, taste and smelt, not altogethr er nhpleasanti ahd upon chemical anal ysisibaa been found tov contain some special health-giving priQciiea. ,.Qiits a number of 'persons baye srea4rjii: healed 1 of divers diseases: and 'ilSivbi Knows dui thai louatain snajl some aay share a fame jnbt. second to the famoun Saraloga SpringSi ! . t; . It ! j f - I have heard that certain -parties jrSrSi proapecting firfgold in; the southern) partlof , thlsl county, with vrbat aucclal 1.: I : !. .1 1.- -.:' ' t:.' vts il aave not learned, ij wisn 1 coqid U i l'l I . .4 li.. !' k speak as javorahiy 01 trie times as of the1 country 4 (Corn (our stable) is worth 15 cents per bushel ; wheat t f 1 .10, j and hay 3.00 perjtonWdry goods and ;f rol ceriea a. Etjtle higher thai; with you You; will see that witb ; aucjb prices for produce, We ; fail to makef 'reasonable day! trefD1UCB less bein able to pay the! 5, 20 arid i25 per cent! that some men, are compelled to payi: .Legaj nf terest ia 10 per cent, although the cs- tomSry interest Is 15, and am saib'to .y. that1 more mftney is :lejt at 20 tbian 10 per cent 1 Such is our aquation in a financial point ojT view, and a painful one; It is; jbutiwhed we consider the'un favorable jbeginnlng of otler places 1 when we remember that two residents of proud joldj St. Joseph cbun'ty, ifricej couldn't 5ivB away corn meal beciiuti it MciUn't WttMwben .'we look at tiie greatness tot South Bend, ye our Bend, and when we remember thatjour cotnty brjlda pearly all- thei elements of wealth j to the :Bame extent 4M tome ijti greater, it gives new energy and new hope, and ai strong definatioi to figbtj againat adverse cikcumstarjees, knoi'ing jhat;when the present depression l over, we will soon realize the oW ject lof opr sojourn in the West, which is a rood home. ' : ' ;l h ;. he low price of produce naturally! causes imquiey iftnto the reasons that hat4 brought about onward titfies andyeae applying ourselves tojfrk to iaileviate our: conditiba if possible.: Laetyear! there, were a great many Far- mars' Clubs organized in this county many of which are now being reaplyed intioj'gra: igesf' of the "Patpns of ja$. banry." Fdur weeks agd there wasn't a grange nl tbis ionnty -Wei have about ted 'now. besides a larea number of Clubs that are ready to loin the frater-i nitylat any times ; ' - '1I1 ; iTA ri - -ii ; .: ? ( ti 1 'I I While I was in Indiana my opinion' of jMUsom-y 4ocety wan, tlat it was de cidedly : bei low par, and I sometimes think that others: think Jsb jaowUilai justice- ti north-west Missouri, letj kne say, that point of inteJHnce, thrift and energy, f firjd the peo)lfe here bai to! any class J ever metlwiih. Drng the I late political campah, althagh our State wept sDemocratlc north-west Missouri; elected Kepubjican omcera fsonj Congressman to Constable, alijdt df the six counties' knownj psj the Ptle DUl-ehasel f afl ! Itesublicaai Holt 1 Wa called the 4,banner coubtyi'' giving Ibf largest Republican . m4jdrties. ; 5be tbe .'people are. r; thoroughly awakajo tbe fsubject of education, j Oregon the county seat, and; Mound (jily, will eacb build large ; school houses the corning summer, r.l iTberf were fdujr jnew scbiool bouses i builtr )iere last iimmer( furthest beinjf less than tbatimanv : 11 from mV 'place, itnd all fdrtiuhedllutl- rior to any country achool bus I Jeyer aawi in AaaiaasMtj - t. - 1 1 : i i I j jcannpt-forbear calling; your atten-tioii to bne tbinj; more 4fre I m&. Thousands of, people-paas jthrougb: ijjott-comity eteryysar on thei way WKaji-sas.1 Ifoir, I; sever saw Kansas myself. but' it i a fact pregnant (with meaning; that out oil tVtry -wboj eafe tbia. countjy ion that $tiatej nin 44nie back dipgusted: ' One .etfr.ktOSrt j5m- neoT. xarmersjwrio went to panne county,; KaDsas, to turcbase- texas cattle (old, snejhe: would; rather bayei forty : seres bears, than five hundred there. 1 Their bottom Larid lagood; but fittle of it irnd held ai Jiigbj prices, and faei up lands arej worth nothing. Remember, there s not aj foot of waste laqd hereUal avaiUble--aIl Wluable, ahd should 'the1 Kansas; Aafketaj be bejtef,;it is because they have ! not' produced; enough tbjsupj pm the jbora!r4enian!d-4-vrbenl that! is done, they tUti be wortd off than we a.ll .i.Ji ii .1 i 'lfS ;i.LI.i-i i"giye as a- trial before purchasing lelse! where, indl ws will guarantee the1 re it. ill Iijs'' r! I salt i a.iiat m iMj; WBitawwerM L ;i!.rtiea. j !;ii 3i h ia.V la rrAwsel 1 II li 1 II jThelcrWer of. March fth, 1873, eon i t t - ; i r ' . .. . .iiE l . 