The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 14, 1950 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 14, 1950
Page 10
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PAGE TEN BLYTnEVILLB (ARK.) COURIER NEWS 'TUESDAY, MARCH 14, T950 Only Seven Streams In Mississippi County To Observe Closed Bass Seasons Rule Is Clarified By Commission Half of Big Lake To Remain Open on Year-Round Basis Mississippi County's tass flslilnn picture, muddled by a change In elate regulations earlier this year, was clarified somewhat yesterday by a ruling of the Arkansas Giimo and Fish Commission. The Game and Fish Commission listed seven ditches and other bodies ol water In Mississippi County that will not be nfJectcd by the state's hew fame llsh and artificial ball regula lions. The new reflation, which rrer- nilti the year-round taking of black bass and crapple and the use of ar'. tificlal bait In certain waters, went Into effect In January. The new regulation affecled Inland lakes or Impounded waters bill docs not a(- fect running strenms and rivers. j The seven bodies of water In the I county where year round bass and crapple flshini! and use of artificial batt will not be allowed are: Str.te Line Ditch. National Ditch, Roseland Ditch. Honey Cypress Ditch, Buffalo Ditch, Ditch No. 31 and all of the Little River and I!l« Lake floodway south of Highway 18. In the'.e waters, the Commission ruled, the old regulation governing' bass und crapplc fishing and use of artificial bait remains In effect. The old regulation closed the season on bass and prohibited the use of artificial baits between Afar. 16 and May 15. Blj Lake Half and Half to the commission's ruling on what waters will be affected by the new regulation, at Icasto ne half of Big Lake, the county's most popular fishing haunt, will remain open. According to the ruling all waters of the lake from Highway 18 north will be open to year-round fishing and the unrestricted use of artificial bait, while all wafers of 'the lake south' of Highway 18 will observe closed sea- eon as in the past. Mills Bayou, Hosa Pocket and Long Lake, other popular fishing spots of the counly, will be open to year-round fishing. A total of 69 bodies of water In the Commission's Northeast Arkansas District, which takes in 10 counties, was left un-affectcd by the new regulation. Only In one county, Crittenrien, were all the waters thrown open to year-round fishing. In other Northeast Arkansas counties, the closed season will be respected In the following waters: Clay County—Current River, Little and Big Black Ilivers, St. .Francis Hiver, Black Creek, Ditch No. 20. Mayo'Ditch, Big Ditch and Cash Luke , Ditch. '; Cross County—Old Bay, Langnllc River, Tyronia Hlver, St. Francis . River and Bayou Devlcw. Cralghead County — St. Francis River, Cash River, Whistle Ditch, Big Creek Ditch, Cocblcbur Diteh. Buffalo Ditch, and Ditch No. 56. Greene County — Evening star Ditch, Stratton Ditch. Post Oak Ditch, Big Slough Ditch, Mayo Ditch, Arkansas Ditch, Eight Mile Creek Ditch. Locust Creek, Swan Pond Creek, Cash River and SI. Francis River. Lee County—Ble Crock, Langulle River and St. Francis River. Phillips County—While River, St. Francis River and Big Creek. I'oinsett County _ Little River Little River Floortway. Buffalo Ditch No. 4, Ditch. No. 63. Counts Line Ditch, Ditch No. 5G. Ditch No 59, St. Francis Rtvcr, SI. Francis River Floodway, Tyronza River National Ditch, Seep Ditch west of St. Francis Floodway, Bay Ditch Langulle River, Cash River, Bayou Devlcw and Brushy Lake Ditch. St. Francis County — Langulle River, St. Francis Old Hlver and St. Francis River. Sire Limits Itcmovril Woodruff County — Wliitn River Cash River, Bayou Cash and Bayoi Dcvlewr. The Commission also removed the elze limit on crappte or white perch white, striped or calico bass fatsr called white or bar bnss> which wa formerly set at eight inches, anc the size, limit, on sniipcr which wa formerly fixed at H Inches. All fisi of lliese species may be taken am Canny, Getz Roberts Win Tag Mat Bout Ui!l Canny anrl ncd Roberts were re-united as mat partners lost night nnd they got back In stride In a hury. The two cronies teamed with Al Getz to take a six-man tag match decision Jrom Tex Riley and Hoy and Jack