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Star-Phoenix from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada • Page 17
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Star-Phoenix from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada • Page 17

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada
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rn-t Tuesday, September 17, 1996 The StarPhocnix Thought Of The Day The easiest way to keep temptation from growing is to nip it In the bud. Helpful 204 Sth Avenue North Saskatoon, Sask. S7K 2P1 ncfilf IPOS i Here's Proof! Gram DrvmgCleaning 7130 Heavy Equipment Rental 76U0 Horse Trailers 7210 Industrial Machinery I Repairs7570 Livestock Accessories 7150 Rental Service 7660 Sand Blasting 7330 Septic Tanks 7360 Sharpening Service 7 720 Smell Tools 7540 Stables 7240 Weklers 7270 Golf Carts .,..5320 Motorcycle Dealers 5030 Motorcycles For Sale 5040 Motorcycle Repair 6060 Rink Rental 5440 RV Camper Dealers 5120 RV's Motoi homes For Sale. 5140 RV Motornomes Rentals 5160 Ski Shops 5400 Skiing Equipment 5420 Snowmobiles f. ....5340 Snowmobile Repairs ...5380 Sporting Goods 6300 Tents A Utility Trailers 5240 Announcements Employment Out of Town Properties 8520 Property Management ,.8290 Properly Wanted 8)60 Real Estate Auctions 8330 Real Estate Companies 8270 Real Estate lawyers 8340 Real Estate Services 8320 Sask.

Cottages lor Rent 8420 Sask. Cottages for Sale 8430 Sask. lake a Resort 8440 Sask. Properties for Rent 8460 Sask. Properties for Sale 8470 Snowbird Properties 8395 Stores A Offices Sale 8610 Stores A Offices Rent 8590 Townhouses for Sale 8060 Warehouse Space 8530 1994 GRAND PRIX SE.

4 dr, loaded, etc. conrj. $14,500. Pnone OOOOOOO We lov Ifce 7 Day Car Promotion you hovel Great Price and we got great rewlltr lorry, SMWtoon- Goods and Services SID Real Estate Trades and Professions 3 Accommodation fireplaces 4 Accessones (735 Flooring 6390 furnaces 6285 Glass 6720 Hardwood Floors 6405 Heating 6315 Home Improvements 6660 Home Repair 6665 Insulation 6225 Interior Decorating 6045 Investigation 6950 Janitorial Services 6825 Lawyers 6915 Maid Service ..6780 Management Consultants 6920 Maintenance Cleaning 6855 Metal Works 6215 Moving 6485 Packing 6810 Painting 6450 Patents Trademarks 6940 Plumbing 6345 Pools a Hot Tub Service 6886 Power Wash 6465 Rooting 6120 Sand a Gravel 6510 Sewer a Drain Cleaning 6870 Sewing Machine Service 6305 Small Engine Repair 6300 Snow Removal 6890 Steam Clean Pressure Steps Railings 6630 Storage 6490 Stucco 6180 Tradespeople 6000 Trenching ..,6075 Upholstery 6750 Upholstery Cleaning ...6765 Wallpapenng ..6480 Welding 6220 Window Cleaning 6840 Window 6705 Tef. Answering 3063 Tickets 3382 Tree Service 3605 Tree Spraying 3600 TV Rentals ..3155 TVVCR Service 3153 Underground Spnnkler) ..3590 Video-Game Equipment 3410 Video Taping 3473 Wedding ,.3475 Weight Control Products 3533 all a a a a ..,,.4320 4680 ....4265 ,,..4240 4325 4790 4470 4695 .....4700 4508 4650 4530 4690 4360 4380 ,...4385 ....4390 4345 ,..4780 ....4710 Reconditioned Batteries Semi Special Interest -Spoils Starters AitematotiyM Towuig Truck Dealers.

Truck leasing Truck Parts Accessories, Trucks For Sakt HH Trucks Industrial Trucks 1 Ton Over Trucks Wanted Vans Van Accessories Van Conversion. Van Rentals Vehicle Vehicle 44- Acreage Industrial ...8670 Acreage Rural ...8720 Acreage Wanted B730 Apartment Blocks Sale 8540 Apartment Blocks Wanted. .8550 Appraisers 8280 B.C. Properties for Sale 6510 BC. Properties For Rent 8490 B.C.