'vi n tains nearly one column! of (aa called) "Holly JMerila" arranged undei tea besds, to" inake tbe "mertta" more'eonv- brebenaible.!! ;lfow tba ''gentle readerr perusing be particle refered to, would naturally suppose that If it. Beach jhad pent considerable time and labor in preparing it, after which, be was so Ca- tirtied that be Jbnrot to innend bia name thereto, i But alas, for bumaa surposi- i w 7 1 '.a' aa as -' 'i ' a ; : ;: - tiont ,Mt. aeacu did not write a word of jit He simpry copied the 'whole thing jand al0 that in the issue iof Marcb I3th from tbe Holjy Circular qf 1872th edition. NowwUlMr. Deach please publish tbe fact that Indianapolis is agitating .tbe question ojf pwchaaiflg BIS sties t. . 1 flu U asSLf as tbiUercbanti iaV MORE steam ehgines, and thai Buflalo, Ni J and iLv&oJ Maas are bsine tbe Holly j Works as It 'temporary 'means of water supply, until their reaerrour and Stand I Pipe j can be : completedj (fbr Lynn) and anotber. pump built ..lof ur-laloT- Unfortuniteljr for the Holly do. tha evidence produced by Mr, i Besih bas been! from Epgjneers running tbe Holly Works, 't bte evidence ' I ; bale torn to tatters jthini time to time,) and parties wbci we-jtbe original morers in having tbe Holryj Wprks introduced lb to! their respective 'towns; It Is tot to be expected that jt&is class of mea will aay : anything !wll condemn thai works which gives thekn toeir support, or the adoption toi! which they advocated; On the contrary, you! wiU find them making excuses for the !Holjy Works wherever you meet them, I They have to acknowl edge "th Holly! jkVprka are not aS good as when bew,M; bottbey always bty the blame on some, ue outside of tbe Holly Co., br' kemethfci bWide of the Holly Works, f 'Iff S I We do not wans Water-works which ill compel ouir) eitjizena to be always making excuseaj abr their inefficiency. W8 have 'too zood a city to be ruined br any such worksUahd our ekizens are fully award of it.; and are prepared to vote . the Holly ors a nuisance and a huinbng.'and enddrte the Stand-Pipe works planned by John Berkenbine, for our city, as 1 being! ar superior to tbe Holly works lri lVery jrespect, but tbe Holly Ring in Mi Council, think1 they nave got nerve icaougn to FOBCx tne Holly works onhdsi whether we like them or aot, The four members of this ring who belong to the Council, say (in private) they are! twilling our citizens, rich and poor, shaljl vote and decide what works to adopt, but no- sooner do they get in thej ddujncil chamber,1 than their promises are forirotten. and they vote down bv a' I kAjORrrr o bvx.' all resolutions tending to allow ai vote of, the people on the; water-works question. Have the & ' gentlemen no ahame, n)senie6f duty tithe voters who placed tbem wre tber! a4 no ideas of! Khe rightofthe people," or are theyso wrapped ua ia the idea thatEr are tbe . people, that the demands of their conatitn- ents fall unheed ed ja their ears T ; lf these gent! em rj have lost sight of the CITY'B inter mtS i)n their eagerness to b'ave; the : fangs A ib Holly Company fastened ubon our tak-navers Dockets.: I would bid them Awake, at once, to 'a realizing sense f thir obligations, before thejf have committed acts' which will reriiembered against them. And what is thuir exicuse for this delay in allowing us trj jroteT Why simply that WE (the cit is erisj) do not understand the subject aa v eU jaji they (this Holly Ring) dou j j ' ; And do this Hblyrj clique understand the subject so lrelt as to allow them to take the lead in tW matter T . ! Jfbt by any meanai Not one of them understands the fit4 laws of Hydraul ics, neither can they figure the simplest problems; ; used j In planning Water Works, yet they thrdw themselves! back on their dignity and jknowledge (?) considerably; on the l"8uoo Fly" priniciple, and boldly request jus,; "don't bodder me ; with a water works vote, "Let the nation weep." j ! " ! . Oa Feb. 26th last j one of our citizens went to Kalatnaioo to obtain items to defend tbe Iloliy H'orks there, from tbe charges of ihel aency made against them, by Mr. C idiricrton. at the Court House meetin. ;here. AVhile there, a fire occurred; wbeh;tjhi9 genilemab wit nessed the throwing; of one ten feet stream.! Of CQUrale ;it would notabswer to report this fact 'to our citizen: with- nnt artmii Triia li Infltr thn fnihirn of Lhe Holly WorkU i so on his return he said tbeS troubU jwas with, the bit . i i which being too amall and poorly joint ed, and tbe hoseipg leaky, wasted the water before it j reached the firt . To leara the WHOLE TBCTH, whici this gentleman did jnot l 'am or else would not jtell,;! wrbktb Mr. W. R. Coats, Civil Engineer,! -14 wno thor ughly