Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on April 5, 1895 · Page 1
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 1

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, April 5, 1895
Page 1
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i: ---v : at The Mark of Approval! AN ... EASTER BARGAIN Eight yards all-wool 34 inch Serge with a'l trimmings for $3.75 it was $5! been Btamped upon many articles in our Bilk, Dress Goods, ' the lower » d ^ the86 stocks. you much worry and expense. one - our experienced Ladies 'TO MODEL YODR EUSTER DRESS! CLEVEft STEAL. Springfield, HI., Pfst Office $8,000 in Stamps. FRIDAY MORNING, APRIL 5. 1895 W1HITN OCR BORDERS. Thieve* Work So Smoothly That They Leave Little Clew to the Robbery. for the visit. for e vs. _ — An Easter Dress Demands a Stylish Cape! We can mi this demand to perfection. You are bound to be pleased with the immense assortment of Wraps that our Annex abounds in. Come and look them over carefully. You'll certainly Und just what you want. For f 1.00 if that's your price. For $35 if you wish it. Then the Separate Skirts, Silk Waists and Blaier Suits will demand your attention. Come and see us TODAY. Tour visit will be one of Pleasure and Profit. We place on sale today an elegant all-wool, stylish Blazer Suit for $10. It's u Bargain. Busy Bee Hive, ^* <-\r\n r7~.,i,4-U C+ 409-411 Broadway 306 Fourth St. 1895 SPRING 1895 We take Pleasure in Announcing the Arrival of Our Spring Suitings! And we feel justly proud ia the success of our untiring efforts which enable us to fhow you tins season the fatest, Mort Stylish, Most Attractive and Exclusive Line of woolens in the city. Carl W. Keller, Tailor & Draper. 311 Market St. FRBSH FISH! „ . -i^ TnTOTJ" l^n if A vrtinr nrder Wltll Tf you want a fine fresh FISH leave your order with F. W, KINNBY, TELEPHONE, 172, A fine variety of fresh lake flsh received daily. No cold storage goods. We dress and deliver without extra charge. WAIT For the opening of the New Broadway Clothing Store. Entire New Spring Line. Wednesday, Auril 3. 426 BROADWAY, JOS. G GRACE. SPRISOFIELD, 111., April ^ Sprinsrfield post office was robbed of about 88,000 Wednesday. It was altogether the neatest and most mysterious job ever put up m tt» city, and there is not the faintest clew to the perpetrators. The amount taken, with the exception of abont S30, was In stamps, and it was abstracted from the vault m Postmaster Rldffely's private oftca between 12:30 and i:30 o'clock, while Mr. Ridg-cly was absent from his, office for 'luncheon. The loss was not discovered until after -i o'clock m the afternoon. The thieves used dnpl cate keys to unlock both the ofhce and the vault, and so quietly was the whole thinfr done that wish a dozen clerks at work on either side of the room, no suspicion was aroused. How It W»» Done. The way in which the robbery was discovered was as follows: About 4-30 o'clock Assistant Postmaster Lester McMnrphy came into the private office and went into the vault to get some stamps, 810,000 worth having been placed there on Monday, from which two days sales had been made. The whole lot was missing as was also about 830m money and a large Japan tin box containing jewelry and silverware belonging to Mr. Rldge- Iv's daughter, Mrs. Harry Devereaux, being part of her weddinff presents. The assistant postmaster was dumb with astonishment, as the thieves had carefully closed the door of the safe, and there was no external evidence of the intrusion. When Mr. Ridgely went away, he had as usual locked the inside vault door, and left the outer door unlocked. He had also locked the office door leading into the hall. Hoth doors had been unlocked and locked arraiii, showing- conclusively that tne thieves had duplicate keys. Committed by Experts. Mr Ridjrely until a few days ago bad about 830.000 in cash in the vault, and the theory is advanced that tho thieves had some intimation of this, and that they were after it. The robbery was no doubt committed by .experts, and they were probably compelled to work for fully a week m order to secure their keys, as the only opportunity they could avail themselves of was at noon. About two weeks ago two men who looked as if they might be attorneys came