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Northumberland, Pennsylvania
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1 "A City Set on a Hill Cannot be Hid." Watch Grow. Date on Label Shows Time to Which Your c- Subscription Is Paid. A Independent Weekly Newspaper of Progress. Without Malice or Any Uncharitahleness" Grover Cleveland. VOLUME 42 NORTHUMBERLAND, FRIDAY, DECEMBER 19, 1913 12 crwTr 66 G.

A. R. Will Hold Dance Muncy Has Its Water Trou Will End Old Year By Burn S. Leighow died while serving as a I councilman from the First Ward of the! 1 "KT xl I 1 1 Minutes of Council The Neighborhood ing Mortgage The Northumberland Hook Ladder Company is going to end the old year right. On New Year's eve they will bold a public celebration in Boust s.

Opera House at which time they will burn the mortgage on their, building. An interesting program has been planned. The speakers will be the two living charter members of the company John T. Colt and John Fell Miss Helen Kapp, who helped to raise the money to purchase its first apparatus; Chief Burgess Charles Steele; J. W.

Strob, Chief of the Sunbury Fire Department, and J. F. Propst. S. A.

eck is to be master of ceremonies. Music is to be furnished by the Odd Fellows' Orchestra. No money will be raised on this occasion. The admittance to the Opera House will be free. After the exercises at the Opera House the Company will hold its annual banquet in their Hall.

Charles H. Grant a Receiver for Trolley Company On Monday Judge Cummings appoint ed Prothonotary Frederick J. Byrod and Henry E. Davis, of Sunbury, and Charles H. Grant, of Northumberland, receivers for the Sunbury and Susquehanna Railroad Company.

The peti tioners were the Pennsylvania Steel Cqmpany of Steelton, the York Printing company and the tsorougn of bunbury, who asserted that the company owes them bills totalling $20,000 and that they can get no settlement of them. A Handsome Christmas Edition We congratulate Editor Marion S. Schoch of the Selinsgrove Times on the beautiful and interesting Christmas Edition he issued this week. It consists of twelve pages, including a colored cover withbanta Claus as the central figure. The paper is filled with many holiday articles and the advertisers take up a good portion of the space The usual generous amount of news is not lacking in this issue of the Times.

Our friend Schoch is to be commended for his enterprise in this respect and every citi zen of Selinsgrove should be proud of this special edition, belinsgrove is one of very few towns of -its size, which can boast of a Christmas paper such as that issued by Editor Schoch. Will Have Pay As You Enter Cars Here Pay-as-you-epter cars are to be adopt ed for use on the Sunbury and Susquehanna lines. Alterations to that end are being made to cars at the Rolling Green shops of the company. A String of Electric Lights for the Tree. B.

F. Yeager, Electrical Sup plies. Captain James Taggart Post, No. 350, G. A.

have made arrangements to hold a New Year's eve dance in Seaman's Academy for the purpose of raising money to erect a steel flag pole in the G. A. R. plot in Riverview Music will be furnished by Calhoun's Band and Orchestra. The admission will be 50 cents a couple or 10 cents for a lady unaccompanied by a gentleman.

Refreshments are to be served by Oakley Mertz at extra cost to the guests. Regarding Eliot Sumner The Pennsylvania Railroad on recent promotions and appointments has the following to say regarding Eliot Sumner, until recently master mechanic of the local shops "Eliot Sumner was born in New Haven, October 18, 1873. He attended Yale University. "Mr. Sumner entered the service of the Company in 1896 as Apprentice in the Al toon a Machine Shop.

He was appointed Inspector on the Philadelphia Division in February, 1901, and in October of that year was made Assistant Master Mechanic of the Middle and Western Divisions. He was promoted to Assistant Engineer of Motive Power on the Buffalo and Allegheny Valley Division in 1902, and in 1903 was transferred to the office of the General Superintendent of Motive Power. He was made Master Mechanic on the Baltimore Division in 1907, and in 1911 was transferred to the Williamsport Division in the same capacity. He was promoted to Master Mechanic, West Philadelphia Shops, on December 1, Hospital Notes Frank Toole underwent an operation in the Mary M. Packer Hospital on Tuesday.

Miss Margaret Young of this place was admitted to a private ward of the Mary m. Packer Hospital last bunaay, Attention I am the only agent in Northumber land selling Sterling Madza LampB for the General Electric Co. on a contract. Do not be fooled with a cheap lamp, insist on a Sterling Madza Lamp, 35c. up.

