Star-Phoenix from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada on August 13, 1996 · 44
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Star-Phoenix from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada · 44

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 13, 1996
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D4 Tuesday August 13, 1990 Thought Of The Day Few people get dizzy from doing too many good turns. The SKar Phoenix , , 204 5th Avenue North Saskatoon, Saak. S7K 2P1 Tfi,VWWV2rTYrr lIV MaitSUoo ' 25" P f Ii..h V V J tiiJ ' -' ' - , MowWHw..-....!)) Glass . 1 - ItinkRiinlal ..... M40 Harowxl Hoot I Announcement fTVJ Emptoyment ITT I Goods and sal al La nHMMI Blrttt AMtOUACWTWItl ., BsrsMsrnsnt SmtMnHi Can of Thanks Cnrrkn (rtntluix COTWUnOrtlx .............. Community StfWHiiH Crsrnatrjnumt .,... Dating Sarwn Deaths.-..., tnjafjmants t WMOnjs, funaral Oiraclors Fun all Funaral Plans Graduations Gnal Counnthn MkiovOwi Nm Dm Sttwt In Mwwfi8ffl.nn.ii. .i.t.tnn Utjacws Memorial lost A Found Memonel SocKly Memorial ServtCM NotKM. Personal. Personal Services. PsyclK StWM.. tlemnt.,...., 5Ml Clubs...,... Soon Events Supoort Groups Terweri,.,,.,.,,, Travel 1-900 Shwm. ....... J 669 1071 I0SS 1065 ....1079 ...1230 ...,1081 ....1020 ...HI ,,..1000 ,.106 ,-.ioor ,...1003 ....WIS ....1078 ...1010 ...1210 ...121S .,..1004 ..,.1050 .,.,1101 ...1008 ...1005 ,...1030 ..UN ..1220 ..1223 ,,.1222 ,..1088 ,..1088 ...1090 ..1235 ..1190 ..1091 .1225 Career Trfiin Computet Ptnonntl. Barjywiers Regutrad Will Batytrl OomMUcHelfj .... Domestic Services DrMrt Wanted Employment Seivtcai....... Employment Wanted...,,.,..,., farm Held Govt SuOsKliierJ Daycare Hairrlretsert Wanted Held Wanted Jed Tramms Mooeilini Nanny Set wees , Health Care Personnel HcMal Personnel Office Help Warned Day Care Part-time Help Pro-School PiotMwon Help..,..,.,... Restaurant Help.....,,...,.. StBWS ftffOe'W'sH t.eaeoes sees ss io Secretarial rWp.,.. SuotxMed Day Care. ....... Teacher Rnowcet ............. Teachen Wanted Team Players Wanted....,...,. Technical Help Wanted Trades 4 Construction Help.. Business Opportunities ...2200 ...2198 ...2175 ...3180 ..,.2035 .,..2037 2020 2205 2210 ,..,2030 ,,.,2155 ..,.2080 ,...2000 2005 ...2070 ....2170 ..,.2230 .,..2220 ....2050 ....2172 .,,,2040 ,...2185 ,...2195 ...2045 ...1990 ...2190 ..2055 ...2167 ...2255 ...2250 ...2058 ...2027 ...2025 ..2203 AovertlUnj Accessories 3075 Animues 3125 AntiQuee Wanted 3127 Articles For Sale..,..,.,,.. 3115 Articles Warned 3135 Art and Sculpturas.,...........34?0 Auction Ads . 3130 Baovlnlent Articles.... 3110 Balloons 3477 Bands Orchestras...,.,,,..,,. 3495 Bankruptcy Into 3059 Beauty Salon Supplies 3092 Books Comics 3422 Butcher Supplies 3640 Catenna 34HS Cals 3050 Cellular Mobile Phones 3405 Cons 1 Stamps 34 SO Collect Kiel 3435 Computer Consultants 3400 Computers 4 Eouipment 3392 Computet Service 3395 Communication Equipment......341B Counselling 3530 Cult Sales 3112 Deny Products 3665 Dance Lessons.. 3503 Divorce Mediation....... 3525 Oogs..............,.... 3020 Eis ...,.....3660 Financial Plartntn..WMM...3058 mr, -7n Fish .36S0 Furniture A Appliancet.......3120 Furniture Refimshing........314S Furniture Rentals..w.Mm......3140 Garage 5ales..,. 3155 Oarage Sales Rural 3360 Garden 4 lawn Equipment 35H5 Garden 4 lawn 3580 Hall Rentals... 3480 Handyman Serwies......3517 1994 GRAND PRIX St. 4 rjr. Hatowood lumber ............... IV loaned, eic. eond. $14,500. Hauim . 3615 Phone 00OO000 Healtn Sarvices.... 3M4 -vv lov tK 7 Dcv Cor Promotion you Iwvel Oreo Price end we oot Hoodies 4 Cratts... 3440 greet rewltil' Holistic Servicas..,,,,., 3537 lorry, Sotatoon Home Care 3540 , Home Cooking 3490 HousMiitmg 33K8 essssiissiisssssssss Income Ta Directory .....3065 Tel. Answering Service ., imi,k -r Tickets 5atewanied Jewellery Anpraisani...,....,.,.34,i5 Tree Serwca .,.,....... tanoscapmj jrjiu Tree Spraying ....... leather Crafting 3448 TV Rentals ..... Umwer 4 Building Suophet 3370 TVVCR Service Massage Therapy Iflegisletedl 3538 Underground Sprinklers Meats 3645 VCR-Sales-Renlal-Servicd. Moneytoioan ..,,. 