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South Bend, Indiana
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(j i I i5i i i i i i it' 1 i i i 1 i I i I i i I I i 1 'I 1 I I i I I I 1 I 'I 1 i i I i I I ii- i ii i i ii I. I. i i i I i in i ii ii i I i Ml fJ I I i 1 Ml 'I'll I 1 11 i I VOL. VII. NO.

SOUTH BEND, INDIANA, THURSDAY; EVENING, in -l: i I i (.1 i I I ri 'I Mi! I i I I 3 II 'j WMter Wrk at Xllea. emplpyes of corporations lien; on the property of such corporations for wages for, work or labor done; making an ap ii atest mm TUBLIIHID BAtLT. IXOIPT tCRDAf.i BY THE TRIBUNB PRINTINCI CQ4 At T3 Witiiiaroi 1 1 ihU i i hy Ft i tv i I i Otlice on 1st floor 67 89 Wash. North of Court House All legal busines promptly attended to. SPECIAL ATTENTION'! paid to Collections, Con 1 i i rej anclna and furnishing Abstractn rnr i.

il. -1 i Arnold's i Of Title of Title. Abstracts 1 i -'I! In connectio connecuoa with the AbstracU la an A 4 I I 1 I 1 Ml- I I ll iJii wn May be consulted at this ofSce. 1 I .) j. 1 I the siracK which contains i II I ii i County, with a reference to eaeh parcel I '( No one should invest in real estate, Dut consulting these books.

A large Stock of Qro- ceries, Produce, Bakery Products, at greatly re- duced Prices--Actual, i i i i I I i 1 i Bargains. ill Qur lines of Goods 1 -Nl. 'ii Jin. n. nto i nil MM' i I i 1 i 1 i .1,.

I if, i i I fi i iCausei I I' i fi I i Ml I i i -j Mj i 1 'h i i i I Vi ti i 1 (iii ilt I I -ii fe i -Ni 1 4 'II i We are pleased city, NiIes, is to to i see that our sister hare a most perfect system of water works, without incurring! one dollar's Indebted neis The common council of the city, lob Monday! night closed a contract with WL P. Uaochett Newj JjTOrk; which provides that company composed -of hlnlself 'sm Certain oilers hallhave th privilege of water from Barron jLake into the-city through a main not leas than twelve Inches in diameter, The city agrees to itake less than lolfire plugs i per year cachi payable aemitannually and; this contract uns SO years the cltyi however, rpservin thej right to buy: the works at the end of 20 yearsi I Barron Lake issitualed between three iand; four miles Qlufciij of Niles and at an elevation of 100 feet above the city. The water clear' and pure and ao deep that in some places the lake is known ai bottom less, Niles Is in luck to be so situated In regard to. fire protection. Han-chett is now it this city, the guest pf Mri Ed 8t.Tohnr 1" UAEKSTS BY TLQEAPH.

ii'i i i I i. Uhicaoo, Jan. 18, lower Sl.iH ch 1.9 for i i ii.1 a Corn was qaiwt and dull, plosina at s.wo casn aoa 4Jic tor so. Oat-wtr dull bat steady closing at at 3.i for cash and 35 for eb. liy wm steady at 72ei i HtK wre lower and i Inactive, salee at 6.75.

i i i. -ii Bfr TorK? navku. i Nkw.Tokk, Wheat- Receipts bushels opn- eu a enaae lowrr; eioeea wiaiar. rou. western tl.35; prime White: (l.U aye vuiei etekuy; wwow (j I i I Corn fair demaadi 4H953t cUt for Bw Weetera raized G29Kli for old do.

Oate Little more tadr', mixed western7 and state, iSa)bS white western and state, 4655c. I 1 I Telede Mat It eta. ITolxdo, 1 Flour Stead moderate demand Whrt Dull, No, ii iamber Michigan; tt.47: No.4 red held at 1.33 I CoruFirm at cis for western mixed. Oats steady 36c I i I i I I i.i 1 1. OPERA HOUSE! i one: JANUARY 20th', The Dlsj Slioir from the Kasjt hatwabd; brosj, COMBINATION.

