The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 13, 1950 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, March 13, 1950
Page 11
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MONDAY, MARCH 18, 1950 BLYTHEVTLLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE E1.EVCM OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams Our Boarding House with Maj. Hoople FAP// IF INTERPRET ' - CAM^SALtRlS^ ^.._Dfl CORR£CTLV, VauARe HlMTltfGMY, FAILURE/-**- AK> fH£ WORLD — 6O J JUDGE ' i WAS TKVIN' TO our WITHOUT TH' DOS--I DOM'T WAMT TO WORRV ABOUT HIM IM TH' TKAFFIG-- POKE MV CLOTHES OUT. WILL VOU? YE GOPS/ THE WILL THINK WE'RE ROWPIES- TH«r VSU'RETRVING TO GST OUT AMP I'VE GOT A STRANGLE HOLP ON VOL).' I5ITT(?06TMAT VOL* ALL- AMERlCAfi TCSTED THE BOM& 6WIW6 Device, US CRACKED UP SPRUNG TH & HIS TURRET Z SACK itiTo VOOR. STORM yOllJD BLOWS THE- SMELL AWAY? ODH HOW LOMG \T TOOK TO DEVELOP 1H6ATOM 60MB- WHY MOTHERS GET GRA.V FKECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS BY MERRILL BLOS8EB No Soap J S ft a it /'j £' • ?~ - -- fnd of a Chapter Rv Fdwin Rutt canrisii i?» • k, HwsuvKf. IMC By Edwin Rutt \ r_- -—_ g^'^l HOV/I your wntch cunning = ==^^. iheie doyi? Il't n&l! Welt, = g^~--- hava our expert rcpaiimnn ~ —— ton tit ion. = =••—J Prampl, «Hicicn1 reaionablo = Hu!on Holmes Phone G323 216 Lilly © Snnd for Fills @ Rich Dirt for Yards We arc ready (o serve you. XXIX ALICE PINE needed nn Interval /V in which io think out what to ....jiln and how to say who! she anted to sny when she met Brent nllcc.k at Grosvenor Point. At nrst, during thnt long drive •om the city, it had been hard to ompose her thoughts with the imi singing a song around her. he still wasn't able to get.every- hing straight But gradually the xplanations came. Even though Tere were things she had to guess, ric knew practically everything. Of course, Alice would never be b!c to figure out exactly why Muriel wanted to discredit Brent around the village of Tolliver especially with people like Molly Tremayne. But Alice had a vague dea why. It must have done something r Muriel's ego, she decided uricl wonted to build herself up by tearing Brent down through nnucndos and half-truths. Alice ind seen it work In her own rase Muriel wanted to pose as the success in the Halleck family, even as the breadwinner, and to destroy Brent—to point him out as thi failure, Alice couldn't think what mus have been in Muriel's mind to d such a thing. But Muriel seems t have gotten some sort of a carious kick out of it. And t call "Brent a failure was a half truth, in a wny, although perhap Muriel herself had made it true as it was. Muriel really ha been the breadwinner for awhile And why not? While Muri was making-a success of her ci reer, Brent was away, at wa Before Brent actually left, thoug! he had given Muriel the securil she had needed in order to n her stories click. As soon as Muri got that security, she had all sh wanted from Brent. Muriel ha practically admitted this to Alic | Then, when Brent came bac : from the war, he hnd lost h (magazine contacts and had a ba ' time re-establishing them. He ha Fresh Stock Guaranteed Ucsl Prices If Kisrby Drug Si-ores r IT PAYS YOU To Keep Your Shoes ID GOOD REPAIR en gone for more than four Brent might have been discour- T cd and when he turned to Muri- for the help he needed none hnd •en forthcoming. Muriel was far lead of him en the road to suc- css, • • • i tlCE did not know and Chuck ^ himself was unable to exploit hy, after Muriel had by-passnt er husband, as she herself ad Htcd thnt she "-Id. she came to espise him. Alice supposed H was becous .rent was not making much many and felt a little uncertain. Maye he was out of practice and his lustrations Id sparkle. Eniled to have that But a Uttlc encour- gement would have helped. Intend. Muriel preferred to kick Jrent when he was down. No one on Id answer why. except possi- ly a psychiatrist. Muriel seemed o be a kind of charming and inexplicable sadist. But Alice