The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 26, 1952 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 26, 1952
Page 2
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TWO BLYTHEVTLLE f ARK.) COUKIETl NEW! Red Probe to Be First Business Of House Group Communism to Get Priority, Committee Chairman Reports WASHINGTON If^An Investigation of Communism Jn government )s expeblKl to be the first order of business of the House Committee on Un-American Activities in the new. GOP-controllftd Congress. R«p. Velde (R-I11). slated to become committee chairman in January, s«ld the Communlsts-ln-gov- ernmejit probe wouM have prior• Itj', with Investigations of Red Influences In Inbor and education coming next. "Subject to the views of the other committee members, our first duly will be lo co-operate with the new President, and espec- Inlly with the attorney general, in determining whether Communlsls, or pinks, or any subversives are on the payroll of the executive department of government," he told a reporter. "Our next duts' will be to function as a watch dog against the InfJJfraUon of subversives In the new administration. The Communists always attempt to InilUrnle the political party and administration in power." Velde. a former FBI agent, said he felt the committee should maintain a constant check to make certain that "no offbrecds ol Americans" find a place on government payrolls. Coming .early in the committee activities, possibly "simultaneously with our activities against Communists In the federal government," Velde said, will be further Investigation of any communism in the labor' movement. The committee for the past year or two has been Inquiring Into the ' extent of Communist Infiltration Into defense- Industry through labor unions. Velde said he thought . Oie committee should "go ahead and ex pand our Investigation" in this direction with particular emphasis on "what he said were Communist- controlled . or dominated labor unions. The committee probably also will Investigate -Communist Influences in education, He (aid Inv estimation has shown Communists in the school system of the country, and . the re are "still Communist Influences In every university In the country." Velde said that "less emphasis" probably would be placed on the committee's long-standing study of Communists in the movie Industry. xor. M, TRAIL BLAZING FLIGHT—Above newsmap shows shortcut route taken by Scandinavian airliner that will bring Europe many hours closer to California. Actual time for the Lot Angeles to Copenhagen flight will be about 24 hours. For'the ftr»t time, airmail from thli country, supplied by IXM Angeles nostofftce. will be flown over the polar rerlon from the U. S. to Europe. Chinese Reds Filled with Hate For America, Missionary Says Man Shoots Wife, Self; Children Awaiting Mommy BALTIMORE W).— Three young children waited 1514 ; hour« , for "mommy", to wake up, while upstairs. In the bedroom both parents were dead from shotgun bla^tn. Police Mid Peter T. iJing, 32, apparently shot his wife Knther- ine, 29, before turning the weapon on himself. A neighbor told police she heard shots about 11 p.m. Monday night. Yesterday afternoon a visitor dropped In and found Peter Jr., 5, John, 4, and Sharon. 2, sitting on the living room floor In their ntghtclothes, One of the boys whispered, "Mommy's asleep upstairs.", Alia Expert Dies STOCKHOLM, Sweden «P) — Dr. Sven Anders Hedln, one of the world's greatest authorities pn Central Asia and an explorer for more, than 50 years, died at his home here today. He was 87. By ROY KSSOVAN HONOLULU l/Pt—The last American Mclhodlst missionary to leave Communist 'Chirm salrt here last night Chinese Reds "nro so filled with bate and Anr of America" It Is Impossible to argue with them. The Rev. F. Olln Slockwell said he gained his release from a Communist prison when he "realized that to argue with the Communists was as useless as, to argue with a drunkard." Slockvvcll. who passed through Honolulu en route to Los Angeles after two years In Communist prisons, snid, "I signed such statements as they desired" to gain release. He told reporters he hoped to meet his .wife Esther In Los Angeles today, two years to the day after he was arrested In Chungking by the Reds on charges of being a "counter-revolutionary missionary spy." Dr. Stockwell plans to return to his home In Chicago for * rest before starting on a sneaking tour. He Is attached to the Board of Foreign Missions of the Methodist church with headquarters In New York. Dr. Stockwell : told reporters at Honolulu Airport that he spent 14 months In solitary confinement in Chungking but suffered no pliysl cal violence.' "Many other missionaries' fared worse," he said. ':' ' x He snld Ihe Communists "prided (hemselves on the fact that they old not subject their captives to electric shock or (he water treatments," he said.' • He said his food consisted of rice and