The South-Bend Weekly Tribune from South Bend, Indiana on July 26, 1873 · 3
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The South-Bend Weekly Tribune from South Bend, Indiana · 3

South Bend, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 26, 1873
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73 -eio 75 V'asBIX0T0!;BtECT - SAT UUDA Y, M UJLY 2C. 1 S7o. AJlvrars :ara reeeted atlasst l favori ay ten 'lock f1 Mean thoir lnaertioa ndU oBse aad ta Us U.II.V TsiaoaS. ? ay ook rri- ' T sae ff"1, " , ' lB'twWsaaaftaTslawBanUe fosnd 4rwtiMmnt la aeartjr all Ubss af hitaw, f Imt-elaM Bossa and eetaolUhaents ia South rbfet we eheevisii soaantena w i brisk la evarf way wortajraf sobs. Fsraaas eonUajdatlas anrchajluf at I tB B U taelr aovaatas w look I teUraalaf aaaoaaeenMBla, whosaeea- dwul alav laacsaca tweak Of atHskeas sasiaeas mm af aa . -Thair enterprise aad Bewd.1 i s4t lavaetMral avarta if-u-" ' v'v ' w A4VaslasBsrts,, " ' T foUojrlB bow advertisements tea fcaae af ta Tum Boariaf th--6iMaial WoUafcJ - 7, ' ' V. Zritlj Prop ! fcr Favias. ,.- Charles Boaas4Boafdlaa ' ftshool for Bays i C It. 8hMt AatiaMMtot( Wotiae. Motwey QaeeBCUsandRnaa Hie- Owing jto therei of adtertwinj on coluirina we Ib obled to jeare out MTeraT editorials, miaor topics, and eonsidenble led.aod ..other matter which we had intended jfor thlsjfasue. '" '. v I' f .Joe troxeli'f hone madethe lazily inclined tir' around retfy litely, on - Monday, by iaihbf through the prin-J dpal atreeUwita tne rorepart or a wag- on attached ; to him; He was stopped ' n?ur the eoroer of .Water and Maia i streets, fiaTing eturtaioed alight injuries. tBrMr It it reported that the committee, ' to whom wa referred, the- jetitioa fbr an other bridge across the riTer, hare de-. cided to report to the Coandl in fawr of Jefferaon street, and to recommend building according to specifications prepared by the CStyJgineer. The Lake Shore and Michigan Soiith-ert Railway Company have erected a platform on the roof of their extensive woo4heda here, upon whkh are placed large barreU fiiled With water from the wind-mill pUmp. This water m kept in reserve In case of fire. ,j , - AsMmuiiatcveBarcUrfrM. . t On Saaday Bight the. reaidencje of J. 3irdselL President of the BinfceU , Uanufactvrinig Company, and of Bufus . Johnson .were al entered, but in: both i cases, the, burgjlus were frightened , away. A car on the Peninsular ' Railway was broken into the aena)- night Joke) 0saWP tai MlelilcM. W learn that two xf our ti aens. within a few days have, seen John DufBeld ' over la Michigan. .One of them n Flint and the otbef m Unind Bapida. Neither of these eiU- cenaknew of the murder at the time they'aaw him, or that he Was in any way implicated in it. It -We' mean that splendid 'Jlwitangea now ia full bloom' in the front yard of Mrsi Prot Wilcox, off Wayne (street. Years ago die brought it from Conned cut. when it waa a small not1 plant. It now covers a large tub with iu rich ver dure, and is crowned with mbr than fiftv Liree Dsnicles in full bloom. It attracts the attention of ewry passer by and is a pgoo of beauty. It fs a native of China and highly prized by, 'the Orientals, and ia wortn seeing. - A First Wardl dUzen informs us that on Monday morning a strange woman made several attempts to leave her child with various fanulies, butjhone of them would permit her to leave without tak ing the child a yea old girl with her. She finally left the dty with it, going I out on the NUes road. She said she had walked all the way from Toledo here, I and her travel-stained arid dirty ap- J pearanoe would indicate it -. '" . Tavs HmUmb dhiSMsJ v C.U. Brooke the ticket agent, informs tu that thirty:twoof the Heathen Chinee who were aboard tha i Bock Is- -land traia which waa wrecked by robbers west, of Des Moines" oa Monday last, passed' fhrongh ihla city oa the LakeBhore traia of 'Wednesday noon.i : They were classed as the aristocracy of China; and are. bound for some of the New England Colleges where they are to graduate. They -had one of Gates' palace cars leased lor the entire trip. ; ' ; ', Attempted Barslary. The residence of 'Mrs. Monahan, on north Main street, was visited by a burglar Thursday night. He first went to the rear of the building but was (here confronted by a fierce dog which was chain ed near the back door. He then came to the front aid began effecting an en trance through on of the windows. Be fore succeeding, he was seen by. Mrs. Monahan, who not only ' screamed, but what was better, wertt for ths" burglar with a large chisel, and be made a hasty retreat.. DaSBcM ataasarcdl te Hava - arllaa:lB, lawa. - . From tktIHlw TrHu 1W. - Sheriff Tumock yesterday received a dispktch from Burlington, Iowa, from the Chief of Police, stating that John Nuffield had passed through thereon "Saturday, going westward. There also word brought to town last evening, 'that lie bad been seen in, the vicinity of Cram's roini. Sheriff Tumock and . some others pulled a "dive near Day ton! Michiiran. on Saturday bight, but "Du (Sr was not found among the In matesX although there was a suspicion thathehad gone there when ha left towbl ' I - 1 4 dtrertMas ia the Dally Trlh-a. For city trade the Daily. TaJBiwa is the most desirable advertising medi am In. the city. Saturday's edition is never less than one thousand copies and frequently 1,200 to 1,400 copies, Rates :':'of advertising local- aoiicea cents a line; regular advertisements 50 cents an Inch for aingle insertion. Rea-, aonable deduction is-niade for 'longer advertisements, or for advertiaemenu inserted more than once. Adtertise- ments for the Saturday's edition must im in br tea o'clock In the forenoon of thatdaj. . - . TlMVsswt wa-etauriaal awa AataUaar .:- Bartlary- '. j-iVeat (t Dmila Triton a Honda, The residence of Andy Ecclestpn n byburgUra.1 Theeutranca wa. j -2 i.v- -v window ot tha kitchen. About three ociock uiia ..moniuiK.utt i xvociestoB -t.i a .!