Star-Phoenix from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada on January 13, 1986 · 5
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Star-Phoenix from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada · 5

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada
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Monday, January 13, 1986
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138 IntOrrOtiOriSl Monday, January 13, 1986 Saskatoon, Saskatchewan Star-Phoenix Shultz faces heckling writers NEW YORK (AP) State Sec-retary George Shultz defended the Reagan administration, Norman Mailer defended Shultz, and members of an international group of authors attacked all three as the 48th International PEN Congress opened amid controversy. "It is our responsibility to protect everybody's right to free, speech, no matter how much we disagree with their political stance," Mailer told a crowd that twice interrupted Shultz's speech Sunday at the New York Public Library. Shultz ignored the heckling writers including one woman who greeted his introduction by shouting "I protest his appearance" and walking out and concentrated on defending the administration's record on freedom of speech and admitting foreign ' jj 0 Deadly end A 40-year-old Arlington, Tex., resident holds a gun to his head outside a store Saturday, moments before taking his own life. The man apparently killed a woman and wounded another man when he took his estranged wife hostage. (AP) Shuttle crew gets best view of comet CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. (AP) Columbia's astronauts are taking advantage of the best seats ever for viewing Halley's comet, and will be using the Earth to block out the sun for a better view of the speeding chunk of ice and space debris. Viewing the comet and seeking sources of ultraviolet radiation among the stars were the major experiments on a schedule devoted mainly to astronomy on the astronauts' first full day in space. Columbia shed its postponement jinx with a spectacular predawn liftoff Sunday, and 9 hours later the crew launched the world's most powerful commercial communications satellite, RCA's $50-million Satcom KU-1. The astronauts had waited out seven delays in 25 days. "It's on its way," Mission Control radioed after a rocket engine ignited to propel the satellite toward stationary orbit 36,000 kilometres above the Earth. "That's great," replied Robert Gibson, the mission commander. He said his crew "really did a nice job of getting that thing out," RCA, which paid the National Aeronautics and Space Administration $14.2 million for the delivery, said Satcom will be capable of providing video and audio communications for all of the United States except Alaska, transmitting a signal powerful enough to be received by dish antennas as small as 90 centimetres. George Nelson and Steve Haw-ley, both astrophysicists, will op NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING (Under The Liquor Licensing Act) NOTICE Is hereby given that a public hearing will be held in the conference room of the Liquor Licensing Commission, 2nd Floor, 1660 Park Street, Regina at 11:30 a.m. Central Standard Time, on Tuesday, January 28, 1986 for the purpose of hearing and considering any relevant representations made by Jack Elfenbaum of Cupar, Saskatchewan, the applicant for a Dining Room Liquor License, in respect of Western Pizza, situated at 2402 Melrose Avenue, in the City of Saskatoon, in the Province of Saskatchewan. Any person who not less than five (5) days prior to Tuesday, January 2886, has filed with the Commission written notice of objection to the granting of the said application,' stating the. grounds thereof, shall be given an opportunity to be heard Write to: Chairman, Liquor Commission P.O. Box 5054, Regina, Saskatchewan S4P 3M3 Telephone 787-4211 writers to the United States. "I am proud to represent an administration that more than any other in this century has resisted the intrusion of government into the lives of