The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 26, 1950 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 26, 1950
Page 6
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FACE SIX BI/1THEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER THURSDAY, OCTOBER M, 1999 Disgusted by Peaceful Operation W/iat-f he-He// Landing ; Rt HKM 1'RTCK '? \VON r SAN, Korea. Oct. 26. (rt->— | Baffled Riid disgusted U. S. Marines ambled ashore here today in "Op- frallon What-the-HeH." ' > That war, their private description of the maneuver which sent j them ashore in dribteta on mi east coast beach where the situation was already well In hand. ; Growled Lt. Raymond J. Elledgc of San Gabriel. Calif.: ; , "Nobody likes to get shot at gotiiB •shore, but this isn't the way the Marine Corps works. Tnis is more like an Army Job." i Said Lit. Earl D. DeLong of Norfolk, Va., and Philadelphia: • "It's kind of a disappointment. You know you get all keyed up to do something then there Is this ]et down." When this operation was planned it was to have been a slarn bang affair on Oct. 20 against R well fortified peninsula sticking northward across the mouth of this important port, one of the best in Korea. By the time the Marines arrived, however, Republic of Korea (ROK) troops had swept through the town and on to the north and west. So for six tra days the larpe convoy earring troops and supplies sailed up and down the Japanese sea, cruising at eight knots. The Marines asked ironically: "Is this trip necessary?"* Pools were made up aboard ship each night as to what time the world would be passed U> roverse course. Before actual landing, the whole thing had become a huge joke. Field in Operation The Marines just couldn't see landing to seize an airfield, their initial objective, which already was In operation by the First. Marine Air win?. En route to their anchorage for the dawn landing, the Marines lightened the otherwise duU opcra- ttion by shouting Insults at the battleship Missouri. As their ship, the TJSS Picknway, passed astern of the Battleship, the Marines yelled' "Where's Harry? "How do you people like shore duty?" "Hey, mudbank, hQw'd you get out here. That's deep water." The Marines were cheerful enough as they landed. But they doubted profoundly and profanely the ancestry of whoever it was that ordered the operation, carried 1 out a- falnst a peaceful shore. It didn't make the Marines my happier cither to learn the Army's Tenth Corps, which had set up headquarters In Wonsaji. had named the main drag "MacArthur Boulevard." The Tenth Corps is the operational command for the Marines, the Seventh Army Division and the ROK divisions on the east coast. . - 'As., the convoy arri vcd j\ t its an - cborage 'the Marines noted with rnock alarm thn buoys marking (he 3,000 yard wide channel through the Extensive mine field, To sweep (his peaceful harbor cost four mmeswceprs. Once on thn trip up the convoy was forced off course slightly by the presence of three floating mines. Had any of the troop ships struck one, nearly 2,000 men might have been lost. County Judge Named LITTLE ROCK, Oct. 26. TAP) Governor McMnth has appointed D. W. Lowery of Ashdown a.s Little River County Judge. Lowery succeeds the late Judge "J. R. Jo] in son. Hell serve to Jan. 1. Massachusetts Voters Will Decide State Lottery to Pay Pension Hike BOSTON, Oct. 26. chusetts voters ballot )—Mass*-* next month on the question of going into the gambling business with R state lottery. The tuiesUon comes up hy litiiia- Uve petition for a lottery to help finance old age assist mice, if It Massachusetts would be the only state in the union with an official stale lottery. The Initiative—filed under a constitutional provision which gives the people the right to initiate laws — was sponsored by the Massachusetts Society for Old Age Pension!;. The society has a second Snitia five on the same Nov. 1 ballot—to fix minimum OAA payments at $15 a month, to make aliens eligible 1 , and to relieve children of legal responsibility lo .support their parents. It also would reduce the eligible .iRfl from 65 to 03. Tf (lie tottery law passes—and only a handful of the dozens of initiatives which have been