3505 Video-Gome EQUipmenl.., Musical Equipment 3465 Video Taping Musical Instruction 3470 Wedding Boutique Musical TuningRepair,,,,,. 3472 Weight control Products . Nursing Homes , 3535 swmhh Ottiee Equipment 4 Suppliet....3(0 p , ., oiiw servicas ......3060 MMTransponatiofi Parenting Skills 3631 r Pet Announcemerrt 3005 IDtm Pet Grooming 3010 . ' Pet Memonama..... .....3057 Pets -other 3055 "'"I vehicles.. Photography 3425 Poultry ,. 3665 ZloXT Produce 3635 K?'1!?'; 5-rr 55 tmiSSSZ oVZ'tZZ tZ M Pa-It Accessories... Satellite Dishes ..!ZZ3415 tJL JTIL.' Saunas 4 Hot Tubs 3550 JJ UoiolkSS SjcurrrySyst. 3390 STJ! Sewing .......,. 3445 Busm For Sale SvingMiichineServlcd..S305 SrWash " f10"!?"" OassicAutMZ""ZI Stgnsommerclal..,. 3070 ailll( For Uase.....,.,., Sound Equipment .,.,. 3460 Grain Trailers Sports Catds 3430 G,8in 1llxMt Store EquipmentSupplies......3095 ry Cars Taped Music . 3500 Mini Vans....'...! .'...',. TentRenteis 3483 Perking For lease 3063 ,...3382 ......3605 ..,.3600 ...3155 3153 ......3590 ,...3160 ,....3410 3473 34 75 3533 4250 4295 4310 ......4000 .....4005 4290 ,....4300 ...4275 ..4108 4135 .4270 -.4740 ...4340 ,4260 ,4760 ....4670 ..,.4660 ...4245 ....4370 ...4770 Reconditioned Battenes... Sam Trailers Special interest vehicles,. Sports Cars w Starters 4 Alternators Towing Service............. Truck Dealers.............. Truck Leasing Truck Parts 4 Accessories..., Trucks For Sale , Trucks Industrial Trucks 1 Ton 4 Over-Trucks Wanted Vans Van Accessories Van Conversion ,, Van Rentals Veriicle Cleaning..,,,.,. Vehicle Storage 44's ...4320 ...4680 ,,..4265 ...4240 ..,.4325 ...4790 ...4470 ..4695 ,,..4700 ...4508 ,,,.4650 ,...4530 ...4690 ,,.4.360 ,..4:0 ,..4385 ...4390 ...4345 ...4780 ...4710 RV Camper Dealers 5120 RV s Motorhomn For Sue. 51 40 RV Motornomta Rentll.....51tj0 Ski Shoot .,.... 54flO Skiing Equipment,.,.,,,..,....,,. 5420 SnowmoDtlee ......, 5340 Snowmohile Repairs..,,. 5380 Sporting Goods , 5100 Tents 4 !irp4Ulina..,.... 52H0 Utility Trailers 5240 Fireplaces 4 Arxetsorm. Ftoonng. Fumacas., Glass. Hatowood Floors Healing. Home Reoetr,., 3 Trades and Professions Accountant! .... Accounianlt (ChHttred),. Appliance Repair..., AfChitect Drartspenon. Afttsui Oesgnef,N. AspnaltPaving m. A Wnmgt HesHetHsstHesas.. Basementi,mHHH,.Hrf,,r 8ithfoofl)s. Recreation Drive Bookkeeping Brick Layers ... Building mspeotione....H. Caomets Furmtunim Carpets .....,..,., Central Vec..H,... Ceramic Tile .,.,...., Chimneys .......i., Chimney Sweeps.,.,!....., concrete... All Terrain vehicles.. Bicycles ...w. Bicycle Repairs ....ww. Boat Accessorras.WM.. Boat 0eaiers...w.m. Boats For SaJa.m.m,w, Boat Rentala...,.,..,... Boats Warned ., Campers For Sale...,,.,,, Campers For Rent Camping Equipment Dune Buggies .5220 ....5000 .5O20 .508O ..5065 5070 ......5075 5072 5090 ,.,....5100 5260 ,. 5200 Concrete Brick Concrete Cutting Contractors Carpenters. Decks 4 Patios.... DemolitionRemoval Drywatlmg Eavestroughs Electricians Energy Conservation...,, Equipment Rentals....,...., Eicavating............... Fences ............. Fiberglass.. ... 8910 .....6905 6710 6015 ,,.,.6030 85H6 8255 ....6090 8360 6912 , 6210 ...6110 ....6675 8420 ...8330 8375 6135 ....8150 ....6525 ...6195 ..6555 ..6105 .661S -.6645 .6435 ...6165 ..6270 ....6240 6895 6060 6600 ...6725 Insulation. Interior Decorating Investigation Security. wnitonai services, lawyers ...,..,., Maid Service Management Consultants. Maintenance 4 Cleaning.,, Metal WOttlS, mt.mmiH.m, Moving ..m. Packing. Peinling... .....i ., Patents Trademarks.. Plumbing , ...m PocHiiHotTubSorvica... Power Wsn...,...., Roofing ......... Sand 4 Gravel.., Sewer 4 Oram Cleaning. . Sewing Machine ServtCd.. Small Engine RepaK..... Snow Removal Staam Clean Pressure Wash, Steps 4 Railings ...... Slot ae. ...,... Stucco... ... Trades People .......... Trenching.,,, Upholstety ., Upholstery Cleaning..,., Wallpapering............ Welding.. Window Cleaning..,..,.,, Window Doors........ 