The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 12, 1931 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, June 12, 1931
Page 9
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BlATIUSVIMJ'i; (AUK.)' COURIHR'NKWS PAGE NINE CLARIFIED ADS Two cenls a word for Orel Insertion and one ixnt a mini for e»cli tub$«<iU£'J£ insertion. No advcrtteciueut takeu for less than &9c. Count tue words and send the usli. Phone 300 FOIC KENT FOIl RENT—l-'ivrubliad, 3 room flat, 11)13 West Walnut. 00-TP FURNISHER- Aiiattincnt for rent. 1 a05 Dousan. P-K17 ROOM AND BOAUD-IIonic coofccd meals, clean airy rooms. Mrs. T. R. Wntson, 112 East Cherry Phone G02. 10p-kl8 FOR flEN'T—5 room, u'nfufiilsrtod apsriment. Modern. West Malt SI. Aicola host. Plionc 417 or •179-W. ' 1UC-K16 WANTED by RUTH DEWHY GROVE OUR BOARDING HOUSE "" By Ahem POOTiTKY WANTED-Martet prl ces, any quantity. Marilyn Hat fieri-, 210 S. Ftmrlh St. 9C-TF WANTED — Family washings or general housework. Mrs. Dora .2207 18lh St. TF WANTED — Hay to bale. C. O. Smith, Phone 827 cr 1502-K. C-GC-TF WANTED—High school girl, Hi years old, white, neat and capable, desires employment as nurse girl or for general housework. Write Box "X", Courser News, or Phone Mrs. Joseph at 304. ! 10P-K17 LOST AND KOUJSD LOST—Pi Kappa Alpha pin, set in pearls with ruby, point. Re ward. Call 47. •• P-K-13 NOTICE OF SPECIAL SCHOOL • ELECTION Tlic following resolution was unanimously adopted by the County Board of Education of Mississippi County, AriiansJ.',, at a meeting 0:1 llmrsdny, May 23, 1231: Whereas, a necessity exists for the calliijj of a special school election in Kecco School District No 33, .Mississippi County, .Arkansas lor the purpose of electing six • local directors for said school dis- . tiict and for vuiing for or asai a school tax in said school district; therefore, be it resolved b; the County Board of Education that a special election be and tin same is hereby called for the Reecc School District No. 33 to b held in accordance with the ia\ on June 25, between the hour of 2 P. M. iiiul. C P. M. for the liurposc of electing six (C) leca •'^'directors and voting for or agains said school tax. WILLIE LAWSON, County Superintendent 5-12-19 i;i-:i;i.\ 111:111: TODAY UllKYl. H0ll[)i:\ IOM. TOMMY U : U,SO.\ MIJ iirt'vrntii hU i-locr- BLrnt ^^lth Urr Lnir-nlxlcr, llll-:.\n I-:\rHi:'lT. The l:illrr t» tutloui Mlu'n blir fiiltx nnil Ik-rjl sectm-n n ruillu citu'r:ici. Ili-rjl Irlca to Iti lincIlM nllh rill-:.\TI!iS GAV- l.UUI). ln-ni> IcnrtiM L'ri'ikll^K l» rli-li mill ' Irle.H lu uln lilm fram lli-rj I. Tutu: 1 .!)'« nual illt-H nnil hr liulli job :inj niuDcy IHriiu^Ii tier liu^liiind. TuhlNIJ- lelli* Irt'liu nnd icntNfi usks lier la itliirrf 'riiuiiuj ilrlnkn l:r:!vlLy nnd Jutnn evil ciiiiiiianlunM. KvHrlnK llrryl v.lll L1|ll ist. her Uccrlt. Irmc «"li» n\\:ijr ;tni] ui:irrF?K 1'rcillls.n. lU-rjl Ui-^rl'.iim ItinuLt InmM? nn,l Ihr- iliiL-[<ir nilvUc-x rfsc. Slit.' In lii-F? him fit lr:ivr Ills liunllci;- itLtrit. uuil xlto U Inlil lli:il bur kinging rjiifrr U ,n?r. U'hrn 'I'lun- riy n-nll/i-H llrrjl hnii m:idi> IMA hnrriLlri' f,t jt:ivv hEiu IIL* rcrunim, Kfls nnnltirr 5ul> .".nil niMrl^ nl^lit cuu.