Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on April 17, 1891 · Page 5
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 5

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, April 17, 1891
Page 5
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Not to be Overlooked. NDTHKBS .ndBABIES MABBHAPPYI' By u»Ing SEKIX- • BACH'S ' NSW Patent Adjustable. COACH. "COnCH .' »B<t CBADLBI -wllti I PAVILION 1 TOP, | New nnd Safe Wttctl- CUSHION.and'otlier '• decided IMPROVEMENTS. Salutary Xtform <tn Baby Coae'net.' SEAT IN'! In addition to our many departments tBBD! *JNG MADE EASY I INFANTS STOT TORTUKKDTYHSST IfALLISQ ASLEEP WHILE SEATED 1 JltTW DISTURBED In their SLUMBER 1 PROTECTION ngnlnrt ALL CONTINGENCIKS^ XT«nr Oo«ch V?ARRANTKD for ONE YKARI BEST MATERIAL and WOBKM AKSHIP 1 Non« SUPERIOR I None more PRACTICAL !> C»u b« ued X^VELYB monllu In tUc Y'5-iM' ' •'we have'added a complete, assortment of Baby Carriages, Ranging in price to suit the most eceonomical pur- chaser. Before purchasing kindly in- spect our assortment. The Grand Bazaar. \ Remember our 25-oent Cuspi- dores are now on sale. MONEY TO LOAN! And Notes Bought In any sum over Sffi at lowest rates. Large amounts 6 per cent. GEO.B.FORGY. d&w d&w DR. W. D. SNOW, OFFICE nnd Residence 102 Pawnee St. LOGANSPORT, • - - IND. Special Attention Given to Acute and Chronic Diseases andKseases ol -Women and Children. Consultation Free. Night Bell Prompt!? Responded to. DR. E. M. HATCH, — HOMCEOPiTHIiX — Physician andjSurgeon. Office, McCaffrey Block Broadway Cor. Sixth St. Residence, 1122 High Street, Logansport, Ind. aprld&wlm M O N E Y, a«ner»l Iimnrano* and Loazu. All klnd« of In- "inranoe plooad ID nrst «!B*C companies. Endowment policKsf T J "«'»S'Hod, Bonde of (nfeCyel. nintm tor partfef holding posltlen* of trun fbftre & bond IH S. 319 PEABJL ST. M. Closson. MONEY TO LOAN, o any »mn >,l thft LOWEST raws Private toci only, Money HlwBye la bond. No t61 tape or del»y Interest and principal payable-In I,ogaii»- pjrt. Special nrranftemente' as to payment of principal and IntBrttst, made to s'olt t*\e wlshe«ot borrower, for further particulars apply to Fred W. Munson, On Mondays, Fridays or Saturdays. 214 Fourth street, opposite Court House. F. M. BOZER.D. D. S. DENTIST. Office O-ser J. Herz> Tnilorins Establishment, 409 Market Street. aprlld&wll DOLAN'S OPERA HOUSE ONE NIGHT ONLY. Friday Eve., April 17th. Special engagement of theDlstlnguished Artiste and first appearance o£ that Tragic, Emotional Actress and Beautiful 'Woman, R H E A! In her new Historical Play, by Albeit Solard Haven, (founded on the lives of Napoleon Bonaparte and the Empress Josephine). JOSEPHINE Empress of the French Supported by WILLIAM HABRIS as Napoleon Bonaparte. And an Excellent Company. The Costumes are Superb. The Mountlngol the Play Magnificent. "Rhea's" greatest and grandest success. •DOLAN'S OPERA 'HOUSE. ONE NIGHT ONLY. Monday, April 20ffi. FUN :-: LAUGHTER :-: FUN The Famous Comedians. BARRY & FAY After a run ot 175 nights In New York In their lunnj Play "Mc.Kenna's Flirtation." The largest Comedy Company on the road, In- eluding the latest importation. The 'MISSES COOGAN &: GORMAN In their terpsiohorean novelty, the BUTTERFLY DANCE. All Seclal Scenery. You will Laupn! You.can'tHelpit. • yours Forever, Mary Ellen Ryan." PRICES AS USUAL. , . Sale of Seats begins -Saturday April 18th. at Keesling's Drug Store. , Daily Journal. MORNING. APRIL IT. Every person not satisfied .with "Blush of Roses!' is requested to 'write 'tli'e manufacturer, Miss Flora A. 'Jones, South Bend Ind. -10— Carpets,- at Frazee's. Tinware at the Bazaar. Wall paper, at Frazee's. Queensware at the Bazaar. Dime's savings bank, at the Bazaar. Our 12.}-cent peach is a big trade.— Foley.. Make your iue contracts with John Baker. mch24dtf Mixed ta.ble nuts, 15 cents a pound, at Foley's. House., furnishing goods, at the Bazaar. Seedless raisins, 12t cents a pound, at Foley's. Wall paper as low as 5 cents a roll, at Frazee's. Hardy hydrangeas , and ro es, at Kidd & Sons. apr!7d2t California oranges. I2i cents per dozen, at Foley's. Go to the Broadway Presbyterian Church, Monday, 21st. Try our 12i-cent California prunes. They are beauties.—Foley. Our prices in queensware are surprising to all.—The Bazaar. Musicale soiree, Broadway Presbyterian Church, Monday, 21st. Ladies, for a new spring bonnet, call on Miss Jessie Cummings, No. 405 Broadway. apr!7d2t We have a few of McCrath's 3]b can pears which, we offer for 30 cents, at Foley's. Extraordinary low prices will be made on carpets, .for the next 30 days, at Frazee's. - - d*w We take pride in filling vegetable orders promptly, with the best in market.