The Escanaba Daily Press from Escanaba, Michigan on August 1, 1924 · Page 6
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The Escanaba Daily Press from Escanaba, Michigan · Page 6

Escanaba, Michigan
Issue Date:
Friday, August 1, 1924
Page 6
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o » THE ESCANABA DAILY PRESS FRIDAY, AUGUST 1, 1924. L. A. DANIELSON Manager MANISTIQUE Phone 155 first nation \ l rank BLDG. AMY BOLGER ¿r* ï a ir* c nr ivi i? Phone 32 J Manager v 3 JLi «/%> U o 1 U ÍM «ti 19 CENTRAL AVE. STOLEN H9ÜN3 BROUGHT BACK Oarence Cru î *'nt* r oí N* " berfy was ari ai ¿ned before- - tice" AV. A. Mo Kinn* > at lani- tique- Thursday morning. «barg*-«- with’ stealing a (1 a ’>• *i“ i: < J, It. Nelson of this c\:y, The Neu berry man rdn that be had nicked up the i'tod doc No but only after ■with hi« ear. leave the injur* d roadside, he took Newberry. inti udin back next Sundav, Information sup] son indicated ihat th In eif picked up in tl iar« had wi struck diin g it lied on i: brine id. Mr. hound cif v. Nel had but bad the Si X ■ Carpenter declared that In­ run it to the animal at Jamestown slough. near th* Line crossing, while on hi- \va> to Newberry. TÔgetner with Undersheriff Andb'tv Lkstrom. Mr. N< ison motored to the celery city Wednesday, where t hex found the dog in LaJ pt nter’s possession. and retutnod with both in custody The 'dog' showed a mark of having 4>een sinuk in th* hind leg but the injury was not serious. The animal is a fox-bound, and valued at £5u or mor* . Thé Newberry man was required to pay a lin>- and costs amounting to about $3d. VOTK’K TO KISH UK MUX. “There seems to be some misunderstanding iti regard to the number of large and small mouth bass which may be legally taken in the upper peninsula. it is unlawful to take more than iiv< large or small mouth bass in one day or have in pos.«* than ten of these lisp The open season on extends front July 1 1 .“ John Haird. Director, Dept. of Conservation, Paul Knuth. Warden. MunUtiqm*. July 3<*. -It, Seeks Members For Development Bureau L. I' Tucker, of Marque* te, publicity m..nager lor tire Kpper I*« ninsula D* velupuu. nf Bureau, spent yesterduv in Manist ique. cart yin g out : meml rship drive which the bureau i« conducting throughout the Pj per Penin itl* Along with tin* membership drivo a campaign for lunds is also being t at r ed on. A fair re-pons was imported ; t Mani tique. CHARLEY'S TEA M ELAYS AT RAPII) RIVER UUIfl ¿ g A s* cond game hot we< n the Rapid Kiver baseball team and Pba.rley 1 ndcrwood's Manistique earn will ;ak■* pla«4* at Rapid R v* r on Sunday, according to in nnnaumennni ma<b by the Uual manager. The -Manis; ique nln ■ dcf* ated Rapid Liver in a previous gam«-. *ut lost last Sunday to the Cooks team. The following line-up 1ms be. n -« urod for tin MiiiiNtiquc- Sangraw, pitchei; Arro- pitcher; Norton. Cut h r second base; shortstop: Carriveau, third Meyer«, lefi Held: Halsey, lield: Hutt. right field. Li i team : w 00 ( 1 , base; land. Use; * nier A string of reserve« is j \ ai laide in case any of t he named men at«* unabb' to tin* tri.u lo Rapid Liver. Spero Lafkas Is Composer Of Son ft ‘Something Wrong «.on m o ri­ tt one timo the«'* tisli to Jnnuarv Spero Lafkas. proprietor of the Dlymitia Cafe. Oak Street. Manistique. is not g(*nerally taken for a song writer, hut in* is nevertheless. li'is most r«*«*«*ni composition is entitled. “Something Wrong,” and has been s«*t to music. The words t«i it are: Ten, ’leven years. Sumy, you Old Scout Pnclo Sam. The Banana in the South only Nickel for Big liand, I renieinbt r (îood and Plenty in the Mississippi ( I ti 1 f, Ten-for-ten for Big Bananos in th** City of Gulfport. What sta matter Piu le Sam.v. you old Scout, in your Farm, Your