The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 14, 1950 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 14, 1950
Page 7
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TUESDAY, MARCH 14, 1950 BLYTHEVILLE (AUK.) COURIER NEWS PACE SEVEN Labor Rallies for Nea Tory Attack By William N. Oatis «• LONDON, .March 14. W')—Britain's Labor government, victorious hi two crucial policy tests, mobilized its slim majority in llio House of Commons today to beat a tlilrd Conservative attack on Laboritc Bpcntiing policies. By rounding up every available I,abor!te member, including some f|itrt.]stck-bcds, Prime Minister At- tJV's government last night won a 25-vote majority against a Tory motion criticizing its house record. The vote was 314 to 289. Test r.ast Week The first test came last week, only a few days after the newly elected Labor government, with its majority in the House of Commons whittled to only six scats, bs- gnn its second term. That vote showed a Labor victory of only 14 votes against Conservative Leader Winston Churchill's attacks on the government's program to nationalize the Iron and steel industry. Under the British parliamentary system, the government must resign ' If it loses a vote on any Important issue. It is doubtful that even the Conservatives really want to topple the government and go through another election so soon after last month's poll: Churchill Dues Labor Tonight's test comes in a Con-| servative motion saying the House of Commons "deplores the failure of the chancellor of the exchequer to enforce his own instructions to government departments not to overspend so extensively their estimates for the current year." Sir Stafford Cripps. Britain s austere budget chief, has promised to answer the Tory accusation in the debate preceding the voting, despite the fact he has a bad cold. Several government departments # asking for extra iupropriations nulling to 148,402^65 pounds ($315.526.622). Vole After Bitter Debate The vote on Housing yesterday followed a bitter debate in which Conservatives hacked away Health Minister Aneurin Bevan who has charge of the housing program. They claimed the program had been a flop and declared thn had building been put into th< hands of private enterprise mon homes would have gone up. Bevan retorted that the Conserv ntivcs wanted to. put housing ir- th hands of speculators who woiili ignore low-cost building. Bevan may come up for mor lambasting in today's debate, sine his ministry is asking for ricarl two-thirds of the announced cxtr appropriations request to run th national health service. London Actress Dies LONDON, March" 14. (/P) — Mr Florence Arliss, widow ol acti George Arliss. died Sunday In hi suburban London home, it was ai jjnnccd today. fjlrliss, who died In 1946 at the ag nf 17, and his wife appeared t gcthcr in the movie, "Disraeli." was one of Mrs. Arliss' few screi roles. The couple we-'e married years before. Arliss' death. Cancer Research Uncovers Cheap Way for Making Man's Hormones By Allnn >,. niakrslee Associated Tress Science licporlrr NEW YOUK, ^farcll 14. (ft) — A rtew, cheap way to make some of man's scarcest, costliest hormones has been discovered in cancer research. ft Is done by keeping tiny pltul- tary tfnncls alive'In glass houses. The glands arc taken frmn rats. But they keep living and growing ii> a special fluid bath. Thty become living factories, delivering liny amounts of hormones three times a week. One hormone Dr. Is ACTH. a wonder-drug for urthrl- tls nnd other discuses. Another hormone stimulates the sex (Oands to produce sex hormirios. Another controls body growth. Another governs the thyroid gland. Farloric? Are Pink Thc.te'fantastic factories are pale- pink, and about the size of a pea alive anc n'prks. nnd probably can he kept producing even longer. The amount* of hormones har- sted from them are small. Th< clhod still is experimental, but I t'ers hope for practical mass-pro iction of those hormones, says Dr onard Schcele, surgeon-general of e Public Health Service, Ur. Sclieeta described (his medical chlEvcment last night in sneaking the premier of a new film on •mccr research. The half-hour film, .llei'ge — Science Against Can- was productcd jointly by' the ational Cancer Institute and Ca- They