The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 28, 1952 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, November 28, 1952
Page 9
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iAT, WOT. M, IMi •LMREVILMt <AMC.) COURIER NEW* British Ministers Begin Two-Week Session on World-Wide Ecomony .- LONDON Mi — Their formal 1 greeting speeches behind them, the ,: British Commonwealth's prime ; ministera tod their deputies i'plunged today into the hard facts Commodity And Stock Markets- York Cotton Open High Low Dec ....... 3486 3490 '3474 •Men . ...... 3553 3658 3542 ;May ........ 35*7 i 3596 3577 July . '..,,._; 3592 3602 3580 Mew Orleans Cotton .Open High Low Dec 3478 3480 3471 Mch .-. 3548 3555 3541 May 3582 3594 3575 1 July -3596 3600 36M Chicago Wheat - ; Open High Dec . .. 233", 233'i : Mch .. 240 240'4 Chicago Corn Open High Deo . .. 1«S%. _Mch . .... 170X Soybeans Open Jan .;.-. 308« Mch .... 308'/I May .... 308 July ..'.. 305H .New York Stocks jp;V T «nd T ,. 1597-8 ^Amer Tobacco ..'. 64 1-: Anaconda Copper ...; 42 1-4 -iBeth Steel S3 1-4 Low JM'i 3B»% 1:15 3411 3549 35 S« 3601 1:15 3472 3548 3588 3600 1:15 333(4 240% IM'.i. 17114 High 309)4 309 >A 309 3M Low 1:15 17014 170S of the world's finance and trade. Eventual convertibility of y the pound sterling—permltitng Its holders lo buy dollars or any other currency, freely—was expected to Ihe major Item of discussion today's meeting of Ihe Com- nonwealth's top officials and their aides assembled here for a' two- week conference. The- conversa : .Ions, however, were not expected o produce any decision to free the pound any time soon, At last night's opening his colleagues. After a discussion of general questions of procedure; Churchill's office announced that two committees were being set up to start the real work of the meet- Ing. . ... ' : One will de»l with development of the nations' Induslry and agriculture and their policies on commodities, the other wifh world-wide finance and trade. Membership of the two committees will be largely Identical. Finance and trade were the topics for today'j session. Meeting with Churchill are Prime Ministers Dudley Senana- yake of Ceylon, Sidney G. Holland of New Zealand, Khwaja Nazimud- dln of Pakistan and Sir Godfrey" Muggins of Soulhern Rhodesia. On Pmjlnr Basis South Africa's Daniel F. Malan Low 307K 308 307X 305- 1:15 309 « 308 X 30854 Chrysler Coca-Cola 8-11-2 Ill 1-4 Gen Electric ............ .. 70 Gen Motors ........... .... 63 7-8 Montgomery Ward ... ..... \ 62 N Y Central ..... . ____ .... 22 Int Harvester ............. 32 7-S J O Penney ... ........... 69 3-4 Republic Steel ........... . . 42 1-4 . .Radio ...: ........ . ........ 29 ".'' Spcbny Vacuum , ____ ____ .-; 35 1-8 •;'. Studebaker . ....... . ...... 361-4 :J Standard of N J .......... 15 1-2 ".' Teiuis Corp ..... ____ . ...... 5« 3-4 5 Colleges Ask Building Funds Legislature Atked to Provide $7,800,000 LITTLE ROCK W>—«ve slate- nppbrted colleges are asking the 1953 Legislature U> provide around $7,800.000 to construct 2S new buildings and to complete or Improve three others. ' • .The requests have been aet out In budget proposals to the Arkansas Legislative Council. They are, in addition to requested appropriations for operation and maintenance. . The University o f Arkansaj and several other collegea asked no money for, buildings. Largest request was for an estimated I2.14Z.300 from Arkanaaj Tech, Russellvllle. Otrer estimated totals are: Arkansas State Teacheri College, Conway, 11,650,000; Henderson Teachers, Arkadelphta, »l.e25,000; Arkansas A. M. and N., Pine Bluff, »1,380,000; Arkansas- A. arid M., Montlcello, $1.050,000. Arkansas Tech wantt to finish an engineering building and build seven new structures, state Teachers wants four new buildings and an addition to Its library. Arkansas A. M. and N. proposed':five construction projects. represented Prime Minister his Deputy C. Havenga, Sears 59 5-8 '; y 3 steel .: 40 7-8 .