The Kansas City Times from Kansas City, Missouri on April 3, 1954 · Page 28
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The Kansas City Times from Kansas City, Missouri · Page 28

Kansas City, Missouri
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 3, 1954
Page 28
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THE KANSAS GIT Y TIMES, SATURDAY, APRIL 3, 1954 —TT?"?......... ..... " *'-9 I've ever made, and after seeing it on, TV I wish I could say that it was only make-believe like the Hollywood movies I've made,” Hadley said today. He currently stars in the television shows, Racket Squad and Public Defends“ The actor, who had volunteered to be narrator of the expedition, knew the Operation Ivy script was like no other hé had studied. He was under armed guard while he memorized it and has been under the strictest security since he accompanied the task force into the South Pacific. TO STANFORD CAGE POST KEEPS TV TRIP SECRET U.S. WEATHER BUREAU MAP Department ®f Commerça HOWIE DALLMAR TO SUCCEED ROB BURNETT, SCHOOL SAYS. FRIENDS CHIDEO REED HADLEY ABOUT TIME OFF. George Mik&n and Co. Have 1 Game Edge, and Chance for Sweep Looks Good. Appointment Subject to Approval of Prexy and Trustees— To Leave Pennsylvania. Star of Racket Squad Could Not tfell Even His Wife That He Was on H-Bomb Mission. \ Palo Alto, Calif., April 2.(AP) —Stanford university announced today it had selected Howie Dali* mar as its head basketball coach to succeed Rob Burnett, who resigned recently to enter private business. Dallmar, 32, a former Stanford basketball and baseball star, has been head basketball and baseball coach at the University of Pennsylvania for the past six years. The appointment was made by the university athletic board which approved the recommendation of Athletic Director Alfred Masters that Dallmar be appointed for three years. No salary terms were announced. The appointment is subject to the approval of Wallace Sterling, university president, and the board of trustees, considered a formality. Dallmar is still coaching baseball at Pennsylvania and is expected at Stanford this summer. TRACK DUAL TO TURNER Argentine, Although Sweeping Relays Event, Bows, 63-6». Although losing all the relays, Turner won a track meet on its own field yesterday by sweeping three events to overcome Argentine, 69-63. Argentine picked up fifteen points on the relays alone. Jim Smith and Larry Lyons each copped two first places. In all, Turner had eight firsts plus a tie for the No. 1 spot in the pole vault. The results: High hurdles—1. Smith. Turner; 2. Welsh, Turner; 3. Given, Turner. :19.9. 100-yard dash—1. Dominguez, Argentine; 2^Peugeot, Argentine; 3. Detrie, Turner. Mile run—1. Thompson. Turner; 2. Williams, Argentine; 3. Compton, Turner. 5:15. 440-yard-dash — 1. Detrie. Turner; 2. Nlckum, Argentine; 3. Crew, Argentine. ¡56.7. Low hurdles—1. Madrigal, Argentine; 2. Mabrey, Argentine; 3. P. Luklnac, Turner. : 22 . 6 . 880-yard-run—7. Lyons, Turner; 2. Hall, Argentine; 3. Williams. Argentine. 2:16.9. 220-yard-dash—1. (tie) Mumford, Turner, and Dominguez, Argentine; 3. Detrie, Turner. Javelin—1. Smith, Turner; 2. C. Luklnac. Turner; 3. P. Luklnac, Turner. 141 feet 3 inches. Pole vault—1. Lyons, Turner; 2. (tie) C. Luklnac, Turner and Armenta, Argentine. 9 feet. Shotput—1. Maybrev, Argentine: 2. Amayo, Argentine; 3. Loomis, Turner. 40 feet 6 Vi inches. High jump—1. Gardner, Turner; 2. Compton. Turner; 3. Keylon, Turner. 5 feet 2 inches. Shotput—1. Mabrey, Argentine; 2. Area- Argentine; 3. Keylon, Turner. 107 feet. Broad jump—1. Anderson, Turner; 2. McClellan; 3. Routh, Argentine; 19 feet 7 inches. 