The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 25, 1950 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 25, 1950
Page 2
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PAOE TWO Spring Will Bring Higher Prices on •Women's Clothing £ By SAM DAWSON NEW YORK, Oct. 23. W;—The woman shopper Is likely to (Ind 'higher i>rice Ings next spring on house dresses, diapers, sheets, pnja- .flias, underwear, corsets and brassieres, stockings nnd possibly lints. •; ! The shadow of things to come* In the rein!) shops Is being cast today In the garment and textile markets. Spring lists being announced and (hose being prepared all reflect the increased costs of fibers'and other malci-litls, and the wnge boosts recently granted In both the suppliers' and processors' Industries. So far. most stores are selling goods they bought before the Korean war—goods made of less costly materials than their suppliers can buy now. It will be next spring Reds Seek UN's Aid in Arguing : ormoso Charge before most consumers really set n glimpse o T u-hat's Happened to prices since June. Makers of house [.reuses -say ttirir $2.98 numbers arc likely to sell for *3,98 next spring. Some arc hoping lo market a $2,93 dress then, but it will be made from a lower count, cheaper cloth. Some dress makers are contending that the woman shopper's price resistance will be low. They say, "the consumer expects to pay more for gooris." Diapers Also Up Diaper producers n r e opening their books for next year's delivery • t prices 5 to 11 per cent higher than now being paki by the retailer, and 15 to 20 per cent above what was paid before the Korean war. Cotton prices have soared since the outbreak of war, and so have quotations on cloth. Demand for diapers is reported heavy and most houses are allotting order for first, quarter delivery. There seems to be no let-up In the baby crop. Spring lines of corsets and bras ,- will open in December. Most producers say price increases are inevitable because of rising costs, Women's rayon and cotton pa- Jamas are expected to follow the upward price trend. Many com• panles say the rise for the various quality grades will be from one price bracket to the next highest They report fabrics up by 35 to 50 per cent, wages up, trimmings thread, wrapping paper and genera! operatin gcosts up. The trade rOs< notes, in passing, that television hns-created a marked demand fo lounging pajamas. Underwear mills seem more dou btful about what to do with their price lists. Most Mvy thnt based on replacement costs of yarn they Justified in asking from 10 to per cent more when they open their spring books the end of thi month. But fenr of price resistanc seems stronger ip this field on -many belief that only five per cen more can be asked. SAN FRANCISCO, Oct. 25. led China has asked United Na- ions help tn getting a delcRatimi nto the United Slates to argue H,s harRC of American nggrcsslon in Formosa. A broji from Peipi tig h f a rcl heic by the Associaled Press yes- enlay said Rot! Premier Chou Kn- ,ai had notified U.N. Secretary lencral Trygvc' Ue that he had mined a nine-member delegation. The delegation will be headed ny Vu HJiu-^hiiRn. w 'hi Is scheduled o brcom? Red China's United Na- inns rcnrcFentntivc If the Cctin- minlsLs ever arc granted U.N. mem icrship. (ARK.) OOURIER NEWS WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER MAXI'OWFR niKECTOK — Robert C. Goodwin above), chief of the government's employment service, hns been named executive director of the Office of Defense Manpower. lie will hold the key job in mobilizing the notion's labor force. <AP Wirephoto). 