The Escanaba Daily Press from Escanaba, Michigan on September 18, 1924 · Page 3
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The Escanaba Daily Press from Escanaba, Michigan · Page 3

Escanaba, Michigan
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 18, 1924
Page 3
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THURSDAY, SEPT. 18, 1924. —f THE ESCAÑABA DAILY PRESS TODAY Last Times. Forrest Stanley and Colleen Moore -IN— Through * Dark By far, t!i<* Itosi of the pLjrkii* •lories that run in Climax piles upon climax— ililtlHMIselv pOJ)!l:lt' HoslOll the Cosmopolitan Magazine, -building lo a (brillìi.£ finale. ADDED—TNDER COVER”—COM ED Y 7:lö utiti 9 : 0U—.10c unci Coming—D. Yt. Griffith's ONE EXCITING NIGHT rar 9 9 NEXT WEDNESDAY AM) Till RKDAY, SEPT. J » AM) - » State Heaith Evangelists Arrange Visit To Escanaba Michigan's traveling health uiiii including lecturers and clinicians will visit Escanaba .Monday. Tu* 1 day and Wednesday, Sep). -0 and 30 and Oct. 1. it wa announced yesterday at the offic■* of Or. (latry J. Defnci. city healtli < onmii.e ion r Mrs. Kate L. It.minds. of tb slat board of health held stall’, wa in the city yesterday arranging I >r Da* visit, and for the appearaiii e .1 two advance lecturers before local organization- IKXl week. Dr. Frank I’oole and Miss Melita G. Hutzel, lay a foundation for the clinics to which follow < vj,lairdng the need for the ‘ L<, p W 11 ’ ca. i- paigtJi . lid the method!- tin* state D usinw to get the "Health idea across. Particular stress is laid in tin care of children, more special!'' hos" of pre-school age, Mr . K 'ills said. “Youngsters," she said, "usually begin accumulating defee* at tin age of two. Tin condition exists until tln> ages of si v* n and .-;ght *#hen the cumulative p«-ak F rea ah Obviously the childr *n :-t n to enter school lie within ill “ age limits and they should 1)° a« •ord- d the proper care. The work of the doctors follows tin mu T advm n u as ml- i periodic phy.-ica? examina Three doctors and thei ing nurse ■ form rm* cii-.r* *-'niï. Di'. Wallace ii Smi’h >-s rVu* - all v i■ M adult.-, and Dr. F D. I’o- conducts ti)'' school children's c'inic. Dr. Iva M. Likle • is in i''.arg* of t1! baby clinic and me i o>e- pa ’■ ■ *<! to :,<• L'u to "l » ¡ : h t i a « h day AH of It •* clinic; a f r well people : nd thos e ail under tretttment oi havi. r • 1 w ailin' uts are advised to .-• private physicians. ST. I’R.\N< is HosriT. iti aie lb born to Mr r. uid Mi> A daughP r v and Mrs. Louis Prove A sen was born to . A. Wills. M’s !.. Cl rot h submitted to an operation for appmidh-Pis vc ter day and is as v eil as can he expect ed. Phi! Ch.v was admitted suffering from bruises sust.lined when In* was l.ieked by a horse. Miss M. Rivers was admitted yesterday as a medical patient. 11. McGuire was sufficiently recovered to leave tin* hospital. A son was horn to Mr. and Mrs. G. C. Daley. BE TRUNK LINE County roan commissioners of Menominee, Delta and Dickenson counties are preparing for a joint j meeting at which plans .will he made f. .* some definite action in ! getting before the state legislature this winter a request that highway 91 between Cedar River and Escanaba. and county road 90 between Foster City and Narontc be placed on the state trunk line s> stem. F. L. Betts, county road supe”- I intendent of Menominee, asserts : that the join Menominee and Deli la countv road between Cedar j River and Escanaba is in better shape than the state trunk lino between A!; nomine - and Cedar I River. He claims that tin* 9 1 route to Marquette and tin* cooper country, Munising, Newberry and the Soo Is 8 miles shorter and that it also does a way with the congestion of traffic in the numerous villages on 12 and 15 ¡which a'e carrying more than 1,- j m;0 vehicles each 10-hour day. (The; traffic on it 1 is SO per cent fo, ■* gn traffic, statistics show, not only because it is the short *st | distance bu* because of its scenic advantages. The Chicago Auto Club and other tourist and automobile organizations route thru traffic to ti’.e north over 91. 