B. P. Yeager, Electrical Supplies, Queen street. Order Visiting Cards either print ed or engraved for Christmas at the Public Press office. We do the very best work in both lines.

ll-21-4t Electric Table Lamps from $2.50 up. H. if. Yeager, Electrical supplies. Subscribe for the Public Press.

bles, Too In a bill in eouitv filed in the court of common pleas of Lycoming county on Monday the borough of Muncy has called upon the court to restrain the collection of water rents by the Muncy Water Supply Company until the corporation turnishes tor the use of the borough and its citizens "good, pure, wholesome Troubles between the borough of Muncy and its citizens on one side and the water company on the other are of long standing. The allegations in the bill are similar to those against the Jersey Shore Water Company, which resulted in the granting of an injunction against that corporation on the prayer and proof of citizens of the borough that the water company had failed to provide an abundant supply of pure wa ter. The injunction against the Jersey Shore Water Company was made binding until the court was satisfied that the company was furnishing a proper supply of water both in point of abund ance and purity, ihe Jersey shore Water Company has since taken means to remedy the defects complained of and is now seeking to have the injunc tion dissolved. In the Jersey Shore suit the borough did not appear in court as a party to the proceedings, Dut the borough coun cil, by resolution, refused to pay "for water for borough purposes until improvements were made in the quantity and quality of the supply by the water company and called upon the citizens to cease paying water rents until conditions were bettered by the corporation. The result of the official and unofficial boycott has been, according to statements made in court by the lawyers of the water company, to deprive the company of a large part of its revenue.

The original source of water supply for Muncy was a small stream passing through the town known as Glade run. Later there was a resort to a well near the West Branch of the Susquehanna and still later to the river itself, from which water is now being pumped. The bill charges that the waters of the river are contaminated by the sewage of Williamsport and many smaller towns and by the offals and waste of many manufacturing plants on the banks of the stream and its tributaries. The bill also alleges that waters of Glade run are polluted and impure on account of drainage from roads, cess-pools, barnyards, other places on the water shed. The water company has thirty days in which to file an answer and fifteen days to enter an appearance.

The stock and bonds of the water company are owned largely, or entirely. in Philadelphia. A meeting is declared to have been held by the bondholders there recently and the outcome to have been an understanding with the officers of the corporation that the bondholders would not press for their interest pending the making of improvements to do away with conditions now complained of by the borough and its citizens. There are about $75,000 worth of bonds outstanding on a mortgage of $75, 000. To Appear in Mummers Parade Calhoun's Band has decided to appear ii uic muiiyuicia uai auc at, uuu uui vu new.

ictu uay. tilectric fatoves and tfread loasters. B. P. Yeager, Electrical Supplies.

ou try side N. D. Masteller, who has been a resident of Point township for the past several years and who figured in court for the illegal sale of liquor, moved with his family to Sunbury this week, where he will conduct a small store. John A. Hilbish and son, Charles, were visitors'in New Berlin last Saturday.

The Point township schools were closed this week on account of County Institute. They will be open next week with the exception of Christmas Day. Exercises will be held in the different schools on Wednesday afternoon. i Two Montgomery Banks paid out $25,000 in Christmas savinea funria'the other day. Lackawanna countv has had four teen murders darinc the ver with only one first degree conviction.

a mysterious womnn in buck, thought to be trailing her husband, has A 11 1 town lately. Mrs. Cordelia Henderson, mother of the wife of Rev George Van Alen of died at her home in Montgomery on Monday at the age of 82. 7 Warden Barr will serve annual Christmas dinner to the sixty "prisoners in the countv iail. Six hicr turkeva will be used for the feast, which will ht Three boys convictad of stealing- uiiiK.

av Derwiu were given an oaa sentence by Justice Trughu On their Til promise to be good he released them on condition that they attend every service; oi tne tougn revival until it closes. The New Berlin and Winfield nar row guage railroad is said to be prospering under the receivership of Attorney F. E. Tier of Mt. Carmel.

The farmers in the vicinity of New Berlin i i i ana aiong me route oi me roaa are making good use of the accommodation. Rev. Dr. S. Parkes" Cadman.

nan- tor of the Central Congregational church of Rrooklvti. till Inrcrost rhnrrh ot this denomination in America, who is a cousin ot itev. Isaac tadman, pas tor of the local M. iu. church, will lecture in the High Street M.

E. church in Williamsport next Tuesday evening. His subject will be "The Modern The directors of the Bloomsburg Ostrich Farm and Feather Company have announced that negotiations have been concluded for the purchase of a farm of 155 acres along, the Potomac, three miles above Vernon. The property it is said, was once owned by George Washington. It will be used by .1 3: i i Being unable to find a postmaster the noatoffice at Waenher.

Mifflin eonn- tv. hna hppn 1isnnt.imi tn tnVo ef fect January 1. The office only pays about $100 per year, and consequently i -1 applicants xor me civil service examination were not forthcoming. McClure XTrt 1 mill nlAA 4-A Aw. i.tii.k.ii Mr wagner, inua aaamg anouc two miies to the route.

