The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 23, 1950 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, October 23, 1950
Page 10
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Probe of Hanley Letter To Be Decided Shortly •f BBWIN ». •A.*KIN.S(>V WAaKiWGTON, Oe*. ». t*1—A •e'nal* campaiKn policing sub naanlMn will d«ld« thortly—possibly today—whether lo Investijal «*M tvploalvf tetter bjr U. Gov. Joe R. Hfnley, Republican candidate inr ««iakjr from New York. Democrats contend and Republi lenis within M dayj if he woulc agree lo accept the GOP nomination for (lie senat*. Preciously he had been assured the gubernatorla nomination. He withdrew, newej then announced he had changer eatw rteny that the letter show that- Hartley was "paid off" to run for the Senate, leaving the OOP governor nomination to Gov, Tho- Jnas E. Dcwey. Gillette (D-Ia), chair man of the three-man SenaU sub committee, flew back here this weekend from his home at Chero kee, Iowa, to look into formal r«- • quesU for an Investigation. , He has been in telephone con- iiict with Senators Stennis (D- Miss) and Sclioeppel (R-Kan) other members of the privileges anc elections .sub-group of the Senate Kiijes Committee. Tho requests for the probe came from leaders of the American fja- bor New York, but Republican.? and Democrats are anxiously awaiting the group's decision. Gillette has attempted in the past lo steer the group's investigations so that they would not aid or hinder candidates of any party, but he has also announced a policy r of full investigation for any formal complaints after approval by the subcommittee. As a result committee attorneys and Investigators previously have gathered data in Pennsylvania. 111- kiois and a nuniber of other states. Would End Debt* Hartley's letter, released week,, said that he had been given definite assurances he would be able to clean up personal financial" prob- his mind and would seek a term ss governor. The Hanley letter was addressed lo Rep. W. Kingslami Macy, Republican party chairman of Suffolk County, and a strong Hanley-lcr- governor supporter. Democrats, led by Rep. wallet A. Lynch, the Dcnioorat-Ubcral candidate for governor, have been using the Hanley letter as a basis for attacks upon both Dewey and Hanley since then. Some political foes have even called for iinpeach- lent of both. Bcquc.sts for the Senate probe came from John T. McManus, American Labor Party candidate for governor. McManus has also urged an inquiry into what he called 'sordid deals" by the Democrats. I*roy Rader, counsel for the Gillette group, said otto Shotten- dal, ALI" chairman In Sullult; County, had asked that subpoenas be Issued for Rep. Macy and Frank t. Gannett, Js'ew York state pub- isher, saying they had advanced honsanris of dollars to Hanley foi ampaigti expenses. Gannett, say- ng he did so, has urged a grand try investigation. The Gillette group has wide pow- rs to make any investigation of enatorial candidates It wishes, but has used these sparingly to date Hollywood Continued from ftirr t imtte me look mor.- dignified." . . Hal Wallu and M6M are doing lng-of-w«r over Jim Hayward tli ex-Marine sergeant given his firs movie break in /"The Next Voice You hear." . . . pal O'Brien iinvell- rd his new night club act to the Hollywood crowd at the Dcv,eii im n l-as Vegas'. They were surprised at his routine*, song, dance* and matter. Mlla's Net ».,!„, I got it straight from Mine. Elsa Sdifaperelll: Rita Haywortii Isn't pnurlnf anjr of Prince Aly Khan't gold Into fancy Paris dnris. "Since Mees Haywortii marry." he famous designer told me at 3iroX "she ees buying ver' leetle gowns." Schiaperelli't opinion of movie dolls and their clothes: "Vfr 1 nice, guilt jeemple. you !