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PAGE TEN Thursday, September 20. lgy IDYNAMITE SHATTERS PEACE OF ARIZOHA SALT RIVER VALLEY Grandstand At Inter-State Fair FARM AGENT OF HOUSTON COUNTY RESIGNS OFFICE Entertaining Crowds Tribune correspondents in all Southern Minnesota towns and villages are regular daily contributors to this page. Athletic news from these communities will be found on sports page. Three Bombs Hurled on anese Farms in Resump, lion of Feud H. O.

Anderson to Enter Uni versity of Minnesota Farm School NEW YORKER GIVEN TERM FOR ROBBERY OF WINONA TAVERN St. Paul Woman Claims She Hasnt Eaten, Drunk Anything For 7 Years CALEDONIA, Minn. (Special) O. Anderson, who for several yenva has been county agent for Houston county, has presented his resignation to the county extension committee. The resignation will.

go Into effect on Oct. 1. Mr. Anderson will move his family to St. rnul and will enter the University of Minnesota farm school for a post-graduate course of study.

The extension committee has made no announcement as to a ST. PAUL, Minn. A 44-year-old, bob-haired St. Paul housewife, who knows the world will not believe averred today she has taken me, PHOENIX. Arts.

hu shattered the quiet Salt nt(t valley has enjoyed since white fir. ers recently withdrew their detxazi that Japanese and Hindus evacxr their lands. Three bombs were burled ea Jt. anese farms Wednesday. Tvexty acres of farmland were itotd4 when one explosion tore out aa t.

ligation dam. The home of j. Ino was slightly damaged la aewa. er blast. In all three cases, was set off In Irrigation d3tcfc scar the homes of Japanese farm six No one was Injured but the Rev Junro A.

Kssbitanl. Japanese ln(e demanded protection of life property of Japanese la the t1t Anti-Oriental agitation has -fit too far, he said In pro testier t. Consol General Tonokaiu Her! ti Los Angeles. I am relying entirely upon tie goodfalth and Justice of the Aacrh can people and on Governor jfor vt of Arizona to see that the Japaae In the Salt river Talley are treat! fairly, the consul general said ta announcing he had made no pmq to Washington or Tokyo. Previously the Arizona gOTerser had Indicated he wonld act sternly if white agriculturalists resorted ts violence In their efforts to drlre Orientals from the rich valley.

family left Sunday to attend A Century of Progress. Mrs. Obert Haugstad and daughter are spending the forepart of this week with her parents at La Crosse. The following guests were entertained at the home of Mr. and Mrs.

Gilbert Buxengaard, Sunday: Messrs, and Mmes. Edwin Bjer-gum and daughter Delores, La Crosse, Edwin Bergrud, La Crosse, and William Bergrud and family of Spring Grove. Mrs. H. O.

Ellingson spent the week-end with relatives at La Crosse. The Misses Borghild and Olga Glasrud. La Crosse, were' weekend visitors at the L. Myrah home. C.

J. Sylling and son Alfred returned from Milwaukee, Monday. 1 Olaf Kjome returned to his home at Taylor, after a visit at the Dr. G. M.

Helland and Kjome homes. Oswald Rank, who Is attending the WBU In La Crosse, spent the week-end here with relatives and friends. Miss Ruth Kjome, who has beten employed at the past summer, returned home. Mrs. Lars Sylling, whb has been at Duluth, for several weeks, has returned home.

Mr. and Mrs. H. J. Sylling were La Crosse visitors Saturday.

Arthur, George and Leonard Ramstad and Gothard Blexrud are attending A Century of Progress. Henry Gilbertson was admitted to the local hospital for medical treatment, Monday. Livingston Dennis Sen teheed to Ten Years at Stillwater WINONA, Minn. F. Livingston Dennis, New York, was sentenced to not less than ten years in state prison at Stillwater in district court on his plea of guilty to a grand jury Indictment of robbery in the first degree.

Dennis was charged robbery of the A1 Groehowskl beer tavern on Mankato avenue on the night of Aug. 15. His wife, Mrs. Minnie Dennis, etered a plea of not guilty to the same indietment. Before sentence was Imposed, evidence of another conviction on a charge of second degree manslaughter against Dennis was filed with the court by 'D.

