The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 26, 1950 · Page 15
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 15

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 26, 1950
Page 15
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TTTtmSEAT, OCTOBER W, BI/VTHEVn.LE (ARK.) COUKIER NEWS PACK Coconut Pumpkin Chiffon Is Excellent Meal Climax "How Imposing It would b« If H teaspoon nutmeg version. Here Is the perfect pie to climax your bl? holldny dinners. It doesn't qiurrel with tradition, yet It has the added advantage ol being light as a cloud and consequently '««* lilllng alter a hearty men], it *"*" a plus i\\ flavor, loo. Lots t>! cr toasted coconut has been 'd Inlo the filling, and more toasted coconut decorates the top to add a touch of glamour befitting the festis'e holiday season. t'oronul Pumpkin Chiffon Pie 1 envelop gelatine *i cup cold water l'i cups masheri rn-t-p- 1 mimpldn "i cup evaporated milk '2 cup \vaU:r 2 egg yolks, slightly beaten ^« cup brown suear. firmly packc , t teaspoon cinnamon 2 egg whllee !? teaspoon vanilla 1 cup shredded coconut, loasttti* 1 baked 9-Inch pie shell Soften gelatine in cold water. minutes. gelatine, stirring constantly. .stir until dissolved. Add gelatine, stir until dissi Chill until slightly thickened. Beat egg whites until foamy. Add remaining sugar grndually and continue beating until stiff. Fold in nntnnirin mixture, vanilla, and *'• pumpkin , cup of the toaslert coconut, into col Before 31:1 WI*K. toasted coconut. *To toast coconut, spread DI tne loa.Men coconut, run :old pic shell. Chill until firm •e serving, lop with remaining 'H pnrminr Ihinh , in shallow pan, Place in modera teaspoon ginger ven 1350 degrees F.) and toast bout 10 minutes, or until doiiciitely irowned. Stir occasionally lo tons 'VenlV. Coming of Duck Season Mokes Dinner Treats Available SUBSTANTIAL LUNCHEON— Spoon bread, a Southern specialty popular In the North a* well, to** woiiilerTnlly with rich jrravle* Spoon Bread Can Replace Starchy Vegetables in Meals The new duck sepsrm is on and u-ill last through November. More than 5.0:0,000 \vhtlR Pckin ducks will be raised this year on Long island alone. Many other Males raise . them, too. So whether you gel them fresh or quick frozen, life can be "duck soup" for everybody, Mabel Stegner is known as (lie Einstein oT duck cookery. Don't prick the .skin of a roa£l j duckling, it won't let out any more| of the lat but may allow some of] the meat juices to escape. Don't cover. Don't add water. Don't baste. That's what she says. She's the t ne economics consultant for the ig Island Duck Growers' Cooperative Association, Miss slegner had us to n duck dinner last week. First came a chilled watercress cocktail. It was made In an electric blender with lemon and pineapple Juice and cracked ice added to the watercress. . Next, two Ix>tig Island ducklings • rriveci— one roasted with mushroom rice stuffing, the other a saute of Jointed duckling with apricots. The duckling for the saute had ben sklnnrd. Eajsy a& peeling an orange, she. said. Cut through skin •long center of breast from neck to vent with a sharp pointed knife. Grasp *kln with on* hand, run knits underneath to flesh, at the same time peeling back layer trt skin and fat. Then pull off skin. She hud sprinkled the piece* with minced garlic and kitchen bouquet and salt and browned them light*} in butter. They .simmereri for 4r minutes'in aprtcot nectar and frozen orange juice. A few dried apricot*, plumped up, had been added and corruiturch stirred in to thick- Wfo ituff th« roast duckling she lifted packaged pre-cooked rice anc flecked It with chopped mushrooms c*lery leay«* and onion*. i-Her llt« ha* b««n one duck after •noth«r. Born ki Minnesota, thi wild d\K:k country, a h* went to col 1*0* m Wisconsin. Her roommati MtcHve^l E cooked Te*\ dock from hom« *wfr we*k with her laundry "W« u«*fl to lock the door and ea 1 tt »H OWMlVM." Bui eon*cieno« fturn*d hcc into • ml»Mon»ry fco the public appetite "Th«re'» more to a duckling than roasting. Steam it or boil it an oombine with vegetable* the wa th* Ori*ot*!