The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 24, 1952 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 24, 1952
Page 8
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f ' PAGE EIGHT LK (ARK.) COURIER NEWS THtmSDAY, JULY 24, 1952 THE BLYTHEV1LLH COURIER NEWS THE COURIER NEWS CO. H. W, HAINES, Publisher HARRY A. HAINES, Assistant Publish*! A, A. FREDRICKSON. Editor PAUL D. HUMAN, Advertising Manager Sole Kalian*) Advertising Rcprfsenlative*: Wallace Witmer Co., New York, Chicago, Del roll, Atlanta. Memphis Entered M second class matter at the post- office at Blythevllle, .Arkansas, under acl ol Congress, October 9, 1911. Membtr of The Associated Pre*» SUBSCRIPTION RATES: By carrier in the cll.v at B!j'lhevl!)e or inj EUburban town where carrier service U maintained, 2.te per seek. By mail, a'ilhiii » radius ol 50 miles, »iOO per year. JJ.iO Jor six months »] 25 lor three monthi; by nail outsirie SO mile zone. 112.50 per year payable in advance. Meditations And he dirt Dint which was rijM In Ihf sight of llif l.nrd, according to all (hat Ills lalher Ania- ilah had done.—II Klnts 15:3. * f • Nothing that man ever Invents •vili absolve him from the universal iu-ce< of Deing Rood na God is good, riphteous BA God is righteous, and holy a? God If holy.—Klngs'.cy. Barbs Some of the 1952 bathing suits make your head cwiml • • * An Ohio judge «ays It's natural for vumcn la irant to run thlnjfi around (h« home. SweJ) — bring out the Uwnmower! * * * There's only R few years' time between plrLi making faces at the boys and lor them. • * • Thp average American girl wcArs 3 5 hats per year. Most of those we've soen have been thr ,nl * * * In the annual race between vegetables and weeds, we'll give you one guess as to which IA she ftd. Change of Heart by France Not the Way to Ike's Heart From Europe come reports, disquieting if true, that France is sliding away from tier earlier enthusiasm for a European army sml now favors R more 'nationalistic tie-up with England. The cause for .such an action would not lie hard to see. France looks with increasing concern upon the continued resurgence of her ancient enemy, Germany, as a Kurojiean power. France realizes at the same time that the rise of Western Germany, at least, is due in i=ome part to the United States, which has striven hard to get the Bonn Republic In take a strong place in the European army. So, seeking some balance against the growing power ot Germany, France reportedly is tending toward lies with England, which has stood firm in its position not fo join a European army. This shift in attitude on the part of the French, if such it can he called at this, stage, comes at a strange time. It might be thought that, following General Eisenhower's nomination for the presidency, the prestige of that favorite American of the French would make itself felt in sentiment favoring Western European union, one of his favorite programs. Certainly, if Eisenhower should be elected in November, Western Kurope coulr) expect to have an American chief of slate sympathetic to their problems. And certainly France knows that the way fo a man's heart is not by slighting his pet projects. unake. It reputedly reaches a Itngth of 30 feet and more. One of the smartest operators in the Bra/.i! gold rush is a citizen named Alculumbre. You don't catch him battling anacondas and waterfalls and malaria. He stays hack in a relatively comfortable town and stakes the glory boys who are doing the real hunting. When they come hack out he collects his percentage from I heir strikes. So far, he's supposed to have 80 per cent profits on investments totaling about .