-•Livestock ,* rn64 eceyyxu y xzl050acs 28 NATIONAL STOCKYARDS, III. «5—<USDA)—Hog» 12,000; opened ,',' moderately active; later trade, dull, spotted hut mostly steady; "" 190230 Ibs 17.15-25; moderate num- her 17.35 early; later top 11.25; 230-270 Ibs 16.75-17.15; liberal number 230-250 Ibs 16.85-17.00; 280-350 Ibs 15.75 ->J6.50j 160-180 Ibs 16.5017.25; ,-130-150' IDS' 14.50-16.00: sows' 400 Ibs down 15.25-75; heavier sows / 13.75-14.75;.few heavies 13.25; stags 10.50-13.50;^ good clearance. '^'.Cattle 1,100, calves 300; . opened J moderately active and fully steady; • commercial and good steers 22.00: ; .27.00;, few good and choice 28.0029.00; cows active and firm-utility and commercial. cows 13.50-16.00; and commercial cows 13.50-16.00. while Indian Finance Minister Sir C. Hintaman Deshmukh" Is deputizing for Jawaharlal Nehru. Colonial Secretary Oliver Lyttelton speaks for Britain's farflung colonies. The ministers seek to work out a program 1 of steps to be taken Immediately to put the Commonwealth on a paying basis-— selling enough abroad lo pay for what the nations must Import — arid a long-range plan to ease the flow of world trade, particularly between 'lh« dollar and. non-dollar countries. . * The conference— first of Its kind since 1932— became necessary be-' caus* the Commonwealth of more than 500 million people I» spending fa,r more than It earns, -the result o( war famages, overspending and cold war costs. The officials were expected to wind up with a tough program of reduced expenses — less roads, schools, hospitals, .harder living— and higher and more efficient production, especially of food. Their long-term pected to include aims, are ex& strengthening of the pound, eventual freedom to convert it to other currencies and a vast International : banking and investment system, a sort of, Atlantic Payments Union modeled on the European Payments Union. Mrs. Martineau Dies at Home LTTTLB ROCK Mabel •j .. NOTICE OF BOND ELECTION '?> V Notice is hereby given that a *pe- clal election will be held In th« City of BlythevilLe, Arkansas, on December 15, 1952, for the purpoae of aub- mittng to the elector* of the-City' the question of the isauance of «!.000 in bonds for the purpoae of refunding .$29,000 of outstanding city '^-hospital:bonds .with bonds .bearlnf ^maturity dates aa the present bonds, ':'aiid'the feauanc'e of S100.000 In 1m- the same Interest and the aame 'iprovement bbnda for the purpose of /acquiring additional land for the municipal airport, - either within or 'without the corporate .limits. The bonds will be dated as of August 1, 1952, and .will mature .serially on August 1 of each year u follows: $3000 In 1W3 and 1954 1000 In 1955 ' • •^' 2SOO in 1956 and 1957 ;^. 3000 in 1958 and 1959 • 4000 In 1960, I9«l and 1963 ,•"•• 3300 in 1963 and 1964 i, v 4000 In 196S, 1066 and 1967 £?1 4500 In 1968 and 1989 1-V 5000 In 1970 »nd 1911 , .5500 in 1972 and 1913 6000 in 1974 and 1975 (6500 "in l»16 and 1977 i 100 In 1978; 1979 and 1980 ' -; The (100.000 in bondi to be iMued for the airport shall bear Interest at not to exceed 311% per annum, but convertible to a lower rate of interest o.n.siKh- terms lhat the city ifshall receive no less and pay no "more than It would receive or pay if -the bonds were not converted. ... The voters may vote either for or iigainst the issuance ot said bonds 'for either.,.purpose: Only qualified rejectors: of the City of Blytheville . will