ResortVacation Prop 8480 Bed 'N' Breaklasl 8472 Business Opportunities B580 Campsites 8405 Commercial Property Accommodstion Services 9005 Board. Room for Rent 9365 Board, Room Wanted 9385 Condominiums to Rent 9195 Houses Furnished 9135 Houses. Rural Rem 9235 Houses, (Part. 9155 Houses. Unfurnished 9175 Transportation Handyman Services 3617 Hardwood lumber .3372 Hauling 3615 Health Services ,...3534 Hobbies Crafts Holistic 3537 Home Care 3540 Home Cooking 3490 Housesitting 33H8 Income Tax Insurance Jewellery 3455 landscaping 3610 lealher Crafting 3446 Lumoer Building Supplies.

.3370 Massage Therapy ifiegisieted) 3536 Meals 3645 Money to Loen Musical 3465 Musical Instruction 3470 Musical TuningRepair 3472 Nursing Homes 3535 Office Equipment Office 3060 Parenting Skills 3531 Pet Announcement 3005 Pet Grooming 3010 Pet Memoriamsn. ....3057 Pet Supplies 3000 Pets -other 3055 Photography 3425 Poultry ..3655 Produce Rental Stores 3625 Restaurant Supplies ...........3375 RototillefS 6 Satellite Dishes 3415 Saunas Hot Tubs 3550 Security Systems 3390 Sewing ....,.,...3445 Sewing Machine Service. ,6305 Shoe Repair Signs-Commercial ......3070 Sound Equipment 3460 Sports Cards .....3430 Store Taped Music 3500 Tent Rentals 3483 Drive ,..9225 Advertising Accessories 3075 Antiques 3125 Antiques 3127 Articles For Sale .,..3115 Articles Wanted 3135 Art and Sculptures 3420 Auction Ads 3130 BabyInfant 3110 Balloons 3477 Bands 3495 Bankruptcy Info 3059 Beauty Salon Supplies 3092 Books Comics 3422 Butcher Supplies 3640 Catering 3485 Cats 3050 Cellular Mobile Phones. 3405 Coins 4 Stamps 3450 Colieclables 34.15 Computer Consultants 3400 Computers Equipment ,.3392 Computer 3395 Communication Equipment. ..3418 Counselling 3530 Craft Sales 3112 Dairy Products 3665 Dance 3503 Divorce ........3525 Dogs 3020 Eggs 3660 financial Planning 3058 Firewood 3570 Fish 3650 Furniture Appliances 3120 Furniture Refinishing 3145 Furniture Rentals 3140 Garage Sales 3165 Garage Sales flural 3360 Garden Lawn Garden Lawn 3580 Hall Rentals 3480 Career Training 2200 Computer Personnel ..2196 Babysitters Required 2175 Will Babysit 2180 Domestic Help 2035 Domestic Services 2037 Drivers Wanted 2020 Employment Services 2205 Employment Wanted 2210 farm Help 2030 Govt Subsidized Daycare 2165 Hairdressers Wanted 2060 Help Wanted 2O00 Job Training 2005 Modelling 2070 Nanny Services ..2170 Health Care Personnel 2230 Hospital Personnel 2220 OlficeHelp 2050 Licensed Day Care 2172 Part-time Help 2040 Pre-School 2185 Professional Help 2195 Restaurant Help 2045 Resume Services 1990 Sales Personnel 2190 Secretarial Help 2055 Subsidized Daycare 2167 Teacher Resources 2255 Teachers Wanted 2250 Team Players 2056 Technical Help 2027 Trades Construction Business Opportunities 2203 Anniversaries 1069 Birtn Announcement! 1071 Bereavement Services 1059 Card of 1065 Coming Events 1079 Companions 1230 Community Services 1081 Crematoriums 1020 Dating Services 1217 Deaths 1000 Engagements A Weddings 1066 Funeral Directors 1007 1003 Funeral Plans 1015 Graduations ........1078 Grief Counselling 1010 Haooy Oays 1210 Happy Days Service 1215 In Memoriam 1004 legacies Memorial 1050 lost Found 1101 Memorial 1008 Memonal 1005 Monuments 1030 Notices 1180 Personal 1220 Personal Services 1223 Psychic Services 1222 Retirement 1088 Social Clubs 1086 Sport Events 1090 Support Groups 1235 Tenders 1190 Travel 1091 1-900 Services 1225 9255 9205 Penthouse Rent Rental Houses Retirement Rooms Furnished Commercial Property Lease 8630 Condominiums For Sale 8230 9275 8235 8690 Condominiums farmland For Farmland farmland For Sale Recreation Drive Accountants ..,,.,.6910 Accountants (Chartered) 6905 Appliance Repair 6710 Architect Draftsoersoi ..6015 Artists A Designers, 6030 AsphaltPaving 6585 Awnings ..6255 .....,..6090 Bathrooms 6360 Bookkeeping 6912 Brick Laws 6210 Building Inspections .....6110 CaOinets Furniture 6675 Carpets 6420 Central Vac 6330 Oram 6375 Chimneys 6135 Chimney Sweeps ..6150 Concrete ...6525 Concrete Bnck 6195 Concrete Cutting 6555 Contractors Carpenters 6105 Decks Patios 6615 DemolitionRemoval 6645 Orywalling 6435 Eavestroughs ...6165 Electricians 6270 Energy Conservation 6240 Equipment 6895 Eicavating 6060 Fences 6600 Fiberglass 6725 ...8700 ...8710 Rooms (Part.