Potato going down— Your Banano Going up? Chorus What sta matter Mista Perdo What sta matter you Jovan And you Peti-Banano Praetor Your Bananos Going Up’’ What sta matter Pncle Sarny You Old Scout in your farm Your Potato good t**r nothing Your Banano Going Pp? Tlie Lippa Amusement Company carnival which will show in Manistique next week was thoroughly inspected on Wednesday by Fire Chief c. F. rnderwood on a personal visit to Gladstone, where the carnival is appearing ihi« week. “1 found no objectionable features." the < liief reported, “and th«1 member« of thb company appeared to be a fin«* bunch of first I P( ople. There was none of the Hy-i “rough” talk or swearing commonly heard around carnivals, and I think Manistique people wiil be well pleased with, the per- formanees.” The carnival, which is tlie first on«» Manistique has had for many years, will open up in this I city on Monday, August 4, for a i week’s stay. The company comes I her« under tli<* auspices of tin* lo| «-al fir«* department, and tents i will be pitched at t in* fair ! grounds. Til«* pro« reds guaran-j teed tlu* firemen will b«* used fori tin* purchase of new uniforms. \n animal show, circus side! show, vaud< villi* ]•* rlormniices. I and various shows, rides, and i 'concessions are features of th« carnival, which will move li«*rt directlv from Gladstone. a iiovt mak< No evening servi«-os li«*](i at St. Alban's « hurch on Sunday. Tie s* rvi« * s is a follow.« Sunday Atfer Trinity Goiiiunion at S a Communion and 1 «« MO a. in.. George Walton, rector. will I)« Fpiseopa 1 order of SeVent h Holy m.. Holy Sermon at S. Walton S. N« «id« f « » r Is H* Goal ! reen ndrii kson Co. left Ba v. of ili, ! \\ « (in* i ver- sfiav One woman started it then SO tried It Note this NEW luncheon recipe is going over the whole country, most amazingly I T’S one of those “different things” — simple yet unusual—that every now and then becomes a vogue over night; a new, quick-cooked luncheon, with an oddly refreshing appeal. A woman 6ent us the recipe. Then, we asked 50 others to try it— and that is how it started. You may like it, too. Clip this from the paper and try it. ^ Ingredients: 2 cup* QUICK QUAKKR. 4 cups / p waui. 1 teaspoon salt 4 level tablespoons cocoa and 4 of sugar. 1 teaspoon vanilla. Bring water to a boil. Add cocoa and augar mixed to a paste with boiling water; then Blowly stir in the .» oats. Cook 3 to 5 minutes. Add vanilla. Serve hot or V cold with cream. Wonderful chilled, moulded and *f aerved in slices. Standard full size and weight packages — Medium: V /4 pounds; Large: 3 pounds , 7 oz. f.. Cooks in Quick Sk Quaker \ 3 to 5 minute# Fenton Writes To Woodworking Firms Th«» addressing of a number* of 1 « t ; « rs to firms of various kinds that could locate advantageously in Manistique constitutes the present activity' of Mark Fenton, industrial expert, whose services will ire available to tHi« city for 1 wo more w< «*1;s. Mr. Fenton is giving his attention principally to woodworking <oncerns, such as refrigerator and furniture companies, and lias alreadv received several replies and acknowledgements. This city’s vast lumber supply 1 and fin«* transportation ricconi -1 modations make i v«*rv suitable j t«>r ;> factory of that typo. Road Surveyors Start Work On Lakeshore Route A survey of the tu w lake shore I re location of highway M-12 I through Manistique was started j yesterday by engin«*ers from the I «tato highway department at Lansing. The proposed route follows Map!