1 Is State Pi oposit ion. Mr, Betts states that the .Menominee road commission feels that 9 1 is smtf propositmn as it carries through traffic to so great an extent, and the state, not the county, shoull take care of it. ¡Of the 30 miles between Cedar R i v h i and Escanaba, 12 miles are jn Menominee county and 1 IS miles in Deta county. The same < mditions prevail on highway 90 and three counties are directly interested in it — Menominee, Delta and Dickenson. | By way of county road 90 about 14 miles are saved between Escanaba and Crystal Falls and oth- | er points east and north. The state trunk line from Ranville, I which is direc tly north <>f Iron Mountain, to Foster City, and from Escanaba to Narenta. Of the stretch now on county road between the two places 7 miles are in Dick* nson, 20 miles in Me- noniinee and 5 miles in Delta. Requires l.eglslation. ! he only way in which county road can be placed on the state trunk line is through an act of the state legislature. Each county in th-> state is allowed 3 miles of trunk line per township survey of 0 miles square. Each county in the upper penin ula has that mileage, but b.v special acts of the legislature there are counties ; in the southern part of the state that have as high as 8 miles or more per township survt y. That was necessary, as is the case locally. in order to connect up gaps in tin» trunk line. Menominee, Delta and Dirken- j son desire to get together in or- 1 dcr to push legislation for this i improvement which would be a1 great benefit to each of the three OBITUARY JACK HINES. Jack Hines. 1”. vear old son < f Mr. and Mrs. .!. .1, Hines. 023 ! Hartnett Ave . Chicago, passed away early Tuesday morning after an ill ness of about a year, according to word received in this city yesterday. Mr. Hino«, father of the deceased. was formerly manager of the Strand tin atr< of this city, leaving here about six of seven years ago. KMAXniL ROSSITER. Word has been received in the city of the death at Superior, Wis., of Emanuel Rossiter, an early resident of Escanaba and known to a host of Eseanaba’s older citizens. ITe was popularly known among fri< nds in Escanaba as "Manny" Rossiter and during his residence in Superior has visited with local friends on a number of occasions. He left Escanaba in 1 888 and excepting for the periods of the Spanish- American and the World Wars in which lie* served, lie had made his lie,rm? in Wisconsin cities, | Of his death a Superior dispatch says: j "Lieut. Col. Emanuel Rossiter. : veteran of the Spanish-Am* rb-an land world wars, and prominent in military circles in the north- j west, died yesterday at a Superior hospital, after a lingering illness from heart disease. | “Col. Rossiter was born i:i Fort ¡Huron, Wis.. in 1863 and has been a resident in Superior since 1917. He was corporal in Company I, Third Wisconsin infan- ; try, during the Spanish-Ameriean war, becoming captain later when j it was reorganized. At the out- j break of the war lie was commis- j sioned lieutenant colonel and become second in command of the Sixth Wisconsin infantry, hut be. cause of illness, could not go across with his unit. "11** went to France later, how- I ever, with the quartermaster ¡corps. When the war ended lie j was commissioned lieutenant colonel in the Wisconsin National guard reserve. He is survived by his wife, A military funeral was held Tuesday morning. Burial will be here.” miss ireni : iiowkil Lying in a beautiful casket of grey brocaded velvet and surrounded by many beautiful floral tributes, tin* remains of Miss cent of the cost of construction and 05 per cent of cost of maintenance instead of the counties bearing the entire cost. Irene Bonner, da neh ter of anu Mi , Neil Bonner lies at the family home. 411 So. [Hi street, where hns; - of friends have call ed to extend their sympathy to the bereaved family. Carrying out her wishes the pallbearers selected are Messrs. Clinton Priester, John Kelly, Gerald Priester, Clitford O'Donnell. Robert O'Donnell and Attv. George Carr. Funeral services will be held this morning at nine o'clock at St. Patrick's church. Rev. Fr. Raymond Bergeron will lie the celebrant at the requiem high mass. Burial will be in the family