«»)« f«l weeth Hollywood r» diamonds fljlnj In the air." K.TTHRyiLT.B (A1K.) CWHWt New Lignite Gas Could Run U.S. Industry for 400 Years By HOWORD w. BLAKFSIJ:E AMOCM«4 Pre*> science Editor GRAND PORKS, N.D., Oct. M CAP)—a. new source of power, big «nough to operaf-e American industry 400 year« wat described today at tor. University of North Dakota. Trie power sourc« » a new gal from lignite, perfected by the U.S. Bwe*« of Minec, in cooperation with th« university. ~ Lignite is a black, low-order noal, which it about 35 per cent water. The United States haa 9.000,000,000 tona. Thai's one-quarter ot all our coal a**W unmtntd. Th* Bureau of Mlne« > today putting the finishing work nn a new *7SO,00» laboratory, tlw only ««- elwively lignite laboratory in the country, ' to give industry answers to technical question*. The cost already is low enough lo compete with ooal shipped long distances. Heading the work are Drs. A. C. Burr, John C. Holt aJld W. H. Oppelt, for the bureau, and Dr. L. C. Harrington, for the university. The secret of gaj-makinR u a red-hoi steel bottle, about 18 feet high and nearly ten in diameter. The bottle ha.s an inner lining, forming: a corridor close to the red- hoi, oilier wall. Thi.s corridor Is filled with high-pressure steam, Lignite, fed In at the bottle top, slides down the corridor. There, heat and steam convert most ot the coal into gas, known to Industry a* water gas. This single bottle makes enough ga* daily to .furnish power for electricity to a town of 10,000. All but 15 per cent of the lignite Luriw itito gassefl. Th« remainder is not ashes; it's good fuel, better than raw lignite. ' The new go* ha* many iises be- sidtft burning. Tt can be converted into gaaoline. 1C will run a Diesel engine. It cart make* alcohol, ammonia, waxes, dyes and fats—even fake that human being* can eAU Raw lignite already Is burned by North Dakota power plants. One problem fat reducing the water Jo th« Hgnlte. Th« Bureau "of Mines here does thin with .iteam. The jieam ' pressure .iqueese* the coul until water e*h be seen running ••or JrVot tn Trc« 6UDBURY, Ontarin, Oct. W, (AP>--A SCO-pound black bear was shot but of a tret yesterday, six blocks from the center of this northern Ontario city. Tour men armed with rifles fired 10 shots into the »nimal before H. fell. -BOGGED DOWN BllCk- l«t BD n«n, DiRuctit ihe rri »tlre thtl helpi dltnel nt ordfniij coniUpaUon. BIick-Drjucht li pnrf; m»de ol 1mi»rl«i hefhj. Tltne-proTfti by thou- l\ *.n4s. For clikldEer.: !' Sirup o/BUck-Drauihl. } \ Afk It >ny dpiTer-i foi M BLACK//M DRAUGHT ti,i Ik, F.mll, !„«{.. Farms For Sale 40- ^re* of mixed land located I milec from town on a good road 4 room house, new barn, all fenced. This is first class land. Price 16000.00 TERMS. v land '° Cat€ ' J '' mile ofr b '»«k (op high- jay, good o room house, big barn, electricity in the * R 8eMl ram pri " d to 3el1 - M 51 s *** SO- acres of good mixed land located j m ii es (rom ,„.„„ en gravel road, electricity, mail, an? Ychool h,« the dwr. nice 5 room one barn, tool shed an Rn ,v r ' " lany 80od fl> - cms tha "nP">" Really company at Maiden. Mwoiiri have listed for sale. A small down payment »m hoW tny 0 , , hC5 , f . Occcmbw IS, 1959. HAMPTON REALTY Maiden, Missouri CO. Phone 72 Craw your fingers anrf hope for shortage note: Popcorn is replacing paper and (raw M the. best possible medium or packaging breakable*. It's hcaper and lighter. Warbler June Hutlon and Axel tcrdahl, Frank Sinatra's condiic- ir, arc a cross-country blaze. . . . ic Mature, thrown by a motorcycle, rcaks out of his leg cast in six •XW. . . . Gertrude Michael, ones big Paramount star .has .switched 10 TV via Die "Fireside Theater" series ferry c o I o n n a has joined Antly nild Delia Kussell in I heir theater act, , . . it's finger- lo-the-lip stuff, but Loretta Young came back to MOM for additional scenes for hubby Tom Lewis 1 "Catise for Alarm." . . . Mona Knox a brunette beauty who resembles Liz Taylor, is the reason for John Agnr's Jaunty air these days. reople kid ChlH Will, about the name« he jravit hie children. "But." »y, he, "with Crosby and other Mars pulltn, their yn.mtster* in their atls