$50,000. Alculumbre seems to have the system, all right. At least until they get around fo discovering g"lrl right beside that new hotel at Third and Pine streets where a man can got a cool baih and a good night's sleep after a hard day of prospecting. Feeble Thunder W. Averell Harriman. Mutual Security Administrator, is trying hard to sound like a hard-bitten r>ld political campaigner. The other day he reiterated that he is an all-mil, candidate for the Democratic presidential nomination, and added for good measure that he felt lie could lick either Senator Taft or General Kisenhower. Harriman is an able fellow and a high type of public servant. Rut the spectacle of this normally rjijirl-spoknii man attempting to thunder like a Claghorn is hardly convincing. It suggests he stopped off at the magic, store on the way and bought himself a ready-made lion's mar. And tha effect is something less than ferocious. Views of Others Writing For Amusement No',v that Kathlnnn Win cor has ?ot some $26,000 wharknd off her income tax because a. court rulrrl she wrote "Forever Amber" for flimjspmont Jnsirnrl o( pay, we're going to rtes- fccrl tiddlrclywinks nnri mumblety-ueg and, start a rert-hot novel jast filled •j.-ith *rx. That Fcnms t<i be the clue to ihe court's ^'acky as well as wtincky derision. As you refifill, "Amber"—the boolc and young: lady—was B young wench n{ the 16fjO's -x-ho was addicted to the boudoirs Rnd hiigh living, sho lived riotously nnd richly tor niph on forty yearn but nt lAAt got, terribly punished [or her pins: The. man *he wanted to marry tied up with a. willowy and respectable Vlrplnln law and Irft Prwir Amber with nothing but memories nnd R nice yearly income from one of her dead husbands. We admit the book *-RJ!, VRiimMns"—it solrt like hot cakes rind B( a con*t«s-rntily higher price por —h»L we think It waji a!*o' ; profitable for MiM Wiiwor, Writers Jr. zenpral ^'ill >v? glad to hear of this mninentovix Judicial precedent, however. Only thinp likely lo bother them no* 1 , is whether thc court/. v.-ill recocnire books that deal with amusements different Irom those pursued by the irresfjnffsible "Amber." If so. writer/; Tall pretty s/xm be Able To live RS ft'fll 35 underwear zr,3 com: manufacturers. The pen then rr.s;, b-nvvme mightier than 'a Mlver-encrusted ciinr.rir teuJ*. if not a f*nrd. — < Gs, i Daily N'ei'» FCC Defending Reds? A nrreat ninny An^f-rii 1 *'.;- tpp^rfr.t.!y hn'i- f 'rf-- lipvft! that KJ long r-f pi^-^i* ol ^r FE.PC b;ll was preve nud. emploj t: s r.a.c t he r: eh', to de - But It 5terns trat .s r.r.;; tne CRS*-. Wru-n ihe lime can'.R rec'-rrJ; '.?•: £ : : j"t>*r of F-IIO Well, That's It, Chum! Grown Men, Tool Erskine Johnson IN HOLLYWOOD HOLLYWOOD — (NEAi— Colos- al has become the word for rele- 'iston—and even Hollywood is arl- nUtine it has lost Us exclusive ighis to the big adjective. Latest i over the divorce of Maureen ye-openins facts about the not- o-inf ant now medium a re: 1—The televiewing public now lumbers 54 million people. There ire 13 million TV sets—4 million more -sets (han theater sents. 2—There are there are movie If a sponsor Is hooked, Jane Wyatl will be his co-star. The Nassour brothers, upset O'Hfira and Will Price, pulled out of the independent movie corporation- Ihey bad set up with the. Prices. Thai means Maureen won't he starring in "Jehad." Tony Curtis now has a diction now Ml telefilm coach—to rub out that Brooklyn producers in Hollywood compared i accent. . The Robert Taylor-Ursu- 130 big-screen movie pro-i la Theiss romance has reached the ducers.. • | boiling point. But whatta shock to find out that (his very young look- Claire Trevor and TV Film Producer Jack Chertok are near the dotted line' on a telefilm series tided. "Claire Calls.". , . A ctgaret sponsor is dandling a wad of ereen •tuff in front of June AJIyson an'd Dick Powell for an every-nther- ck TV shou- alternating