The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 28, 1950 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 28, 1950
Page 7
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SATURDAY, OCTOBER 28, Our Boording House with Moj. Hoopto OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams ME '(OLD HER V *X)R irtTEuecr WA6 R£ -ROOTED BY AN - . .... WAY, ,,,.HOWDtDMf VOO TO BAIL W ACCEPT W< M6 GOT OP <|f AH-ER— IMDIS- THA.T HOSPITAL ' _ -~T MUST 4fSil6 EXPRESSED HAME MIS- *! "5VMPATHY. OR HAS .. THROW HERSELF on THE FLOOR IN A FIT OF ,„ UP EhJOOGH THAT ALOOF, }^tO SAY, ,,.,,.. OF COURSE = Political 5 Announcements The Courier News Is authorized to announce the following c for the general election, November 7: For Alderman First Hard Hnrry Taylor 2ni! Ward J. L. (Jodie) Nabers Aldrrman (4th Ward) Charles Lipford J. Wilson Henry IWEBUY AND SELL USED & NEW FURNITURE PHONE 2112 FARM LOANS ; Cates Wiggs Co. REALTORS Phone <I7;>1 : Blj-theville what did YOU do with your "chocs'! —' — ^i i^^ '»• xnv can feel ^n extra pair of ihoefi for winter at home just tor tettlnit yonr ahoe service m*h "do over" your vacation shoes. Grl *n Kxlra' Pair Thronjfh Shoe Repair. IHiIrn MUM »Mp- if ittnlfn. 1'hrn IVifr nil in kill A«nl Mil- ill lirr <K'n4. * * • XX! PETER THORNE'S long lean fingers were entwined, .struggling with each other until the knuckles showed whitish, reflected the agony within him. Terror, tempered by involuntary pity, rose in Lecann's throat. "You went lo kill her?" she srfuoaked. He nodded. Leeana swnllowed hard. "You'll have to tell the sheriff.' 1 Again Peter nodded. '.'Yes, I know." he said hoarsely. "He won't believe I didn't kill her, but—" He brightened. "Keep this, Leeana." He tapped the fingers clutch- in? the lavaliere. "You'll know why—soon." He turned on his heel and was gone before I.eenna could muster the courage to call him bactr. Frowning because an elusive half-memory had slipped back into the liinho of her subconscioi .,-ness, she crossed the hall to her own room. Sondra was still there, curled up like a contented kitten, her yellow hair as undisturbed as before. Now, she stirred and sat up, stifling s yawn. "What goes?" she asked. "You look funny." V "Funny?" Leeana marshaled- a brittle laugh. She hoped Sondra had not seen her drop the lavaliere riown the front e-t her sweater. "You startled me, Sondra. I didn't know YOU were here." j "Oh, but you must have," Son- 'dra pointed out maUer-of-factly. "You've changed clothes." She stretched, swung her lovely less over the side of the bed, ami stood up. "Seen Peter?" Leeana was glad she had walked • lo the window, glad her back was toward Sondra as s*ie said, "Net for an hour or so. Why?" She turned. Sondra was not looking at tier; itislerui, she was inlent on one long, curving coral flngernajl. • * • J^ONDRA looked up, laughing. "My. aren't we nosy?" Then, contritely, "Sorry. This, tiling is getting on rny nerves, loo. 1 know how you feel—suspicious of everyone, afraid to be alone with anyone. Even me. And I'm afraid of you, just a little, although you were with Mart Preston last night." She sighed. "It wears you clown." Lcoana agreed (hat "it" did. "Of course," Sondra said, "it's much worse for me. ! have to suspect my own husband." "Have to?" Leeana echoed, shocked. "Yes," shortly. ".laspnr pretends to be so terribly afraid it's Peter —to me, lhat is, He doesn't want me lo go into a room when Peter's there. He thinks Peter came here to kill him. Because I married him —Jasper, I mean. But he didn't, r.eefuia. Peler needs money. Killing Jap wouldn't get it (or him Killing Aunt Maggie would. Under terms of the old will, the one in effect since she died before her lawyer could come, the boys and Aunt Agatha share and share alike after cerlain bequests, o< course. Peter couldn't wail." "Why does Peter need money?" Leeana was very aware o< the jeweled lavaliere, lying cool against her flesh. t Peter surely wasn't Ux> hard up or he couldn't have redeemed it. she thought. Or was he planning lo use it as a club over Miss Maggie, to get mon money? Hardly. More probable was a shrewd scheme somehow involving Sondra. She said, "Mise Maggie spoke of checks—" "Checks." Sondra's laugh WHS harsh. "Alienation of affections Heart-balm. Alimony — twice Peter had bled the old girl (or plenty. No wonder she flung the gauntlet back' in his fac«. But iont think tw killed h«r. Tha* t'ould take guts." For the first time Leeana no- ked the lines about Sondra's 7e«. They gave her a haggard j "I know," she said, watching .eeana. "You're seeing what Thornc Hill has done to me. They old me that on Broadway, too when I went back. No sparkle. •>o youth'." She Hung back her head, defiant. "That's what brought me back here. Leeana. I—I thought f Jasper loved me enough we'd 30 away. Just us." "And he wouldn't?" Lecana laied herself for asking, but the Irappcd look in Sondra'j eyes wrenched it from her. "He wouldn't," Sondra said slowly. "Not yet Thai's what he said. 