Libera, county attorney. The Minnesota law provides that In criminal cases where a defendant has been previously convicted, the sentence on a second conviction shall be not less than twice the minimum term provided foi the first offense. Dennis, the information disclosed, was found guilty In Steuben county New York, on March 22. 1926, of killing a man in a fight over Christmas tree. Dennis talked freely, explaining to the court that the manslaughter All members of the American Legion residing In Houston county are requested by Commander Harold Warwick of the Houston post to attend, the county get-together at the Houston city hall on Monday evening.

District Commander John Whelan of Albert Lea, and other district and stnte officials will be on the program, according to Mr Warwicks announcement. The September meeting of the Caledonia Commercial club will be held at the city hnll on Tuesday evening. Frank Weymlller, Mrs. Herman, Mrs. George Reburn and son Warren, and Leo Reburn of New Albln, who were guests here at the Edward Kubltz home, left Thursday.

The Rev. and Mrs. George H. Chant of Stewertville, and their son, George of St. Taul, left for home Wednesday after short.

visit here with friends. John Gengler, son of Mr. and Mrs. John I. Gengler, left for New York where he will depart for Bel glum Friday, lie will enter the Am- food or water.

Let the test run six months if necessary. Mrs. Nasch contends that when she first observed, a change in her life she consulted a St. Paul physician. The result was confinement In the State Insane hospital at St.

Feter. Somehow the world was not the same, she said. My body felt and still feels as though it were could not eat, or drink. I did not want it, although I continued to get meals for my family. The doctor told me I had a case of nerves, she continued, and because I refused to eat I was sent to St.

Peter. There they tried to force feed me. They thought I was insane yet they told me I was normal In every other way. I read books, wrote and drew pictures. I hid or threw away the food brought me.

While in the hospital Mis. Nascli sought through scientific books available to find some explanation of her condition. I found a' plausible explanation in the Bible, she maintained, although I never had paid much attention to the Bible up to that time, In the Old Testament I found this They shall see food, but not eat. It shall be of wormwood. They shall see water, but not drink.

It shall be as gall. That describes perfectly my condition, but I cannot understand why this curse should be visited on me. neither food nor. drink for seven years. Strong.

enough to cook and do the housework for her husband and son, Mrs. i Martha Nasch sat mending socks in the front room of her little home at 642 Hall avenue as she stolidly maintained, under questioning of a reporter, that she has not eaten or drunk since 1927. Across the room sat her husband, Louis J. Nasch, 55-year-old department store painter, who says he has not seen his wife eat or drink since July 29. The husband notified newspaper men of his wifes condition because I do.

not want people to think 1 am starving my wife. Twelve-year-old Robert Nasch, a student in Theodore Roosevelt Junior high school, has, his parents said, smiling, been telling every one that my mom doesnt eat or drink anything. Although unable to explain completely what she describes as my supernatural condition, Mrs. Nascli is willing to undergo a test under constant surveillance to 'prove her fasting claims. Place me under constant watch for any length of time, she said, and I can prove that 1 do not need THE GREAT SCHUBERT AND GERTRUDE CARPENTIER DIRECTOR SHOWS ACTOR HOW.

AND IS INJURED HOLLYWOOD, Calif. VP) When Lambert Hlllyer feel the movie players be is directing are doing justice to a scene, he euett it for them. Actor Arthur Hob! failed ta rt the necessary emphasis into a (U in a cafe scene so HiUyar nooztd a slightly-elevated balcony of the set to Ehow Ilohl how. He fell arm a table and over the balcony railizs to another table below, injuring hr leg. Splendid.

commented Held. HOUSTON erlcau college at the University of Louvain, where he will study for the charge was the result of an acci-prlestbood. Mr. Gengler has been a dent. He said the jury that found student at St.

Marya college at I him guilty recommended a light Winona. I sentence, ile served four and a half Mrs. It. O. Anderson entertained I years In the New York state prison at her home on Tuesday evening atat Auburn, N.

a 6:30 dinner and bridge. Following There is a good Juggling act, while several acrobatic numbers also are entertaining. A chorus of eight girls does several dance numbers. A number of vocal selections are given by members of the company. The grandstand entertainment program has been arranged by the AI and Cleora Miller company, which was engaged by the local association for the first time in 1933.

