The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 26, 1950 · Page 14
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 14

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 26, 1950
Page 14
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Page 14 article text (OCR)

FOURTEEN Bt/YTHEVTLLE (ARK.V COURIER NEWS THURSDAY, OCTOBER 26, 1D50 Food Prices for Week Present Mixed Pattern By Th« Associated Press 1 Changes iii retail food prices presented a niUcd pattern of ups and downs this week. Most meats higher, wfth the exception of lightweight chickens; eggs and dairy products about steady; several fresh produce items lower. The more popular pork cuts advanced the most. Loin pork chops, for example, were up four to eight cents a pound hi many stores across the nation, and up as much as 16 to 20 c^nts in some. Price-makers for large food chains $aid the pork boosts rellcct- t?d higher vi'holesale prices hi the past week or two. They predicted tliat retail quotations would start turning do« - n« T ard again this weekend and next week because wholesale prices already were on the* decline again. "Pork prices dropped Loo fast In roost places during the first week in October," one chain spokesman said. . "We advertised the lower prices extensively and ihe buying surge that followed just about cleaned out the available pork, ci'c.itinfr a temporarily light supply situation and stnfling prices up again," ^- Chickens l>o«n Beef items roso ivvo ;o four cents a pound in ..several large market- ing centers, and lamb and veal also were a little higher. But frying and broiling chickens edged a tew cents lower in the face of large eupplles. Fresh produce working lower during the week included lettuce, cranberries, both northwestern and eastern apples, brussels sprouts nnrt cauliflower. Up fl shade were peppers and cabbage. Grapefruit pricc.s were only slightly affected by word that last week's Florida hurricane had dam- aped citrus areas. The American institute of Pood Distribution said prices of string beans would'be higher for the next four to six weeks because the storm wiped o u t about one-eighth of Florida's lale fall acreage. The department's list of plentiful food s fo r Novc nib er is t opp c d by turkeys—a record crop is estimated for 1950—and a bumper harvest of cranberries. Apples have another leading spot on thn list, (or Halloween next week and all of Noi'om- ber. The 1950 apple output Is estimated at 120.1 million bushels—ten per cent above average. Other foods on the national list of November plentiful*: cabbage, cnrrous, onions, both Irish and sweet potatoes, eggs, broilers anri 1 fryers, hens, pork, butler, cuvc&c and cottage cheese, and hotiey. RIGHT ON TIME — Squawking his complaints about the food situation, this albino mockingbird—an exceedingly rare type—was found perched on o sun dial in a Greensboro, N. C,, park. The white fledgling was finally rescued by its molher, who returned just as it was feared the young bird would starve- Home Economist Gives Ideas to Fill Needs of Two With a majority of meat recipesi designed to serve four or six, the person who Is conking for two may be a 'bit perplexed bcyonrl a choice r of chops and steaks. However, hornet economist Reba Slnggs suggests some "perfects" for the twosome group. First of all. the homemaker might purchase an arm steak and have it cut In half. She can ask her meat dealer to cut one of the halves into cubes—the .same a,s for stew. These cubes will appear on the table richly browned, tender and tasty because they have been slowly braised. That ts, the meat has been dredged with flour, browned in lard or drippings, seasoned, a small amount of liquid added, the pan covered and the meat allowed to cook until feu- der. The cubes are Ideally served over IluJIy rice or crisp noodJes. The second half of