The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 28, 1950 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 28, 1950
Page 6
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,r ft I CLASSIFIED r ADVERTISING INFORMATION r— !»• •• Xmm JM* kU« p«r ttey ...... 1*e »|. *•!• >»r MM f»r «Uf »e ••« Mm*, f-r Ha* P*f <1»f - 1« r » itmM pw .in* IMC 4»y ...... *c ;HMMh p*r }*«• »c •1 O»wnt tint ftT«n..t« *»r4> ** »*• •'»* \ Ad on±*r«d f*e thr** or •.* tlmM and .•>«pp.i.l before nptntloa will b* ch»rtt- •* tor the nuirb*r of ttm« th« m •efiiMlil and evdju>im*nt of bill nuie t-ata CI&Mlf1«4 AdrcrtliltiK «*PT- »ub- — •"-- by pcf-ton* raiding <mt...<i.» <rf mff mu«t be .ieeompanlMl bf c*th i may «Mll? h# computed frt>.m (le - i*bl* ,' _iV-« th« on* ttnn t*bJt Ito r**ponftlblHtT will be ukre for tor* than one Incorrect li.*ertl<m t>f or cfc-wlflwl *d. All ftfe »re r**tr]ct*d to their proper '- — tric*t!on »tjl»' »n«l type. Th« Icr K«w« r***rT«« th« right to wilt j >parfmen< for Rent ,' 1 room Vnd buth *pt. fnr rtnt. p! ,*rt<*lrT equipped, Fuirn'«>.M or yittff&ljhfrd Call 8913 or 3338. 7 11V.W p*t 1M , S furnished, clean, downstairs B..,.. .»?«1 close in. one tin bacX of lot ^kijhl*.' hot And rold wtvtcr Iumlshct 1 e*ll «OT Sunday or before T :3Q w«e) days. 110 W. Ash. 10;?A pX '" ^ Fui-n. or Unlurn. »pts.. clo*e in Ph MM. . io;?8. pk -•• Oil _,_._ l"*r «rj«n **rrlc« I, b«rr«b*.a.Mfe«6l up ••). John wlxUmi. 10)11 rk II11 OH Betters cle»e4 the vAcmim wev. Ala* aUpert PliimlyLRt »ad pump re- s*>r. phone. M«I n>rrr Myers. .,, 10|17 pi ll[17 •eeriBx dresuuklug alteration^ bu*- Mnltoles. 313 H *th. Phone «7W, , • I0j:> r.k H|3 PLASTERING BOB MALONE GOFF HOTEL PH. 202g 1019 r< 11 Watch and Jewelry Repair 1-U.if wrvlc* on J eve try—3*day* on aom by ripert rep*lrrn*a Low*** "PAT 0'BRYANT Main & Second 10.1 e* If ^ 3 room fur. apt. 411 «, 8th. Phon IlTfl. . 10:28 pfc 11! ,. 1' room" fur. houae with bfUh. 322 If.. »th. Ph. 433«. Call mfter .1. , 10;28 pk 11 Tm'a room Tnr. »pt. Prlvnte batli Fhone 6271. ' . 10;2S pk 11| ., 3 room unfurnlKsied apt. with prtvan .b*th. Hot waler Inrnlshed. Ph. 39P2. ,< 3 room furnished downstair* »pt.. «lex:i»ic refrlgprator. stoTft. oil heal •prlTate bsth, nrlTate entrance. 700 W •Walnut, ph. WOO, IOJM ck it * N«wly d*cor*t«i 'modern apartmen* W best residential section. 4 room*. "prl?*l« hall «nd bath, hardwood floor*, *a* h«*t, large icrcrned porcti, RarRgr. SLH am.' ifl'» ck tr " 3few]y d*(»rated apt,, 5 rms, Jt Mth •ucomatlc hot water, KM hec.t. Tartiro. ««ll 717 after t. 10183 pk 10!» VMooern cabins, fl-M up. furh, », P .. W*«*ly rate*. Lost Boy Court, ph. W!. - IOJ1I pk II'IS 2 Modem Ap«rtm«ntB Apply D«lt* M«. - 1917 ek HIT .. 1 room film, »pt., upsttln. Adult* -wtr. 700 W Walnut, ph XXW 2 1013 ek M < Mo««rn, fur. -apt. 4-room- * bmth, r equipment 1 . Elec. refrigerator 124 itaTU. Pb. jrra r. a.moo 7 . io;« ek tr a _- ____^-^__^—__ 2 Twc 4-room unf. apt*.. new»y, dtcor- JtlMl, gaa floor, furnace*, hot w»t«r. fti. »r» JO|M pk 31 Call 1011 pV 31 ! PwrnUhrd apt 3 roomj and bath. KM equipment. •lectrl« refrlff«r«cor •, 3 UDf. raonw *nd bath, Call 4tl2 r M74 . lOjJ rk tf , beu*» . 3874. \ - ••!«.«*'.