voted on in the last 30 years have been de- Tentedthe state will be reaching back more than 100 years. It was in 1811 that the public lottery V.KS authorized — to vaLsc Slfi.COO for public improvements in the town of Plymouth. That lottery ran for nine years. t It paid out $8B(i,'l3fl.75 In prizes. And it raised $9,87G.n for the Improvements. Ma.ssarhusetUs voted lotteries out in 1833. Pennsylvania banned them the same ycnr. a;id New York banned (hem the following ycnr. Louisiana ran them as late nx I8f>2. Thp question Is so loucliy that the Massachusetts lesistnlure ducked a vote on the issue In Its last session. The state constitution requires both House and Senate to vote on initiatives by the first Wednesday in June, The House let the da te go by without calling the two questions up for a vote. Malvern Man Guilty Of Liquor Manufacture MAI.VEKN. Ark., Ort. 26. OPj- defcndant whose attorney unsuccessfully sought disqualification the presiding Judge was acquitted here yesterday of a charge of man u fa during liquor. He was Krnest Illxon. The Jury deliberated 15 minutes. Hixon's attorney Monday asked Circuit Judge Uoy Dimuscr to disqualify himself on ground that the investigation Telephone Rate Hearing Delayed PSC Consideration Of Increases Set To Resume Nov. 2 MTTLK ROCK. Oct. 26. Ml—The People of Moviedom Pay Final Tribute to an Idol—AI Jo/son HOLLYWOOD. Oct. 26. M';—The when he died, arranger Harry Aksl people of movledom—from the big- and accompanist Martin Pried, producer lo (lie lowliest script j Others on Ihe augmented list arc boy—pay final tribute today to an Idol of an era, the one and only billing the old Jazz singer would want, and n MI o v" ^ " " i "• L ' 1 thousand* are expected to walk past Publir Servk-e CnmrnlwLon bas re- the ca sket In Temple iwacl for nearly on Southwesternl a last look nl lne ma ' n who ]fnm ^[ Al jol.son. That's Ilio ihowman'i »st»U will b« more thin $4,000.000—with mo»l of it foing U> Jewish, Catholic «nd Protcstent chart tU». HI* widow «nd two utopt- •d «oni, AM Jr., Hi, tad Albert, 1«, were left truit fund*. ni i Roll telephone Company 8 application for an Arkansas rate Increase. Grcss-examlriatkm of compatiy R', who te.stlMed in support of the petition for an annual $4 - G20.000 rate b', will be Nov. 2. resumed Judge which directed the led In Hixon' ImUclment. nanu.ser rejected the motion. General to Speak PORT WORTH. Tex.. Oct. 26. f/Pi — LI. Gen. James A. Vnn Fleet, commander of the 90th Division (hat captured Metz in a hitler World War II battle in Germany, will speak at. the division's reunion here Nov. 10-12. Police Interrupt Sale Of 'Protection Insurance' The postponement yesterday was reo.ue.sted by Thomas B. Fitzhugh, special PSC counsel, who saici additional lime would be required to prepaid lor cross-examination of 10 company witnessed still to return to the .stand, An estimated "three or four" days will be rct|Uircd for completion of cross-examination after the hearing i.s re-convened. nirctrl testimony by witnesses for opponents cf the rate Increase will begin Nov. 21. The rom miss ion yesterday ordered opposing attorneys to submit briefs relating to a motion that Southwrs- 1IANNOVKR. On-many, OC.-L 26. tA't— Police at Dlcpholz nrre.iled -ml ^fccL on enterprising German ' ~ inerease-s—nlrearty |W " t Pramotions Announced On Jonesboro Sun Staff .JONHSBORO, Ark.. Oct.. 2«. (A>i— FYrri D. Troull. ndilDi of the Jonps- l)orn Sun. today announced the promotion of Eugene Smith to managing editor. John TrouU, Jr., wns named city editor. Smith hns been with the Sun editorial stnri the past thirteen years, with the exception of four yonrs spent in the Nttvy, Troutt is a graduate of the University of Ar- kans.v; "'«! served as editor of the Traveler, student publication, in 19-W-sn. At the same time, Hurry McDonald, assistant advertising mnnaKcr tor the p:i,sl seven years, was named advertising manager. Siren Stoft'n ASHTABUT.A. O.. Oct. 2fi. (<\' t — Ashtahiila police listen tn sirens with suspicion these days. The city's $400 air vairi siren, purchased during World War IT. i.s mtesmu. Officials said a new one would cost two-fifths of the present $1,000 civilian defense budget. Diesel Expert Killed