- s awoko and heard aomo noise ia tha plaCrttojfl one, ironi awT-w AJkt .A.Mn. nf it I the head gates to sxana distance beiow - arAASjaAaepaaf J aaa ee aaaavaaKaaaf . pivrirri a, v wa m we s This montiasj it waa dWvered tharW had been some persons in tha bedroom who took aomo keys and three or 1 four J,.n 1- fmm Kia PanU noclt- r: 7 a bureau j 4 ju.a (t inti tha utrham It was found on the table and Mr.Eo- wuic JUiwa inj vu -"""'5 iiu jtuap. ned the burglars away aa the con- f t'.e drawer was untouched, al- '; I c -:nl a silver watch and i - f Jia4 a lot of papers and his bat .and ! t ) bm if tiiey ia t.L: L :v - J. v. t . M !; f-nh i V' 1'4 i '. 1 h '! ! Hi i I : IH jtU IulIIU Utu-I 1 w w- lit r ! tt Count CSexk' offlo hanat nnrtrilt. of tU the xJoaaty Cle4t That 6t ' Tyr W. Bray k , a peacij ketch, and la not onllend' , foodj oim by thoM who knew him when alirei Mr. Sally SUelton, haa had a photoi mull r&iacd - from a daarreotyp i! jof an oil portrait of the deceaaed, and 'tW forenoon presented it to the county It U a ood likenem of him. Below it b Inacribed "Tyra W. Bray, 2d Owk of St. Joseph County.' Elected la 18f and aenred aeTea yeara; re-elected,. ao4 died Sept. 8th, 1844. Wae borai j In Rockford, N. Jnly 28th, jl804, and came to Bt. Joseph County in! 188 Wl i . r aik) n Psarota. At the Detroit races on Tuesday last "Membrino Gift," owned ia part by Ir M. Nye, f this, city, won the secori4 race for horses that have never beaten 2:84; there were eleven , entries ,nd eight 'atartera. "Membrino came first, little Mucksecond, and "Ruby? third. It was a very spirited race and required six heats. . The purse- ;wU $1,000. Time fc34; 2,85; 2:82; 2t 2:36; 2:84; A yotang man from th3 dty attended the- racea to buck againkt 'Jfenibrino" and lost heavily, U said e will take drawing room apart-menu with the horse, in a box cartt gethome. ' j Dr.lRupp. who has reoentfv returned from Sparta, Wisconsin, wftere the? ce) eDratea mineral springs wnica sm jmbu now attracting so much attention art situated, is of the opinion that the wati er of these springs are similar, to mas at tho aDrinsr at the Eagle Manufactu inr Works in this dty, and that an ysis would show it. He has made ar ranVementa for sinkine a well on his residence lot on . Lafayette street, oej lieving that by going deep .enough: he will be able to find a vein of water sim-' ilar V that at the Sparta springs, which found by the driven tube method. Dr. Rnpp says he will bore three huftd rectfeet if necessary, and we all know he has the pluck to do it, and we hope he may be successful in the undertaking. If he is he will erect bath bouses, rooms. and other necessary accommouauus u invalids. ' .. Mr UwbMstM. ' from Ik Daily Tribu of Mondap.. Last evening, as a young man, avis-, itor in the city, waa attending a ypung lady to her home, .in the Fourth Ward, he noticed that a roOgh-looking toad was dogging their steps. On his retirn, which was before ten o'clock, at a street corner, some distance from the bridge, he again encountered the same, man who asked him his name, and, on -the name being given, delivered a desperate blow at his head.' The young gentleman, springing aside dodged the blew, and for1; tunately, being left-handed, dealt I the ruffian, whose impetus carried him pasi, a blow with his left hand that felled Win to the ground, when, not wishing; to get) Into further trouble in a strange pjacej he made good use ot his heels to get to a place Of safety. . ; If this was the first, or the tenth timet only, that peopleiave been waylaid in; our city, it might do to overlook it. But, as the dty has grown to a size that war-; rants taxation for- water-works to ptit out fire, it certainly has come to a con dition that calls for a sufficiently numerous- and efficient police force td put down ruffianism, even although it may Call for additional taxation. Ana unless we esteem money .more than reputation, and property more thao life, we ought to come to it with no greater de-J lay man me next meeuug ui uu vu mon Council. OTJB WATKR-WOKKIS. Tk Blda Kelvd tjr tb Casielt rf BnmsIsic Jffclrjr Tli lecslsi as. Betwsi ir. s sMi ir. e. The Water-Works Committee met On- Monday night to receive the bids for jumping machinery. The sama pi was adopted as in the former letting and all passed off apparently to the satis faction of Interested, parties, rhe fol lowing bids were received : " bid NO. i; $19,450.00. Elmes. Brackett A Co.. Columbian Iron. Works. Chicago. Illinois, three sets complete. No time for completion stated. bid no. 2, .$13,764.1. Crane Brothers' Manufacturing Co., .rflM H Rodltald. Trnrpr three per Geo. 8 Redfield, Treasurer, three sets complete; work to commence in ten days; bolts and templates delivered 21st August; one set ready for use 21st Octo ber, completed by January 1st, 1874. BID Sd. 8, 19,000.00. Erie Citv Iron Works' Erie. Pa per T. L. Nagle, three seta complete; work to commence in five davs; bolt and tent plate delivered by September 29th, 1873; one set to be completed by lH cember 21st, 1873; work complete oy March 1st, 1874. ?;;.(; BID KO. 4, 114,700.00 f ;. R. D. Ward A Co., Philadelphia per Emile Oeyelin, three seu coinpiete. Three sets complete with three Jonval turbines, (conftuent of 80 per cent. guaranteed) 121,000.00. Work to com mence at once; one set woe in umra-tion in 3 months; work to be completed I by March 1st, 1874. A- bid no. 8, flS.OOOJoO. John M. Cooper. Pittsburgh,!; Fa., three seta complete With brass valve or $5,000 Jot each set. No tiihe' fixed fot completion. '. f I.H BID no. 6, $10,000.00. v I, , , Venrennes Machine Co." Vergennes. Vter J. H. Bowman, three! sets Flanders patent double-acting plunger' pumps and gearing, wora to commence in 10 days; bolts and templatesjdelivqred Heptember 1st, 1873; one set pump completed novemoer ist, ism; wora to be complete December 1st; 1873. 