1 or T71 Tir 1. tU. l-CBi mesa Tf ai liic ciiusj i aui State College was established in 1905. It is an effort to place the facilities of the institution at the service of nil tha farmers of the state so that they may have actual school advantages for a week. In order to care for the large number of visitors, it is necessary to hold it during the holiday vacation when trio rptnllflr ctiirlonta ftro atjjsiv frnm thp College.

This season it will be held during the week, December 29, 1913, to January 3, 1914. The college authorities are urging farmers to form a Farmers' Week Club among their neigh bors and attend in a body. The courses are free and are open to women as well as men. Election Contests For lack of evidence the ballot boxes for the nine wards of Sunbury will not be opened to decide if there was any prnnictxi work done at the Nnvemher election. This opinion was handed down by Judge Cummings on Monday.

The boxes might have been ODened to de cide if there was a mistake in the count for burgess, which resulted in Nate i r-v ft naunman oeing aeieatea Dy ur. sx. x. Keiser bv twentv votes. The ha Hot hnv mm TTnnpr Mnhnnnv township was opened Monday qiorning and recounted before Judge Moser: At the recent election W.

B. Geise de feated H. C. Snyder, the regular candidate, for the six-year term as supervisor bv three votes. The recount showed a difference of six votes, giving Snvdpr the election bv a martrin of three.

Northumberland, Dec. 16, 1913. Council of the Borough of Northumberland convened in adjourned session with the following members present F. A. Jones, President H.

T. Leis-enring, H. J. Stannert, James Dodge, John Baldwin. Members absent E.

H. Luckhart, A. B. Kistner. Minutes of previous meetings of November 3rd, 18th and December 1st were read and approved.

The Clerk reported receipt of check for $7.40 from the Susquehanna Stone Oo. which represents the amount overpaid on last settlement. Same was iianded to Borough Treasurer. On motion by Stannert, seconded by Baldwin, the above be accepted. Motion carried The Borough Treasurer made the following report for November, 1913: Balance in Bank Nov.

1 $21.61 Heceipts for Nov 3802.95 PaicLout in Nov. 3824.56 3713.68 Balance in Bank Nov. 29.: 110.88 The Sunbury and Susquehanna Railroad Co. has paid all notes to date. Martin Kistner, Bore Treas.

Tax Collector Rutter reported collections as follows: On 1810 $34 20 On 1911 34.20 On 1912 91.19 On 1913 112.99 His check accompanied report. Chief Burgess Steele made the following report: Northumberland, Dec. 1, 1913. To the President and Members of Boro. Council.

Gentlemen: Herewith find my check for license collections for November as follows: Pole $1.50 Peddlers 8.00 Picture 5.00 Charles Steele, Chief Burgess. On motion by Stannert, seconded by Dodge, the above reports be accepted and placed on file. Motion carried. Northumberland, Dec. 1, 1913.

To the Northumberland Borough. We herewith submit our recommendations for the appropriations for the year 1914. Borough account 2j mills Poor 2 Bond account 1 Road account 4 Water and 4 E. H. Luckhart, H.

J. Stannert, H. T. Leisenring, I Committee. On motion by Stannert, seconded by Dodge, the above report be accepted.

Motion carried. Sunbury, Dec. 15, 1913. H. Dodge, Northumberland.

Dear Sir: We enclose herewith check of this office for $3.93 in payment of the lien for taxes against Mrs. Annie Kelly, together with reimbursement for expenditures for entering the lien. Very truly yours, Knight Taggart. On motion by Baldwin, seconded by Leisenring, the above be accepted. Motion carried.

Northumberland, Dec. 15, 1913. To the President and Members of Town Council, Northumberland. -Gentlemen: Due to the -ilure of R. J.

Hopewell to complete his contract with the borough of Northumberland at The culvert on (jueen street, between Seventh and Eighth streets, I have ac cording to your instructions completed the contract and report as follows: I removed the dirt from in front of the culvert, faced all the exposed walls -with neat cement mortar and completed the contract as it should have been according to the specifications and to the satisfaction of the engineer. The work of Sompletion cost $42.67. Very truly yours, Walter S. Hine, Boro. Engineer.

On motion by Stannert, seconded by Baldwin, report be accepted. Motion carried. It is proposed that it should appear on the minutes of this body that Michael ouruugu ui iuriiiuM'uenaiJU. i Born, as he was, sixty-eight3 years ago in Columbia county, he came at the age of about thirty-five to take up his habitation with us, and has since that time been a citizen of this borough, industrious in following his daily occupation, faithful and loyal to a marked degree in his association and dealings with others, and sincere in the performance of every trust. We miss his counsel and advice, and his constituents can well regret his passing from beyond the walls of this council room, for his judgment in public matters was sound, his actions unquestioned, and he both fearlessly advocated and with equal earnestness supported by his vote that which he determined to be right.