«? d*oonte4 2-*ooa apt 3110 '. C»ll a«eo or MM. -;ll ek «f Auto Sappli** GENUINE PARTS Wholesale — Retail CaH WILBUR WAHL Bay 4371 — Night 3473 TYPEWRITERS DON EDWARDS 111 W Walnut . Phone 33FI2 Plenty of Parking Space For Sat*, Misc. OIL BARREL.RACKS. Tom's Service'Station Ph. 3919 S. 61 Hiway 10-14 pk 11-hJ Arc 7011 planning a par£y? Let Bddtf at Cectl Lowf'* Gro prepare your rood and »err« j<iu. Corner Hi war N «l and r*r* fit t io;t3 ck inn = 2 Sen-.l-Carter Trailer*. Closed body Cab orer Inglne truck*. 10 good,»prinii" * mattreaae* Oh* 6 ft 'Warren D1&- >[a> mot box Good aa'new Apply D U Moore. Otwreola. Ark 10,7 cV ll|7 USED COMBINES, All Makes—Priced to Sell. If it's a Used"Combine Yui Want—-Se« Us First. 61 Implement Co. N. Hiwiy 61 PKon* 2142 r horn* .cdoked hot chill.- hirb«clte rtb«, baked b».hi, and dellc»tfr3«en fo Ph. Cecil law»'u Gro., ' 10]13 ck I .GOLDEN Weal peli clean * otforieee Pree o! lleeaae t parasltM. tntertilnlnji little nlmala H.OO per. .peir. 'C. A. Hunton i Ml. So on Hiway «[. io';i« pk li;i« 1 washing machines, perfetl ibape heap. AM t. jBd. phone 3JJO. Two used conrmeiee. Oenet condition Reasonable Price Hale seed 'Farms urdette. Art Fh 703 >i» ck tf > tamalee by ' the down Cecil -owe'a Gro. Ph M7. Id.'l.l rk lliu Two lota . near alte of new, high :bopl Contact owner. Grower Perkins. Tuttawa. Ky. 10,13 pk H|17 Roe.* Circuit. All nr-eaiary equlp- lent Included. Call 1745. . . .... 10:35 pk 10]29 VA.K'S HOME BAKERY special, orders. Phone ~27» I.aree ake.-— Birthday Cake* Parly cakes urkiya masted—loe per Ib. • 10il7 pk lljl •-room; bouse * 4-room honae '*ROo6 iah. Csll. M74. DII c ic t f 10 M ek 11|M AtfTO AND PUPMITDM LOANS Prompt Personal Serrlce General Contract Purchase Corp 106 South 5th Phone 6803 « S ck M ^ Don'* endanger your family' sHtfc »«ully Uree—BDT Lfai TIMS. • CHAPMAN SHBVICII STATION •Main » rxylatoei Phone 2KU ;. ItllJ ek W Here's YOUR opportunity' o go into businesa, right on Main Street. Well Established, >rofit making enterprise; Goodwill worth twice the selling price. The price Is right; Write today. Box 1)2, Courier News. 10-24 ck 31 Sectional t-eucn. Measonibte. 307 If "»• 10,54 pk 31 M laltoej D.a«T electric churn, nod ondiuo. w. W. Shayer. 3155, '. IOiZ7 pk 1IJ3 Complete .set bedroom [iimUnre. »ll«. ate. Cheep. Csll S3(l|, .|i|| Holly 10 ; M pk )1>1 FIND YOUR USED CAR! ISoO Chevrolet—a brand new styline de.uxt 5-paa- senger Coupe, sharp black color...see il. 1950 Chevrolet Ficetline deluxe 2-do«r Sed*n a slick 2-lon« grey & blue color. 1946 Ponliac 4-door Sedan. "6" cylinder mo«le[, a really nice car with radio & healer.. .»9»5. 1949 Chevrolet deluxe 2-door Sedan in really fitv. shap«, has both radio & heater . . . $1450. 1948 Chevrolet Fleetline. 2-door. Sedan, city driven in Blytheville, radio 4 heater . . . $1150. 1947 Chevrolet Fleetline 2-door Sedan, beautiful tw»- toiv» color, radio A heater ... JKW5. 1947 Dw>K« 4-door Town Sedai,.. .has both r.di, and Ford 2-door Sedan ... a real bargain at |325. 