4m All the proposals were fbr the- ma chinery designed by Mr. Birkinbine, except jjo. 6. The Coniinitteo have not I Je ""!.7v " rri v v factoring Company, of Chicago, JNoj, t) and the Vergennea Machine Co. of "Vtr . j .S5 Kf . - ' "T7 riving the two parties an opportunity to jnake guarantees of the efficiency, and economy pf the working of their pnp-insfe machinery. The Committee:fro pose to select such only as will work most economically and satisfactorily.! j The Council are to be congratulated on the lively competition and the hig "t , ; 1 T I tr" i"r- Tha WmI staea lanpravena ITS From Ik Datfy lWetmeo Tkmrtdam. t The improvementa and repairs on the West race were completed yesterday and the water was let ia this.foreuoon. 11 WM B T " "w ffT It waa takes oil two weeks ago last I ran. expense oi auvun ,ww.! viapF - TT7" I vnraa ana men uuu a nneuniH viw : . r . :T-L a c. si ' ffJS atrengthanad by a aeooml floor two UeM. ea tnlcv whtcbas. the I auai coTcrcu completely with rtone. Tha timbe i a- r", w -.uyws7.ww i (t..t.rv . a.t.-:. lv..r.l'l.r. fr. race from the head gates up to x eity water-workJ.flume. V:tfri;)'i; P. H. Dode, who haa charge Of af fairs at. tha city water worka is (Slliig ia around the pen-stock and helplig the aesthetical appearance . of , tliisgt very? nWb rla i at . locality.' The dirt for filing in js brought rfrow Jefiersoa ", v. mil m ill ul his Uit race,. aft also 4ocied ' M each aide bf his fornitare factwylandMU fill have! put a new rack'tolhefr flam and improved ipom Inch Leffel turbine1 wheel.: i f W Jh Smith,, has rtmorea vm v. exteauj across u p-r- -,t-t appearance of things there r great deal. The repair; wd iaVprveintj made are of hembst substantial jkid and the fee U pronounced a a bette: eoa-diti4 io-dAylhaa1 Hjbever benbe-foreand wUliot U likely U cads i aay trouble soon. J j l-f 1 I , Ilerℓ M Hartmaa' have pu , in a new I flame, Rocked their proper y on the ivir ffonti-tiiey docked itlasi year on rhe ace front and.' SllW ia with several hundred load of;di(fi I ' RUling A Mendel, J whosej race front was docked last year, have! docked the river! frrtnt aad put InseveVal bnhdred loads' of dirt. ;1j 1 A . J. if. Ive4y has 4; in M rack In frbni of -hli flumev and 'At aaVje has been done bv U. A JL Loo to is at HSller's I Mi fclapisl who has! cbi'ge joT the works on the dam, which was' suspinded man' cof fer dam would be a faijurk. bin they are nrobabiy 'related ti that maa who objected tci a eofler-dam because hw cow once,gqiOK!un BrHnj her "cough-'er-dam' headroffi" a he expressed itJ Mr, Clapp iotht'put in an,d took5 Out the; cofferdn taccesafully, and ksi shown a capacity folr this! kind of w0r that Will ciiamaTi suceto. LOCAL SEWS W 9BJLKX i Now is the , time to'dfeipfec t s Fifteen new dwelling house have T been commenced thi wek4 Blackberries are riDeniPKand it is re- ported ithe! crop will be 1arg4. I'Clsm'Studebaker hasVavoted iJ with Georgetown, Colorado papers. ,Theold BraybuJldg.;VMshi oamagea oy .nre imwti i nairetLt t 'i i i i "A Happv Cai Wagner, wllth hli mln strel troupe will be here -on- the'fifth of next uaoiiiu. f 4 J I j apt ' 'jrifi"1 H''wt ''' ' i ,v Several "blessed babies?' Were baptiz ed in tie Fint M. E. Church lau Sun 2. ;T i .1 i isx .i ill Fredflie fcurU, a y oil dglilad wks se verely! hurt last evenmtf bV CallieiH from atreejl 1" f fil J 1 0 1 A laid was made on toe innocent cows, laat Siindav niKht, and.a Jartre n Umber of theU impounded, j U,i A., 1 'Attjonewas hauled idow Michigan trtei iTh'ursdav. which; iaeturtid:uear ly twelve feet square.! : Fred. Wilson's Minstrels Willljeline- ate in burnt cork atGooUT Operf llouse on Ukri-gd of Autfust , J . f it i. i il l ai' 4 The iMtnd geU deeir ?laou4 streets every day. We shall iatfe hrd pan after i while. f , ;- , -i i rat new wheat brought flf.40 inj , and tip farmci calk that a; oodf8eodo j i -J ThIr this ify, prehw ood : CUarlestulti hadhaarni brlken by a si ituddirig falling upotftt 5 fail thi Third Ward bn-Tuesday. J BoHiiey, the photographer, ;was at: Diamond Lake, Wednesday scvernsplendld views' add' took and lit. an Mr. E.V' Tajrlor-jot off for'tbe west on Wednesdayjj ; j Judge SI rfn field1, wift aU daughter A : Steele i will be into I tbeifi new building, nextr o Lavton'Si drugstore, on Main street.'1 r iW 7 1 1, j.. iT-. ' tin., ..a .Catit. Ed.. Turnockr whi hyibeen downlifmOng the Loufcvil& K4Klux, returned on Tuesday with a wboteacalp. Rerviea-will be held in the Cltureh at: Moufti Pleasant, by ;Rey. Jacob Merrir j week from ftett Sulnday. H r. 71 i X t '.ilfl: ill il tAQtb)ny Barrett has Sent, us -aWk-j age df &t. Catherines (OnUj pa Mrs. uTftf w' m fromlie meeting of ; the Grand iLodge i . 5.; J!' ji . "f - :td. a' 1 ' ,u tJ .1 hi Knights of JPythias, at. lndianapoi i Mfraps is the latest affliction 1 ity,8ad O. II, Palmer, the . . .? .w. i i i. "A .. !;i ; i worsti lctim at last accouuis.;' Jobatllagertyhassot reverWthatl he Ik able to be about aa-aiif. llelhad tiariftussle withi the tfever. thought 1 i BuViariea 1.lTi- ,:4i.if ,t ,S: iO ...'I 31 : ik ii. r, . w i ntir JifctMnan aril; irnblhin'tflBiL. tttel T!.IKTTiJiair7.Trr,F-IL-allC inoisuns. ana laying is asvocswK am - i ! . - i zi at I ui i'.V ; Tliiadies all ..u :t. Li.. ii i j a 1; iJ : dsgaijsasa . mktKj visiting card to tie aaa.rvDin at um ThIIsk office, at oi of nit; Ik A Sterna. gWlu.lbie'i . a 1 J . i la ia a' ' l ! .11 f- VI -" I D frotvtof uwir-riery for xn? iirman : 1 -i - '.if 11 & A raid on the Fodrth Wird cows Was! S 'V -W i- ii-i : 1 fii-iliiJ A.I II j - 1 1 I made If hnraday Solghl sd If aul bf 4bt read rttheiajiavemfligwil J&tJi iJ- u-Jif r-.SSi i 8rf -.t beti I'ffiSS-l : ThewillbeiswtttalStiJari Tj rJ'KUl'ar ll Lr-& aaLLai.i am.:A il :M , J, i oort S "l lotttlav. r Thev are riUSnir.Orderii evei n H rapieran aoolis. are In fhe cll Indii r ' . - ' ri i- . ... TisUingj Wend and I ifllativlei. aiad kij ' pd! t-.J , i..lt1,!l II :ll :!;, aomo Ll 1 i' M Ji taei arO'MOiiB elai t"' iRd vni wniii,: oi vn, ouout ) a jiey ewiiwuajHK ifiti of thepubliciii Tlieydii0o into t .:m ftZWrW m j, registered Sttt he a wigM Wonder i$ m a ' slngy floif kMhla nwffi ''i'l' --r '-Trr-TTW 8 School for tys, with - thorougBj prepay ratiOntfor oollege 01 buaNesa.1 Uxi vini eon her he U. W. btokes has , kept fts in thbki wlthOregonlaad niieatwyfiaskdll .... ijw . " '. j-u . i 