Furnished) 9325 Rooms Unfurnished ..9305 Rooms Wanted 9345 Shared Accommodation 9075 Sublet Suites 9070 Suites Furnished 9015 Fishmg Hunting lodges 8475 Hotels Motels 8560 Houses for Sale 8010 Houses Wanted Buy 8220 Antique Vehicles 4250 Auto Repair 4295 Auto Body Repair 4310 Auto Dealers 4000 Auto Financing.HH.H.,M;,.4005 Auto Leasing .4290 Auto Parts I Accessories. 4300 Auto Pawn 4275 Autos by War 4108 under 4135 Autos Wanted 4270 Buses For Sale 4740 Car Wash 4340 Classic Autos 4260 Garages For 4760 Grain 4670 Grain Trucks 4660 LuiuryCars Mini Vans 4370 Parking For Lease 4770 Suites (Part. Furnished) 9065 Suites. Rural 9095 Suites Unfurnished ......9045 Suites Wanted 9115 Townhouses tor Rent 9215 Farm Industrial Industnal lots 8680 Investments B570 Investment Properties 8660 All Terrain Vehicles 5220 Bicycles 5000 Bicycle Repairs 5020 Boat Accessories Boat Dealers .,,...5065 Boats For Sale 5070 Boat Rentals 5075 Boats Wanted 5072 Campers for 5090 Campers For Rent 5100 Camping 5260 Dune 5200 lots for Sale 8760 lots to Rent 8740 Mob Homes .....8240 Mortgages .....8009 Open Houses 8115 Out ol Province Vocation Prop. 8390 Out of Province Properties 8410 More classifications are available, please Inquire with our classified salespeople.

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Office Hours: Monday to Classified Display p.m. for next day publication Friday for Monday publication Phone Service: Monday to a.m. to Closed Saturdays Sunday p.m. Deaths Deaths Deaths 1071 1000 1000 1000 Birth Notices KASPER Abram Kasper, age 77 years, of BOEHM The Dassina of Raymond Boehm, warman Mennonire special oare Home, age 73 years of Saskatoon, SK, occurred on Frl- passed away on September 1 5, 1 996 at Saska SALAMON Vince and Lynne Salomon would like to introduce their daughter Haylea Emma who arrived on September 12. 1996.

Haylea is also welcomed by grandparents Harold and Lotna Hakl and Joe and Evelyn Salomon and many aunts, uncles, cousins and friends. toon City Hospital. Ihe Funeral service will be held on Thursday, September 19, 1996 at 2:00 p.m. from the Chapel of Mdrtens Warman Funeral Home, 402 Central St. Warman with Pastor Ed Martens officiating.

Interment to follow at Warman Cemetery. Arrangements are have been entrusted to MARTENS WARMAN FUNERAL HOME (934-4888). aay, sepremDer to, ivvo ai i-uy nospiiai following a short battle with cancer. Raymond had reauested a Private Family Funeral Service which was held at Trinity Lutheran Church with Pastor Harald Thannhauser officiating on Monday, September 16, 1996. Interment followed in Hlllcrest Memorial Gardens.

In lieu of flowers. Memorial donations may be directed to Cancer Research, co Canadian Cancer Society, 438-2nd Avenue North, Saskatoon, SK, S7K 2C3. Arrangements were in care of PARK Lost And Found Lost And Found 1101 1101 The StarPhoenix HciPrui.2)0f Direct dial numbers for: Switchboard 652-9200 Editorial 664-8231 Circulation 664-8320 Classified 653-2100 Display 664-8340 Saskatoon Sun 664-8342 Lyle Sinkewicz Publisher Steven Gibb Editor Cam Hutchinson Managing Editor Greg Mclean Advertising Director GlenHoule Production Manager -Press Larry Funk Production Manager-PrePress Craig Peterson Promotions Manager Jack Phipps Circulation Manager ElrJonAmundson Controller Subscription Rates: Home delivery In Saskatoon S11.25 per month tor daily service, $2.00 per week; for Friday and Saturday service when prepaid. Mail rates in Canada $33.00 per month, U.S.A. and Foreign $59.20 per month.