8738 ...6190 .6285 ...6720 ,..4405 ,..8115 ,..6660 ,.25 8045 8950 6825 ,,...6915 ,....671(0 8920 ....6855 ....8215 ..84H5 ..6H10 ....6450 -..6940 ,...6345 .6HK6 ..6465 ....6120 ...6510 ..6870 ..8W5 ..830O 8890 .6875 ...6830 ..490 ...6180 ...6000 ...6075 ...6750 ...6785 ...6480 ,,..6220 ...6840 ...6705 Ottln DrymgCleaning .,.,., 71 VJ Heavy Equipmtnt Rental ...... 7NO Horse Irslert 7210 InOuiir, at Macnmery 4 Repairt 75 70 Uvestocfc 4 Acoastonn 7150 Rental Service.......,........ 7660 Sand BHUir... .......7J 10 Septic Tankt 7360 Sharpening Service ...7720 Small tos... 7540 StaNas... ., We.ors... 7240 7270 17 Real Estate Firm Industrial Acreage nduslrtal..,.-,,..,..870 Acreage Rural..,. ..,.,8720 Acreage Wanted.., .8710 Apartment Blocks Sara 8540 Apartment Bkxki Wanted . .8550 Appraisers 8280 B.C. Properties For Sale..M.,.8510 0.C Properties For Rent ...8490 B C RetortVacation Prop 8480 Bed N Bteeklasl 8472 BusaieuOprjortunitras BS80 Campsaas 8405 Commercial Properly Sale, .,8640 Commercial Property lease 86.30 Corvjominiums For Sale .......... 8230 Condominiums Wanted. Farmland For Rent Farmland Wanted,.. Farmland For Sara fishing -Hunting Lodges 8475 HOteiS M0ierS....,w...,m...8060 Houses tor Sate sniO Houses Wanted Buy. 8220 Industrial lots. ....8680 Investments. ...8570 ...8235 8690 8700 ,...8710 Cham Saws .7390 Farm Equipment Dealers..,.....7060 Farm Equipment Ss. ........... 7090 Farms Warned.... ............7450 Feed 4 Seed.. 7180 Investment ProoertiM...m...8660 lota tor Sele..............8760 lots to Bent...............8740 Mobile Homes 8240 Mortgages 8009 Open Houses 8115 Out ol Province Vacation Prop. 8390 Out o Province Properties...... .8410 Out of Town Properties., Property Managamenl,., properly wanted w Rnai Estate Auctions... Real Estate ComoamM... Real Estate lawyers.,.. Real Esl ate Services task. Cottages for Rent Satk. Cot' , lor Said.. Sask. Lake 4 Resort ., Sesk Properties lor Rent,,, Sask Propetties for Sara..., Snowblrrl Properties Stoies40iiics Sale Stores 4 OIiicm Rent..,, Townhouses for salt.. WarehouH Space..... ..520 ,...8290 ...8160 ...8130 8270 ..8t40 ,.,..8.120 .,..840 ...8410 ,...8440 ...8480 8470 8.195 ,....8610 8690 ...8060 ...43530 EfjHjJejcomi 17. ..... imodation Atzormrtodation ServloatM...B0O5 Board. Room for Rent 9365 Board. Room Wanted ,,.,.,.9 (HS Condominiums to Rent.....9195 Houses Furmtned ,.,...91 15 Houses, Rural Rent ,..92 15 Houses. (Part Fumshedl 9155 Houses, Urdurnwied ...,91 75 Penthouse Rent 9??5 Rental Houses Wanted. ........ 9:'S5 Retiremant Uwrw 9205 Rooms Furnished .,,.,...9275 Rooms (Part. Furntsned).,.932S Rooms Unfurnished 9305 Rooms Wanted 9348 Shared Accommodation.,......, ..90 75 Sumo! Suites 9070 Sutes Furnished .....9015 Suites Part. Fumshedl. 9085 Suites. Rural ........ 9095 Suites Untumrshed.......9045 Suites Wanted........... ...91 15 TrjwnMusts for Rent . 9215 Mora classification art available, pleasa Inqulra with our classified salespeople. 7b piac an ad, ettmnc aw d of carreer an ad. 653-2200 Office Hours: Monday to Friday-8:00 a.m. to 4:30p.m. Phone Service: MondaytoFhday-8:00a.m. to6:00p.m. Closed Saturdays Sunday-2:00 p.m. U6O0p.m. Adwtltamntcoiiy rrnrnt be aioworSce, phoned or faxed: a) Uners-6:00 p.m. for next day publication b) Classified Display -12:00 noon for next day publication Cl Cancets A Corrections Liners -6:00 p.m. for next day publication Classified Display -4:00 p.m. for next day publication 4:30 p.m. Friday for Monday publication Customers wishing to use StarPhoenlx bmnucr services for oorMential replies may have this service lor an additional charge of $26.00 tor 60 calendar days. All Saskatoon replies must be picked up otlrieStar1oenix.2045thAi)N. All replies not claimed within 30 calendar days of the tlrst insertion date of the advertisement wHI be destroyed. Out of town replies will be mailed out every Tuesday Thepubtisherreseriasstherigrntorejectorchangec publisher's approval. The StarPhoenix Is responsible forerromintheflrstdayof publication only. Notice of error is required before the second advertisement is published. All advertisements are subject to credit approval before pubtcaoon. The