The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 25, 1952 · Page 14
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 14

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 25, 1952
Page 14
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PAGE BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COUKIER NEWS CLASSIFIED s «"'«* ADVERTISING INFORMATION Dtllr nit pel lint ttl ctijwrutlre InitrtEon: Minimum rlmj« Me 1 time P>1 lint . , ,.,. I5c Z time* per line ptl day IZc 3 llmr* prr line per day .' < llmei per Hne per da/ 7c 12 tlwes per line ptr day Sc Month per line ,. 90c Count tlit average words to trie line. Ad ordered Inr three or «ii lime* arid •topped before expiration wilt he cnarr,e4 titr the nunibei of lime* Ihe art appeared and adjustments of hill Mine. All <li«IIJert adre.rd.tlnc copy >»h- ktlltrd fcy person* (csldine outside of City : must he arromoanle'l hy rash. Rate! maj he easily ke computed from the ahoye 'table. Adye/li^lnr ordered /or lirtftiljr In- •f rllon*'lake the one lime lahle. N'o responslhllilj he taken lor mnre (han on*' incorrect Insertion of any rlJi'lficrt ad. All ads are, restrlclM to Jhelr prop- «r rlassiflcallnn. Myle and type. The Courier News reserrej Ihe rjfht to edit w reject any «d. Card of We wJsS to express our sincere appr«. cfatton or the kindness qnd consideration shOKn by onr friends In Jllythe- rllle, durlns our time of necrt In the death of our husband mid fntiier •nd grandfather. V. T lts. Mrs s, A O.-ctaend Daughters'<t Families II 35 pk 26 Apartment tor Rent rurn Apt. hoi water. Frlsldalrs. Couple only. 1601 w. Ash Ph 2018 H ! 25 nk 11530 Nice steam heated < rm apt nil electric kitchen Close, in Ph, 4432. lljW <:k tf Unfurn. i rooms, batti. else waler heater, good closets haTdnnod lln-ui wired for electric store, linoleum on • and hath Wlnrtov. shades— SOOd healer goes i»Uh home No pen. Vacant Deo 1st Ph 207) or 1415 ' 11|25 pic 12110 3 (urn apis, pvl hath hot v»ter furn Ph. 3463. 1( 1,0 an.™ or c.Ml 9720 11124 ck 1213 4 toom lurn apt Bnth F.rP'Kltchpn"' 124 W. Xj- Ph W?l H'21 pit 122 Apartment 100 F, Cherry Etcc liol water heater, Glove connection, rh 33(8 or 2787. , !, 24 plt 122 3 room [urn. npt 407 LlUr si l>h. n82 - ' M'32 p». I2JI 3 rm. furn apt Private, hith ivnd «titrnnc« O»s heat 621 Walnut. Jill 3y " • II 21 pk 12 •> 3 rooms turn Prlvale entrance antl bath. Hot uster. 14 block Kroaers 307 K. Ttrtl 31 Ph. 4660. ll.JO pk 28 Utifuni. 5 room apt, Rcccntlj rteror luted Natural gas door /iirmco Well loc.ied. Ph 2021 i ij20 ck t( »pt U2 E chsrry Apply In bacx to Mrs. Eldor 11120 pk 1 20 5J 3 rm. unfurti, duplei, bath, elec »n- ter he«ter, wlied for elec stove Ph. 11S7 or 273J ,|'2H clc 27 Apt and Private bedroom Ph 2020. •.11-19 pk'26 . Nff» t prirale 3 room Him apt ».«h b«tn. »ii iloor furnace. Nicely decorated Adultn only. Inquire at. 2a^3 Kcn- ^°°° " r - 11(14 pk 12115 ft»«ien heater! unlnrn. apt, Ph 3255 \ __ II, S. ck 125 » rrns nicely Mm, prt entrance. Utilities, eas heat. retrl s6 ritlon J4D ocr I mo or »10 per »ect. 100 W. Kr ph I1 " > . 1031 pk ll[30 __ Modem 1 room fin. api. phn . r.k tf .Modem apt. 3 rooms and bath, newly decorated, gocicl titrnltxtte eas enulp- menl. Ph. 3373 f. Simon. 