Rural inquiries may phone 1'60O667-200B. 204 5th Ave. N. Saskatoon, Sask. S7K 2P1.

The StarPhoenix Online FOUND-GREY female cat brown Ithr collar, on 14th Cumberland. 373-4759. FOUND male Sramese cat east of Circle Drive between TayiorS 8th St. 95M063 FUNERAL CHAPEL, 244-Z IU3. STAHL The sudden and unexpected death of Mr.

Leon Peter Stahl, 66 years of Bruno, SK, occurred at Regina Plains Health Centre, Re-gina, SK, on Saturday, September 14, 1996. Leon will be lovingly remembered by his wife of 44 years, Clementine (nee Heblg) Stahl of Bruno; their five children. Dwight (Cindy) Stahl of Prince Albert, Colleen (Dan) Elash of Mar-tensvllle, Jocelyn (David) Staley of Saskatoon, Grant (Laura) Stahl of Regina and Nicole Stahl of Saskatoon; twelve grandchildren; three sisters, Clothilda (Abe) Hassen of Saskatoon, Au-relia (Peter) Nett and Catherine (Kelly) Callele, all of Bruno; and by numerous nieces and nephews. He was predeceased by tils parents, Ervln and Katherine (nee Bourauel) Stahl; a brother and sister-in-law, Eugene and Alice (nee Huhn) Stahl; and by his father and mother-in-law, Albert and Barbara Hebig. A Prayer Service will be held for Leon at St.

Bruno R.C. Church, Bruno on Wednesday, September 18, 1996 at 7:30 p.m. The Funeral Mass will be offered from St. Bruno R.C. Church on Thursday, September 19, 1996 at 10:00 a.m., celebrated by Rev.

Fr. Leo Hlnz, O.S.B. Interment will follow at St, Bruno R.C. Cemetery. Memorial donations directed to either the Saskdtchewan Heart Stroke Foundation or the Bruno Enriched Housing Fund will be gratefully received by the family.

SCHULER-LEFEBVRE FUNERAL CHAPEL, Humboldt (682-41 14). EDMISON The death of Ross Edmison, age 69 years of Saskatoon, occurred on September 15, 1996 at St. Paul's Hospital. The Funeral Service will be held on Wednesday. September 18 at 10:00 a.m.

conducted by Rev. Charles MacNutt at the Chapel of the Saskatoon Funeral Home. Ross is survived by his loving wife, Norma; his sons, Wayne (Sandra), Terry (Donna), Brian (Pam), Eldon, Richard (Tracy); arandchildren, Krvstal, Kandace, Ross, FOUND In Exhibition area, young gentle female brownish tabby. 242-1569 days 374-5146 eve LOST black shorthaired neutered male cat with frost bite on ears. No collar.

Phone 683-0308 STOEN Garnet Loren, 78 of Kingston, died September 15, 1996 at Veteran's Affairs Canada Unit of Soldiers Memorial Hospital. Born in Beaver Valley, SK, he was the son of the late Otto and Isobel (Stubstead) Stoen. He joined the R.C.A.F. serving Torbay, Nfid. and Continental Europe.

He was demobilized in 1 945. He re-enlisted in the R.C.A.F. in 1946-68. He was a LOST-Jemfmah. Female tortoise, long-hair cat, grey brown orange shading, dark bushy tail.

City Park area, reward 244-0441 or242-2435. LOST Sept 7 foHowing Broad-wayStreetFair. 12yearoldfe-male tabby cat-brown, black with gray. Nutana neai Broadway. 652-5598 Jason, Ashley; seven brothers and sisters: nu merous nieces and nephews.

He was prede life member of Nutana Legion, Saskatoon Branch 362, Argus Lodge 133 ana R.C.A.F.A. Branch 1 07, Greenwood. Surviving Notices ceased by his son, Alvln; and his parents. Memorial donations may be made to the Canadian Diabetes Foundation and or the Children's Wish Foundation and would be appreciated in lieu of flowers. Interment will follow in are his lovina wife, the former Audrey Hoiblrd; 1180 daughter, Linda and son-in-law, Alan Samp son, Kingston; Drotner, Arcnie ana nis wire, lv-dia, Vernon, BC; sisters, Manda Sayers, Edmon the Donovan Cemetery.