«* avanti«* to the junction with Arbutus at th** Ossivvinama- ke* Hotel, and branches off Arbutus avenue to follow the lake sho*-e out of tiro city in an easterly direction. I’ll is route lias been approved bv the Manistique city council, also by the Schoolcraft county toad commission. The survey will take several days to com­ pì* t* . Former Resident Dies At Detroit Mrs. .1 Knopf, a former resident of Manistique, passed away at her home in Detroit last Satin «lay. after a lingering illness, interment was made at Detroit. Mr. Knopf and daughter, accompanied by Carl Knopf. are expe-ted to arrive in Manistique tonight. UNO HEGGBL GOING STRONG IN W. DETROIT An active campaign for congress is being conducted throughout the west Detroit district by Uno S. Heggblom, formerly of Manistique. candidate for the nomination ¡11 the lMtli Michigan dist i-ict. The following legend appears on his campaign cards: “Born in Michigan and lifelong resid* nf.” “Educated: Manistique high school. Detroit Teacher’s College, Detroit Institute of Technology, Detroit College of Law, L. I, P*. Degree; College of the City of Detroit, and University of Detroit, L. L. AT. Degree. Dating war. Quartermaster on IT. S. S. ‘Search.’ At present member P. S. Naval reserve force. Two years member faculty Detroit Hudson school. 1 9 1 9-2«! • Librarian Detroit College of Law. At present practising lawyer with offices at 41", Ford Building. Counsel and Treasurer of Morton and Co., Investment Bankers. Counsel and Vic«* President Corporation Finance Co. Counsel Union Mutual Life Insurance Co., etc.. etc.” “A Law Knforeement Candidate.” !S HE A3 OF ASSOCIATION T G. Belanger of L’Anse. is the new head of the Upper Peninsula Firemen’s association. The honor of being elected president, of the association was accorded Air. Belanger at the tournament business meeting. Other officers elected with him are: George Greenwood. Tron- wood, first vice president; Richard Cornish, Laurium, second vie** president; Oscar E. Die, Munising, secretary; 0. J. Murray, Miuhigamme, treasurer. Lake Linden will have tire 19 2 A tournament. Wakefield delegates who 111 a«le a strong bid for tlu* event are practically assured of the 4 926 tournament. Towey Kept Busy At Chest Clinic Dr. ,T. W. Towey of Powers, and his assistants, had all the cases they could handle at the chest clinic held in tlu* Court House at Manistique yesterday. Tin* clinic was an hour late in starting, due to a delay in Dr. Towey’s arrival. S< vernl people examination when he arrived, and he was kept busy through tin* day. Preliminary arrangements for this very successful clinic were mad« by Miss S. Hamrick, county nurse, and Airs. A. M. LeKoy of this city. Big Bunch Going To Chatham Camp arrangements for ■«* Schoolcraft dele- Bovs’ and Girls’ Chatham are being P Pr* I ini inn rv send, n g a lari Ration to tlu* club onnin at Air. at 1 «1 Mrs. James Trover cave ;« pi«nlc partv at the Intake Park Wedn* «lav in honor of Joseph Scott's 64tii birthday atrrii v**i sat y. At the clo«e of tlu* fes- tivitii .4 Mr Scott w is present«*«! with a tin«* windshield wiper for Ms auto. About IS friends and vv» llw islu ts shared in the enjoyments of tin* occasion completed bv P. G. Lundin. county club leader. According to Mr. Lundin. the indications are that tin* representation from this county will he lare«*r this year than «*v«*r before. Tin* «‘¿imp opens next Monday. It is « xpect- ed that th«' local delegation will 1« ave Manistique on that day, arriving at Chatham in time for the big welcome program. Following i) a I sample program. showing tlu* activities of on«* «lav at the club cnnir*: Tuesday. Angie i 3th. 6:00 a. in. First Call. 6: MO-7; MO — Roll call and setting un exercises. 7: 00 - 7 : mo Breakfast. Dining Hall. 7:M0-S on Camp Clean Up Work. S:0d-S:M0 Camp Inspection. 9:00-11 M0 Livestock Work for Agricultural Club M«*mb«*rs. 9:00-10: M0 Health and Nutrition Work for Home Making Club Members. 10 MO-11 M0—Textile demonstration. Third year garment club team. It: M 0 - 12 : no Rest Period. 