1939^Chevrolet 2-door nnmoally nic« oW- GET MORE FOR YOUR CAR ON A NEW PONHAC-WE NIIO CARS! Ask for I. V. M«L«m«n C«rf tm*\ L. 0. Gfoiicr Noble Gill Pontiac, Inc. Acrwis USED CAR LOT Crtj- Do You Appreciate That 'Something Extra 4 Phillip* UM«I tr«iki Ar« ••autiful Buyt l»48 FORD 1^,-Ton Truck with Slake Body, 158" wheelbase, serviceable tires, economical 8-c.vlinder motor $850 1946 FORD I'/,-Ton Stake Truck, recondiUoaed 8-cy- Jinder motor just i $675 I9<9 CHEVROLET pickup with deluxe cat), good (ires, good healer, blue color. .. $995 1947 FOR I) Pickup, this Irutk will jjive you lots of service. . .KTeal bargain at $695 FORD Pickup, black finish, compare Ihe truck and Ihe price. . .you'll see il's a bargain «(. .. $595 44SJ Uk.t.'1'A LAND FRt-INTl.ATION I'RICIa IAST TERMS COUNTV. AHIC par you to investigate the tast development ol Phillip, Couniyt Delta Hectlon Protected bj Government letet., on Mississippi and While Hlvers Best type delta, claj loam Adequate drainage. Low Taies. no bonded aehts A sood place to ItTe and make money SMALL FARMS—EASY TBRMS Recently subdl7lded. two fane place. Into 30 small farms, ranglaa; In alze Irorn as to .00 acres, priced trbm 150.IW to tlM.ou per acre, with down payments as low as MOO.OO » n d :ien "« ar 3% loans on balance Annual >aymentn Includlnfr Interest and taxes .o more than average rent, Practically 11 tracts have ons or more -houses Located within one mile or lesa of rravel roads or -highways, electricity ^•"able.,. Near Elaine" and Mellwood OOT-OVKR TIMBent LAND- We.1 or Mellwood "and Ratio Best type Olack day loam soil Drained by natural bsymis and canals Adjolnlnit :lesred land selling from IM.oo 10 nau.lm per acre We have sold over »l sections r>r this land In past two teera for Improvement and Inreattnent HaTe about lour sections left Prices fsnse rrom SI7..VJ to 135,00 according !no it* U Term"" ! "« '" "° *"" t "" M VTrlJe or »skr lor full descrlp.lon and maps on .this and olher rnrms for eale 1 B LAMBURT REAL ESTATE COMPANT 'WMi Solnmon Bulldlnc Pnone Main MS Helena. Arkansas lojll ck Jj|li Complete Beauty »hop. Iqulpmen lor iva operatora. Tar further Information call-ateele. Mo. 7W __ • '.' \ iO|ii pk Small bulldlns. can be moied '' ' 0Kng :' "• wld «- >»' ' U.rjuerite at. rh. can. io|a SI IB h lly lurt T^^sVT/Vo'joo Idalre Refrigerator, now I2U.OO Frlgldllre Ranee now I1M.7J. Fui guaranteed, Adam'a Appliance Co ph M ' . 2ag 7 FARMERS! You can buy anything: we have on NEXT KAI.L TERMS! PAY i/, down, balance Ocl, 1, 1951. Hubbard & Son, Furniture, Blvthevilie 10-24 ck'11-24 2 nryant gas c«lhn c heslera. Ian rorced. thermostailc conlrolled , UMI one season. A. J. Moses, ph. 3348. 10.21 County, Ark. _ «u acren Kood cotton (srm. all In ktltlrAtlan. nn--- ,175 per » c re Nenr Paragould. hOTe farms shown by .pnolntment •T. C. CHAPIN .Manila. Ark. rh. H 102S pk 113 :? -FOR SAIJE Immediate possession of :his house. Six rooms and bath at 904 Hearn. 3 bedrooms, master bedroom 16x18 ft., large living room, beautiful bacy yard, completely fenced, screened back porch, garage and three outside storage room*. This property in in extra good condition. See or call — JOHNNY MARR Ph. 4111 Res. Ph. 2596 10-28 ck tf This Is Your Privilege! We nnre • wine selection of can various niakps nnn mode].". In mote than one [irlce r<m.