Arrangements have been entrusted to the SASKATOON FUNERAL Deaths ton, AB, uiga Appeigren, swift t-urrenr, sk, Evelvn Olsen. Pontex, SK, Pearl Schlender, 100 HOME and Prairie View Crematorium. BALLENDINE Margaret passed away Sep Coleman, AB; grandchildren, Jeffry and Tracy; In Memoriam 1004 MOFFAT Mr. Herbert Alfred, late of McClure Towers, passed away on September 14, 1996 at the age of 78. He was born on April 7.

1 9 1 8 at tember 1 3 at Royal Jubilee Hospital at the age of 75 years. Predeceased by her husband, Edward Colin Ballendine In 1977 and special friend, John Eldridge in 1988. Margaret was a very caring and dedicated mother, grandmother and great-grandmother devoting all her wakina hours beina friend and counsellor. several nieces ana nepnews. tie wds preae-ceased by sister, Catherine; brothers, Orris, James and Norman.

The Royal Canadian Legion, Kingston Branch 98 will conduct their service 2:00 p.m. Tuesday followed by a Memorial Service at the Warren T. Roop Funeral Home, Middleton, Rev. Joseph Manchester officiating. Burial in North Kingston Cemetery.

In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to the HoDisner, bK. After farming tor ou years in me Kooisner area. Hero ana oniriey movea to tas- PENSON Edna. September 17, 1993. Forever In our thoughts and out hearts.

Dearly missed by your family. katoon In 1989. Herb was always involved in whatever community he uvea in, supporting fuitiiiy, timiiuo, unuiun unu uuiiiiuiniy uouvr ties. He loved to travel, enioved many hob VAC Unit of Soldiers Memorial Hospital, Middle- ton or charity of choice. WESSEL Holly Lynn.

October 2, 1956-September 1 7, 1986. It'sbeen lOlongyearswithoutyou. We will always miss you. Love fromMargoret.ShoronondRiclr. The family travelled all over BC, Alberta and Saskatchewan, over the years and she managed to keep everyone close, making sure all family news was shared.

She enjoyed playing bingo with friends and relatives, watching favorite TV shows, and waiting for the big winning numbers. She will be greatly missed, but her spirit will be kept alive in all who cherish her. bies, and playing games with his family and many friends of McClure Towers. Herb is dearly loved and remembered by his wife, Shirley; his children, Jean (Dennis) Wobeser, Linda (Charles) McLaughlin and Pat (Bev) Allen: his Ten grandchildren ana three great-granacnii- dren, Kelly (Mike) Sidoryk and children, Tess and Leah, Wendy (Brian) Callender and son, Julius, Ian McLaughlin, Tarra (Rob) Oliver, Chris ADAMOWSKI Pete In loving memory ol a dear husband, father, grandfather and great grandfather. God saw you getting tired And a cure was not to be So He put His arms around you And said do come with me Sadly missed by his loving wife.

Nettie Anastasia: daughter. Mary Ann and fomily: sons, Nick (Margaret), Leo (Gail). Mike (Shelly) and their families. FEDERATION OF SASKATCHEWAN INDIANS INC. SASKATCHEWAN INDIAN EQUITY FOUNDATION INC.

THE TORONTO-DOMINION BANK LETTERS PATENT Notice is hereby given that Federation of Saskatchewan Indians, Saskatchewan Indian Equity Foundation Inc. and The Toronto-Dominion Bank intend to file an application with the Superintendent of Financial Institutions, under section 22 of the Bank Act, for letters patent incorporating a Schedule II bank under the name, "First Nations Bank of Canada" and in French, "Banque des Premieres Nations du Any person who objects to the proposed incorporation may submit an objection in writing to the Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions, 255 Albert Street, Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0H2, before November 17, 1996. Saskatoon, September 17, 1996. FEDERATION OF SASKATCHEWAN INDIANS INC. SASKATCHEWAN INDIAN EQUITY FOUNDATION INC.

THE TORONTO-DOMINION BANK Survived by her children, Betty Wood of Parks-ville, Colleen (John) Klughart of Nanaimo, Joan (Dave) Nelson of Port Albernl, Bonnie (Ron) Jefferson of Nanaimo, Ed (Glna) Ballendine of Nanaimo, Val Dunn of Kamloops, Lyne Marshall of Quesnel, Danny (Tammy) Ballendine of Quesnel, Donna (Rick) McLeod of Nanaimo, Gary (Terri) Ballendine of Nanaimo, Tim Ballendine of Parksville, 20 arandchildren and McLaughlin, Joai, Jennifer ana onanes Alien, his brother and sisters, Gaeme (Estelle) Moffat, OLYNUK The death of Mr. Antony "Tony" Du-ane Olynuk of Middle Lake, SK, occurred at Wakaw Union Hospital, Wakaw. SK on Saturday, September 14, 1996. He was 61 years of age. Tony was born on February 15, 1935 to John and Anne (nee Hutnick) Olynuk on the family homestead four miles west of Middle Lake.

