Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on December 20, 1897 · Page 8
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 8

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Monday, December 20, 1897
Page 8
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DAILY PHAHOS MO VDAY. DEO 20, 1897. OITY NRW3. Christmas trees at Foley's. See Hauk before Christmas. Noveloy slippers at Malben's. Pharos subscriptions are due. Christmas shoes at Malben's. Bargain books 13 cents at Grave's. Henry Hough Is visiting at Peru. Fine Christmas cakes at Strecker's. Christmas tree candles, 8c box at Foley's. Diamond rings and studs.—Ben Martin. Pearl handle umbrellas only f L98. —Trade Palace. Best ever given, cake walk tomorrow night, at the rink. The finest line of holiday perfumes in the city at Porter's. New patterns in neckwear and shirts at Will Murdock's. Selling out, and everything must go at Walden's shoe slore. One dollar atomizers for 48c on second floor—Trade Palace. Choice Christmas cards 1 and 2 cents and upward at Grave's. KJD McCOY Is a Cousin of Hon. John of Anderson. W. Lovett "NO GHOST, 'The Devil Dun Got Into Church Yesterday," Declared * Colored Citizen to a Pharos Man Today. Certain Members of the Congregation Have Fault to Find With Rev. Thornton. '•Did you hear about the trouble at the A. M. E. church yesterday?" Inquired a colored citizens of a representative of the Pharos this morn-1 pleases me. and that Is Selby's con- Ing, duct. He is a gentleman in hi Upon beiig answered In the negative, the colored citizen continued. Tine Latter Talks of the Fighter and His Wild Career. Norman Selby, known as "Kid McCoy," the prize fighter, Is a cousin of HOD. John W. Lovett, of Anderson. When Interviewed, after the defeat of Creedon, Mr. Lovett had the following to say of McCoy: 11 While I am not especially proud of Norman's profession," said Mr. Lovett, "I am gratified to know that he has gotten to the top of the heap. There is one thing, however, that __ ' — —— "i«^^=^^BI The Great Christmas Showing. Beautiful Jackets and Furs Dress Goods Novelties. I Choice Linens for Holiday Trade j Underwear & Hosiery Hdkfs au,d k id Qlnvcs. I Pictures, Chairs, Dolls, etc. I business and so far as I have been I able to learn, is a credit in that .,_.. • I respect to the profession to which "Tuen you can say that It] was no J he belongs. 1 haven't seen him to ...... ....... . _ ^ ghost; the devil dun made his appear- several years. Not since his trip ance in the church. You see it Africa, was this way: Certain mem-1 " J wa§ afrald =" said he, bers of the church were clam . 'that Creedon would beat the boy anc , probably injure him seriously, but I oring for an educated, up-to-date 8ee from the papers this morning ' pastor, and now that they have one that my fears were unfounded The Mrs. M. T. Manlove spent Sunday ln the peraon Qf Rey Thornton the boy, it seems, was in no danger atr with her mother at Kokomo. want ^ ^ ' any 8taee of tne game We manufacture candy for the re- . ., u "Norman was a wild, harumscarum tall trade—Wright & Brltton. th ° se fell °* 8 wb ° *»own his business sort Qf a ooy( ,, contlni ; ed Mr . Lovm , Our machine will be given away and wil1 not ne dictated to by any- "When he, was but 13 years old he Christmas eve at 9:30.—Traut. body. The trouble began after the left home and has ever since been Come and see the hand painted | enteitainjnsnt at the rink a few roaming about over the country. In chinas, II and upwards at Taylor's, weeks ago when the committee i n , Sweeperettes, carving sets, chll- cn dedfche dren's sets, ladles skates—Crismond. ... .. * - P 0nsult1 ^ ^ Church boa:rd. Brother Mr. and Mrs. Claud Jones are vliilt ing In Michigan at their former home. tDl8 > an ^ as S ° Q 36 of the committee Dr. Asa Coleman, whc has been were'members of the church choir, sick for several days, was able to visit they proceeded to annoy him by fail his office today. lng to M the 8ervlces Brother Carl Schuback will be at Taylor's ' all next week and ready to wait on all of his friends. . The best piano in the market for that time the world. When he was years old he , hoboed his to San Francisco to see seen a good part of about 16 way the At The Golden Rule. More wonderful than ever are the Offering of this store for the Great crowds that fill its aisles i» search of Holiday collections for both friends and relatives.The two powerful influences combine: Marvelous Assortment! Economical Prices I For Holiday Dress Goods Buying. The most we carl say lor this Extraordinary Offerings is that it comprises the Richest "Novelti** possible for mercantile skill to