Welch in Ihn main event of the American Legion's WMlllng bouts at Memorial Auditorium. Scpai-otcd for nearly two yertrs Roberts and Cnnny vc-unitcd on Llie special card Ihiit \vns nrmngcd by Promoter Mike Mcroncy to take [he place of the appearance of Farmer Jonr.s here. Jono-s wns suspended from the local ring due to a hooking conflict. Canny, Roberts and Gctz used sheer power to bull their way to the tag match victory. They won the first ami third fall but had to beat off a late rally by the Welch brothers and RHey in order to .save it, Jack Welch wajs a substitute on nst night's card. lie was called In o pinch hit for Eddie Cosset, t, who :oulcm't mnkp the match. Roberts. Canny and Getz won hR first fall In 22 rough minutes vith Roberts defeating Jack Welch n 12 minutes with a crnb hold, Canny defeating Roy Welch In -six Hes witli n body pfrMmd Getz vlnnhig over Rllcy In four minutes -vith body slams and a phi. The second fall was, wan by the Welchs and Riley in 10 miuu?/\s. niley defeated Canny in three min- ite.s with a borty nin and Jack Welch won over RoberLs in four minutes with body slums and n pin. Thfj third fall was won by Roberts, Canny and Geiz in 2-1 minutes. Roberts defeated Roy Welch in 15 minutes with a crab hold and then r6Uirncd to win over Riley in two ninutes with body slams and a pin. Jack Wctcli then defeated RufortU .n five minutes with an arm bar Hit lost to Getz In two minutes in the .same way. In the three preliminary bouts Roy Welch defeated Getz in 10 minutes with body slnms and a pin, Canny won over Riley Jn 13 minutes with body slams and-a pin and in the third Roberta was discjuhlifiud in seven minutes for fouling. THREE-WAY EDGE—Present University erf California at I»s 'Angeles observers rate pitcher, i high-jumper and basketball slickotif, George Stanlch, a better alt -arou ml Kr u in a I h I ti e thaji the Hiffhly-reRarded Jackie Robinson. The Sacramento, Calif,, senior plans to enter professional baseball. TRAINING CAMP BRIEFS By Ihe Associated Press Rickey's Latest Brainstorm- Mechanical Ball, Strike Gadget OsceoSa Defeats Wilson in PTA Tilt Osceola's PTA women defeated the women of Wilson's PTA 27-19 the Osccola High School gymnasium last night. White, with 23 points, led Osccola scoring while McDaniel with eight was liigh for Wilson. In another game played at the gym last night, the male members of the school's faculty were defeated by Osccoln PTA fathers 40-38. Stevens had 12 point-s to Icati the faculty while Morrow had IB for the fathers. Both games were sponsored by the Osccola PTA. Police Assume New Role; Rabbit-Sitting at Jail B1LSTON. England (AP)—Police here had to keep changing their records on the number of rabbits they had in custody. A rabbit, strayed from her hutch, was found outside of City Hall. Taken to the police station, she gave birth to six children. Later the babies died. VERO BEACH. Fla., March M.* (/P>—Branch Rickey, president of the Brooklyn Baseball Club, whose fertile brain sprouts Ideas ns your front lawn bursts with dandelions after nn April sho\ver, has come up with a new mechanical gadget to call balls and strikes. The machine, which w.ns lo have its test here today Is called "cross-eyed electronic umpire" nd is alleged to "call 'em closer nan any normally endowed nr- litCl." It was developed ifler nearly n 'ear of research and experiment by he Gci'wral Electric Company at Syracuse, N. Y. Rickey hastened to explain that he gadget Is not intended "now or ver" to replace manual umpiring n ncUist games. It is, ho said, deigned for training nnd experimental use. "I expect It lo he of definite value 11 determining the abilities of young iltchers, since the machine also will stabllsh the velocity of a fnst ball, s well as to show beyond question vhethcr the ball Is In or outside he strike zone," Rickey said. Rickey said the machine would pera^e even on nn overcast dny, Ithough it will not work at night. Uses Lenses ami Mirrors The "electronic umpire" Is a sys- eni of lenses, mirrors, electric eves ind other electronic crillipmnt which Ights a lainn when a ball is pitched hrough the "strike" /.one. The amp won't light If the pitch i ball. All Ihe items nre concealed in two main pieces of equipment—a thin netal box about four feet long, 21 nchcs wide nnd nn iiirh-nnd-.i- lalf deep—upon which home plate s located. A cabinet containing the 'elocity-recordinp; and strike-indicating equipment, can be located inywhero up to 25 feel from the JL aie.