The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 12, 1931 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, June 12, 1931
Page 10
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fiOWJTKE HRWS mm Liht. That Is Cool 's Guide o Beter Marketing and Home Management THE HOM Such As Those Advertised By Merchants On This Page <i! .__ ^Desk's cti. Sunporch Give r. Urge to .Write on Hot r Days. ,.^ . * >- There arc sonic persons who Jmv 'fimbition enough to wrllt a letter on Hthe hottest summer rtay. There afj <lnany liiore sho-necd every cr.cour-' ^sgeriienl and . inducement before flhcy. are able to sstle down to correspondence when the mercury is j,~climbinB In the thermometer. «. The desk, an attractive one, In n 'cool place In the Hvln? roam or on quiet corner of the porch or sim- ,parlor, Is a valuable aid to Idler ^writing In warm weather. • v A deslc which looks cool Is n, blq help: The fibre, reed and rattan desks.In simple lines and gay colors' somehow moke' letter writing -less irksome. Such a desk, with'Us 'accbmpanving'chair, also cool pnd ;comfortable.-and R lamp, and Ibe accessories to "writing, make a dce- of furniture In lh« ;llvin[; room or on the porch. Th;ro -•Is..even.?-a waste basket hiriupnlz- •ing in'color nnd deslun with ninny "of the "summer", desks. t There are metal tables which 'make interesting derks for . ihnw ^<vho like to conduct th:ir summer ^correspondence In the garden. Thcr? *.ire comfortable metal chairs Ic 30 ( ',vith theih. . ' Desks jvhich ore. In harmony viti> .the porch and sunoariov schem* of .JnrtiishhiR. and which also flnrt their /olace.In,the .winter living room or "bedroom are th? painted wond ones. ,'A dull green one may -enhance tSe" *e«ut\ of the porch during the hoi weather and bring R riofe of color into the living room miiim? the •winter months Red and tan.or yellow are other popular colors for the .painted desk. -.-, ! SUNDAY DINNER BY 6SCAR OF THE WALDQRF Celery stuffed-with Roquefort- Qlieese' Cream • of" fresh 1 ' Asparagus Breasts of'Veal, Poulelle New Beets, buttered •• / -- : " . Fresh- String- Beans The. lamps nsed in summer niusl-do two Ihings, give adequate shndcs, which have Ixwn^ shellacked for outdoor u?c. twin lamps : flank. tha sofu in this living light ami look cool. accomplish this double purpose. i-coiu furnished for hoi weather. Parchment A pair of . Pineapple Cream Coffee Breasts of Veal, Pooled? Cul a breast of veal Into small equal-sized pieces, blanch, put them in n saucepan with a small Quantity of tile water in which they were parboiled, mid warm them over the fire. Sift in a small quantity of flour, stir it until smooth, then put in -a lump of butter, some mushrooms, carrots, bay leaves, a bunch of sweet herbs and salt and l>epp:r to taste. Cover Ihe saucepan and cook- the contents _. b ~m*u j/uu u,iu t-tiun irif Lanterns "1 Id- .Grapefruit. SaJad,.French dressing ually until nearly done, then put Call ior F6r High Grade Coals PHONE Original'Recipe Is Given .'•' For Grape Juice Marlow Making Home a Place lo Live in Chemical Process Should Be Entrusted to Reliable Rug Cleaners. The besi rug won't be much better ihtui the worst, unless it is properly taken care of. A good rug will hold up longer and or.c of less qual- i'.y will respond lo careful treatment. Here are a few useful bits of information lo guide the home manager in (he cure of her rugs. Never tent a rug or a carpet.This treatment ,. only encourages the breaking - of the threads and the loosening of the binding. The rug gels enough violent treatment from the hundreds of heels, each bringing down a weight of a hundred pounds or so, lhai arc ground Into it each day. Wilton, Axm'mster or velvet rugs should not be swept hard when they are very new and ahvays \vith the lay of the nap. A' cnnvt s'vee**"' should be used every day or two nncl a vacuum cleaner at re-uiln- ititervals. Do-not make these intervals loo frequent for a new rug. Tlie use of n stiff broom