The Kansas City Times from Kansas City, Missouri on December 5, 1957 · Page 4
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The Kansas City Times from Kansas City, Missouri · Page 4

Kansas City, Missouri
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 5, 1957
Page 4
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THE KAXSAS CITY TIMES. THURSDAY. DECEMBER 5, 1957. By Landon Laird. A SCHOOL-GOING family is that of the Rev. and Mrs. Clifton Walker of nearby Camden, Mo., which is southwest from Richmond, Mo., in Ray County. Mr. Walker is a senior at William Jewell college, Liberty, and is pastor of the Camden Baptist church. His wife is enrolled in a correspondence course with the University of Missouri, Columbia. She teaches the fifth and sixth grades at the Birmingham school, south of Liberty. Ronald Walker, 15, a son, is ii sophomore at the Orrick high school, Orrick, Mo Pamela Walker, 11, a daugh ter, and Carter Walker, 7 another son, arc sixth anc second graders, respectively at the Camden elementary school. Clifton Walker plans to keep studying after he is graduated from William Jewell. He then will attend the Central Baptist seminary Kansas City, Kansas. « • • • • O N the subject of schools pupils and teachers in the East Platte grade schoo at Linkville treasure a letter they received from Thomas Hart Benton, artist, on the subject of his picture “The Kentuckian.” A print of “The Kentuckian” was purchased last year by the teachers for the school, Mrs. Ed Conrad, fourth gradi teacher, heading the commit^ tee that made the selection. The picture was hung in several classrooms, but the fourth grade pupiLs kept asking Mrs. Conrad questions about it Mrs. Conrad finally compiled a list of the questions most frequently asked and sent the list to Mr. Benton at his summer home in Chilmark. Mass. The questions and Mr. Benton’s hand-written answers follow. “Where are the man and boy going?” “They are going to Texas.” “What kind of gun is the man carrying?” “A Kentucky long rifle. As you probably know, this kind of gun is loaded from the muzzle.” “Did you use live models?”| “Yes. The model for the man was the actor, Burt Lancaster^ I’ve forgotten the name of the boy but he was a boy actor who played the part of Burt’s son in the movie, The Kentuckian’.” “What is the boy carrying?” “He is carrying a hunting horn.” “Was the original picture done in oil or water color?” “In oil and nearly life size.” Mr. Benton added the pleasant note: “I’m glad that Mrs. Conrad’s class likes the picture.” WINS EASILY IN TUiKEY. Nation«! Asstmbly Back* Up M«nci»r«s Program. Ankara, Dec. 4.(AP) — Pre-. mier Adnan Menderes called today fo'r a program of austerity, rigid domestic controls and a firm alliance with the West, and wf>n a 403-133 vote of confidence from the National Assembly. The vote came more than five weeks after Menderes and his Democratic party won its third general election victory in seven years. Menderes outlined the new government’s program as a continued drive for Turkey’s self-sufficiency, for more price controls and for a crackdown on what he called irrespon- •ible opposition. In foreign policy he stressed friendship with th^ United States and with other NATO a^ 1 Baghdad Pact allies. He warned the nation again of Soviet designs on Syria. A BANDIT TAKES |i,000. Detroit, Dec. 4.