9,21 clr it , Small Apartments, furnished. ?8 up per week. Bedrooms M up single. 11<1 \Vest Ash Ph. 2833 ' g|4 ck tf For expert ptiimhlng, oil etove and fmnire. cleanlriK and repair. call'fi."Hfl, Unrrj' Myer«. • ulji pk 1222 W. S. ALLEN Gas Installation 30 years experience in gas Installations SPACE J1EATEHS i HOT WATETl HEATERS Call Krenlnijs— 3724 112! pk 12191 WANT AW Mother* will rare for your ehlMre In my home. ph. 4164. lljll pk J2JII Laundry in my horns. Ph. ai47. n|iT pit inn PAINTINO.PAPlinllANOINO rurntlvire Retihlshlng J, n, FUEEMAN PI). 2232 II II pk 13 H CAS SBRVIGK son and other major brands hratlns Ice. Fasy terms Bunity AIJ,KM PlumMnE A- H.'.nHiK Co. Ph 121). n m ek a 28 IUKUTE PIIOTOSTATIO BEfuT :CK. O'STIEN'S STUDIO. l]i W MAIN 123 ck tr e/rfcrvndon—Air conditioning and Heating serrlcp. Call Cftafi or 6064 ' BROFF RKrRlGERATlON CO 10.4 11 Custom thra thine »nd balllm ChRile* Enjtht * Son. Phone "3568. 10|M pk Oitfirantred piano HinlnR and re. pair. Call 2071 iliiy. 2053 nlglitE "i;'2( tl For Sale, Misc. Fire and Bunrlar proof safes. Vault doors at factory prices. Frl. paid Ph ll|19 pk 12 13 Duck stamps, hunting license .shot Jim shells. Barneys Drug Store. 2006 W Mnln; ; |||H c k 28 Knlibits,'.Rabbits,' Rabbits >*oia- h the ttnm to piiTcliase nrec.d 115 stock Some : art rlbhon vlnnerff I anj NKA fait. MUM Fflcrince (3 'up •hone Jlrn lioleiioii. 21164 923pk II NOTIGIO , TO PEDDLERS We hme plcntj ol everything to itork iour truck Bulk apples, "pears iod oranges. BIiYTIIKVllJ.K- C'l»Ir« MARKET 130. EMt Malri St. II « ci 135 Clearance Sale Bnrsa.tis Riiloret KTcrvthln« reduced n n sior^whlr KKiV. Tli« House nr Chrtnn. So, HlKhviLjr 61 103 ck tf TYPEWRITERS DON EDWARDS CO. • ,113 W. WAlnni - - Phone 33« Plenty of Parking Space Lxician Gaincs Furnjture Co. Trade your old furniture for new. I will nlso ) )l( y your old •furniliii-D. Karmers" terms '/2 down, balance in the fall Formerly Arnold & Caines Ph.63S7 . ' 4|Wck tf Save Monny, When Yoit Buy — Sell — Trade Used Furniture GL1N HATJRIS.ON & SON '• FURNITURE CO. 517 W. Ash . ph. 2552 S|2cktf . Do*s your tractor start hard? ' "piny" on hard pulls? oil? stop power thieves! WITH OUR IH 5-STAR ENGINE OVERHAUL Keep power up and fuel consumption down! . . . Brine your li-aclor in now for an ahrad-of-scasmi cncine overhaul. You can depend on hur lH-trainpd =crvicc- meti, IH Hpprovcd service equipment and scmiine IH precision-engineered parts' In mainlain the fine performance built into your Farmall. AND SLEET AND. SNOW, TOO with WINTER TUNE-UP, SPECIAL • Scienlifically imaly/.e tnjjine perfofmanc* with rnclory-recommendetl analysis cruiipment. • Overhaul CMrhurelor and clean' fuel pump. • Adjust and dean .s|>;trk ]>luK-<!. • Overhaul distributor and Overhaul generator, • jCheck ignition anti wiring. • Clean oil-balh air cleaner. • Check aii All For ONLY 5 95 Paris Extra 300 Broadway orapany Phone 4453 to 1? ihDtiFnnfl dollars a year to start. Car ncfc-w;ary. >()vajjrpmejit /or *-FRLve unlrllftl men or Intellect, Ar^RA A Missouri terrllorlfs. Can Dee Mnllwaln 36-H. We(i., 'i'liui.s. ^t Krl. 9 Lo' 12 a,m: |||a5 pk 29 raKHue Operator wanted.. Steady work and permanently located.'Ph. 303. Steel*, Mo, rtftfr fl o'clock. IJ.'22 pk 30 For Sale HOtJDAV HPKCIAL 7{{l X (5 4-ply rarlory reVre^tl v.bUe fildewaH lires ......, : ....,,..., (.50.00 GSO X 15 4 ply factory rrtrfiflrt ivhlle stdeWall tlr^s ,.,...' fflsoo 2-610 X 15 Kp.y fnrtory retr<.