for cleaning injures the nap of a rug. loug ends; knots or tufts above the surface of a new rug should hp clipped to the level of the surface but not pulled out. Pulling them out Is likely to Injure the nap. Eince soap, water or chemicals require skillful appllcalion it Is batter lo trust the cleaning of rugs to reliable rug cleaners. Orientals and domestic orientals are likely to lose their attractive sheen unless carefully cleaned. i £"///Ita old fashioned, dark and seldom used Parlor-*fe on the p-irl of the hoiiiekcciicr, may be made a decorative part of the porch furnishings. . .Many of I! 1 .; uev: coucii swings I hhvc ',:!n advantage of not requir- ! ins chains from the ceilin:.,'. TlK'se ccmfcrtabip [.-iec-os of furniture sv.-ins in a of t'ncir own vhu-h i niny 1 b: pbccd oil the . roofless i ;:crch, ll'-.c terrace cr in Ihe gar- jdsn. One n:ay enjoy all the'plcas- \ 1:0; of t;,e swinsiui; iii-uion as the : couch han3s on springs within Ms i The cos! of tile World War in , inonc-y has bee ncstimau 1 :? at about T • i r i ,/HfW N:CE IT IS \ / v/tlL, '.UST V. /1Q M&VC EVEPVBODV \ _/IRV kFtKNG US 1 I tNJCMHO TUFV.SE'.YE i 1 (in 7HP XITCHCN J - v S9_.y.UCH- RIGHT I j'-V^THEC^:^ - f --is now the UVJN.G room. Gaily Upholstered Savings Increase Summer Comfort To enhance the comfort and | popular choice In beauty of the porch, iunparior or [ llorch equipment, garden, theie are a great many j this pl?ce of The room for the boy is' not styles and kinds of swings. '" lose who like ln movc For to mi: *uum lor me Day IS not j — o*-»sti.Y iu complete without its desk and lamp. ^ d f ™ nol " m S < a *« the place of c A l nA t n -) — I. ...u:-t. .._ _.--..». . tllC SWlfiR. WhPrf* mplvl nrn • nMl_ In some young white onions aikl finish cooking. When 'done, place the veal on 'n hot dish ami keep It near Ihe flri while the sauce is being prepared. Strain the cooking liquor through « fine sieve into another saucepan, snueeze In a small quantity of lemon juice . and then pour in the beaten yolks of four eggs; stir it finish frcczin over the fire until thick, not allow- Day and Night Service Station, Inc. Phillips 66" Gas—Quaker State and Mohiloil Oils— - . Wiltard Batteries Cotton Belt Bus tiepot Phone 555 ing, 'it, to boll, Pour It over Ihe veal, -and serve. . • Pineapple Cmun [ . Place .in a, .slewuan tv,llh a small qautlly of wnlcr' one. ounce of gelatine, and .put over the fire until It is quite .dissolved.. Rub through a fine sieve half a teacupful of pluc- i}pple jam, nncl stir 'it' in with the • gelatine, adding four hcnpcrt tea- spoonsful of 'caster sugar; Stlr-ovcv the fire with a wooden-spoon until •boiling rm3 then skim-it well and ; turn a into .a basin. ' • | A pint, of thick, cream now should I | be \vhiske<1 to stiff snow, nnd when the pineapple mixture has'become nearly cold, sltr the two. together, beating them well. Rinse out a mould .with cold, water, and pour the mixture into It, setting it on the ice. When cold and firm, remove from the mould, place on a glass ttlsh, and serve. nv MRS. J. II. ELKINS firapc Juice Marlow I quart grape juice (scalded) 24 marshmal]o»-s. diced and "dissolved in crape juice (after removing from fire) Add 1 tablespoon gelatine. Place in freezer and half freeze, then add 1 pint whipped cream and 5h freezing. • • . • like a little lemon juice added to the grape juice before freezing Jelly Chickr'n 5 Ib. fowl (or smaller) • 1't- tcAspoon salt . •' • l teaspoon celery seed 'A 'teaspoon black pepper • I tablespoon gelatine' , 2 'pimentos ' 3-4 cup chopped olives 1-3 cup pecans •'.i cup celery Measure a'i-cups strained broth, soak 1,tablespoon gelatine iif K ; cnp cold, wijter. Add hoi broth to gelatine then pour over ingredients nnd mold. COOK WITH COAL "Economical and Safe" C.L BENNETT Coal and Feed Phone 64 FOR PARTICULAR COOKS Select a desk which is sturdy and which has. ample drawer space for the important papers of the young man. The lamp should give plenty of light and be