—Foley. : Fits, spasms, St. Vitus dance; nervousness and hysteria are soon cured by Dr. Miles 1 Nervine. Free samples at B. F.Keesling-'s (4) John Creekmore, one of the first settlers of Washington township, is quite low with, a complication of diseases, and all hope of his recovery has been abandoned. For sale, brick house of nine rooms, and three lots with fruit trees, ores- change for small farm in country. Address Charles Right, box 187, Logansport, Ind. apr!4d6tsw4t St. John's Commandery No. 24, K. T., will confer the Order of the Temple this (Friday) evening on one candidate. All the officers aud members are requested to meet at the asylum at 7:30, Go to Tucker's millinery store and see the elegant black silk dress, valuable books, and other fine presents to be given away at the end of the season. Opposite Ray's and Hoppe's 'grocery stores, Market street. apr!7d&w2t M. Michaels & Son laid in a large quantity of imported Portland cement before the extra tariff was put on£ Parties in need of walks, etc., can have the benefit of last year's prices if orders are placed with us at once. to!9 Brookston item: C. F. Moore left on Monday for Logansport, where he will rosume the position in Hall's Business" college which he formerly occupied. Mr. M. made many friend* •while in our midst whose best wishes follow him. You can buy a full silk dress, 14 to 1C yards, §4.75 to $5.50 per pattern, the .like never was heard of before. See our printed China silks and India silks we are selling for -37J cents a yard. So many are' taking advantage of this sale at the Trade Palace. Mr. "Boss" .Ferguson and Mrs. Fergus 01 returned from Pensacola, Florida Wednesday. They have been spending the winter in that State and report a pleasant experience in the sunny South. Their SOD Jay will remain there for some time. John H. Miller closed his violin school Wednesday and next week will go to Chicago to attend the Chicago musical college and study under Prof. Jacobsohn, the famous violinist. John will assist at the concert at the Broadway-Presbyterian church Monday. Yesterday the Vandalia people people started a construction train out of this city with a large force of men to commence work, on a belt road at South Bend to connect, all the. manufacturing- -establishments of that enterprising city withjieir line. THE ARGUMENT BEGUN.: Tl»e Kvicleiice In the Klein Murder Trial In Yemerday Afternoon at 3:40. hold of him around when helped Tierney the door when he This case attracted . about the same amount of attention yesterday as' on the proceeding days but from the nature of the testimony rendered the proceeding's were not so interesting to the audience and the court room was not crowded at any time during- the day. Upon the opening 1 of court the State was granted permission 'to introduce several new witnesses first of whom was Charles Kreider, the grocer, who stated that be was standing in front of his store on the corner of Fifth and Broadway on the morning of January l6th and saw a man being carried out of the Senate saloon by two others; they appeared to be carrying him carefully, think that Joe Lee and John Tierney were the two men who carried the man out; went into the store and when I came out saw the man sitting up against the b uilding. Cross examination. Saw them lay him down on the sidewalk and step away; saw them put him on the dray and recognized him as being John Gibbs. Policeman John Murphy testified to taking Gibbs from in front of the Senate saloon to the jail; noticed that he was bleeding on back of the head. THE DEFENSE RESUMES. by calling Joe Lee to the stand as follows: I was employed in the Senate saloon on that morning; Gibbs came in about 5 o'clock in the morning and drank two glasses of beer; he played a game of pool with Joe O'Day; came in again about S o'clock; looked limp and done up and said he had been hit; Tierney told him to go out and took and turned him Gibbs fell; I carry him to fell from the door to the sidewalk; went out and tried to lift him up and got blood on my hands from under his arms in lifting him. . Cross-examination.