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The Daily American from Somerset, Pennsylvania • 6

Somerset, Pennsylvania
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PA.MCFMBER 15 W41 -PACE SI AND THIS WITH A SUGAl SHORTAGE! I NOTICE TO ML ADO LP SCHICK LGRUBER Allies 1 a i I 1 Oi ti fpegr oes Ask Inter-Racial I Berlin, Rome ami Tolrin papr pluia enpy mines taft bv the withdrawing axis WAJt INCREASES RACIAL TENSIONS, FEARS AND AGGRESSIONS AND AN OPENING UP OF BASIC QUESTIONS. "Eleanor Club' armv El Brega 30 miles northeast of Agheila, but with iu ten whole position of the 50.000 and men In Rommel's forces, including remnants of the once- proud Africa Corps becomes untenable. Approximately 300 allied planes including the 100 American-manned aircraft were reported smashing the enemy's columns along the coastl road en the Gulf of Sirte. Whitehead said not a single axis plane had been sighted that area during Sunday. The Ninth U.

S. air force headquarters announncement bore out this lacK of axis aerial activity. Only once did enjmy fighters close with American pilots 'in attempt to stop the allied onslaught, the communique said. That was when two Mesaersen-mitt 109s were shot down and several others damaged against the loss of one American fighter. First Lieut.

John T. Giblertson of Denver, and Second Lieut. Thomas Williams of Memphis each were 'credited with confirmed victories in the African sky push. The American f-irmen scored many direct liits on motor transport, the announcement said. Their fighter craft have been equipped with bombb racks in the manner of Britain's dual purpose hurry bomters, an adaptation from Hurricane fighter craft.

You can thank your unlucky stars-that you don't know what is going on over, here, because if you did you would not be able to get as much sleep (as little as it is) as you are now getting. If you knew (and WE are not going to tell you) how many ships, tanks and planes, we are turning out, you would tremble so badly you would shake that funny-looking moustache from right under your nose. Also, you should see these Americans buying (of their own free will, mind you, Adolph) United States War Bonds and Stamps. You, Mr. Schicklgruber, and your stooges in Tokio and Rome are going to discover that last year's story of'Too little and too has already been changed by us Free Americans with this year's War Bonds, to a painfully bitter truth that you and your gang started TOO MUCH AND TOO SOON and we are going to finish it.

ATLANTA. Dec. 14 Representative southern negroes today proposed broad basis lor lnter-racial cooperation in the south to meet the frar-sharpsned issue of negro-white relations. The war, a committee said, "has resulted in increased racial tensions, fears and aggressions and an opening of the basic questions of racial aegregation and discrimination, negro fcmority rights and democratic freedom as they apply practically in negro-White relations in the south. "These Issues are acute and threaten to become more serious as they increasingly Block, through deeper fears aroused, common sense consideration tor even elemental improvements in the negro status, and the welfare of the country as a whole." The committer's- statement, grsw.QUi.

of a conference of negro leaders of ten southern states, convened in Durham, N. last fall. It was released here by Committee Chairman P. B. Young, president of.

the Norfolk, Journal and Guide. Would Abolish Poll Tax The committee, speaking for the newly-founded southern race relations conference, recommended abolition of the poll tax and of white primary elections. It also urged that toe states discourage a "fascistic expression" by effective enforcement of present or of new anti-lynch laws and toe employment of negro policemen. Hie group said it believed the employment of negro police would enlist fee full support of negio ettizens in control of lawless elements of their own group. Recommending organization of negro service workers into unions with recognized affiliations, the committee observed that "In the present hysteria of many housewives who are losing poorly paid servants to better paying war industries, it seems desirable to emphasize that this proposal tears no relation to the fantastic and probably pis-inspired rumors of so-called 'Eleanor clubs'." Allied Candy bars disappeared regularly from the display case in a West Newton, drug store until Clerk John J.

Palumbo, seen peeking around the corner, surprised the culprit in the act. The thief, pictured in action, is Mickey, a setter, whose owner now must pay for his pet's sweet tooth. From Page One) provised fields south of the Buna area and worked their way up to join the Australians for the final on slaught on the enemy coastal bases Throughout this offensive allied and tilt local society was fned IV aOO. The Supreme court took the case under advisement after William E. Leahv.

Washington attorney for the FCCTTCules In Supreme Court'sHand rttssuL'ialiuh, contended the cnnlvrtion iirmen dominated the skies over the Buna-Gona area, and smashed nnum-erous Japanese naval forces frying to reinforce the enemy. The Japanese still have two strong bases in New Guinea at Lae and Salamaua, the latter ebing about 140 miles above Buna. Both points have been under frequent allied air attack, and occasionally there have been patrol skirmishes. Today's Communique said that a single enemy aircraft raided the Port Moferby area during the night, LEGALITY OF NEW RULES BE? FORE TRIBUNAL ON AI'PKAL; should revearsed because there was no way -to tell upon which count or counts of indictment the jury had based its verdict. The arguments were last Friday.