(AP)—A holdup i-ian handcuffed two women employees in a washroom and walked out of American Sav ings and Loan association with about S6,000 today. REPLY ON SCIENCE PLAN. Foundation Dirftctor Sayt Mu••um Proposal Hat Morit. A proposal by Dr. Kenneth W. Prescott, director of the Kansas City Museum, that museums be supplied with exhibits on scientific subjects is being studied by the National Science foundation. Dr. Prescott wrote President Eisenhower recently setting forth his ideas. He received a reply from the President and yesterday received a letter from Allen T. Waterman, director of the National Science foundation, saying that Dr. Prescott’s proposal is being considered. “The program of continuing museum exhibits which you envisioned would fit in with this broad objective (keeping citizens informed on scientific PFANUrS Sa¥(/t subjects),” the letter said in part. EIGHT SEEK POSTOFFICE. Washington, Dec. 4.(AP)— The Civil Service commission disclosed today the names^of these eight applicants for the postmastership at Cameron, Mo.; Charles G. Morrison, Charles S. Estep, Sherrie R. Wages, Harry G. Thompson, John R. Chrisman, Donald H. Gross, Charles R. Ockler and Roy E. Livingston. ------------- ^------------READ AND USK STAR WANT ADS. Too Early With an Opinion Of His Regard for Bank D ENVER, Dec. $600a-month 4.(AP)—A official of the Central Bank & Trust Co., described in a house organ last August as a man “who thinks a lot of Central bank,” was in lail today accused of embezzling $71,575 over a .5-year span. Leonard C. Hart, jr., 30, waived a preliminary hearing before Harold Oakes, U. S. commissioner, late yesterday and was held in lieu of |7,500 bond. The FBI said Hart admitted looting bank funds since February 1, 1953. The bank publication “Centralite” printed a profile article on Hart which said in part: “He’s c-^rtain there are very few places where a young man has a great opportunity—and he can prove it.” Hart, father of three children, was assistant cashier and manager of the bookkeeping department at the bank. Max D. Brooks, bank president, said Hart made no accounting of what happened to the money. He said the young official livea modestly. A trained Ad Taker U waltinR now at BA. 1-5&00 to assist Tou In placing vour Star Want Ada.-Ad. Above Satchmo Description, L ONDON, Dec. 4.(AP) — Princess Margaret, once described by Louis (Satchmo) Armstrong as “a real hep chick,” today received the ultimate honor for musical highbrows—an honorary doctorate of muslt. The degree was conferred at London university by t^ueen mother Elizabeth in her honorary capacity as the university chancellor. There was a gallery of capped and gowned college dons and cheering students. The 27-year-old princess stood for eight minutes, her arms folded before her, as the university orator, Prof. J. R. Sutherland, introduced her. She heard her musical tastes described as “Catholic —ranging from Mozart to the calypso and from opera to the songs of Miss Beatrice Lillie and Tom Lehrer.” Then she knelt while her mother placed the white watered silk and scarlet hood of the doctorate around her shoulders. “This,” said Princess Margaret, “is an important and exciting occasion for me. “It is important because it is my first degree. It is also exciting for me to feel the sense of excitement that graduates have felt when I have conferred degrees on them.” Persons with unhealed cuts or open wounds on the hands should not engage in the preparation of food; unnoticed infected hands are a major cause of food poi.soning. Kline’s Basement Shop 9s30 At M. to 8:30 P.M. Today for Great Savings in Our DOLLAR DAY SALE Sorry, No Phon« or Mail Orders on Dollar Day Items (Unless specified otherwise) \ S49.95-S59.95 SAMPLE Coats 29 90 Holidoy volue« in warm woolen coots. The lotesi in clutches or »limlinii foshions In your favorite tweeds, fleeces, plushes or wool ond coshmere. Showroom samples. Siies t-18 iiicliided in the group. ’2 HOLDS IN lay away C,nnt$, W ninni Laditt' 1.00 First QNality F. F. NYLON HOSE Sheer nyton holier'. New winter ■ihaaes. 