<e. Thus you ;au moose the Usnl you »-»nt RccomlllloiH'cl lair Inortcl'cars vvl'h a 50/50 nuarnnle. on parts and l»oor. Priced ,uht ,., rt etl - , terms. Our stcc.K is rompltle 1*49 Plymoiuh Special Deluxe 1949 Ford club Coupe 1949 Kniscr Deluxe with »|| the extra.*;. and many ninrc. "nil vHlu-s i?»r»re The 61 Motor Co. Your Kaiscr-Froztr Headquarters North 6th. §t. Phone 2H2 "We'll be Heit TOMORROW to . Buck Up Wh»t We Say und Do TODAY I" PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Stock Guaranleed Best Prices Kirby Drug Stores Oood oil heatlnr atove. will Sea < or I rooms. Apply 710 W. Walnut o. pnone Busy. Price fZS.oo. 10)27 pk jj WeatlaghoUM electric ctOTe—$MTC t ft. Frlildelr* Keinierator— » l»i>7 pk 111! for Salt, ft«oi fttat* REAL ESTATE We some re»l n», B alns In (aim anil iiij proptrlT If you «re Inleiesled n niirlns or selllns. U »lll pa; jou o nee us e also maKe M rear farm [oirjs Inleresl We can jtet jou a eltj property loan In s few hours Call Hubbard Land Co Ph. 665 107 ek Real Estate Farms—City Property LOANS. If .nterr.UpiJ In Rnylnjr or selling »<•* Noble Gill Agency REALTORS — Cecil Burls — Uencoe BIdg. Ph. 68S8 •.TO rk If M* »«ree, too* «•»•» toasl, silee I<•»»» Jxaeae wltk bath, hardwood iloors, Juraue* heett, etlle fesi, eeeetrieile; xbooj kiu e«4 null routes. Weil lei- «t*4 larm ID J>l«k state of eulUee,- tlOM. 1 eems, 2/ zBMIal |fe,lsj al»M z tessABi h«u*e«. a)) IB Mod eamdi.' tloei. O<fere4 lot aeU bf owner lor abort tleae oalf. Write Bo* c-l. e /» Oeurle* Mews. ]»>M pk It'll By owner, «tlr«ctiv« two bedroom home. Newly decorated. Two blocki Central School. Immediate Po»»*»gion P. E. Blttk. 911 West H*«rn Street. 10-14 ck « Alterillom tae.ll ranlllea— Rouaee for a«]e at 3337 Kenwood Orlva. i rooms and hath, hot watet neater, fenced In backyard, built la kitchen ceolneU. nardwood floors almost year old. Payment* on thla bouae run Mi.70 p» r mmith. «750 will clohe the deal. Call lets, or jx>. i, cateeoU 10;» pk ll Mighcxi Prices Paid for HENS & FRYERS BlyOtevills Produce G«. Rear of l.etdway Store Division . Phone 6875 8-10 ek tf rarm Wanted—M to 1M acri.. IM lerel land. Good cotton, corn or bean land. Priced rlrht. write details «. C. Kelms, Bos ett, Denrllle, III 101M |>k II; Notic* \ Urs. flattie r>ee Holt le now con ' nected with Caldwell Beauty Shop 31 N. Jnd Blreel from • lo ». Plion. 3M2 '•in pk ll>17 Iniuranet Call 3545 For Complete Insurance Protection W. J. Pollard Agency Planned Protection W Ash St. HOT1L BUn.DINO it ck ' W. L, "Bill" Walkftr WALKER INSURANCE AGENCY Glencoe Hotel Bldg. Phone. 4360 10-20 ck tf , Mai* Needed at once — yoimir man 18-26 years old with high school »r better education to work on communications equipment. Must be mechanically inclined and a willing worker. Knowledge of electrical theory helpful. A good joh for the right man. Write Box D-4 Clo Courier News. •10-26 ck 11-2 REAL ESTATE If interested in a home or farm, see us. \V« hav* anything from a vacant lot to * plantation. Also city and farm loans CATES-WIGGS REALTORS 115 S. 3rd. St. Blytheville, Ark. Ph. 2751 9-H ck tf WANT VBRY NEAT YOUNG LADY TO SHARE FURNISHED APT. CLOSE IK. ALL, UTIUTirs TVRNIXHr VHRY REASONABLE. CALL Si" IST AND 4025 NIGHTS. 