880-yard-relav—1. Argentine (Fitch, Routh, Peugeot and Dominguez). 1:42.3, Medley relay— l. Argentine (Nickum, Brooks, Isaac and Madrigal). 3:57. Mile relay—1. Argentine (Mabrey, Fitch, Routh and Peugeot). 3:5». Los Angeles, April 2.(AP)— When Reed Hadley reported back to his TV studio after an absence of several weeks in 1952, He was accused of taking the time off for a fishing trip. Until yesterday, he couldn’t tell anyone, including his wife, where he had been. As millions of TV viewers saw last night, Hadley was the official narrator for the initial hydrogen device test in the South Pacific—Operation Ivy. “It was the realest picture Buy Y oop NEW BUICK From HERB FORD « ON FRAZIER HUM'K 3340 Main LO> 7 High Temperatur«* ond Area* of Precipitation Expected Saturday 50 40 20 ,ft _ NONARY $ MARTIN DURHAM Sez: WE NEED BETTER SCHOOLS \ Temperature Figures Show ' Average for Area Arrow» Denote Wind How Rain SnowftrXfl Highs and Lows in Inches Feilow Citizens: On Business-Education Day, March 18, 1954, together with several hundred other businessmen of our city, I had the pleasure to visit our schools. Now here is what I learned on that day and the reason why I am asking you to vote for the increased school levy next Tuesday, April 6th* Many of our school buildings are obsolete, beyond repair and need replacing now with new, larger, modern school buildings, properly air-conditioned and illuminated for better health and vision for America's most precious asset, her Youth. Overcrowding in some schools is bad; and with anticipated increases in the number of students each year in the future, due to population growth and students, on the average, attending school more years in order to obtain a better education most vital to the welfare of the students and our country, these buildings need to be remodeled, modernized and enlarged. Now, as to the teachers themselves. I found that starting salaries are too low to attract enough high-caliber persons, both men and women, desiring to enter the teaching profession, and also that these starting salaries are not in line with the cost of living today. So, I say to you as one friend to another, "Let us have good schools staffed with competent, happy, well-paid teachers, teaching, 'Our American Way' of Economic, Educational, Religious, Political Freedom and Opportunity for All/' Go to the polls next Tuesday, April 6th, and THE WEATHER PICTURE: A cold front was moving southward yesterday, its leading edge at 12:30 o’clock indicated by the heavy line on the large map. Some snow will spread behind the front, as shown on the small forecast map, but it is unlikely that precipitation will reach the Kansas City area—(Wirephoto). PAROLE SOUGHT BY NINE. Applications Will Be Acted on Today by a County Board. Nine applications for parole will be considered at 10 o’clock this morning by the Jackson County parole board at the Kansas City courthouse. The cases: Ward D. Goodspeed, five years, larceny: Hersheli Clark, two years, car theft; Max J. Baker, one year, petit larceny; Rondy P. Brown, Donald E. Gregg and Junior S. Baker, two years, ourglary; Leroy G. Safford, four years, burglary and larceny and Donald Caldwell and Richard Ragsdale, two years, gran$ larceny. UPSETS FILL CAGE MEET TWO FAVORITES DROP OUT OF TOURNEY FOR DEAF. Kansas City Ousts Los Angeles Oakland Spills Omaha-Little Rock, Defending Champion, Stays In. BA. 5500! Direct line to Star Want Ad Dept. So easy I So fast! Just dial BA. 5500.