-hrx tLt nnUh i-iklli^r. Her) I N l,ri|i|ij- lie-In mull 1 ri -Mr coi:irs IIIIKII- afli-r Ivatlni: I'ron. hat her spell was upon him nuco norc. They had met—a meclii: n Us fancy hail been uuahlc 10 eti'b her husband tciH hei | bcr mother snhl uer- n for him. so tremendous wa3 Us [ vously, "ilnu't you Ihijik you miulil import. Ho had sail vrtilni cool I lio innl:lm: u inlstuke In Icavlnf ness <hai sl.trtled himself nnd In \ Cuylonl like this 1 .' Von know It i|:e moncj weekly. "Honey." fnrlated Irene, tileasaut trln'i" "Did you liavo a Isn't so easy lo ilo without nice tilings once you've- |;rown accus Lonicd to llic-in." lu r :iiid (livori-i*. r. llcrjl tii^ In rr^ nElr.r A'OW CO OX 1VI1I1 fllR srilHV CllAITKll X\»1X q'OMMV was In love wllli Oeryl. -^- Irene saw it v.'ltli eyes ?lsarp etitt! by lenlonsy. hi turn ahe secretly ragtd and niockcO &t this situation, called Tumaiy tickls and laughed scornfully at his blindness - Tommy in llscso Inst ivccks had become a fnr more InteresUus and K illil not know why ho was nnl cxclled aa bo lir.d [caied lu> wonl' ho. lie Olil nnl know Uin* he Imd outprowD nil but (ho memory of a youthful passion for ireno or tbat ho was and always liail been tbo truo lover of another ylrl. The bonitoeo of lovo Hint lic!d bun nnil Beryl bad been of ancri gradual, iinrtramatic growth that Tominy was entirely unaware of it as love. Their ijuarrcls. their reconciliations, were lo him just Incidents of friendship. And Beryl, walcblr.s In desiialr tho return of Ills [nfadiatlon for Irene, ua:3 dclertnlnei! not to interfere. She saw Irene ninke hcrsell lovely wbcifcvcr Tommy was os pecteil nt t!:e nouso. Kaw her' wipe tho petulant expression from her face on Ecverul occasions as though with a cloth, and EulKtHute a mask of smiling charm. She saw ihat Tommy sometimes looked nt Irene as ho hnd looked at her wbeu they were sweethearts. fieryl grew bluer. If Ireno coiiW wlti Tommy back then a!io. Ucryi. did not want lilm. I! bo could so easily he called back !>y n girl who had jilted him then Tommy had. as he had fcored fu the beginning, a fundamental weakness l'.o coulc never overcome. She nust love him always, she felt, but if she could not rcspec "Jt you just know uuw ('rralli-a treated .no," E!IO wtitlcil, "you'd bo :i:uro syi vrna nl fcml nuni: a silken bit of lltv ncrlo liiifAtlcntly Into n drawer. "You wouldn't havo bad mo slay and tw treated like u doe, would yon?" sbo snapped, "No. but . . ." Mrs. Everett hesl Inted, tbeti • plunged boldly on. "Uaylord might sco his mlsmko and make it up to you It you'd go bnck. 1 mean lio mlsiit ask you to come lock, and . . . well . . . you oughtn't lo do nnythliiB that would keep him from nsklnj; you," she ended lamely. Ireno stared haughtily at her. 'What In tbo world nro you drlv ng nt3" she asked, but she know veil enough, for Mrs. Everett Mar rowncd on her Interest in Tommy "1 mean. de;ir. tbat you areo't divorced yet and Gaylonl mlight not consider thai you have n right to KO around with other hoys." "Huh," hcno sniffed. "Wliai other dors am 1 eoiug nround \vllh? Here 1 slay a! homo Hke u recluse, minding my own business and Iry- ins to forget how shamefully I've been treated and uow my own tnotiier begins to lecluro. mo be cause nn old friend feels sorry for me nn'J h n'co about It!" desirablo Tummy Iban the callow ! hhn she did not want him. hoy she had claimed as bcr ri7;n since they were children. There was a siiblle dignity, a serlo'jsnc.-.s about him that commanded rested and liking. The dfLcovery that Tommy carcu (or Deryl liail suing. Consciously she strove to exert Ibo old enchant ment over Tommy. Irene did this oven (hough she understood lha 1 . Tommy's feeling for her was noi .the j;otrt of his love for her sister —the sold tbat lay buried deep in his he-art. She. thought Tommy v.