« do. Brala* it with fru** ju*o» or In wine. Bxit If yoi POM* H, pleas* ttte a low tetnpern tur« and cook only for »n hour-find • -H*W or two hours." Ao w* roftjrted two duckling* our selves !".st night. No .stuffing. a few celery stalks and two small onions. While wailing for dinner, everyone talked about their own duck recipes. Suddenly we thought of the time. Our ducklings had been in the - oven over Hire hours. They were brown and crarkly, pungent and superly overdone. Yet. everyone .said it was the best (hey ever Pie. Even Miss Stegner would have iked it. Spoon bread, a .southern special- scalding rnilk. 2 tablespoons bultei •. \va;; originally made with white or drippings 1 com meal anil buttermilk. But ' northern homemnkers liked the idea and adapted the recipe to yellow corn meal and sweet milk. The N'ot-tuerii Golden Spoon be compared to Hollywood Continued from Pnge 8 3arbara before the censors cut out ler pumps and grinds." pinky winked. "Brother! " Lisp PinXy's lisp almost kept him out of show business. Producers. he wailed. alw«/s .hought that he was pulling MMlr (•£>> when he started talking. "I trifd hard to eft rid of M. Went [o voice traclit n. Onr nf Ihrm got rid of Ihe lisp. Rut when would start to talk. I would whistle. So 1 went back to the lisp." Anybody who thinks (hat Pinky is deliberately trying lo imitate a rain machine when he opens his mouth ought to meet his lamily buck in St. Paul. He told me: "All my cousins In this generation lisp. Whe;i we get together lor « family reunion, we could all use umbrellas." Pinky described his cousin, l^ah, as > great beAiity who belongs in the movies. "Only trouble U (hat her lisp is aw/ul and I have to set 10 /eel away from her when I ask her how she's feeling." Thre« cartoon proriiicers. have already tried to register the title, "Crow Vsdis." • • • Auciie Murphy completed his role in "Red Badge of Courage" and grabbed » p]nn« for Texas and the- National Guard. Andie, recalled by Uncle Sam, says he's through with Hollywood dolls anc that his new heartbeat is a gir who works In the Dallas office of a big airline. Broad in ;ouffle, wiiereas Dixie Spoon Hreart approoches a light, more bread-like texture. Both should be served with a spoon direct from the oven casserole in which they bake. Spoon bread may take the place of a bi'ead or substitute for a starchy vegetable in the meal. With leftover turkey or giblets folded in. it becomes a substantial luncheon or supper main dish. Gulden Spimn Bread (Makes K servings) One cup enriched yellow cor meal. 1 cup cold m'tlk. 2 cups nlllc. Slowly ilir corn rnfil ml»- ur« Into solo 1 in* milk; brlnj U he boiling point, stirring constnnt- y. Remove from h*»t «nd cool to uukewarm. Add butter, biking powrter, nail and beaten egg yollcs, betting vigorously. Fold In jstiff-neaten egg wliltes. Hake In t greased biking dish 11'.;-quirt ilic) or » custard s In > inod«r>t« oven 1350 degrees P.> one hour or until puffed and brown. s Serve Immediately »Hh butter or as K main dish with creamed lish, chicken or eggs. f>l\le Spoon Bread IM>k«i « •frvfnjs) Two cups enriched while meal, [[', texspoons salt, 2 ling waler, 1 tablespoon plugs or butttr. 