-ari mud iv «naa tires ,. 575 oo U. F. UOODIUCH STORK •IH Wnst. Mi»)n Phone 6^31 A.-,lohn Dcerr Iractor ciiliivator — Buster's planter with fertilizer—attach- ed—Hnrrow — nisi; — 12-A Conibliie ith, motor and craln bin — -4-whrel t!\lloc.-J_ _H SvfofiK.n*. 3 nil v,etl of nrlrT^r^;. iHphwny 14. ll|2.-i pk'ay Noiirf, Red ClH>. Ormel and Dirt, n, 622(5,' I-! 25 P^ ' 2 ; 26 Olrlj smal^blcscle. Delachnble trnln- — R m;y-nrrB F.7,<> wllh t tow rqul|iinciU, J >PJIT t»il. Will tnulfi for llphtcr tfnctor with 2 ro\v eoulpmcnl. Coll 303 Slt-cle all- er « o'elocV:, u. zz pjt 30 Sun-flamr- ,-,>n H.T.U. hp.Mcr.VSO Air-'A'^y vannnn cleaner R!I otl?ch- in'pnLv $20. Ph. 25?.S. J] 22 r'iC 26 Girl's hlryrlp; i^ecj. In coorl condl- llon, $20. Oil 2921, - \\'i\ rh 27 .Used tviMneralorvseoso and up H*l- sclt ,t.Whitp; rh. Wine, Il;i9 rV tf Hair drynr In ROO<[ rendition J:t» to Fire Proof snfps \Vt. 225 ll>s. Iinpoft- lhlp (o plrlr the coniblnfitLnn Price fi$.' Ph. <IK*7. n;i9 pk 12 19 9« Ford Tructor. Engine ovprhiMiled -w rice Ar cane t.rca. Cultivator, Mid- dip minler*. Urcnklnjr Plow . Grader dfi. Illrl Srooji, onn api Formal! nikl. Bustrr nne year old. Hiranln — rr p^rt paymmt. Otto St-r»pe Bly- TUIe. StnVks! peon i e.s,, s, bRvrics & trees. Ph PATHVlKW ACUKS S. M\VV. fil C 12 I POLLED HEREFQRDS A fine uroup of 7 to 9 month nlrt Pohrrt Hereford milln and KeUrts. br« blOOclllnM—rp.Klr Eo go. Also other uiill en Iv c.i old pnongh [nr.Mrvlfe contact Drpw Vardcl! or Dtrw A, \Vlll1nn.s. Konnctl. .\Co. or s-3;u,:i pV I.endlnp brand oil hrnter? Rt cost. l.nrefi pnppr *hfll pprnnj UPTON BOOKKR f5. HI\VA\- 61. I'll. 4379 for So/e, tstate Land SevcrAl 4rt flrre UM-IK, two ROs o»e 'JO, In Ml*.i,<^lppJ C'onnly In PrmUrot Ctmniy. Mo., T iiKve *»T l7? trart from -tfi to 1000 ncrfjt In Stoddsrd County. Mo,, hM> lu-o OR. inxxl bmlcllnRs. «CKK! ro«d^, 17.CKW, .ich; tivo lens., rnch: one .120 vlth new homp, ham nnri Rllo, $50 ^er rrr; one 500 «<-re lt«ct **Uh brick omp, (\vo Inriie hnrns and (Vo ^-rcwni oi^ps. *W.OOO. with term*. Havf othrr larms \n dlffercot sizes. t interested see ' R. M. RKCK 301 N* Hro^clwftT Ph. 2B33 mi FARMS! Locatcrt In Pcmlsrot. New Madrid. Scott. Bulllnger. cnpe Conn- lies. Mo.. H-IJI tftke tractor with or without attachments on hoose and lot. Pee Walter Key. owner, or Cnrtner Rea] Kllftte, ri>., Sleelc. Mo. ll|2^pk 37 5 50 I IBO n. loliTadJolnlnc f-"i«l «chtMl, II] X. lv» 6-room house and bath at 1333 Cliickiisiivvhii, 3' large bedrooms, large living- room with fii-c'place. Also 4 room- apaflinfciit with balh in rear. This home is in good :comli- liou, on a lai'KO, bcaulifnlly idscHiied lot. 1'rice f 15,000. 1'i'HcLically new 4,- room house and bath, in top condition inside and out. f850 cash. Loan balance $5125," payable f I0.