In another oase, the tribunal heard an attorney for Thomag J. Penaergast, former Dmnocratir, political boss of Kansas City, argue that his contempt aside on the ground that the alleged activities did not take place in the presence of the federal court at Kansas City which sentenced liirn. PENDJ ROAST APPEALS CON AIVIA Argument Finished MMMmmMMM I ') fltl, (By JAMES W. WASHINGTON. Dec.

14 The A FEEDS Daily Brand BUY UNITED STATES WAR us SOLDIER, SWEATHEART letralitv ui iiu federal, eemmisbion's regulations on Iiain MONOXIDE VICUMS II headed today fo. the broadcasting-Eupreme cou upreiue court's HFACTIOr OR OUR MONEY scrutiny. EPIE. Dec 14 (fP) A soldier, home The court granted a review to the on furlough and his sweetrienri-were National Broadcasting company an3 Constitutional Rights Other highlights of the conference proposals: -Political and civiL rights Adher-ence to the negro's constitutional right to serve on juries; travel accommodations' equal in kind and -eiuality in states where law or custom require segregation; Military service Advancement in responsibility and rank according to ability, and solution of racial problems in transportation, recreation and leave areas, said to be acute in the south. Education Equal salaries for negro and white teachers on the basis of equal preparation and experience; equal facilities to meet a growing demand for graduate and professional training among southern negroes; and representation of negro problems by negroes on shool boards.

Social welfare and health Inclusion of negro doc tors on public hospital-staffs, to treat negro patients, according to the rispecial qualifications; and mandatory provisions that a proportion of public hospitals be available to negroes. found aspnyxiated toaay in me gin a parked car on the eastern outskirts of Erie. The two were identified As Stanley Kalnowski, 23, private first class, U. S. army and Virginia Lakowski.

23. Detectives Paul Schaaf and Jack Reagan said fumes from a leaky-muffler on the car apparently caused the deaths. The 'two last had ueen seen last night leaving a picture show. The bodies were slimmed in the front BACK Scratch Feed 100-lb bag 2.40 Scratch Feed 10f-lb bag .66 Dairy Feed 100-lb bag 2.13 16 Dairy Feed 100-lb bag 2.50 20 Dairy Feed 100.1b bag 2.55 24 Laying Mash 100-lb bag 2.99 Laying Mash 25b bag .80 Dog Meal 25-lb bag 1.23 This advertisement donated to the Victory Fund Committee by: Arrow Furniture Co. Farm Equipment Co.

Barkman's Hardware Co. S. A. Chevrolet Co. H.

C. Beorits Sons Somerset Drug Co. the Columbia Bioacicasting System in their suit to enjoin the commis-sioiv from enforcing the new. rules. A three-j uugc federal court in New York upheld the FCC but stayed enforcement of the restrictions until Feb.

1 to permit the appeals One regulation would forbid affiliated stations toi contact exclusively with one network. Another would prevent oe company from owning more than one -network, as a result oi. wnicfi NBC already haa'Tellimufcn-: ed its blue network, retaining the red network. The SupremeTcotirt then hearth concluding arguments in the appeal of the American Medical Association from a conviction of violating the Sherman anti-trust act through activities allegedly aimed at a group health organization in the District of Columbia The act prohibits con- seafapJLthe car, as tnougn iaiKing ic each other, ScHaat said. File Manslaughter Charge KANSAS CITY, Dec.

14 (JP) A manslaughter charge was filed today against Rudolph Jones, 30, attendant at the steam bath in which Arthur Bergold, 56, died Sunday. A Super Market Aj EMPLOYES TO GET COMPENSATION Christmas Club Subscriptions NEW YORK, Dec. 14 Additional compensation totaling $1,400,000 will be distributed to employes of the Great Atlantic and Pacific Tea company. Ve-fore Christmas, it was announced today by John A. Hartford, president.