The UrffMt snd moit com Diets of the kind, in the iuniverse. Full band of Minntrel. i trouv of KirmtiMts aad Acrobats. together with the) Urget corps of speoialty artiMta svar aeen with adt limilar OrstoiMtioB. ror lull particular, see large ipoatsrs aaa prosrammeg.

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VYMAN CO. January 8th; 1877. propriation to pay the debt of the nor mal school for the relief of claims of damages arising from the Morgan raid; 1 be latter are claimed to amount tod about (600,000. 1 A AeeMsit.i jl; AtE'khart, evening, a queer accident happened I on the streets. I A team belonging to James Butterfield, while running away, colli aea wan anotner team, wnicn was hitched to common bobs, with a box on, in whlctr sat a young lady named Row.

One of Butterfield's horses wai thrown Into the box upon her, where he I lay wnue me team ran aown tnrougn Main street for several squares, with: the mate A L. 1 t. i iuu uure wuicq was lying: on ine girl in the box, running by her side. They were fiaally stopped, the? eirl lex tricated, and the horse dumped out of the pox. The girl waa terribly fright ened.

but Isj thought not seriously injured, i j. i I I i i i i I tax nsw COMPBKSUKD. i I iiTu. .1 1 Einca April the ailver disbursement for irsctional currency redeemed, on currency checks, and oblU gationn, toUl, (23,789,181. The Toledo Blade and Commercial, the two republican, papera la that city, have consolidated.

The Baltimore city council ha appropriated (10,000 to be used on the streets for the purpose of giving employment tottheTieedy poor, The Union Trust Company, of New York I cny, was defrauded out of this week by the forgery of George Z. MaxwelL -S-V I i At Kendall villej Wednesday night, ohortly alter as 1 Mr. Brent fiickett, a clerk of Lem F. A bell's drag store, was on his way from supper to the store.1 he waa ragged and robbed of all hia I money, amounting to about $30. r' Lii'i W.

Nj Howes, the -defaulting il city treasurer of Covington. Ky who ab-; Hconded recently, has been arrested In London, Canada, and will soon be ex tradited. i hi; Ii An attempt was made in the Chicasro city limits Wednesday night to rob the nine clock Alton: express car, but the thieves wer frustrated after securing a smaii sum. The house committee on; appropri- ations are ready to report the Indian It appropriates $4,375,000. or (272,000 less than last year.

I 1 CavBtl0n Towashlp Trustee, A meeting of the trustees of the sev eral counties in northern Indiana for the discussion of. matters relating! to schools, township affairs and poor, is to be held in thia "city February 8 th The object is to arrive at some conclu sion with reference to changea believed to be desirable in the laws now rerulaN ing township business, nd ttlien petw tion the legislature tor the modifications wished. i i Skinner, the trustee for this township, is of opinion that the statute with reference to schools should require county superintendents when visiting the schools in their respective counties to make a careful note of the govern ment of the teachers, and according as it is good, bad or indifferent, estimate the per! cent by some given standard. Then when the teachers are examined, this per bent, of government should be neted upon the certificate. By this the trustees in making an engagement; for another year can determine at once the true qualifications of the ap plicanti He may be perfect in an educational point of view, and zero in government.

If so his certificate will show the fact, and the trustees can pais upon the Case understandingly. 1 I A modification is also thought to be necessary; in the" law regulating roid improvements. It is held that the land tax for road purposes and the office of supervisor should be done away with, making a statute instead permitting trustees themselves to make the needful levy, payable in cash, and empowering them to appoint their own supervisors It is urged that Jby the present; method! the accomplished amounts to nothing like what would be done if the; tax was paid in money, and judiciously expended for labor on the roads, the workmen sub ject to dismissal when not performing a reasonable service, the same as in any Other. em ploy ment. 1 i 1 Some action ia thought to be necessary likewise to protect trustees from' Imposition by tramps, and several other topics oi minor; importance win come up for discussion.