into Mr. Rid-ely's office and asked the loan of his keys to unlock a tin box carried by one of them which they said contained important papers to be filed « the United States court. While these men were in the office another man came in and asked to see the postmaster on some matter. Mr..Kidgely referred him to Mr. McMurphy and went across the hall to introduce him to that gentleman. When he came back into the room he noticed one of the supposed lawyers holding up the safe key to the lipht and regarding it intently. There seems to be little reason to doubt that while Mr. Pudge- ly was introducing' one of the conspirators to Assistant Postmaster McMnr- phy the expert in the private oflice was taking a wax impression of the keys. None of the employes of the department has keys to the vault, only tne postmaster and assistant having access t0 \s'soon as the robbery wascliscov- ered-the authorities at Washington and Chicago were notified and special a-ents are expected to come here. cTtiesall over the United States have been notified, and every outgoing train will be watched.^ "AMfERICA" SMITH. Venerable Author of tho National Hymn ,1'ahl DiRh Honors. I BOSTON. April 4.—The Ion? contemplated testimonial to Dr. S. 1<". Smith, author of the national hymn "America/' took place on Wednesday in Music hall. While much attention had been paid to the arrangements for the event, still it was to a great extent a simple and spontaneous tribute from the parts of the people and "Teat interest wa.s manifested in it by all classes. Music hall was well filled at the opening exercise Wednesday afternoon, which consisted of-an entertainment for school children. Mrs. Curtis Guild, chairman of the executive committee, presided and addressed the gathering,, introducing to them the venerable author of the favored hymn, who briefly expressed his gratification at their presence in his honor. There was a chorus of 200 school children, also music by Baldwin's cadet band and remarks by Kev. Edward Everett Hale and others. The celebration was continued in. the evening, wben another big audience -gathered in Music hall. Curtis Guild, Jr. called the meeting to order and introduced GOT. Greenialge to preside- After »brief address by Gov. Green- halffe the hallelujah chorus w»s sung by 125 rolces from the Handel and Haydn Owlfawita. ««1 Rev Dr. Smith told the story of "America" Ex-Uov. Long was then introduced and delivered an eloquent address. The Harvard Glee club followed in a fine rendition of an original ode written by Henry O'Meara. Several other prominent speakers made brief addresses. Congratulatory telegrams were received from the governors of Iowa and Wyoming, from the department, of the, Potomac, depart- rnent of Massachusetts G. A. R. and from other organizations. CHICAGO, April 4.-The ringing of the Columbian Liberty bell, made famous in connection with the world s fair, constituted the local celebration in honor of Rev. Samuel Francis Smith, authorof "America." Mayor Hopkins and Superintendent Lane, of the Chicago public schools, were in charge of the ceremony. The historic bell was rung by a delegation of pupils from the schools, one for each state and territory of the union. After the ringing the gathering joined in the singing of the famous national hymn and a telegram appropriate to the occasion was sent to MW hall, Boston, where the main celebration was m progress: ASSUMES CONTROL. ro»tiB»»t e r General Wilson T»k..» Ch»r C e of l'o«t OlBco Departmoot. WASHINGTON', April 4.—Postmaster Oeneral; Wilson assumed administration of affairs of the post office department Thursday, and during the morning hours his time was taken up in receiving- congratulations from friends who called. His office was a bower of beauty, adorned with flowers presented by admiring friends. RHODlTTsLANlT VOTES. Xh« Republican C»ndldat« for Governor In liler.tMl. PROVIDENCE, R. 1, April 4.—The state election was held on Wednesday. The returns indicate a general falling off in the democratic vote of about 40 per cent. The general vote was exceedingly light, but Lippitt (rep.) for governor, is elected by a largely increased majority. The entire republican state ticket was elected. rirlllth Connul to Kctlro. BALTIMORE. Md., Aoril 4.