bring before a public at such trifflingprices. The black goods alone are sufficient to attract enormous crowds, but for the benefit ot all, the Fancy Novelties are included on aafo We Have Several Christmas Silk Bargains Some Very Pretty Waist Silks Skirt Silks. Dress Silks at Very Special Prices Thornton called them t;o time for Nackson-Oorbett fight. When he was a lad he was unusually small and frail for his age. He had a passion for athletics and his present condition of physical excellence is due more to patient and earnest training than the money is the Busb k Gerts, sold only by J. C. Bridge. At 12 o'clock Saturday night the drill in the Fulton oil well has reached a depth of 900 feet. Sam Hunter will leave tomorrow for Pennsylvania to spend the noli days with his parents. Holiday rates on the Wabash be gin on the 24th and tickets will be good until January 5th. We have another car load of sleighs and baking powder to arrive in the morning, 39c.—Traut. Wa are selling more goods than we have for three years. Come before the best things are all gone at Hauk'a, Miss Myra Stewart is home to spend the holidays. She has been attending a musical conservatory at Chicago. We are now stocked with dolls at Logansport Wall Paper Co. We have cut prices In two. Don't mlsu bargains. Andy Ryan and William McMlllen, jailed for intoxication, were recommitted this morning, having failed to settle. Wlllard Shields has sold his meat market on Plum street, Westslde, tft Edward Newbraw and gave possession today. Alexander Boyer is home from then discharged the choir, anything else declaring that !n the future there | "1 remember that he used to drop into Greensburg every few month after he became a boxer. His peopl would bo only congregational singing. Two members of the choir ap- were all in humble circumstances,bn peared at the services yesterdey morn- of recent years he has been making ing and took their station, as usual, an the and art school In Chicago to spend holidays with his parents, Mr. Mn. S. B. Boyer. Mr. <J. C. Elkelburner, of 202 Pratt street, Is entertaining his brother, W. H. Elkelburner, of Pros- oott, Washington. Buy useful articles for presents, such as umbrellas, shirts, underwear and gloves. Will Murdock has an elegant line of them, Mrs. Wm. Grubb, of Lafayette, is In the city, being called here on account of the illness of her son, Oscar Grubb, of 527 Broadway. Prof. W. J. Stabler, of Indianapolis, president of the State Teachers Music association, is a guest of Mr. Louis D. Elohhorn. Besides the Malcolm in the choir stand. Brother Thorn ton notified them of his determina tiontodoaway with the choir and asked that they take seats in the congregation. Instead of obeying his command they kept up . a conversation after he had began to preacc, so annoying him that he was compelled to quit the discourse and dismiss the congregation. Believing that he would be subjected to the same annoyance at the evening service, he called a policeman and the officer remained on duty at the church until the close of the meeting. While making the regular announcements Brother Thornton announced that his connection with the local church would cease the first of the month. Some time ago Rev. Thornton's wife wanted to give a little supper at the church to enable her to spend the holidays with friends at 7/abash, but certain women members of the congregation took all the dishes a great deal of money with the gloves and they are now in comfortable cir cumstances. CHICAGO MARKETS at Received Dally by W. W. Milner, 6. A. R. Bnlldlng. Chicago, Dec. 20, 1897. Whea,t— For Dec. opened, $1.00; high, $1.02; low, 99c; closed, 81.00. Wheat— May, opened 92}c: closed, 29|a, high, Love and Bush & Gerts, J. C. Bridge has other reliable pianos in stock that be is offering at special bargains for the holidays. Get your gents' ties, suspenders, away from the church and she was compelled to abandon her plans. The kickers talked last night about putting new locks on the doors of the church and refusing Bev. Thornton admission. Presiding Elder Thompson will preach at the church tomorrow night, and I understand that the bishop will transfer Brother Thornton to the sou them conference." Billy's Sccceggor Confirmed. The nomination of J. S. Culver, who is to succeed W. H. Jacks as consul at London, Out., was confirmed by the senate last Saturday and it is expected that Billy will soon be -'marching home again with glad and gallant tread." Frank Porter, of Clinton township, wanted to succeed Mr. Jacks, but the Ohio man had been quite serviceable to Mark Hanna in one way or another, so he was chosen. Indiana did not Corn— For May, opened, high, 29Jc; low, 29|c; closed, Oats — May opened, 22Jc: 22Je;low, 22Jc; closed, 22|c. " Pork—Opened, 18.72; higb, $8.75; low, $8.67; closed, $8.75. Hogs — Strong; closed steady; receipts of hogs. 37,000; estimated tomorrow, 36,000. Mixed, $3.35@3.55; heavy, «3.35@t3.52£; rough, $3.20@ 3,35; light, I3.35(§)i3 52i. Curb, 94Jc; puts, 93Jc; calls, 95Jc. ADDITIONAL ITEMS. Children's leggings at Malben's. Triplicate shaving mirrors,Taylor. Hosiery and gloves for everybody at Trade Palace. John Hoover, oi Raub, Ind., is vis- ting in the city. Harry Wilson is^dowu from Chi cago, visiting oldjfriends. Give us your Christmas order as early as possible.