'Indian Doctor' Seeks FTC Okay For His 'Brew' Kb DOROnO, Ark., Oct. 25. </P;~ South Arkansas' self-sty led "Indian doctor" wants the Federal 'IVade Commission's Pure FVx>d * Drug Division to give its blessing to his cure-all herb brew. Trial of t»e medicine man, O B. Wilson, 50, of Hamburg, on charges of violating the stale pure Food and drug law, has been postponed Indefinitely pending a decl sion of the federal agency. Deputy Prosecutor Hugh Wharton said Wilson's attorneys arc negotiating with the agency for approval and permission to sell his home-made remedy, Wharton said Wilson would not be permitted to distribute his mix- Lure or hold further healing meetings miles.* and until the Federa Food and Drug Division Approves If such approval is given, Wilson would have to label his herb brew and list its contents. He nov says it is prepared by a secre formula. $250,000 Fire Wits Van Buren Conning Firm VAN BUREN, Ark., Oct. 25, f/Pj — Fire early yesterday destroyed most of the Van Buren Canning Co. plant iere and t>"e owners estimated their oss at $250,000. Origin of the fire has not yet been determined Assistant Fire Chief "Smtck" Ward said. It required about five hours to extinguish the Dames. Insurance will cover most of the >w», the owners reported. Firemen were able to save the east section of Ihe building, about a block in length. The office and part, of the warehouse Is In this section. Ward said when firemen arrived •* few minutes after the first alarm was turned in at 4 a.m., names had jRuUed about half the building. Sections of the roof and wails caved in, but there were no casual- tics. ' The company had just completed processing 150 Ions of spinach anc the warehouse contained about fi[),- 000 cases of canned goods, the ov ers reported. Shorter College Has 65th Anniversary LITTLE ROCK, Oct. 25. (API — The 65th anniversary o f Shorter College was celebrated here yesterday. Dr. Matt L. Ellis, president of Hcmlrix College, was the principal speaker. * The college was established in 1885 by the African Methodist Episcopal Church, answer any or tliem. "The fee? It'll be $14.05 plus costs. And it you are ever brought before me npaln, I'll double It." UN Asked to Brand Russia as Aggressor TAIPEI. Formosa. Oct. 25. (API- Nationalist China's minister of education, Chens Tien-fong, yesterday urged tbe United Nations General Assembly to brand Russia as the instigator of the Korean war. Cheng suggested that the U.N, lie rcorganiy-cd. if necessary, by ousting Russia and her satellites. Broomcorn Crop Down, So Broom Prices Up SPRINGFIELD. O., Oct. 25. W) The broomcorn crop Is reported U be the shortest In history. That, dear housewives, means th price of brooms Is going up. The vinlng Broom Co., Inc Ohio's largest broom company, say retail price Increases will be mor than 2ft cents. An average broom that now costs SI.10 wilt soon cost S1.3D, the company reports. The broomcorn crop is only about half of normal, says the vining Co. Broomcorn now costs the local manufacturer 5120 a bale, compared { with $40 a bate last year. Man, Very Much Alivt, inds He Almost Paid or Hit Burial larly LOS ANGELES, Oct, 54. (AP> —"I'was Just a slip ot the booVc- fceping 'twixt the bank and the grave, but Joseph Schwart. 34, wasn't having any. He received » cashier's check In the mail for »547.39. The check was made out to a mortuary and carried a notation reading: "For funeral expenses of Joseph Schwartz." Schwartz, who manufactures ladies' helUi, also found a note Informing hlme that the bank had deducted the amount from his savings account. "I looked at the check and telt sort of cold chill come over me." Schwartz related. "Then I Ihrought. "No sir; this is a little previous, somebody has mao> a mistake.' Sure enough. Officials »t a mortuary said the check evidently had ben drawn to cover expenses "for another Joseph Schwartz, 71, who died Sept. 29. Dil Production In U. S. Increases TUI;SA, Oct. 25. I/PI— Crude oil production In the United States re- Mimed Its upward trend during the week ended Oct. 21, averaging 