The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 15, 1950 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 15, 1950
Page 9
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WEDNESDAY, MARCH IB, 1930 BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE SEVEN T Senate to Vote on Housing Proposal By Edwin B. Haaklnson : + WASHINGTON, March 15. Ifff — The Senate came up to an Important vote today on President Truman's proposal of government housing aid for "middle Income fam-, ilfes.". : •. ;' i The test, set for sometime after 4:30 p.m. (EST) by prior Senate agreement, was expected to be decided on a close vote. frL Billion Dollar Proposal •Hi Issue Is a proposal to use $!,000.000,000 ol government credit for loag-tcrm, low-Interest loans to cooperatives and other non-profit groups. The loans would be expected to aid groups of families, with Incomes averaging between $2.400 and $4,100 a year, to rent or own better housing. Senator Sparkman (D-Ala) and other advocates of the plan—which already, has been cut in half and revised to meet some objections—' contended in reply to criticism it is| not, as inflationary as more than I $2,000,000.000 already pledged to I large-scale rental projects. The: plan is part of a general housing bill which includes provision for a number of other programs. Senators Hammer Away Senators Long (D-La), Russell (D-Oa) and Lehman (D-Lib-NY) joined , Sparkman In hammering nway at past and present government housing guarantees made to private industry and even "real estate speculators" 'for housing projects. Pilots! Escape. Safely in Jet Air Collision 1111 Keelcr, Is teaching moppets, tow to hoof lit. the Maiming mid Wlilte dance- school in North Hollywood, liuby Is going rlglil nlong with him and supervises things. SHOW-OFF TRUCK—Vou can see right through this light delivery truck exhibited in o Chicago auto show. The truck, with sides of clear plastic, is demonstrated os a floral delivery wagon. ALBUQUERQUE, N. M., March 15. M^—Two Jet planes collided over New Mexico yesterday and three airmen parachuted safely to the ground two miles below. The planes were traveling approximately 350 miles per hour. The crash was over Sandla special weapons base where the A-botnb is assembled. The planes were part of a four- ship formation enroute from Williams ftlr force base in" Phoenix, Ariz., to Albuquerque and theucc to El Paso, Tex. Two aviation cadets—W. S. Vance of port Worth, Tex., and G. R, Eaton of Lawrence vllle, 111..—received scratches and 1'rulscs when they landed In the foothills of tlvo Manzano mountains just east of Albuquerque. Lt. II. M. Chapman of Mesn. Ariz., was not hurt. Chapman was piloting the lead ship in the formation—«t T-33 Jet fighter trahier. Vance was his pas senger. Eaton was pilot of No. 2 plane, an P-80 fighter. 'MOTHERS TO BE' NEED HAOACDL To help bear strong, healthy babies Other day somebody told her Kceler Story." about? And wouldn't It be funn» that Hollywood would eventually She's still .shuddering. I if they gave the part to Mrs. Larrf get around to filming "The Bubyj "What's there to make a movie I Parka (Betty Garrett) 1" Doctors Report Gaesarean Section Is Now Safer for Mother than Child PITTSBURGH. March 15. (A-)—A panel of top-flight baby doctors re- ies. Probably it s happened within (lie past ton years. ' Dr. Bavoue said men of medicine the i rut* tolt' (hn Spnalj> vpilprrinv i Ports birth by Caesarpan section that some of these spl",lators had| B>.rgical delivery of a baby-lv>s he- , hsve long been aware that the post- been able to "pocket 20 cents of i < ;ome safer for every dollar" advanced under nment-gunranlcMJ loans. mother than for I Caesarean death rate for mothers The test on middle income housing will come first on a motion by Senator Brickcr Ill-Ohio) to knock At a meeting of some ,700 physicians, members of the American College of Surgeons. Dr. Franklin r, Payne, professor of obstetrics and cooperative provisions out of Eynccology at the University of jrtmibus housing bill. He. and Pennsylvania: declared Caesarcnn •, said the government should <l=hvcncs arc now ten times safer the oilers. be getting out of the housing business; some hit at cooperatives as Socialistic. Substitute If the Bricker move fails. Senato-s Ivc-s tR-NY) and Tobey (R- NH> ha\e a substitute which would allow the cooperatives to obtain government Insured mortgages on the same basis now available to other housing builders or buyers. This would be at a 4',S per cent Interest rate with repayment in 25 or 30 years, and with the government insuring loans advanced by private investors. The administration bill would al- lotf cooperatives 50 to 60 years to repay loans that pr.obably would for mothers than they were 30 years ago. Death Kate dropped Since 1920, Dr. Payne reported, the death rate for mothers following Caesarean deliveries has dropped from one in ten to one In 100. The decline in Infant, mortalities following such operations, he said, has not been great. The Infant death rate, he said, Is now six in 100. Another member of the panel discussion was Dr. Charles J. Barone, Pittsburgh surgeon. Dr. Barone said recent medical advances have turned the tables on at<e-old tradition which held Gae- ls dropping. He said the figure probably fell bciow that for Infants "sometime after 1040. when the sulfa cir i's and penicillin came into wide use." Youth Eats His First Meal in Three Years sarepn deliveries were always more draw Interest at Just above 3 perl dangerous for the mother than lor cent. ''_ her unborn Infant. Caesarean deliveries have been known to medicine since, the time of the Roman empire, 2,flOO years ago. Tliey are named for Caesar, not because he was born that way. hut for a law issued during his reign which ruled that such births were legal. Rex Law Was Jfifsl Rex Law, as it was called, gave permission a for surgical deliveries even, though', it.might cost trie 'life o* tiie mother. The hope was that the infant saved