The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 15, 1950 · Page 15
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 15

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 15, 1950
Page 15
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WEDNESDAY, MARCH 15, 1950 (ARK.) COURIER NEWS OUT OUR WAY ByJ.R.Willioms Our Boarding House with Moj. Hoople HERE'S TWO GRAYS AN 1 A BLACK- SAY, CALL RANSER FEAES BACK.' HE STOOD N TH' POORWAV A MIMUTE MY GRA1 HOSS HAIRS IS PISAPPEARIK/ FAST/ I THOUGHT I HAP EMOOGH 70 BRAID TkWO HOSSHAIR BRIPLES--TH' \ BLACKS, TOO/ V6R MERES ONE.' 1 GOT TH' SAME FEELIN' IN ONE I AW Y4RetJF0f?D C. PLUC!. of TUB iee*L FIRM OF . KUPP & PLUCK? SOU HA-JE DEFRAUDED OUR VOftRD,OrW- Re* PERCHWORTHY of -*IOO WITH A PHoiy infertTuw EITHER (?ETORri THE MONEY OR SET READY FOR M«?e ACTION TKAKJ DEV06Y GMETHE SPANISH WHY, I ONLY STOOD KkSHT HERE, BUT I DID MOV6MN HANDS A TIME OR TWO.' SORRY, 5/R. B Ll'M ONlV Tr<e MR |M CHARGE /WA30R ' JUDGING A CUCUMBER . LOOKS I.IkE A SHELF OF STATOTES ile oldest rndlo ncUvor^, the National Broadcasting Company, wns /ormed on sept. 9, J928. By Rupert Hughes Dist. br NEA SERVICE. 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Na" dine Ferincll bubbled and burbled when she came up from the depths of the pool where she had been writhing underwater like a very lengthy mermaid. : She shot up from the depths and, twisting in air,'flounced her wel seat on the tiles nlongside where Azalea Palmer was crouched. She went on: "When I dived in, Paul Moody was standing here by you. . When 1 come up for air, he's vanished. Did I scare him off?" . Azalea did not answer. Nadine went on. 1 "I was eliminated from the semifinals and I bolted. But what goes on here? ffnve you two quarreled?" Two girls could hardly have been found more unlike in every way. That was perhaps why they were such friends. Azalea was petite and old-fashioned in her beauty, and rich and unhappy. Nadine was comparatively poor, a career girl, studying and practicing prolessional modeling for fash- ) ion shows, with success and ambition. Nadine was of the most modern architecture. She belonged to the generation of girls that seems lo have gone to legs. She had a smal head, small features full of audac- '•tty and shockproof sophistication She had the square shoulders oi an athlete, small unmotherly breasts, no belly, DO hips, then a stretch of legs that her young brother compared to chewing gum stretched to its limit. They were elegant legs in outline, but so long that she seemed almost lo walk on stilts, especially .when she went on tiptoes in her itoelcss shoes with their dagger- nigh heels stabbing the ground under her long, long skirts. She was what the radio commentators call ;'the big economy size." .Azalea was small for nowadays a warmly tinted replica of the Venus of Medici. She was an armful, not an armload. She could cuddle in the lap of a boy friend, instead of sticking out as Nadine did in both directions from his embraces. • Azalea was faultless in her gentle and delicate outlines. In fact Paul Moody—who, like that other sculptor Michelangelo, was a bit of a poet—Paul Moody had called her "perfect as a sonnet" * « • 'J'HE young sculptor Paul Moody did not specify exactly what her 14 lines were; but they were all just the right length; and they rhymed in the right places. In profile she was a cameo. Her head belonged on a medallion and Paul had made one of her. Her hair was of so ashen a hue that one might have said it looked as if it had been frightened white m her youth. When Az.ilen was old, people would say she was still blonde. • In the terra cotla of Paul Moody's bas-relief her hair had almost its natural color. As she sat on the rim of the pool, her entire profile was bewitchingly lovely "He was going to have * tiearf-to-farart talk with my father • Azalea said. "Heaven only known wh»t micht happen." Her cheek was on one uplifted knee and the curve of her back was an arch ot beauty. She was a melody in flesh. But now her enchanting symmetry portrayed complete unhap-' pin ess. Nadine was mystified. Never before in all their friendship had she seen Azalea Palmer so clenched and crushed. She said: "What's the matter, baby?" "Oh, nothing, nothing!" Azalea answered as one does when "nothing" means "everything." A bit miffed by the rebuff, Nadine bridled: 'You mean it's none of my business?" Azalea shook her woeful head inconsolably. Nadine was one of those innumerable people who curiously believe that the best way to console people in dislress is to belittle their grief and scold them out of it. Nadine had an averagcly good heart and was deeply fonrj of Azalea; but she clung lo the ancient idiocy that wealthy people