maybe I dM ,ui r |. hl . I can we the Mllln r now: "'Chill. JIM anil Will WIM*.' " MONDAY, OCTOnnt II, • — - ^^^^^^f^^m^^^^^^^f^^fgjg^ffjj^^^^^^fffgj^f^^^^^^^^m^^^^^^m ON DISPLAV-Featurlng a new automatic transmission, lh« 1951 Mercury went on rtis- rll , . j , Me «^ry features new rear fenders and quarter-panels, new bumpers, a re-designed rill and ,„ enlarged rear window, shown above i. the four-door sport .sedan. designed Errol Flynn Is Married for Third And Lost Time' in Monre Carlo Rites MONTJ5 CARLO, Monaco, Oct 23 I—Movie Actor Errol Flynn was married "/or the third and last lime" today in an 18-mimilc civil ceremony in the Monaco City Hall Actress Patrice Wymore was the bride. The couple said "oui" before Mayor Charles Palnuro as more than 100 guests watched and a crowd of 3.0M chattered excitedly in the cliy liall courtyard. It was a typical Riviera day — with a warm sun nnd the beautiful blue Mediterranean for a background. The best man for the Australian, born, 41-year-old Flynn was his fellow countryman, yachtsman Fred McEvoy. McEi'oy's wife. Claude, was matron of honor for the 24-year-old bride from Sallua. Kansas. There was no mob scene at the wedding, though Monaco's police had been mobilized to handle 10.000 persons. Newsmen and photographers far outnumbered the guests al the ceremony, on which the Monte Carlo radio station ra;i a running broadcast. Tiiis afternoon the couple was lo drive to Nice. 20 miles away, for a religious wedding lat 9 a.m. CST) in the Lutheran Church of the Transfiguration, Neither Prince Rainier III, ruler of Monaco, nor Prince Igor Troub- etzko.v. estranged husband of Barbara Hullon. showed up for the civil ceremony. Both had been expected. The tall, redheaded Miss Wvmore wore » light.- street length wool dress in an off while shade. She carried a bouquet ot pink and white flowers. Flynn wre a dark blue suit and a black knit tie. > ' Mrs. James Wymore. Patrice's mother, wore a mauve suit with .-in orchid color felt hat, trimmed with ;olci sequins. Alumni at Steeie To Back Concert /Hie Steeie High School Alumni Association will sponsor R concert by the Blackwood Brothers quartet at the Steeie High School gymnasium Friday night at 7:30. Proceeds of the concert, are to go to the association's fvnids for promoting school activities. Joe E. Brown Glad to Be Rid Of Invisible Friend 'Harvey' jfie Roving! I- Reporter J tr«m ack«« hack, legs, : *t*miek d«« lo uek »f Vitanini •is ^2? Irn* and Ni»rin) llj- HANDY IHIRANn THE QUESTION Do you-taK"'lhe new prodmjt HADACOU^. .wfiiich everyone is talking about, for deficiencies of Vitamins B,, B.,. iron and Nia- cm? tf so, what are the resulls? THE ANSWERS Henry Puckett, 318 South College Avenue. Blue-. Held, Virginia:? "I suffered Irom i stomach distre.s* and fras. I was unable to rtit at night and couldn't get any relief. But since w « •»> if i I've been taking \ ~'^ r - f i HADACOI,, I X * can eat anything I want nnd , „_ *}??£, '!. ke * log - T h * n *» »0 HAD- AOCJL. • Mrs. Nora Beshlrs of 933 south Knight. Wichita. Kansas: "I suf- lered from nagging ache« and pains and had trouble sleeping ing only one Dot (ny pain« went. I started sleep- Ing like a log. My lip and I started feeling fine. Iwant to tell all the people I can how HAUACOlj helped me " Mr. Don Lloyd, ^705 West 15th Street, Austin. Texas: "The job of a ncwspapei district route man is a strcnu ous one. involving lifting many large bundles of newspapers, nc- foro taking ]i AD- ACOL, I suffered from aches and pains which made my duties n. painful task. After several bottles of H ADA COL, all pain disappeared. I feel better in every way." Mrs. Joe Bukowskl. 