the sfcak Is cooked following this same method. However, whole vegetables .such fis carrots, potatoes, and onions are added near the end of cooking Ume. The meat is arranged on a platter \vilh the vegetables placed around it for an appetizing one-dish dinner. A smoked shoulder butt Is another wise buy for the small family. This smoky flavored meat may be simmered in wafer until tender, then covered with a fruit or brown sugar-mustard past* and placed in the oven to glaze. Or the slices m ay be serve d hot with a cherry or orange sauce. If the homemaker doesn't wish to cook the whole smoked butt at one time, she may cut slices from It and pan- broll them slowly. Slow Browned Meat When bralsfnp any meat that has been floured, alloy.' it lo hv;.'.'ti slowly. A slow brown will stay on better than a quick one. i Breakfast foods For a breakfast treat, pan-broil slices of canned luncheon meat nnri .serve with scrambled eggs. Orif you like, cut the loaf in bite- size cubes and heat with the eggs. Sugar Hoard Found MOUNT VERNON. Io\va. Oct. 26. <AP>— In the home of a 77-yeVc-oUi man found dead Tuesday authorities discoverer! also 4.000 pounds of swpnr. They snid it apparently had been there a long time as much of it was as hard n.s rock. The owner, John B. Hacussler, lived alone. thickness. The steak Is turned fre- cficuUy for even cooking. The mushrooms arc then added and the meat simmered 15 minutes longer. When tender, the steak is removed and a gravy made with the drippings. V.~ r y a m il k • a n d - rnol a sh a k c by adding R dash of cinnamon, all- .splre. or nutmeg." Worry of FALSE TEETH Slipping or Irritating? ixm't DP em ban .vised by loose tenth dipping, rlroptnnp or wobbling when you cfli, I ft lit or laugh Just i sprinKle n lilt It- FASTEKTH on your J pimps This |>leHRaut pnwttci Riref ft jrrmarkaole sense ol Added cotnfoct, and ! security by holding plnics more firmly N'o gummy, stwcy. pnsiy taste or reeling, it's aJkallnr <non-Add» Get FASI TEETH at any drug More Novice Cook May Master Quick Meal Service by Using Meat- Menus Tricks to quick meals can bet- easily mastered by (he most novice cook. But perhaps one of the most Important steps of all Is having a menu plan before going to the market, according to Reba Staggs, home economist. The ;irst decision Is what meats to purchase. If one meal is to be planned around a roast, then It's wise from both a planning and cookinu standpoint .to purchase a ronst larger than needed for a single meal. Leftover roast, closely '^rapped and stored in the refrigerator, l.s the basic inprcdicnt for interesting follou'-up meals. leftover meat may be cubed or cut En julienne strips for a casserole dish. The casserole may be combined early in the morning and stored in the refrigerator all ready to be slipped in the oven in time for dinner, Or the meat cubes may be lossed at Ihe last minute with chilleri fruits or vegetables for a main dish salad. Bacon, sausages, colii cuts and canned meats are other time savers for summer meals. They are ready to serve hot or cold in meat salads and cold platter servings, wuh an appetizing main dish—and plenty ol it—the homemakcr turns u> accompaniments with an eye on color taste and texture. She has the choice of the many seasonal vegetables, a hot bread, a cool l>cver- j nge and a dessert. i Bacon Square Mta/ For a homey meat dish, dip slices of bacon square in milk, then in corn meal and bake. Make a milk cravy from the drippings and serve over mashe dpotatoes. For a new taste-treat frost a cake with banana frosting. To make it cream a quartercnp of butter or margarine; arid four clips of sifted confectioners' sugar alternately with half n cup of mashed" ripe banana and half a teaspoon of lemon juice. Add (wo drops of red coloring and beat until smooth, 'ot-Roatt Variation Prepare a pol-roast