should be immune to sorrow.' So she scolded: "Really, honey, you'd better sec psychiatrist. You haven't been happy /or months. And look at what you've got! Why, if 1 had your youth and beauty, and wealth —my God, I'd call myself the luckiest woman on earth. Whal nave you got to pout about? You ought to be happy. You've no right to be blue." • « • "CHAT'S funny! That's scream- ingly funny!" And Azalea almost smiled when she said it. Be happy because you ought to bel Thai's good! That's great! Be nappy because you're rich. But what can money buy? My father says my money—or the prospect >' il—has brought me a suitor that wcs my money, not me. So my ^nlhcr is determined to save me .rom my happiness. And .ill with he best intentions. Good Lord, I "Ink good intentions ruin more homes than rum. "Poor Dad is as unhnppy as I ;m. Ii c runs a fi cr W jij w omcn for escape. He's cruel because he's so unhappy. The only father I'll ever have hales the only man I could ever love. And Paul hates my father and my money. Today he learns that he has lost the greatest opportunity of a lifetime thanks to my father." _". ...; "You mean that group for the National Electric Building?" Nadine asked. Azalea had told her about the project. A big bronze group of a dozen or more figures representing all that electricity has done and is doing for mankind. Azalea had said also that Paul's design was "the best" That he was sure to win, "Father'had the deciding vote— and he vetoed Paul's plan," Azalea said. "I've never seen Paul so out of his mind with disappointment and rage. I didn't know he could get so mad. He frightened me. fie said he was going to have a heart- to-heart talk with my father nnd ' Dad has such a fierce temper that —Heaven only knov/s what might happen." Azalea writhed creel and added: "I think I'd better Kot home and see it there's anything left of either of them." "Got your car here?" Nadine asked. , 'No," said Azalea. "I lent it to my maid. It's her day off. Dad's chauffeur has the day off too. In fact, the whole house is without servants. I'd belter hurry." "Let me drive you home," offered Nndine. "You can tell me about it on the way." HE girls scurried lo the showers. It did not take long to peel ofT whal liltlc they wore in the pool, lake a quick drench, and squirm into what little they wore on the street. As they sped away from the club in Nndino's car, the unseen throng about the tennis courts broke inlo wild cheers and applause over some brilliant play. Nadine said: "They sccrn to be glad to get rid of us." But Azalea could not muster even a polite smile. A sense of foreboding oppressed her, and Nadine could neither joke nor scold her out of IL The distance- was not far to the Palmer home. (To Be Continurd) By use of the electron microscope, tiny objects can be enlarged as many as 100,000 times and easily photographed. ' First telecast of political con- cention was the Republican assembly In Philadelphia l n June, 1940. KEROSENE and FUEL OIL G.OPoetzOilCo. Phone 2089 SHEET METAL WORK OF ALL KINDS Custom work for gins, alfalfa mills, oil mills. Custom Shearing up to 1/4 inch thickness. Frank Simmons Tin Shop 117 South liroarlway Phone 2651 Chamblin Sales Co. • Sales & Service • "Your Friendly Studeboktr Deafer" | RAILROAD & ASH PH ONE 888 FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS BY MERRILL BLOSSE* Hello, Laiiiesl LET US P311DW THIS Tf?AILA BRIEF DrSIAMOr AND •^•^®*%'N4 "Maybe I did ?ay he was a nice boy—but this is th« first time I knew he had one of those home-made jalopies with a five-note musical horn!" I'UISCILLA'S PO BY AL VERMEER HOW WILL HE KNOW IF YOU DON'T DROP A HINT? WAS JU C TURNING UP WALK WHEN BAfJGI -IT DROPPED ON MY HEA.D! Yes, There He Is BY MICHAEL O'MALLEY and RALPHTAN8 ^FJLIL'S' W NOTKW»*UCH. EVER — : •• • "-TM, •* riu, i LAJN I. MB. /WANGLE 00 YOU ? ,/ HE-- MR. KAI- . DEAD M/WS Hiu;\ STOPP8D SKIING WITH ME IT ME ARE TOO SCARED ?/ I'VE RATHER ' &OTTO U£E IT CAPTAIN EAS No, Not a Spook BY LESLIE TURNER YEP,..TN|£W MAKES I FISfiEEED MO GOOD WOULD FOLJE STRANGE CARS .. COME Op HEE.POKIWCAMEEAS/ WOT l» rff 1 . IM EVER 1 6COVS FACE, AW 100K LIKE YOU SKWUGtiOSf! BUT ICK.HEEe..HE ...._ V ro BE GML&MT AM' VfP— — ^^r, ;. This One's a Charge FOR THIS COUPON \ YA KNOW i GET FIVE FWee/we SELL BWEAKFAST FOOP SAMPLES, COMPLIMENTS OF TH' CWUNCHY COMPANY.' THIS COUPON GIVES ME ITHWEE FWEE SAMPLES OF SOAP FLAKES, COMPLIMENTS OF THE SLOPPY SUPS COMPANY.' HAVE A FREE SAMPLE O' 0URPO SOPA WATER COMPLIMENTS O' GLUTZ GROCERY./ You Lose, Boys BY V. T. HAMLIN Off ON HIS PlNOSAUE 2 WEP NEVB2 KEEP UP 1 BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES BY EDGAR MARTIN SERVICE LEAGUE'•'

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