10) 2« pk For Salt, Cart and Trucks BIGGEST USED CAR BARGAINS BURNETT AUTO SALES XI . Main Phop . . M:sl frivatm Roomt J ilnfiir. rooms with bath. 3tX~g nth '*• l«i2S pk U|i Fumlshrt bedroom, pr[r«t» B»|h rlTjit* entmnce. Ph. 4491. !0;J5 ck 113 H»lp Wanttd me. wanted, pasl M . Iree to tr«l «ats of Arkansas. Muat ha.e car E penses. commlMlon. and bon\is' l phone Information. «*e J jj gi k . Wlleon Hotel. Sunday 10 a.m. to 4 p , _ , 10]I7 pk White woman to care for children home. Room, board and small salai Write Hot D-J. c /» courier News 101M cs II Wanted—Colored nrl to work iom«. Call M41 .fter 1 p.m. 10 : M ek llll CALEKDAR AND ADYBRTISINO BPECtAI/TT MZK Investigate the eenutibnsl new emper-Thomea Individual trade cal- enders which as you know have swept the country. There >re u aeper.te trades covered In Hew esellialye line won reedy. There le a vacancy for a good man In Northeastern Arkansas territory. Airmail vice President. Kcm- per-Thons^ Compeny. Cincinnati II, "• 10[M pk 39 For font Maroon house In D*ila Acres M«l." 10:37 pk 31 Three room furnished house wllh wtb. Hot and cold water. 50fl South -nklln. call law at night. 10[I7 pk I1J4 room fur. apt. e(r7 Lilly st XntiQlre S17 »., i 0 l« k 111 Three roovb house with bath, unfiir- lleRed. Ph. «J3S erenlngs.. IO;M pk 10[W J room fur. apt., prlyate bath cloae o school ]» K. Ash. 10.24 pk V a roon fur. apt. with bath. Ph 2M4 ' •"*• io;2« pk IO;M Upper duplex fur. apt . »acant Bedroom m prlTate horns. Ph. 7480. - I0i2« pk Il[24 house 3417 Carolyn. 10JJ3 pk 10.1 •eareom adjotnlnn bath. Ph. M3». 10,30 pk 11|1J room house with shower bsth. Ph "• IO,M pk 11|1 4 room and bath newly redecorated louee. Hot water. Ms Ully. Call 37SI. IMa pk ll|l Hmlp Wanted, F«ma7* SELL CHRISTMAS CARDS EARIS BIO PROFITS PLUS BONUS Famoua Rarry Doehla. Artlntlc and "heerful selections sell on slybt. rompl delivery from Dallas No •alcjnt:. Request sensational sample of free display folders and boi ssortmenu on approval. COLUMBIA. 803 3. Akard, Dept. ri.. Dallas. Texss. 10 ; 23 pk 10,29 Token Up Pair of mules, one dark bay one lack. Weight about 1200 Ibs. each I bl.ick mare mule weight B50. If these strays are yours, contact— . T. Moody. Air Highway. 10,23 pk I] I rrons bedroom adjoining bath 611 CblcXssawba. Phone 3165. IO;M pk 11,7 Larse bedroom, su W. Walnut. , 10J33 pk 30 Bedroom convenient to bath eteftm ne.l. Ph. J3JS. Ill w . M ., n 10J11 pk 11112 1-ar.e. .comfortabla be>room. u e n only. 311) <N walnut, 1013 c k Nicely fur rronl bedroom Adjoining Bath Men only Ph 44U t°H ck tf Nicely Jur. front bedroom. Sle.t> neal. Gentlemen Ph. 3Mt. ' 10;< pk 11|4 » Comfortable bed rooms ~Ph7~MuT 10)7 Bk 11)7 Nice bedroom. Ven only. Close - In •13 Walnut. Phone 3<M. 10(21 pk 11|3 I bedrooms. Men only. Mrs. it p Blomeyer. ph. Met. , a]n pk j,,.