postea as regaros xiyuy jiacninei y, ana from his answer dated March 7th 1873, I quote As follows:! j "The water mains1 of this place (Kal amazoo) are not as large as they should have bet) tor the service, but their capacity is GREATER than that if. the jumping: machinefyl and pumps. Mr. Uoljy's plana were, followed in toe, distribution: of the plains. We da not puirip rnre tbab 00,000 gallon every 24 hourslj Thej coat of this seryke is not far from tl0(00b per annum.! The time required ft tjfdjvg a 'fire preeure' varietfrom fifteen ihtyule to abtoluUfaU-ure.l The Holly injachinery is not reliable. It is sot easily kept in iorder. The' works do NOT jpierform as well now as when SEW. j They should not be run by other than! the first class engines, owing to complications. Sudden and great change of prsure are very bevere Upon witer mainsl and service I pipes, and .upon the pumping machinery, especially when ran at so high a spea as the Holly Machinery. This is frequently demonstrated here by the bursting of pipes that have withstood three or four times the presniiref japplied evenly and; steadily j: A varying pressure from ordinary, to fire gage, is much more se-vereupon pipes and machinery, than a unifbrmHandlateady high pressure. : I should, 'by all imeans, use the Stand: Pipe rather than the; Holly Machinery, provided you have jgot to use the Holly Machinery, but ypu can obtain pumps and machinery thajt will do the service: of the lIollyr jritb One third the power, and jone fifth tie number of revo utiona per minute, aud will do it much better: and give a matfl . imbre even and reliable preureg'. jl M ; .:. 1 ' Our citizens b ale he whole ti uth in the 4bo. iteni, will notice that have made the itmje objections to the" Uotf. Works! man times, which Mr. Coats' 'experience demonstrates tbe trutnoiv H i- j ' Mr. Ueach. in; your paper ol Beachi March Jersey 8th, 1873, agai serta that tho City, Stand Pi; fell down, etc. And says ! the items hie publishes, were cut from! tbe N. Y fev but be do-es bo give the date ) 'th paper whkh X now call !upon hini U give; Why does be not give : ua some items bearing on the subject,1 from J0raey aty papers T If one of die Jenjey ft ty Stand Pipes could freeze up, laUdbiia andmaBh-to:piecesi In fact beruined liy the accide:it, and be rebuilt forilOpO, how can the few oppo'beata of dilej $tand Pipe in our city figure tbe value ofj the masou work fo-oca Staad Pipf toi be 140,000, and tota value to j be f5Q,(K)6, when mason work here Is; much Cbnper than io j Jersey City f We can ail see at a glance that thto gentlemajn,: ujrkheoUy -rWanoa; baa "piit Ida WtUta 'lt-!salB.f; - . If you ask one'f the Holly figaitn what abrick MMrbhey will cost, 200 feet hia-h'and of trwer diameter, tbef will answer about $3,0yO; but givf tbemthe same, dimenaloris for brick, work, and call it k'StanrilP pe" and up goes tha figures f to 40,000jfbr the same, work. Comment is aneqeeearr. ' ?fi .! i Leiohton Pine. .awL 'tlTl i' j A i baker ! heard , that Super-beat would, ccure bis iife'sgout, and forthwith: chucked j her in bis oven ' Her gout: doesn't trouble her any more, but it is thought lbs fire mast have annoyed ber, ia. biv beferti she, was buxasa ta ucau. The Reoublicani of thia region so far aS wa have: beard aa expression of opin ion, ar entirely satisfied LWitn uoiiax winrlioalinn I'M El r , I II iJSWiegVL Uwi.) Bfmld. 1 The reception given hint by tbe pie of Northern j Indiana Was a fit trib ut4 to the moral bworth or an honored and beloved public servant ! i itfestM'junyf) r.B.aiss-4!iB,ji :, t 1 llr. Col tax occupies a prouder and Vtr-iaSlaV VVUllttrktra ttAtt thoM ka kia. occupied beforej (he standa fully ekon eraxea oeiore tne Amencan people,: and has; proved bis public life to have been one wnicn ptners may emulate witnut iniurr to their eonntrv or themselves. ! 1 I ; oAAJ55pr. ' -!. I The ovation: proves that in his old home, at least, Mr. Colfax's repuUtiotf for bonoi1 and integrity has not suffered from the storm 'ot obloquy ahd detraction with which bad toen have assailed' u: -I XI . 