u'ith Dorolhy Shay and Ray Noble. The five regulars [or the fall Comedy Hour on NBC-TV are set —Martin and Lewis, Donald O'Connor, Eddie Cantor, Bob Hope doll is the mother of two. Farley Granger is sizzling at fail ma£ accusations thai he's become uncooperative. . . .There's a "MOOD haircut" item •on the budget of Sam Golctwyn's "Hans Christian Andersen." A bonus paid to elfrht-year-old Peter Votrian for having his head shaved /OF s scene in the film. O'Keefe Keen on <)uren Hollywood's hailing zippy Marilyn Monroe as Jean Harlow's successor to jnovirtown's "S e r and Abbott and CoKlello. But the j Queen" title, Movie audiences are bH77 of * new. blistering feud be-j agreeing and so i.s Dennis O'Keefe, twecn Bud and Lou is circulating "' v "~ '-" .-...all over movietown. II'R said to be over the 26 telefilms shot by the comedy team. Abbott owns 13 and J B cfer fdson's Washington Column — The Only Sure Thing in Chicago: Truman Could End the Confusion CHICAGO — (NEA>—With every 1 out on the 103rd politician In tO'A'n grasping nt , now being called straws to HOP. which way the polit- | trolled Democratic Ira] winds blow, inrrc is only one I since 1924. ballot In what Is Russell's campaign publicity Is also the only imron- Lewis' press a Kent. sure [net to Ret hold of. MoM. if not a]|. of the Democratic Convention confusion would "be en tied it Fre.sirJent Harry S. Truman would come rifiht out and say whom he was for us his successor. The situation Is a pood bit like \ (hut prevailing just before the .Jet-- ferson - Jackson Day Dinner in i Washington. For n year everyone j had been Irvine \ to find out if *• President, Truman would be a candidate (or re - election- HP tolrl no one until he got good and ready. Then he' announced h i s decision so it would have max•IFF E.QMB i i i inruim SOCKO el- feet. He Is now P.X p R e t e d to dn the same thinp in annnuncincr his choice RS Democratic nominee for the presidency- He'll wait until he j considers hts timing just right, i Then he'll let 'em have it. j This time could romp bofore or ' after the platform is adopfrri. be-' fore or after the nominalinti speech- • PS. before or after the first, sec- I nnri or any other ballot- It rmsht • come before this eels into print. < If it comes pnrly enoueh. this 1 convention could be nil ovr*r in one | ballot, like the Republican Conven-; (inn. tf lhat happens. Domocra'ic National Committee Chairman' Frank McKinney's parly s'a'^mpnt that hi= convention will adinurn a' * U P M Thursday \voul<i h<> an acruraie [orecast. A lot of ponple m:??eri ihe significance of thru pre- In the meantime, the half-dozen leading candidates and their managers and committed delegates in this craziest of all conventions are Hoppmc? around the Chicntro Slock- yards Amphitheater like chickens The press seer strange thin<r Rus- like amount. Line for Hom er Although Mickey Rooney's under contract to NBC and his television is due for a fall start, Ihe network hasn't yet found a suitable story line for his comedy series. sell's newly-stated position on Taft- Hartley is that It. goes only hnU way in meeting the demands of union labor leaders. These union officials are among the most vociferous supporters of a strong civil richt program and the change in with their heads cut off- Jim Farley comes out for B j Both are opposed 'by Russell. Hartley - or Stevenson-and-Russell Illinois' Gov. Adlai Stevenson's ticket. So what, Farley today con-! peculiar position of not having trois only his own one-half vole \ spent one dime to ee! the presiden- in thc New York delegation. Sen, | tial nomination provides thc final i Dolores del Rio has already sicned to star in n dramatic tele- film series in New York. City. She'll face the cameras after her marriage to Lew