All A employes throughout the country with six months or more service will participate in the cash distribution. The company's employes were voted similar compensation last year. spiracies in restraint ol tfaae. Replying to a contention of AMA counsel that practicing medicine was a profession and not a trade, and hence not ordinarily subject to the Sherman act, Thurman Arnold, assistant attorney general, arguedr that when tne association's membcib descend to the market place and attempt to bolster their income by boycotting competitors, they are. not-.

engaged in professional activities." 1 Cliaiged With Conspiracy The association -af)d an affiliate, the Medical Society of the District of Columbia, were accused of conspiring to t'estrkin Group Health Association, described as a non-piofit cooperative association of govern CHRISTMAS CANDIES YES, WE HAVE THEM while our quantity and assortment is not as great as usual, we stilthave TREAT CANDIES fir CORN BALLS and will fill orders as long as our stocks last. First come, first served. FANCY GIFT PACKAGES and FAMILY PACKAGES in large supply CIGARS' TOBACCO CIGARETTES NUTS NOVELTIES PEANUTS CANDIED FRUITS AND PEELS DATES FIGS NUT MEATS COLORING FLAVORS BEERITS' Have You a Man in the Service Report Large Enlistment READING, Dec. 14 (JP) Believed to be on? of the largest enlistments on record in this city, 119 men today were sent to Philadelphia for induction into the navy from the Reading naval recruiting office. ment employes.

A $2,500 five was I imposed ten the national organization DAILY CROSSWORD IThTaJmIBBJaImTp. Ml r. lMPlt 4 A MO it I DOWN 19. Staggered 1. Hautboy 20.

Type 2. Flowers measure 3. Devoured 23. live coal 4. Choking bit 25.

Hebrew 5. Oriental prophet nurses 27. Insect 6. Site of 28. Lair "Leaning 30.

One's house Tower" 7. Goods cast overboard 8. Come 10. Steeples 11. Moon goddess 18.

S-shaped molding Son? Husband? Brother? Father? Employe? (Daughter? Sister?) Then You Should be Proud Enough of Him (or Her) to Write Regularly. Why Hot Send THE AMERICAN (Daily or Semi-Weekly Edition) "IT IS LIKE A LETTER FROM HOME" Because of the growing number of American Subscribers and friends, who desire to send this paper to interested friends and relatives who have gone away, a SPECIAL club offer has again been arranged valid during the Christmas season. The regular subscription rqte of the American is $7.50 per year in Somerset or anywhere in the United States outside Somerset county, postage paid. $6.00 anywhere in Somerset county outside of Somerset borough. A subscriber to the American may send a second copy daily for one year to any address in the United States by adding $5.00 to his own subscription check.

Two subscriptions to different addresses with his own for $15. Three with his own for $20.00. To each gift subscriber (where requested) the American will send a Christmas card announcing the gift and the donor- I a FOR THE SEMI -WEEKLY The regular subscription rate of The American (Semi-Weekly Edition) is $2.50 per year, anywhere in the United States outside Somerset county, postage paid. $2.00 anywhere in Somerset county. You may send additional copies anywhere in fiie I initori fntc hw nriAinn OO tn unur nwn subscriDtion for each additional one.

ACROSS 1. Openings 4. Breach 7. Lace trimming 9. Faulty 12.

Appearing as if gnawed 13. Canadian peninsula 14. Woody perennial 15. Greet 1 6. Silicon (sym.) 17.

Shoe bottoms 11. concerning 22. Hail! U. Area around tooth 25. Male adults 26.

Part a whole 28. Measu of 29. Trees 31. American Indian 33. Upright 36.

Pronoun 37. Type size J8. Prosecute judicially 39. Guide's lowest note 40. Takes the part of 42.

Music note 13. Ready money 46. Dolts 17. Kilograms (abbr.) 49. Thick soup 50.

Kind of rock 51. Employers 52. Caress 53. Ood of pleasure 1943 CLUB NOW OPEN i A.t I j. mamma Unrir Qi inrr Pi oiTT suDSCripnons Tor or monms may De senr un me sumc uuaia.

ul-j. lo tions tor less than a year will start at tne time aesignatea, ana win De so aaieu. Where subscriptions are for one year or longer, delivery of the paper will begin any- i. it i i a 31 34 35 j5 'ml pi Wff 40 41 -j mmm 47 40 2 Give Yourself the Gift That Will Moke 1943 Gift-Shopping Simple Anticipate next Christmas' gift-cash needs by joining our Christmas Club now. Pay as little as lc a week or as much as youwish up to $10.00 a week.

Get it back in a hearty check next December. Enroll Todoy-You've Everything to Gain Club Ranges from lc to $10.00 per Week time after December but will date trom January ita. AMERICAN SOMERSET DAILY SOMERSET, PENNA. THE COUNTYTRUST CO. CBYPTOqUOTE A cryptogram quotation LQW WFW-JMOQWTT MT VWOOWI OBHQ OWQ BWHITHF JMOQWTTWT CSHGOGT.

fMttrtay'a Cryptoquotei THE GIFTS OF ENEMIES ARE NOT GIFTS. AND HAVE NO VALUE SOPHOCLES, JjgiiJjJHrtrltat by Xlag rtur Syndicate, la SOMERSET On the Diamond.

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