have been kept growing as long as 10 The nKulUry gland is a master land of life. It lies at the base of tie btam, aid produces hormones hat repiilntc other nlnnds. These nrliidc the sex glands, the thyroid. UK! tile adrenal glands. pitnitarips produce the same lormo.ies. Teamwork at the Na[- jnal Cancer Institute succeeded In wptiiK tho rat glands alive, and gelling harvests of their hormones The work is being done by Dr iloy Hertz, chief, and William Tt'll- of the endocrinology section; Virginia Evans, Hr. Milton adian Department ealth and Welfare. of ~nrl", a'ld Mrs. Helen Waltz of the .i.ssiic- culture unit. ChilliU Kent I'roilurhif; More than 150 rat elands hnvc nrrii kept in production tliis \vav Three limes a week, the flmc around the- gland is taken ni^. and tho hormones extracted from it NPW fluid is ndriod fo keep the giant functioning and alive. ft is planned. Dr Schecle said. If try to gi-ow PCX glands, adrcna Bland* nnd thyroid glands aloni wilh ihc pituitary. This would te] scientiscs more about the Inter-ac tlon of these glands and their hor moncs, and help in unrlerstandin the relation between cancer an hor.-nones. ACT1I (abbreviation for adreno corlicotroph'e hormone) is one two hormones thai bring promp relief from tile pains of rnemnatoi arthritis. The other pain-reliever cortisone, made by the adrena gland. ACTH works by stirm'latin the adrenal Elnnd to produce cor! NA.110NAI CAPITAL SESQUICENTENNIAL IOOO-WAS1IINCTOII-I350 National | sone. Hr>th are being used on hi mans, but supplies arc scarce. Spirit Contacting Fails for Magician CHICAGO. March 14. (AP)— Ma-, cian Claude Noble's attempt to ontact the spirit of Clarence Darow failed again yesterday, the 10th Ime since tho famed criminal law- •cr's death on March 13, 1938. Noble, a 60 year old Detroit b»si- ^ssman, knolt on the lagoon bridge i Jackson Park, from which Darrow'.s ashes were scattered over the voters. He Intoned thn Lord's prayer, then asked Darow to rap on a xx>k, "How to Conduct p. Criminal ise," he held in his hand. Airplane Heard The drone of an ah-planc. overhead was heard as Noble, bareheaded, knelt for a minute as a raw Marcli wind whipped across the park, chilling a score of rcjx>rtcrs and others watching. Noble said he "didn't expect it to happen. But I hope the Lord maj somehow permit him (Darrow) to manifest himself." Darrow. Nobli and the. late magician, Howarc Thnrston, many years ago had agreed that the .survivor would tempt to contact the others once p year. -Their purpose was one debunking. Noble said, but each hopes of "some manifestation," th x)rd permitting, To Try in 1951 Noble, who lias returned to t! •ridge on the anniversary of Da ow's death every year except 9-18 and 1949. .said he would retui March 13, 1051. He also sa ic would try to contact Thur-sto t the mausoleum of Greenlari Cemetery in Columbas, O,, April 1 Child Actress Leaves Home Claiming Parents Starved Her HOLLYWOOD. Mnrcll 14. Ml — Lorn Lee Michel, nine-year-old child movie nclress, ran awny from her foster parents' home last night ntid deputies said she reiterated a rompluint that she was being sfaivcd so that she could play little <<irl roles. The sherllf's office reported Hint lie girl tied In her ymjamas last UK-it shortiy nfler Mrs. Lorraine hpJ, 55, her foalcr mother, had cfi hei saying her brdtlme prayers. Kiie was found by (lie Rev. Elford Sundstriun. pastor of the Unlit- Brethren Chmnh, in nenrby Hurbank. Tie phoned deputies. The minister loU! oHiccis that Lora Lee FREEDOM'S STAMP—'I'M? is the freedom National Capital commemorative stamp which will be placed on s;ile in Washington, April 20. The design shows the st.'ilnc of freedom which surmounts the dome nf Ihc* cnmiol Plane Wrecks Court MEMPHIS, Tom., March 14, (A 1 ) —A skittish little sports plane hopped off yesterday on ft flight of its own and crashed iiilo an apartment uihliug courtyard near the airport. Tho pilot less plane- a two-place Cessna—zoomed over the licM at a height of 30 feet. It was standing in front of an aviation school him or when its idle engine suddenly sjniUcvcd to tv lull-throated roar. Charles II. Ilardc'sty was knocked unconscious as the plane started its runaway flight. He was not seriously injured. Hardcsty said he was getting ready to