'Not yet."* "And then Miss Maggit was killed . . ." y Sondra turned away. "Yes," she said huskily. "Now Jasper says w* are going—soon. As soon an he gels the mone.r. Yon see why Tm afraid of him?" Leeana whispered, "Yei," but Sondra already had gone. 'T'HE lavaliere—where could she hide it? Certainly not in her room, for if the murderer might • and find it. ... She wasn't % v. of Peter now as a man :id killed his aunt; he was in danger, or he wouldn't have been desperate enough to conrtd* in her. But why hadn't he told th« sheriff? Or Mart Preston? Or even Sondra, who so obligingly had provided him with an alibi for the lime o( his aunt's death? Very carefully, Leeana 'folded the lavaliere into her handkerchief. .She looped thread into 'a skein and knotted it securely, leaving a yard-length which she attached to th« window sill by wny of a picture nail and the heel ot her shoe. Then she raised the window and lowered her precious package to mid-air safety outside. Not even Peter Thorne's shady cohorts could have done better, she congratulated herself RS she pulled the window down and locked it. "A nice job, my dear." I.eefina whirled. "Jaspsrf* (To B* Continued) BIytheville Glass & Paint Co. 1.16 E. Main Phone 6716 Concrete Culvert Tile Sizes up to 36 In. Corrugated Metal Culverts 4 Slj!es up In SI in. Antumntlc Flood GMcs Concrete Septic Tanks Melal Scplic Tanks Sewer Tile Bert Prk« >Ve Deliver A. H WEBB Highway fit at Stale Mne Phone 714 HAIRY VETCH Balboa Rye, Barley and Seed Wheat. For Fall Planting Blylhevllle Soybean Cnrp- 1800 Writ Main llfe P j, one 6856 FOR SALE Concrete culvert*, 12 Inch t« *! inch, plain or reenfnrcfd. Also Concrelc Builrtin B Blocks rheap- cr than lumber (or barns, chicken houses, pump house*, tenant houses, tool shfrls. We deliver. Call us for free estimate. OSCEOLA TILE & CULVERT CO. Phone S91 NU-WA Laundry Dry Cleaning Phone 4474 The lexas extension service estimates livestock arriving dead si U.S. market,? In 1947 would have filled a train nine mllw long. KEROSENE & FUEL OIL Dial 4091 or 740 Shirley Hipp /OUR FRIENDLY' lAGNOLIA DEALER RED Q SPOT PAINTS—GLASS—WALLPAPER MIRRORS—GLASS FOR FURNITURE Awnings—Venetian Blind*—Auto Glats AUSTIN & WICKER Phone 6207 - 112 S. First _ BIylheville We're Proud of Our Work • Machine work • Woodwork • Manufacturing 0 Welding BARKSDALE MFG. CO. How's Your Spe«domet.r? Tn be sure ifi reading rUhl, lei n check it. We give one da? service nn speedometer repairs f«r all cars and truck*. T. I. SEAY MOTOR CO. UTLEY BROS. LUMBER CO. - Retail Holland, Mo. — Highway 61 — Phone .1451 SPECIAL FOR THE WEEK: PITTSBURGH PAPER 2 Flintkote Roofing -Pittsburgh Paints Y«llow Pint — No. 2, No. 3 t C Grade Priced to S«ll — We Deliver — mCKLM XMB Kg HHBKM BT , F»Y. eor AT CHHJ . UPC IS NOT SO &(M«Xe V'£™ F Sc*e CUSTOMS* OONT HAND MR THAT OLD AXLE GRtASE ABOUT LOSIJ-Jj- XXJR WALLET "You eof & pension plan?" PRISCLLA'S POP BY AL VERMEEB , BUT NOW WE CAN TELL V\rlTHOUT LOOKING AT A BUDGET... ALWAYS TELL JUST WHERE we -STOOD FINANCIALLY! A'lolher Victim? HV MICHAMI, n'MAr.I.FIY nr-H RALPH LANE THAT WAS A PBETTY LOvvTwEVi J TOOK THS OAF FOB CMS* , SWI1CH6B/TAKINS I HIM »V MOW. SEVENTEEN COLLARS. * TAXI OTVEK--FC* TKIRE, PEKHAFS, mjT \ SHCWINB Off! ferrtx THAN MOTH***. CAPTAIN EASY The Brain Is Working BY LESLIE TURNER SO M'SIEUR BUSY REFI5E TO HELP WEETU NMMI'S F1AW TO Gil MEK EtN It MOW6S K0«? EM BIEU! WE SHALL SEE!! MOW TO LOOK W MARMAOUKE | KOOWTZ MO 8UV THAT PAWTlWfi FOR MR. HcKtf. THtM HOP J A PLAWE FOK HOME. rM J / Uf*l& M» STU«0_ / / nope HE'S IMI COO.OVT '• ' PHOtte FIRST MO RISK SAVHJG HE WAS TOO eusv TO stt Me.. BUGS BUNN1 0[ten Window, Shul Ky« KIDS ARE FOOTBALL AWPUL. CLO5H T> VER WINIX5W, |— f BOV5 €LM£R.' J ( WILL BS BOV5 I OUST SAVHP PRICE OT A WINDOW, SLMERJ BY V. T. HAMLIN A.LL RISHT. FC3LKS. PREPARE THE BS HOME IN A MCMENT: BOOTS AND HEK BUDDIES BY EDGAR MARTIN

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