Riley. TV actress Frances Robinson, who's married to Snnny Chalitr, once Mary Pickforri's movie production assistant, Is expecting the stork in October, Philip Terry, ex-husband of -Inan Crawford, Is off to the races as a telefilm actor. His first film activity in years. who co-starred platinum blonde in her last movie, "Saratoga." "Physically," Dennis flashed It, "Marilyn has even more appeal than Jean. She has greater facial beauty, too. "But whether Marilyn can dish up with her'eyes what came out from inside of Jean remains to be,' Ronald Col man and his seen. Jean was a great personality with an acute sense of humor. She •* could laugh about Anything—Including herself." It's another light comedy rols for Dennis In Republic's "The Lady V/r.nls Mink," the story of a housewife (Ruth HiiKsey) "who wants R mink coat .so badly she talks hubby Into buying a mink- farm, "The Mink nud I?" "And 1 can than* TV [or getting me out of the T-Man rut." Dennis grinned. Ten farce comedies he made for Ertrtie Small are playing the TV r.ircuit and it's a grateful Dennis I saying: "It's amazing. Movie pro- Id ucer. 1 ? are saying, 'I saw you on Halls off TV last night, Dennis. We,'d for- sponsor are iig 'round and 'round in a. dispute over a telever- sion of the show. He's opposed to TV. . . CBS-TV Is offering Eddie Albert as ihe star o/ a telefilm series (ttled, "Leave Tt To Darl." gotten you were fi light comedian. Russell has said he won't take the vice-presidency. And the top CIO-AFL-Railway Brotherhood leaders, meeting in Chicago over the weekend, sent word lo the White House that they would not support Hartley because nf his ngei These union labor dole- gates in this convention, by the way, have over 100 votes. Young Franklin D. Roosevelt. Jr., Averell Ha mm fin's campaign manager, has benn bird-doesine it annmd the other candidates' camps, trying to point up deals. None of the other managers is buy- in S- And Harriman himself is repudiating all deals. screwball touch to this bizarre convention. The so-called Stevenson- for-President headquarters is operating without his permission. Jake Arvoy, Illinois National recently encountered Prof. \Valter Johnson. Uni- vfrsity of Chicago historian and head man of the Stevenson boom, in R hotel elevator. "What, the he. 11 are you doing up there?" asked Arvey. That is the extent nf Johnson's official con af. the first trick. He lived to rearct Declarer won with the queen of clubs, drew trumps .with., the nee and king, and then led his singleton diamond toward!? dummy, West made the fine piny of a low diamond, and dummy won with thfi kinc. South ruffed a diamond high and led a spade towards the dummy. When West played low, dummy ducked also, and East won with the jack. East, could cash the ace of spades, but then had to return his last, diamond. Instead of ruffing. South threw We'd labeled Man.' you PS a tough T- 15 Years Ago In Jack Chamblin has gone to Hardy to spend" two weeks with hJs cousin. Bill Chamhlin. and family. Parker Cassidy has been named new manager of the Piggly Wiggly store here. ^ A Rotary Club has been organis- ed in Steele; Mo. neclion with Stevenson and Arvey] his last spade. West had lo take the at this convention. ace of diamonds, and could thru dn|fsf= nothing to defeat the contract. With 56000 voluntarily contributed in small sums, Johnson hiis never- | When West tried to cash the king I thclcss built up a sizable and | of spades. South ruffed and entered Harviman and Knfauver did ; enthusiastic organization nn the i dummy with a trump in order to muke an alliance to support seat-tConrad Hilton Hotel's 15th floor. IT | take a discard on the queen of dia- mg nt the so-called "loyalist" dele- j he had more money, he might I mnnds Declarer therefore succeed- ?a";ni)5 from Mississippi and Tex-! start H publicity blitz and pressure f td in making six (rump tricks, two But their conspiracy doesn't campaign. Like the one that put ! diamonds, and a club. over Eisenhower find killed oil Tali .