—Adv. Two major upsets occurred in first-round games of the national A. A. A. D. basketball tournament for deaf schools last night in Memorial Hall, Kansas City, Kansas. Kansas City came through with a 70 to 69 victory over favored Los Angeles and Oakland, Calif., tripped Omaha, Neb. 64 to 58 in overtime. A backhand layup by Paul Curtis at the final gun gave the Kansas Citians the victory over highly-touted Los Angeles in a game that had the crowd of more than 2,000 standing at the finish. The Los Angeles entry was seeded No. 4, while the Kansas City quintet was not rated. Oakland pulled the first upset with a 64 to 58 overtime victory over Omaha, which had been seeded third. Pulling abreast of the Nebraskans at 48 all with three minutes and fifty seconds left, on Ed Ketchum’s lay-up shot, the Californians staged a 13-point scoring spree in the overtime while Omaha suddenly went cold. Little Rock, defending champion and top-seeded this year, staved off a last quarter rally to edge New York, 70 to 66, but suffer what may be a costly setback, an injured ankle to one of Its stars, J. L. Jackson. Little Rock meets Oakland in a semifinal contest at 11 o’clock this morning. KANSAS CITY—70. LOS ANGELES—69. G FT FI G FT F Bock ...... O O 0| Boese ......... 7 5 3 Sigman ..... 5 3 3 Jelaco ......... 3 13 Eamheart ..3 1 51 Fuller ......... 6 2 * Weber ....... 4 1 3|Nuernberger 3 0 4 Merritt ..... 2 1 OiBronder ..... 8 3' Curtis ......... 8 5 0! Greenstone ..Oil Ellis ........... 3 9 4! Longoria ..... 0 0 1 -----------1 Hart .............. 0 12 Totals .....25 20 15 Sorenson ...... 10 1 I Totals .....28 13 2? SCORE BY QUARTERS. Kansas City ...................13 27 14 16—70 Los Angeles ..................15 16 17 21—69 LITTLE ROCK—70. I NEW YORK—66. G FT FI G FTF C. Nutt ......13 6 4!C. Lorello ....13 4 3 F. Nutt ...... 5 1 2 Guidi ............ 6 4 4 Jackson ..... 4 3 HCullinan ...... 2 12 Poe ............. 1 4 1IT. Lorello ..... 3 2 3 Passmore ... 0 2 21TrocheIman.... 0 L l Chism 3 2 31 Perez .......... 0 13 -----------lEpstein ......... 13 3 Totals ......26 18 13'Brandt ......... 0 0 1 ! Totals ......25 US 20 SCORE BY QUARTERS. Little Rock .......................21 17 19 13—70 New York ........................ 9 15 17 25—66 Official*—Knorpp and Readecker. OAKLAND—64. OMAHA—58. G FT F G FT F Turner ...... 3 0 4 Trickey ...... 0 0 2 Rutta ......... 5 0 2 Spatz ............ 10 1 Jones ......... 0 0 1 Nelson ......... 12 4 Ketchum ....11 2 3 Meyer ..........10 2 0 Heffington ..3 6 2 Holub .......... 101 McCune ..... 3 0 3 Horton ......... 0 12 Skropeta ..... 14 5 Knobbe ......... 2 3 0 Wong ........... 0 0 0 Tuttle .......... 8 4 2 Totals .....26 12 20 Totals .......23 12 12 SCORE BY QUARTERS. Oakland ................ 10 13 16 12 13—64 Omaha ................ 12 11 18 10 7—58 All-Stars Use Free Throws to Win, 82-78. For Your Convenience KNSSCTMP.I ■MEN’S & WOMEN'S APPAREL! Philadelphia, April 2. (AP) Perfect foul-shooting in the closing minutes gave the College All-Stars an 82 to 78 victory over the Harlem Globetrotters tonight before an overflow crowd of 11,293 at Convention hall. The ex-collegians hit on ten straight free throws at the end of the tight game for their third victory in seven starts on the tour. Notre Dame’s Dick Rosenthal, Furman’s Frank Selvy and Kentucky’s Frank Ramsey provided the spark for the winners. ALL-STARS—82. GLOBE- G FT F TROTTERS—78. Hagan ...... 3 0 3 G FT F Ramsey .... 4 8 3|Tatum ....... 0 2 3 Costello ..... 12 0 Dukes ....... 4 9 f Rosenthal ... 511 3 Gipson ....... 2 2 6 Kerr ........ 10 0 Garrett ...... 2 0 1 Selvy ....... 5 9 5 Wheeler ...... 0 0 1 Shue ....... 2 2 4 Gardner .... 6 4 5 Palazzl .... 4 0 2 Tucker ..... 10 4 O'Hara....... 0 0 Oi Wilson ...... 9 0 3 •--------1 Robinson .... 3 0 2 Totals ....25 32 20; Grider ....... 