—Capt. William F Segrave. British consul :it this port, will leave, for Europe Saturday on a three months leave of absence.which wil! terminate in his voluntary retirement from the diplomatic service of Great Britain. The captain entered the British public service lifty years a"-o and made a distinguished record iu the army. He lias been consul for the states of Maryland. Virginia, West Virginia and Kentucky Since 1380. 'The captain is a native of Ireland and expects to Lake np his residence on the estates which have been the home of his ancestors since 1135. Fire at St. I^oulu. ST. Louis, April'4.-Several frurna buildings, occupied as dwelling houses, grocery" stores and restaurants, together with the repair sheds and a number of milk cars belonging to the Suburban street railway, were destroyed by fire at Wells station, in the western suburbs, early Thursday morning. The total loss is 535,000, and is only partially covered by insurance. Jncom* Ttif Returns. WASIIIXGTOK, April 4.—It is estimated that the income tax returns made to collectors prior to March 10 represent at least SI,000,000 in iucome • tax and that the actual amount returned to April 1 will aggregate $15,000,000. It is expected that at least $20,000,000 in income tax will have been collected by June 1, the close of the fiscal year. American Collcco Republican Le»C"C. GJI^ND RAPIDS, Mich., April 4.—The convention of the American College Republican league will begin its sessions here Friday. Ex-Senator Warner Miller, of New York, Senator Burrows, of Michigan, iiud other distinguished guests arc expected^o^e^resent. I5i<r Hotel lor AtliintH, Go., ATLANTA, Ga., April 4.— The Vcnable Brothers have started work oh a ten- storv hotel on the site of the old capital " The building will be of granite and steel and will cost =500,000 exclusive of silo and furnishing. It will accommodate 1,000 guests. NotTin tl>« t,\nr or Duty. WASHINGTON. April 4.—Assistant Scc- ret-irv Reynolds, of the interior de- mrtiuunt. "has decided that a soldier enmi^-ed in outside employment cannot be considered in the line of duty. This reverses the decision of the previous administration. HELD UP. Tfain on Rock Island Road the Victim of Bold Bandits. Robbers, Failing to Get »t Expret» Safe, 'Rob Passengers of Money and Valuables—M»n Wounded. . RiCirMOSD. Va.. April 4.—William Taylor, father of Mayor Hit-hards Taylor", of this city, has married again. Mr. Taylor is 35 years of aj;e. liifi bride is considerably younger. Neither Go" » Decree. CHICAGO, April 4. - Jnd K e Ewing- handed down his decision in the celebrated Stiles divorce case Thursday morning, dismissing both the bill filed nv Mr Smiles and the cross bill filed bj Airs Stiles, for lack o£ evidence, and decreeing that each of the parties should sustain-half of the expenses of thesoit. _ . Fromluent low»n Drop* De»d- Cotrscn. BLCFFS, la,, April *--\«^ A Miller a pioneer merchant and tti- rector o* the Citizens' state bank, dropped desd of heart disease in the Grand hot«lb«rb« ibop Tiw*l»y aorn- OKLAHOMA Cm-, 0. T., April 4.-The Chicago, Rock Island A Pacific passenger train No. 1 was held up near Dover, O. T.. early Thursday morning' by five unmasked bandits, and the passengers of the smoker, day coach and chair-car were relieved of their valuables. Express Messenger Jones was wounded in the left wrist, but he steadfastly refused to open the safe in his car, and the booty secured by the robbers as a consequence was very small. The robbers went through' the cars, which were well filled with passengers, and com- pelled.them to empty their pockets, securing in this way about 8350. six watches, two diamond rings and other articles of value. The Conductor'* Story. Conductor James Mack tells the following story of the robbery: ••After tali 1 lie wa'.or at Dover two robbers ran out from between the water limit and the coal tanlt, cllinbod upon the engine and held the engineer and 11 reman under ihclr revolvers, ordering th«m to stop ut n sate a quarter of a mile beyond Dover. They mude the engineer bring the engine to .1 stop and one of them then leveled his pistol at me ami told me to hold up my hands and get on tho cuiilno. which 1 did. Hadn't Collected 111" Tlpn Vet. -Ho took Jll from