- In'the ground box nre lenses nnd mirrors which enable Ihrec electric eyes-to "fence in" the strike zone >y looking at tiie sky through three slots in (he top of the box. 'Hie strike Is "called" by the ball .n Its passage through ilio-strike mile, castins I is shadow on the electric eyes In definite sequence, thereby creating the electric Impulses which light the lamp. The equipment can be adjusted lo the height of nny player no matter whether he be rive-feet-five or six-feet-six. Because of Ihe many tasks U> be performed It takes a staff of 74 produce an average variety hour on television. possessed regardless of size. The daily limit on black bass has been reduced to eight, with no change m sire limit. Black bass less than 10 inches cannot be possessed The Unlit nn cmpple remain? nl 15 hream. pr-rcli find sunllsh, 20: anr ratfish in. Not over 20 fish in tin Tg^regatc may be token in any on< ilay. Hubbard Five Beats Holland In Y Playoff The Hubbard Hardware basketball team of the l 'Y" City league drew tirsl blood In the championship play-off with Holland Independents last night in a game played at the Hnllantl high school gym. 'Hie final score was 52-47 in a game that was close all the way. Hubbard spurted with the opening bell and midway of the first quarter led by 9-2 but Holland staged its rally to go ahead at 13-12 and led by 18-12 at the close of the por- iod. The score was tied at 22-all and again as the half ended at 26-all. Hubbard agiiin broke on top with the opening of the. third period and tallied (> points before Holland was able to find the bucket nnd went on to lead by 41-31 after four minutes of the 4th period. Holland then rnl- llctl and tied it up at 41-a!l but the tic was short-lived as Leon Jones scored on a charity to, ; s and then Watson took over to ring up three field goals nnd a free shot to give Hubbnrd a lend they never surrendered. The victory was due in large part to the superior rebounding of the Hubbnrd team, which seldom rare the Holland hoys n. follow-up -shot and to the accurate shooting of Billy Drlong, who was hitting from the corners, and Watson who was charging past the Holland defense for lay-up shots. The Holland team, nn the other hand, appeared to tire Mdly in the second half nnd lacker! 1rive. Thirty-three stales have adopted official birds. •Ylt.ln ttx [ml JO ilik 11 [J *htrl Filititf It uld, mcr» peopli isk loi ralltall thin i-y jlhtr ttt' They Still Pay Big Dividends Svery day more owners arc in pressed with (lie fuel ( one nf flic )>es( invest- menls in an ymarket is a iseil Tine car limijjhl here vhcrc quality is assured. '38 FORD 4-DOOR $95 '35 PLYMOUTH $99.50 '42 DODGE 1-TON with |>lnlform body $295 '42 PACKARD 4-DR. $595 '41 CHRYSLER 4-DR. $295 You car taken in part nny ment. Knsy forms (o sui your need. BLYTHEVILLE MOTOR CO. Broadway & Chickasawha 1'hone -4122 Kentucky Goes Against CCNY In NIT Tonight NEW YORK. March 14. (AP) — /hat couch Adolph Rvrpp calls the best potential Quintet In Kentucky history—he's already had some of the nation's greatest— expects, plenty of trouble tonight Ir'urn elarkhorse CCNY in tlie National Invitation Basketball Tournament. If they're as good as the blucgran; baron believes, the Kentucky five, made up mostly of sophomores, hn.s a chance to crack a mark set by Wildcat wonder learns of recent vintage. Hupps boys won the NIT vn 1040 and the MCA In 1948 nnd 1040. But classy Ed Warner will have plenty to say about Kentucky title hopes tonight. The flexible G-foot 2 l-2-hicii Negro turned in the tournament's performance Saturday in leading CCNY's rout of defending champion San Francisco. The Wildcats, .-reeded second behind Bradley, are four-point favorites to whip the Metropolitan live. Kentucky Iiad advanced to the quarterfinals on a bye. DuQuesnc plays LaSalle in the B p.m. (E3T) curtain-raiser. The Pitfsburgh Dukes, although third seeded, rntc three points under LaSalle. 