We recommend his characteristics of honesty, faithfulness, sincerity earnestness as a standard for not alone those entrusted with public office, but to all mankind. John Baldwin, James Dodge, E. II. Luckhart, Committee of Council. Northumberland, Dec.

16, 1913. On motion by Stannert, seconded by Leisenring, it was unanimously Kesolved. inat the report of the spe cial committee on the death of Michael S. Leighow, late member of Council from the First Ward of Northumberland Borough, be approved and ordered transcribed on the minutes and published as a part thereof, and that a copy of the same be delivered with a certification of the action to the widow and family. Motion carried.

's. The appropriation ordinance was then read and passed first and second reading. On motion by Leisenring, seconded by Dodge, that ordinance pass third reading. Aye and nay vote being taken resulted in all members present voting aye. Mr.

Leisenring reported that culvert between Seventh and Eighth streets was being filled up and placed in a passable condition. Mr. Stannert of the Special Commit tee on the water question as well as the adjustment of lights on Northway re ported progress in these matters. The ordinance in reference to the change in Milton road was then pre' sented for third reading. On motion by Stannert, seconded by Baldwin, that ordinance pass third reaa ing.

Aye and nay vote being taken resulted in all members present voting aye. The following orders were granted: Road Account Frank Vi 65 Peter Clemens 1635 Wes 990 Geo 10 24 Sam Farrington. 60 Raymond Stevenson 4 13 Elmer Crist 6 78 743 Geo 6 60 JS 16 30 Chas Grant 30 60 Fred Swab 2 00 Isaac Ballet, labor and material 21 27 Cbarlcs Vandevender 7 00 Slack 3135 M. 25 00 ames Go lick 20 63 Jobn Mitchell, 320 yards dirt at 64 00 Fred Swab, sand and cement 210 70 a S. Hine, salary and material 105 25 Miscellaneous accounts K.

Evans, poor account 91 00 Van Alen coal 548 Pen a R. K. 338 P. O. Ruch.

salary. 6 00 Charles Steele, Chief Burgess 30 00 Emanuel Conrad, High 10 00 George Jones, making blue 120 Miss Toole, 17 sq. teet stone 7- 1 2 41 Watsontown Brick Co 1940 24 On motion by Stannert, seconded by Baldwin, that Council adjourn to meet Tuesday, Dec. su. F.

A. Jones, Pres't. Attest Chas. H. Dodge, Clerk.

Fraternal Societies Lady Barton Rebekah Lodge will not hold their meeting on luesday evening, Dec. 23, because of Christmas being so close at hand, but will meet on the tol lowing Tuesday. Eureka Lodge, No. 404, F. A.

of this place held its annual election of omcers and banquet on Monday evening. Captain James Taggart Post will hold its annual banquet at the Martin Hotel on Tuesday atternoon, December 30. of Quality an ten Chritmas Money A-Plenty KZZZZZZZZZZ THE Northumberland. National Bank announces that it will start a CHRISTMAS SAVINGS CLUB the first week in January, 1914. These Clubs have proven very popular in other towns and cities.

They make it easy for you to save MONEY ior Christnias or for any other purpose you might want to use the money for. A email weekly deposit beginning the first week with one and increasing one cent each week for fifty (50) pays you $12.75 on the 15th of December, 1914, in time for Christmas. Or you can start with a larger amount if you wish, 2 cents a week and increasing 2 cents each week, or 5 cents for the first week and an additional 5 cents each week, or you can pay the last week first and pay less and less every week, which makes the small payments come at the time of the year when you have need of your spending money and they will not be felt at all. The more you pay per week the more you receive at the end of the 50 weeks. Could anything- be easier than this The small weekly sums will not be missed! The large amount you receive on December 15th will surprise and please you You can begin any time.

Club now forming! Better JOIN NOW. Come in and ask us about it. The Northumberland National Bank, Northumberland, Pa. 4 jl Look Ahead! X-mas will soon be here. TJG AIN" the near approach of X-mas finds us better pre 1 pared to supply you with those gifts which are so necessary to bring joy and gladness into your home.

OUR TWO STORES Are now open for your convenience. We have an excellent assortment for the children of dolls, drnms. frames, books, guns, toys, pictures, tree ornaments, etc. Then there is the staple line of haudkerchiefa, ribbons, combs, brushes, collars, scarfsr neckties, caps, suspenders, aprons, dishes, glasses, etc. Call and see our X-mas goods.

Do your shopping early. RAY E. JOHNSON; Queen St. between Front and 2nd, and Queen St. between 2nd and 3rd.

Bell Phone 468R. Free Delivery. Promptness. Anything you need for X-mas we have. Hardware i Notions, Dry Goods Groceries Books, Toys, Jewelry The Store.

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