with a horseradish touch. When th« pot-roast browned, season with salt and pepper, then spread drained horseradish over the meat. Add I cup of water, cover tightly and unlil lender. Thicken th« liquid fof gravy. Sage Is » good herb to lui lo tea- son sparcribs. Allow three-quartet pound of sparerib* for ««ch person cook and give them Ions. «low eooUng. st and Whitest Granulated Sugai on the Martet HENDERSON SUPERFINE PILES HURT? Then cct quick palliative relief with Thornton & Minor Ointment or Rectal Suppositories. This doctor's formula lends to soften ami shrink swelling and relieve the discomfort of piles pain, itch nnd irritation. Follow label directions. On sale nt all Eond drug stores evervwhnr- Meat Expert Gives Clue to Vec! Steak's Identity: Proper Cooking K the homemaker is puzzled over .the various veal steaks In her meat dealer's showcase, here are some clues to their identity, given by Reba Stages, well known meat expert. ,'. JVtr*. Homemokftr can" easily recognize a round veal steak (com- nionly known as cutlet) because it, has the same muscle anri bone structure as n beef round steak. This Is alf|p true of ft veal and a beef sirloin steak. However, two shoulder .steaks—blade and arm — may be more of a problem to her. A blarie •Etcak can be identified by the long, slender blade bone and the rib bones It contains. A veal arm steak is •known by 1*& round arm bone and nto bones. • j. According fco Miss Staggs, all veal steaks are correctly cooked by braising. The veal flavor lends itself co many savory combinations. For Instance, veal steaks may be served with a mushroom gravy, in follow- ing the braising method, the steak Is dredged in seasoned flour, then browned on both sides in added fat. A small amount of liquid is added —in this case the liquid drained from the mushrooms—the pan is covered nnd the meat cooked slowly lor 45 minutes to 1 hour, depending on FAST RELIEF FftOMCOUCHS * r«K*l horn <«u*ht du« ld* wilti Wail'i Gf»*n Mountain (b«Bnd) Children lev. f*Un« WAIT'S . . . Only 35<: • fcoMk — lwlc« •« wiuth — »e»nomy ili» — 6Oc. AiV yewr 4»«r*r for Wail's Or*«n Mountain ttwand) C* 1*9*1 Sytwp . l«Httacti«n •r y«w m»n*y Wtk. Good Meat (YI.M: « I. | l 1 pound Mayroifl Link Pork Sauiag* , ** 1 <vp oranj. |uk. 14 «up wo,,, w ,..,,„,, nutm ., * tupi moiiind tw^gt potatoti (aboul 7 medium) Plnco 8,-iusnge in skillol. Do not pierce casings. Add water. Cover and str.irn about 5 minute*. Drnin. Pan-fry until K "" h "" "own. Turn Musage frequently. Pour off ics ^nn save. Whin fnrrnfV.»r c ,..«^,i ^_i_i Mayrose M.,,,,. r,,| XHtUn ST. IOUIS INDEPENDENT PACKING CO. 1STHI SECRET OF A U. S. GOOD—A SPECIAL YOU CAN'T AFFORD TO MISS 50 Lbs. $1.49 100 Lbs. 2.29 ,.\erj Sour Pitted—Crystal 5 cans SI .00 Nutrine s Cream CANDY* " 29* Monarch—Pure Strawberry PRESERVES 3 for $1.00 Tea 'fable or Joily Time POPCORN DAY AFTER DAY ALL OVER THE SOUTHWEST MILLIONS AND MILLIONS OF PEOPLE "GO TO COFFEE' With each cup served someone enjoys o moment of relaxation and a relief from the daily routine. What a wonderful pleasure and drink when each cup is made of the freshest, the best-tasting and the finest of blends . , . ADMIRATION. ALWAYS BUY ration Coffee 10 oz. tin Campbell's TOMATO SOUP 1U No. 7 Tall IGA—Ease SOAP FLAKES 2 SnoKreem 3 Ibs. 894 Gold Nugget—Plain or Self Rising FLOUR 25 Ibs. 1.59 Adams Sweetened Cringe Juice 4t> 01. Can Jonathan—. M £ih Bog APPLES 5 " Streak O'Lean SALT MEAT Ib. Sliced— Budget Queen BACON Ib. New Crop—Texas ORANGES 49<t Do*. Flavorful Roaster Fresh Sunny Morn COFFEE Lb. 75* Fresh, Meaty PORK RIBS 2 Ibs and up-Ib. 39c Sunshine - Hydrox COOKIES 25* Fresh Dressed and Drawn FRYERS Ib. 55< GRAPEFRUIT targe Size 3 " Plenty of Parking Spac Your IGA Store MAYS' ICA SUPER 421 S. 21»». "ft«MMiUr, ft Pays t« SJ-,.^>

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