its citizens," Shultz said, eliciting hisses and shouts from the audience. "Don't be so surprised by the fact that Ronald Reagan and I are on your side," he closed. Following Shultz's speech, Mailer, who invited the secretary of state to speak, criticized the authors for their rudeness during the speech. "I could have been wrong in inviting Shultz, the people who yelled at me from the audience could be right," Mailer told a news conference after the opening. "I just think they went about it in a lousy way." A group of 66 PEN members, including three past presidents erate the astronomy experiments, and will have an exclusive view of the comet as it nears the sun on its . once-every-76-years swing through this part of the solar system. "You can't observe 'Halley's from the ground as it makes its closest approach to the sun in January because of the sun's brightness," explained Alan Stern of the University of Colorado, who is principal investigator for an experiment named CHAMP, or Comet Halley Active Monitoring Program. Stern said that for about 10 minutes of each 90-minute orbit, the , shuttle crew will be in position to observe the comet while the EarthVblocks out much of the sun's brightness. . Nelson, who will operate the" CHAMP cameras, said in an interview before the flight, "We'll be taking some photographs and spectral measurements for the purpose of documenting the comet, and we'll be doing it from . above the atmosphere where we, can get a real clear look at it. We're going to use the apparatus over the course of three flights, so we should be able to get a good consistent set of data on Hal-ley's." Stern said the instruments "primarily will be looking at water. The comet is basically an ice ball, and when the sun melts the ice, it breaks the water down into constituents. We'll study these to learn about the comet's atmosphere." and writers, Susan Sontag, Nat Hentoff and Judith Rossner, signed a letter delivered to Shultz condemning his appearance at the congress. "The administration you represent has done nothing to further freedom of expression, whether at home or abroad," the letter said. ". . . Your administration supports governments that silence, imprison, even torture their citizens for their beliefs." Novelist E. L. Doctorow, writing in The Nation magazine, complained Mailer's invitation put American PEN "at the feet of the most ideologically right-wing administration this country has yet seen." Others defended the decision to invite the secretary of state. Author Gay Talese said it was appropriate considering its theme of U.S. envoy begins S. African talks JOHANNESBURG (AP) - The U.S. State Department's top expert on Africa meets officials of South Africa's white-led government today for talks on ending armed conflicts in neighboring South-West Africa and Marxist Angola, where thousands of Cuban soldiers are based. The arrival of Chester Crocker, however, was blemished by the brutal death of a black activist who was to be one of his hosjs. Ampie Mayisa, 58, was chased from his home late Saturday in Leandra township 120 kilometres east of Johannesburg and hacked to death by a gang, his son Joshua Mayisa said Sunday. Mayisa, who was considered a supporter of the United Democratic Front anti-apartheid group, was to meet with Crocker during his visit. But it was not immediately known if his death was related to Crocker's visit. Crocker, the assistant state secretary for African affairs, meets government officials in Cape Town to pursue a long-standing goal of securing the withdrawal of Cuban soldiers from Angola in return for the independence of South-West Africa, a former Germany colony also known as Namibia. South-West Africa is on Angola's southern border and South Africa's northern border. South Africa rules Namibia in defiance of the United Nations, which ended South Africa's mandate over the territory in 1966. Crocker met last week in Luanda with Angolan officials. Angola has been the object of raids by the South African military, which says