7 it J".: " ' . ' i I ; (I . rrt4 UU.) Jfepister. . j Schuyler; Colfiix had a magnificent reception: at bis! home! South Bead.: last Saturday and bade a rotising speech; in wnicn ne vindicated nimseii even w the satisfaction; bf : his enemies. . US i one of the best mea in tbe! nation, and political delamers cannot ruin his char acter. Mr. Colfax is the ruinir mad pcisecutiori is ktnljr ibowiog bis true! rue: U manhoocb "is t i; H Tbe storm of denunciation which been poured unoo the head of ex-Vice President Cqlfitx, for the past few weeks! in connection witn tne credit Aiobiiler; charges, is but an' illustration of tbe read-: inetta with which the unthinking crowd, i il ...1 . i , or tuuoct.wuuBo puiiuvai prriuaices incline them to da' so, accept the most In jurious charge against a man, no mat-: ter what may nave been the previous purity of his life and character. hdiunapoti XveMnt journal. j - , No fair! minded man cab fail to ar rive at the, conclusion reached by the CbarWoBtW.! that iJIri Colfax's ex planation and vindtcatiori is complete;; that he has been.the victim of a private: conspiracy I and; political; persecution.; The grand fraternity of private citizens can therefore welcome hint warmly into! their ranks as a man friedL proved ahd: pronounced genuine. Those who follow him in public position will do well: if their public careers atafid the test oft a public comparison with bis. ' , I; Freeport (III.) Journal. t On i Saturday afternoon last. Hon. Schuyler,. Colfax reached bia home, South Bend. lnd, after twenty years of public Ufie, in which there has not been so much as a shadow of a blot, (save the uusuppurieu uauiuuiiy oi:. me Ben-con -victed cOfrbptiUist, Qakitj Ames),!a;nd was given an entbuaiustio reception by thousands upon: thousands of bis old neighbors, without regard to nartv they Who have knowri him from bi eariy boyhood, and have watched closer ly his public life. : It was as complete an ovation as was ever given to any American. .:.;;: f;i timmport (lotea) Qairttt. ' Mr. Colfax went over the whole Ground of accusations against hi hi, elucidating the various points, and bringing charga and refutation together, io a way which bad a most telling enect anon his audience. At the conclusion if any one had dared, publicly to reiterate the impulai tions upon his integrity, which have, been so freely, made elsewhere, South Bend would have been found too hot to afford protection to the slanderer. ,j We nave readthis speech attentively and it is our firm convrtion that Mr. Colfax has been most utyustly accused: and moat foully traduced . i fort Wfirne ;ad.j) (Jarett. !; There is something unaccountable irk the unjust arid vindictive treatment wlijch Mr. Colfax has! received from a large portion of the American publioas represented by the new-paper prpaa.'-f Thjere seems to have been . a combined effort to1 break down the character of one of the purest and meat upright of all. our public men. And not merely that, but there Was : a ort pt fiendish delight manifested over bia tufippoaed downR fall which it is difficult to-explain. - ' ifidneapoti (flfi'aaj frtAaar. tt is our opinion tliat ;Mr. Col fat ia being hunted by that. Sable set of journalistic vampires who formed a clobe league ii liiladelphia fot the very purpose of sacrifising him, kind who have followed him with unrelenting hostility for no reason under heaven .except tbrft he haa, . in time past interfered with their schemes of plunder, He i not their sort of a man; and the men who are most conspicuous, in hunting bim now are ieither notoripds cormorants who for financial lechery jand profligacy are recognized all over the continent, Or their dupes who have njot studied M$ facta in the case. That is our opinion, j 1 ctinton(toun) fieralU. I ' We are rejoiced thatlni this instance. as : well as in some other we know oil, the shafts bf malice are falling harmless. The moral reputation of Mr. Colfax has been so preteminent; throughout bis long public carreer, and; his lf 'e bas been such an example' ol purity, that all good men will rejoice iu theiresult which. has been reached. This codntry has toot beard the last of Schuyler Colfax. ; ; it was a proud vindication of Mr. C's. character ! for! honesty! and integrity by biS old friends and neighbors who have Known mm i?om boyhood, and Knowing him best have beVer known him to he guilty of 4 dishonorable act; and all the enorts by political and enviou enemies at the capital, to traduce his character and impeajch ibik honor and patriut&ri', have failed, Utterly failed; and he comes out of the etdead of an; investigating corbmitteei wLUi his garments unsuiUe in lact, although wicked and designing men, and political gamblers may.'kep upj their senseless vitUtc cations for poll tkal effe2t. j -j j i 5 i '; ! ' j !i'u6iH-g(,di'(7je... ,. U We have Hitherto expressed out cok-fidence in Mr. Colfax s vindication hi himself, and do not need to repeat, Wl-also pointed oat what waa the strong feature of his speech at South Bend, that the VS. p.f' check,; for f 1$00, on which all the ; accusation hinged, aasheviei' Eaid him,! and probably (never seen by irh. He gives a letter from the cletk of 'the Sergeaht-at-Arms, who paidUhe check, confirpiing this view. There really has! njever been a particle of rel eridencf implicating mr.f, Colfax otlver than -.wbajt be i huuself lias jsuppliedU. which was thjat he bought some Credit Mobilier stotik, i and naidiifor it supposing it all ! right, and that as soon .as ie discovered it to be otherw ise, he let, it eoi losing about 500.f And all this be fore any i scandal had been started ;in reference to it i j ,i jAioi.