In the evening the company presents a musical revue. Music for the afternoon and evening grandstand entertainment programs is provided by Iat Nagar and his recording orchestra of Chicago. The orchestra was engaged especially for the La Crosse fair by the Miller company. Persons visiting the Inter-State Fair this week are seeing some of the best grandstand that have been engaged by the fair association in recent years. The acts, presented between the heats of the afternoon racing programs, are both entertaining and thrilling, and have been enthusiastically received by the audiences.

One of the feature acts is presented by the Great Shubert and Gertrude Carpentier, who execute daring twists and bends in flawless style. Mr. Schubert has been with the Ringling and Sells Floto big tent shows, as well as with other circus companies. He and Miss Carpentier present one act together, later in the program Mr. Schubert performing on the trapeze.

HARMONY HOUSTON, Minn. (Special) Mr. and Mrs. Martin Olson celebrated their golden wedding anniveri sary Sunday at their home. Dinner was served, at noon to Immediate members.

Present were Mesrs. and Mmes. Viggo Olson and daughter, Herbert Olson, Olrus Almo and son, Alfred Anderson and Charles Benson, and the Rev. and Mrs. J.

O. Panlsrud. After the dinner a musical program was given and Mr. Paulsrud spoke. U.

S. Employes, Asked For Party Gifts, File Protest At Washington 500 REINDEER DIVE TO DEATH IN ICE PIT NARVIK. Norway A box 500 reindeer plunged to their death in a deep crevasse In a glacier tnr Vardo. it was reported. Snow ea the glacier bad melted and mad footing treacherous.

The anlmaX slipped as they passed the crevasse. dinner, cards were played with hon crs being given to Miss Verlie Sath-er and Mrs. Bernard Gardner. Mrs. Anderson was assisted by Misses Bernice Lapham and Charlotte Burt-ness.

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Wagner and son Charles of Adrian, Mr. and Joseph Deutsch and daughter Dolores, Elswortb, Minn nARMONY, I Mr. and Mrs.

Hollywood, visit after days at the here, in Peterson Minn. (Special) Leland Hellickson of are here for a having spent several Worlds fair In Chicago. and Winona, and andsisteiDe Sale7of St.U Josephs I tu tAhv.eir home the latter ronv.nt at Milwaukee, tav, bn here rlsltlne thVlrsUter I 5c--RIVIERA--15c tending normal school at Preston sn.l husband, Mr. and Mrs. George I he eck.end st the Ricliard IBigalk home Reining, left for their home Tues LAST TIMES TO TIGHT tee In charge consisted of Mmes.

C. A. Eggen, George Watt, John Ka-houn, and Anna Swenningson. Mmes. H.

M. Smith and Helen Merriam were La Crosse visitors, Tuesday. day. Miss Luclle Mulnlx, in training at the Kahler hospital in I Miss Sena Hanson of La Crosse ZASU PITTS addressed to them at their homes suggesting contributions to the democratic cause. The letters were general in their nature, suggesting that all salaried people who are in sympathy with the democratic partys efforts, should aid in this way.

Higgins explained today that form letters were sent to persons all over Hennepin county asking for contributions. They were from names furnished by ward and precinct chairmen, he If some of those letters got Into the hands of civil service employes, it was accidental, he said. There has been no coercing done anywhere to obtain funds. ST. PAUL, Minn.

Protests were sent to Washington Wednesday by employes of the 'Federal Seed loan office in Minneapolis that democratic leaders had attempted to collect campaign funds from them. Some of the employes of this office, officially the Crop Production, Loan and Emergency Feed Loan agencies, are under civil service. The civil service commission in Washington was asked for advice by some of the employes. Employes said they believe most of the persons in the office had received letters from Frank Higgins, democratic county chairman. i lican.

11; democratic, 10, and progressive, 1. Mmes. Bessie Timms and Lela Oberholtzer, and Messrs. Clarence Timms, Lynn Oberholtzer and La-vier Mickleberry of Lansford, are visiting Mr. and Mrs.