StarPhoenix Helpful. Direct dial numbers for: Switchboard 652-9200 Editorial 664-8231 Circulation 664-8320 Classified 653-2100 Display 664-8340 Saskatoon Sun 664-8342 LyleSinkewicz Publiilwr Steven Giob Editor Cam Hutchinson Uamglng Editor Greg Mclean Advertising Director GlenHoule Production Usnager Press Larry Funk Production Manager -PrePress Craig Peterson Promotions Manager Jack Pliipps Circulation Manager EldonAmundson Controller SubseHption Ratea: Home delivery In Saakatoon $11.25 per month for dally service, S2.00 per week for Friday and Saturday aenrtce when prepaid. Mall rates In Canada $33.00 per month, U.S.A. and Foreign $59.20 per month. Rural Inquiries may phone 1-800-M7-2OO8. 204 5th Ave. N. Saskatoon, Satk. S7K 2P1. The StarPhoenix Online http:www.wbm.castar Deaths . 1000 V ' - ' ! Ml Death! 1000 ) VAa iSiii astower r t ssm.:eMKn&' OLEKSYN Mrs, Stella Oleksyn, late of Briar-lea, SK passed away suddenly and peacefully at home on August 1 0, 1 996. Stella was born on October 29, 1931 at Alvena, SK to Tomas and Helen Mackewlcz, the first of three children. She was a wife, mother, grandmother and a good friend to her family the and people that knew here. She was a warm and deeply car ing person who Insisted on helping those around her first before herself. Stella was also a housewife, a nurse and a lover of life. Stella took her schooling In Alvena and worked on her parents farm nelolna with chores as she grew up. She began her career in nursing tak ing ner scnooung in prince Mioerr ar me noiy Family Hospital graduating in 1954. On October 7, 1956 she married Paul Oleksyn. They moved to the farm in the Briarlea District in 1 956 where she continued to help with work on the farm, nurse and raise a family. Stella will be forever cherished and lovingly remembered by her husband, Paul; four children, Terry (Shelley) Oleksyn, Tammy (Tom Chartrand) Oleksyn, Tim (Cindy) Oleksyn, and Douglas (Caroline) Oleksyn; five grandchildren, Megan, Andrea, Derek, Cameron and Teagan; one brother, Mervin (Nancy) Maskewtch; one sister, Diane Wruck; also numerous nieces and nephews. She was predeceased by her parents, Tomas and Helen Mackewicz. The Prayer Service will be held on Wednesday, August 14, 1996 at 7:00 p.m. at Mackenzie Funeral Home. The Divine Liturgy will be celebrated on Thursday, August 15, 1996 at 10:00 a.m. at the Holy Trinity Ukrainian Orthodox Church, 305 - 6th ' Street East. Prince Albert with Rev. Rybalka officiating. Donations to the Heart and Stroke Fund would be appreciated by the family. HAWRYLUK FUNERAL HOME, Leask, SK, in care of arrangements. 466-4822. CROMARTY Philip James Archibald Cro marty passed away suddenly In Saskatoon on sunaay, July zo, iwo wnere ne naa Deen re-sidlna since AdtII. Jim was born on May 13, 1941 to Mr. and Mrs. P.R. (Rud and Kay) Cromarty of Calgary. Jim completed his post secondary education at the Universities of Saskatchewan and Alberta, graduating with a Bachelor of commerce owyrwo hi rmunuo rvnirjiw-mented by further graduate studies in the ar eas of Real tstare Planning ana ueveiopmeni, and Environmental Management. Jim was self-employed and had a multi-discipline business background with emphasis on Project Management, Marketing and Communica tions. He enjoyea naing nis mounrain diko. playing hockey or Tennis ana was acrive in minor SDort in various volunteer capacities, at tending a number of top level sports camps In Western Canada with his son and daughter, whom he was aevotea to. Jim leaves to mourn his passing and to cherish the many fond memories, his daughter. Megan; and son, William; his mother, Mrs. Kay Cromarty; his sister. Margaret (EarT) Foster; niece, Kathryn; nephew. Scott of Saskatoon; and many other family members and friends. In lieu of flowers. Memorial donations may be made to the Heart and Stroke Foundation. A private family Interment was held at the family plot In the Burnsland Cemetery In Calgary on August 6, 1 996. Arrangements were handled by the SASKATOON and MclNNIS & HOLLOWAY FUNERAL HOMES PAUL The death of Kevan Paul occurred suddenly on August 