QUANAH. Tex., Oct. 26. (in — A Diesel power expert diet! In thr; tangled wreckage of a locomotive yesterday as rescue workers tried to r,ut him free with torches. Jack E. Hollis, about 54. of Fort Worth was fatally injured and tlirce other persons hurt when the Fort Worth and Denver City's Gulf Coast, Limited smashed into a boxcar on a siding here. Marriage Licenses The following couples obtained marriage licenses yesterday at the office, of Miss Elizabeth Blyihc. county clerk; William R. Prolwsco of Fnhficld. III., nud Miss Rcba Joan Ellis of Benny in Royal Show LONDON. Oct. 26. r..p—Jack Benny and Dinah Shore will appear before King Georae and Queen Eliza- , both in the royal variety show here Cioff, 111. Niv. 13. Other American artists in- Lawrence msxcll juui Mrs. Ka- vitcd to appear are Alan Jones, j thcrine Hassell. both of Riythcville. Helen, T.allagber. Kaye Ballard. David Lober and Jonathan Lncas. With the Courts Ch.irvcry: Dolly Ruth O'Dnnnon vs. William n. O'Bannon. suit for divorce. Felix Moslcy v.^. Nazie P'rnnrn.^ ^!<^?!^.v. suit for divorce. Nrllie Robertsoji vs. VV. Clarence Rcbertson. suit for divorce. J?mcs William Campbell vs. Audrey Marcella Cainptell. Sllil fur divorce. Mabel Marie Hopper vs. Cliesler l>, Hd[>j;er. suit for divorce. Martin F. McCoruiick V5. Antie Helm McConnick. stlit for divorce. Virciiil: (Civil) S. L. Tubbs vs. Highway K:-;|iross Inc.. and Robert poppclton, damage suit. EKSO Standard oil Co. vs. W. E Wallace, suit to collect SI .000 debt. The smn lies! shoo storked by the U.S. Army for snlrficTK in .Japan if= sr/.e 3 ami the larerst sizo 15'^ EKEE. Straight Kentucky Bourbon in all i/.s Glory I 14 fir |A94 ^•I.SQt. *IM. Sf. MKICtU S1IME« SKHDM »HIS([T i« jiu.t usiiuiw ci.,iuMrMi, Draughon Tra'.ning Nets Profitable Job This is an other yonns [aciy \vi\o now holds profit able oinplos- inent tlirontth lrninin« re<' e i v c cl at D r a tl s li o n School of BlJMNCSS. She is Miss Mary R u I h Grist, daughter of Mr. aiut Mrs. Jnc Grist of F;nglancl, Arkansas. Immediately after graduation from England High School, Miss Grist enrolled in tht Secretarial Course at nrauslhon's. She is now employed by the Scott Paper Box Company in Little Hock. The business world offer • wide range of oportnnitics for young people of intelligence and proper (raining. Draiiphon School nf Business tearhes business as business is actually <tone, Ihns effectually training its students for the more preferred positions. The prauglion School is the only private business college in Arkansas that is fully accredited and approved by the .Slate Department of Education. Now in ils 491h continuous vear of oper- alion, it is one of Hie oldest business training schools in the South, and points with pride to more than 50.000 graduates. If you desire information regarding >ny branch nf business truning, write DRAUGHON SCHOOL OF BUSINESS, Litlle Dork, Arkansas. There is no obligation whatever on your part. Soccer ^c« Penalized ROMP. Oct. 26. (>P) — ArRentine soccer star Dionisio Arc* h»s been a group of immicipalilies opposing the in- i-roaEf. contended that .since subscribers are billed a month in ad- f<i so many of the songs America lias Joved in the past 40 years. Fans aud casual friends will have two hours from 9 to 11 a.m.—to view the body of "Mr. Show Business, 1 ' !ylnn with the tallith shawl draped over his shoulders in memory of his cantor father. At H a.m. the temple noors will be closed and only relatives and close friends of Jolson will be permitted to attend the services, scheduled to start at noon. Rabbi Max Nussbaum, assisted by Cantor Saul will officiate. Jolson's old friend, comedian-film producer George Jes-sel, will give the eulogy. At (be request of the widow— .lolson's fourth wife. Erie Galbraith —flowers will be absent. She urged that the money be sent instead to the American Heart Association. It was a heart attack last Monday night iii San Francisco that closed the FH-year-old snnwman's career After several changes in plans it \vas decided that there will be no long [uneral procession. The body will he interred temporarily at I3elh Otam Cemetery in Hollywood, penning construction of a family vault at Hillside Memorial Park near in- glewood. The 10 active pallbearers Include the two men who were with Jotson Harry Brand and Harry Colm, film executives; I/Mils Epstein, the singer's manager for 35 years; Nathan Kramer, Arthur Stebbins, John Steinberg and Maurice Aroff, all of Hollywood; and Al Goetz of New York. The Honorary panuearcrs' list. numbering 57, read like a who's who o/ show business. It included jack Kenny. Edgar Rentm, Sheriff KU- Reiie Biscailuz, Kddie Cantor, Bins Crosby. Cecil B. De Mille, Bob Hope. Jessel, Groucho Marx.