told herself that it did not matter now. But naturally it mattered terribly to Brent then. He had no one excepting his hcst friend, arid Chuck Wisnor was Just that, to turn to. But Chuck, by his own ndmission. was not the type to much for the chip. I* must have >cen pretty terrible, living with i flnnncially independent, successful woman who never lost a single opportunity to remind him how rich and how successful she was getting. Brent would deny some of this. In her mind she could see him shake his head. Bui it was true. * * * LFCE'S mind went on over each detail ol the unraveled pvi7,7.le. She knew all about Brent's decision not to contest Muriel's divorce. Chuck hnd told her. And she knew Ihnt Brent would have to buy the old place back, even again, from Muriel Brent had put the property in her name after their marriage. Brent wns on a Job he disliked. but he could earn enough to buy ^^ the place. Of course. Muriel would let Brent have It on easy terms But why shouldn't Muriel? Point was Brent's home. It mcani everything to him. And Brent probably had always felt that inspire :hings. a person on to greater Muriel was the cause of Brent's sarcastic, chip - on-the- shoulder attitude that Alice had noticed when she first came to Grosvenor Point When Brent had objected to Sloan cutting down the apple tree, he was resenting Muriel's infringement on his rights. The tree was his. It also explained the way Brent looked—rather defeated, with a droop in his shoulders. He was defeated because Muriel thought he was, although Alice had hunch things might change as soon as Brent got his feet on the ground. That was the reason lor the iob in Providence. Brent wanted to get his feet on the ground. Alice couldn't blame Brent too vvns his place, even when It was not legally his. It must havd been a wrench Brent when he had let her tear down his old house, not have stopped Muriel from this. He was away at war and Muriel was the breadwinner. Labor Brent had found that actually Muriel didn't want to take Rick. That point had been cleared up by Chuck Wisner. And later— Chuck hndn't talked because he hadn't known about it —Muriel had let blame for something done. That whip episode the night of the storm. Brent had been clear it up with Alice. Muriel was still Brent's wife and he felt, Alice tlecide'd, that Brent had to protect ber. Alice was approaching venor Point now. She slowed down her car as the Halleck place came into view. She swerved into the drive, and parked her machin* little to one side. She would leave room for Brent's car, when he came. (To Be Concluded) Ilydrogenation Is a process for turning liquid vegetable oils Into solid white fat. BILL GOD WIN SPORTING GOODS Now in Stock: Baseball Uniforms LIVE BAIT All Types of Athletic Equipment "the Only Exclusive SportlnE Goods Slorc in Mississippi County" Phone G7G2 .121 W. Main ' A\v, there s no need to worry about tittle finan- cial problems, Charlie! Get a personal loan from GENERAL CONTRACT PURCHASE CORPORATION." 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WE LL EW AMD RUM OUT TO X WOUOEC HOW THEIE EAWCH. I'M HOPIMfl Ktt ) KAPPV UE-OOt* P.'ff.WIOSlOU TO MAKE » LOT / MLL 1C OVE2_ OF SKETCHES DOT THEKE'.VMIS WIFB Tn<mM HIM DOWN THEU ISOLATED CORNER OF THB COWCOEJUTE^.TKE LITTLE TOIVM OF PRAIRIE DOG F-LMS... THAT WTICLI •«0u wcor* BUGS BUNNY Scramblcu RalihiL C'MON, CRUNCHER, GIVB HIM TH' OL POU&U.E NECK LOCK, VA POPE/ TH' WRESTLING MATCHES WERE S-SWELL, ELMER.' SOMEBOPV GET OLrrATHis.' BY V. T. HAML1N I TELLVCU.GUZ. 15 JUST ASeulLTV Or STEA.LIN' MY JEWELS A-3 THAT BO3M CHAP. VOJ WANT YOJK BEADS / YES, BACK, CON'Tl BUT you? OK\/. 5O WE LE«JE OOP LCOSE.,. AN' SCONEE OK. LACTEe HE LEAO5 US TO THEie HIDING PL/SCE...B1N6O. 1 I KNOW NVHAT ' COIN BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES BY EDGAR MARTIN ? « we. "We c«\ her. But Muriel did come through _ and clear this up. That's some- ' -- , — thing Alice would always remem-

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