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Coon ley. drueeist. sole airentifor mv 1 s. of the season. -n'hit E3Ij reduced prices continue 'I 1 THREE O'CLOCK ATTERNOON.

i A Plan of Adjustment Agreed upon by the Co ngreaatttual. Joint 'ommlttee, 1 1 1 I 1 Uhlcli 1T1II 1 De Submitted iTO Day, rand Probably Concurred In. I All Dlaputed Questions to De ft fijtllAf Ilanril nl ji Arbltrutlou, lit i 1 4 -i Cmpoaed of Supreme Court and Ilembers of It Declalon to De nal .1 unleaa Rejected by Doth JUduaea. j. i J1 4 1 ii 1 i E3 IE I a A Terrible 1'owder Cxplo- I alon in Iev York.

If A III I 1 J' Doings of the: Indiana i I l-'lnlnture. i MIacelaneous Home H'ewi. and I Wasuinotox. (: A Remedy prepared. i I The gratifying intelligence cornea from Washington i that: an 'agreement nas Been reacnea Dy commiiiee ap pointed by the house and senate to de vite aome method for counting the elec toral vdte that should be acceptable to both political It is stated with poaitiveness in both the special and associated prees; dispatches that; such an Adjustment has been accomplished, and that the plan will be reported to congress to-day in the form of I a report signed by all the membera of the two committees excepting Senator Morton.

The plan of adjustment, which if adopted will at once insure a restoration of confidence and a general revival of bus-inessjcontemplates the reference all disputed questions to a body of arbitrator! made op bf five junices of the supreme court, of whdm justices Clifford, Strong, Uradley aiadj Field, two republicans and two democrats, shall choose the; five membera to be appointed by the senate, three republicans and two democrats; and five by -the house, three democrats and two iThe decisions of the board Of arbitration are to be final to the extent that they can only be reversed by the concurrent action of both bouses. Great confidence is felt in Washington hat the report of the joint committee will be adopted a it is not believed that the democratic extremists, who object to anjr plan that does not Unsure the election i of Tilden, will be able to musket vwtes enough to defeat the re port, renufng-tne presentation of the report and the publication of its details uq absolute I certainty, exists that the beginuing of the end of the preaideuf tial dist.urbancd is close at hand but is reason to believe that it is so and that the: country will soon receive the; (joyful 6urance that peace and good order are? stcured beyond ques- ti0Q! i I IM 'f -MVt ill Mflver C'oIrak A PrpjliloB rrum I BelKlusn. The, director of the mint at Brussels, Belgium, has made a proposition ito cpin. silver for; the. United States government.

Ue that the mints of Europe are closed against 'silver, and the European market is in a deplorable condition. lie thinks that by using bis bu.fl ion bouses in Iiruwels Paris, and London' for purchasing bullion and coining it at bis' mint great stability would be given the' silver market, and the United Stages won Id thereby be able to coin the trade: dollar to an extentsuf-ficient to control India and China exchanges. He is further of the opinion that American silver mining would aJ be promoted if! his proposition waa 'i I 1 i N.E YORK, i I. -it Powder Emplolon. Theexplosion of five tons of powder nrlv thli i fnnminir HamnUihai) tKa.

buildags of the Scbachticoke powder; mills, he shock was felt twenty miles A large amount! of! powder wa on hand for the Prussian icovern- menu i r. I I The la-lalMtur. In the i Senate to-dar Mr. Uarrls in troduced a'jolot resolution. prohibiting counties, townuhlpsj towns, and ciiien from extending aid to railroad or other corporations by taking stock or making donations or money or creptt, and for-bidding legislation authorizing couni lies, cities, or townships td assume any debt of individual or corporation.

I I the enure day was spent) in (the House in the introduction of hew bilU and resolutions. Among the billi in troduced were the following Giving Gold in New York 1.0C.j Money 4 er cent. in gaining in the lllinoi Leg i Cincinnati ia in ft state pl excite meat over the rapid riw ijvthje f)bi river. Great feara are entertaloeii much damage Will be donei Many of the atorea are already partially merged, and the water it rising at; the rate of four inchea per Jii The supreme court of Minnesota) liai divided that the lot and building' of national baok occupied a a place of bualoeaa not liable to aaaeMment an taiation under the itate Uj law, thua re? eraing the deculon of the lover eourl. -V i I', I'i At Indianapolia, Wednesday, an; Informal meeting of Mayora of i aeyeral citiea of thia aUte waa held it which it waa determined to hold convention oo the 3 1st inst.

to discuss la needed for the citiea of anl to memorialize the legislature on the aubjectr" I Thlaa rumor abouWh uV'pjtous amea Gordon 'Bennett tlai Ve tfiiU. his appearance at Jacksonville Florida oni Wednetiay evenlog7 anil Rimmed ately went aboard a yacht belonging to A committee of the OMq legislature has began the lnvetigatiuQ'Of the Ash tabula disaster. The first witness ek aminftd waa Amasa Stone. the for mer superintendent and president of toe road. lie designed the explains the disaster on the i theory that one of the locomotives was off the track.