12:00-1:00 Dinner, Dining Hall. 1 : 00 -1:30 p. 111 .— R«*st P 1:M0-M M0 Craft woik bom«* making club members. 1:30-2: MO Crop* work agricultural club members. 2 : 30-M : M0 1 ’011 it rv work agt icu 1 1 ural club nu mb; rs. •ioti. for f o 1 * fo r 2 : 30-3 3 0 a tricult run I 3 : 30-5 : MO ¿iris. MO-5 Poultry work for eb members. Recreation period Athletic events Another round of entertainment and fun will mark the opening this morning of the final day of the 1924 Upper Peninsula Firemen’s tournament and convent ion. The first game of a double header between Calumet and Gladstone will be played at 10 o’clock this morning. Band concerts and tree acts will be on the program from 1 to 1:30 o’clock. The final races of the tournament will be run off at 1:30 o’clock on Central avenue. In tne first the men will make a I run with apparatus to designated hvdrant, lay 150 feet, of hose, connect to hydrant, put on nozzle, raise ladder to edge of roof, climb ladder with nozzle. Time ending when nozzle reaches roof edge. In the last race the men go to bed, ringing of the alarm calls men to apparatus, run to designated hydrant, laying of 100 feel of hose, putting on nozzle. The time will end when water appears from nozzle. Ball Game. A band concert and the Lippa shows will provide some more of tlie afternoon entertainment and at 4 o’clock the second Calumet- Gladstone game will be played. Tlie final evening program will include free acts at 7 o’clock, a street dance on Central avenue at 7:30 o’clock and the closing firemen’s dance at the Community auditorium at 8:30 o'clock. The amusements and entertainment on the program for the second dav of the tournament went off yesterday without a hitch, bright clear weather, following Wednesday's rain, permitting all the outdoor events planned and putting ’lie big crowds in good humor for the entire day. Program. Band concerts and free acts kept everyone busy up to the time of llie races at 1:30 o’clock. The race events were followed by free acts and the first Calumet-Gladstone game was called tit 4 o'clock. A band concert. a street dance and the big carnival dance given by tlie four brotherhoods, which proved one of the most successful and enjoyable parties held here in some time, closed the program for tlie day. Today brings tlit* tournament to a cl«)se and till arrangements ar<* completed to make the last tournament day as big a time as tin* first two. PROGRAM POR TODAY 10:00—Baseball, < kiluinet- Gliìdstone. 1:00—Ki«*e Aots. 1:30—Fircnien’s Raccs on Central aventi«*. 2:30—Band concert and Lippa Show«, 4:00—Baseball, Cahiinet- Gladstone. 7:000—Free Acts. 7:30—Sti«*«*t dhiice on Central aventi«'. 8:30—l'iremen’s Dance at Community auditorium, Evciiing—Lippa Shovvs. INTAKE PIPE PROBLEM iS DISCUSSED CITY BRIEFS | The Colts of Gladstone will play tlie Escanaba Pirates here Saturday afternoon, it was announced yesterday. The game will lie played at the Gladstone hall park. Both the Colts and tlu* Pirates have been showing up well and the game will draw a good following. Snpt. and Airs. C. H. Teague and children have returned to their home here after a month’s stay in southern Michigan. Mrs. ¡Teague and the children visited \ relatives and friends at various j points in tlie lower peninsula while Supt. Teague attended the summer session at the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor. The Gladstone five piece orchestra has been engaged to play for a dancing party which will be given at Alton Saturday night. Refreshments will be served during the evening. Everybody is welcome to attend tlie party. Alts. Frank Locke entertained 1 group of friends Tuesday evening at her home in honor of her guest. Mrs. Andrew Theno. Five