The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 13, 1950 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, March 13, 1950
Page 3
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MONDAY, MARCH 18, BIA'THEVILLE (AKK.) COURIER KBVTI *A«5 TBMB W. R. Campbell Is Central Iroop leader. The Sudbiiry Troop will p'or- Irny acilvitles of a night In the "Little House." Mrs. Coa<iy Eaton and Miss Mary Jo Enton are directing itial. phase of the program. The festival will be closed with • 'Good Girl Scouts Observe 'Anniversary Wee/c' By \Vilmi Doughs (Courier News Staff Writer) There were at least 54,750 good things about IJlythcville, last year. Tliat is, U the 150 Girl Scouts and Brownies of the seven troops lived iitt U> the "Good Deed a Day- motto of the organization, which began fPfccervniife of Its 38th Anniversary Week yesterday. The nlytheville Girl Scout-s and « • • Brownies have had registered troop* for the rmst ten years, and the building of The LUtta KOIVR Tor Girl Seoul activities in 1939 indicate."; that there, was -some pretty Active Girl Scout work before thai time, Dunne; llirj leu years 10'W and 10W, the Scout membership was lnc B rown | c .s' conducting the tncrcnnctt Irom 32 to 150 and at> Ni^hl Circle, llvitie,s have been expanded to include experience* In .social, cultural, community SRI vice, world .service, and personality development for the Kir Is. Many of the activities of the Girl Scouts''will l>e Illustrated when Anniversary Week is climaxed with the Seoul- Festival ni the h[£h schoo] auditorium Friday nisht. Koch Iroop will demonstrate some pUn-so of scouting activities, llcl'l Ten. Opening Dm'inR 1049. alons with a conscientious re?arrl for MIR "doing ji pnori turn dally." the girls were hos- \ffsrz for their annunl tea in October, when I hey opened the doors nf their nev/ly-decnrntpd Little Homo for public; inspection. In November they mnric Irny fav OIK for patirnLs nt both the Blytheville and Walls Hospitals and at Christninsiime (hey made 300 tmy tavors and 20 large table centerpiece aferations tor the Crippled Children's convalescent Center at Jacksonville—in addition to ihc provl- J Mon of fort!, clolhr.s and toys lor the individually "adopted families." Christmas activities al~o included the preparation for n float which was entcrert in the, Rlylheville Merchants Chrislmas parade. On the float, which won the third prizfl in the competition, the scouLi por- Ivaypd Christmas Cnrd sccnns. V)nriti£ the special act.ivitte.s for Birthday \veck. two representatives from rach of the troops wilt be quests of HIP KiwanLs and Rotary Clubs on Wecltiesday and Thur.s- day. and a wi'i'k from Tuesday at the Lions Club. A film. "World Friendship." a eioal of Win Snouting* work, will he shown each club and the Scouts will then discuss their activities aims and purposes. ThR activities opened with joint- church altcmlance :mr\ wilt close with the FRstlval Friday night. Girl Scout Ir-nders will open the Festival with the [lac ceremony a n d then each troop will • dnmon- strnln if.s activities by their part 011 |-, prosrAin. sevpn-ypar-olri Browtilns. di-| i hy Mrs. Glenn Ladrt and .1 Rhonda *Enton, will portray "n | Broxvni? Mnetinp and the Junior j vouTiinn. CKAI"I'SMI:V ~ Handicraft in ba.skelry. leather- craft and copper work were pro- jpcf.s of Eilythevilln Girl Scouts this year. In the picture at right, two Intrrmrtlialo S*:nul-s doinon- r.rniie the art of bfiskni weaving lo i heir liti.le sisirr ScouLs. tlie I\mwnies. Pictured nro ih-H to riulit \ Jlnrhiua Hiadlcy. Delorrs Adams. Hetty I/'n Gnrroi.t, Sylvia Ladd and Kay Sherin. ilolnirs nnri Hetty l-re are In termed iii to fronts jincl the other Lhreo arc Brownies.