(JV. nUSTiprass. t ) And so, it seems, from the above let ter; i that Ams iiaeldfiw the $1300 upon that Check! If the mart who Cashed tbe chock; don't Ifnow aboutiit, who shdtdd ? For yesrs and year; Mjr. Colfax was a prominent ; figure in dt)r politics. H ua ocatipiil some of tile mast impprtAnt positions bich it lain the power of the people to bestow,- ajitd never, till these late:slafidera came pp. waf the least supicioti thm be had acted otberwisej than witb tlm'tttntostt jcid. faith aM sincerity. .We believe he; s an! honest, man.j We beflieve be w,ill liv!dowb the-e! slaiidoyS which h4e ben -Mirjed I against .We belieWe, be is as pire! and aa: Waightforwrd;s: man a efer "represented; the American people ngoyeromental Affairs, ,1 j jj I-., 4isiiiiipUijik i.i !. Oak AmesisjoutjoftJongresa. pe was wot r-elected. i Mosjt bf otjir readers wiU rerbember him as lhe man who corroborated the! statement of Schuyler Cbl fai and others lb rerkrd to the Credit Mobilier j matter. They will ab)0 remember trim as tbe man: that swore be4 fore the Investigating Committee that tha testimony Sot;. Colfai, Wilson ahd Dawes was substantially true according to bis own knowledge.! Also s them n who swors that hU ebjee in solki tiog members to take stock wsa to influence theki' CohMlnen MH the mad WbQ swore thst he did not mention that intent totbem.! jAlao the ron who after bavins-! sworn that Colfax told a Storyl iworeiagaiathat j Colfax dida't and that be had paid VQitax a cash dividend; tbrtafyina-l hb assertion by a; little entry in jb memorandqm book where be hid set down to me Coir fkx. stock a check bearer" previoualvLhaiet do racinc stocks which hi did no muaq aeuvered. I 1 ri w...r".-Tt1,.-4e(J i I " aV CUU V! MrjiQolfax's official tUO cejw all d necessity ibr a further, ref tnatter, Add ih Icorrpnon erence to uie , aa ..1 witn an our cm ns. we can luurtlltf Uite in wfjeomin one who has ertdei by bis many priva aatitiesofMboth h bis eminent per airasn to bia l,nm ed flhimselflto m. ail virttaesandstcrlinit nd heart aiw.ll es to behalf ir thi Btate.-; a Mng an hobbred. reaidut ojf oar city, as ne comes Id: live atnotte us. joining in our entorpriaes, and aiding in tne development ox our pnysicai, aioraj, and social well being, he wil receive lb the future, as in tfie pa4 therkigbtf t iref spect ana esteem at ! I:' Wfif ttfcaf) naa. lo anditead liis Htsitetttent hi. neiKhoors as be reichH bonie:: lotik at it! wkh no pre-iutlgintrtt. iCajuglit Upl yeu know not Uwd believed1 you' know not ')why, ym will see i(ular ffi-juuivc uvuuvii Buw ncHrmga piiDiic name, and9 1 that istill la pfre: asi any; man's in oiw' history. Me are beritctly assured, in our own mind, that alf tbia popular clamor will he reversr-di and public judgment be ashamed of jtaelt Colfax wilt 'be found, meawured coolly, and just like himself, trite l i His jfudg-ment has hot been shattered ndr his heart turned away; as We believe alariJ his towering and; jbeaatlful n4m and character thall be found to hare sufiered not one jot aftet A few flayii, ior, tftTar-, thest, a lew months, shall have fussed: over uis nnaa, n e must ; remember that scoundfels have lmJ tlio jniaipu! lation of a Jjart of j the machinery etii ployed to-blacken; and pervert , i ! It must be jeniemberod thiit Mj. Colfax fell under the displeasure f j.he newspaper Correspondent at Wast dng-ton shortly after bis ielectibiti ai Vic President, and that 'they; ha'bobb ott; hts track ever since as eagerly is the blood-hound pursues its victiui. ft; wa! theirorganixed and persit-U-nt efforbi that defeated bis renomination at Phdadeir phia last June, and it:hasbeettjheif: nialignity and wiekedness that have col Ored every! report from Washington against nia during tne wnoie rf .tiit: unfortunate, business. We? do, nil be-lieve that justice will ; sleep' fore fer, or that the net of intricate and untoward: circumstances that dewiuing nieq liave woven about him wil noti4 liNikeiil sometime, ahd the unjnst judgompt in his case that many honest abotld have' arrived at in their desire Air! A vjctimj will be reversed and set