have the right to vote on said : questions.' f ; The election will be held between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 6:30 p.m. : at the following polling places in Uhe City of Blvtheville. to-wit: « First Ward: City Hall ^ Second ; Ward: Blytheville Water ,CO. J Third Ward: Fire Station No. 2 '. Fourth Ward: Moore Bros. Store GIVEN under authority of the • City Council this 12th day of No.', i.vcniber, 1952. tf- Dan-Blodgett, Mayor .Fur Thta Chrfatawi And a Lifeline , . . •" . MOKE FAMILIES BUT WORLD BOOK Than Anj other j ENCYCLOPEDIA J«»» H« tow* arid J* » m«,,t|, brhin W.H* femk Into jvn Erwin Martineau, 81, widow of Federal Judge John E. Martineau, died at her home here last night. She . was 'the widow of Judge Janu* 8. Thomas of Des Arc when she married Martineau, then the first district chancellor, in 1919. Chain Store Head Tells of Travels Recounting tales of his two- month European tour, Dsve Qrimd- fest, president of Sterling stores, Inc., entertained members of Blytheville'a three civic club«, Rotary. Klwanla and Lions, for half CIO VAOT mm Commons Votes to Denationalize Metal Industries After Long Fight LONDON Ml—The House of Common* okayed a bill to auction off he nationalized iron and steel Industry in an all night session which ended at *:M a. m. today. • , Weary members began straggling back to the House less than > houra later for another day's ousiness. /The bill to restore the nation's iron and steel plants to private ownership received a second read- Ing—approval In principle — by a vote of 30S to'2«9; ' The measure provides .for. disposal of the properties by auction any lime after next Easter. It goes next to what Is known as the committee stage, where amendments may be offered, and then on to a third and final reading. The latter is usually just a formality. Labor party leaders already have pledged to re-nationalize the industry whenever they are summoned to power again by the British elec- tqrate. The Socialists put the. Iron arid steel plants -under/ public ownership in 1948. . Labor Parly.Leader Clement R. Attlee served notice midway In the 2ft hour and 36 minutes overnight sitting (hat he plans to offer a motion of censure against Winston Churchill's Conservative government with "Incompetence" In fail- ing fo maintain a quorum' of the House during a session which ran .nto the early hours of Wednesday morning. The session finally ended for lack of the necessary 40 members on the House floor, If passed, i such a motion could King down Churchill's government. Its chances of passing are regarded as negative, however, since the Conservatives have a tightly-disciplined majority of 16 votes over all other parties. , (Continued from Page I) Haywood, have said the organl«a- tion Is ready to explore the question of unity with the AFL. Last Tuesday,, George Meany, elected to succeed the late William Green as AFL president, aald his group Is "ready, willing- and anxtou» to talk to the-CIO about the very vital Issue of unity in the U. S. labor movement." The entire, field of labor participation In politics probably, will be discussed, too. The CIO's Political Action Committee fought hard in" the recent presidential campaign to elect a Democratic administration and many candidates for Senate, House and STATE OFFICES. It's possible that convention delegates might lay plans for mor« intensive political action campaign between elections. \' Since the new CIO president will be the first under a Republican administration, there probably'will be 1 a sharp change in the relationship between the White House and the CIO, which was founded in the mid 30s. . s Along with dUcusjslng : plani for a new organization campaign will