it is striking at bases of the South-West Africa People's Organization guerrilla group. Angola faces its own insurgency by rebels of the National Union for the Total Independence of An- gola, or UNITA. UNITA, under' Jonas Savimbi, has been fighting the Marxist Angolan government since losing the civil war that coincided with Angola's independence from Portugal in 1975. In Brief After the 'mob' WASHINGTON (AP) President Ronald Reagan, in a magazine article initiated by the White House to outline the administration's campaign against crime, says he has declared "war to the end" and that "there will be no detente with the mob." The article, which appeared Sunday in the New York Times Magazine under Reagan's byline, calls for a national effort to root out organized crime. He also claims the cost of the administration's anti-crime program has been justified. Greenpeace SYDNEY (Reuter) The Australian government sent a Telex today to the flagship of the environmental group Greenpeace urging it to abort its Antarctic mission. The sailors on board the vessel Greenpeace could be risking their own lives and those of others if they struck .heavy pack ice, Science Minister Barry Jones said in a statement. Deregulation continues WELLINGTON (Reuter) -Prime Minister David Lange said today his Labor government will continue to deregulate the New Zealand economy despite slower growth expected this year. Lange said in a state-of-the-country speech in which he dealt solely with domestic issues that the government's economic strategy will be reinforced where necessary The Writer's Imagination and the Imagination of the State. Mailer was the guiding force be hind the congress. He helped raise the $800,000 tab by staging a series of readings by famous writers, and convinced the State De partment to issue visas to some of those writers who would other wise be denied entrance to the United States on ideological grounds. Among those from the 55 countries participating in the confer ence are former Canadian prime minister Pierre Elliot Trudeau and former Austrian chancellor Bruno Kreisky, and the poet Ro- sario Murillo, wife of Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega. Canadian authors in attendance are Margaret Atwood, Robertson Davies and Alice Munro. Mavis Gallant was invited but is unable to attend. In South Africa, police Sunday reported rioting in six black areas, but no new deaths in the anti-apartheid violence that has killed an estimated 1,000 people since SeDt. 3. 1984. ' Under apartheid, the system of entorced racial segregation, about five million whites govern over 24 million voteless blacks. Crocker visited three poor black townships on Sunday, a major de parture tor him. He usually re stricts his meetings to South Afri ca's white leaders, and shuns publicity when he meets black leaders. He refused to comment during his tour of KwaThema, Duduza and Katlehong, but said Mayisa's death was "terrible." witnesses and Mayisa s son said the killers of the anti-apar theid leader spoke Zulu and claimed to belong to a hitherto un known group called Concerned Residents opposed to the United Democratic Front. Joshua Mayisa, 23, said his fa ther tried to flee his house, but was caught about 200 metres away and hacked to death with hatchets, knives and sword-like weapons called pangas. "I ran, but when I came back I tried to revive him and realized he was dead," Joshua Mayisa said. "They came back and tried to kill me. I managed to escape and went for help trom my uncle. When we went back, they had removed the body. When we told the police about the incident, ' they just laughed. Anglican Bishop Simeon Nkoane, also one of Crocker's hosts, said Leandra residents believed the attackers were loyal to Inkatha, a political movement drawn mostly from Zulus and bit terly opposed to the front. Gane members denied the claim. "We are not members of Inka tha as most residents believe. said one man. "We are just from Concerned Residents, and we killed Mr. Mayisa." but will not be