10, 1996 at the age of 15 years, ine i-unerai service win roe neia on lues-day, August 13, 1996 at 3:00 p.m. from the Chapel of Saskatoon Funeral Home, 338 Fourth Avenue North with Rev. N.S. Dinawall of ficiating. Kevan leaves to mourn his father and morner, wavne ana Bonnie; nis prorner, Craig; and three sisters, Michelle, Stephanie and Jennifer. Also his grandparents, Henry and wum bcnmiar, Joyce ana KODerr paui; ana great grandmother, Phlllipine Kanz; Aunts, Uncles. Cousins and close friends he knew and loved, Kevan enloved being with his friends, naving Tun, going ror corree ar rne local restaurant, music, old cars and motorcycles, Arrangements have been entrusted to SASKATOON FUNERAL HOME. WE LOVE YOU AND WE'LL MISS YOUI r J4W f) V'W nl 1 Ji) if"" J KRAWCHUCK 'Wild men who caught and sang the sun In flight.., Do not go gentle Into that good night." Early on the morning of August 3rd, after along and courageous battle against AIDS, Glen Alan Krawchuck died at home, asleep next to his beloved mother. He died happy, surrounded by his loved ones, still smiling and jok ing as usual, even after the power of speech naa ierr nim. t;ien uvea in saskatoon tor sev eral years and leaves behind many people who loved hlm-and each other because of him. Glen had been cared for by his parents In St. Andrew's Manitoba since 1994. A Memorial Service was held there for him on August 7th, His Saskatoon friends will be gathering at the home of Feleshla Brodle to remember him on Sunday afternoon, August 18th. "Though they go mad they shall be sane. Though they sink through the sea they shall rise again; Though lover be lost love shall not; And death shall have no dominion," Deaths 1000 TOWELL The passing of Alan Towell of Sas katoon, SK occurred accidentally on Sunday, August 11, 1996 at age 51. Memorial Service, orticiaiea Dy Pastor wes Long, will be neia on Wednesday, August 14, 1996 at 11:00 a.m. from Ebenezer Baptist Church. 107 McWillie Avenue. Alan is survived by wife, Sheila; son, Robert (Lana) Towell of Saskatoon; daughter, Janette and her fiance Jason Gable of Saskatoon; as well as three sisters In England. He was predeceased by his parents; two brothers; and two sisters. In lieu of flowers. Memorial donations may be directed to the Canadian Diabetic Association, 104 - 2301 Avenue C North, Saskatoon, SK, S7L 525. Arrangements are In care of PARK FUNERAL CHAPEL- 244-2 1 03. Alan Is now In the presence of his Lord and Saviour. EVANS Raymond Lyle Evans passed away at the age of 77 years on Sunday. August 1 1 , 1996 at St. Paul's Hospital in Saskatoon. It was by Raymond's request there be no Funeral service. In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to a charity of one's choice. Arrangements have been entrusted to SASKATOON FUNERAL HOME and Prairie View Crematorium, In Memorlam 1004 SPARKS In loving memory of Ernest Sparks. August 12, 1984. You ore always si our thoughts and prayers. We love you otways and mrss you. Your loving wife Derphlne and fomrly. SCHROH In memory ol lance. In my dreams , I dream of you Cause you are the daddy I never knew. Now I'm 3. and see so much But you ate the one I can not touch, Love arWoys, your doughtef.Cosey. GILES-Robert. Aug. 13, 1969. In the graveyard softly sleeping Where the flowers gentry wave Lies the one we love so dearly Whom we tned but could not save. Mayfhewindsotlovebiowoenriy And whisper so you can hear That we all still love and mrss you And wish that you were here. Lovingly remembered by Lois and family SOROKA In lovtng memory of a dear mother, grandmother ona grear-gronamomef . Annie wno passea away Augusr i j, iwo. A poge In our book of memories Is gently fumed today Like falling leaves the years sup by But precious memories never die. Justastheywere.meywitl olways be Loved and cherished In our memory. Sadly missed and lovingly remembered by Helen. Bill, Nadla, Dianne and their families. SCHROH In memory of Lance Schroh. In my hands I hold a picture, In a pretty little frame A picture fitted with memories A picture with a name , Not a name that answers me. Not a voice