by surgery migh are using some strange projector to [ be a boy and thus might some day send'propaganda handbills into the grow up to. be'a Roman soldier. Southern Korean Republic,- this TJniied Nations Korean Commission said today. A commission party returned from a two-day visit to Kangnung at the eastern end of the 38th parallel, which divides the Republican south from the Communist north. Commission chairman Kasirn Gulek of Turkey told a news conference that a battalion-commander Senator Douglas (D-I111 said in debate that on an $8,000 housing unit, the cooperatives probably could cut present rents for a family about one third, or from $00 or more a month to $67 or less. Prooaqanda Sent ||y Red Projector f . SEOUL, March 15. (API—Commu- .nlst North Korean border guards CHICAGO, March 15. (AP)—An eight-year-old Canadian boy ate his first meal in three years yesterday. The menu was soup, mil's and gelatine, topped off with ice cream. ft was the first time any food about nad gonc dtn ™ lhe throat.of Phili- 1 bcrt Dube of Riviere du L/iup, Quebec, since he swallowed some lye hen he was five. The burning lye closed up his sophagus. since then lie had been cd through a tube Inserted In an pening in his stomach. He will remain here another week id then return to a Montreal hos- ital where further treatment is cx- ccted to permit normal diet. described the use of a projector of unknown type to scatter handbills Irm the Red side of the line. 'Both sides use loudspeakers to bombard the other with propaganda. With the Courts Chancery Peggy Dewcse vs. Robert Dcwese, suit lor divorce. Dr. Payne credited Improved medical techniques nnd their wider nsi in recent years with making surgl- cal deliveries safer for mothers. Hi noted such medical milestones ai blood transfusjons and new medl cines,' ,. He added this word of caution however: Risk TS Unnrccssnry "Even though -the rjsk to th mother : has been ^reduced, it is n The National Geographic Society ays the Irish potato is not really potato hut a member of the night- hade family. > Hollywood Continued from Page 4 Ruby. She can tell you all about Ben Hogan, though. Her golf game isn't far from championship form. Might Make Another I asketl her if she would do another picture if the right one came along. "Sure I would," she said, "The children are older no^ and can take care of each other. Fred Astaire? Of course T could dance with him. Dancers move around a lot more than I did in my bucX- and-wiru; style, but I'm, a quick pupil." Then she added: "I marvel at the young kids who combine tap and bullet. They do it so well and they look like they're killing themselves." Ruby,is sure that everybody in Hollywood thiriks she 's as old as Grandma Moses. But as the crow's feet fly, she's a comfortable margin away from that age at which life Is supposed Vo begin. 1 She started her career at the age of 14 as a dancer at Texas Oilman's night club In New York. The Gerry Society yanked her right into school and she put down her sixes and carried her twos with Lillian Roth and a Milton Berlinger. Now she sees Ecrl'inger on television as Milton Berle. '.Ruby is about to move closer to the -Hollywood scene. Her brother, justification for doing n Caesarna section at the present time such an operation is an absolul medical necessity. "Remember, a mother's chance o surviving' a normal vaginal, delivery Is still far greater than 99 per cent." 'The doctors are not sure when the human race passed the milestone and Caesarean deliveries be- .came safer for mothers than bob- IT'S FREE AGAIN! For the Entire Month of March FREE WASH JOB , With Every Grease Job and Oil Change A BETTER LAUNDRY For Expert Laundry and Dry Cleaning—Call 4474 NU-WA I Complete Auto & Interior Work I Have Your Scat Covers Tailored Right on the Seats — To assure a Perfect Fit! Door panels covered (o suit your laste. Have that lorn and dirty head lining replaced wilh a new one in original material. AH work designed to bring out the beauty in your car. NYc also upholster any type furniture. Phone 8419 for free estimates. SMITH MATTRESS CO. Phone 4819 . Blytheville Air Base . "Fret Pickup & Delivery" or FREE GREASE JOB With Purchase of Every Ten Gallons of Gas This Offer Good for Cars Only! Sorry, No Trucks Free Delivery and Pickup Service Phone 2212 Cars Washed $1.00 New Owners of . JACKSON'S SERVICE STATION Wesf Main—Across From Mox Theatre Hersche! Croft and Otto Gordon Expectant mothers may not be nwnre of It, but. they oftentimes have a deficiency of the great health-building elements of Ine iiAitACOij formula — which Eire £0 necessary if they want to help bcnr strong, healthy babies. So give your children the right start — take miracle-working iiAi>ACOij all through the waiting months. HAI»AC<»I. supplies deficient systems with extra quantities of the » complex vitamins for \yhlch the dally needs have beeiv established — eifra iron and helpful amounts ot precious calcium and phosphorus. 11 AOACOI, helps relieve 'morn- Ing sickness/ upset stomachs, heartburn, constipation and a goner at run-down condition when (as so often) these symptoms are due to deficiencies. iiAiiACOi. helps increase Hie hemoglobin content ot the red blood cells (where there's lack of iron) . These in turn carry these wonder-working vitamins and minerals to every organ In your body — even to the eyes, teeth, nails and hair. It helps nourish e vc ry col I and body t Issu e — bringing new strength and energy which you need at this time. Buy HAOACOI, today I You owe it toyourself, your family and tho "Httlc one" coming. Trial size only $1.25 a. boltlc. Large R rTV'iy .^^KCK* V^JT^M.^NW. Iv'^VS-Ji**. / ,^>r ,^ ight-o'-way service RIGHT AWAY G. 1. 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We are sorry he could only be in our store one day, but perhaps later on, we can have him back. * THIS IS YOUR BIG CHANCE DON'T MISS IT. REMEMBER FOR QUALITY MERCHANDISE! IT'S WARDS

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