park the craft when the engine hit ful! throttle. fertilizer Fails; One Killed, One Hurt MUSKOGEE, Okla,, March 14. (A 1 —Filly tons of commercial lertH izer tumbled down on two work' men Inst night, killing one ant critically injuring the other. iiLnh HiiLsoti, 27, was crushed t death by the hard phosphate, pot fish nnd nitrates. Bob Uernlinnll 32, suffered two broken logs am [Kj.ssiblc Internal injuries. Hoth wcr from Itfuskogec. The cave-in came as the tw bored holes in a huge mound o hard -packed fcrtili/er at the Con sunicr Cooperative Associatto plant. The^ action . was prcparntor to placing * dynamite slicks instd to blast the material loose so i could be loaded and .shipped. The victims were trapped insid a 50-foot high wooden bin. As the worked they stood atop a buldoxc The huge machine was wrecked. jir/ Burns to Death; Spectators Block Line AMITE, La'., March 14. (AP)— Pour-month-old JoEinn Chavers died ) - e,sterday in a blaze which foremen said they could not reach because of so many spectators. Charles Boyd, 52, a neighbor i-slied Into the burning rescued Luther Chavers, Jr., the girl's three-year-old brother. But he was not able to re-enter the house Mrs. Jessie Dunkin, "another neighbor, wn.s burned on the hands and face in an effort to reach th girl The fire was said to have slartct from a trash burner. At an indignation meeting last Marriage Ideals Spoiled By United States Women GAINESVILLE, Pin.—(/I 1 )—American women are spoiled, says Dr. Fcrihan Combed, Turkish-born ns- sociate professor at Uie University f Florida. "In America," she says, a woman thinks only of getting named. In Europe a woman thinks irst of Her career." Here doing i-ancer research, Dr. Cambc 1 says TurkIsh women who :ttend the Universities take military ruining in summer, learning ning, shooting, radar, nursing and food scivice, and many have entered aviation. "But 'vrong ideas you have about Turkey do not compare with ideas we ii i ve n rxiut Ai nr. r ic a. Yo u have oti-.-Tpliou ot the warped pic- titve of American life one gets from seeing only Hollywood movie. 1 ). Everyone lives in skyscrapers, ,wcarK furs and" there is gold in the streets." Suspension Is News To Susan Hayward HOLLYWOOD, Mnrcll 14. ( Susan Hayward has been suspendc by her studio, but she says It's new lo n«r Twentieth Century-Pox said 11 act;ess was taken off salary for re fusing to take n part In R movie be called "Stolla." "If this is true," said Miss Hay ward, "It's the first time In cpreer." ivcrt nt hl.s house In a cab* at JouL 10 o'clock (I J ST) last night. o quoted, her as raying: "I had to get nway. I couldn't stand It any longer." The itiinLstu' then told the rieim- tlc^ lliat the child saM she was- hiumry and lnul lost ten pounds in tho \nrt month. Ho said lie took lit-r to a itrivc-ln eafo and Ixjught her a cheese sandwich, a [ilece of pie and milk. Mrs. Michel had noted the child'* disappearance about 9:30 p.m. and, after a, frantic search of the neighborhood, notified the sheriff's office. Says STRETCH MILLER AU-GRAIN! NO SUGAR ADDED! (Jricsediecli A small elrctrlc llglil bulb Ic burning in a closet will reduce dampness. 01* •«* l (,«. tnwxy C. , St. louli 4, Ma. Nalurc has smiled upon this fine whisky! Rich, light Straight Kentucky Bourbon with that old-fashioned flavor.. ."Mellow 'as Moonlight",..Cascade is all Whisky, Straight Whisky...' . naturally good because it's naturally aged ...Try it today! Blind br tin. k.wtna Dismimc w»m. IMWJI«. \-\. • u HOOT, mis IHISM is * if»»s «vi "FROM THE LIFE AND VIGOR OF THE GRAIN"' | night. Fire Chief Joseph Tlinder chnrgecl lliat cnriasiLy seekers liad been'continually blocking traffic; al fires. Nash sales groiolh since the ivar has been more than 4 times as great as that of the Automotive Industry as a ivhole*, AV/.f/i ? Because Nasli has consistently led in the power parade—IniiWrr of valvc-in-head engines for a third of a century —a leader in lii^h compression, Because today iVash alone Iiniltis ,1 valvc-in- hen<] cnpinc nf 7.3 to 1 compression r.ilin lliat ulili/es regular gasnlinc. Why Nash? Flecausc Nash was frst wilh autoizialicaEly-controlled, pressurized healing and ventilation, probably the Creates! ain^fc health, comfort and safely fcalure of ihc modern anlomohiln. Ur.cnuw. today's