be a review of the : CIO's organizing drive In the South. an hour Wednesday. Occasion was the , clubs' annual joint Thanksgiving Day meeting. Tlie humorous Little Rock clvlr leader, a past president of the Little Rock Rotary club, was introduced by Rolarian B. O. West. Your Chile WILL LIKE THIS MffW COUGH MLF For coughs and acute broochitii due [' colds you can now get Creomulsic specially prepared forChildrin in »nc pink arid blue'package and be sure: (1) Your child will like it. (2) II conHim only Mfe, prove; ingredients. ' 0) It contain! BO xarcotiu lo dis turb nature's procettei. • . (4) It will aid nature to joolhe and heal raw, tender, inflamed throat and bronchial membrana, thu» relieving ,lha cough and promotini r««t and sl«p. Ask for Creomulilon for Children in trie pink and blue package CREOMULSION FOR CHILDREN Cfcnl CeM,. Ac. WHERE HAPPINESS COSTS .SO LITTLE BOXOFFICE OPENS 6:45 P.M. WEEKDAYS OPENS: 1:30 P.M. SATURDAYS AND SUNDAYS SUNDAY & MONDAY Shows Sun: 2 — 2:43 — 6:50 — 9:15 STORMS SEA AND SHORE M MEATHUSS FEATS NEVER SEEN IffME! KAWXO HECHT —, ROBERT WXMM r.. WARNER BRO£ ~* Pruirt Harrison Named President Of YFA Chapter , Prultt Harrison will head the Blytheville Chapter of the Young Farmers of Arkansas for the 'coming year. —, • He was elected at a meeting of the chapter here Tuesday night. Other officers elected were John Gann, vice president; Utho Barnes, secretary, Bian Heath, treasurer, Max Ray and Raymond Bomar, sentinels. . Mr. Harrison announced that the chapter's next meeting will be held In the Agricultural Building «t 1:30 p.m. Dec. 16. The meeting will be open lo (he public, ' EISENHOWER (Continued from Pa«» I) meht. : Yesterday Elsunhohcr designated James C. Hagerty as press secretary and re'tlred MaJ Qen. Wilton B. Persons as special assistanant. , Selection of [he two executive aides was announced yesterday by Eisenhower's headquarter! while he rested at hia home preparing lor what promises to be a heavy week end schedule. Included' in th« round of ap- polnlmenU today were meetings with Indian's lop United Nations delegate and CIO chieftains. Th« O-year-old Hagerty was at his home In Albany, N. T., with his wife and two sons when Informed of his appointment. Hagerty, who served as press secretary lo Oov. Thomas E. Dewey until becoming Elsenhower's press aide after the general's nomination, aald: ''I am happy and honored to serve in President Elsenhower's ad- mlnistratallon. It Is a privilege to work for him." . . . ' Hagerty added that Elsenhower plans to meet visitors both tomorrow and Sunday, a departure from his previous custom of keeping Ihose days clear'for rest. yesterday's other appointee, Per sons> M, »erved en the general* NATO staff In Europe and recently acted BS assistant to the chairman of the Republican National Committee. His legislative experience Includes liaison work wllh Congress on behalf of lh« 'Army and Defense Departments.' Harrison Band Fund Gets $31 Added Donations Another $31/75 in contributions to the . Harrison High School band fund mi repotted today. Tbt is being conduct*! b? UM Harrison Band Booster Club i» obtain funds to buy instrument* tad uniforms for fh» band. Contribution* wporUd today Included $10.75 from St. PauJ'a Baptist Church, $2 from a Mr. and Mrs. Clark and the following »1 donations: R. s. Sanders, Elizabeth Phillips, Willie James, Shannon Hampton, Mitchell Walker, alatti* Adams, 1*181116 Morris,- Henry C. Spieht, William 1: Harris, Ross Reed. Lavada Thomas, Lizzie Brlnkley, Alice Bartley, R. w. Williams, Jlmmle I>e Bowena, Archie Swllley, Florence Fowler, Hugh Whltsitt and S. Joseph. FUEL OIL G. 0. POETZ OIL CO. 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