diverted. "That strategy is working and cannot be cbmpromised by ad hoc solutions to short-term difficulties," he added. Drugs claimed plant ROME (AFP-AP) Micheline Solange Levesque, a 53-year-old schoolteacher, and her sister, Laurence Rolande Levesque, 56, both of Jonquiere, Que., arrested by Italian authorities on heroin smuggling charges when they arrived from India last week, say the heroin was put in their luggage without their knowledge. Agence France-Presse quoted reports circulating in Rome which said the sisters claim two of their bags were stolen then returned with the heroin apparently inside. Yemen coup fails MANAMA, Bahrain (AP) President Ali Nasser Mohammed, of Marxist-ruled South Yemen, has survived an assassination attempt and leaders of the plot to overthrow him,, including former S resident Abdul Fattah Ismail, ave been executed, the Gulf news agency reported today from Aden. The agency, quoting Radio Aden, said Ismail and Ali Ahmed Nasser Antar, the first deputy prime minister and a close associate of the president, were sentenced to death and executed, and that possible accomplices were held for trial. StarPhoenix Printed and published daily except Sun days pnd statutory holidays by Armadale Publishers Limited at the- office of the STAR-PHOENIX, 204 Fifth Avenue North, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, S7K 2P1. Second Class Mail Registration Number 0098 Direct dial numbers for . Star-Phoenix General Editorial 652-9200 664-8231 Circulation Classified 664-8320 653-2100 Display 664-8340 Deaths CARSON The deathof ThelmaMary Carson, of 616 Quance Avenue, Saskatoon, occurred in a local Hospital on Saturday, January 1 1 , 1986. She will be greatly missed by her husband Doug; sons, Davidof Regina, Bruce and his wife, Stella, of Edmonton, and their daughter Erin, Richard (Dick) and his wife, Joann, of Saskatoon and their son Dennis.; daughter-in-law Joanne Huber of Regina. Eldest daughter of William Walker and the late Mariorie Walker of Saska toon. Brothers, Don Walker of Vancouver, B.C., George (Dennice) of Whitehorse, Yukon; sister Joan of Montreal; sisters-in-law Nina Ward of Ottawa, Ontario and Dorothy Walker of Terrace Bay, Ontario. Thel received her elementary schooling In Moose Jaw, coming to Saskatoon, attending C. P.C.I, and the U of S, with several enioyable years in competitive basketbaN, which was highlighted in leading the Huskiettes to a Western Canada, Cecil Race Championship, under coaches BudCarson, NormCramand Ivan King. Later she worked with Gladie Sollid at the Humptv Dumpty Shop in Grosvenor for seven teen years for Pleasant staff relations. The Me morial Service will be held on Tuesday, January 14, 1986 at 7:30p.m. from St. Johns Cathedral 816 Spadina Crescent East, conducted by very Rev.' Robert Blackwell. Weep not for me at a grave, For I'd not be there. but rather would I be wherever you think of me, Hawaii, Promenade, Disneyland, Waskesiu, Barbados. P.S. I'll miss it all. The family would appreciate donations to the Charity of the donors choice rather than floral tributes. The Honorary Pallbearers will be Wil-ma Holler, Helen Wrigley, Ruth Newbigging, Lillian Reynolds, Phyllis Hughes, Marlynn Leaper, Mildred McDonald, Terry Mallard, Nancy Lackie and Yvonne Benesh. McKague's Funeral Home will be in charge of arrange ments. CHUHANIUK The passing of Mrs. Mary Chuhaniuk, age 61 years, of Hafford, Saskatche wan, occurred in a Saskatoon hospital on Fri day, January 10, 1986. The Funeral Mass will be held on Wednesday, January 15, 1986 at 10:00 a.m. celebrated by Rev. Father D. Mazun from the Holy Eucharist Ukrainian Catholic Church, Hafford, Saskatchewan. Prayers will be said on Tuesday evening, January 14, at 7.00 p.m. from the Holy Eucharist Ukrainian Catholic Church, Hafford, Saskatchewan. Surviving are her lov ing husband Peter; her mother Mrs. Dora Fed- zun of Hafford; four daughters, Mrs. Alexandra (Flonan) Vedress of Whitehorse, Yukon, Mrs. Romona ( Robert) Morgan of Regina, Mrs. Victo ria (Melvin) Connor