33.100 barrels dally more than In the >recedlnB week, the Oil and Gas Journal reported yesterday. The periodical compiler) toial dally average production at 6,821,525 barrels (or the week. The mid-continent area had the largest eal»*. with two states In that section report their best output o[ the year. One was Oklahoma, up lf.500 barrels to 487.100. and the other Nebraska, up 1.300 barrels to 4,100 Increases were recorded also to Kansas, up 10,450 barrels to 309,800 and Arkansas 1.010 to 82,150. Killers of Communist Terrorists Win Awards SINGAPORE, Oct, 25. M'l—Eleven Milay woodcutters who killed lour Communist terrorists with axes won government rewards totaling 5.5DO straits dollars (nboul $1,835). Police Identified one o( the dead bandits as Ah Chin, on whose head there was a reward of 3.000 straits dollars. ONE NAME TD REMEMBER WHEN YOU BU¥ ASPIRIN, IFS film Stars' Oil Well Becomes Producer WICHITA FALLS. Tex.. Oct. 25 OT*;—Film stars John Wayne am Gene Autry have struck oil in Jac! County. The well flowed 218 barrels of oi In a [onr-bour lest- through \'i inc 1 choke from total depth of 4,62 feet. StJoseph ASPIRIN CHANGE Are you going th rough the functio 'middle nye' period peciilliir to women (33 to 52 yra.'iiT I>oes Ihla m«ke you suffer from hot flashes, feel jo Titr- out, hlgh-stnmi:, tired? Then no t Lydla E. I'lnTshnm's Vegttabie Com poiitid to relieve inch nympionn Flnkham's Compound also lifts wha Doctors call a ctonmchlc tonic tftect LYDtA E. PINKHAM'S It 1* th« first production fori ready has an inter*»t la r ayn« In North Texw. Autry al-1 producing well* in thU »r*». Hew Therapy Discovery for Pain* of ARTHRITIS, RHEUMATISM STOPS CRIPPLING P/UH HSTI for Best Long-Lasting Rtsufti Treatment Must Start at One*! Tho»>*ndi of »MtmtiC and /Ji turn »tie »icUm», p*ffe*p» >««fc c-onM easily b« *p«r*d untold ajOny if th*y only look 1MDRIN. (You may be blaming your pain on iierciM M over-exertion tnttead o( c*coaninng «noui atthriti* or rhcumatUtn.) 1MDK1N ii (he amaiing ici^ntific clL*cov*ty that ii coniidcird by many to h» an •mazing effective tr»«t- ni*nt tor paini o( itthriiii, But IMDRIN therapy mm* begin al one*. Th« longer you wail, the wortc your lorl ""' Ordinary pain-killer* do no Rood, but IMDR1N not only Hop* the pain filter »tni loat*r, but o(l*n ruiuct* joint i welling »nrt infl«mtn»tio«v. Get IMDKIN today ... *U*t comfort»bU p*in(re* living lonigliU Swollen Inflamed Joints Cau*« Crippling P«4* tf WARNING t* LMnbUO, Sciatica, UrshNs, Nwitii Viet Drn'i la i\.t r*'n «f if" hftii-i, h.r.pj(( I"* ''cm Mi* n iUy >o.i lifiln LtUnr c«« i IM [)H IN, SAFE, Non-Habit Forming Li^J No c.\Vt*r nwdifMw for ««hriti> and thtu- maliim hi* the amaiine recoicl of IMDRIN for pain iflW ... and con bacV it f p in clirmal report i. Uied your chanct for a pain-fre* Ii[e/G«t IMDHIN todiyl FAST! NEW.' IMDRIN Safe! Scientific! Ait r'r* IMI>RI.V tarfir *i At Druggist* Everywhere DRUG STORES Snmn IS,(100.000 persons live along the Nile River Ip Egypt. ECZEMA ITCH Col you down? Try RESINOL OINTMENT For long-lasting relief 'Groom Must Face Minister He Nabbed On Speeding Charge MADISON. Tenn., Oct. 25. (if>— When Miss Alice Ann Baker asked the Rev: James H. Elder to conduct her marriage ceremony Dec. 4, he asked to meet tbe groom-to-be. That proved * little embarrassing. It turned out to be State Highway Patrolman Walter Toone who only two days earlier had nabbed Dr. Elder for speeding. Toone has good reason to be nervous now. Dr. Elder told him: "I am searching for the longest and most agonizing ritual in the Methodist Church. Of course, I'll ask a long list of questions, but will break in before you can • j'. Gtev* 100 "* BIG SAVINGS on tOUND TRIP FARES You lave an extra V0% or more rrfcfc ii'ay on every Grfi)'h[»und Round-Trip ticket 1 . Ask aboutlhe big Fall Roiin<i-Up of all kir.tli