'r; i''n' . appointed District Deputy callbrwrliiof (tha;qrana KBiloUofmiapfl appointment to a good bhe If BberilT, Taraock .returni from Plainfield. where 8i wtrt, step-son of John th.erth, Ward; an M)h!; I MrandW.Wlhulgave brilliant iparty; at ,thir at their .aideace, ha Wne t.yenlig ,Mafk street, whibh was made the occasion Of injfr!tytiiheby theyffl the Utjr, Mil?Ji! -I ':-: ,( tSosaoWinoaatine tchlnipoBta r' . - T S Al(ribl the Third Ward, me Ml-to Schr Bui two marriage licenses have been f issued sincalast Saturday one to Isaiah 1 Bush' and Erthef Carney, and the other tO-Midhaei Ifetmerick and, MaryanM NJedbalskk' j I' ! ; Ret. JJ F. ICnowlea, of the. Fret Prep-1 bvteria. ehurch, , wUl leave oa aoxt will be absent luntill the 1st of Septem- Mzrrf . "T . . , . l I her. j.. :J ' ) L. ' ." ' ' . ' ' will bold a teachers'-, examination In the tt w.Li tAi u,:..:., -it lot me iaxs onors ana Aucnigan ooulu- f.YJ f ?J begnnmg at 1; tea docki tLU orenoon. , 1 . , T'"JrlJ?" t Is estimated by men whose oplnione I UbaeWwa; thrown from hka -1 I a waon FrldaVi on! South i street, and pretty badly injured .In his len anouider.l e was oruna as vuv time.; .11' ii1; ii ii " 1J A neat old Ltdy waa so enraged one i. day this week at a peddler wishing to sell her some 1 ied-bug exterminator that she went for h m with the hard end of a broom. II W-JLLlJI Wi MihlaiMMi ftr .trMts. do look irath T "! !l " V !" I rTT racred with so much bunding material a strung through them,! bat It U k kind j jv-t.LL- iL.-iJ i!v- ! 1 RberiftvIWaock save the : com In St. Joseph and Laporta i.CountieaJ Jis for ' l SilT. 1 I' J - .afL - JP fa i at VtSak- apolis, whTrel as yet, the most of it jk tMM jj- j i . Tae IadiMpolia Jto pay tbi( -- J. R.' BrowV cored his snake poison With -tits uswjremeajnj.n:Bwrew bad better take anas oacx, or wwu nave The sweet sinters have stopped ser- enadLne these aighbi f They1 a'afraM of being takenj for .burglary and to be ths victimaof-such a Wiatake woodnft Dnsttnv4 J j, i '! ZJiJLs r?.vl MnMaty Owensi ha gone lowest " r 11 . i " "i a - i i wcub , u gviio t;?r . . . 1 . . ? i a V . tit i tHen.7 fnT "SOwT- time jpow9l1 ba.ajl choaaVof at' win uts BuavjU'ig sofuai wvvaai u vns- her millinery )etat)iisnment.i j, 1 1 ! The party t Diamoad'Lake; Wedne- dav numbered Over plenty,' and they re-; and returned, part inl the Ieniasular I and part otMCnroad.j j j. The rendncejofMeyer.Livin was entered hi ijurglara Friday aight, but succeeded in getting Way with Mr. Li-ingston's 'pocket knife, only, p the noise of the burglaw aVakebed the faohily. James Bonney, who was in at I 'I ' at the fifth'annual meeting j of the Ni tional Photographic Association, i Buffalo, hfjvioredius wfth pkera jf mat puy ey'ing aniOMjrwviug ring an interesting account I of tin pyoqeeflnga w , tne Association . A youglfejliw: wsis buying s boggy at A.' Coduillard's fictory the Other day, and was veWanxiohs to get ope Witba narrow saH-MSo 11 have toj fit up close jto iiygJrt, yoil know.1 Ui Hull accomnfudieS liifla. i : ' J fl; I v j A newsboy bow !. hawks th South Rnili . Ilirt.v Tr miaB : around our streets everk Meningi We are glad to hear that afgOddly number! of each ine ara sold herei-fAfAooo Enterpnte. i We leara that yao C. Johnson has disposed Nebraski, manent resident Of Boutb iiend uar '.city has ftob many attractions tpr tle old stand-byi lpke it, C. for itilfeto ri- main long M ay. jM ', j if ' manent resident TViffl obi' da in mrsi e youpg meh jrun to -..-it-imV!nWi. a,ntJUirl8iting this place jwith h family, v" : "E FT" , .T..r : Ots, but Bd.l.Chapin Can beat them all hi taste,- Heia the possessor ofia number otl White bats which: an fly either in th day or night timei . . f Cephas SLyan nd Win. Iii Jame-. Z .TA JV. -J. A.J isjllk- It -on, theeloflAent and able advocate. Of spiritual i! philoWphyj: wiU lecturs. in the TTniworaaliatS oKnrch. out gaturdav and Sundat Imomirig and evening, at ay 'morning and evening, at hbttii. All are invitedj iiieaa.naUfroil)aV- i .: i. tit i ' me usual 1 W. hail cal of the : Goshen Democrat, who wtt in the City Monday, i Charley Eallen : . 5 i. l;i -i ' ; i 1 ger ia lpdkingj for j the Colonel withja donble barreied'shot ahn. on account of r- . 5 ( . i - A ' remajrks tM jlattef published 1 in the Ikmaerai about Chariey'sj matriaonial venUfr'iU.i . V 'i If 1 Ciiena of South Bend, not now TBjBTJVI left atthei 4oora every eveainfc in any part Of theWty, for thi small sum of 18 cent per Uek. Leave order! mt this officei or IseLtfour address through the post-pfficj.i I .,i.- j ' : Hj- j TInmohreva hai returned Ex-May from' I to and the Jrfrfnitr Of , the Iron; MouA- tainain M Wourf. H saw Mr.!Beuben i . 4 i i ' - t fffftT anil rornrti them all doinB WelL and still bavin id - - -- South Benfl 1 The Koutn Bena: tJornes nan were i . i . t J .-.- . :i (! t nni fnnlair riirhtlnrafoar horsa vehicle r " . :r : and serenaded a nusnber ot our Mna. Tbe jfaiBpki returns thankaf for the compumuutj piuu iu una y ww..?awf' esx pieceai jsweewyi W'Wl' ,J" band has- ike; reputation of i being the 'a -i ff, a il D ail j. .HniSJ 1 a bertjnthgtlte. ... f- ' Hinry; 5fve, proprietor of thft Mish- awua auij 1.. J-A !CAnk 04 nV liiu Hi I mat.resultlof his d. 'l eiiihe:the moUmodk ;3 T Ti . I. 7 ting g-eetlemaii who(ha ever had jbharge M ""Tf? puu-TO f tI euc ubci uia . wv u.s r - . . lliiv-kl, rPT r tne,r pKH P f! 1 8 ! ll7 4; "fW 'TTjWy the citv. laid tiarticojarly aouthbfSai- . -ii . ii 1 1 s ; f particularly south fHlplesTreei : II .rwll ntaBunMi anv lonirer. tod noti- l fi ri ziarriBra nf ruws wearing bells. it "j' w .- T-f- -r -.-r-T ,-c that it wW baf them to look afer their 1 KalUj if the a wish to save them, i 1 J. 1 " K ! J. Pinl i freacoimr the atnbblock YJm lidi I Ulna.' Isthfehsa'aVaa' tha i .-.n-araticAJ ia a rroeerv. than I White walls. Thu) store when completed wll b. th arranged irrocerv for whole- Utradd, there is In; ne dty. , ' T :I.TT V ? . rR I i m.iiiiuimii rnuimna a nonDie i uava agot foV'M W been W see. Ed. is just tryinjg1 tcj lfoi him. If he will go.down io Chapia' bri cl yanL.he Will find plenty of brbkeawhita briclta andifthe aren't . - A J 1 1 L- . ' a 'fit'.'