Clarence A. attorney ral of this state, waa elected on; the 44 Tilden and reform" ticket. The Chi cago Times says that a raid waa made on a gambling' house Indianapolis Wednesday night and among 1. the a mates arrested was the reform canui late, Buskirkj M'Twas eveV TH1HVNB THIMBU. Russia is still arming.

Pigs are good swimmets, Deep sea fishes cannot lire in ahal low water. i J'l' I It ill 1 The centennial grounds look vjery dreary. We. as a nation, should learn to. sit less on our shoulder-blades, i hit The best way out of text books is through them.

I Macauly said that as civilization rrew poetry declined. Northwestern PennJbk the i eep- st snow since 1831. Washington in hia boyhood as famous for "starfding "Uopperdozed" is the latest addis tion to our common SDeech. Jjewyvilie is the correct pronuncta: tion of Mr. Watterson's 't ji 1 1 Andrew Jackson uwu- tO' fear glossy broadcloth fitting like wax.

1 1 A graphic lecturer says, "Fulton" head was the first engine house' The streets of Naples are paved: with lava cut from Ilerculaneum. I Under certain circumstances arion is a hanging matter in New York. 1 A vein of gold worth; IjCOO a foot Las been found at GainesyilieGa. I 1 Seventy or eighty girls are constant! raking among the of Pompeii Our revenue system is a patchwork of compromises. Prot feumnen III San Francico waa een comparal tively fue years.

form earthquakes for eight i i im' 1 I i i i lf i I "Enough power is twasted at Niag ara Falls to pull the sun out of his Suck et," )t. Between 5,000 and, 6,000 perjshed in this country last year th victims of kerosene oil accidents. I There is many a true belivin Christian man who hides a mean act from his companions, but has very lit-tie. respect for the invisible i angell that aee him. Yet he is just the man to brag on angels.

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CoonleyV druggist, sole agent for bouth JlenoV i dAw2wi 63 1st Ii. I "I fin II names of all! real estate owners in 8L Josek i 3T '1 -1 11 of land owned by them, 1 4 loan mone or do a credit business Business active, sales lanrcl i increased and I i i' clerks always busy. will be kept and A II I 1 ior tne iremainuer I Dr Eliel'sSonsi "I EAST WATER STi, Southi Beny, OpBi at all Hoars. "Day i cr HijM. AKL'FACTURERS snd Bunlnsa Mrn will lilt fin I it to their advunt'iKO to 61, tL Card.

Bill-bends, Lfttpr-heHiH. Note, tlhelm, lilnW. Kic. iirinted atth l'aiutHE Our4-oitiMfnreM-ulinii fry divcrlptloo ol Jobirntiitus uusxtrlltl i in thubtat. or do a credit business! with I i I il JI i i HI I I i II I I Prescription DRUGGISTS' i 1 ji 'M 1 1 I I I II 5 1 I I Priritiriff! r- GERMAN 'and ENGLISH DAYSCkOOLi! Prof.

Henry lewis; and Carl Betz William ant JeffcrsonSts. TnRtniftlnnn will ba riven in German. Etlff HahjMathfmatic. Penmnnhip, Drawing, Declamation. Geography and il istory.

Term moderate, ('! tix 1 EVENING SCHOOL Atbe ama plss. Iuitruotion la Mstbs- mat os. Enelinh. Penmanthtp.l JJook-Eeepinit Osrioan snd drawing-. i it Ji LL'L-i 72f lewis.

TOM CITY pd Wifcll Ilitits. Hulk l'id, Itd.i I '1 hr 111 I HIE -Il dim. South Bend, Ind. Ii i.

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