- East should have rcnlizrd that his at the GOP shnw. j partner's energetic bidding of both The purpose of such a campaign j spades and diamonds with very would bp to have the folks back, weak suit* could only mean that he had a singleton club, for with a doubleton club would hvae been content to pass three rlubs. If East had taken the are nf clubs at the first trick and returr.ed the jack of clubs, thv> cietemiers could to play i that onlv this kinri of ground swell< have t;lV ' en ^ p first seven tricks i _ ' „*• ....UK- _i.._ „_ _.-i.. ! and declarer could have been set three. Iheir ]i^ er:. e f«, Irom i:.e Conimi^-ioti, Th«-y T'.:t The Cml I,:i>r:'.xi, go beyond thai. Russeli hns been caught In a rnal jam over his .statement that he favors a new Fair Labor Law lo replace the Taft-Hsmley Law, J home, who think the Illinois pov Uussoll now complains this was j ernor is the best candidate, wire, played tip bv headline writers to J phone and write their delegates at mean he favored "repnal" of Taft- • Chicago, telltng them to vote, for Henley. He says he never meant Stevenson- thai. I At this sta20. it would appear al.= o tryinz down thp fact ihnt he had a con- of public opinion, plus an early fere nee with .ir>hn L. Le\vi,s. Unit- and open endorsement from Presort Mine Workers, president It is : idem Truman, roulri succeed in noipwnrthv. however, that thp pub- forcing the Illinois governor to ache r^la'ion? ouffit now handling \ rrpt ft draft. 3 Radio, '.elcvision* and records have certainly brouaht modern music into homes. Aunt Molly^ Harmsworth wonders, though, if, a lot hasn't bee n 1 ost, in the process. You don't hear any more the soothing strains of an old-fashioneri hymn come rolling out of the' open windows in the evening from a group avoun'i a family piano. >$, ,SEA Golden Chonce Doesn't Pass Him By They've discovered frolrt npain. And naturally it's at one of the mnsl inrnn- veninnt places in the whole \Veslovn Hpmisphore. \Viiy can't pnld ever jret itself discovered some plat-r where man doesn't have to practically kill himself getting nt it? Klondike, Yukon, I.eadvillo. And now the latest plRce. in this part of the world is on the .lari River in one of the wildest sficUuiif, of wild Brazil. Ru) thoiisancis r>f adventurers are. ptvnaniinjr into the area. To get to the pnld country they have lo fisrht their \\'»y for fhrce weeks up a river that has 22 waterfalls and rapids. The area is just north of the Kigun- tor and abounds in ai! kinds of tropical ills like malaria and similar fevers. The .imiple must be fought and conquered as if it were a living thing. Tlie wildlife is both wild and lively. Here is the home of the. anaconda, believed by some to be the world's largest and TV .-itat^nv.* wrr? £•.;.!";, '->' ' QLy:r;:r.rr.a:,"r, ' ! In hirn;;: Sfl'.'r:-. wrr^-r* ^ ^-r •:;-.'.':*. Tr':'-^ -\>,- l:rins. ^id tr-r C:\:' L.:^::;" V: : : ;.*•; *. r,.-,-*.- \ \ the Doctor Says — F.ltVVIN p. JORDAN", M- 11. \\riUen lor NKA Service f blots should be civfn or not. It ' may be neoos.. 3 ary to try thon\ in various dnsrs. and to observe the i rffpci?. before any decision can be reached. M:. L M •»-:•,-. r hv ,•,„ h ,, p, r , i; .., r 3r .p,,,r 3 nr^ a = IhouEh ' ^ JACOBY ,, OWBRIDGE It's Greek to You Answer to Previous Puiil* HORIZONTAL, 4 Producer of 1 First Greek ,^? BS . ] c tl er 5 Conjunction 6 Third letter of SO^m^ Greek ' American alphabet humorist 11 Father or ?.f' r '';' . ~>;:n IT." n.^-nl ri^^holi-^in .ih d*-.'inir f i.T-n nf A.T.«: • >•. Bu l -hf> FCC. :r, > 1 r e f o n i d ; rw r x ' * . t-f- . .