—Yes, I lived at Michigan City, in the penitentiary, two years lacking three months; Gibbs kind of dragged one of his legs as he came in; when he fell from the bar he fell face forward; we .took him to the door face forward and let goof him; Farrell told me to go out and put him on bis feet; Gibbs when he fell on the walk, fell on his left side; don't, know whether his head struck or not j Jerry Kerns was next called and stated that he saw Gibbs passing in front of Elliott's grocery store that morning and that he appeared to be drunk; did not see any blood on him and did not notice the back of his neck; could not tell what kind of clothes he had on; Gibbs was in the habit of getting drunk, but was a peaceable man when intoxicated and never got into any fights. Henry Monegan, a drayman, testified that on that morning about eight O'clock he was standing across the .treet from the Senate saloon, heard the door slam; looked up and saw a man lying on the sidewalk apparently on his left side with his arm under him; went across the street; found Joe Lee helping him up. [Ihe prosecution here objected and a lively argument ensued between the attorneys as to whether Monegan could tell what Tierney had said at that time or not. Objections not sustained.] Tierney said to Lee, '-Let him go." H. M. Winters, a carpenter, testified that he was standing across the street from the Senate saloon that morning and saw a man fall and .two men bring aim out of the saloon; one of them stopped at the door and the other carried him out to the sidewalk; the man fell with his F eet towards the door and his head towards the gutter; did not not see his head strike the sidewalk. .John Swisher stated that he was standing, in front of Minneman's saloon, next door to the Senate saloon, on that morning and saw Gibbs fall out backwards from the Senate, striking his head on the sidewalk so that it bounced up. Cross-examination. — Witness admitted thac his associates were bad; drove a peddler's wagon; once lived in Jos. Seller's barn using the other part for his horses; denied having said to Deputy Prosecutor Manoney ' 'I know nothing about the case, that I did not see any of the parties that day. Henry Welch, drayman for Elliott & Co., stated that he saw Gibbs pass the wholesale (grocery that morning; that he walked along very well and did not show any signs of lameness.' Hosey Lambert, a farmer from Clay township testified that he was in the Senate saloon some days after. Gibbs died; when John. Tierney, one of the proprietors, said: "Gibbs came to my place drunk and I put him out;" The.attorneys for the- defense here stated, that their testimony was all in. ' TESTIMONY'IN REBUTTAL. ' The State here proposed to: intro- due Deputy Prosecutor Mahoney to impeach John .Swisher.. The attor- THE CHANGE! HOW DO YOU LIKE IT? LADIES:—We want to see you on Boy's Clothing, which is now on the First floor. Drop in, please, and get an idea of the New Prices. Have You Seen the First Floor? Have You Seen the Second Floor? THE SHOE DEPARTMENT! Otto Kraus just returned from Chicago. He says this department will compare favorably with, the largest there. Most Important of All. How do you like the New Prices? LADIES:—Please drop in and get an idea of the redaction, which we consider absolutely imperative to move the big Stock pending other great changes comtemplated. Price Lists will be ready for circulation in a few days. OTTO A. KRAUS. ney for the defense made a hard fight against it, claiming that it was unprofessional and against good morals to allow an officer of the court to te: tify as an impeaching witness. They also used the point that Mahoney had been in the court room during the trial and was therefore incompetent to testify. Thecouri overruled their objections and Mr. Mahoney proceeded. He testified that about a week ago Swisher met him on the street and said: "Mike, I want to go away, and .have been subpoenaed in the Klein case. I don't know anything- about it. I didn't see any of the parties that .day." Mr. Mahoney also testified that Swisher came to his office some days after that and made similar statements, Court adjourned for dinner, until 2:30. AFTERNOON SESSION. John Tarn was called and testified: Saw Gibbs before he went into Klein's saloon that morning; took him to be sober. Officers Oivston and Murphy, Capt. Morriessy, Marshal Dean, Mayor Cullen. Constable Orr and Geo. W. Flanagan were then called in rapid succession, all of whom testified in.regard to the general moral character of Joe Lee, Joe O'Day and John Swisher, stating that it was very bad. THE EVIDENCE CLOSED at 3:40 yesterday afterday. The court gave each side of the case five hoars