- like a man wuo sought to grow garden in tbo barren soil topping a rich vein of pure ore. Well, if you never knew you had a thing you couldn't miss it when you lost H. ' And Irene wama Tommy. Tomray was hers. So si: Eel herself to mak5 his ganlei prow for him. Siie would have i bloom with red rcscs and brlgb vivid poppies, wilh name and colo . and life. At Crat Toi^.iy i!u not krjoi NOTICE OF SPECIAL SCHOOL ELECTION The following leboiution vas unanimously adopted by the County Board of Education of Mississippi County, Arkansas at a meeting on 'ihursday, May 28, 1931: Whereas, a necessity exists for the calling of a special school election in Flat Lake School District No. 43, Mississippi Coiuily, Arkansas for the purpose of electing six 16) local directors for said Fchoo! district and for voting lor or against a school tax in said 3Chocl .district; therefore, be U resolved by the Conmy Board oi Education that a special election be ar.d the same is hereby called for the Fiat Lake School District No. 49 to be held in accordance with the ia-.v on June 2o, between ' th; hours ot 2 P. M. li P. M. for (be purpose of electing, six (6) local directors and voting for or against said school tax. L W1LUE LAWEON, Co;uuy Superintendent. G-12-19 EVEKETT couU not do- Caylord. Appcnrnncc? wcro RRalnst litin for certainly ho ninilo no effort of which she wnn a\vnro to win Irene's forgiveness. "Of cuin-EO I'm sorry (or you, lonoy," llio motbor r.nvo 111, "but 1 want you lo bo careful uutll It's ill sctlleil." "And you're hoping It will bo set oil by my KO-lnB u a c |i to Oikclnto," Irono declared, "iliit I'm never BO- n:; lack. I hate tlmt place! And If Tommy Wilson lovea mo It's no- lioily's business!" Mrs. Everett sighed. "Ploaso i.on't sny sucli IhliiGS," slio said pleadingly, "your father nilubl bear o! 11." Tin not afraid of him," Ireno a!v scried. "I guess yon'vo tohl him a lot ot things tliat aren't so to keep him from throwing mo out of Ibo lio'.isc. 1 know I'm not welcome lie-re." she milled suddenly and began lo cry. Her molhcr, defeated, said no n:ore, but the ucsl morning, when f\if> lirouubt up Irene's mull to her sho Y.TIS again inclined lo question Ibo sinto ot affairs. Tbcro \vas the mystery of dr.lly letlcrs tbat Irene been receiving, for one Iblnii Ireiio bad never divulged tho namo ot her correspondent -but thn haudirrltlng wna plainly iiinrcu!iiic. At first sho Sho Elnrted lo sob into a pale green nightdress and her mothcr'F had seemed filad to receive tlio letters, but after a few daya YOUR p(.AV Voii j'u. se-r-TH 1 PAV -TH&V OF ALL "fri' -TIMES ~frfev HAP -To SLAP OUT? "FIRS-r EPItlOM GF I'LL -feu. SO MAD I CQUUP MOCCASiMS A BLOCK OF Irene was thankful that Uery ook this attitude although she did lot understand it. Sbo fouml her mother less In lined to let her hnvo her own way ilrs. Everett protested Gaylcrd's ,uing for the divorce, for ono thing, reno bad insisted with wls'.fui resignation that it iliil not matter. Later Mrs. Everett bad spoUen bcr mind on the subject ot money. What did -Gaylord expect Ireao to do? S!io bad asked this question as, \vitb troubled eyes, she watched rcne unpack tbe lovely clottiea tbat mcde up her now wardrobe. Irene's father would never Iw able lo provije her with anything like these gown?. "Oh. Prentiss will have to me some money ivhen he Gets tbe divorce." Ireno hail answered lightly. Sho did not wish ber mother to Inquire too closely Into her financial affairs, for she was no disposed lo share with her family protests were stilled. But Bho dlil I flioivcil tbo beginning o! an tailffcr- not win her parent over lo her own | CRCO tnat srcw In CTnct ratio In point of view. In fact, Mrs. Rverctl ! ttl0 Interest Tommy was showing worked against her where. Tommy lownrd her. Now tlio letters np- was concerned. For several successive Sundays following Irene's return Tommy went out wllli Heryl 03 usual. And Mr3. Everett It was who Ibid Dcryt not lo mtnd coming back in lime lo help prepare dinner or do up tbe illsbca. '•One vcnnld think," Ireno com plained to hcr-niolher 0110 lonely Sunday afternoon, "that you don't want mo here. You won't let. me have any fun nt all. If you'd maus'^ 0 peared lo annoy her. She always rend t 1: em alono but her