The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 1, 1952 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, December 1, 1952
Page 7
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MONDAY, DEC. *, 1951 BLYTHEVTLLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE ICVCM Tfce Douglas McKay Respects the Dollar By LAKKV SMYTH NBA Special Correspondent SAIjEM, Ore. (NEM~Baclc In th» WO's, Douglas McKay found him«lf In the middle of a tricky two- way hand-to : hioulh struggle with dollars. It was depression time, and a» mayor of Salem, he was fighting to keep the city out of the red. And as an automobile dealer in private Hie, he was fighting to keep his own business from collapsing. McKay pulled both of them though, and out of that experience, his . associates say, he lias learned to b« t hard man .with a dollar, particularly when the dollar belongs to the public. They expect he'U exhibit his sain* conservative attitude toward spending when he takes his chair as new Secretary of the Interior in the Eisenhower cabinet. McKay, who went mi from Salem city hall to .become governor 'Of Oregon, a post he has held since 1SW, It no stranger to reclamation, •nd flood control programs, too major ttenu In the Interior Department's 1 business. He if also one of the .top automobile dealers in a atat* where great political strength has been built up through such dealership!. Now a medlum-slx«d 49, he served la both wars, and wu io badly wounded In World War I that an Arm*- doctor who hdped pull him thro*** iald McKay to alive only "* h« ithised to 'die." He went back to the Army in World War II and wa» stationed at Camp Adair in Oregon. He was al- moit SO than, and hU tour of duty THE LITTLE PEOPLE'S CHRISTMAS A Hidden Valley BY WALT SCOTT •tali, has been on the coiuervntlve lide.-The state l«'administered by a board of control,' competed oil th» (overnor, secretary of state and •late treasurer..They compose many of t hesitate boards, such a* banking board and land .board, so the governor here in many Instance* has one-third authority. His relations with the state legislature have been excellent because of the fact he had been In that body' eight years. When the legislature is in session he eats hf« lunch most often In (he senate lounge, where he keeps abreast of the legislation. McKay started work in Portland in the Union Station, saved'.enough to get through Oregon Slate College, and then sold cars for awhile, lie saved enough to get a dealer's franchise in Salem and moved there. ; For a long time McKay'was chair- mail of the Willamette River Basin Commission, wlilch developed thfc . . . Dou-las McKay . . .' •program for flood control, in the . . . Kept a city an* a buslneaa Willamette valley and halted the seasonal wiping v out< of • valuable farm lands when the. Willamette HIver and its tributaries went on ITS B6M>JOMg,CMMA HOW M3U )gUTIOH> FlWO OUT ABOUT THESE THINGS! / SEE THCM SO INTO THAT THE LITTtC MOPIC, SPOTS. Aftt) THEY SKMED TO BE VBRV 60SY POIN6 SOMETMlrM* OR OTHER. BUT THSY LIVE CWSR BVTHS BIS BEECH TREE! To MOST rtxte rr WAS JUST A RAVINE, FILED WTO TREES AND OOSED AT 0OW ENDS' Sf WU6E SOCK5.7HEY HAD NO WW OF KMO*^ IN&THATITWAS CALLED THE WAUCY OFTHCtMAUONES BY THE UTTlf PSOKS AND THE FR16NDLV ANIMALS WHO PWRT 'TH6RE.'•".••• v -:-••'-• ^ ^"'*'» w^^^^^^K^^ • '' ''»<&£ ' ""''*"•<., %ffij$iif$< 'Z'z&z. '"tMflfflfiiftl'iW' out 'of the red. . . . took htm'out of the state senate and a chance to become Its presdlent. In Oregon, the',20 senators elect their president, who Is first In line of succession to governor. McKay reached the governor's office in 1W8 as' the result of a plane crash which killed the govcr- • nor, the senate president, and the secretary of state. The post went to J. K. Hull, speaker of the house, and McKay opposed him In the GOP primary and won. • t | McKay*! administration in th«' the rampage, MM rk« f uholv* **• Orii ,1 n*m AMIMCAf FJjMMm SIJM0H Mifclmiiwj Jews' Tombstone Is Dedicated BELEN,-Germany W) — An 80- foot stone obelisk—a tombstone for 30,000 Jews and others who were slaughtered In Nazi Germany's Belson concentration camp—wu dedicated here yesterday. At the ceremonies; West Oemia- ny's President Theodore. Heuss told his countrymen they ale "bear the burden t of C shame/' but added, "There are good and evil men among any people." Read Courier News OlacsKled Ads. BOMBAY, Indli m-Tlie father- In—law of the King of Afghanistan, Hli, Royal Sardnr Alimnd Shah Khan, 63. died here today. He was en route to the United «tat«t to b* treated for high blood pr••- sure,;from'which-he had been suffering in recent years. Read Courier News ciatilfitd. A4».. V Morse to Vote with GOP; Will Disciplinary Action Be Taken? -By JOWf CHADW1CK WASHINGTON to — Sen. Wayne Morse's decision to vote with the Republicans on the organization of the Senate despite his bolt from the party still left unanswered today whether r disciplinary action will be taken against him. Republican senators have been reluctant to"»ay U they plan to atrip the Oregon senator of the seniority he, has acquired by his eight, years o/ service in, the Senate, and of his choice'assignments on the Senate Armed Services and Labor Committees. ( Morse quite the Republican party "and declared himself*an Independent during ," the presidential campaign after turning against Gen. Dwight D. Elsenhower and throwing* his support to Gov. Ad.a E, Stevenson of Illtrlois, the Democratic nominee. ' " He announced Saturday, however, that he ..would vote with the republicans on organizing the new f mate in: the. belief'.that the incoming administration of Presl- c'cnt-elect Elsenhower should have full responsibility for the conducl of Ihe government. But he said he would nonethe ; less maintain bla status as an,Independent and would not participate In either Republican or Dem ocratio caucuses. Sen. Welker <R-Idaho), com mentlng.'on Morse's statement tha .the Republicans should have ful respaoclbntty, told V reporter, think w« can have that respon •iblltty without his vole." Welker said he would leave com m«nt on . :lon to others. Democrats have shown no dls- Kj.sltion to contest Republican con- rpl of the new Senate even though, without Morse," the : Republicans will only outnumber them 48 to 47. Had Morse decided to vote with he Democrats they could have seized control at beat only until Republican vice President-elect Richard NIxori took office Jan. 20 and was. In position, to tilt the scales against them. Morse said he felt "11 would be politically unethical for me to take advantage of the closely , driven lines In the Senate by. voting' against .the Republicans In the matter- of .Senate organization." He added, however, that ; he would "not hesitate to vote against the Republicans on specific legislative issues when I think they ure'wrongr." He has often done so in the past. —Morse said he was perfectly willing to leave to the'Senate the determination of his seniority rights and other privileges and declared he has' refused to discuss his status with either Republican or Democratic senators. '- ' {. Prices Gut—Winter Auto Needs -•.' /.. SAVi MONEY, TIME, AND TROUiLI — IATTERUS AND TIRIS INSTALLID FRII New German Party FRANKFURT, Germany, (in West Germany has a new political party — the ^All-German People's party": (Gesamtdeutsche - Vollcspar- t«l> —advocating Germany reunite, stop all rearmament and follow neutral course in the cold war. 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