one vegetable twice dally, "with , a taste of meat twice * month." Dr. Slockwell Is » veteran of 23 years missionary work In Chin*. Asked If there were any American Methodist missionaries left In China, he said, "No, I was the Jnst one." "A week ago Sunday night I was In a Communist cell, 10 feet square, In Canton," he said. "It's hard to believe." He said he was forced to attend a compulsory Communist Indoctrination course (or nine months. "They told us they did not expect us to turn Communists," he said, "but. w« could not leave Chin* until we realized that the United States was the Imperialist aggressor In the F«r East. "Prisoners who refused to change their minds were kept In handcuffs and leg chains." St.Joseph 'Push-Button' Learning Comes To Tennessee U. KNOXVILLB, Tenn. Wj— Pushbutton learning has come to the Univenity of Tennessee with experimental use of a meter to measure lecture reception in the College of Engineering. It works like this: When a student falls to get a point in the professor's lecture, he pushes « button that work! an electronic deylce. A meter on the professor's desk shows him how many students are not understanding hirm H the number is large, he can back up and try again. APVVr/fer Is Honored By French HANOI, Indochina (a>) — The French high 'command today awarded the Croli de Guerre .with Bronie Star to Larry Allen, veteran Associated Prew foreign correspondent, In recognition of hia frontline coverage of the Indochlnese war against the Communist-led Vietminh rebels, Gen. Oonzales de Linares, French commander of Northern Viet Nam, In presenting .the decoration said It was for Allen's reporting of the war "without fear of danger" and Is recognition of his "scrupulous concern /or objectivity which contributed to giving a vivid and exact picture of the severe combat delivered by the French-Viet Namese Army against the Vietmlnh Communists." . Allen, 44, who won the Pulitzer Prize in 1941 for his wartime reports from the British Mediterranean Fleet, has been In Indochina for 14 months. He has been a foreign correspondent for the Associated Press since 193S. Born at Mt .Savage, Md., Allen started as a reporter on the Baltimore News and later worked on newspapers In Washington, D. C., Portsmouth, o,. and Huntlnglon. W. Va., before Joining The Associated Press at Charleston, W. Va., in 1933. After death the body cools at an average rate of about 1.5 degrees an nour, says the American Medical Association. Wizard of Japan's Stock Market Is Korean Who Starred Penniless By >BED SAITO TOKYO Ifi — The wliard of the booming Japanese stock market Is a 37-year-old South Korean who started without a penny of his own in I9is and now speculates with some 10 million dollars entrusted to him by millions of client*. His personal fortune Is a secret but Matsutoml Ito's lavish way of life , Is In marked contract lo more than 600,000 other Koreans In Japan. Most of them are poverty-stricken day laborers, looked upon as second-class citizens. Ito now heads a private - stock investment fund with ISO branches ;hroughout the country. The powerful Hon&jnnjt Buddhist seed with some 10 million followers Is one of his best customers. Japanese brokers look with awe upon this slight young man who adopted » name and le now Ito naturalized citizen. was in the same poor fix as his fellow countrymen in Japan until shortly after World War II. He came to Japan In 1928. He was only 13 when he came to live with his brother, a factory worker now missing In Korea. Now he Is one of Japan's richest men. He lives in a palace-sized house and travels in a limousine driven by a chauffeur. \ After the war Ito borrowed money and headed for the countryside to buy food and bring It to starving Tokyo. "It was a strenuous business but rewarded with 100 per cent profit In the chaotic dnys when many faced starvation," Ito told an Interviewer. Ito turned away from his fellow Korean* «o4 Mt about massing •aoney. I have no friends In the Korean community «nd don't seek them," h« said. With hind» gained from his food dealings. Ho started a stock brokerage business In Tokyo's East End slum district in 1948. He proved a genius at figuring the twlstings and turnings of Japan's bouncing market, He borrowed money from Investors and speculated on his own, dividing the profits later. , • The Japanese stock market rivals the wildest ever seen In the United States. The average of 225 Issues on the market recently advanced from 161 yen, early In January, to 329 yen on Nov. 10. One Japanese camera firm's stock shot up from 165 yen to 415 yen in two weeks. Ito learned to call the turn and rode the market lo a fortune. He's still at It with no sign of weaken- ing In his speculations. His firm is known as the "Hoie* Kelzaikal." Translated that meu» —despite Its way of operation— "Safe Economy Club." Reds Having Train Troubles VIENNA tjf) —one thing Communism in Czechoslovakia can't do II