lot in St. Joseph s cemetery. Miss Mabel Riley gon returned to her a visit in this ci tv. of On tona- home after ^ I Demands Jury Trial on Polire Charge of Drunken Bri ring Tmn Clear* . ;.'r ted n ;• charge* of driving an arto.i'e.mile v. Hi! • under tlu* i:Pl D ili ■ ( liquor, when arraigned in Juclg1* .lame,- s Doherty's court ye* toreln. . demanded a trial by jury, which piobaldy will be held t day. T ••• a a t v, a tin result of a collision between the Cleary Ford and a local delivery *nuk at the corner of South 10th street and Fourth avenue. The touring car is alleged m have rammed the truck. The paa-o'uger ma chine vvys badly lamaged but no one was injured. Rent It »he Classified Way. FAIR STOLE E X ri ! B1T Tli Et:ir flaving- Bank bootli ati iIle Fair ground:: attraeteci a creati deal oi aitentioii vesti-rtlay wlien1 -(•venti washing maciiities were be-! ing tised to ciò -ever * 1 famil;* e.risii - ; iugs and thè Simplex ironer wesj kept goiug wi!h -everal ironings which were brouglit in by locai; woinen. The Fair Prore !iam!!t*sj thè !!'■(.ver vacuuni eleuners and t li »? Western Elee rie and thè Con lon washing maciiimcu tv,o very popular malo -s A.ny womun having an ironing to do cari take it out to tlic1 Fair grounds or cali Air. Waldstrom at il.** store and he will 'navi- ir railed for and thè ironing will In* (Ione while thè lady visita t li v;ii imr exlilhi; s. - Sei! ir tue « mssttted V»a>. Miss Selma lu Lae. Wis., home after a this city Anderson of Fond returned to her few days visit in Sure Relief FOR INDIGESTION 6 Bell-ans Hot water Sure Relief ELL-ANS 25<t and 75$ Packages Z */erywhe-ra count I line the »tat; granting the will pay 8 2 trunk _> per Chocolate Eclair o° * q O<± C O Q % Yor WILL NEVER FORGET, HEM) AT DaigneaulVs liig Barn TONIGHT At Schaffer. The Arcadians will plav. Admi.-sion $1.00. Ladies Free. Before You Buy See The STUDEBAKER The most remarkable automobile value in the annals of the industry. We can make immediate delivery on a few of the IJuplex-Phaetons (Open- Closed Cars). Come in and see them at our showrooms and get a demonstration. No obligation. STANDARD SIX 113 in. W li. 5 " H P. 5-Pass. Duplex-Phaeton $IHS 3-Pass. Duplex-Roadster 1125 3-Pass. Coupc-Roadstcr 1395 5-Pass. Coupe.................... 1495 5-Pass. Sedan .................... 1595 5-Pass. Berline ................ 1050 SPECIAL SIX 12(1 In. W U. 65 H P. 5-Pass. Duplex-Phaeton $1495 3-Pass. Duplex-Roadster 1450 4-Pass. Victoria ................ 2050 5-Pass. Sedan................. 2150 5 Pass. Berline.................. 2225 BIG SIX _________ 127 In. W n. 75 H P._________ 7-Pass. Duplex-Phaeton $1875 5-Pass. Coupe................... 2650 7-Pass. Sedan ................... 2785 7-Pass. Berline ................ 2860 Convenient Terms May Be Arranged WOLVERINE MOTOR COMPANY /MV.VANW.VAW.V.V.Wi-W.V.W.W/AW.V.V.W.V.VkW.VAV 5 » « tr m <6 Peak ” Values In New Fall and Winter dise. Meridian- ! IOveiy train brings new goods for the Boston Store. I ll ;. »! e li’FI í IN FAIR VISITORS ARE WELCOME We want all Fair visitors to feel right at home in this store — l'se our many eonvenienci s, they are free ot charge. OERVED with' any beverage—hot or cold— O, Johnston’s Chocolate Eclairs tease everyone to several helpings. There’s an irresistible “m-m-m” that lingers in every bit of this pure, honey-cake wafer, topped with fluffy, creamy marshmallow and coated with rich, true chocolate—not cocoa. Your assurance of that is the name “Johnston’* impressed on the bottom of every cookie.' Serve Eclairs often—your grocer sells them. Other TRUE Chocolate Robed Cookies White ‘Rose —A tasty, round cookie, topped with marsh»» I* <•-» mallow and coated with true chocolate. Neapolitan —A delightful sugar wafer robed tntrue chocolate, Tohnsto, Cookies 4 �� The Big Fair Week Attraction With Hundreds of Savings for Every Member of the Family Don’t Miss This Bargain Carnival Today this great store will hum like a beehive— We must do a whole day’s business in half a day. Store Closes at Noon—Get Here Early WVWWVVWyW^WWWWWVy^WWVWWWWWyVAWVWWNVWMWrt^WWSN^WWVWW^WV

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