of trips, lours, special featu A riW IXAMPLII Th«rt irt hundreds m«r« DeUoll Smith Bend t.Utle Rorlc Tort Smith Kansas cllj Miami Los Angel?! Si-alltr tflul U.J. 7..) fiRF.YIIOUND TERMINAL 109 N. 511. rhone 4411 13.15 10.15 4.05 7.55 R.K5 19.80 31 10 41.00 1.55 4.70 9.M 10.SS 5..15 14.15 21 25 16.10 :.3D 1.160 15.fin 1S.SS 6I.9S 12,00 2.SO X.SQ U.ZO IJ.OO 9.8S 25.JO Don't Be Satisfied With Symptomatic Relief! ff's Possible to REUEVE THE CAUSE OF ACHES-"'PAINS IN ARMS, LEGS, BACK, SHOULDERS when due to lack of Wfcmtms^ B^lren^ r and N/ac/n in the system! A Marked Improvement If Often Noticed Within a Few Day* H you've been suffering from cruel, stabbing aches and paln/i due to lack of Vitamins B,, B 2 , Iron and Niacln in your system—there's no need for you to be satisfied with symptomatic relief. Thanks to HADACOL It's possible to relieve the HEAL and UNDERLYING CAUSE o( such distress due to these deficiencies. AND JUST LISTEN TO THIS! Continued use of this great H ADA- COL helps prevent such miserable aclies and pains from coming back! It sounds almost too good to be true, doesn't it? BUT IT is TRUE and here is why ... How IIADACOI. Works HADACOL not only supplies weak, deficient systems with e.rtrn rmantilies of Vitamins B,, B 2 , Iron and NIacin but also beneficial amounts oE precious Calcium and Phosphorus—elements so vital lo help maintain good health and to guard ntrainM, such deficiency ailments. Many people with such deficiencies—who have waited and hoped "for relief for some time—are now able to live happy and comfortable lives again, thanks to HADACOL. A big improvement is often noticed within a few days' time. You start getting that wonderful, wonderful HADACOL feel- Ing everyone is talking about and you'll want to keep it. And chances ate you will if you just take HADACOL faithfully. Re Fnlr lo Ynnrs«lf If you've been suffering pain in your arms, shoulders, legs back or hands (due to deficiencies of Vitamins Bi. B 3 , Iron and NIacin) you owe it to yourself lo give HADACOL n fair and honest triai. Be fair to yourself! Why suffer so and be such a burden lo yourself and family—when relief is at hand right at your drugstore. Remember, HADACOL Is not a quick-acting pill whlcl gives symptomatic relief. HADACOL actually relieves the SKA CAUSE o! nagging aches and pains when due lo such rieflcien cies. A trial-size bottle costs only $1 25. The large family or hospiu ske, $3.50. W11V HAOACOI. COSIES IX SPECIAL LIQUID FORM HADACOL comes in special lion form. In this way the Importan elemenlsof HADACOL are quick] and easily absorbed and assim lated by the blood. Why contim to 'doubt' — give HADACOL chance to help you If you are troubled. Recommended by nun drcds upon hundreds of doctor U must be good! HAOACOL com«> iti iptciol liquid form to that il I quicVly nhiork.d by thi blood. A big ii o!t«n notlc.J within o le" dayt' lima. u»t a F«w of Thouiandi o« Folk* With Such Deficiencies Who Have Been Helped \tn. jYorn Rctfijrt f M.I .Sivild Knifltl, 'I suffered from nagging aches and pains and had trouble sleeping nights. After taking one bottle of HADA- COL. my pains \vent. I want to ell all the people I can ho\v HAD- ACOL helped me." O fjrf- ^<5% ^ 't '"" tj V*vl Mr. Will Rnr f r Of 2nr\ Arcnnr lh, TV.** City Trxni, who had "I suffered so roni aches and pains. At night ny fingers and wrist would nche badly- I took IADACOL and -\fter the tenth bottle I feel like n new man.Thanks to HADACOL I am now able to work hard and enjoy iife." \trt. Mcanor D. Wifrv, P. O. Unit ' nnra: "T C sleep: I had such pain, I seemed to ache all over. HADACOL testimonials con- v 1 n c e ti me I should give this . wonderful urod- ! net n chance, and after only hnlf a bottle, T renli7ed this WRS what I needed. I tee! better than I have in years." Hrnr? 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