that I can hear. But thoughts that till my very soul Thoughts that I hold dear. One year ago today the world lost a friend. We miss you Lance and send our love. Unttl we meet again. With love. Jay & Krlsta & girts. Tanya & Evan & boys, Jim and uaroi. SUMMACH Robert went to be with his Lord on Sunday. August 1 1 , 1996 at the age of 78 years. The Funeral Service will be held on Thurs day. August 15 at 2:00 p.m. In the Asquith Bap- TtsT t,nurcn, Asqurm, sk conaucrea oy Kev. Vern Winters. Left to cherish his memory are his loving wife, Esther; daughters, Deanna, Char- lene (George); son, Harley (Sondra); nine grandchildren, Angela (Trevor) and their chil dren, Christopher, Justin and Aurora; Ahren (Anna), tvan ccana). Amber ccraia) and Na talie. Bob spent his life serving his church, com munity and others. He will be remembered as tne canay man . in lieu or nowers aonanons may be made to the Asquith Baptist Church, Asqurrn, ok or to tne cnarny or one s cnoice. in terment will follow In the Asquith Cemetery, Ar- rangemenrs nave Deen enrrustea to rne SASKATOON FUNERAL HOME. In Memorlam 1004 KINDRACHUK Eugene of Saskatoon. SK, formerly of Regina, SK passed away in Vancouver. BC on August 11. 1996. Funeral arrangements pending. KUSHNERYK'S FUNERAL HOME. Wokaw. SK in care of arrangements. WIGELSWORTH The passing of Mr. John Wl-gelsworth, age 73 years of rural Saskatoon, occurred at St. Paul's Hospital on Saturday, August 1 0. 1 996. The Celebration of John's life will pe neia on saruraav, Auausr i or 1 1 :uu a.m. from Park Funeral Chapel, 31 1 Third Avenue North. A reception will be held In the Arbor Room (2nd Floor of Park Funeral Chapel wheelchair accessible) Immediately following the service. Cremation. A Private Family Inter ment will be held on Saturday. August 17, 1996. Arrangements are In care of PARK FUNERAL CHAPEL.244-2103. BIDULKA The passing of Olga Bidulka, age 6 years or saskatoon occurrea suaaeniy on Sunday, August 11, 1996. Prayers will be held on Thursday, August 15, 1996 at 7:00 p.m. at park t-unerai t-napei, di I dra Avenue -North (Courtesy parking is available). Officiating will pe kev. t-r. Leonara j. Komanow. Funeral ui urqy, celebrated by Rev. Fr. Bradford Bodnar- chuk. will be held on Friday. August 16. 1996 at 2:00 p.m. from St. Peter The Apostle Roman Catholic Church. 1121 Northumberland Ave nue. Interment will follow In Woodlawn Catholic Cemetery. A complete obituary will be published in Wednesday, August 14 edition. Ar rangements are in care of PARK FUNERAL CHAPfcL, 244-2 IU TABASNIUK John W. Tabasniuk passed away on Sunday, August 1 1 . 1996. at Saskatoon City Hospital. The Vigil of Praver will take place on Wednesday, August 14 at 7:00 p.m. at Saskatoon Funeral Home, and the Funeral Liturgy will be held on Thursday, August 15 at 10:00 a.m. at Holy Trinity Ukrainian Orthodox Cathedral (919 20th Street West) celebrated by Rev. Fr. Demjan Hohol. A complete obituary notice will be carried in tomorrow's newspa per. Arrangements have been entrusted to SASKATOON FUNERAL HOME (244-5577) SCHROH In loving memory of lance Lloyd Schroh. February 6. 1972 -August 13. T995. No one understands or knows ho w I feel . They all think that in time my hurting will heal, But I need you now to be there tor me. I guess I should realize that you never can be. I wish you were here ust to hold me fight. And ten me It Is okay-that everything soklght. I sti don' t believe you 've been taken away . I wish you'd come back and promise you d stay. You loved me then and I miss you so much. What I would give for just one more touch. mere 's so many things that I need to say How could this happen - you 've gone away . You were so young - there were so many things to do But someone please tellmehowrilllve without you? You were olways my boyfriend, but also my friend. How can i tve knowing it'scome to an end. You were always here but now you ' re not We' d be together forever, or so I thought I bved you .Tmrss you . what more canlsay ? The memory of you wi never go away. Goodbye for now Is all I can say I don't want to accept that you've gone to stay I'll be with you again, If fhere'sever a way. I promise you honestly - someday .. . Love always and forever. Marcy Russell. SCHROH In lovtna memory of Lance Uovd Schroh. February 6. 