He attended Lucien Lake Country School. Following his education, Tony worked in the construction industry in Saskatoon for a few years. Eventually, he returned to the family homestead, where he began his farming career. On July 31, 1957, Tony married Lauretta Muenichshofer at the old St. Benedict Country Church.

They resided and worked on the family farm throughout their life together. As well, Tony did custom farming for local neighbors. He was also employed as a mechanic at numerous garages in the Middle Lake and St. Benedict area. Tony was musicdlly inclined, loved sinaina, and played the auitar, accor Janet Hume and Annie Harvey; and numerous nieces and nephews.

Herb was predeceased by a sister, Clara Moffat; and parents, Alfred and Myrtle Moffat; brothers-in-law, Elmer BARKER (Fldvk), Christina. In lovina memory of mv beloved sister who departed this life September 17, 1993. Hume and Clarence Hdrvey. A Service of Re If I had all the world to give, I'd give It yes and more, To hear your voice and see your smile and greet you at membrance win be neia on weanesddv, Sep 2U great-granacmidren; orotners, Don (Aae-laine) Key and Jack (Jean) Key; sisters, Olive (Bob) Butcher and Bessie Mitchell. Funeral Service was held Tuesday, September 1 7 at 1 :00 p.m.

in the chapel of Mount Benson Funeral Home, 125 Wallace St. Nanaimo, BC, MOUNT BENSON FUNERAL HOME "Service with Dignity tember 18, 1996 at 2:00 p.m. from McClure United Church (4025 Taylor Street) with Rev. Dale Morrison Presiding. Interment of Cremains myaoor.

But all I can do dear sister Is go and tend your grave, and leave behind tokens of love to Ihe best sister God ever made. I'd like to think when life Is done, wherever Heaven may be, that you II be standing at the door, up there to welcome me. to toiiow in HiiicresT Memorial fcaraens. in neu M-OB I I of flowers, donations mov be made to the Mc Clure United Church (4025 Taylor Street, Saska HODGE Frederick Thomas 'Fred'. It Is with toon.

SK, SH 5J5) or to the donor choice, fu Ever lovingly remembered and deeply missed by your lovihg sadness we announce the passing of Fred T. neral arrangements are entrusted to ACADIA sister sopme anauonmoio. dion and organ for a local band, They provided the music for many dances In the district. Tony was also proficient with a video camera, and captured many memories at local weddinas. talent nights, family get-togeth Hodge of Saskatoon.

He leaves to mourn his lovina wife, Nora; children, Barry (Joyce) of HURD-SytvainHurd September 14. 1970-September 14. 1996 DRIVE rUNERAL UHArEL, Vob- IOUU. "Age Is like a mountain high Clean as the air, and blue. A long hard climb, and a little fatigue.

Saskatoon, Peggy (Terry) Warren of Spirit-wood; grandchildren. Christy (Derek) Gaskin, Brett and Kirk Hodge, and Steven (fiancee Jackie) and Doug Warren; great grandchild. but, on what a wonaertui viewi ers and various community functions. He loved travelling, hunting, camping, and fishing, and served as president and executive member of the Lucien Lake Fish and Game League. His greatest source of pleasure came from his tiaisna iasxin; ana numerous nieces ana nephews.

Fred was predeceased by his par Happy Days Happy Days rumny, ana ne Treasured nis uiiiiuibii uikj 1210 1210 ents, Ethel and Hugh Hodge; sister, Nora McKellar and brother, Stanley Hodae. Fred arandchildren. Tony will be lovingly remem "SLY" When I go to the Long Branch I'll shed a tear. For memories of you Will always be near. We danced on the dance floor Sometimes parried till dawn.

You cried on my shoulder When something was wrong. We had some good times And drank a few beer How I wish once more Your laugh I could hear. But your life here Is over. So I mustsay good-bye, I'll always cherish our friendship. My buddy bered by his wife of 39 years, Lauretta (nee was born on August 1,1910 and married Nora Griffiths in 1943.