—Folev's. Get your umbrellas |and mackintoshes at the Trade Palace. Watches and diamonds lower than anybody can sell them at Hauk's. Chain bracelets, pins, jjrings and ihains in endless variety«at Taylor's. Born to Mr. Patrtck'^Gray and wire, of East Market«street, a daughter. Tickets on sale«at Johnston's drug store /or sparrlngjexhibltiou Tuesday evening. .Abram Peters, nephew ?of OMajor Peters, is here from Missouri, visiting friends. Buy no trash. Come to'usand get something that will last a life time. —D. A. Hauk. Handkerchiefs.—The best line In the state. Prices below all compe-| Can Suit You BAILOR in Style and Prices. THE FIRST SMOKER petition-Trade Palace. " Will be Given by the Pottowattoroies Nothing nicer for a.Christmas pres- on the Evening of December 29tb. ent than a nice atomizer, filled with ;ood perfume, at Porter's. r The Pottowattomie club will fciold HOLIDAY The Has He Bristles? casual observer would see nothing of the kind on the back of the czar councilman from the Fourth ward, but rub up against him and you soon discover his 'oggishness. For example, the czar lives on the south side ot north street, and as all well know, the north side of the east and west streets in winter Is traveled doubly as much as the south side. The czar, nevertheless, hogged the crossing and had it put down on his side. This is only another straw to show how well he looks after his own affairs. Moral: Erie avenue. TAXPAXKK. J. C. Bridge has In stock a splendid assortment of fine pianos for Christmas trade— 410« Broad way. See the novelty candles in our Christmas window. All our own make—Wright & Britt,on,' u 321 Pearl | itreet. Whatever you get of us you can de »end on its being just as represent d. We keep no shoddy goods.—Ben Martin. See reproduction of Corbett-Fitz simmons fight between Prof. Jack Tierney and Kid Hennessv, Thurs day evening. Buy a dollars worth of groceries and get a cbance on the 145 Singer sewing machine. Call and examine it.—Traut. In the suit of Louis Linn, et al, vs Advertised Letter List. List of advertised letters remaining In the postofflce at Logansport for the week ending Dec. 20, 1897. GBOTS. Mr. W. H. -Hartsook, Mr. Berley and silk lined, at Trade Palace. See their low prices. Don't miss our night robes. All go for little money. Counollmen Dykeman, Boyer, Had- iey and Judge Dykeman,Dennis Uhl, I. N. Crawford and others went to Chicago today to consult with the proprietors of a publishing house there who are anxious to change their location. Why wait until the eleventh hour, when the throngs are greatest, when the jostling and crowding, sure to be, ' will spoil half the pleasure of select lng the gifts you intend to give. Come early.—Dewentei. the hatter and furnisher. Arthur Stuart, night clerk at the Johnston hotel, met with an ac- oldun* Saturday while out sleigh rid log which will lay him up for a few days. He was in the act of crossing . tbe Vandalta track when the sleigh was upset, throwing him out and in fllctlog a Mvere gash on his head. anyway. Official facsimile of Medal Awarded DR. PRICE'S CREAM BAKING POWDER Litnming, Mr. Lewis Manual, Mr'. W. P. Webster. LAD DBS. Mrs. Eliza Annls, Mrs. Ottle Eckert, Mrs. Emma G. Grimes, Mrs. Rumbles, Miss Anna Ward. Persons desiring to obtain any of these letters, will please say adver tised. V. C. HANAWAI/T, P. M. Jacob Westphal, et al, In the Circuit court Saturday title to certain property in ; Shuitztown was quieted. Webb Matthews, formerly a student with Nelson & Myers, has returned from law school at Ann Arbor, Mich., for the holiday vacation. Capt W. W. Home, who held a government position a Washington, D. C., for seventeen years, is a guest of Mr. and-Mrs. Thomas Peden. He represents a publishing house. Expressions of wonder and surprise, exclamations of joy and delight, are heard on all sides. The news travels; each visitor tells a friend of the beautiful neckwear, gloves, shirt and umbrellas we have.