921 Sanborn, Ottmnwa, Iowa: 1 Before I started lo take HADA- iCOL,,itwas nearly Impossible for |me to do rrjw i housework. I was iweak, didn't sleep well and „, jacked an' appe- •,tite. But sinc« taking KADA^COL, r now do work sleep well and have^Kood appetite. Im i-rally lOOTi better since laking HADAfcor™ .n get this wonderful at. any ^drugstore (m.lKpijl'.i'. "',,''" e ! n '' f - &™ -COLre. Ht^i ««:«. CAtisr of aches and finm.V!,*^.' Ie|!S ' """"triers, back; J,™ ^ <I«««M and a general f^Jl f ?, conrtlu °' 1 » h en due to Nlarln - V " aminS B " "• :lrm ""* ? « >i yo " r s S' st - pt >i. Costs only o,S? R , «•"«<'"»• Per day. Trial-size, tal- y ' r "- ' amilr W hl * 1>1 IV. L. ^^. , By BOB THOMAS HOLLYWOOD,' Oct. 23. (»-J—The scene was backstage in an/ Australian theater. Joe B. Brown' wiped off his makeup, opened his big mouth and' murmered: "Sony, kid, I've canted you long enough; this Is where you get off." 'lliis signalled the end of a five- year frleiidship between the famed comedian and Harvey,- the six-foot rabbit from the play of.the same name. The occasion, happily enough, marked Brown's 1,500th performance in the show. Which Is a long lime to sixmd with a rabbit, even such a big and friendly one Joe B., who has toured with'"Harvey" throughout the U. S., In England, Canada, Hawaii and Australia .said his last performance will remain his last, "Never again " he vowed. He had to cul his Australian lour short by five weeks lo retur-i here for the role of Captain Andy in •Showtxial." It cost him to get out of the contract, but he said it was worth it. 1 asked if there had been a time during the long run when he forgot his lines onstase. "Oh, yes," he replied, "It happened ;i^out 10 times, ft always hap. :jer.ed in (be same scene, one which is a hirie confused and illogical All of a sudden my mind would go blank and t couldn't think of what to say next. "I found that the best way [o get through the show was not to think ibtmt it. If you start thinking about a hue or a word, you're losl, and your performance suffers, too " .loe E. seemed to be happy lo get off the subject of Harvey and onto •Showboat." which is „ new boost n his lout; and distinguished career. He nearly played the Captain Andy role once before. In the Dodgers and Hammersteiu 'revival of the show am Bro*d*ur , <»_ — sona ago. ' ^^ "I thoCuht carol Mrue* wu ». lect tor the Helen Morgan fol, ail should do it," he explained "m..* the budget couldn't afford wl. ^3 me, too. So I bowed, out." ,H« added that Occur Hammer stein and Jerome K«rn, wh« W roU the music, told him that Kdna «*T ber had created the Captain And, character with him in mind, "g,, naturally I'm glad to b* P'aying It." j« B. »»id. . He Is also g | ad to be l»ck la thi. particular season, for h* it . j^,. less rooter for hi. adopted ahna mater, U.C.L.A. Antt If I know Jo« ., (he showboat will tie up on g.. urday afternoona while Capt. Andy soes l« the Los Angeles ' to cheer for the Bruin.. ., Carrier AIR CONDitlONlNG HEATING REFRIGERATION - ELECTRICAL - Sal«s-S«rvice-Kngint«riar Cify Electric Co. Phoit* 2241 nnouna'ng V J f ERC 0 MA WMAT A CAW WHAT A WMVtl What n eombi- notiof,! New 1951 Mercury wr* A. a ma zm« M«r£-O-Motk: Drive*! Yoor ftrit look will toll you *af h»r. i, „ tar bnmmmg over wim eye-fillir,, features: New •tyHng, new mlariori, new trim . . . new beauty for o beautiful new far! Yoor firy drive wHI I.H yo« ^of Mw-O-Motk W aei autofflafic trofiHni»k>n with everything: Honeyed «moethn»j« r positiv* pickup, overaK «onomy, <md wf.ry. H do«i all th, wor k whH. you iH ko«k ami nlox. "H»««'« n»w »omfert ond tof.ry, »oo. A new improved yentilarmg system —n new "s/:de- horiion" r.or window with mor« rtion 1,000 vi.wbtoility. AnrJ there are doi«,i mor« tfriWnf MW .Kires. for you to !•• ond anfoy. Com* on ov.r anrf ». nSii big, b«outrfvl Mercury in our showroom. Ut in giv. yw, fact, about "Hie drlV. of yow NtV'1 Wh«« yo, considor oil of Mercory'i bu»t->n quo)rry «ri- vonlagei, we Hlinlc you'K agr.. *', "H» fcoy . «f your k,e"l T(wr.'. «,,),^ (*.;,«, "rfie dti\& of A su/eepin^ net/J look- -io set -ttia iqsi stl AUTOMOBiU Ot»lEn Wttlt ocroHt nno IHKU J<TK STILL & YOUNG MOTOR GO. Walnut at First Str««t

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