asidti. ' J?altimar4 Amerirun. f -1 . The old Jjeffenoniun Democratic idea: that "it U always : politic in t(e end. for a public map . to' entountSr any amount of ipbloquy'; if be is only in the-right," is being exemplifusd iib tliicas1 of Mr.Colfix. The people Willi' W the right at last, and iuakn ainplt-reparation for the error they have coinriitted,' The Louisville (Jouritr- Jou'tuhl, vhiul Is regarded; as the ablest Ilemcratic paper in the country, acknowledge its error and cdmes out boldly and mitnful-ly in vindication f Mr. Collbx, ri-gardv ing him "as a much aBucd ind wrong'.! ed man." After a1 thptoiigh eXiiiiina: tlon of thetptirnbrly, aittl a omtfiHon of it with bis Hpeecb at rtoiutlf Bertd,' the tpiinrr Jovrnal says: 'l.he rpultol our research is Wat he has given a saccef-ful aud HatUlkctory expluuation'of 1L0 entire affair!" When will other I:ipera do similar justice and acknof ledge that libiilers wh swairm nbout 'ali tiiict'in, ahd find aa echo in the Mf styled indoi ...... a Ti.., J J ! i : . laev iiuve uci n miBitu uy iirf uuicu-s o peaueiii pre enaent prens. ui a nttio win una Mr. Colfax kill ) cleared id th KopU4 lar judgment from all tbe unpiiiii.tioiiS which hajvd been sought to be listened upon hint.:,- We are; confident tht.ia-em.' he to anpirid to any position! ixdbre tha people of his District, his $tteor tho S'aiion, Lei would be elected liwsome-S thing more than the usuar'party (uujor- ities. ' ! ; ii i The y&mrk (JV. J.) Daily Timtf From two very -different sdiirci'S domb tindicatibns of Mr, CNitfax antt Jt w bard to nay which wjll be) the horq grateful twjhis feelings.: t)lie is from the president, hi efirnestl niersoual friend, the other from -Mr. : Wuitersoti Of the Louinville, Covfiei1 Ulmufirtf, ti inoft emphatic political cipanciii'iand ai hard a hituir, w hen he holds: bis SuiirreJ just, as any writer' lor j tfccj Anfc -fi can- press, llieire is still jahollifT vjiiiiluia-r tion in the propping of tie iiUnieSW Mfj Col fax front! the contro ifersv by nearly all the press Which baa nrtt,tevt relif Criti- cisea Dim. j mere is oouraowueys oi a great wrong done to a. pure name j: a rca. sonable doubt whether ' io oud k name could have been sold at 4 price tj clieap as stated by Oakes AmdS in the 4jS. C. ' tiargam, una the lurther d'jubc- as to whether th- interpoluttim of twe -letters Sn a check drawn payable to beat con BtituUs anything wldclli a! reu )nuble ptian would fall evidence, i But, it may le reasoned, 'rf.iident is in some sense a iHrty l S't, not d this directly, but with a party jwe answer that while he I i ja wonderful $ to t3itim ai tenacity lot friends, ht jf by hooks of steel, ut mlUT shrinks I Ht(:W"jSiru lit, jrotu avuwjini? a p.-r there wa riiotliing in, p:it. or j: tut tir0 bf Mr. Colfax, we mean riotllinr lof mil. 'L..i .1.1: L:-t.; JJ... jtuai toiiiiuioH, won ii iiiuue iv iiiipesury for Grant to write this letto-. If he. fl great in anything it ia in hi4 estiutte!cf men. That he is sure in that, A evidenced by-the ikct that no niAu ever commanded so many; men ajjd. was cheated by so few. And how cotjiest his letter to Colfax making joint caujie will him and standing by bis friend. ( : Tbe othr' vindication -isionoiiof titi idoubted impartiality anil inM )i( jusf tice. It pomes from tlit Ltiifvillfc I Courier-Journal, a p(ipt!r of d Intuitu inked lability, Otii absolutely i;eui)erutH.; : . Tlicre is much of 'the.trUe dii?iitj' and manliness Of jHirn:i'iia initliiill titit r-ance, and it will be the final Verdjtti with all except ttiean miinb. . ) Oorrlblo Ofriirr1ie n im llsndrw lalllejl. . aud1bln fcrtMSai The London Timen of the 22d iif Feb- :ruary gives particulars of u Inlirul att-jdidertt'at ramynia. A tale fbuilli Up. piles overjhe iea brosko duft illjlfnfy during a performance Jfivcft by 'A comt- pany ol acrobats, l here wre jw persons presebt. A Jiid crtickiigi Wai heard, and! within lito inLnbteslt4i!o esi-tire cafe hind diwipjeari:d under liir waiter. A few -of the petns near'tpe eri-tiance Contrived to fitcapnL an$ sorajc peraons sitved thenjisf lives by jjiping through tlie windjows1 into tie Itoatmcn rowetl up in numlxm, lt their effort to save life Were in vaikJ . Tbe search for -the dead Jxxlic Was :a sail Is spectacle.; The acrubAts werp wiUrawn Irom the ,watcr,in ttr stiO)vy crituui of the predion nig i, the jilnls ' f ajl the bodies con tract tdi with Ipaid.l- Tafo hearies witne engagtld the S lol bf t ile day iu conveying tltej r iimn cS.'ivdr-ed to the bospiulsi j The munUrr Of Uidies JBtund up l the jtre.