12-66 victor over Arizona Saturday. LaEalle ts unseeded. In last night's games, Bradley and St. John's overpowered two fait- rolling opponents in the middle oi the second hnlf; then went on to win comfortably. The Peoria, Til., Braves, ra'-cd the nation's No. 1 team in the final Associated Pre-^s poll, defeated Syracuse. 78-GG. St. .Inhn's tamed Western Kentucky, 69-60, Both losing teams had Jailer boys who wore out against the better- m"nncd victors. Tonight's winners meet in the other .= emi-final match Thursday. The I final is Saturday. , PHOENIX. Ariz.. March 14. (iP)— Jack Harshman, seeking to fill the departed John Mine's shoes as a slugging first baseman (or the New York Giants, Is off to a fine start in the grapefruit campaign. All young Harshman has done in the first three exhibition games is hit .750. getting six hits In eight at-bats to lead the team. The promising rookie yesterday blasted B home run to help the Giants whip Cleveland, 3-2, at Tucson. It was the New York stiuad's first circuit clout of 1950. ST. PETERSBURG, pla.. March 14. I/I')—The New York Yankees will have to get along without their holdout third baseman* Bobby Brown, until at least April 1. The club has been informed by Browti that his medical studies at Tulane will keep him in New Orleans the remainder of this month. Bobby, with permission of the Yankees, Is getting fit with - the New Orleans pelicans while pursuing studies. his VERO BEACH, Fla., March 14 (/Pi— Spcctaculation has been revised concerning a possible player deal between the Brooklyn Dodgers and Cincinnati Reds. President Warren Giles of the Reds visited Branch Rickey yesterday and once more the gossip was that Giles would like to get Brook- Ivn catcher Bruce Edwards, while Rickey could use a pitcher in exchange. Bepfa'st Cogers Win 'Y' Loop Title The First Baptist church Sunday School basketball team was crowned champions of the Blythevlle Church School League Saturday by downing the First, Methodist five 33-28 in a playoff game at nlylhevillc Higli School gym. In ised nig game animals found In Dlah Include mountain lions, deer, elk, pronghorn anlclcpe, bighorn sheep, bobcats, bears, lynx and coyoles. RURBANK. Calif.. March 14. (;T —Dutch Leonard. Bob McCall anc Don Carlscn drew mound assignments from WanaRnr Prisch today as the Chicago Cute went after their first win in major league coni- netition against the St. Louis Browns. The cubs, after losing their first two exhibitions to the White Sox grabbed a 6-2 victory from the Portland Beavers yesterday. One o the highlights was a single and a three-run homer by Carl Saivatski a massive catcher who poled homers for Nashville last season. Sawatski topped a 10-hit Cub attack which included n single and a double by Preston Ward, the ex Dodder who now has five hits ii his last nine times at bat. The Browns blanked the Chicag White Sox 2-0 yesterday. his pitchers. Bruckec help develop he Philadelphia A's mound staff. The 27-year old Raney Is 8 feet J Inches tall. He got his /Irst chance with the Browns In 1948 and flunked out twice. He has been mpressive In two tests this season. ST. PETERSBURG, Fla., March 14. M>)—Ellis Deal, John Vuhas and Tom Pholsky were slated lo pitch the St. Louis Cardinals today their exhibition gnme against the Boston Braves. Boston listed its pitchers as Ralph Albers. Vern Blckford and John Antonclll. Ted Wilks. Redbirds pitcher. Is temporarily out of the Cardinal lineup with a wrenched knee. SAN BERNARDINO, Calif.. March 14. I/PI— The Pittsburgh Pirates are back at their training base here today after a game with the Los Angeles Angels of the Pacific Coast League—and that's all rlgnt with the Angels' Elbie Fletcher. Fletcher, former major leaguer, thinks the pirates' Bill Wcrle has a pitching Jinx on him. The last time Fletcher faced werle at Boston, he fanned three times. Yesterday, Fletcher fanned once and walked once while Wcrle was on the mound for the Piriltes. SAN BERNARDINO. Calif.. March 14. W|—Bob Knzava. Chicago Wbite Sox pitcher, may be sidelined for several days after being spiked. Kuzava was spiked on the right ankle in the second inning of the Sox exhibition yesterday which the St. Louis Browns won 2-0. Two stitches were required to close the wound. BURBANK, Calif.. March I!. (/Py —Bob nancy, a right-handed pitcher, feels he will make the grade with the St. Louis Browns this season under the handling of