iS'asii Wcadier Kyc rontH- linnrd Air Syslcm is slill first in eHtrirnry nnd in snfcl)—with fresh, nntainlrd nlr drawn from outside, above the engine CornnarlniciiU Sen Vowr \ftMfi 7'orfaff— r«A-<- am Airftytc ride ffftu'll discover A\'a*it cartt arc y Nash? rVcniiFC Nnsh lias Iccn firs! ami foremost in atlvnr.iling— and delivering — greater gasoline milc.igc. Bcransc IV-isli loilay InnMs a l>ip fultM^r rnr Elml drlivrrf mnrr tfian 25 milts lo llic gallon nt nvcrngr bifiliwny speed. Why AVis//? Hrcansc Nash was Hrsl fo mass-produce the Uniluerl, welded horly-and- I ramp car thai is more rigid, durable, safer an'd free of squeaks and rallies. RrraiiT Inil^y, 12 lifUinn owiirr mile," have pro-vnl llial IJiiitUnl IS'nsii Airfirlc ('on- filrurlinn h.i« ^cl n nr«- «tnrnTanI for long life- anil fcorifiinicnl opcr,nion. Why Rash? Uccausc lotlay's Nash Air- HE1E $ !7J1 89 ' Hytc cars by scicnlific wnul-tiinnM leal rjave ln-rn proved to have 20.7% less air (Ir.ij- thnn ihc average of 10 oilier cars Icslrrl— wilh noliccaMy less vvi ml-noise, less fnel consumption, and noticeably greater stability. Why AV/S/l? Because Nash was first to flllnrk the prrjfilern of rust hy fiondcri/iiig and !»)' more durable baked enamels. Hcrniifc lod.iy Ml slirct rnrTnT pnrlf nf • (Vi^li Airfljlc nrp ninny times more rcsislanl lo v,car nnd fa fling. ir/iy AVi.s/i? Because today's Nash Air- flj'les oiler more combined passenger an<l lug- pajzc space, dollar for dollar, than any other car. Why AV*s/i? Recausc Nash has hern years in the development of tlic oir interior. Tirst lo hnvo tliocnrvod, one-ruccc witulfclnVId on at! models, anrl Unifropr — and Inday is llie only car offering an Airliner Reclining Scat and Twin Hods. Tear's fir're*fejU Statesman Svp«r 2-Doof Severn Till AMBASSADOR . THf SIArfSMA^ firrnr Cnr* Slnrr Noi. 1 ! Alofort, Oniitnn Ho Scorch somclhing » little? Don't worry. Dampen tlio spots well, and leave garment beneath ultraviolet rays of a sun lamp for 10 niinutcs. Works like ina^ic on while things! lie careful wilh color; (.You can bleach a scorch, anil lake n sun bath, loo, for a penny's worth of electricity!) ' Clogged sink drains arc a nuisance—expensive, too. Try prevention. Run hot water down the drain after rinsing greasy dishes and pans—and a couple of times during the week, just for safety's sake. {for a few cents a <Iay, you can have gallons of hot water with an electric water healer!) ' Use the upholstery attachment ofyour vacuum cleaner to remove dust from radiators and registers, hack of your range and other hard- to-get-at places. Good for books and corners of drawers, too. {Didyou know you can clean six l<irgc rugs with one penny'f worth of electricity?) ' Sew an 8" strip of ihin white clolh (hemmed or even scalloped at the edge) along upper end of quills or comforters. Saves wear—and strip can easily be removed and washed. (ft costs only T/<j/l> of a coil for the electricity lo run your wteing machine tin hour!) ' It'.? soon time to store your electric blanket. Put it away In tlie box it came in, if possible— or one like it. Store in cool, dark place. Hut never put It awny ward, of course! - (.90 comfortable on cold nights—so. warm and light — and costs about //jc an hour to use!) ' Yes, eggs will keep frcslier in the crispcr ofyour refrigerator—or if you put ihem in an open dish or container at the bottom of [he food storage compartment. (Costs about jc for the dcclriclly that rcfrigef- 'ales yourfnoil for a week em/.) ' Give your radio hre.idiir,^ space—at least iwo inches from the back of the radio to Ihc wall. Kaclios overheat unless they have free circulation of air. (You can bare a full erciii'iig nf radio entertainment for a penny's irortb of electricity!) ' Cle^n toasicrj work better' —And longer, loo. Never place in water or shake violently. Clean out crumbj with a soft brush. Disconnect before cleaning, of course! (One cent's north r,f electricity ti'ill fot/st j5 iliccs itf bread, if ymtr family's that * There's Much of Tomorrow in All Nash Docs Today i SHELTON MOTOR COMPANY 215 So, Secortd — Blyfheville *' nas<-irt nn ArrrARf Household Rales, "MKKT COHMSS AKCMKK" for delightful comedy. CBS, Sundays, 8 P.M., Central Tim& Ark-Mo

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