in which to present their arguments. The argument for the prosecution was begun by A. G. Jenkines who made a strong: plea for the State, lasting for over an hour. He was followed by Attorney M. D. Pansier, who made an earnest and powerful plea for the defense, which lasted 40 minutes, Owing to physical weakness Mr. Fansler was obliged to present his argument seated in his chair, but this fact did not detract one whit from his argument. Court adjourned till 8:30 this morning when the argument for the defense will be resumed oy Mr. Fansler,, who will be followed by S. T. McConnell for the prosecution. .The closing arguments for the defense will be made by D. D. Dykemaa. Prosecutor McG-reevy will close the plea for the prosecution and it is probable that Judge Cox will charge the jury about 4 o'clock this afternoon. Commendable. All claims not - consistent with the high character of Syrup of Figs are purposely avoided by the California Fig Syrup Company.- It acts gently on the kidneys, liver and bowels cleansing the system, effectually, but it is not a cure-all and makes no pretensions that every bottle will not substantiate. SIIJ-H the Sontlicrn Medical World: "Mother's Friend" is growing in favor throughout the South and is highly recommended by physicians. We consider it indispensable to those who know they. must pass through the ordeal of child-birth. Write Bradfield Reg. Co.,. Atlanta, Ga. . for particulars; Sold by Ben Fisher. : to'I9 TRY BEEF, WINE and IRON, As a Tonic. Sold by H. C. P U R C E L L, Druggist, 418 Market Street, Near Pearl. R>5 ":az.e at Dallas, Tex. DALLAS, Tex., i April 16.— The Todd mills and elevator were destroyed by fire Wednesday night. The mill and nmchmery were valued at SSO, 000; insured for 550,000. Twenty carloads of flour, ovraed by Armstrong- & Co., were consumed. The Texas & Pacific and Santa Fe railroad companies suffered considerable loss in cars and trestlework. Many telegraph' poles were burned and the wires are down. The aggregate loss will reach 8200,000. A spark from an engine caused the conflagration. __ Suit to Test the Eight-Hour Law. INDIANAPOLIS, Ind., April 10.— Wil Ham L. Smith, an employe of the Big Four system, has brought suit against the company in the superior court-under the eight-hour statute. Ho alleges that he worked twelve hours every day, and brings suit against the road to recover wages for the extra half day worked for 603 days, at the rate of $1.45 per day. The car.e will no doubt go to the supreme court for final adjudication. G. H. Prescott, superintendent of Motive Power and Machinery, of the Vandalia,. was in the city yesterday. "THE SWAN" The perfection of Fountain Pens. ' It is always ready /or use. . It does not skip ana Never Overflows., You can travel.the world over with one ' oftnese pens in your pocket filled and you are "Master of the situation." The freshest, newest, of queensvvare has just at the Bazaar. cleanest •line been opened Both the method and results •when Syrnp of Figs is taken; it is pleasaifc and refreshing to the taste, and acts gently yet promptly on the Kidneys, Liver and Bowels, cleanses the system effectually, dispels colds, headaches and fevers and cures habitual constipation. Syrup of Figs is tlif only remedy of its kind ever pro. duced, pleasing to the taste and acceptable to tlie stomach, prompt in its action and truly beneficial in its effects, prepared only from the most healthy and agreeable substances, its many excellent qualities commend it io all and have made it the most popular remedy known. Syrup of Figs is for sale in- 50c and $1 bottles by all leading druggists. Any reliable druggist who may not have it on hand will procure it promptly for any one who wishes to try it. Do not, accept any substitute., . CAUFOP.Ni/t /v^ : sr$yp c& SAN FR»\* iCJ, 'Jtt. LOUISVILLE. KV. XtW '>''!!<:. tt.l ForsalRbyB.l'.Keesllngond all "ugsists. i FREE READING ROOM, Open Daily and Evening, 321 Pearl Street. Welcome to All. Pianos Tuned, $1.! For the purpose of Jntroduelnij mr work to the musical people pi Logansport 1 have reduced my prlcel'or tuning Pianos, $2.50 to S1.50. "lalso keep on band a lull supply ol repairing material. Pianos repolisned, restrunc, new tarnmers,,tone regulated, acUon rewalted, the toucli changed heavy or light. Firstrclasswork. 8S years experience. Orders 6y mall or Mt at Allen Blchard- son,s, 414 Fourth Street' Organs as above. marlldSm W. ». C APRON.

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