make the trains run on time. The Prague newspaper Rude Pit- vo recently complained that "th» Irregularity of trains 1> threatenlnf the security of our railroads." Read Courier Newi Classified Ada. Really "SOCKS" RHEUMATIC, ARTHRITIC PAIN Thousands are grateful Tor the way th« salicytate action of C-2223 speed* relief to rheumatic, arthritic, muscle pain," Many call it "the ojd reliable" ... u»e C-2223 lime and again to enjoy more pleaunt jxriodi of greater comfort! Price of firtt bottle back if not satisfied. ' BE QUICK T* Treat BRONCHITIS Chronic bronchitis may dtvelop if your cough, chest cold, or nctite bronchitis is not trcaicd ^nd you cannot afford to take a chance with any medicine less potent than CrcomuJsion which goes into the: bronchial system to help loosen and expel germ laden phlegm and aid nature to sooihe and heal raw. tender, inflamed, bronchial niembrancs. Creomulsion blends beechwood creosote by special process with other time tesled medicines for coughs. It contains no narcotics. ' ,. ; No matter how many medicinjtvou have tried, Creomubfort is guai^rnlfcd lo please you'or druggist refunds money. Crcomulsion has stood the lest of many millions of Users, (Adv.) Easy to serve Easy on the budget Read Courier News Classified Ads. HELP WANTED Due to Recent Expansion Program W. Need SHOE STORE MANAGERS at Once. Man »nd wife preferred. Shoe experience required Good character a must. Attractive (Hilary. Apply in Person Only Shoe Stores Store: 102 Went Third Revklenct: 209 E. Fifth Phones S30 and 1052W Carol herarill*, Mo. There s one thing thai folks like with entertainment. That's refreshment. That's ice-cold Coca-Cok... right in the bottle. IO1UIB UNtlU AUIHOIITT OP THI COC«-COIA COMPANY IT COCA-COLA BOTTLING CO. OF BLYTHEVILLE "On* of Jhe belt farm investment! we e-rer made was Jh« purchas* of our Caterpillar D-2 Diesel Tracloi', sa> M F T. Rose. Pulaski County farmer. "Every »tep m land pie piMiion. both, plowing and discing. 11 handled better and easier with a lot UH CM! IhWwith wheel iracioi™ This fact is being proved over and over again on Arkansas /arms. The dependable Caterpillar D-2 Tractor can work when wheeled tractors bog down — furnishes powerful, even traction for all types of soil, and in many cases pays for ilself in a BTG saving in time,, labor and money oven in ihe tint year. For the complete details on how you can start these savings on your farm, just send the coupon below and full particulars will-be sent you without any. obligation on your P arU ' ' •puia.i.lco-Lmiy' Farmer The "Caterpillar" Diesel D-2 Is ihe All-Season Ail-Around Tractor TREE CUTTER VVilh the Tree Cutter you can keep your D-2 Tractor at work all through the year. Cuts trees up to five inches in diameter at a single pass. Easily changed lo bull-dozer blade £or road and ditch work, excavation, etc. s rr J r i, r ft y i r * BUY i T.I SPECIAL THIS WEEK ONLY TOTAL CASH PRICE 2 YEAR Written Guarantel COMPLETE WJTH 9 ATTACHMENTS "A Tool For Every Gleaning Use" f\ p n F P. MOW V K U C K M \J W LIMITED UUAKTITY WRITE FOR DEMONSTRATION HOME NEXT WEEK vacuum ctnTtR inc. 1426 UNION AVE. MEMPHIS, TENN. Wit!.out obligation, I want a FRil Horn* Demonitratlon •! y Pull, guoronleed RIIUILT EUCHOLUX NEXT WEEK. NAME ' •' -— ADDRESS PHONE ,No. arv : STATIC Wit-Cover the Mid-South" COMrifTI SHUT MITAL (MO F mucnxM. ma . on AMD IUCI«K WHMMO • SIN «PAlt< . UACKMMTH . H««»WA»I . MACHMM GENERAL FARM Perfect, sure-footed power for combining and harvest \v o r k. Rear power take-off can do a hundred jobs around your farm. Put a Caterpillar D-2 Die, sel Tractor to work on your farm to save you time, labor nnd money for the years and years of its dependable service. J. A. RIGGS TRACTOR COMPANY «1« East Third Ultl* Rock. Arksn»> BRANCHES! WEST MEMPHIS, MCGEHEE, CAMDEH, FOHT SMITH BLYTHEVILLE, ARKANSAS PHONES: Doy 3142; Night 6153 J. A. RIGGS TRACTOR CO. LtllU Rock. Ark. O F«nm« Q Studml 1 would llk« to hart more Information about th* "CaltrpUUr" Di««l D-2 Trictor, 11 Indicated b*lowi Have your "Caterpillar" salesman explain how the D-2 can solve my farm problems . . . No obligation, of course. Send me latest literature On how the D-2 can make my farming more profitable. FRYERS NOW AVAILABLE I Yes. Mrs- Housewife, STEED'S Famous Superclcan FRYERS are now available In BIythcvillc and surrounding territory. They're SUPEKCLEAN*. no (eattiers, no pin feathers, and shove all they're not yellow . . they're ALT, WHITE! The y pi low cuticle Is removed, making Uicm while; most chickens are yellow until they are processed In this manner. Chickens aren't "just chickens'* anymore; they har« InrtivJdDality, . ; Ask yonr. froccr for STEED'S Fryers and see how very food,2 chfckcn can really be. Vou deserve the best! STEEDS POULTRY FARMS JUDSONIA, ARK. Steed's Famous Superclean Fryers are distributed in this area hy NUNN PROVISION CO.

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