of Edmonton, and Mrs. De-bra (John) Fries of Cabrl, Sask.; one son Christopher (Michelle) of Saskatoon; six grandchildren; one sister Mrs. Nettle Mazvn of Saskatoon; two brothers Peter (Olga) Bohun of Kelowna, B.C., and Dick (Zinnia) Bohun of Haf ford. She was predeceased by her father Harry Bohun, one daughter Joan in infancy, and her Step-father Harry Fedzun. The late Mrs. Chuhaniuk was born at Hafford, Saskatchewan and lived in theareaall her life. After raising her children she became very active in many com munity affairs. She worked at the Hafford Union Hospital, a iob she very much enioved. In lieu of flowers Memorial Donations may be made to The Cancer Research Trust Fund co The Cancer Clinic, University Hospital, Saskatoon. The Honorary Pallbearers will be Peter Bohun, Dick Bohun, Anthony Mazyn, Don Bohun, Peter Zip- chen, Roman Zipchen, Jim Horbay. The Active Pallbearers will be Florian Vedress, Bob Mor gan, John Fries, Mel Connor, GeorgeChuhaniuk andWalterChuhaniuk. Interment will take place In the Hafford Ukrainian Catholic Cemetery. Ar- rangementsare incareof Park Funeral Chapel. COATES The death of John Edward Coates, age 93 years, of Saskatoon and formerly of Leask, Saskatchewan, occurred in a local hospi tal on Friday, January 10, 1986. A Memorial Service will be heldon Wednesday, January ISat 2:00 p.m. from All Saints Anglican Church in Leask, Sask. conducted by Rev. Gordon Cole. Cremation. Memorial donations to the Canadian Cancer Society, the Saskatchewan Heart Fund or the Cooperative Health Center, 1 10 - 8th Street, Prince Albert will be appreciated in lieu of flowers. He will be sadly missed by his wife Mary Hazel of Prince Albert, Sask.; four sons, Max (Nancy) of Saskatoon, Walter (Marcia) of Regi na, Sask., Douglas (Merle) of Calgary, Alfa, and Tim (Isabelle) of Costa Rica; three daughters, Helen (Lloyd) Bakerof Lethbridge.Alta., Eileen (Earle) Olson of Victoria, B.C. and Joan (Tom) Bell of Prince Albert, Sask. ; twenty-three grand children, eleven great-grandchildren; one brother Arthur of Shellbrook; one sister Ada Karr of Salem, Oregon; and numerous nieces and nephews. He was predeceased by his par ents, John and Sarah Coates, his daughter Laura Smith and four brothers, Mark, Guy, George and Bert. John was born near Filion, Michigan on September 21, 1892. His family moved to Duck Lake in 1893 and later to the Skipton district in 1905. He served overseas in the First World War from 1914 -1918. On his return, he farmed in the Meadow Grove district and in 1923, he met and married Mary Hazel Sherry. John took a leading role in many community activities. He was an active member of the Farmers' Union and for many years a Wheat Pool delegate. He helped organize and train the local Farm Boys and Farm Girls Grain Clubs in the Leask area. John worked throughout the years for the CCF and later the New Democratic party. For many years he served on the Meadow Grove School District Board and later as a member of the Blaine Lake School Unit Board. John will be sorely missed for hewasoneof our early pioneers. Funeral Service arrangements have been entrusted to the Saska toon Funeral Home. DUTKA The passing of Mr. Wil Ham Dutka, age 77 years, of Yellow Creek, Sask., occurred in a Saskatoon Hospital on Sunday, January 12, 1986. The Funeral Service will be held on Wednesday, January 15 at 1 :30 p.m. conducted by Rev. John Waschuk from Park Funeral Chapel, 311 Third Avenue North. Prayers will be said on Tuesday evening, January 14at Park Funeral Chapel. Courtesy parking north of the Chapel. Surviving are three daughters, Mrs. Mary (Mike) Shutiak, Mrs. Elizabeth (Fred) Chomyn and Mrs. Darlene (Larry) Diederich, all of Sas katoon; one son Joseph (Rachel) Dutkaof Saska toon; eleven grandchildren; three great-grand children; three brothers, Peter (Helen) Dutkaof Foam Lake, Sask., Joe (Mariorie) Dutka of Lisle, Ont. and Max (Nellie) Chubak of Yellow Creek, Sask.; and two sisters, Mrs. Josephine (Tony) Michalvcia of Wakaw, Sask. and Mrs. Lena Swldersky of