Cassias I. Cushing. The party is on its retnrn trip home after a visit to A Century of Progress. sister. Dr.

and Mrs. N. E. Anderson. Mr.

and Mrs. Christ Hanson and Miss Edna Fosse of Henning, Rochester, came Tuesday evening for a visit with her mother, Mrs. Cecil Mulnix and family. SING AND LIKE IT" Members of the Senior Birthday club entertained Wednesday afternoon in honor of Mrs. W.

B. Camp bell, at her home. The Rev. H. N.

Rood of Winona was a guest at farewell party Tuesday evening for Mr. and Mrs. S. B. Mosby, who leave for their mission work in South America.

Miss Matilda Haraldson, after a two-week visit with her sister, Mrs. Henry Germanson, returned to La Crosse, Monday. Berdeen Sanden of Waupeton, N. is the guest of his mother. Mrs.

A. C. Swanson of St. Paul Is the guests of his sister, Mrs. Henry Germanson.

The Rev. C. G. Bergston and family Newell, are the guests of Mrs. Anna Lind.

HOKAH With Pert Kelt. Mwr Everett Merten. William Ramlo of Canton, who has been a patient at the Cal- 'ela and MartIn Foss- ATD SHORT REELS HOKAII. Minn. (Special) Fu neral services were held Wednesday homes.

Manufacturing- outout In Chil ts at the Methodist church for Mrs, greater than at any time since 132. Selma Demorest who passed away edonla hospital, left for home Wed nesday. Mr. and Mrs. O.

N. O. Hefte andlT -d 'll Bn.l lf.a If aeae eotnen I K0D6rt Ol MiHIl.f fl-TG TlS Mr. and Mrs. L.

J. Meyer returned lfl and Mr. and Mrs. Frank Wallace, Mr. and Mrs.

Rollin Wallace and son itlng at the Floyd Watkins MAJESTIC from Fergus Falls, where they had been visiting with Orval Hefte and Borum Scott in the CCC unit located In that city TODAY, FRIDAY and SATURDAY at her home after a brief illness at the age of 67 years. The Rev. H. Hynes officiated and interment was made in the Mount Hope cemetery. Mrs.

Demorest is survived by one sem, Leon, of Hokah; two brothers, Edward Weise of Ilokah. and Lewis Weise of La Crosse; and two sisters, Mrs. Hulda Hoeth, and Mrs. Mary reck. William Elliott homes Misses Christy and Ann Weights of Pipestone, are visiting relatives at the William Elliott, Burd Hoag and Floyd-Watkins homes Mr.

and Mrs. Oswald Grogner, Mrs. Ole Frogner and son George Frogner left for Minneapolis Monday to spend a few days. George and Hannah Yaagen assisted In serving. Dr.

and Mrs. Grose left Immediately for a honeymoon and after Oct. 10 will be at home In Clarissa. The bride Is a graduate of Rushford high school and St. Olaf college, and for several years has been a teacher.

She is a daughter of the late Rev. O. M. Saevig. The bridegroom is a son of Frofessor and Mrs.

C. Grose of St. Olaf college, from which he graduated, as well as from the University of Minnesota. Mmes. Joseph Bissen and John Slite were visitors at the Twin Cities this week.

Miss Bertha Amundson is visiting friends in La Crosse. Mmes. Frank Dabold, Crook and Elsa Scofield Croose were visitors here. Austin of La DAKOTA Mrs. William Harris, of Ripon.

arrived here Tuesday for a visit with the Mumpy family. Mrs. Jacob Nuemacher and daughter, Audrey, returned to their home at Scranton. N. after spending the past month here with relatives.

Emil Bair of Houston was a business caller here Wednesday. R. H. Bruce Lockhart, author of resume his course at the best-selling biographical novel, the university. British Agent," the film version of I and osse and which Is showing at the Rivoll the-ar- nd Mrs- 1.

ae ater, was the youngest diplomat of spending a week at the World fair any woTld power dulrng the World Chicago. wtr Mr. and Mrs. Ole Wolstad and At the age of 27 he became Brit- Julius Wolstad of Cogswell, N. D.

fsh consul general at Moscow, and are visiting at-the Joel Wolstad In 1918 was named to head the borne. British, mission in Soviet Russia. hlr. ad Mrs. John Stolid, Mr, His knowledge of the and Mrs.