mother discovered cvtdenco tbat Bho destroyed (hero. Tlita morning Ucryl bad told Mrs. Everett that Totniay wns galling a car oi his own, ono that ho bad picked up for "next to nothing," at Ihe gnrago. Tbo news disturbed Mrs. Everett morb than Bho let Ileryl see. Sho remembered hearing Beryl slay nt home for-a 'change Tommy would have taken, mo to the footb2ll game." ' ' . "lioryl needs to get out ono day a week," Wra. Everett retorted shortly, and Irene said no raoro. Her mother, she suspected, waa be- gitining to think sho ought to return to Gaylord- Perhaps .she teareil a scandal, for oho'd repeated what a neighbor had Bald annul Irene's going to picluro shows witb Tommy. Irene say to Tommy that' bo ought a car. Noiv people would BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES ~ Oil YEAH! talk, the woman thought. fiery! departed for tho store nnd Mrs. Kverolt. alono with tier. thoughts wliilo . Bho walled for I Irene to coino down to'breakfast, becatno increasingly apprehensive. When tlio. postman, arrived- nnd left tbo daily letter, for Ireno along with ona or two others slio trudged up llio stairs with a settled determination to nsk Irene what tho loiters meant. (To I5o Continued) WAIIMNG ORDER CHAN'CEUY COURT, CHICKASAWBA DISTRICT, MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, ARKANSAS. Equitable llnildiivg fc Loan j\ssocia- Jion, Plaintiff, vs. V.'. L. Cunningham et al, No 4C'o'4, Defendant. The defendants, A. Harrison and Mrs. A. Harrison, arc warned to appear within thirty days in the cour named. In tiio caption hereof and answer the of the plain- tin Equitable Building & Loan Association. Dated May 2", 1331. R. L. GAINES, Clerk, Ey Harvey Morris, U. C Jesic Taylor Atiy Ad Litem. 22-29-5-1: BY SISTER MARY NEA Service Wriler cup blanched and broken English | lops, lor it they are boiled walnut meats, 2-3 cup peeled and j lonij tiiey will become hard seeded white grapes. 1 tough, liac two cups prepared Marinate sweetbreads in French! scallops, 1 cup prepared sin imps dre.'-sins made with lemon juice and tarragon vinegar. Let stand on ice an hour or longer. When ready to serve drain from dressing nnd combine with prepared ingredients. Add mayonnaise to make moist and serve in nests of lettuce hearts. . Garnish with piniento- siufled olives cut in Inn slices. Cucumbers and sweetbreads are a favorite combination. They are American Salmon for Chilean Waters WASHINGTON, D. C., IUP) — Salmon of American ancestry .scon mr-.y fco -taping about be- U'.cfii Mis' South I'acific Ocean aiid OIL- lu'udsv.ilcrs cf Chilean The ccok will find it much easier o f.;rve her main dish as a salad nan in some other form when the j n;!1 s :;eriii«r,eter is steadily rising. She can keep her kitchen cool during he heat of the clay and, since her naterials must be prepared some ime in advance of the time they will be wanted lor mixing and ving.^'she can finally get the d ready for serving at a min- nte's notice when lunch tiir.e comes. The combination of meat nnd vegetables is always desirable and aids in maintaining a balanced diet. Macaroni and rice also blend wrll with meats and fish. The following salad can be varied in numerous ways. MStch-like pieces cf veal and carrots can be substituted for the beans and tongue susgcstcd in the recipe. Siuiuncr Sa'.id One and one-half cups co'.d cock- 1 cd green bi-.mi. l cup cold cooked ham, 1 cup co'd cocked tonsix, Bermuda c.iion, green pepper. I Cnt ham and tongue in pieces the same pize as the beans. Mi\ and add 2 tablcfpocn.s lemon juice or vinegar and 4 tablesircons salswi cil beaten with 1-2 teaspoon sail anij 1-8 teaspoon ucper. Cover and let stand in refrigerator for an how or longer. 