! !k ' "whtto bat4,r wha.t jn the wowa .xneeaiti the Daily TKiBtnts testimony oa 8aturdai ontaining the in tha murder case.' was nearlr fourteen 1 hundred ln!d H waa thought would ful- n' I W etmal the demand.! It went;i&totha f i.aewaooys:i nanoa at bui pass -w" OXIOCK. anq .no, noun un inw t totljrWaod :1yre elaaa&hioi' for nnrW Tanbarca. but the i steam waa 4 I Ji .Ka'Wariila had i: emit wnrkJand'lt if I T ' ' . . . ' 1 1 . a. . . i ' wm ynposauaie to anppiy tnem, II lAilteriberger! and wife ; returned 1 1 fromiValparaiiw On Tuesday. Al says the 7-1 Peninsular track is now about four miles '.Jroiji i hTalparaiao, and will soon form' a jcOnnection with the l'lttsburg ForbWaybe land Chicago road. He i I says ihe Valparaisoana goabout with a I theif haiocU! concaved to their, ears ea I gerly listen insular loc. Dg for the whistle of a Pen looomotive. They ari mora . 17. 1 V . ' t V .n An'r riiwiuinn anxious to street fxieada. linoson BiuOy, of Us firm or Buioy UailagUor, left lor the east on Tuesday I cf evening w.,s wua.- ney w,u vans f u.iaaPu. ana,x,ew jeney. vw hewday.toreirt.ithiahealthJ ,1 j1,v' - wi nU.kJ t. i - 1 i bn jud f 1 d Una will have .'splendid bargains to I offer their many customers, - . , f , ... ..I .... . ), 1 A,l A menu Ar Jam Unin in't Mi mi ' w . "? . in 152 we vied to giye i John the big- I Quinlan has never missed aday Ml tyne .it? . i; t.- J. I . isUatewaksi. , au DrapitW and family are visiting j Dr. Manwaring is preparing to build a Uhlm .I- i'l. I i I .; XI ..... . c..i J Dodge A Bon am putting 'In the iron to the front of the! new building. ,T. Booth ia purposing to put down It. ' 1 Li ew wau an rront di nis lurnuure -tor. I Hi O, Beemer has taken up hU plank I i M . ; j 1 1 aidefwalk and is replacing; it with I tTftf j . - :- - yi ;'. ! .1:1 of parting a photograph gallery in this pljje. 1 T! 1 , ' Mears. Befger ATromp arapow at Xlan fembrpke, or uosnen, is talking wo,fc on the "third story of their new i.nMaing. j j rf nn is aowj aigbt telegraph e Lake Shore station in operator at this place. -s .. -11 w I wil fwt-im. I ill n H tfe!? f?rg 't;D H' I A Pun hmnnta faice de- i aw-w-w- i- r T r r r ... i UTtti - T wafOD jtm Uxe rona lor me, oeneni. offceir;iatroftsi; f 41 , , . v w it ui k , . it tii 1 1 The proceeds of the IMethodist social . held in the church o Wednesday night j were over iorw-aoMars. i . I r i v w.ii.- v.. tVAn viaWof the 1 iJRin.. in tUnas W section fin the Tj . '8 : FT '1 i ' , I "I i ... . ( I ' -I 'I Uneot one prominent citizens was- . l , .t U.X.: ra.rr.ffiLT,M". iihuw W . tf""t- Tw" Johnnie 8ihindler has a list; of the 4U habitual era which be cans tne mf list, ban in his saloon. Mrs. ew i of Superior City. Wis., Is itinir John NUea. Mrs. JN. was fo: erly a resident of this place! i . ii' i 1 I e of the cute Mishawaka girls keep a tight burning ia the front room untl midnight, on Sunday nights, to inaie people Relieve they have beaux. ThHie Were twelve sucn counted, on eun- davl night, j : . The Hydraulic Company have de cided to raise the dam so as to give Wwe power for our ihttmerous and con stattU tnereajfing manptactoriea. Prof.f E. Sumption having resigned the office of (bounty I Quperintebdent, ia I DOW' selling pchool 1 fumitnrej for the Elkhart School Furniture Company. - I is a i . . - BjKfco same 0cWre4 .', Rev.,R, HI Sparks,! of Logansport, formerly tsu v;narco minisr u , .j k-W V. Hl.timK An M"1 p-..- PR"y- I 14 ri n TVrvL. . A r!n t mutit Mer Ona vW maaeover ona mills in the last year , ,,.T i I . !' IT hutjdred wind Mokt of theht have been aold in Cass and -jTlL i SMlJui : I Ka,jMic1i.gan. L Te moneylj ordem issued at t the Mish- i M T J I a waka office for the quarter endlBg Junel amounted! to 4342.64, an thoari i outto$o2o.oii.i 1 1 i ne of ouil saloon keepers was fined $20) and cost Saturday, for selling li- audrtoa ha itual drunkard, and also I .iilnr without licenses. I J . f I 111 Til Outalde oil the burnt district, more buildings ha .7. t.J. v v:J than ever before, This can truly be set :rrr i 1 down aa Mishawaka's inmost prosperous yeak A! party Of sixteen : went to Diamond Lai re on Saturday and tims. Mr. hoon says has been me fuHir and bad a jolly good says i that Miahawaka ully ( represented this yeajr at the lake than; ny other wn. Ik is retting prettvi warm for Che sal- i &a;me ofthifm are 6nM every diy for violating tbO laws. TMre are aeral Indictments againat . i ul . r 1 .- a HF " i -A k n.ii.J K.k.lf , 7F r:i- "1 v "Ti I Deen resiamg wr sevenu wuuuiB mi uu ; but .has not been led by that climate. ! 4.-. ; very r much i ; l; . aicui.u I benefitted ie harvest hop Friday night waa a ,nC essi t!i09.o wastikea. Theittend- I , . ? ; 4 I anoe would nndouDteoiy nave oeep mucn IV II , . .! .SI . a , la W . -f. 1 larger tr tne weatnernaq neen pieaaant. I understand there is to be another in ImfJw waeWjl M f. : 1 ' irjbarles OttU and! Johnny Bchindler I' . .. ..J... J iiji I r: raighed on the aame charge bu took a , i CD an ETC OI VeDUC i 1 change Of VfeUUe. M ti lUrriwo arraMed before Esa, ii ; " i - I ' tit. nerT i i BiighamThirsdaySjlbr Imbibing liquor tooly. 1H. wa4 fined 5 and ni , UmL r IL.i,n 1 .1 - -.a .' .. C I I ... . cost ue gave tne names oi we saioon mTof t I a- a . a a , i . : . ti i: l-2t ments wiU be issued! aiain.t th4m im- aalBlatety. :?f -!P1 I ml; " ii i. : .1 . , f ; r town u in rested with a set, or oeai Derate; cbaracters who neea mnenaing a ' . ' 1 a .1 V I ,..!. . .... I. i. L -U: I i-L.i o H One; nigM tolweek Mn , warren, raTrDlI- kJZTTt Wlkfresentinil revolver, the ldJhwayniaiiW jiOa Tuesday night WJW, Femi a stopped and; would nnilniihtMllv Kavabaen asaailed i had he notsbown that he was prepared for such emergenciea.' Aai aitempt.: was made aame nign.w urea tnu, u .. e a. -t aV .TVUJ, 'a resideii t trmi asss aww1i.'j,t,: law fsaf laarf ! ; I U . Mi wa cart caU : bin. such.) n i. five feist eight bebea high, and f ilwrW ni .W Mdifpw ia this flaos bj the name 'oflba. 