«4 per month. It's vacant — you can move in tomorrow, Good 4-room house ^and bath, on paved street. '80S N. Frank-lin.- Uiye, we ll arranged kilchon. lot. J800 lot 1 300 cash willhaiidle. $.1-1.02 monthly payments. Vacant. See or call JOHNNY MARR Pli. 4111 - Res. 3596 tf ( FOR SALE Three licdrohin house lieau- lifully decorated, complefeiy einiipptd for comfort. Central gas hont. PHA financed. Located at 700 Jllinois. P'or inspect ion call W. L HORNER 8151 2247 na2 _ __ if 40 acres — 8 miles north Pemiscot Co. A good investment. GKO M. r.KR _ KKAI.TOR • 120 E. Main Ttl. 6001 or 3M3 ck 2G For Rent ^ Modern rahln.* and npt5. Txist Poj- ' 'li'M rk 1IM , ' IXKltT1 " f,,rn |,t>. f, hath, pj, mi bath. 512 s. 1st or "call"'^^? p :"' ii n pk in . Ph. aass ll.S rt tJ;S SlMm Jifsl Mot, hulldlnf lor.trd In Ihe Ingram Bldsj Ph. 4167 or ftm ' M " ln ' • 12rK) «1- <«* In mulB R(»..nn»bl« rtn>. cull Mil T M ck It Private Rooms for rrnt— Meant h™tpd front hed- room. urtJMnlns bMh. closr- In. Ph. 41U - ' 11,18 rk tr nedrponi ronicnlfnl lo hsth. 8tn<m ^e»l. (11 W. Main. Ph. 3.17.V Give Yourself A Break With FERGUSON Jack Robinson Implement Co. Blytheviile, Arkansas— Phone 2371 d; Colored want 10 i-i r. (iontl husl- Wrlle A D. /nsi/rance CaJ14553 For Complete . Insurance PVotection W. J. Pollard Agency Planned Protect ion GLRNCQ* HOTKI. BUILD1NO • 114 W. Alh St. 4|8 ck tf REAL ESTATE Farms—City Property LOANS INSURANCE K Intrrf«Cc<1 In Huylnf or KrtlliiK •«• Noble Gill Agency Glencoe Bid?. Ph. 68l>8 l-»st A Found In vicinity of Dell — white & black speckled English Setter, t/amale, wearing s black collar, (tewimt. 0. K. llunni- cutt, Dell, I'll. 2502. JlfAl |,k I2J22 Hotict Special Sale Usod Clothing . Wnmpni rosls. sulu and ttrrfxes Mcn« anils, trotiaeri, lopcoau mia upon coats. ' . Roberts Sales .112 Holland St. ISlytbeville, Ark-. A'tTENTION FARMERS t)*Rd finlmRls removed Horses mules entile. Ph 661, Clurkttm Mcj,, o r 82R44 Kennfitt. Mo, TWO STATES DISPOSAL CO ll;6 cX 126 Wonted to Buy We pay highest prices for pecans—we sell directly lo shelter and curry pecans It po.vtMilB for us to giTe' you the high- si prices. BLYTHKVU.LEC CUHB MARKRT W« ?rll| pay CASH for jour old Ko- I ddfcs, carnerns and - Lenses [or parts I O'S-ntEN'S STUOro; 1I5 Wt*l Main I 13|4 ck tl Wanted Wanted tenant with good traeior. ociuluini-nt for. lnrn« while river farm Cnrn, soyjjrHiis. (.-attle. Cash or Fimrf Good ImVldlnn?;, eIeclrlcltj-,90 i\crps lr- rlRRtcd tills year. Write " Hox L-9, rf Courier News. ]i|2Q pic 12 - ,9 Sewing In my home Mis Lorene rioters. 1011 McHaney Roari. H|7 pk i? Military maps from Aerial pho togrnphs are accurafely find quicic- ly made with an Improved type of plotter, which projects H three- dimensional, measurable image'on I lopo^rRphicHl innp pupcr from R stcrcopnlr. of DhotoKrapha.'JA correction device hnilt iulo'il ciorrects aerial camera disloriion, FUEL OIL G.O.POETZOILCO. ' "I Sell Thai Stuff' Phone 2089 Office* Bulk Plant—Promised Land THANKSGIVING SPECIAL! STEERING m*chenTsm cfitcked, tightened, toe-in adjusted : a«ordmfl »o fodory >pecificationi. Cor road-' 1 t*tted to «nLir« safety. 