hundred was played during the evening and delicious refreshments were served by the hostess at the close of the party. Those present were Alesdames Edward Roland, Milton Call, Max Neveaux, Sherman Sword, Nve Quistorf, L. W. Stade, F. N. Hood. Chester Young and O. IL Carlson. Girls of the Standard Bearers have made arrangements to serve home made candy today at the Soren Johnson building, corner of Delta and Ninth streets where the Ladies' Aid society of Alice Memorial Methodist church are serving meals. The girls will liav«* a fine variety of home made candy and their sale should be well patronized. TWO DA YS OF POPULARITY CONTEST LEFT Lodpe Officers Here On Tuesday William Wide, grand master, and S. A. Rodgers, grand secretary of tht* Odd Fellows will be in Gladstone Tuesday evening at which time they will be t he guests of the Gladstone lodge at a special meeting. Tlie officers will give short talks on matters of interest to the Odd Fellows and every member of the lodge is requested to ire present at the meeting. Attorney and Mrs. Edward S ni it ti of Detroit have arrived here to visit at the home of the Alisses Empson, Wisconsin avenue, and of Attorney and Mrs. G. K. Empson, l.'ik* Shore drive. Attorney Smith is a nephew of « the Misses Enip on and Attorney Empson. Only tvvo days remain for the casting of votes for the most popular girl in Gladstone. The friends of the girls entered are taking advantage of the coupon that has been offered by the committee in charge of the contest and it is expected that there will be a big change in the standings in the next report. Tin* last count made Thursday noon showed the five candidates to be running a close race for first position. Mae Green was stil] holding tlr«* lead over Fern Woodhall with Margaret Blodgett a close third. Mildred Cole is now fourth and Anna Rasper, fifth. The coupons that appear in this edition must be cut out and turn«««! in on or before 3 o’clock this faternoon. Ballot boxes are at Erickson’s and Stewart’s Jewelry stores. , Air. and Airs. Walter Htird and children and Mrs. Robert Hurd ot Marinette motored here Wednesday and spent the day with Airs. Hurd’s parents, Mr. and Airs. Henry Kaempf. TURTLE? NO! Big DANCE —AT— ALTON Sat., August 2 Gladstone Five- Piece Orchestra G«*fn*shm< lit«. Admission Jjil. TUa to, • umpli badbog that au? to ’oaaA to tbto aeotko of th« «tate, ffiurald rod find utbcm.*'daxlas boas« «1—nlng «U&« lonfetaroreyr ■#*•** to fttf to rty tfcgmj'irltfc th« OM of th« Mew ’Chemical P. D. Q. (P«kj Drtf# Qototv.) I Ko tobw large th«r mar b«, «uViïiwKttÆ“ w . i Tväe «peut la «a«h pack#«#. Blueberries Wanted! . 5 ITT OFT THIS COI*PON = Popularity Contest | ~ Auspices 5 GLADSTONE FIREMEN’S TOURNAMENT GOOD FOR 100 VOTES High? berries. .t market price paid See SAM BAKKON This coupon und ONE DOLLAIl "ill contestant to TWO HUNDRED votes, tin* ballot l>n\e« on or before Frida,x JOHN HAYDEN’S MANISTIQUE = NAMES OF CONTESTANTS £ MAE GREEN = MARGARET HIX>DGKTT = MILDRED COLE = FERN WOODHALL 5 ANNA RASPER «Mit iti«* Musi In at 3 p. PRIZES tin* in in. 1ST — DIAMOND RING 2ND—DIAMOND RING HUD—BEADED HAG ITH—PEARL NECKLACE IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIf A thorough discussion of the waterworks intake pipe problem confronting the city administration was held last night at the special meeting of the city commission held last night, in addition to (he hearing 011 tlie pro­ nosed pavement construction on Minnesota avenue from Eleventh to Fourteenth stree«. The intake pipe was seriously damaged by ice and wind action Iasi winter as is generally known and has been heaved above the water for a distance of about 200 feet oft shore. Several complete investigations have been made and it lias been found imperative