'When iviady to serve, drain from dressing. Pile alternating rinjs of ' onion nnd green pepper one above another ou a baf cf lettuce. Fill this little cn:on and pepper cnp with th; salad miSiure and scn'e with nir.y- A salad of calf's liver and cab- base and celery Is mmswil anc! rlcl-.ciotis. Cut ccld boiled liver in clio and marinate in French drcf- ins for an hour. Combine l c'.ip usually combined in erjnal parts nnd served on lettuce with mavon- An excellent fisli salad is made ;t a combination of scallops, | hri:nps and celery. Baby scallops I are durable but, failing these, cut | !c ones in small pieces before cooking boiling salted v.alci*. Care mt!>t be Taken not to cover scal- and 3 cups diced celery. Mix with mayonnaise and serve on a bod of lettuce. • • e Tomorrow's Menu BREAKFAST: Orange juice, cereal, cream, broiled cottage ham, potatoes hushed in cream, Ernham muffins, milk, coffee. LUNCHEON: • Summer salad, v/hole wheat sandwiches, strawberry tapioca pudding, milk, tea: DINNER: Breaded veal cutlet;, creamed carrots, stuffed tomato salad, cherry and rice pudding, milk, coffee. too! "Co: onado's Children,"' hns been and-caught in one by Bill Sterling-, the eolu'cc-i'ducalcd Texas Hanger who became Adjutant General. Sterlins was leading Dobie's "Vaquero ol the Ranch Country" when he dls covered the book put Fort Mclp- Losh at Eagle Pa-ss. It is really at Laredo. AUSTIN, (UP)—Even the recognized authorities mate mistakes J. Prank Coble, expert on early Texas, and celebrated author or "Little Country Place" .Has Nearly 11,000 Acres VTSALtA. California, (UP) — While Captain John S. Dickerson, New York, decided to buy "a little country place," he came here and bought the farm olios owned by Harriet R. W. Jackson and the Frank B. West estate. It consists of 10,000 acres of valley and foothill land within 10 miles of Ssqnoia Motional Park and Oer.eial Grant National Park. PRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS .*-:?.' dice;! liver with 1 cnu diced celery Foixltipils Division cf Ui L - .,„., , cl;p E i lrc(t d?d and crispcS c.ibrngc. Mix with mayonnaise and re- Ccinmeicc Dcpartmcnl. has i. iu\l a report Ircr.i Ralpii H. .Uiunnan, commcicial allaclii; a I t.i.iiia^o, thiit ihe cinican fish- triii bun-ail soon will plant more th.T. a iniilicn ry^s of Kor'.li P.i- ci;;C iijiiiiu.i in the rivers of Ciiilc. A reiiii.'.iiiLitive of Chile caina to t'n.s co:nury ai\(i obtained the !_.•<. Tlie consis;nn-,cnt, one of the largest ever collected lor for- . serve oA a bed of endive. Sweetbread sab:! is always daln- ly and popular. It can take the plnce of thicken salad for party affairs ami is much easier and quicker lo prepare. The swcci- bicads are taken care of as always: thai Is. soaked in cold water for an hour, simmered in acidulated water for 20 minutes lift 1 , coiibists of aoO.COO etrys ;1 nd tl-.:n blanched In cold water, of Chinook sr.lmon; 225.005 cgs Sweetbread Salad • Two cups diced cooked sweet- c.f silver salmon; 114,000 of sockeye or red salmon; 200,000 of trout and 250,000 of whitefish, breads, 2 cups shredded celery, 1-3 WHY THE OLD CHEAP SKATE/ GIVIN'VOU ONIM A QUARTER FOR FINDING HIS OLD RUBY. YOU MUSTN'T CftLL Mf?. HECTOR THftT, OSCAR.... I SHOULDN'T HAVE EXPECTED A REV/A^D IN THE FIRST PUKE. r^- NO OCCASION! ^ ,'l THOUGHT/) " VIM,' S'OlTcANTSEEC HE'D AT LCAST LET US LOOK AROUMD AMP SEE HIS OLD ANTEEKS. THOSE IN THE MUSEUM... HfWEN'T YOf EVER BECNS HERE «0-e. ITWA5 WHEN I WAS OVER THAT WAY, WASH TUHiiB RAW T»*£ MEfilXG- j HAS 'i 1«E. SMOtdVER'S CXINFEBENCE. rt« LONfa 6EEM \N . ivi VMN S\ COUOT STE.NOiRW>i\tR WWTS (^NO EMY TO SL\P W\M INTO TUt BlCi WATCH till. WAITING! ^1 .^OT^TSOME-t U POM WASH EASV P.VW wtv we Ht CHICAGO OAHG IS H3t,0' TUJ.M AS To ' Cf TvJjt

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