Alliston, Ont. He was prede ceased by his wife Phyllis in 1975, two brothers, Anton Dutka and Mike Chuback, his sister, Mrs. Mary Dutka and one sister and two brothers in Infancy. The late Mr. Dudtka was born In Cud-worth, Saskatchewan and later moved to the Yellow Creek area with his parents. In 1928, he married Phyllis Lvtsitza and they farmed in the area until moving (o the town of Yellow Creek in 1955. The Pallbearers will be Trent uiedencn, Ronald Chomym Novak Williams, Jim Chubak, Stanley Yuzik and Dennis Borsa. Interment will take place in the family plot in Woodlawn Ceme tery. Arrangements care of Park Funeral Chapel FERTUCK The death of Jack Fertuck, age 77 years, of Saskatoon and a long time resident of Struan, Sask., occurred in a local hospital on January 10, 1986, after a lengthy Illness. The Funeral Services will be held on Tuesday, Janu ary 14, 1986 at 2:00 p.m. from Westwood Funeral Chapel with Rev. Steve Skoworodko officiating. Prayers will be said Monday evening at 7: 00 p.m. at Westwood FuneralChapel. Parking for Funer al Guests is available in the lot north of the Chapel. He Is survived by his wife Mary, nee Semko; one son Leonard ( Helen) and their chil dren, Klrsten, Stephen, and Tania of Toronto; one daughter Darlene (Don) Daley, and their children, Jolene, and Brenna of Winnipeg; many nieces, nephews, relatives and friends. He-was predeceased by his parents, three sisters, Saraf i-na Rabuka, Anna Shalenko and Ruby Shalenko, three brothers, Wacola, Vladlmerand Alec. Jack was born March 27, 1908 near Arelee, Sask., and obtained his high school diploma from Bedford Road Collegiate. He was married in 1936 and farmed for 35 years at Struan. Jack was active as a school trustee for many years and belonged to the United Grain Growers. He retired in 1971 to make his home in Saskatoon where he lived until his passing. The Family wishes Memorial Donations be made to the St. Paul's Hospital Foundation, 1702 20th St. West, or the Canadian Diabetes Assoc. 305 219 22nd St. East. Interment will take place in Woodlawn Cemetery. Arrang- ments are in care of Westwood Funeral Chapel (653-3434). fCMftnverfl 2 HILLS The passing of Mrs. Elsie Hills. a9e 95 years, of Delisle, Sask. occurred in hospital at Outlook on Sunday, January 12, 1986. The Funeral Service willbe held on Thursday, January 16at 2:00 p.m. conducted by Rev. Earl Pattison from the Delisle United Church, Deiisle, Sask. Surviving are one daughter Mrs. Myrtle ( Arthur ) Wat-kins of Fortuna, North Dakota; four sons, Gordon of Delisle, Sask.; Howard (Margaret) of Saskatoon, George of Saskatoon and Stanley of Delisle, Sask.,- two grandchildren; one great grandchild; and one sister Mrs. Melva Glass- brook of Mernam, Kansas, U.S.A. She was predeceased by her husband Alfred, In 1929, one brother, Howard and four sisters. Bertha, Gla dys, Verna and Hazel. The late Mrs. Hills was born at Bowesmont, North Dakota and in 1912 came to Canada to the Dellsledistrict where she has since resided. Mrs. Hills had served as a Trustee of the Grand Plains School Board, was a member of theFrontenac Willing Workers, wasa member of the Ladies Auxiliary of the Canadian Legion as well as a member of the Delisle Senior Citizens Club. Flowers are gratefully declined and Memorial donations may be made to the Delisle United Church Memorial Fund. Interment will take place in the Delisle Cemetery. Arrangements are incareof Park Funeral Chap el. . JASPAR Mrs. Margaret Kathleen Jaspar, passed away on January 9, 1986, at the age of 65 years of Calgary, widow of the late Michel Jaspar who predeceased her in 1969. She was born in Saskatoon, Sask. on April 29th, 1920 and grew up and attended school in North Battleford. On moving to Melfort with her family, she was employed for a short time with the Canadian Bank ot commerce. She then accepted a position at the Prince Albert Daily Herald, working there for a period of 18 years, while raising her family. During her years in Prince Albert, shewas active in community affairs, serving