30 ^^ BRAKES Both brak* iSo« on oil four wheels ad- iuxted with special •quip- /n»nr. Master cylinder filled ^-p,. ^^ with proper brake fluid for *" J | fj • xtra safety. * 2 MOTOR TUNE-UP Ten s«porat« op*raHorn put distributor., timing,spark plugs, air cleaner, carburttor, tappets and voftage regulo- « ^^ M tor in top operating condltior VI J J for motor lafcfy and your driving pleasure. (P-*. 4 SULLIVAN-NELSON CHEVROLET CO. 301 West'Walnut 1 — Phone 4578 Sunns* Lands The sun never sets on all of th« possession^ of Q re a" t •Britain; .France, and Holland at'the same time. The dominions of these eonrv j tries are so scattered (hat the 6Un • always is nbove th« horizon of. some of them. Announcing .Our N«w Location: DELL ARKANSAS Main Street—Taylor Freeman Building Our l« llm vrrj Hne rrsp»n*e to nur Mle ndrcrtlMment, 'wm hflve dfcicieri to continue to offer our >Uip irrade lines of mer- rhundtM at dealer letel. SEE US FOR VOUR FAINT 'NEEDS! TOO White House Paint Gal. 4.25 Oil Base Washable Flat Wall Paint.. Gal. 2.65 Semi-Gloss Enamel . . . ..,..\.^. : . Gal. 3.85 Gloss Enamel >.„,„. . .Gal. 4.55 Floor & Deck Enamel. . . . .,. .,...,.. . .Gal. 4.20 Rubber Base Point (pastel). . . . .,.,.,. .Gal. 3.75 ^Rubber Base Paint (deep tones). . . . Gal. 4.00 INTRODUCTORY OFFER: Mill Run External House Patnl $•* ftA GRAY I'er'fiRl. I.UU Kree Delivery lo Blvfheville Each Aflernwrn GUARANTEE: We «HCTnrtIth M Jl r rnaranjee xor p»i*t (.rortncls to he e<m>l In errrj way to .ny Nationally MI- TtrtiM^d hrnnil. Your .wvinjs from Ihe tliminalloR »f nomiTOTi^ jaltumtn »nrt rrlall store prollts. Sallsf>cll»ll («arant«cd rr j»*r monej will be refunded. MARTIN TRENKLE, INC. Phone 1>*1! 28SI (An*r .\ p.m. Call lilytheville 22S4) (Charge Accounts Acc*|iled When Credit Is Accepter!) Beautiful New Brick Home !.«<•»trd S«S K. Mjrdln. ^ h«lrooms, on« anrl one hair Ilk bal.., knMlj pint 4tn, larje Hrinr room, ttlnint rnom, Deluxe Gel«T» Mtfhfn. Brrnpwaj, »l(achr* it>ra(tt and jlorr. room. Kijn wtln FriRldaJre'Afr Conriidoner, central Lennox heatlnr SIT SlMl slorm »»shw. I.ol 1W x 185. frlct " .iHitl r«mpl«(eri Itils « room house jnd twin 'A| (11 B HarHin Naltiral t a« ),«!. alllc fan, Iwanlif,.! Geneva Kitrhcn I.iirge G " r * f * * nd 3l(w * room ' '•»"« l»n<<'««<» lo*. $e« or Call JOHNNY MARR Then* 4111 Res. Fhon* 259« Let's Talk TURKEY! $AAC Ovw 1695 '795 J!U8 CMC J-Ton Pick-Up Truck with good lires and jfood rnolor. A Horner-Wilson Valvie! JS5II WII.I.YS JKKI' with l-Wheel l)riv«; HB extra clean SPECIAL at Horner-Wilson ..... 1951 CMC 2-Ton Truck in perfect shape; it's R BARGAIN'*! (his W, low price ]9I9 FORD '/i -Ton 1'ick-Up Truck In perfect shape. A teriffic BARGAIN'! ............ 3951 GMC Vj-Ton Pick-Up Truck. See 11, drive il, you'll buy it ... but hurry! ...... 1919 CMC '/,-Ton Pick-Up, has good heater, runs toot . . . priced righU See it xnd drive it S you'll like it! ____ ........... .... ..... _* 1950 CHEVROLET, i/z-Ton Pick-Up Truck ...» good clean truck, a real SPECIAL. Only HORNER-WlLSON EAST-~ : MAIN Rocket OWsmobil* — GMC Trucks Phon« 205« Ua«xl Car Lot '__ Phone S151

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