He farmed at Elstow and he was a long-time member and supporter of the Muenichshofer) Olynuk or Miaaie Lake, sk; their four children and two grandchildren, Deborah (special friend, Ian Cooper) and her DRIVERS SHE'S 16T0DAY WELCOME TO THE NIFTY FIFTIES EILEEN! co-op. Wheat pool, i-arm union, Ag society, Telephone Co. and Credit Union. They retired children, Kenneth and Kimberly, all of Calgary, AB; Russell of prince Aioerr, sk; jerr ot saska to Saskatoon in 1980 but Fred remained ac tively involved in the farm until his passing. He toon, SK and Jennifer (Ron) Strueby of Saska curled and bowled and was an Amateur Ra toon, SK; three brothers, Nicholas (Hilda) Olynuk of Creston, BC, William (Helen) Olynuk of Elbow, SK and Michael (Leona) Olynuk of dio operator (VESQP) since 1932.

He always enjoyed card playing and making things in the work-shop, activities which usually involved his Happy Birthday Your buddy lana, and Dolores. Humboldt, SK; five sisters. Rose Mertz of Miaaie Lake, SK, Mary (Edgar) Brons of Grand Prairie, Coming Events Funeral Directors 1079 1007 cnnaren ana granacniiaren. i-rea win De greatly missed by all his friends and family. The Funeral Service will be held on Tuesday, September 17, 1996 at 2:00 p.m.

at Park Funeral ab, Josephine storer ot doocaygeon, on, rat (Stan) Desormeau of Saskatoon, SK and Helen (Rolf) Christ of Prince Albert, SK; sister-in-law, Sophie Olynuk of Humboldt, SK; a special HOMESPUN '96 "the Biggest Chapel, 31 1 3rd Avenue North. Officiating will utile crart snow in Cartyle niece, Joanne Etch of Toronto, ON and by nu DALMENY FUNERAL HOME Gerald Funk -254-2022 Dalmeny, Sask. Sports Arena. Sept 21 1 1am- 6om sept i lam-apm. merous other nieces and nephews.

He was predeceased by his parents, John and Anne be Rev. Brian Walton. (Courtesy parking is available.) Interment will follow In Hillcrest Memorial Gardens. In lieu of flowers, donations can be made to the Canadian Cancer Society, 438 2nd Avenue North, Saskatoon, SK S7K 2C3, (PARK FUNERAL CHAPEL 244-2 1 03). Displaying the works ot over 70 jury-selected Arts Crafts (nee Hutnick) Olynuk; a brother, Peter oiynuk, AMSON James, late of Radisson, SK.

passed and by two brothers-in-law, Joe Mertz and away on September 15, 1996 at the age of 66 people from Saskatchewan. Manitoba Alberta. Don'tmissltl Doug Storer. A Prayer Service will be held for Saskatoon Funeral Home W.Arnold Edwards DonSheppard years. Jim was oorn in waaisson on juiy I vju to Jack and Beatrice Amson.

He lived with his family In Tollman and Krydor where Jim took his i ony at oanaaian Martyrs k.u onurcn, Miaaie Lake on Wednesday, September 18, 1996 at 7:30 p.m. The Funeral Mass will be offered from 244-5577 338 4th Ave. North oanaaian Martyrs k.o. cnurcn on inursaay, eany education, his Drotner, jack ana sister, Shirley were born in Krydor. On August 7, 1944 the family moved to Radisson.

On August 7. HAPPY BIRTHDAY September 19, 1996 at 2:30 p.m., celebrated by Rev. Fr. Joseph Ackerman, O.S.B. Interment CLARK June K.

passed away at Parkridge Centre on Sunday, September 8th. She was born in Saskatoon in 1914. She was predeceased by her husband Sanford her parents Jim and Elizabeth Mclnnes; a sister Dorothy Vandale; a brother Donald; and an infant sister and brother. She is survived by sons Jerry and Bob; brothers Hugh, Gordon (Ellen), Stewart (Eva) and Bruce of Saskatoon; and a sister Marjorie Cram (Bill) of Candle Lake and grandchildren Lisa, Jason, Jerrirt, Bree, Nadine and Bernie and several nieces and nephews. June will follow at Canadian Martyrs R.o.

cemetery. Active Pallbearers will be Kenneth Torborg, Westwood Funeral Chapel RaeJ.Murdock 20th St. Ave. N. 653-3434.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY E.B.! Dating Services CONDOMINIUM OWNERS -Saskatoon. Notice ol Meeting re. Property Tax Changes. One representative from each condominium corporation is invited to attend a meeting to discuss pending re-assessment and mil rate changes that come Into effect January 1. 1997.

Date-September 23. 1996 Time- Location-Amenities Room. Park Place Condominium 209A Cfee Place. Saskatoon. Contact-Cliff.