conveniently placed. Parchment shades are.the best'for the boy's room and one of the airplane, automobile or skyscraper dec- oralions. will be appreciated. Or a conventional design iu strong colors will always find favor. The guest room should have an easy chair wiih reading lamp ani .table.beside it. .The suesl may pre- •fer to spend some" time alone <m-' the thoughtful hostess will provide a place for this—a plnce comfortable and convenient. The chair need not, be a large one. Comfortable proportions are the first consideration. An attractive cover comes next. If the room is a draughty one place a screen, beside the chair'for the greater comfort of the guest. to Serve Keep a Case of in the Ice Box Wholesale Dealers Merchants Grocer Co. ' Telephones 111 and 11 Eat Blytheville Canned Beans They are superior to Fresh Beans ^BAKING *P-QW.b-E fc re: ^i--i~ Guaranteed pure and efficient. ' USE less thin of hijh priced brindi. MIU.IONS OF POO N OS I/SEI*' Elizabeth Ardeji's Venetian Toilet Preparations arc on sale exclusively at 'A' new radio for the porch tiur- jng, the Eutnriier months will be great pleasure tor the family. Radio cabijiets are now shbsui' in all sylcs. Including period designs. They may. be combined uith any kind r living room or outdoor furniture used i'n the home. Some of tils new sets are contained in small tables which Is a great convenience In (his day of small homes. The family.which Is unable to refurnish the nursery when lha child reaches the age of five or six will wisely select nursery furniture which Is not si fulckiy ciit^i-O'vn. Tn; n3»- Early American furniture for this room may he -used by the boy or girl for many years. It is sturdy, pleasing and comfortable. It is designed along (he lines of adult furniture and differs from it only in being R little smaller. The pieces which arc. strictly' nursery turni- The Laundry Will "Clean It" Phone 327 swing. Where there are' children in the household the purchase of a 'swing is hsiled as 'an event bringing great joy and gladness. Thi? fibre swings, of sizes to ac- comodate two or three persons, of the conventional tan or some bright color, hung' on easy-work, -- ing springs, seem to be the most . Tlere arc motal swinsb for lhe and more c-lsboratc ones for the snnpotuh. Tiiu metal swings, of course, are Impervious to rain and many of the flbre swings are also weatherproof. A coat of good quiility. hard varnish will insure aditional protection to the paint on the metal swings-and to the finish on those made of ether materials. The swing may be upholstered with pads and pillows covered in bold patterr.crt chintz or cretonne! und made to serve as an; SPECIAL JiACON Sliced inC Lb. I/ I.I). .ISc; i'icce L CURED HAMS Hnlf or Whole LI). STEAKS Kansas Oft City Heef. Lb. LM HEHF ROASTS BrisKct, Lb. 9t Chuck, Lb. __ 12!/,c Thick Rib, Lb. wy iC I'ORK STKAK 1rc "Lh. 15 COFKKK •I'uiv Loose, Lli. lac FO;II- Leaf. Lh. 28c CABIJAOE XCH- fireen, Lb. SOAP Silver Leaf 10 rs MARKET Free Delivery Phone 143 turc may be replaced by others ?= " When Your Clothes Arc 'Dfrlj g Sevcn-Thirf Hals Rebuilt " There's only one Budweiser and nothing like it Distributed \ The Robinson MilSng Co. I R Wins— Kinsss & -^ 1 -_J>?36*^ lil.vthcvillc, Ark. Phone 337 For Parties or Every Day Drink Four Leaf Coffee The Modern Housewife Protocls Her Family's Health by Using Only Grade A Pasteurized MILK BENNETT'S DAIRY — Phone ?•! — Don't • • .. Suffer From the Heat only $6. | This 8-inch .Westinghouse Fan Enjoy instant relief from the tortures of hof weather days and nights. Get in front of a Westinghouse Fan. Relax in ils tiuict, comforting breeze, ils soothing coolness. There isn't a better time . . . (here isn't a better f;in . . . buy a .Westinghouse Tan NOW. There is a' West ing- house Fan to meet your needs at a price you ran afford to pay. Drop in today and look over our complete display. ARKANSAS-MISSOURI POWER C8.J

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