—• ((Tour I IT Ni'ws ['ho In). MF Forms Jungle Terrm for Rescues STXGAPORK <AP) — The Royr -\ii Force ha.s formed a IT.SPIIO tear which will .strike [hrou^li JunplP I rr.^ue crews anti pns.snn^rs of air aft which during anti rift, operaiions. Members of the first UMIII of 25 n men of R.A.F. ground crmv.s. hf* tnsk calls for a hich degree of •iy.sU'ft I fiine.fs, rieiei'niitiation 1<> Avorcomr obstncles, disregard for discomfort and ability lo rend map*. Tlip unit cjnir.s weapons for self- dprcnpc against Inri'orist.s nnri hairhets fo i;u(. their way through jungle. It. moves by jenj"), nbandon- IMK this when necessary, always mniinuinnig contact with heaiTquar- lors. WE, THE WOMEN Ruth MillcU There is ji strnnpe twist in t) ml is ttn 1 nnly Roori Ihing about n e.vy and reprotlaMo affair, It. has, i think, scmul to show vonu-n mnrfi graphically than a uirt srj'iuotis, novels or trn anci movie dramas Iliat even ^xiny iherp is only one .snin roln or n \voni;m to pin;;—the vole of Looking uny wninni Ilir Horpmnn slory, in .sen nil f>f .ii.s trafiU* nVHi all Of Its fUUt No \vnnian in IIPJ- rlyht mind can look nt wlinl 1 tig rid Reramati has tone lo her hnsh;uiri. her first-lyn 11 child, ]»PI- ilto-iliniate .son and t herself without te;iti/!nx 'hnt thc*r is no lovo in the world gre:\t CIIOUR lo pay .such a utic.e fnr it. No wonjuri crui help but .see tha Hit>re \F. not hing nhiMd Inr Instil riciHiiinn but misery find self-loath Inc. rind that wtuU hnld.s true foi Miw Herfjuuui hold.s true for an wnmnu wlif» nuike.s n fool of hcj in a mntt's world. Own Sloty Olid! On HIP. si-reon ing rid nvcrl mnny different rolei In many ovlc ^'.orf^, But. nonn }iad (ho niOKf;n?e /nr nincii dial fairly shnuLi nt tlicm din her own sordid mill tragic "ry . . . which tnlslit well he iniorl "All Inr I/iv'o." No woman c.nn nffnrtl lo rnakr "all r lovp 1 ' ^CMIII-O. 'rhn prico i.^ Uio high* th« chaJiwji for happlne&s f^y^ .slim, the rl.-ik of ulllmal.p, it not hn> motUatc, tragedy Is too groat. Women can't afford to IIMon frt their hearU without using their h»«d*. For the woman -vcho niakcjs a fool of hnrsoir raiuiol. turn hack. Many marl* lead ofj from the straight, anrl njiuow path. Rut none leads bark. AMMONIA FERTILIZER EQUIPMENT — Courier NOM'.S J'liolo Jillli'X;T ClKl> SCOIJTS—I-^nricrs of the ^ovcii Gir! Si'oul trwips in Blythovillo ;'.rn shown abnvn ;;o At'ountt the fireplace oC the: Sco\iU' "Little House.," the .M'.ULUK for innuy Rcoutin« activities, Thcsn leaders \ ^ and ISO scouts anci Brownicx sUrtcd the obscrvant-R nl the ^Rfii Anniversary WocV; yc.sterdfiy wljfii thpy HooSJCr HoS^CiS Named attf>];deri church services in a group at the Lutheran chim:h. The 'Irndcrs arc 'left to riehM \ij-:v Dick -I. White, nine-ycai'-jold Krownics; Mrs. Hugh Whilsilt, Junior Hi^h troop; Mrs. Fred STfariman. LHII^R trooji; Mrs. W. R.- Campbell, Central; Mrs. CoatJy Baton, Suribury tronp; Mrs. Leonard .Joh/^on, niglit-ycar-old Brownies; Mrs. Glenn Lartd, snvcn-year-old Brownies; nnrt Mi.s. J. P. Garrotl, Little House chairman. Studio Man Builds e Mule Train NORTH HOLLYWOOD, Calvt. — A, J. McKnlghl, 50. who handles horses and mule. 1 ; for movie studios, has always wanted to drive a 2(1- m»lc team. TVin closest he's come to this ambition was 30 years ago when he enviously watched & (earn clippety-clop across the wastes o[ Denth; Valley. A year a^'o he settled for the next best- thing—make bc- licvc. ' With clay and wood lie set Mori down to marine n scMc model of a fully equipped tcntn in acfoin. Now McKniglit lin. 1 ? r\ roplicn authentic down to tlio last hf\rno5.s buckle. Giincotton nnist bo washrd .clran of RurFiirir acid trams after man- rifartnrc nr it will dncompo^c. As Perennial Greeter LAWRENCERURG, fJld. —< 1 f G rover Wh.i Irn, New York's perennial »reetcr ever needs nn