Helmer Olson, and John events of those bolshevist days al-lkeinof Alexandria are visiting at with Mr. and Mrs. Rudolph New-house. A daughter was born Friday to Mr. and Mrs.

Nathan Randall. Mrs. Julins Tessman and sons Abbott and Robert of Hastings spent the week-end with Mr. and Mrs. Ralph "Welch.

T. J. Ormsby and 6on Frank made a business trip to Winona Wednesday. Mrs. Catherine Schlabach and Miss Sue Gittens have returned from a visit at the Worlds fair.

Mr. and Mrs. William Atkinson, accompanied by Mr. and Mrs. Carl Petri of La Crosse, are visiting In Le Mars, la.

Miss Christine Nagle Is a patient in a La Crosse hospital. Mrs. R. J. Lang is 111 at her home.

The Rev. G. W. Kaslow is attending a conference at Marshall, Minn. He was accompanied to West Concord by Mrs.

Kaslow and son. Miss Lucille Hurley left Monday for Duluth, where she will enter the College of Saint Scholastica. She will take the dramatic art course. Miss Alvah Oech of Wison Is leaching in the Ladies Talley school this year. DE SOTO the Adolph Abraham home.

With POLLY ANN YOUNG and many others. DAKOTA, Minn. (Special) Arnold Zenke of Dakota and Miss Margaret Papenfuss of Nodine were married Wednesday afternoon at the Nodine Lutheran church parson age. The Rev. Arnold Eichman off! elated.

Their attendants were Miss Violet Zenke, sister of the bride groom, and Howard Papenfuss, cou sin of the bride. Only Immediate relatives were present. The couple will reside in Dakota. A miscellaneous shower was held in their honor Sunday at the home of the bride. More than 200 guests were present.

The hon ored guests received many and use ful gifts. SPRING GROVE DE SOTO, Wis. (Special) Only S3 ballots were east in the primary election In this village on Tuesday. Of these. 63 were from Vernon county and 22 from Crawford county.

The republican party was In the lead on the Vernon side, there being 37 republican. 14 democratic and nine progressive votes east. On the Crawford side the vote was: Repub most cost him his life. He depicted his own experiences in his novel. Leslie Howard plays the role of the diplomat on the screen, with Kay Francis co-starred as an aristocratic Russian woman.

William Gargan, Phillip Reed, Irving Plch et and Walter Byron have main roles. Beginning Friday the Rivoll. will how The Circus Clown, starring Joe E. Brown with Patricia Ellis, Poodles Hanneford and a galaxy of other circus performers. other A blue streak of action adventure.

A melodrama that runs the gamut of Western thrills. riua SLOW BUT SURE, a Cartoon. FOX NEWS and Chapter Number lO of PIRATE TREASURE RUSHFORD William Stahr has returned from a visit to A Century of Progress at Chicago. 1 The village school closed Wed nesday to give the pupils an oppor unity to attend the Inter-State fair at La Crosse. Miss Verna Johnson of St.

Paul, spent the week-end at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Olaf Johnson. Roderick McLeod. Alexander McKay, and Henry McKay were week-end visitors at A Century of Progress.

Miss Hannar Vaagen returned Sunday from a buying trip to the Twin Cities. Miss Ida Medbaug of Lewiston spent the week-end here. Visitors at the H. O. Berg home Sunday were Mr.

and Mrs. Rudolph Berg of La Crosse and Peter Berg of Austin. Visitors at the G. G. Grossfield home Sunday were Mr.

and Mrs. B. S. Froiland of Viroqua, and Mrs. O.

M. Dybling of Houston, Minn. Miss Katherine Smith of Rochester was a week-end visitor at the home of her mother, Mrs. H. M.

Smith. Mr. and Mrs. Magnus Johnson and family were La Crosse visitors Sunday. Miss Emma Crampton is a patient in a La Crosse hospital, where she was taken Friday night for an emergency operation.

She is recovering. Dr. and Mrs. J. Urheim visited the latters brother.

Dr. R. Williams, on Monday while enroute to Chicago from their summer home at Long Lake, Wis. Rees Johnson returned to Dela-field, Wednesday to begin his second year at St. Johns Military school.