1.1 would aot pay his board aad .4)..- u.a '.iaiau owinj wvwi Aer waning nsla lengtlt ftima and, ha re ,g to pay ane ea mm ia and a judgment was rendered la favor.. e than-went before Eaq. gham and filed aschedule that not worth what the law , would al poor widow.! .Wa refrain from publish-J i r ing his name, but it stands recorded oa Ew. Curt W book. f j ji 7.7 r: II ,1..-' f WlilCl M HUWUU IUQU WHVMto There will be a panorama bere oa Monday evening at the town hall. Edward Gillea, jr. haa returned. lie haa been all through Texas and the In- dhU Territory, but thinks tbaoclety of laqv Indiana the best, lis was a memoer the, 48th lad.' Regiment, j h " j fc M D Um Bhlnifn bead clert u here.nd wiU rtmaiii t home a Ol L Boirardua Resident Enzlneerof fa Canada Southern JUL. nas oeen oruereu iu ujvhu where the railroad crosses the Detroit river I 1 i FT t Dneomh writes from Lakeville .l r V.- Tr-- , are about ove. i Wheat proves aa av-j m Vidrf. iCnrw is ! somewhat back-! M will, be a I fair crop If the sea- jjrouuoes vm w are very! poor, but there wiUUfcabnghlbrhomiconaumpH tk Ter ire i nd tnn ! TtiAMTl ar i nin Iwu-IlN worth its are abundant r' . and with thefoomplebon Of the Chicago andCanadaSouthernJUUway our farmers look for a profitable market fbr them In Chicago! j lM ii. rtkt lihmrty. I Wind and rain; have: : spoiled ' com plowing in a great many fields. -It- Ht -I 1 h Hi h- Twe dwellings are ,i going up near the machine shbfi 1- A mMhin-t from jthe Eagle Compa- ny's shop in South Bend has been here attending to the setting up of macldne- ry in the new! shops. I ProSf. Hallock was in town for a short time iflast isaturday. ? ue win resume teaching 'heM In the fall. 1 8eJerlpeLh.neh -d their whet from tie i near here have thresh- i shock. ' I Asa Knott and D. D. Robertson have i 1 each a newsboy at his home. D. D. Robertson's a grand son. T the Ladles. vfl.l ?S alaanM la iiStASB HnAH tlSt Afti! AUB inU. KMVU 1:UVW M a best fruit Jars, ao Ve wentdown io.Pool.A Co'a. crockery t- I.a .a t .v. i: .ft-. j in iuu kuvu au aaasc. mm - .fni sXaittinatiiii. we will confident- ' - I fy redommeriji .theifector Jars. aa: be- iDe mperior to all others, for the follow iDg reasons: they are the simplest jar maaei ue mass auraoie, biwbyb ramuic, They aare made air tight with certainty "d ease, and( readily opened, without VVllXW KiaDBi; hiu aic KIWI o. i s, , imw i,.. -s The are warrented not to rust and the cover is all: in one piece, and lastly- but not least, they are cheaper -r ... ' than any jars ever offered in the market 1. MJPool & Co. are the areneral asents in South Bead, and have a large stock on band at retail, and ifor the trade. .' j - r Htba reatar lata S ' Clresss. We; are to shave a ahenagene, circus, t and Arab lexhibitidn. Montgomery Queen's great European menagerie, cir cus. hiDDodrome and Bedouin Arab troupteare (o exhibit here, afternoon and eveninir. on Tuesday. August 5th. .This is one, of the "finest exhibitions in exist ence. S It includes a number of remark able animal Ltons, fjamels. Elephants, &C., Of whiOh a fuller description rivn in the advertisement It is some- thing well worth seeiag, and we have no doubt the! tent will be well filled, both afternoon and evening. A mag- . ... . a 'Quen'i Orlat Combinstion. eomprminir very much that U fuund in do other eircu eetubliith-tneat bi thaStatoi. It preneott tuch a variety of attractions as to amane all elSstee and to In ttraet while it imua. The itudent of ataral hwlori beeomSt sbaorbed in eonUmplstin the Runimn and Afiatic reorwenUtive of the MflswiSoaa. .la irn Prot Me Animal Kingdom. The eolleotioa or Scree . . ... . m.. ii ,;VWdmVkeioneof theorteeitins TboM rn rrOL Meranana iear- .. .l.rin. .kihitinna of the oower of the hu man mind over the brats creation that we ever witoeeaed: tnan Jollow, anven o, enuine p -outa rabi-bildren of UmSel. whose peep liaritifaof lacfsrsnwkedasd well i worth th. study ,of eTerJ ona. There are varlpui i othe the Athar fsataras of theisnimai sbow that s limited saae w.UIMrltoB-aUoa, but "bich can- not rail to eiana me auaauon m nrj Twwr tiki. ik. .nwinu uid wall arraneed flan- I raae of thi ettperb edUWinhment. But eircu iPSjriOITII SaisvJfiSa' ptVWVi es7 ea pu uv w w auaatw- ten; for they entbraee eome rare feaU in eqaee- KfS 1 ariris and feata ot itrensta. wane nere with an oriental originality that seenis toawak- DeuouinB nncn vnv prvsraniiuo i of eiroue exhibitions. Their duplayi of itrepirtb eatbalDXereetoievea ine non nun nauue am th tn are wonderful and alwaya extort the plaudits of the most eulutated aadlenees. wnue tne eon- a Ibeee eoni 01 u aeseir ai nlUhMl lmriMn and Eu aor aoeompli meriean and European rmnsat is so distinct as to excite comment and I aaldom exneet! to be maeh entertained i j : J 1 .. i attention, n e eonieaa toat we We eonfeee that we at any I eircaj but Queen'i claimed our eloee attention from the befiqninf to the end. NewBeTt ii mm Htaceilaaaaaa. Belts; in new atjylea just opened at Leib Bro. 60t6-73a. ...Greene! A Bteffey have their grobe- riea and produce marked down to the lowest notch, and invite inspection of theirjgoods and a comparison of pricesj, : ...Iron Frame Grenadines can be found in all; qualities and prices at 62tf 1 ! WtMAN&Co.'a, f - L . i i . ' Dress Goods sold at cost to close out,, at Leib Brri. ; 60t6-73a. .If yooj catch a thief trying to go throdgh yoiir wardrobe, tel him piami) 1 . , . k, ,T a. CoV where are to be found the best bargains in jthe city ...$ummer hats and bonnets, and all kind! of niillinery selling for a mere song jat Mrsi: Owens? estbli8hment, 79 Michigan street. ! ...Wills 5t Sterns have just received a freshs supply of groceries. Reduced prices on everything; Catarrh d Demon-N h ich day by dy worrjes away your life. Buy a bo of Eadttr's German SnUflV-be cured and then be happy , ...Housekeepers never find fault with : the groceries kept at Slick Bros. They are always pure and fresh i Rk.'wla af vmir Awn nrice to close but I i r"-E : : IT. .. r .t xxiu BroTa. 