51 rauRe 15 denier. Stres SI.5S ImpertU Wool HEAD BANDS for 1 50 100% wool icnlt head warmer* with pretty felt MODliqu« trim. Rtf. $1 Oift COSTUME JEWELRY Necklace*, e a r rings or bracelets boxed for giit giving. Assorted, Ladlts* 55« Ex-Slzt RAYON PANTIES Band ot a i a s h style« for the mature ttrure. Asstd. colors. Sizes 8-ML 8. 9 and 10. Ladi*s’ $1.59 W«ol TV SLIPPER SOX 1 Warm and pretty wool knit sox with Ipathpr soles snd yarn pmT>rol(1cry tnm. Red, green, wh i t e or blue. S-M-L. Ladles' $2.98 Corduroy SLIM JIM PANTS Washabie Corduroy rapri pants in assorted colors & sizes. Ivy buckle bark A xipper opening. 10-1K. Reg. $3.98 Orion SWEATERS Dry In a hurry orlon ! No ÎMZïinjt or pilMniz. Cardigans or slipons in beautiful colors. 34 to 40. Rtf. 5.98 to 7.98 SAMPLE SKIRTS 3 99 Rich woolen fabrics tn flared, straight line or p^leated skirts. Plain. Striped or rweed. Rig. $8.98 All Wool PLAID PROSPECTOR JACKETS $ 5 Warm, lav plaids in aasoited colors. Siieij for Misses and Women. Res;. $3.99-$5.98 Rayon FAILLE or FLANNEL JUMPERS *2-*3 Coat or sheath style jumpers with novelty trims. 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Pink, Mack. blue. w}>lte oc Oyecf-Processed Moufoii Lamb Fur Coats 39 99 pit)« • First quality pelts O Roll collor & 7 pockets • Deep turn-bacic cuffs • Rich, rayon taffeta lining • In rich taupe or brown • Lustrous and long wearing Furt, Wninnt Reg. $1 Scalloped 33” SILK BLEND SCARVES Rayon A silk blrnd 33” scar\es with .«icalloppd sold edge A design. Reg, 39e' 18" SILK BLEND SCARVES Rayon A silk blend> imported squares. Assortment of beautiful patterns A colors. SSome scaH^e^ Ladies’ $1 Irreg. FABRIC GLOVES Ladies' sman fabric gloves, .slightly Irrrg., In assorted colors and all sizes. Re¿. $2.50 BOXED CUFF LINKS Already iwxed for Christriias giving. Beautiful as.sort- ment of novelty deKigns. _____________ Ladies’ $2.59 Embossed Cotton Duster for $ 3 Prcttv duster with floral trim and novelty but- ton.s. Pink or blue. Sizes: 12 to 20. Ladies’ $1.29 Rayon TRICOT PETTICOATS *1 Soft, smooth ra.von tricot in pink. blue, maize or white. Black lace trim. Makes a preMy gift Sizes: g M-I... Qlrls’ 1.39 Nylon Horsehair Pettieoats $ 1 Girls’ bouffant nylon honehair petticoats. Pink and white. 8i«es 4 to 14. Girls’ & Tots’ $1.29 Wool TV SLIPPER SOCKS $ 1 O e n uIne leather soies A side walls ribbed tups and embroidery trim. Tol!«’ 5-6'/4, girls’ 7-8-9. $2.9S-$}.»8 T.ts' SPORTS « PLAYWEAR A verj fabulous line of winter B lay wear for tols. uth x>vx’ and & iris’ crawlers )xer |(»ngles or b i b a I I s . A.ssd. «•oUtrs and sizes. Boys’ 1.29 Sanforized DENIM BOXER JEANS *1 Sanforized bine denim jeans with elas^icized waist. Snap front opening with zipper. Sizes 4-12. Boys' Reg, SI.29 POLO SHIRTS liOng Blefve crew neck puluK that are completely washable A colorfast. Asst, stripes A colors. Sixes: 6 to 16. Boys’ Ret;. 1.59 WOOL SLIPPER SOCKS All wool upper with genuine leather soles. Kach pair boxed for gift giving. Colors of red, chari'ttal, navy or brown. Sizes: 7-8-9. 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Men’s 69e Sanforized BOXER SHORTS For *1 Sanfonxed stwrt» in large assortment oi pateernt. Ass’t. colors, mrns 28-44. Men’s 2.99-4.91 Irr. LONG SLEEVE SPORT SHIRTS 1 99 Oay prints and plaids with ■ forward look. Washable. Sizes S-M-T.r XI.. Men’s 2.59 Cotton Zippered SWEAT SHIRTS $2 and evenings, ey, red. and white. 