The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 10, 1950 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 10, 1950
Page 9
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FRIDAY, MARCH 10, 1996 BLYTHEVILTJE (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS PAGE NINB Soviet Wants Peace, Politburo Members Say Declaration Made' During Campaign Before Election MOSCOW, March 10. (AP)—Three members of the Soviet Union's Politburo have put peace nmong the groat powers as today's greatest •tfernaiional objective. ^\11 three have made declarations along these lines In campaign speeches In the constituencies where they are candidates for the coming national elections Sunday. They are deputy Premiers Oeorgi M. Malenkov, Laverentl P. Beria and Andrei A. Andreyev. Malenkov, speaking In Moscow's famous hall o£ columns last night drew stormy applause from his listeners when he declared that the Soviet Onion Is ready to participate in any sincere effort to prevent a new war. •'Soviet Wants Peace" "The Soviet government," Bate Malenkov, "true to the cause of universal peace, shall not. renounce [urther efforts directed at all pas- sible assurances of peace; and Is prepared to actively participate in all sincere plans, measures or actions tor Ihc prevenlon of a new war, and for the mantciiance of peace in the world." Berla, speaking in Ihe Georgian capital of Tiflis, commented: "It Is notable that during recent days, voices demanding a review of the foreign policies of the United States n n rt Britain in relation to the USS.R. are heard not only from tlie progressive and moderate circles but from followers of the anti- Soviet policy in these two countries. "It is obvious that the sober cal- Jtajtions among these people are Onetimes stronger than their anti- Soviet sentiments. 1 ' He cited ns an example the recent speech in the UJ3. Congress by Sen. Tydings (D-Mri.) calling for a special international conference on disarmament, Tydings, he said, snrnlklcd his speech with attacks a,,d slanders aimed at Russia, but at the same time he discussed the possible means for freeins the world of the threat of war. "Policy Jiased on Peace Andreyev spoke in his constituency of Ashkhabad on Russian foreign poVicy. which he declared WHS based on a consistent policy of peace. ••The Soviet ' Union, indeed, hns been striving for cooperation with nil peoples," Andreyev said, "on the basis of mutual respect for their Interests and sovereignty." \ front page editorial in the Soviet newspaper Pravda. voice of the Russian Communist Party, also discussed world pence and atomic con "The Soviet Union," the editoria said, "stands for peace. It supports Incessantly the cause of peace anc djuiands an end: of the armamen JSfc and ^abolition of atotni weapons." Boyle Picks Two Lists For Noah's Ark Cave Couple Jailed •or Robbery Of Immigrant By Hal Boyle NEW YORK, (IFr— If America were destroyed by atomic bombing, what ten beings should be saved? This question has been posed by Lester Dill, owner of the nicrnmcc caverns at Stanton. Mo. Dill recently asked Its Reconstruction Finance Corporr.tion for a million-dollar loan to transform his 26-mile-long cave Into an Ozark atom refuge. ? Whether he Is really looklnt: for a loan or Just more tourists it is hard to say. But ho also asked a • •-'- 10 Phoenix He'ps Cotton Workers' Hungry Chilean PHOENTX, Ariz., March ID. f/T)— p'loeiiix residents opened the Hearts today for the relief "f a m pratcry workers camp wfcnrc 100 children were reported starving earlier in the week. Juvenile officers, working under rlirM"in of Superior Judge Thomas - Ci:-.-iatf. operated n pick-up and 'ivrry service lo distribute the • -:tif In the area 14 miles west of acre. Judge Croaff ordered the continued use of his Juvenile court funds where needed as ft-1 official attempts to aid the camp appeared to be breaking down. The Arizona attorney general's •fica reported it would be impossible 10 declare the slluiitlnn nn emergency, nn'' thereby tap spe"tTl relief funds r <?rved for use by ,Gov. Dan E G.Tvcy. •l Garvey saitl he was taking steps Sxo secure ttderai yid, but said he feared that might take lengthy negotiations. The condition a! the 150 families in the work camp was reported Wednesday by a resident of the area to county officials. The workers have been unemployed for many weeks. Cotton in the valley was picked more rapidly than usual this year because of an Influx of Mexican field workers. Meanwhile, Juvenile court rlcpu- ! tics arc investigating reports of similar conditions of need in other nearby camps. group of writers to nominate Americans who, in the event of national disaster, should be given U>| priority as tenants of his modern underground Noah's Ark. Picking the fortunate—or unfor tunale--tcn is quite n parlor came Ticked T»o Lists , I ended up by picking two lists )ill himself isn't on cither—as who. 'orced to live In a cave, wants lo ie dunned by a landlord? I bypassed all politicians, too. to get rid of the tax problem, once and for all. My first list Is purely selfish: 1. My wife. Frances. 2. Me. 3. Gypsy Rose We. 4. Thomas Hart Bcnton. the artist. 5. Tallullah Bankhead. G. Hurl ives. the guitar-twanging folk singer. 