60t6-73s- I I .. ia ' ' i a-piedlineofGnSika, 'i , TT' . s .:ia av -AHV.aa anann sir 2 r r wlM A do.'l lie great centre of attraction ust una s at Mrs. 6w4nsf mill inery v antt 4 W store iBhe 'U ing her large Wtfl. t prime cost and giving jffi fH1?"' hs as have never 1 been oner city before, ; ! ' . ! i ii- . a, .. . 1 500 pieces Bash Rlbons in new shades I and kiew stvlea. just opened at Leib Bro4j , k , , , . . N?4 i i , .m,iw ftimnWll,nl , - .rf taiion to the body 1 I aaev-p w - , j -r--r- -j - i i ' i " . ' . . a anr?na In avorV nart of it to diSUn- 1 "T H r-T-T ' T . raUh tha Dowel bed bottom fremi al I others.' Eber Blodgett, agent. Wyman A Co.'a you will find lavervthing desirable for summer, ffioal I drenj 62tf I 1 ,r-vtvfa-ia at BOc : i -rr-, r t t-i r - j jajmaad W.00, just received at Leib gro i , , f J) fiOtA-TSj' - .Vou esa be supplied and hava your I AwmrlmtLt n ,h- rLn attended 3 - . . ... htIfrrf ..77,'. - Vforlran AQere'a. - ,, . 1 ,,. JTJ.j ,u - Ik iietteaaart to ro to otber parts f the eity for your groceriea,,i T . I ii.....-i. i . . 1 . ( Catarrh, so nasty that you; art almost a curse to yourself 4.hea why don't you buy k box ef German $nfft f Sold' bf Gushing A Ox 3. J 1- 6000 yards new Caliooea, Just opened af in iu.i. T :t r4- ' sni t. ' r " vv. v.. w, v j v a whp( yaH.' j .Oo to Vman dc Coy's if yon would j have- the mt Caryeta J tnoney. ;,' i J for , tha least 2tf t !T9Me HiktBa! !-. ti ' IasDeakimr of thet disappearance pfj the hitching pieU In, front pf the Bt, Joseph Block: ou bODO that If the ruil-1 ty party ia tdad he'maJ be planted for a hitching-poai; and have nothing bat cribj-biting juid stUmp-kucklng; horses tied to him. l learn that one tof te City Cojunciljnen acknowledges that he ia the guilty party ; copsKjuenuy Lafay ette street would, like Jo get six just iii I xar,aiaiii,'ia! ' i i Jdst Tblak br If. You .can save twenty-five cento ton j: :l 1 i .If every dollar1,, 'by buying Vour Crbckertr, Glass-ware, SilVer-ware, Cutlery,, lam pa, Bird-cages, Wodenware, Ac, of J. M. Pool A Co.. i'l i ' TheLibmtv ofPodrv and Sona. is a superb lare ocUvo volitoe pf over ej0 pages, .) frOn ' jthe iterUng pUljlishig house of j. B. Ford A Co., ew York, which contains: selecti' T. . i b - - 1-1 ! .. ULt p 1 V otners irom pi cptiwiioue b- Which w hNseel inWng sirangei vrrana naruir aatsMaauaa auu aiaav aaawa i accoraing to an jniugioie auu wuipfr- hensive plahjj In c6btaihing aeJectiQiis which nearl&oover thentire historical period lover phich; English poetry extends, and in! Embracing matter! suited to every conevabl taste and every Va riety Ol leeiing ana cuiiaire. ie m.mrm ofnosimilacllecon n the EngUsh language whiles, copiousness ind felicity of aepitiouB; and arraiigjemelnt, can at all compare f frith It The agent. Mr.; John 8. flarper, is iow canvassing the city for ; fchis valuab e work,! which our readers jwill find it worth thjeSr while to examine. If mw, t Lemei. 20tf : fi i AStl ,D CREED. Letter Irras Hesiajyler Olfas. i 8otfR Bep, April , )85 "I am compelled e acknowledge that your Fever and Ague Plls have enecied some decided cure. Last year ypu sent mn a number Of boxes, assurmg me that mv incredulity would be overcome ifiwe. tried them. ; And we can testify Matj in seven obstinate cases in hich they have been tried, they have proved aniinfalli-ble cure, and have not failed in a single instance. Watis better still, the disease does not return, and the system is leflf In a robust and Ihealthy state." 1 1 Ilxhlr'ii Pills aire conceded td be the universal panacea for OhiUs: and mis- matic Fevers .jiowi naawoi h ikuttii.iTT. : I - a. sieftraaMp, IrrlUbla iuh or : wwk, ewf-wtu fthaatcd fcella)a mm iMrfjr ,mr aailaatlaai I ' copiniaaa) head, waa hi atawrfi lotxm wlta 4-bUltatlna, lTlantarr d imtsHmrtfeu. , eoDaeqiHttw utt ttcnaa, tudlutul overwork i or tnducn-tiuoa. ,fhla KKRVOI S DF.nil.lTT Bud a severOlffM cm in IH MrUKKTH' nOMKOPATHJC StPKflFIC, Na. . It (uoce Bp tbajtretein, kmtti dudtarge, dUpiiU ih DwaUt rliijiu aad datpomdeney, and rejuwe-utn the entire' arrteax, . It ia perfprtljr haru-lva aod alwaT HBcimt, Prite.', fur a package of 8t boxes ad a large Tial of powdr, whith to uoportant idj aid, arwu cafao ; or 1 per aujgle box. Sold br PniSBMa, or aint by nUil on reeeipt of brfcia. addraia HUMI'BREVB' BPECU'IC IIOM QPATH IC'j MEIHCINK 00, Vo. MS lBItWAT. Ni V. I i , For isle br to. M . 'aUy, Jafca Trmla-r aad t'siHhlas; aV Co.. houah Bend.; ydmoDWsfrii(rtrTb , IITTLESEY," lli gwst niH-tlzpr. i ; WHITTLESEY," ifar colie. j j j WHITTLKSKY." aHi,iiiiilalrt( oily WII ITTLEEY," th Wl family rruMy. TT J 11 a A. a7asr"aC a . IV-lT- vii 'a "WIUTTLaEpEV,T ,'rat ternpr4ilce No use of taking the Iiueci ofiVnidve, griping, drititic pills( pit up ini cheap wood or pawte-Doara ooxes, wnen iiir. Pierce's Pleasant Purgative PelleU,; jor Tasteless. Coated, Concentrated Root and Herbal '.Juice, Anti-Billiousj Gran ules ovarcaylaraef than mtutard fitetut possessing a much Kwr as any lrge pills, and neatly put up; m littfe vials mat preserme inejr. viriiica uutinyw for jtnv lenirth of time. In any climate. can behad Ibr 25 ients bf all Druggists. it 4- niEU. t Tn hU -it :iin tttm 22 ihiii... at fi t. m. : of flux, Frank, oqiy eon, and only child bl K. L. and M. Abbott aed .Vyeare and Di day. i In this cltri bn tbe Olh. df djitenteey. Mftry limine, daugster ot otmar sua aia uid 2 veara axal 6 month, i lar BaKtinn, ADAVIS;&p AVIS'; U1B& COAL YARD! i . 1 j ii ' I I ! ' In consequence of thje lage Increase in ourbusines we have found it news- sary to double our yard room in order to hold the stnek Of Lumber hich we find es4ntial to iipply 1y the wants j of this rapidly gro lasr clty. ; We nave a stock of Lumbe ' of the various' jgrades! use) in hijiildingl second 10 no other yard !- . We keep in store, resly for use, lrr ww- d rioorlwa, iWldlng, Wales- rot Ing it Finishing lninhr. 