933-9368. Gordon Doepker, Frank Winkel, James Winkel, 1217 tdward Brockman and James Olynuk. Memo THE TALKING PERSONALS SASKAIOON'SDAIELINE 24Hrs. 665-4380 Free Can Crematoriums rial donations directed to either Bethany Pioneer Village. Middle Lake or the Wakaw Union Hospital will be gratefully received by the family.

Funeral arranaements were entrusted to 1020 SCHULER-LEFEBVRE FUNERALCHAPEL, TIRED OF the bar seen? Call Two ot Hearts Dating Club. Someone like yourself is wait-ina to meet vou. 93 1 -9790. Humboldt(682-4114). was an active member of the Royal Canadian Legion Auxiliary, the Pensioners and Pioneers, the Western Development Museum and served on the Provincial Advisory Board for Senior Citizens.

A grave side service will be held on Tuesdav. SeDtember 17th at 1 1:00 a.m. at PRAIRIE VIEW CREMATORIUM iMemorialCremation Services. Highway 1 1 South Lost And Found 1101 IV4B Jim openea jim ana jock rvieat Market" in Radisson and in 1964 expanded to having a Locker Plant. Jim married Norma Jean Thue on February 20, 1957.

She had come to Radisson district to teach school. In the early 1960's Jim and Norma established a cattle feed lot one mile north of Radisson, and more recently have also been grain farming. Jim loved meeting people and going to the cattle market. His business allowed him to know farmers over a wide area. Jim is dearly loved and remembered by his mother, Stacey Beatrice Amson; his wife, Norma Jean Amson; two sons, Bradley (Kathi) Amson and granddaughters, Meaghan, Caitlin, Kerry, Laura, Haley and Victoria, all of Victoria, BC; and Blake Amson of Radisson, SK; his one brother.

Jack (Myrtle) Amson of Radisson; as well as numerous nieces and nephews. Jim was predeceased by his father Jack Amson Sr. (1975); and a sister, Shirley Evelyn Amson (1964). The Funeral Service will be held on Wednesday, September 18, 1996 at 1:30 p.m. from the Radisson School Gym, Radisson.

SK. Memorial may be made to the charity of the donor's choice. Interment in the Radisson Cemetery. Radisson. SK.

Funeral arrangements are entrusted to ACADIA DRIVE FUNERAL CHAPFL. 955-1600. Woodlawn Cemetery (Soldiers' Plot). Tea will MARCELLA It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of our beloved Sylvia. She died in the early hours of Sunday.

September 15, 1996 at St. Paul's Hospital after a lengthy illness. She is survived by her husband. 242-7884 Box2061 CAR-MEL INTROFALL SPECIAL. 5107 one year.

No other tee ForRomonceor compantonsh. can 242-420324 1 -2882. De servea from p.m. to p.m. oi Pensioners and Pioneers Hall on Spadina Cres cent.

HILLCREST CREMATORIUM THOMPSON William L. Thompson, age 92, Personal 1220 Cemetery, cremation service planning ahead specialists beloved father of Grace, Beverley, ana Lyie, passed away at Primrose Chateau on Saturday, September 14, 1996. Funeral Service will be held at Acadia Drive Funeral Chapel on Wayne; son. Robb (Meagan); daughter, Krista (John); and her father. Paul Husulak, all of Saskatoon.

Also, her brother, Terry (Doreen) of Leader, SK. The Funeral Service will be held on Thursday, September 19 at 11:00 a.m. conducted by Rev. S. Edward Lewis from St.

Timothy's Anglican Church, 2101 Lansdowne Avenue. In lieu of flowers. Memorial donations may be made to a charity of the donor's choice. Interment will take place at Woodlawn ADOPTEES BIRTH PARENTS. CanaOa-Wide National Registry.

1400471-8477. Coming Events 1079 MAY THE SACRED Heart ot Thursday, September 19 at 1 :30 p.m. with Robert Corfield. Merlin Affleck and Dennis Morris officiating. Interment to follow at Hillcrest Memorial Gardens.

Funeral arrangements are entrusted to ACADIA DRIVER FUNERAL CHAPEL 955-1600. SHE'S BOOKED THE DAY OFF SHE MUST BE "MIFFEDV IS IT BECAUSE TODAY SHE'S TURNING Your loving staff S.R.I. MURPHY'S TAP on Dieten-baker Dr. Thurs. night ladies dnnks (or $2.

Fri. Dance Bound karaoke. Jesus be adored, glorified, loved and preserved throughout the world now and forever. Sacred Heart of Jesus pray for us St Jude, Worker of Miracles, pray tor FUNERALCHAPEL. 244-2103.

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