1. A good bartender. 8. A psychiatrist. 10. Any two-year-old child. With a group like this you could •ive fun indefinitely. Jacoby would ach me how to play canasta. I'd arn to dance with Miss Lee. and iss Bankhead and Benton are two ' the most entertaining talkers ive. The reason for Including tlie bar- intier nun psychiatrist Is simple, me would listen to my troubles and lie other would explain my night- narcs. Francis Is Cook There ^cmUl be no need for hef, as Frances loves to cook ant does it wonderfully well. Why the hUd? Well, when everybody jored they could jnst watch th child play—and feel better. Grown ips usually can stand each othe letter when there's a kid around. But caves are damp and give m sore throat, and Frances ha claustrophobia. We really wouldn want to be among the ten last re fugees In a world destroyed. So I picked a second li?' of Am ericftns. It has six animals and fou humans on it: ^ A cow and n bull, a married^tea of horses, two happily wedded' dog a young minister and his wife, ai a :~oung farmboy ar.d his best gir These could found a new civil/, tion, and whether it would\turn o better or .worse than the one it replaced no one can tell One of the four hm---nf however, ought to be able lo piny the violin. Any world would be dull without music. Martial Law Set On Iran Border TEHRAN, Iran, March 10. (IF}— A lilgh government source snld martial law had been declared In one urea on the Iranian-Soviet border where 50 Turkomans and Persians had been arrested for espionage and "subversive activllles." The area is Gunbadi Qavls, ad Joining the autonomous Soviel Re public of Turkmen East of the Cas plan Sea. There have been reports in i-ccen weeks that a number of,Turkomai refugees have been fleeing to Ira with slorles of general unrest," West Germany Seeks International Control Over Coal-Rich Saar Area BONN, Germany, March 10. (/P>—n plebiscite of the Saarlanders. The west German government hns Germany's suggestion of interim countered Ihe recent Frcneh-Saar _ interiuUnonal control of the Saar Leukemia Victim To Get Rare Drug NEW YORK, March 10. UP) — Thrce-year-o 1 d Scotty Hansoi slowly dying from Lukemia, ai rived in New York by air from Minnesota this morning for emei gency treatment ivth the new drug ACTH. He camp through the help of Sen. Hubert Humphrey (D-Mnn), who asked No'.v York's Memorial Hospital to admit him. Memorial Is one of the few hospitals In the orld that lias experimented with rare and costly drug In blood seases. The little boy with blond hair id blue-eyes, is the son of a rail- READING, Pa., March 10. M 1 )—A erks. County Court Judge gave a iltldle-agccl Immigrant a chanc estcrdjiy to suggest punishment fo young couple convicted of steal >B his lite savings alter lie bc- rlended them. But the '53-ycnr-old Itlaian Im- igrant, IgnazEo Lachino, was averwhclmed by grief at the loss f his savings, and could only ask he court to get back his money. !c said he lind saved it over many 'cars to bring ills wife and two children to tins country. Assistant Distric 1 Attorney Lco- lard Yoder told the court that achlno last October found Lawrence Plastino, 23, and his blonde 19-year-old wife, Jenn, penniless ind without shelter. Plastino is a former resident of Columbia, Pa., and his wife formerly lived at York. Pa. Yoder said Lachino invited the young couple into his rooming house quarters to sleep. The next morning, tile attorney said, when Lachino left for his laborer's job. the Plastinos found his savings ol S4.211 in a trunk and took the money' As Lachino could not ovircoine his grief to suggest punishment. Judge H. Robert Mays sentenced Plastino to W- to tivc years in Berks County Prison and sentenced his wife lo an Intermediate term agreement with the proposal that the coal-rich Saar be placed under International control similar to that which rules the Industrial Ruhr. A government white paper, handed to western authorities, outlined Germany's Indignation over the French-Saar pact which recently promised t he acrmnn-spenking Snarlanders self-rule In exchange for French control over the border area's mines. Signature of the pact, which still is subject to approval In n German peace treaty, brought bitter protests from Germans of all political opinion. The IJonn government said a"J poxsibile severance of Ihe area from Germany should be determined bj For Improved oad machinist at Inn. His malady Two is a Harbors, form of in the slate home Muncy. women al blood cancer, and last November he was given only six months to live. With htm on the trip were Ills mother. Mrs. Gust- Hudson, and his grandmother. Mrs. Minnie Bratt, Ripley, Minn. Jn a majority ol cases investigated In several hospitals one clinics, subnormal Kidney Function v/as improved. Bladder pain anc disconiEorl reduced after Ihe use o Mounlain Valley Water. If you; cfoctor hos diagnostic your condilion aj lunclionai Kid ney irnpairmenl this nalurul, on treated mineral water may bo vcr beneficial. Try it foi a few weeks It' is delicious, pure-lasting, anc may be consumed freely. Crosstown Whiskey Sho Main & Division Mountain Valley J Water ^^ y is along the lines of the seven lion