—Dewenter the hatter and furnisher. its first "smoker" on Tuesday even- Ing, Dec. 29tu, The subjects to be discussed will be announced on ttie evening of the smoke, and they will relate to matters pertaining to tbe 3f JJoganepoit. All the will be short talks, and after discussion of the topic of the evening, the remainder of the session will be devoted to social amusements. The executive officers of Dthe club will try to make the "smokers" an Interesting feature of the winter evenings. Every member of the club is expected to be present at th e first "smoker." Shoes and Slippers The handsomest, and best assortment of CHRISTMAS Shoes and Slippers ever shown in the city. The Jfoiice. organization of Chieftain league, Uniform Rank of Red Men, will be completed on Tuesday's sleep, Dec. 21. 1897, and all Red Men who wish to join the same are requested to be present at the Wigwam of Wea Tribe No. 170, I. O. R. M., on the above sleep. By order of the Organizer. WORLD'S FAiR, CHICAGO. 1893 Backman's Glass Blowers Will remain all week, on account of the large crowds last week. The exhibition of the trained cockatoos should be seen by all ladies and lovers of pets. They give a handsome present to each visitor. The admission is but 15 cents. Tnton Gold Seekers. For $500 each the Western Mining and Supply company will set any and all YuKon gold seekers down a Skaguay and furnish outfit and sup piles adequate for one year. This The Weather. Rain or snow this afternoon and tonight; colder tonight; Tuesday probably fair aod colder. 4 J. * . Includes transportation from Indian apolis to Seattle.secoud-class steamer service from Seattle to Skaguay meals and berth included, *ith freight and wharfage charges at Seattle and Skaeuiy paid. Further information given by calling at the Pharos office. Wiler-Barnett Case. The case of H. Wilur & Co. against A. C. Barnett and wife to sec aside the conveyance of the Barnett hotel property from Barnett to his wifeand collect an account), is on trial in the Circuit court before Judge Chase. The attorneys are Magee & Funk for Wiler & Co., and Lalrr & Mahoney and Judge Winfield for Barnett THE SEARCH FOR OIL. Second Well at Walton Will be Drilled in Wednesday Morning. The second well at Walton, which is being drilled by tbe Chicago company on the Bumgarner lot, will "come in" tomorrow night or early Wednesday morning. The drill is now down over 800 feet. This well s but a short distance from the one drilled in a few years ago in wh'ch oil was found and the prospectors are •ather hopeful of getting oil. Work on the wells at Adamsboro, Twelve Mile and the third well of he New Waverly company is pro- •ressing slowly, but all of them will Ikely come In this week. The Lo- jansport company has not-yet located its second well. any- Patent Leather Ooz Kik, pink, green.red,' lavender. In fact thing in nice eveni pers. See our Men's Bootee combination, Boot and Shoes just the thing for winter. Stevenson & Klinsick. 403 Broadway. Four Rn^F«rfame Odors In an elegant\box make an ideal present; cheSjp a^Gravei' book store \ Something That Will Please. A box of choice confections or dainty basket of tropical fruit makes a most appropriate Christmas present. L. Solimano, the old reliable dealer, is sole agent for Guenther's fine candles; also sells the choice goods made.iby Lowney, Allegettl and others - Nothing can surpass his holiday display of fine imported novelty candles, fruits, auts and candled fruits. Drop In and look at the display, even if yon do not buy, Had no Foundation. Logansport, Ind., Dec. 20, 1897. To whom it may concern:—The tatement made by the Logaosport Reporter on or about Oct. 2d, as to JohnF. Johnson leaving the premises f the Ohio penitentiary and walking everal squares with me, in th« city of Columbus, bad no foundation whatever. Eespectf ully. L.Eioarrr/ GEE=WHIZ! That's what the man said whet his laundry came home yellow, or* and faded. Then he eoneluded to try MARSHALL'S LAHNDBY, and his linen was returned u white as snow and without beim* torn in the least Call up pho2e 110 and have our wagon stop for your work. Attractive ud Useful Gifts, fountain pens, calling cards, card cues pocket books, box stationery, offle« knives, etc., Long-well & Cummlngs. Christmas Presents SPECIAL. Satin Slippers, »1.50 to 12.40. Strap Slippers, 75c to $1.50. Quilted Slipper«, 75c to 11.65. Plain Leather Sllpperi.SOe to tl Children's Leggin* 75c to $1.M.' Ladles' Wtrm Lined Shoes 76c U tl.SO. . Men's SHpperi, 50c to $2. Baby Shoei, all colon 50o to 111. Children's and M!BM«' Hoow 811*. per« 50c to tl. WALTER 412 Broadway, OPFOSITX-BIC-Hmi

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