- ixmfs B. Mayer. William Paley of CBS. Joseph Schenck. Darryl Zahuck and the Warner Brothers, Harry and Jat-k. It was Carry Colin, president of i Columbia Sturiio, who helped boost ,/olson to a new pinnacle of sue* cess with "The Jolson Story. 11 An indication of how successful that was in real life came in weekly Variety's NOW York report that the USED BARGAINS 1 Used Oil Range, A Burner I Used Wood Range, 6 Ey« 1 Used Welder — Cow* Shape 1 Used Trailer, with Tire* 1 Used Concrete Mixer With Gasoline Motor ............ 1 Used Hlock Maker with (Males, Make* all ftize Mocks. '30.00 '22.00 '187.50 '139.95 '125.00 '35.00 Jim Brown Stores Inc. Blytheville, Ark. ^^^^ l] ^ S Negroes Oppose All Amendments the payment for the period between Sept. 21 and Ocl. 1. Former President Of-Cuba Dies at 67 HAVANA. Cuba. Oct. 26. M>> _ Fnimcr President. Miguel Mariano Come/, died nt tils siibnrbnn fioinc here enrly todiiy. He was 151. dome/ underwent brain surgery It) New York last August and was brought home in critical condition He U survived by his widow three daughters. and Robbery Attack Fatal NORTH LITTLE ROCK, Oct. 26. 10-year-old i LITTLE ROCK. Oct. 26. (AP) — The head of organized Negro Democrats in Arkansas opposes adoption ol any of the proposed constitutional amendments and initiated acts whlch'l! be on the ballot fit the Nov. 7 general election. Dr. J. M. Robinson, president of the Arkansas Negro Democratic As- : sociation, snid .so in a letter to association county leaders. i He also urged .support of all Democratic nominees, citing the [ "obligations assumed by UA when '•. we volcd in the Democratic pri- i One of the measures opposed by ] Dr, Robinson previously had at- • traded little noticeable opposition.' That's the amendment to increase' terms of officeholders from two lo = four year*. : The others are the proposed pro- ! and the : first: — John W. Ede *roc*r. died last niRlit after having been beaten by robbers four days suspended for (Ive playing days by ter. said her father was attacked An:e bounced Die tau otl the ret- In his store last Saturday ' hibUinn aad livestock law.i crcc's face during nn argument in Approximately $135 was tn'kcn, she amendment TAKE YCil * VALV2S TO 1.45 See our complete line of Hardware—at low, low prices! LAWN SWEEPER 26.95 21-ln. Sweep 4 Bu. Hamper Swi'i'p.i as yon rush! Savtji time and work. Swisho? up twitr?, IPAVPJC, papers, etc. Kasy to push, RdjusUWc, U)" Tvbrels. SAVE! WHEELBARROW O 4Q O.H3 WEEDMASTER Cu. Fl. Troy lr«l Whctl FENCER 75 95 Compare! Meavy-paiige spam- Ipss stppl trsy; varnishrd harclwoo.l frame. Braced and •reinforced. IC-in. steel wheel. 1-lMi RURAL MAIL (OX 2.49 Si a ml a rH ,« \ 7. e . (ralv. anrf alnm- i n 11 in painted. Approved for rural routes. t-eis; Original double -duly hi-line fencer. No moving parls. Charges up to 15 miles for 3c to 9c per month. HO V.. AC. •«H. U. S. 0<l:<. GRAIN SCCXDP 2.89 Western s t v ] *>. Ha.< N'o. R h' with rihnnnp<i bottom, "fipp" urip handle. I )J!0 JunRrowQ ^^J ^^^* ^^^J * ^W^^^rT OTMMi 105 WEST MAIN PHONE 584 . Ark. AT YOUR SOUTHERN AUTO STORE \BATTERY EASY TERMS GET YOURS TODAY! Get yours today... with thl« exceptional guarantee! Ready your car for winter with ft dependable, longer lasting battery. .. Insure top performance in the coldest weather. SHOP AND SAVE TK* S«uth«rn Auto Way. Speedometer Cable and Housing Assembly Fits Most All Cars Hydraulic BRAKE FLUID Pints for Only 38' Ford & Mercury '41-'48 FLOOR MATS $348 MUD FLAPS $1.98 Value $2.39 Valu. $1.88 $1.68 Windjammers Asst. Colors— Pair Only 24 C Brake Liners Fit* Most All Mod.It Ch«v. Mercury & Ford Cold Patching Kits *•* I. 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