1972 - August I3.T996. A friend cannot be forgotten A friendship nevet dies Your memory will live on forever In our hearts and in our minds. Your smile is everiastina Your laughter echoes on You may not be with us now But you II never be truly gone. You touched our lives for such a short time You moved on much too fast But the love you gave to us atl Is something we d never give back We all love you & miss you Our hearts ache for the friend mat was lost And untH we meet again You are always m out thought!.... Forever In our hearts. The rrijsselFomiiy. SCHROH Lance We miss you There wasn't time to say goodbye The day you went away You left us suddenly One year ogo today We thrnk of you msilence We off en speak your name Allwehaveare memories And your picture in a frame A golden heart stopped beating Two strong hands at rest God broke our hearts to prove to us He only takes the best A thousand prayers won ' t bring you back We know because we tried And neither will a million teats We know because we cried To us you were so special What more is there to say , Except we wish with all our hearts That you were here today With lots of love from, Auntie Carta, Unde John, and Monte CAYEN-Gina Marie. Jury 12. 1966-August 12. 1995. I om grateful for the time we did spend together. For I have teamed and grown as a person because of you. I am thankful to hove been graced by your presence. I know we always talked about growing old together, but that vision wHI no longer continue. But what will continue, is my loving memory of you and the impression that you had on me. our families and friends. You showed us all to live everyday to it s fullest potential and never give up on any of our aspirations For you Gma were truly a student of your own teachings. I hope one day again to be graced with your presence, until that day you wel be with me in my thoughts and always r my heart. Always loved and never foraotten. Jim, our families ond friends SCHROH - Lance Uoyd. February 6. 1972 - August 13, 1 995. In loving memory of our dear son and brother who was suddenly removed from our kves in a tragic vehicle Occident. Butterflies-Roses-Rainbows Too good to be true Too precious to Fast. Unconditional love always. Mom. Dad and Kim. SCHROH lance Uoyd. Feb.672-Aug 1395. Since you've gone away I'mverysad. You're me only bfother- Thatlhad. I remember the good times -That we shared How you really always showed - Thatyoucored. But now you ' re gone - Andldontknowwhy. Ididn'tget the chance- Tosay good-bye. Forever loved by your sister. Kim Funeral Direct or$ 1007 Saskatoon Funeral Home W Arnold Edwards DonSheooord 244-5577 338 4th Ave North Westwood Funeral Chapel RoeJ.Murdock 20th St & Ave. N. 653-3434. DALMENY FUNERAL HOME Gerald Funk -254-2022 Dalmeny.Sask. Crematoriums 1020 HILLCREST CREMATORIUM Cemetery . cremation service & planning ahead specialists 477-2236 Crematorium 1020 PRAIRIE VIEW CREMATORIUM MemorialCrematlon Highway 1 1 South 242-7684 Box 2061 Card 01 Thank 1065 THE FAMILY of the late Fay Moore of Vanscoy. SK would Hke to thank everyone who supported mom. dad ft us throughout the lost 7 'h years as mom fiercely & bravely battled cancer. A special thank-you to Dr. Kail. Df. Chary, Or. Padnanobh & the nurses at palliative care, St. Paul's Hospital for their sup port through all moms struggles. The loving messages, prayers. cards, food, thouohts huas from every one at the time of moms passing will always be appreciated. Frank Moore s families. Birth Annotincemtnts 1071 VERRAU-John and lort ate proud to announce the arrival of Beniamin John. Bom on August 10. 1996at 7:14am. weighing 7 lbs 6.5 oz. Proud grandparents are Ron and Grace Verrall and Queenie Thurgood. all of Saskatoon, Special thanks to Drs. Boechler. Valnicek. Morris and nurses at the R.U.H. Birth Notices 1071 PROZNICK-fRANSOO- Vanesso Proznlck & Karl fran- soo and sisters Amanda & Whitney are delighted to announce the arrival of their son & brother. Tyler Jerome bom on July 29. 