-cpt; - Sfif, and it is upped tWre are still t'1) mote in the watier. The Utiiiani- of ittobats consisted of seven three were women, these lattej only ur persoiw, o (nhohi and imy ue f vet . I A Whaimefal VVI.fv E-hnn i , . Ike BnokA U, Mo., fiotn The facts of a .nk despfef criminal affair occurring It I a ml data since in tire neighb.lrjiooil df if t !tUa- rme, nave.come to irtr k-nowiei matt bv the mtino ol iJanic l Ma ilt burn, with his wife and ieKejn or! eiglft Child ren, was living on tm farm of- Jlf-. Mf- Uee, A aall aister (lived iwttll thetn ; hear by lived a nitliiKr,Cyr JsS Webster, wife And three ibildreb. f I Wmild seem that ihene people ; have ! btjcji fol lowing their native! ?afllniCie."!alid re cently coucludod oh A neA d-eaO. fn the marriage reianons ; sa a n is uiMmea, liiackbttrtt exchanged his haifttistek with iveuMer for tne wii,oi uiqu partiea, except Mrm Blackburn ing, to the agreement, ahrj' t jarrrtches left for tlie; west ab weeks ajsol Uking thk pars kt .tb tn thenignt.irs. lllaCkburn'a: ren, having been ahandoiwd, her father, at the oreent firmV is ruuy verinua bynpr,8tateme ir. v j .1 v. r: .-. 1 .' i 1' A klxk luminat-V receritlv ai. pet scholar w(hy th5 took Stepjien oUt- e Walls of the cltvi toistob to death, f The little ! fallow was silent for A moment, si though absorbed with : tbe problem, when, bnentenin: ifdden- ly, ba replied, r&o taey ao' ifi. vfm - IT 7 .1 , I With thejeud o(l u ifttei Ldin t -riif fWi AH 1 assent- M'tbjir tt two M place DkKcbikl-aV with lii.1 thk Suction i - edai. iu irtib hi utava. .wh I rCNGflAVEFlC, ; ; ' ' 'jBIanlc $cf,!anuiacturcr :; Your iFaVora iaraettly BoIidUl IK XORfM Tt ".' I)1 -Barrel rnaklii tying buai' Why is a taa cause bes a Solicftof, ! ' I,. i i . -What length Houihf aj lady's petti: at io be f 1 1 little above tw9 feeti, coat Criminal tioaiTttt-op. man's wife.1 i Snioking1 but for boys acWb ,th l l-WhenMfjohnrSmltl terT.;iybett ibUlhead.Ul v . wiinout loosing at the post! as bhoid trbfrStn ,:: -Myl H -j'rlnjt femWifj bbrsS wnuldnV shy, before the toe gnemf tf Mo lUWtfH-l tUl after the fire,! k 1 -Jfosfctiilllnd has tried bis Jubdtt aking poetry, ahdi bfere is "uet oi your siwii ani snsep-saia HM ubnidepMWofil f. j JH 1 Fetch himia Wipe als-ng the splU ! And hit th wiaairtii't:j 'CM tk thlrTkOTileiSi'f fflsP be? filthy tm his biMb-4k':iA?i "I1" tinea: -i know, mammal I i knoif.T '.What, my dear f i pMl :af 4it Sister without saying anything to pa. Kid! ourl'readei iverRiUrl yountf lady acquaintances ask feacb 6th ?r. "h4 ounMiWcsTrf'aad thes gigg e, jTheJ quitlioB) . hu T hidden thaa bidden leaning. Forexpla ion apply to tha 5 rat lady you kat i ustH f 1 1 j -Mark Twain! I wean a tarre r Bibalism, grows mfiom for oaoei aad solemnly declares: that for bis own part, ne "would rather Ego hungry for: two days than eat an old personal friend.'! An TriHiirnfln- rinra Iterl: a- tb Sis Liu .. a it.tMit!R'i7. ' iTkLj' wL.I.i $lkft'of the; neigh rbobdJdn neopcaa ipn. naa a part invite biia. hicu thej did not sidejre Almseif, Very much :igbteM;' after eociU tatiegl hile ba bri enud up and exclaimei . "f aitn..! ! ven: with em. yet ;! I'll bAve i I'll have I a Pi Uteself ah' wout iAto Wbddy',! j A parentlwriieS'to nsthstheiisa- noyed and pained' by jhia boa Staying ut nights, ami asks' u4 it "we taa'prp ent a ijeniedy for Ibis rr4dly growing evil. : :! Theie are several Mrbedieal ' Tbe toy's .spin4 can bf rofeerlJltMnfaxk or he can be nail to th noorwttn a red hat railroad sni i.ttnvenuirongnnis. ! .Si Bia abdomen, but tha moat effectual way fia to comoet hini toi wear patched; cloth-i ing.;:';;! s , 1 1-. f, , 1 i -fA good rtory is bld of the studeatsibf an institute which i located in theew England States, i A1 year or twoainoe,1 just before k(ht, M Pribiiiiil ) jtU school loctwrQti tnn boyi nnon ipnw nrietv of ftbshiinilia from some accus toineu article 01 aiea luring eni, aad desired each; one to, write the name bfthe article upon 'a slip of pspert aad hand them; to hurl tlie next morning fat the opening Of thej school. Tba pSpdra Were handed In, and upon every o was written tne signjneam wora jxis ' j . . j it Jij.'..i II aa a ' r rriMieyl-.htite move a areSsA spot i : t"SMlt the free use of benzine, and;tben to close o the stovf that ttie odor mif evaporate more quibkly.. He was qu cornet in ma theory out uqiortunate his prattice, for be was sooa turning! icart wheels; tbrougli tbe window! apj there was not enough coat-tait leftjtoj pake a 4 weak if jfdr. A doll badyJ He' does not ride honjehack how, and Sleeps ion all iburs like 4 ulB.f ' U . . j In bne ojf the earliest itriids bfdre a colored jury in Trxat, twelve gSntjat Iraeu of color were told by lhe judgejto retire ahd ''find a Vtfrdict"! 