The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 23, 1950 · Page 13
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 13

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, October 23, 1950
Page 13
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MONDAT, OCTOBER 23, 1950 Our Boording House with Maj. Hoople SADOte UP cx~r> HICKOK.' A.RE MlMS OSTLERS AND LEFT i to -TU& GANG / i BLASTED POUR ~ SEAT 'EM TO THE DRA.VJ/.^vJcVLL TAKE ALOWS A FEW HIS eem-s . OP COCKCOS.' X'M COPPIM ASWEfSK OUTA THIS HOSPITAL EFORS MB- STARTS Fi HE'S AM IPJOIAKJ DOT HUrtTlW BREAKFAST AfA- TM A BUFFALO.' 5 \' i f -ft *O -I. ST B9 BOElU THIETy VEAC-iTOO SCOM OUT OUR WAY I THOUSHT J*v J. R. Williams - _-.! " I DIDW'T Political Announcements The Courier News is authorized to announce the following candidates for the gciieraj election, November 1: For Alderman 2rul Ward J. L. (Jottic) Nahers Alderman (4th Wsirrtj Charles Lipford WE BUY IND SELL USED & NEW FURNltURE PHONE 2112 •HZCAMZTOMU TUP, STOHVt FARM LOANS Catea Wiggs Co. REALTORS Phone 2151 Blytherlll. At Its >»j Mo what did YOU do witl? your of for winter at home just by teftinff your shoe service man "do »»er" jour vacation sl>««. G*t an Extr*' Pair Through Shag Repair. HflLT€RS |0-'<»LITY SHO€ SHOPl It w. M ej i N ST. XVI "Y OU ' RE sorry?" Snndra shrieked again. "When I think of marrying you and burying myself here lo save your measly family pride 1 get sick, Jasper Thome! I—I could kill you!" She whirled away from him, buried her face in shaking hands, and stood there, sobbing "I didn't mean that! 1 just—Oh, Jasper, don'l hate me!" Leeana watched hate struggle with pity and win. Jasper Thome turned his back on his wife's pleas and walked stiffly out of Ihe room. When he had gone Sondra resumed her seat and regarded Leeana. with [ tearful eyes. "Never let a man do lhal to you. kid," she said huskily. "Kin him if you have to hut never let him make you crawl." "You weren't criiwling. You were just—upset. If Jasper had a grain of sense—" "A Thorne wilh brains?" Sondra snorted. "Don't make me laugh! Even by- marrying into the clan you lose what sense you have. If I hiidn'l lost mine, I'd have been away from here long betore now." Afler thai they ale in silence. The bacon and eggs, cold now, were like ashes on her tongue bul Leeana ate them stubbornly. Sondra was right. Food would help- but would it help enough? Cer- lainly it wouldn't keep one ol l.hem from being accused of murder-- Concrete Culvert Tile Sizes Dp to .16 in. Corrugated Metof Culverts SUe« np lo JU in. Automatic Flood Gales Concrete Septic Tanks Metal Seplic Tanks Sewer Tile Best PrtcM We Deliver A. H, WEBB Highway SI at Stale I.lne Fhone 1H HAIRY VETCH Balboa Rye, Barley and Seed Wheat. For Fall Planting Blytheville Soybean Corp. 110» West Main Bljthtrllte rhonc MM Blytheville Glass & Paint Co. 36 E. Main Phone B7J6 FOR SALE Concede culverts. 12 Inch fn 48 "irh, plain or r rcnforrrrt. Als« Concrete Builrline Blocks rhtitp- fr than lumber for tarns, chicken houses, pump housej, lenant houses, tool sheds. We deliver. Call us for free esllmate. OSCEOLA TILE & CULVERT CO. Phone 691 Man hns constantly decorated his neck clear back to the days when he hung animal teeth, etc., around his neck. KEROSENE & FUEL OIL Dial 4091 or 740 Shirley Hipp /OUR FRIENDLY' .AGNOLIA DEALER RED © SPOT M, ,o -- LPAPE R MIRRORS—GLASS FOR FURNITURE Awmngj—-Venetian Blindt—Auto Glass USTIN & WICKER hone620 _ Phone .6207 112 S. First _ Blylhevill* and hanging. Or was il the electric chair in Indiana? Shuddering in spite o( lier determination not to be squeamish. Leeana closed her eyes. She opened them to sec Mart Preston standing in the doorway. He grinned. , "Is tins a private seance?" "Seance?" "You looked out-o[-this-world- ish, sitting there with your hands out in front of you on the l.