8ash. Doors, llllnda Dlould- Inga, llulldliig laer are furnishing promptly hills complelc for all grades of houMes. Bills of Joist Timber, Muddlasr. Fencing,' arn Hoards, thln glea, ;latH, or anything in ihe ijumher line filled street from mills at prlcew SO rloae it hat parties j in aBBaSBBaBVpaaBSapaai i tending to build iH Save Mone) by giving us a call, i APA1HM ti. IAVI, shi and dealers, ctrner Iafarette and Wayne jstreets j 60mf D. IRELAND & SON 1 '! i Take bleaattr In ansunr(nf that they 1 boucht i the Liery Kitli owned by Jhh A. IrfUn lid. and miuved: the ilihiiiint itoriff aame tfcinnlil.' St we Opposite; tha i :ht Honsa. i! Ml . M Ther will always be ;i i 1 1 ready and wiljlns call on ibemi for to aeconlmoditU ail aliu " Livery- OMNIBUS i i . i i They mn as ilmnibiia'i jthe citrij j .4 front all traiiit or la any part of itril: i,-i AnMHHH Vtn find thU S tnod i feed thel hiiHwo. and diapM of their earn, oSts. bar aSd straw, for which thai hlcheet srtoee will be raid. jQall ir and e Uem btloreeeiuns eiaewnere.! 0. IBCLA Ilsrj4.187iftf I ! FOR And InrrCR NR m ; Ciru1r 8sw Mill at thi head ol thwtt raee, Xbebulld-iru k forty by ity feet; part of it two Maries slab. The power u furnUbed by a elxty inch taerkaa l eniine wneet, ana rerrvninf snoui be mill w la jtno4 repair. I will slj tell lotn tlna. a. 2 ami M. on tks went aids af tha race. I aJtasffsrsta-hartatajj ;. pi.- ; . ji ' TEN ACRES OF LAND. 7jU:J. J1L I lLirJL..i;-L ' UI pawpn ni uuh, wwi ton m in nrafi ide 4he eity loBtta. 4 Splendid trieee I o and in- of nroD- enr wo evi h iiieo eiiy utia. i n in Melllrhean lor eub. or a-aair ean raautta : as to ivs rasiatiasl j I on i inter eat Irom i T ii P, TATLOE. a..ik1i..l T.i. imi ibi 1 - ' r i ! . lardThsiaTI wtsa I E. CLARKE JOHNSON it. !. . 1 louna Cflniraitor Builder. r f 01 tska eharse of? iDwellinn or! Batisea V01 .4 H i "oaees o-inj iaa rTB f rvBsin aa COST1U.CT 4- PrlitWasdKlrbjW' 8ho sad Raleae e( withp;!?.co0iiis4iuii:j O0e AtvlmltatflB v a. h wU8xjroTpf mxer, cu riser,) &oatU Oandj lad. 7tf J LINK SALE. Mill . a a aa aa , j ii i i tj i imv:r i :i Jrz , ii J Mi POOLS C: CO,1 JAS SILVER PLATEDis I ' . i ci f uu iianMuo ssilf , I f 1 Mi j 11 t ' Z.e. laftTWM ' riM''"'i LI t' ) ; ICE; CHESTS, ! TABLE (OTLEKT. Water Coolers, mtsHRIBai, ' BIRO CAGES, o STOKE WiRt Bver fbr sale is Hor'a Isd'k. "P A lart (jtock alwatn oa h4 All at VVhb esa 6 ahd Retail 1 ! 11. : 1 ' i ia 1 i lit ; i A rv fcXT setT-i ; t i 1 (.ronouivned by all lo be the Largest, Most Complete DGTTER UIM W IVI A 1 (Vl Van Sickle 107 and 109, Michigan street ! I a I hare rverr fucllitr for produoin in the higbem rtrle of the art. i , i REMBRANDTS, BERLIN S. VAN SICKLE AMBROTYPES ETC. KniHrirmuhU flninhed inj India Ink, Water Colon and Oil. ' 0allt the Old VAN SICKLE GALLERY, PAVE. BECKWiTII. South Bend June 73. 1k8wyb D. W. RUSS, WUIII.NaiLR 4ND SKTA1I. -AXD- Baker U now iircpsred t iITer j i t. . Orbbei?ies, ; CaOCKEAY, h SILVER WARE, CUTLERY ETC. At)reler ItarBalaa tbrt ever before, j' Call and Examine Goods and i Pricis bofor Pnrcnasiilg. Havliidticftiii refuknlHl the ! j raOesas.ixa.eS 33vatlaxoaaa) 4m now prepared to furnhh artie attb Cakes, IN THE VERY llESTOFSTYl f Agents for Nilei Crackers i South Bend, April '. l7:f.'tC Just Heceivedl A COMPUTE LINE OF THE; CELEBRATED '! ( ill?HICJe.lM CASSIMERES Which are intaiiulftctnrefl entirely f Ann meaigaa a.; cs avi woois, a whlcli ;are ti.rteicejlM by any ! ' 1 roods in tha market. , - r tt . , ; i TO ALL WHO MAY Purchase These Goods AND (JIVE TEM i A FAIE TRlAt Wa Oaarantee Satisfaction. N eW SGbod . ARRIVING EVERY fMoshen& Smith pa.!' I ii i i i ... i irf nninnimiw i float Bea4. atsnk 8, Is7i-Htf- mesa la luiniieuae, ' wfk .JjjSflLZ :A : Tj' i k 1 Ii.. LjL J;! ii 11)1 : sa . awa, . ! a-V J V i 1 . . wa- aa a nvpa j mmmm wm I : mm m 1 .. i i I ;i. ti ! in 9 r cm i i 1 1 f ! e a i -o-i L.h! ..,':; ; 1 I " ----ti 5, Til .. . .. . i a a i a i. 14 a 1. 1 r. come-oeing ninety AIUUIIIIU i H feet deep and wen. 3 . 'M. 'Jr 1 j1 . !' built up (heNargest , f fjlOtnillU ' trade In the citv In i i fMi i, f. ial ? 1 t our. line. W ask : j. 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Flrii3 Mouldlog, Dfwrs, imwng, wow, uwS. kialiMf tha Muni. Klinda, Ulaa4 Wiuil. brt FrvHt'ki atid acnill wnrk nf ovor4 darriMlial. dreaeed .1. . : . - . ; ir; i( -is ' I Tit!' ,11 1 .-.(... 1. :' 1 I r'.i H , 'II i-H..' 1 Jmtft:B6ginun;viiiifir 1 1 . . itt iTirns .11 ( 2) Asia ttai - - , ! !'. .' ii- i i i , i n M -it h i ) i j : mm liiiiii mm n- r . i e j . r I 1 I T . TT 3 I I i li I IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIJII"! 111IIL.I111I II. ; : 1 -I.,.1 tv)re.aifiiMB.;! . vLo keens the larjeet aai blsMartsl fUk ' I - III " Be louau in .lunnern uvunu i: .; - l ;! 7 j ' ' I ! .-Hit $ i i t. . j .i.: ei jii i . i i 1 1 : .tfCUUIIIU OUILO j mvn a V mvl I I nhS rou want A hi C BUSINESS SUITi ' I If 1 1" I ur siDjiniOAT io U-v un ve, Oentk PuraisiW C Jqi; j t 'Be rar ' j J i'. j I I a K 4h i nrAa4M . : - t. t, k evivJil.. .OlaOi' i - iVU IVlV aUV IVWa pi :75WaSMniyi7. : ' South Bend. Indina.-intf jp j j ' j 1 ' - "- i r- t .i ti ii i ii it - -! WalwortK : a 11 II I I J .I l 1 I. Y-f a JJ. pfii'p ! ii i rickfU and Uata f every y a. 1 1 ;i h i lhu't (oivt th nlsw. but If.ydu dJ just : IOIIUW tut1 crown Mill Toiii win iwim yoiiiwn i. ., - i -i i in i. a : at ..tlif firlry of the YLW!(lTl V t TiM MHUiiliMtunnit: tfisij"on wunai Sliwt one half Miiare nvrth of jtlicf 1. M . . K. n. Uf ma, I Hoiarai i h' 1-t i'i ir Tl.oboHt thini in a faniil. iw tho bost I3ewihi? Maclkii and the liest JkYinffAlaccsirp , a: . . m w v wa a -a av -Ji?a w sf-vi a iT Jit : a. a I i a i a. w i iTa n' . i " i . a u W " ill ti AMKaifJAn a' . BaaaaaBisaaaiBiL- which combined arnipliclif , : V UurabJhty, elegandoi an liol.ilitv w a . li ! I I not tuinK oi uuymg ja rq -chine without firit sfengljtlxD ; (Jpcrationof thcjAnLoripanj It has decided adanti ovqir all others. JfPfrie vr tnaln any firstS-claU machuio, M'iilo the quality h.r;gd,W icr. h- ? i 1 i s ( i 1 I A 5 JI O, ' Mavqii EIUIA R, i t f I ' it '5 General Agent. ' Poutl. Bend, May 10. 18T3.-- '.f. ....'u f. : 1 H s i I'M

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