the two year term on City Council as a member or director of nu merous boards. On moving to Regina in 1976 she was Coordinator of Lifestyles with the Regina Leader Post. She was predeceased by her par ents, Florence Lendon (Ebbels) BastedoandGil-bert Thomson Bastedo; her husband, Michel and two brothers, Bill and Lendon. Mrs. Jaspar is survived by her two sons, and their wives, Rene and Sharon, Bill and Susan; grandsons, Scott, Kevin and Ken, Calgary; a sister, Mrs. Betty Winters, Whitby, Ont.; her dear sisters-in-law, Beatty Horsley, Riana Bastedo, Shirtev Bas tedo; sister, Genevie Jaspar; as well as numerous other nieces and nephews and cousins, in various points in Canada and the USA and very special friends and relatives, W.D. ( Bill) Ebbels and his wife, Ruth; and Bill and Vera Simenson, Regina, Sask. Funeral Services will be heldat St. Alban's Anglican Church, Prince Albert, Sask., Wednesday, January 15, 1986 at 11:00 a.m. with the Very Rev. Dean Bruce Stavert officiating. If desired, a contribution may be made to the Alberta Heart Foundation, 1825 Park Road, S.E., Calgary, Alta. T2G 3Y6. Forwarding arrangements are in care of Levden's Funeral Home Ltd.,-Directors of Services 1-403-228-4422. LATOWSKI The death of Mr. George Latowski, age 82 years, of 318 Ave R. South, Saskatoon, occurred at his residence on Sunday, January 1 2, 1986. The Funeral Servicewill be heldon Wednes day, January 15 at 10:00 a.m. from Westwood Funeral Chapel, Ave N and 20th Street, conduct ed by Rev. D. McLeod. A Prayer Service will be held at Westwood Funeral Chapel, Tuesday evening at 7:30 p.m. (Parking for funeral guests north of Funeral Chapel.) Surviving are his loving wife Doris; one son Tony (Anne) of Wadena; one daughter Eleanor (Ed) Kachur of Saskatoon; three grandchildren, David Latowski and Duane, Deneen Kachur; three sisters, Mary Miller and Anne Bulick both of Toronto and Tina Matieshen of Saskatoon; one brother Paul of Saskatoon. He was predeceased by his parents, two sisters and six brothers, and one grandson, Daryl. The late Mr. Latowski was born at Sifton, Manitoba and moved with his family to Dana, Sask. as a teenager. He farmed at Dana until 1961 and at Elfross, Sask. from 1961. until his passing. Mr. Latowski had lived in Saskatoon for the past twenty six years and was a long time member of the United Church. He will be sadly missed by his family and a host of friends. Interment will take place in Woodlawn Cemetery. Arrangements are in care of Westwood Funeral Chapel. (653-3434). LOZ1NSKY The passing of Mr. Myron Stephen Lozinsky, age 42 years, of Vonda, Sask. .occurred suddenly In Saskatoon on Friday, January 10, 1986. The Funeral Mass will be held on Tuesday, January 14 at 10:00 a.m. celebrated by. Rev. Father S. Olynyk and Rev. Father A. Choronzy from Sacred Heart Ukrainian CatholicChurchat Vonda, Sask. Prayers will be said on Monday, January 13at 7:30p.m. at Sacred Heart Ukrainian Catholic Church, Vonda. Surviving are his parents, Mr. Walter and Mrs. Frances Lozinsky of Vonda; one sister Mrs. Orlene (Gerry) Donnelly of Calgary, Alta.; one brother Julian (Na-dia) Lozinsky of Regina, Sask.; one niece Mrs. Debbie (Ray) Ruth; and two nephews. Randy Lozinsky and David Lozinsky. He was predeceased by one infant brother Joseph. Myron was born and raised in the Laniwci district and lived there until moving to the town of Vonda in 1979 where he had since resided. In lieu of flowers Memorial donations may be made to St. Paul's Hospital Building Fund, co St. Paul's Hospital, 1 702 - 20th Street West, Saskatoon. S7M OZ9. The Cross Bearer will be David Lozinsky. The Pallbearers will be Ron Lozinsky, Steve Lozin-ski, Bill Owchar, Walter Owchar, Eugene Wozniak and Michael Rawlyk. Interment will take place inth Laniwci Ukrainian Catholic Cemetery. Arrangements are in care of Park Funeral Chapel. MAC MILLAN The death of Donald Kenzie Mac Millan, age 71 years, of Saskatoon, formerly of Asquith, Saskatchewan, occurred in City Hospi tal on Saturday, January 11, 1986. The Funeral