^ B«*f Shortag* Explained WASHINGTON I/P>—U. S prosperity still produces a strong demand f nr beer. But the supply has not kept up W j(h the demand, says the u. S. Department of Agriculture. Main cans*, the department says >• the fact that it lakes » long time to builti up » breeding herd to produce more b«ef. Many growers art now building up their herds To do it they must hold back calves 'hat might b« sold for beef to add to those herds. Thus, their attempts to get more beef Actually reduce the supply. The department thinks It will be many months before supplies. In the United States ire adequate. . The Shinkolobwe uranium mine In th.e Belgian Congo was discovered In 101V Carrier AIR CONDITIONING HEATING REFRIGERATION - ELECTRICAL - Sales-Service-Kngineering City Electric Co. , l»hon« 2241 GIRLS! WANT TO EARN »125-$175 MONTH? Become o Beauty Operator Enroll Now in N«w Clem Tnilion Reisonable G. I. Approved Eagle Beauty School 124 N. Second BlytheviHe, Ark. ARGUS CAMERAS We've. Jwai Wen appoinle* jo»r rxrlesive iienr.T •" Bljlrieyille f»r Argsrj C'»mer»«. Re« earr ewnplrie wlectlen. Inclxdinr th. Ct »ml Ar|«f1«:x. C«m« In BARNEY'S DRUG West Main - Phone 3647 Servke with a Smile W y«m 4rtrt * Chi ••••tb, ihm 7*«11 ja+r r»r hi»t fwr 121 E. Main Mion«2122 T.I. SEAY MOTOR CO. SATURDAY, OCTOtnt M. MM ' - . ^^ *^^W ItY YOUR Dollar GET THE MOST FOR IT! Buy (he bewt when yn« are h«yin c a u»*4 ear— H «o«* HO More and it does jnKUre aatmf action k* tk* -wjf run. SullivM-Neliion'M cars are priced low all cuaranleed t. b* i» the best mechanical .« be.,.*, 1918 Chevrolet StyWiite 2-door Sedan. . .»184». 1947 Chevrolet Slylelin* 3-door Sedan. . .$»S*. ]»49 Plymouth deluxe 4-d«or Sedwn. . ,$»95. 'J947 Plymouth deluxe 4-door gedan. ,.*£•!>. J947 Ford deluxe 2-do.r Sedan..., red-hot bar,.*,. 1942 Plymouth 4-door Sedan...! good on«. . .,495. Mitel of these tar. are loaded with extra.. . .radio*, heaters, seal covers, spotlights, fo r Hghtg. J 948 Chevrolet l-T, m Pickup Truck., .a bargain. i949 Ford 1/,-Ton Pickup Truck. . .$895. 1946 Dodge '/ 2 -Ton Pickup, . .it really runs and looks like new. . .$595. 1940 Dodgre ^-Tiw Pickup. . .runs good... $95. 1940 Chevrolet SWB with 2-speed axle...»2«5. EASY GMAC PAYMENT PLAN •eMenwer, Te« <*• Always Set A C«*d Doal at SULLIVAN-NELSON CHEVROLET COMPANY •f 1 Wort Walnut PhMM , 7 , "I Sell That Stuff" FUEL OIL! G. 0. POETZ OIL CO. Office and Bulk Plant — Promised Land PHONE—2089—PHONE SHEET METAL WORK—— OF ALL KINDS Custom work for gins, alfalfa mills, oi | m i] te . Custom Shearm K up to 1/4 inch thickness. Frank Simmons Tin 'Shop 117 South Broadway p non « 2 «il HEMORRHOIDS (PILES) WOW! 1950 PONTIAC Here's a real chance (o get a 1950 model al a sensational ^ <• f f\ •• low price . . . Pontiac "8" J I .W. *• * W ' Streamliner Coupe Sedan with ~ I W\ ^» , J • II (he accessories . . . hurry! I ^^f Jf ^J \ 1»18 Mercury 4-rto«i Sedan, maroon pcM, - all accessories, brand new tireg. 1 1918 Nash Super 4-door Sedan, ban everything. 1 1948 Chevrolet Aerosedan . . .a really clean cmr. 1 1949 Chevrolet deluxe 2-door Sedan... a miirhtr good buy. Many others rrom J225 USED TRUCK BARGAINS „!., M u ^. ^ 1 1»48 Chevrolet 2-Ton T,WB Trwck, almost new Fireslon* 825 x 2fl tires. 1 1948 tSMC 2-Ton LWB Truck with t- e*|>tr«Mllr good 82S T 20 tires. 1 1947 Dodge t'/ 2 -Ton Track with 14 ft. k^. 1 194« Chevrolet 2-Ton Truck with 14 ft. hcd. Several nice pickup* from »3»5. HORNER-WILSON MOTOR CO. 10* l«t

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