roe ami then wont throuRh tho pockets of the porter, but tot nothing. They then ordered us all to got o3 tae engine und get in the Damage car. The door Of tho clr was locked. They ordered tho mcssenscr, on penalty of deuth, to open tho door o( tho cur, but could B et no answer. They then shot the messenger throuRh acr-ick In tho door. The messenger cot out on the opposite side of the car und found two more robbers lying In wall for him. int, ruslieclat him. but on His saying tniithewa shot allowed him to He down mid stanch hi wounds with his handkerchief. Then they or- de-cd tho Mreman to break open the baggage car door He worked at It until exhausted and the engineer was then compelled to llulsh the job Tliev could not. however, get the sate oner., and'so they abandoned the job, and devoted themselves to the thoroughly territlod pisscngers. After getting all tho passengers, hid i hey apologized with tho remark that times wore hard and made their escape. They neglected to go through tho sleeper." rosin 1" I'limult. A posse of determined citizens o Kingfisher, under the direction ol Dep uty United States Marshal Madsen mounted upon horses capable ol stand ing a protracted chase, are now in hot pursuit of the train robbers and but an hour and a half behind them. The railroad authorities at Kingfisher are positive that they know two of the robbers and they expect soon to have all in custody- CHICORA WRECKAGE FOUND_ Upper Works, Frozen >" fee, Discovered >-oar Michigan City, Ind. LAPOKTE, Ind., April ' 4.— A large quantity of the wreckage of the steauie.i Chicora'was found Tuesday morning: by Capt Baldwin and .crew- of the tug Diamond of Michigan City. The steamer's upper 'works are frozen in ice about 14 miles northwest of Michigan City. Thursday night a searching expedition for the bodies of the vessel's crew will be organized. Capt. Baldwin believes the bodies will be found embedded in the ice floes. IlODdrcdn Killed In Itattle. CALCUTTA, April 4.—A dispatch received here from the Malakand pass, via Simla, Thursday says that the operations of the British troops against Uinra Khan, of Jandol, the jn- vader of Chitral, in the pass itself have been commenced by" the (/aides who were sent to clear the hills on the left. Fifty of the British force were wounded, including three officers severely and four slight./ injured. Only three soldiers of the British force were killed. The enemy lost r.OO killed or wounded. The first brigade is expected to reach the S.vat river Uhurs- ciay night. Some Katvt-8 for Kvlxils. MAm:iD, April 4.—The chamber of deputies approve® the proposed reforms Of the penal code as applicable to Cuba and providing tbe most, severe penalties for tin: promoters of the movement favoring separation from Spain Marshal MarUne/. do Campos has started for Cuba, where he will as sumc supreme military command. I'ulp Concerns to Combine. BOSTOX, April 4.—An immense combination, the definite form of which has not been determined, has been a-n-eed upon by the leading pulp man ufacturcrsof New England. The Jinan cial hand back ui the scheme is said to be that of J. i';erp»!it Morgan, and capital involved something- like ! 000,000. county Treamirer snort. ST. Loins. April 4.—A special from Pittsfield, III., sa3-s: jp ••For some time a shortage naa Iran sus pecwd In ;be county treasurer's offlce and committee has been at work on the books. A. a result J. "W. Llnvllle. deputy cotiaty treas u-er has been arrested and is now looking fo bondsmen- Els shortago is eitimitcd a 15,000." ^_ Killed Hl» Wife. CD^MPAIGS-, III., April 4.—Al Cum »lng». » negro, shot and killed, hi. •wife Wednesday afternoon. She hat left him on »c«ount ol trntal tre»> Telejrrair.B from Towns and CltiOT In Indiana. The New Temperanr* L»w. _. DiANAi'OLlS. Ind., April 4.--Th« Good Citizens' league will begin »t .; once its agitation in favor of the enforcement of the new temperance law. ••• The following appointments by Prerii- dent Nicholson of the league, the au- .'• ihor of the law, have been made: Newcastle, April 7: Greenwood. S. Franklin... 9- Kdlnburs. 10; Columbus, 11: Seymour, a:. Scoitsborp. 13: JeHersonvillo. 15: Nov.-Albany. , 16; Charleston. 17: Lexington. IS: Buiwr- vlllo. 1C: Oscoort, M; Lawrenccbunr. .»