2 14 I Hillard ....... 10 0 Totals ....30 18 3f SCORE BY QUARTERS. AU-Stars ...................22 20 20 20—82 Globetrotters ..............24 20 15 19—78 Free throws missed: All-Stars—Hagan. Ramsey 3. Rosenthal 2, Selvy, Palazzi 3. Trotters—Tatum, Garrett, Gardner, Wilson 3, Grider and Hillard. IT’S A BREEZE FOR WARD -------------- 1 _________ Cyclones Batter North Kansas City, 18-6. The Ward Cyclones opened their baseball season by defeating North Kansas City 18 to 6, yesterday afternoon on the Hornets’s field. Pat Galvin, Ward hurler, starred at the plate, driving in seven runs on three hits. Dick Carter got four safeties and Ronnie Debus three. Ward’s Jim Glick smashed the longest blow, a homer with two aboard. Capps led North Kansas City with two hits and two runs batted home. R H E. Ward ........................021 229 2—1816 3 North Kansas City....310 001 1— 6 7 4 Batten*«—Galvin and Carter: Stout, Gar- *ee, Mathews, Hoyle and Capps. EASY GAME FOR HAWKLETS Mehrer Bats in 7 in Rorap Over Park Hill, 17 to 2. -------- « Rockhurst high school combined the power hitting of Ed Mehrer and the tight, 5-hit pitching ‘ of three hurlers to dump Park Hill, 17 to 2, yesterday afternoon on the Hawklets’ diamond. Mehrer, the Rockhurst first baseman, batted in seven runs, twice tripling with the bases loaded. Another star at the plate for the winners was Tom Fleming, the right fielder who got two safeties in three trips. Davis, the Park Hill catcher, and leadoff man, blasted a home run on his first appearance at bat. Dick Campbell, Matt Madden and Pete Dougherty shared the mound duties for Rockhurst. R H £ Park Hill ............. 110 GOO 0— 2 5 5 Rockhurst .......... 451 124 x—17 11 0 Batteries—Barber. Fox, Dunham and Davis: Campbell, Madden, Dougherty and Lewis. GOLF MEET TO BLUE DEVILS. Leavenworth and Wyandotte Finish 2-3 in Triangular. The Kansas City, Kansas, junior college 8-man golf team shot a 676 at Victory Hills yesterday for low team total. Second place in the triangular meet went to Leavenworth at 819 and Wyandotte was high with 840. The Blue Devils Compton Domville, jr., and Wyandotte’s Jim Fulton tied for medal honors, both shooting 79s. MRS. MAUDE WALLACH DIES. Newport, R. I., April 2.(AP)— News was received here today of the death at Baltimore of Mrs. Maude Barger Wallach, national women’s tennis champion in 1908. Born in New York City, she was the daughter of the late Samuel F. Barger, director of the New York Central railroad. VOTE FOR THE SCHOOL LEVY Re-Manufactured MOTORS <9 ISA Kl WEEK fc«OU exchange PASEO AT 47tk LOGAN 9250 People really like the new' DeSoto Automatic—its long, low, limber appearance—that "ready-to-go” look! They like what they see inside, A beautiful blending of choice rich fabrics, and the new silhouette* lighted instrument panel. But they’ve discovered much more than the look of elegant eagerness! They’ve sampled the matchless getaway of PowerFlite Automatic Drive, with the highest starting ratio of them all. Silent! Smooth! And completely clutchless! ' They relaxed at the wheel with Full Time Power Steering doing 80% of the work .,. and Power Brakes requiring only half the pedal pressure. In addition to these wonderful optional features there are great "extras” at not a penny more—such as Waterproof Ignition, Safety- Rim Wheels, Chair-High Seats! Won’t you come in for a convincing drive in a 170 h.p. Fire Dome V-8 or brilliant Powermaster Six, today? DESOTO-PLYMOUTH Dealers present GROUCHO MARX every week on RADIO and TELEVISION (NBC networks) and "Medallion Theatre” on TELEVISION (CBS network)

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