- ', r,:. ;;vpr;,,,^-::'':,^ ^:,^n^r« m L^ n "*X. Brw 9 « Error M<, Y \ •••, •.. f.*-:'»f. :r, » •<•>. T",!-.:,:K* mo" al-.v.v.-F pioirnt. and there g e Very Cost/y ,.-.,.., ,y . r e ,,,-- ' ... . -ir-rh .*''• r ' r ^rr <-,-mp'om=, 2= 3 ru> • . ,, , . r ,. f ;,, r ' •-„ ,-.".,..* . H . i , \, -, *>,-, • Rv OSWALD jAcni'.v ;,-•:•••;,•.•:• •» ;-.''.-/. -.»,-;^ ,^:r : ^:^™^^ «•««,„ r., ™ ^ ifr •'••^•:.':* > rf r '.: <: r^"'*.- f. 1 . th.- -•. : n ; >;,,= ,;.- r^r, r,?' rnmpte'el'.- rr-' WnM shoiiid you do thivrt hand. ''''"-'• r.^N'-d h'-' ^'iTiplo Th* 1 Ire^t- 'vi^h ac(*-Jack-,en of a suit over 'T -.' ,r *'r r i'.'<*i ':f '•-'.''. ''',•' '••(• jr.^n' rnr,~i'*'- nK-ieiv ;n K'A'inc ihp tlnmniv^ kine-x-x" 1 It i." u^ujillv ,^ { .* ; v ., r . . ^ , 1)lf ; ; ;^:;r .^rr.ounT nf fhvroirt :Rhlet5, hy ^l c e ^n ,'inr.vp th*> ten. h;if, rircuni- mother 13 Western shows 14 Correct*: 15 Everlasting (pocl.) If} Legal point U Assist 19 Seventh 8 Simple 9 Mountain I SO THEY SAY I 1 ,- 'i \if- fha* 'hir- 'T^a'men: h^- •o ij« l:rp- up indcfini^lv. bi;' n ," pn .^i" -•'-. tw' \'fry p,vpf*n.~i* 1/ *, •ir.rj < rirrjp> ! <••!'. rrh^xo- ihP manv cf " 't «"•' ' (fir f- •• nip'orn > i Mni f <j!{f!<-i.;:-. 'n di.izn^-" ^nd •o rrrni! 'h.-in rrTinr-m -ir.-1 myxr- , cU ins R i •«> ihn-.p pnTicni- 'A 'ho sp- ft^.-r v> h;; '. ^ .xn mt'onipif"* Jr.^ of. rh" =.T: ri;on of th^ iln I n:fi hnr- _ ] I think ihrv -fi 1 .^:-* -,-- i - .< 1 ^OMlfi gft A tort of r*i v-C ;• • ;. xvhrn nion jhow sn >?;••--- * , -• i — Entovtp.inrr I.:ii ?' f r H * I'.*- >]:;\*r,fi* .' ol 'ii : - ''"rni^f ff-r, {.*• rrmrir r>x;};- r.-i'-'.^h. !hiio '• y. r ;>( I r>Y>\ i \ t ,r, f '(\ f roi:i ' h" el.Ui ' . f P r. \ rrt % 1 *. r ,1 n h f - r ."- •*• n ,•> ' ,^ :- ' i •-' ::-t'r- (or rh'> nor iml ho: mon xr,rl -hi.*. -,u)j brjni- .-m'v;t soofl : \ i 'irnfnf-'r- --»b-rjii r «•,,' !h* m rii i'lii of tho f'nvi n.d ]vn iv,o he vatur. '-fimc'im^.'i inritiriinff un- o x p I .T ; ii f ri ' s ' i c i j P , or pr r h ,1 p = n .M /•• 1 .1 hi>l i ^ n» * .* ,M r-.i c i n (T Knr n of dniih:/;jl mr-»n:nc j tf', a ifiC''abloh5ni \vhlrh; ->i - * » • w.-jO^ (s morr • sr.iv ^,f rr. .— Artist Ma.son Wright '"• LTl U UiUl', C Oil -Hit". I'Tl IVH'Ul^l. :':iin Imlrrr!. a prj-nil '^ lio h.i 1 : nieln- .T! o ti.ili.-ni ,:1 nunn c LVi mn\ 1:01 h.T.T n Inje rje,)r,i-e ;n 'll>T^i(i tlirir- •nir.^ i:nu ^r.d innv ivl benefit much f hin.'e. nr.ij Jn-r.-. l!^ tlirrr. frnni 11rio:ri tnb!? .'^. 1 he vV.:n a!"-n cr:^ ih:;->: anrl rtrv. In surh n t In n i \ x n rl r m n : h r hair 10 On the ocean 12 Former 25 Mimirker Rus?ian ndcl 26.Ie\^J5h tpirri J3 Heavenly 13 Fortifications »' repre/ach hedv IS Anger 28 Bu.'sian hemp 4.i Ceremony 20 Oriental 2fl Facility 46 Foot part garment 3' 1 Wmter 17 Bones 21 Lure vehicle 4!) Fi>h 34 Losncr 5n Crimson 3" Observe 32 Railroads 4(1 Protuberance (ab ) 41 Unvarnished SSEnlancle NORTH U A Q~2 » 05 4 » KQ 101 * K62 \VF.ST EAST (D) A K 108 64 A A .1 V 96 Y Q2 » A <J 8 1 J » J ~< S J.3 i. A J 107 53 SOUTH * 9 S3 V A K.J 107 3 « B X Q9 4 Bnth side! vul Pi5i Poiith West S'orth 14. IV 1 A 2 V 3 A P,">ss n i Do'iblc Pass 3 Y Pass Pass I Greek letter 22 .African fly 20 Saw-loolhed 23 Greece is in 24 Biblical name 27 Guarantees 245135 31 Separated . 32 Continued r',^. '• lYif.unly do .ilfrr c.T.^es. 'IP donor is h.itd \ In 'cd.ty's liann F.nAl marie Thr Tho puL^« Is B!OU trtfi therff 11 a i put lo decide w hetlicr thyroid la- nimuke of finc.%5inff Ihe ten ol clubs 33 Reel back 35 Shave the head 3fi Stupor;: 36 Kate ot motion 39 Pennsylvania river •H Replies •H Low haxmt -IS Greek letter 4anrc^s SI Bodies of troops .1-) Conductor 55 Rasps 57 Greek gra\e<tonc VERTICAL 1 Armadillo 2 Halt 3 President (abj

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