'Thy'wAit to the jury-room.. The sheriff and otb jers standing outside beard ths openisg and shutting of drkwers, theIammipgj ol door.-), and other t sounds, comnioiiort. : At last the jury unusual tame back into the cmirt, wbtm the io: hikI mil : "We hare ked . smart rdsa in the drawers ana ik; hind t tau't fiftd nd verdict'. It Wi rom." ! ';. Wi . : lo", ahd fu'tuttiie i ajEL.t:c-Ta:ia Kllft-EaXAItT.! !f There ia a transcendent power tn texnmple. ! We reUinti others uncdn sciousir wnen wo waix nprujuny. j m -Belt society !i vkrtjuous !thotfgbfl no exilejcan tdepriv a mhnof this rkbtl no prir4h iflthls ribefbtjr bo pUKgeM' these rkbes: no bobdiiee of this liberty. u Oi en your heart to sympathf, but close- it! t despondency. The fioifeij which opens ' toi; j cedeive i dsw, abpta jagainsfrainJ, IB- ' '!! "-i: f I! : We often live rjnder A cloudy 'sad it is well for us that we should do fo Uniuiarrupted suiishsue Would : parte b lour Hearts, we want snaae ana cool and refresh them.! Doctrines are f Use oniyla tni are nnnctioed. Men may bo to Perditloi with their beads fulUf truth. TO bld the tnith and fight jfo it jis.bnAtbi4fi4j ito oe saiHinieu inrougn it,, u wpovnej : j i here is a sort;o j; efjonomyj in rrowi lence that .one. should, excel whfcr suiotlier is dt-rcctire, in order to nk men mortf ujM'tui to eaoti otner, and: U.i. . i...... ...... :..i- A Li. ir i III ; If you canftot ;be a great lirhWri bearing vossels of brings: to !the worpd, you can be a little spring id the Jdulty; Wayside of Hie, singtpg merrily ail day jand ail night, ana giving a co P of cold iwater to evtjry tn rsty ana v " il passes by. : i We sbnnid ton! ourselves elf-de'uiat and paUent waitings for th bl.'ssiiiii; that UoxiJ reserves tor sis nlo are alike fruit which Will be whd some when it hail hs'd time to ripen, u win ctrainy op jiuwoui ii grfe and l.rematiirely fathered.! iiliodi ''kind,: true,, bply jirope(i in con vers airon niy itU itliought ot, but! tlieV are lite 1 1 ... TTTf i I berirAtl arauijf t, ; dJbf Sri", Holers or IruitfuU tfee fallln Will1' lvv4iijjle, bornej by some hi babtv thereafter ltd fhnirti witli Ueattttl ni)ie barren.motlntain side, so to ma glad some lonely wjblernes. L i i Everv act. hiWeJer trirlinir bas Itreiigiitl: it! releaeai it incrbaae atimet ;for iiidtilgiyice KaMi and is iodn w nsf lormei The acumulat on of hub tsof thought o ' deeds giviea chkrj iitcter, IIoW waliihru ; theretnrd. A)ie ilol wfl be,l-eveiu sinalilhiDKbiehaAitAj line 'iiaiiirom uie;wueat!tnatpny pe good and tbq true tnter in, to lntentf tue cqniroti ng lorces ni our uw npv being. i Tha HaKiinwrvktMl Slltlai tiac fcr-u Mkepk, Tlie! Bitltlmore; iaild Olil t net V siHsliing. -the Chic IKurcrli and BaltiSibre road, ing iw Westrn terminus WH rspiday. The Organization jim Iin4o i now complete; ta as sdoniasirte tin ;.u -l.i..U.Jl it :ii..ii..L.t -t.L k(UiL tion in Illinois wtili lie proceeded. !The route through! Ohio add ludi has iMit only beoiulde erttiitned by acCtial 0 laurVey but the tidiug has been rMe .ciiteii wan tue yigpri anu success; c ! axiteristic tf the jm4u conoration Sri orig-itiidetl the enUf pHse. I .The Iadjanr I iiint uon tifc roUttj, ojf the nfw-road are lookinjr wath intjertiSC for nde-wbii akp I tlie precipe loint Atl'whibbfthe sllops Mid i other; winks of mi first slectfo iawki Chiearnkball lu lilted.! It h! .-afeoMuill llsMtejd. B hjMfWeti Ifgiyerth licoiunty, liT.-w'fnv. i rjLxi-iTJ.-''tTrr am inai ;rayracu avosciuiotrj V fn.tiiisig:; littlaplacA hAf jtwwii Warsaw and (ben;i!ili ....... ir .. way oui be tlie lavoned! split1 1 1 is undersiood that the.titficeH pi fbj rOad, hav4 1 innueiicea in tneif ebOlc or thl A0 Dciswe oi its peautuui surrouttdii ,TMre, m4,rt iwaltbnl. atid anown as TNine;iiie JUaker at stocked wllh egklfent fishl vEn I tne piace.5 astic SyrAcnsiartS! predlctthat when tba ieatlon .With : Chidairo siutll have been, Opened tip their Village the lavbrits summer resort of those who, nyingtiie seex 5 . Tri . r i"5l T-n..' IT J. F.l I..i ) tf:.jih)prvments ara C during tne coniiK i railroad people: ad- i... tl ..'.;..' ama tiieut 1- tention Wtb reipM to the pJ ' f I uk. rVnm a piesvaant yillacs i ucrtj iw siuav ais nnwi ""rr - . i.n saw yuvw jsrva si sag. w - :a- :, 1 i . to a pleasant and pro.r" crt y. f f Itwetasjt Wv'wy. I,.V!!:lr.B-naltiriiore and ObioWIl tled tjist enter tha1 city PT the IUiaois Cotxr'l track. iSj in ! tl. Hi I: I r ti in 1 r i fl Il . I t " ' 1 1 ! . i I 5 - i 1 a t 1 1 1 ! i W

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