Service will be held on Wednesday, January 15, at 3: 30 p.m. from Grosvenor Park UnitedChurch conducted by Rev. Garth Nelson and Rev. Bruce Johnson. Mr. Mac Millan is survived by his lov ing wife Helen; three daughters. Linda (Ste phen) Hoskin, Nelson, B.C., Barbara and Heather, both of Saskatoon; one son Ian (Judy) of Asquith, Sask.; and four grandchildren; also his sister Greta (Bert) Johnson, North Battleford; and brother Wallace (Wilda), Asquith; and numerous nieces, nephews, and close relatives. He was born at Juniata, Sask. June 27; 1914 and received his education at Eagleholm School, completing his high school years at City Park Collegiate. He married Helen Clark on July 4, 1945 and the couple farmed near Asquith. They moved to Saskatoon in the early 60's. Don continued to farm until 1973 and secured winter employment at CFQC from 1967 to 1973 when he retired. Don was an active and dedicated sup porter of community affairs. He was a member of the Sask. Wheat Pool for over 40 years and even at the time of his death was actively involved in the Saskatoon Inland Wheat Pool Committee. Don was the first president of the Asquith Credit Union, serving for a period of nine years. He was a firm believer in the principles and strengths of all cooperative organizations. He always maintained hismembership inthe Farmers Union, firmly believing inthe value of asingle united voice for farmers. He was a trustee of his local rural school unit and a staunch outspoken supporter of the Larger Unit philosophy both before and after its Implementation. He served as a member of Perdue R.M 346 Agricultural Committee for 16 years and supported the Council in all municipal affairs. During retirement he maintained daily contact with the home farm and lent a helping hand at every turn. He was a Past Master of Asquith Masonic Lodge 146 and upon taking up residence in Saskatoon he became a member of the O.E.S., Saskatoon Chapter No. 4. He was a member of Session of Grosvenor Park United Church and served for several terms on the Worship Committee. He wasan active supporter of the Association for the Mentally Retarded. Don will be sadly missed by family, friends, neighbors and working associates. In lieu of flowers donations made to the Cosmopolitan Industries 28 - 34th Street E., Saskatoon. S7K 3Y2 will be appreciated.. Interment will take place in Hillcrest Memorial Gar dens. Funeral arrangementsare entrusted tothe Saskatoon Funeral Home. NEUDORF The death of Mrs. Susan Neudorf , age 76 years, of Central Haven Personal Care Home, 1020Avel N., Saskatoon, occurredquietly at her residence on Saturday, January II, 1986. The Funeral Service will be heldon Wednesday, January 15 at 2 :00 p.m. from the Warman Gospel Church, 420 Central Street West, conducted by Rev. Randy McDonnold. Surviving are two daughters, Mrs. Anne (Stanley) Klassen, Leth-bridge, Alberta, Mrs. Ruth ( Wilf ) Buhler, Osier, Sask.; six sons, Henry (Hazel) Neudorf, Osier, Sask, Abe (Agatha) Neudorf, Altona, Manitoba, Pete (Helen) Neudorf, Kelowna, B.C., Dave (Odeal) Neudorf, Victoria, B.C., Rev. Bill (Erma) Neudorf, Warman, Sask., George (Nettie) Neudorf, Caronport, Sask ; two daughters-in-law, Mrs. Doreen Neudorf, Prince George, B.C., Mrs. Peggy Neudorf, Prince Albert, Sask.; forty grandchildren and twenty-two great grandchildren; one sister Mrs. Margaret Dvck, Altena, Manitoba; five brothers, George (Dora) Giesbrecht, JohnGiesbrecht.allof Altona, Manitoba, Dave (Sadie) Giesbrecht, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Ben (Ann) Giesbrecht, Altona, Manitoba, Jake (Tina) Giesbrecht, Halbstadt, Manitoba. The late Mrs. -Neudorf is predeceased by her parents, Peter and Susanna Giesbrecht, her husband, Abraham M. Neudorf, two sons, Rev. Jake Neudorf and John Neudorf, three grand daughters in infancy, one grandson and three brothers, Pete, Martin, and Abe. Interment will be held in the Neuhorst Cemetery. Arrangements are incareof Dalmeny Funeral Home. Deaths

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