authority over the Rhur illey, where most of the country's avy industry Is centered. Gerany has a voice In the control the Kluir along with the United ates, Britain, Prance, Belgium, olland and Luxembourg. The 738-sqimre-mile Saar area ing between Prance and Germany, as changed hands between the two countries five times during the! inst 60 years. In a plebiscite In' 1035 Is population voted to be Jollied ;o Hitler Germany. Prance hns had occupational control over the area since the end of World War II. She has given the Saar considerable autonomy, linking tlie rich area to France's economy, and hns promised in the pact to give the Saarlandcrs full Independence after 60 years. Reds Again Claim 'Peaceful' Intentions LONDON, March 10. (H'l— Soviet Deputy Premier Geornl M. Malen- elections Sunday. kov said In * pre-election speech last night that Russia is ready to take an active part in "all honest plans" to prevent a new war. Malenkov, whose speech was broadcast by Radio Moscow and monitored here, accused "American aggressors" of blocking a Htisi Elan-proposed plan last year for a pact to strengthen the.peace among the Big Five—United States, Russia, Britain, France and China. A member of the all-powerful iwllttmro of the Russian Communist Party, Malenkov wa» making & campaign speech on behalf of his candidacy for the Supreme Soviet (parliament) in the coming national If yon haven't lasted "Crcttm" lately, you've mUseil a iloulilv-ricli experience! It's now smoother, mellower, yel In'nrtie.r - limn over! Try Ihe Cream of Kentucky ctful! lintel KiiNTUCKY WHISKEY-A BLEND. 86 [iruuf. 70% griiiii neutral miirils. Sclu'iili:) Dist. 1llc M Frankfort, K)r. Here's most beautiful car cost f-':e Courts Chancery Dan McGruder. et al, vs. Maysill Grace, suit (o enforce lien on property. • -it: V/silia'" ~ A"ifn vs. Leo Woort- -all. sir' -o collect S3W.67 dam;e cause<< i-.y collision Dec. 26, 10W. Ameri-r-n Insurance Company vs. Cecil L -f. suit to obtain $171.68 damages resulting from collision Sept. 2. 1340. Missro Implement Company vs Lcroy Ward and Perkins Oil Company of Delaware, suit to obtain S500 for damage to equipment resulting from collision Feb. JO, 1950. Marriage Licenses The following couple obtained a marriage license at the office of Mte Elizabeth Bljthe, county clerk: E. B. Watts of Dawson-Springs. Ky.. 'and Miss Pauline Major of Hopkinsville, Ky. Announcement Effective March I, 135D SHIRLEY HIPP Is (he new consignee for Magnolia Petroleum Co. Blythcville, Ark. Phone 4091 If No Answer, Call 740 Blyrheville FLOWER MART Offering Complete Florisfic Service Wedding, Parly & Funeral Flowers Memphis Highway Tbonc 6002 PLUMBING Prompt, Expert, Guaranteed Work Harry Myers in Charge of Plumbing Department BLAN HEATH CO. 1)2 North Eir Phone 828 FIRST.. . and Lowest Cost! Chevrolet is the ovffy motor car that brings you any one of the following outslanding features of beauty,com- lort, performance and safely al the. lowest prices ... and Chevrolet brings you all of them! Thai's why \vc say il gives more value; that's why we say it's first and (incsl at lowest cost! NEW STm-STA* BODIES BY FISHE« In ipaikiing new coloi haTm«iE« NEW TWO.tONt FISHEK INUHIOU •xfra-roomy, •xPra-/uxi/r/out CENTER-POINT STEEIIMC with Unilii«d Xnt«-Ael!on fti4« CURVED WINDSHIELD with PANORAMIC VISIBILITY In Filher Uniiteel Bodict OF M.I low-pmao CMS target!, heavieit tar in ill FieTd, with wideil (read POWER PROVED CERTI-SAFE HVORAULTC BRAKES wilh Oubl-LLfe liveliest biaVe lining* 6XUf.-ECONOMtCS.l TO OWN- OPEBATE-MAINIAIN traditionally bringing you more v«[vt AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION* Here, for the first lime in low-cost motoring, is a truly automatic drive. Chevrolet's exclusive i'owcrglide Automatic I ransmission learned wild a new 105-h,p. Valvc-in-Head Kngine, thai is the mosl powciiul in its field, brings you an entirely new kinil ol sinonih-flowing movement at all speeds, without clinch pedal, "clutch pushing" or gcarshifting. All (his wilh traditional Chevrolet economy in over-all driving! .' Combination al ranerslide. Transmission anil 105-li.p. cngint ', optional on Uc Luxe model* at extra cost. You want maximum value in everything you buy . . , . . . and the oulsuinding value among motor cars is the 1950 Chevrolet ... as more and more people are discovering al! ihc lime. This car and this car alone provides the trim and tailored beauty of Body by Fisher, at lowest cost! This car and this car alone offers a choice of the finest in automatic or standard drives, at lowest cost! This car and this car alone gives all Ihc thrills and trustworthiness of Valvc-in-llcad Engine performance—including the most powerful engine in its field—at lowest cost! And so it goes through every phase of motor cat value; for only Chevrolet offers so many features of highest-priced automobiles at the lowest prices! Yes, here's the best and most beautiful car for yoyr money-Chevrolet for '50-and that's why people everywhere are saying it's first and finest at lowest cost! AMERICA'S KEST SELLER AMERICA'S BEST BUY! SULLIVAN-NELSON CHEVROLET CO. 301 West Walnut Phone 578

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