2 beaten egg yolks 1 teaspoon soda, 1 cups buttermilk 2 stiff-beaten egg whites. Sitt together corn meal and snlt I n to mixing bowl. Add boiling water, making » stiff dough, stir in drippings and beaten egg yolks. Combine soda and buttermilk; add to corn meal mixture, stirring un- lill smooth. Fold in beaten egg whites. Pour into a greased baking dish <2-quarl sizei and bake In a hot oven UOO degrees F.) 40 to 45 minules. Serve Immediately with bulter or gravy. corn nuns Swit* •*rv« individual Bw!s« :t*«kt. Out round or chuck «U»k Into serving pieces, flour, >nd brown In lard 01- drippings, Season, then plice «n onion slice on top of each «t«slc. Add t can of tomatoes, cover the utensil closely and cook until tender. MANY NEVER SUSPECT CAUSE OF BACKACHES Ai we t*l o]r!*r. tablespoon baking l>owder, 1 teaspoon salt, 3 eaten ?gg yolks, a stiff-eaten egg whites. Mix corn inpal with the cold "Old at 40,50,60?" — Man, You're Crazy >t •train, ovrr- ar«X[>i>«urc to Vl.liioy rune- folks tn cam- n» „( |»c|. »iul ay cold, r — p the J& mlWnf ki.ln*.-,' tiiti.-s iinrl filler* h out w»tl*. (let Uo«n'* J'jtli tuil*yl SLICED BACON CrUp, Tender, T«sty S»rv» » for bre«kf«», lunch or tupptr. Tn making an ordinary tapioca cream pudding you get a riche and more creamy pudding H yoi itAe two egg« instead oF one. LUTTRELL'S Home of FINE FOODS ' Member M &W Cooperative Srorei Friday, Saturday and Monday Specials Sungold Yellow OLEO 1 Snow Crop, Fresh Frozen, 6 oz. can ORANGE JUICE . . , Snow Crop, Fresh Frozen, 6 oz. can BLENDED JUICE . . Dei Monte CATSUP Del Monte Early Garden PEAS . Del Monte Sliced No.2lean 31C No. 303 can 18c wi munic, jiitcu ui \*iu»n«;u PINEAPPLE 10 • | The d»!ictrt«, deticiom goodness of Creamo Marga;| rm«.com« from finsr, costlier irgr«di«nh, exp«r»ty | blend«d with th« skill of nearly half a ctnhiry in ;» making fn» margarin*. A simpl* companion of -| the ingredienh listed on alt margorin* cartons i> ^ your proof rhat you buy th« finest when you buy ,^ Creamo, th» morgarin* that >o»t»» b«tt«r becou»« ij it ij better, proven | by actual ingredi- V M1.AMTOM 1.n, compart AMERICA'S FINEST MARGARINE A. S. Barboro Co. LB. CTN. (LIMIT }} 4% 4% Juicy Florida _ _ .23t ORANGES. 5 Ib. mesh bag 35C ^ ^ Fresh, fufl-of-milk - ^^ . 23C COCOANUTS . . . onlylOc -^ ^^ Del Mont* 14oz.bottle 23C APRICOTS rardcn ' fj j* D«l Mont .No. 303 can 20C BEETS Del Monte, Sliced or Crushed ~ No. 1 CAN (LIMIT 2) jucn. jprar reo sour purea -^ ^^ rur« rr<sh m ^^ CHERRIES . . No. 2 can 2 3C PORK SAUSAGE . . Ib. 19c Del Mori, 12 oz. cam _ _ Streak O' Lean MEXICORN ... 2 for 35c SALT MEAT .... White Laundry Soap « _ TO to 14 Ib. average _ —. P.&G.SOAP . . 2for15c REELFOOT HAM . . lb.49c Jack Sprat . _ Meaty pork ^ _ MINCEMEAT.. 9 oz. pkg. 15C NECK BONES . . 2lbs.25c Jack Sprat - _ For fine ieo*oning *k jk KRAUT . . No. 300 can 10c HAM HOCKS . . . Ib. 29c . Ib. 49C Wherever Women Gather ALL THE TALK IS ABOUT our \mirn Golden Ripe Jack Sprat red sour pitted Pure fresh ITean, flavorsome 25c The complexion loop ue«n, naror*om. IVORY . . . 2 Ige. bars 29C SLAB BACON . HOME DRESSED HENS AND FRYERS Bush's Fine White HOMINY No. 2 CAN _ _ (LIMIT 3) -1C 5 ORANGES 25 llus'h NH. 2 CHA HOMINY Sun Gold COLORED OLEO May field Cream S(yl« No. 1«I ewi Del Haven PORK & BEANS C'anipbell'n TOMftTOSOUP ORANGEADE ,.,,,. 10* NECK BONES IB. Ib. jer 1.39 Kex JELLY 50 U>. Ba« ONIONS Kresh, Crisp CABBAGE ,„ 3|i CHEESE FOOD 65|i All meal, cello wrapped WIEHERS lbpl ,45|! Del Haven Cut GREEN BEANS •.*,,...„ 10(S Prices Good Fri., Sat. and Mon. We Reserve Right To Limit Quantities Southern Daisy FLOUR 25 Lbs. 1 49 EBERDT'S GATEWAY STORE I 2101 Rose St. Phone 3161

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