..;•.# GrecnsburB. =3; Shclbyvillc. 24; Muncie, *T. - -' 13 and -,'*. Will Ho T«-Ht<>c1. INDIANA rows, ^"d., April 4.—Thai constitutionality of the aet of the recent k'gishiture requiring dealers to take out license to sell c.inviet-mads ,• "•oods brought in from other states will • be tested. The law provides that such ;,™ goods shall be branded and that th«--".j| agent selling shall pay a license fee of ' ^ gjOO. The secrewry of state was notified that the- identical law has been held unconstitutional in Ohio and Xew .' York on the ground that it attempts to -; restrict commerce between states. Cliarircit with Murder. EI.KHAHT, Ind.. April 4.—Edward Mosher and Mrs. .William Kehres, no--. cused of the -murder of the woman'a • liusband last Sxinday night, returned; ; here and were at once arrested. They , claim that after being driven to Jones '^ Crossing Sunday niglit, after hearingr?-| the pistol shot, they took a train and -.^ went to Detroit.,Mich,, without know-3Sl ing of Kehres death. At Detroit the ; woman says she became homesick and:;' wanting to sec her children ciime back here, bringing Moshor with her. Straii<l<'«l In T«rri! Haute. TEIIUK HAVTK, Ind., April 4;—The theatrical company which started from St. Louis ten days ago to walk to > York on a wager is stranded in city. Some of the men are employment of any kind and the wom-;_,» en are asking for places as servants.;';|| The leading i":" 1 managed to get to In-,4j dianapolisaml will try to reorganize a-..M company there. Tlie company did....^ pood business in some towns m cross-,•£ ing Illinois. _ Hutlln of (jtrikiTu nt Monde. MuxciK, Ind,, April-t--The men whoX ; ;| struck at the Indiana iron, works -atr-.^ tacked the men who refused to strike...^ There was a lively battle with stick*s^ und stones, and the following injured: Foreman Charles Parker, rick Kane, John Souls, Edward 1~ 1'eter and Th'omas liulveyhill, Kedisch, Daniel Ky;m :md Thomrrs"^ Ian. Parker's condition is dangerous.' The fire last are strikers. All will /b^. rrested. MAniOX.Ind., April 4.—The 2- Idsonof Elwood F. Hollowell diea,^ cspitx; the prayers of the father, a^| ;h-istian scientist. Mrs. Hollowell j| ied a year ago, the husband refusing|| o call a physician. The neighbors in-J south Marion are very indignant and'^ ailed at the oflice of Prosecuting: At-|p torney Cliue to see if some action could-|j ) C taken againstHailowell for the -"'- ' ul neglect of his child. Tool^IIlH Own Life. BKIBTOL, Ind., April 4. - Sylvester^ Beaton, of this place, an old soldier,,..^ vent to his room in the Hotel 1. n Goshen, and was afterward found;! dead in bed. He had stuffed the bed-v« •lothing in the door and window crack*! md turned both gas-burners vi oyen. He was unmarried, aged 54,: lespondency over the loss of money i*v|| thought to have inspired the act. • .v.*S Afraid of cjm»Hpox. EVANSVIW.K, Ind,, April 4.—Thl»v •itv lias quarantined against ShawneCr.,| wwn and other neighboring. town*;| -igainst smallpox. Two supposed casc»,| developed here Wednesday. Normal School Oi>onecl. \Ai-i-AttAiso, Ind., April 4. — northern Indiana normal school opened;;^ with an attendance of li.SCG pupils.'^ This is the eighty-sixth session of rhool. _ Given I>am:*^* 1 '*. ^ lir.A/.n.. Ind., April 4.—John Edmon-£ son "of this city, was awarded S2,000j d.mnges for injuries received m-Uu»| mine of the Diamond Block Coal com-.^ pahy. Sow Furnmhlne Oil, IJKOOMINGTO.V, ln<l., April 4. J town pump here, after furnishing a J brand of water for many years, began to ffive forth oiL OH Jlllnol» Drmocratu tj> Mret. tii \r^T-il j The deoi*^ SpRrsorkJ-D. Ill- Ap nl 4 - J ':*- " ^:s ocratic state co ™ ml1 ^* ^^'j^ S?the pu7^°offi^ng' the curren«| views of P th. Illinois democracy tor tM • campaign- Each county «v*». s delegates proportioned to tl ^ cast for aeggett for state treats urer, one for every 300 votes. Old WHKCII Kwtored. CLE-ITT VXD 0-, April 4. —A rnore ibw' a.ye»r ago the Globe i works made * cut of 10 l>er cent. vra^es Wednesday notices were ed Tn the works announcing a restol tion of the old rates. Tbe Clereta Shipbuilding company has reached agreement with its employes and are all back at work ajj ain.

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