Coach Earle Brucker. Rnney said yesterday Brucker is a man who gets the best out of ersburg tomorrow. ST. PETERSBURG. Fla.. March 14. (trt —The Detroit Tigers' strengthened lineup gets a stiff test today as the Bengals invade New York Yankceland for an exhibition came. Detroit Manager Red Rolfe. whose team has been rated a real American League pennant threat, said he would send his best against the 1943 champions. He named Hfl Newhouser and Freddie Hutchlnson. two regular Tiger starters, to share momirt duties with Newcomer Ray Herbert, The Tigers have won one exhibition test and lost two. TUCSON, Ariz., March 14. I/P, Pitchers for the Cleveland Indians will be doing more drilling on pick- off plays, if the last three exhibition games nre any indication. Pick-offs were stressed for several days in the first week of training but Gene Bearden tossed two wile throws Saturday and Bqb Lemon uncorked one yesterday. Lemon, however, still ' looked Impressive In the four frames he pitched against the New York Giants, allowing one unearned run on four hits. He fanned three and walked t%vo. The National Leaguers won th contest. .1-2, to give them a Si- edge, in the exhibition series. SARASOTA, Fla., March 14. (fPh Third baseman Johnny Pesky wlu didn't play for the Boston Re Sox yesterday in an exhibition a gainst the world chamion Yankee may have his ailing side x-raye today. Johnny was held out of ac lion because of a reported 'rmiscl pull. The Sox are not scheduled fo an exhibition today. They will pla the St. Louis Cardinals at St. Pet tomline Moves UpinNAIBMeef Pied Pipers Defeat £ Regis College 74-66 ™ Tech Plays Tonight KANSAS OITY, March 14. <AP)_ Sixteen more basketball teams spill nto Municipal Auditorium floor today and tonight to wind up tint, oinirt Barnes f n the annual NAIB ournament. The six-day tournament, spon- orcd by the National Association oj ntercollcgiate Basketball, looks Ilka t will be a wide-open scramble. Even top-seeded' Hamlinc University, (trfendine cliamplon and a Irst night winner, doesn't get much a nod oi;cr the field. In eight first round games ycs- erciay only one team won by more nan 10 points. Davis and Elkins VV.Va.) breezed by St. Thomas Col- ecc of St. Paul, Minn-, 19-55. Mainline rallied In the second halt ast night to win from Regis Col- ege of Denver. Colo., 74-66 after .railing by 11 points in the first haU. The two schools met in the Innls lust year, but Regis had only i mediocre record thts season and wasn't figured to give Hamline much of an argument. But if the Pied Pipers weren't mprrssivc in their opening victory, :hey indicated they'll make 9 serious bid with Ha] Hnskiiis to repeat as the tournament's outstanding player. ^ Westminster Wins 'If.. The six-foot-three forward won the award last year and started his quest for this year's nomination with a M-point performance against Regis. His • 10 goals and 13 free throws went into the second day of the tournament as the leading performance of the meet. Westminster (Pa.) Collece, settled No. 2. edged by Connecticut Teachers 70-62 and George Pepperdine of Los Angeles, another seeded aggregation, won from American University of Washington, DC,, 54-50. In the Pepperdine game.the score was tied or the lead changed hands 30 times. Pepperdine went into the toinna- ment after winning 14 of its last IS games and is one of the nation's two teams with a victory over Hamline this year. Hamline's record for the season, including last night's victory, shows 29 victories against two defeats. One seeded entry. Murray (Ky.) State kok it on the chin, losing to Central Washington College of Education 61-55. . . In other: games yesterday versity of Portland, Ore., def Montana University 48-47, Tarnjik <Fla.) won from New Mexico A. and M. 85-75, and Central Uto.) College won from Nebraska State Teachers of Peru 68-56. Arkansas Tech, Arkansas' only en* try in the tournament, Is scheduled for action at 6 o'clock tonight against Mortngside College of Iowa. Most numerous fur-bearing animals In Utah are weasel, muskrat, beaver. bafls?r and £l:m:k. honors by defeatin In the first game, Bnrnhatn led the Methodists witli !3 points while A. J. Hall scored the same number [or the Baptists. 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