-ible and your eyes shut," Mart chided her. "1 thought maybe you were telling Sondra's fortune." Leeana shook her head.. So it's "Sondra" now. She said, "Fortune is (he future, Mart. None of us wants to look into the future riRht now. We're afraid of it. t know i am. Scared slifl of that inquest." Mai-tin Preston sobered instantly. "Yc-'i." he sairt. "Will it be—bad?" looked at Sondra as though he were trying to analyze her tone, to separate the caressing, warm unciertones from the fear. "It itfill be bad," he said shortly. "When is murder—or its altcrmaih —a pretty thing? That's another thing about you people, the way you accept your own existence as a thing of beauty. You c.nn't imagine the sordidness of living, of dying—violently." "Ah," interrupted Sondra, "another lecture." She turned on the infuriating slow smile that Lccana despised. "Got an extra soapbox Marlie?" Docility -i grief — had dropped from her like a forgotten cloak U,e instant Mart had appeard. Watching her now. Leeana thought her more of an actress than they Mad given her credit for being, She 'as flippant, aggressive — everything she should not be in the face of murder, but she was Retting away with it. Man Preston "1 can't win, can I?" "Obviously," replied Sondn, Sht re:? and. wilh studied nonchii- l^nce. went into the kitchen. A moment later they heard the back door slain. "There," observed Deputy Preston, "soes quite a gal." "Obviously," Leeana snapped, borruu'ftig Soncira's sarcasm. Oblivious to her budding anger, Mart poured himself a cup of coffee and fcalcxl himself across /rom her. His le.-ui tace, with a trace of reddish beard, was not iianrt- some. but— I.eeana dropped her eyes on confusion. "I.ccana," he said softly, "will you ask to be murdered—and trust me?" HE cut-and-dried questions and answers and [he dingy old court room matched. sotnchow, the dour fares at the coroner's jury. The inquest wns not as bad in itsell as the unsjiokon accusation, Ihe pointed suspicion bristling train the spectators' section. II was not that the Thornc sisters had been popular with their neighbors. They had not; in fact, they had made no bones whatevci about their desire lo be left alone wilh Ihe Thorae family prestige thai Let-ana's father referred lo as stifr-nei-ked pride. Ma, Leeana mused, thinking about it now in the tace of Iheii combined antagonism, il was Just thai the sleepy little community resented anything—even murder- that interrupted i| s complacent way of li/e. , These people's presence in the court room was a conglomeration of many things- hatred for the family that had re- bulfod so many of them, their own unadmitted desire for a nodding acquaintance with excitement, morbid curiosity. Leeana steeled herself lo look again at the austere coroner's jury in whose hands lay somebody's freedom—somebody's lire, even. It was difficult f ar her to realize, even after all lhat had happened^ thai she was silting with a murderer, perhaps ne.xt lo him. but Marl Preston, on the witness stand now made il very real as he sketched a brief, vivid picture of last night (T« Be Continued) NU-WA Laundry Dry Cleaning Phone 4474 We're Proud of Our Work ie work • Woodwork acturing • .Welding BARKSDALE MFG. CO. • Machine work • Manufacturing "Ah-er-I'm a little shy on tip money foooy, George, but /lere'i a more- valuable tip If you need a loan, go to GfNERAL CONTRACT PUR- CHASC CORPORATION." FRECKLES AND HJS FRIKNDg BY MERRILL BLOS8U Big Scare f NOW.' AMD G^ 'EM BOTH GRAVY" OUTA Guys/ "It's nice to have a maid—now I can go shopping, see a movie or run in and tell trie doctor my symptoms any ' flftflrnnrm!" I'RISCl.LA'S POP Room for Kcgrcl HY AI, VKRMKER OP COURSE ~>OU HAVE! 7 HATS BECAUSE YOU MADE VOUR DADDY UNHAPPY 1 OH... 1 THOUGHT IT BED WITHOUT ANY SUPPER! II .lusl Tillies Time .UY ,,„,! KATj i> H T ,AN!B JUST WATCH YOU* iTSJCKL>6EP!'AN(7, AIN'T THAT iHlfETI LUCKV -!(XI KEPT FIFTEEN VEAKS 16 LIKE WE H4VENY FOUND ^,, A 6000 SUCKEK ifj < SO^THN* «**« /UONTHS, SWITCHER , LOLtE, DON'T FOK6ET I IMMT A COZEN -.OUR MOUTH SMUT/ r *xrt» CMWEI? YESTEFWAY TO 6KOWL'A COSV9OV TOV6 K>« KIRS WHOSE FATH6BS >HE J WOULPA HAI7 TO TELL GffWL M3U MIXEP UP IN A MUPWf H 7H SOU SOTTA K5 TO KEEP /U6. C1O1ET IS SHVME HALF «XJ« TAKE. I'LL »E WE EVERVIMY'TO COLLK7 FIREEN YEARS ASO.' CAPTAIN EAS\ Now It Conies Out JiV LESUB TURNER I'tt SORRY VOl/EE WOT A& Bf?KWNV Y SO VOtreF lUrk* uji*77 AS I EXPECTED, «e. MeKOHK-V! TP ^ BACK.M1MI! MEANT TO POKE vou IN w NOSE / «HJR LUST FOR VO1JK UNPROVOKED ftBUS OF A SENSITIVE GIBL LIKE — SHE WftS CEUSHED tsT NIGHT Whs THE LA6T STRAW BUGS BUNNY BY V. T. HA MI,IN ''E A(?c LKE HECK. . 3&.B TH' GUARD'S c yj, ) R1 1 E AN' FOLLOW Orr. ^_ t^iC. ' MIDPLE 1 . C WN.' MY C305H. DiCK, WU \ IT ^VO^fT TAXE GOT NO TIME ri?UMMASE A SECOND.' I AJJOJND HUNTIN' fOE. /KWW KIGHT FINALLY, AFTER VISITING COUNT LESS AUSTRIAN STRONGHOLDS, %> I ALLEY OOP FOUNDK(|fc> T /,^bi %*[\\ AND LIBERATED f.^K^'^ff^' Sfe-J-f KING R1CHARD._ /«» S&^SSfex'n KING RICHARD BUT THERE'S STILL THE MAT-/? TER. OF A GETAWAY.' BOOTS AND HKK HU 1)1)1 KS MV BY KUGAK MARTIN

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