understudy he rtiifiht call nn Rlhnrln Krrr, just named "Hooslcr Ilast- oss of tho Year." Miss Korr played hostess here 50.000 Indinjilnn^ rvnd oiit-of-slnlRrs hist year n s r.hief qrer;t^r Tor Schr.nlpy indiiKLripR, inc. A trained by profession, MJK& Kcrr wns • rinhbncl "Honslrr of (-h c | Yoar in-JO," hy the Ijiwrnnccburg- Grccnrlaln Chflmbtrr of Coin me re e, If your diet is'deficicnt in Vitamin B this-great'new. fcrmuSa^ may Sidp you build High troop, ifari by Mrs. Latid and Mrs. Hue)] Philsitt. will conduct a taK'nl pvocram to show the SIMJII- taneous arli>'illc.s o[ troap meetings. The el?ln-year nirt tirownicp will . perform IhR troop's original dancft. ! "Daisy." Hie troop Is led hy Mrs. Leonard Johnson. "The. Woman of Tomorrow" is the skit to be presented by the nine-year old Brownies, with Mrs. Dick while and Mrs. E. M. Terry, Jr., conducting this pha-^fl of (he program. The barren troop will give, an impromptu dramatization of the "Prince.^ and the Pea," vmcler the direction of, Mrs. Fieri Steadman and the Central troop will S>ve an orieinal skit. "Wishing Well," featuring stunts anrl dramatics. Mrs. Folks, .mil just can't brnl mir hlzh quality w*irU nntl low jiricra. ffoii ?nvr up tn 5(17r nn every job •c rln- If ynii wnnl lo r-cminnmo and makr our. ilnll;u rto t^r work of Iwn, briiii; IKS your next joh. HOT'S BODY SHOP 110 S. (,illy I'honc 345fi McDaniel's AUCTION Ivvcry J :f)0 tii Salurdny 10:00 P.M. I!;iin nr 5li«nr, wr/ll hnvr n honsr full of mrrctinndisn to he snlil in ttit hiphcsf Ititlilrr, J>on'l fnrcct HIGHWAY is WEST Next Door to Lost Boy Gin and help curb B-Vitamin deficiency symptoms FAT6GUE • UNDERWEIGHT BACKACHE • WEARINESS CONSTIPATION • 'NERVES 1 Just one capsule contains 5 TIMES YOUR MINIMUM DAILY REQUIREMENTS OF IRON and VITAMIN B, Ask your Doctor! FOR THE FIRST Imppitaut B'VitainiJis IROHJ LIVER:* Concrete Culvert Tile >i7.c* np lo .16 In Corrugated Metal Culverts Si;rji np lo Ki tn. Anlomaltc I'looH G:i(rj» Concrete Septic Tanks Metal Septic Tanks , Sewer Tile HT.S: PrlCM We IMiTfT A.H.WEBB tlii;hw.%y fit Hi State I,ln« Fhnne 711 BEXEt SPECIAL FORMULA Arc \ou constantly lircd. cheerless? ScicntiMs have [earned a condition may be due. especially in older people, to ihc simple fad itinl v^u *li' no! gel enough B-Vju-iniin'; anil Irnn in \oiir tfirl. If ih;it is ihcc.isc with ytni, ihcn Itcxcl Src< I'OrnmTa may be c\aclly vJint yon need In rc you in radiant vitality and vujproiispood hc,nlth.'l ti l>nM been ihc happy experience nf a grc;n n probably jusi like )^iir-elf, Asl; a i)plc;tl ti'-cr n he or she is lively 1i>sny, "Mr\c! hx* clone wnndcrs for me, 1 feel hdicr, >oun«cr, Hriyfiter now thftn I ever ih.-Miplil possible." Why nol if\ |tc\el l- yi'itrxclf . ., totl.iy! YOU FEEL BETTER in 30 days OR YOUR MONEY BACK SPECIAL FORMULA B-COMPLEX CAPSULES WOODS DRUG STORE BLYTHEYIUI For Expert Laundry and Dry Cleaning—Call •' 4474 NU-WA ;- •-% lilt. 1 /tfttlLI 8UCK-DRMIGHT NATIVE STfDFfl i OVJ PWCtD! electro range with -THRIFTY, GIANT 1-WIDTH OVEN! RM-35 with Cook- r Ovfln Clock Con- Lamp and Uleniil vcr . . . S109.75 New High-Speed waiil-high Now ifyling by Raymond Loewy It'j completely now onrJ cfifieronll |1'» Frirjidaire's compacl, "Thriffy-30" Etoc- trie Range —al o ^onsolionol \o'f pnce. A big range in everything ihotcounli" ttxlto oven ipntR, %nv^>rtq bcowly, quality conslruclion. It'* ^i?erj lot unolier Vil- <heni, hoi plenly of copncit/ foi families. Ses it— loday 1 • Now Ror/ianlub? 5-Spp»?d Cooking UniU, foJtor than cvrr I « Porcelain ln*irfa ond out • Now 30-inch *tocl cabinet • N«w tni iwilche* Com« In I Ask About All The New frrgWoiro C/ecfnc ADAMS APPLIANCE CO., Inc. J. W. ADAMS, Mgr. 206,208 West Main ^

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