1. and High quality sweat shirta with c<»llar xipper neck Fleece hned. blue, vellow Sizes i, M. Boys’ $1.59 Ivy League SPORT SHIRTS Long sleeve, hl- count broadcloth, button down collar, double roke I» assorted ivy stripes. 6 to 16. Boys’ Cotton SWEAT SHIRTS* $ 1 Strong durable sweat shirts to keep him warm and take > h e knocks. Sizes 6 to 16. Tolt’ 1.29 I ( 2-Pc. Flannelette SLEEPERS Tots' wa.shable flannelette sleepers in solid colors of pink, vellow or blue with print trim. Sixes: 1-4 and 2-8. Min’i 3.S(-4.9I irrt{. L/S ORLON SWEATERS 299 Slight in egulars ot ;:lip - on sweaters with V-neck and long sleeve*. Assortment of colors. Sl^es S-M-L Men’s 1.98 Lone Sleeve SPORT SHIRTS 2 950 for L Sanforizi“d sport shirts with convertible collar and one pocket. Terrific assortment of plaids and colors. Sizes S-M-U Men^s Reg. 79c S-T-R-E-T-C-H SOCKS First quality, 100«o nvlon in fine assortment of patterns and colors. One size fits all. Men’s 5.98 GABARDINE Crease resist ant. Otey, blue, c h a rcoal, tan brown and skipper. Waist 29-42. Men’s TV Fold Initial HANDKERCHIEFS 3.r»1 BeautituJ. hand i-olled TT handkerchiefs in handsome gift box. Perfect Un girts. Men’s 2.98 Sanforized FLANNEL SPORT SHIRTS $J99 Sanf. rotion flannel sport siiirtK with satin v«*e. convertible collar A 2 pockets. Season's smartest plaid.«. S-M-L-XI^. Men’s 39o Irree. NOVELTY SOCKS prs. »1 sturdy washahl« cotton hoaiery. A»sorted colors. Sizes 10H to 13. Men’s 50e Knit Briefs and Undershirts Combed c • 11 o n, full cut Undershirts — alze* 3446. Cotton briefs sizes S-M-L. Tots’ 79e Irregylar KNIT POLO SHIRTS Ny 1 o R reinforced siriped polo shirts. Sizes 1-3: 3 8. eirls’ 39c Cotton CHALLIS PANTIES Dainty floral priniK in pink, blue or orchid on while background. Sizes: 4-14. 1.95 Nyltnlzfd Rayon Tricot SLIPS & PETTICOATS Attractive shadow ran« slip with lace tnm. White— Sizes 32 te 40. Laditt’ Tie COTTON KNIT PANTIES / # Warmth without weight in cozv un­ dies made of finest ♦ombefi cotton ▼ams. P t n k or white. Sizes s-M-L. Ladies’ 39c 2«Bar RAYON TRICOT BRIEFS Brief style in aa- sorted c o i o r s. Sizes 6. b and 7. Ladies’ 1.29 Rayon TRICOT GOWNS $ 1 Quick drving. no-iron n> Ionized ravon tricot gowns with ruffle and embroidery trim and clasti<ized waistline. Pink, blue, maize or mint. Sizes: S-M-L. Tots’ Long Sleeve POLO SHIRTS for 1 50 Ijong sleeve, crew neck polo shirts in assorted colors and patterns Sizes 4- 6-6x. Girls’ 1.19 Cotton GIFT BLOUSES Know a little girl 7 to 14? She’ll love iheae little washable blouses. Assorted styles * colors. Girls’ 50e Cotton KNIT PANTIES Fine combed cotton panties bartacked at points of strain for long wear. Full cut. Dot We crotch Sizes': 4-16. Tots’ 1.29 Sanfcrized DENIM BOXER JEANS $ 1 Blue Di-nim leans with orfnge ctitch- ing a r> d elastic with orn w8i.stbar d. 2 to 6x Girls’ $8.98 Hooded CAR COATS $099 Tvrolean trimmed car coats, water- repellent * spot resistant Sixes 78-10-12-14. In Red. Turquoise or sand. Tots' I.S5 1 t 2-rc. v'y KNIT SLEEPERS 2.r*3 Heavy weight cotton knit garment that i :rows with the child’s eg Pink. blue, maize or mint 1-pc. Sixes: 3-4-5-6. 2-pc. fixes: 2-3-4. S(ieciA{ Vwidum SM IVY-BUCKLERS NEVER BEFORE PRICED SO Z .... , .................. 2 pairs fôr $5 • Block on block sole • Block on white sol« • Grey on block sole The important Brushed Buck look! The Buckle in Back yei oan wear opien or olosed! On Bouncy feelinf long'wear soles! # PKon* HA. Î-7900 iwrly m. or n^oil ordar on 2 . or more. Basement Shne», Mnin SHOP AS LATE AS 8:30 PM TONIGHT FOR THESE $1 DAY VALUES

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