that extensive repairs b«* made before winter. Hoak and Decker, Ann Arbor en- 1 gineers, who made an inspection last winter, are now working on plans and specifcations which are expected by the administration at any time now. The recommendation made hy ______ ___ the Ann Arbor engineers in their that but two teams wma* entered MORNING AND AFTERNOON GAMES TOD A Y , Gladstone will play two games ' today with Calumet to get in the three series game scheduled for the tournament which was delayed by rain Wednesday afternoon. The first game will be played this morning at 10 o’clock and the second will be called this afternoon at 4 o’clock. Borman is scheduled to take the mound in the morning game and Carsten, who comes here from MJP' quette, will pi toll tlie afternoon game. The Calumet series is giving, fans an opportunity to see a lot of real baseball and the big tournament crowds are certain to take advantage of it, indicating big crowds for the tvvo games day. HOUGHTON TAKES FIRST IN ALL RACES Houghton took first prize« all three of the tournament ru*v*s held Thursday afternoon at 1:30 o’clock but in view of tlu* fact report is that the damaged portions of the old wooden stave pipe which covers 210 feet from the shore line to a point eight feet below water level be replaced by a steel or cast iron pipe twenty- four inches in diameter, the same as the present wooden pipe. It is also recommended that this pipe be lowered to a point underneath th«* ground surface where it will be free from the damaging effects of ice and wind action. It has also be suggested that from the shore line to the pumping station tlie existing fourteen inch cast iron pipe which is entirely inadequate for present and future needs he replaced by a 24 inch pipe. , Action INecessnry. These recommendations were made by the engineers in their report but no definite details on the matter in regard to plans or cost can be had by the city administration until the plans and specifications arrive from Ann Arbor. Due to the bulging effect of tlie wood stave pipe it has been found necessary to niak<* fre- niu. ill patches of copper pipe and this developing of air leaks seriously interfering with tlit* [lumping, is another reason why immediate action is necessary. D* finite plans will be announced when the engineers’ report is received in the contests, Houghton un«i Munising. the prize money was equally divided, each department getting $105 for yesterday’s races. The contests in which Houghton showed its superiority over, the other upper peninsula tean.3 y were th«* coupler's race, tlu* race with aparatus and th«* ladder race. Two more races will lu* held this afternoon, finishing the tournament race program, with three teams entered, Houghton, Munising and Laurium. A big water fight was sfag«*d immediately at the close of the races hy four members of the Gladstone lire department. The fight was un exhibition rnaf«Ji and no decision was given !’*t, the sport furnished great amusement for the race crowd. Mrs. J. A. Ferguson of Niagara Falls will arrive here today to visit at the home of Dr. and Mr«. A. H. Miller. CLASSIFIED ADS. FUR RENT Four room* with hath foi l'Kht housekwpinsr. S*'«» W. J. Micks. 1157-212-Ut é FOR RENT Modern residence at :«?0 Wisconsin Avenue. Pilone Ulfi. G919-212-3t Community Theatre TODAY--Last Times / Big Show 1 CIRCUS DAYS Clowns, freaks, elephants, acrobats, jugglers, magicians, tumblers, roaring lions—“a mammoth aggregation of all the marvels of the ages,” Come early*—come often—don’t miss the fun. Presented hy SOL LESSER JACKIE COOGAN and a’ CIRCUS all in ONE BIG PICTURE Also Comedy “PITFALLS OF A BIG CITY” Two shows, 7:20 and 9:00. Admission 10c and 25c.

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