1996 weighing 6 ids v oz ana mcnes long. Proud grandparents are Kathv & Nester Fransoo. Car men & Vema Prosnik, Bar-bora Prosnik and Ralph Lapolnte. Special thanks to Dr. Large and nurses at RUH. Coming Event 1079 ASQUITH LIGHTNING CO-ED SLO-PfTCH TOURNAMENT August 17, 1996 m Aspuith. 16 team 7 & 3 player formal. Entry fee S 125 per team. Prize money is 85 of entry fees. Minimum 3 games guarantee. Beer gardens. Deadllng August 15th at 600 p.m. Call 329-4202 or 933-09l6after 6pm to enter. Lost And Found 1101 LOST Mate cat. long-noired. block wwhite face, paws & toes, Sat In Rtversdale by the tennis courts. 382-3987. lOST-cat, 'Sara', female, black with white belly, paws ' & chin, short haired, medium sized frame, heavy, lost In NutanaAreaAug7. Ph:653-4783. Danielle FOUND-femole kitten about 6 mo. old. black, shorthaired. no tags or collar. Cat 653- 0075. FOUND: 6 MOS old male cat In Westmount area, grey & black Tabby, with white belly, chest & fore-iegs. 244-8756. LOST approx 20 miles North of Prince Albert a Seadoo boat tatp on Sunday Aug. 1 1 . Reward 384-5587 LOST IN Silversprings area grey Tabby cat, tattoe in ear. Phone 249-3489. Happy Day 1210 Sport Event 1090 ASQUITH LIGHTNING Co-Ed Slo pitch tournament on Aug. 17. 85 payout. S125 entry fee. No A-teams. Entries go to Asgulth Hotel 329-4202. Entry deadllneisAug. 13. Lost And Found 1101 FOUND: BLACK & white female kitten in City Park atea, approx 2-3 months old. call 244-1260 after 5p.m. FOUND-Bi-focals in brown case on Main near Cumberland. Please Cad 931-1 151. LOST-BLACK medium sized dog. from USA. white star, collar, tog. longta with bushyend.Ph244-8711. BORDER COLUEBkie Heeler cross male, approximately 1 0 months old. by Eagle Creek. Ph: 3291638. FOUND IN Confed: kitten approx 3 months old. orange. Phone 665-7598. FOUND: BLACK male kitten, approx 6 months old. down town. Phone 664-4031. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SPECIAL! 2X1020 MISS YOU. Dating Services 1217 DATELESS IN SASKATOON? For romance or friendship call Cor-mel Introductions 242-4203241-2882. Carol or Cindy Personal 1220 FAMILY IN need looking for donations of furniture 8i appll-ances. Chailene. 242-2926. As of August 7. 1996 let rt be known that Ken Wenzel Is no longer an employee of Special T Foods, or affiliated with it in any way. Ad placed by Special T Foods. LEARN TO SKYDIVE. First lump course. S 145. Phone 373-276 1. JANICE PRICE, formerly of Uranium City, call collect Pat Spence. 306-375-2632. SCUBA DIVING: Famtlv ori ented Dive Club, ACUC Cert. Class Sept. 8 Les 242-4408 SCHROH In memory of Lance In reality, it has been a long time since you left us. But the pain still seems as ifil was yesterday. When we ore at together, there's always a missing space. Your laughter, your humor . your enthusiasm. If only things could have been different. H oniy we could have known each other In years to come. Shared our successes ond artevernents. Now no one knows what could have been. We con only hope you're m a place where you can shore your laughter your humor, your enthusiasm with others as you shared with us. And bring them as much as you gave us. We sti mrss you and love you and thrnk about you always. Vour presence is deorly missed among all your friends and family You re in our thoughts and prayers forever Martys. Becky and Nodkj CRIMINAL RECORD? IIPARDON SERVICES CANADA PAROON: permanently WAIVER: allows a seals a criminal record person with a criminal and removes the record to legally enter obstacles affecting a the United States person's peace of mind, without risk of arrest, travel and employment deportation or opportunities. property seizure. To make a confraBtifia opplicotion caf. 1-800-661-5554 5l0VvestHO5tlngjSt..Surle9l4.Varx:ouver.fjCV6Bllg kor,tol4WV60!22 Psychic 1222 TAkOT CARD Parrn. Astrology Chart. Friends 4 Lovers Charts By Mory 955-5063 Psychic Service 1222 'AMAZING PSYCHICS' 1-900-451-6810 24hrs OnS2.99min.l6CPRA

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