His mother and sister, Elizabeth, accompanied him. Miss Florence Johnson returned to St. Paul, Monday, after a weeks vacation spent at her home here. Emmanuel Church Guild served the regular monthly supper at the parish house Wednesday. Commit- RUSHFORD, Minn.

(Special) Miss Esther Saevig, daughter of Mrs. O. M. Saevig became the bride of Dr. Frederick Grose of.

Clarissa, In a ceremony Sunday after- F. R. Sinclair and Charles Wolfe noon at the home of the brides Circus Days Are Here Again SPRING GROVE, Minn. (Special) The annual meeting of the Spring Grove hospital board was held at the hospital Monday. Dinner was served to the members at noon.

Mr. and Mrs. Henry Burtness, Misses Thora and Minerva Burt-ness, Harold Rank and Orlando Schansberg returned Sunday from A Century of Progress. Mrs. Carl Larson and daughter Nettie attended the Worlds fair.

Mrs. Sigurd Rank, who has been a patient in the local hospital for several weeks, was taken to a Rochester hospital Monday. A family reunion picnic was held at the Gerhard Gilbertson farm home west of town Sunday, by the following group: Messrs, and Mmes. Lewis Bakken and Karrol Jaastad, -Rushford, Oscar Kinneberg and Caledonia, Henry Quin-ell and family and Perely Wold, Spring Grove; Mrs. Emma Wer-mager and granddaughter Joyce Wermager, Rushford, Peter Kinneberg and Oscar Tollefs-rud.

Spring Grove, Minn. Christ Stenseth fell down a chief when Jeal It OLD TIME DANCE FRIDAY NIGHT fiMLQiJ motored to Pickwick Tuesday to attend a special meeting of the Pickwick lodge A. F. and A. M.

Here is a honey of a show for the entire family The Man From Utah, now showing at the Majestic theater, opens with the frustration a bank robbery and continues through to the capture of a crook ed band of rodeo performers. John Wayne, the star, has been a popular western film performer, and he Is given able support In this film by Yakima Canutt, perennial rodeo Rodeo fans will have the opportunity of witnessing such a-performance In this film, which relates events such as actually occurred In the more stirring days of the went. Showing FRIDAY and SATURDAY VIKINGS ACCORDION BAND FEATURING mother. Only immediate relatives were present to witness the cere mony performed by Dr.L. Boe, president of St.

Olaf college, of North-field, an uncle of the bride. Multi-colored gladioli formed a bower before which the couple stood. The bride wore a gown of dark green silk crepe with trimmings of Miss Alpha Saevig, who was her sisters only attendant, wore a gown of green crepe with trimmings of black. John Grose, brother of the bridegroom, was best man. Preceding the service Miss Winifred Juls-rud of Albert Lea, sang.

Following the ceremony a three-course dinner was served to 20 guests. Miss Myrtle Halvorson, Laura Vaagen Miss Teckla Pohlman and Miss Evelyn Johnson were guests Saturday at the wedding of Miss Blanche Moore of Wabasha and Levens Mor-man of Hokah. They were married at 9 a. m. at St.

Felix church at Wabasha. The Rev. J. N. Bartholomew performed the ceremony.

The bride Is well known in this community, having spent several summers at the Pohlman home. She is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Moore of Wabasha. The groom is the son of Mr.

and Mrs. Herman Morman of Hokah. ADMISSION Ladles, 30c; Gents, 40c. An infinite variety of dumbfounding FEATS performed with amazing aptitude by these actual circus stars Even a hard-boiled gang hat his hands more than full he attempts to cope with two ous women in Sing and Like comedy now featured at' the Riv- stairway and broke his Jaw Sun lera theater. ZaSu Pitts, Pert Kel-1 day- He was taken to the local SATURDAY and SUNDAY STAN STANLEY ton, Nat Pendleton, Edward Everett Horton, Ned SpaTks and Matt McHugh head the cast.

hospital. Mr. and Mfs. Dewey -Golberg Sunday motored to Chicago, where they will visit friends and relatives and attend A Century, of Progress, The Flying Codonas LA CRESCENT FIND NO NEGLIGENCE Tune In IN BOATS SINKING I Their little daughter Beverly Jean MILWAUKEE Formal lnvestl- Is spending the week at the Charles FUM ALL Poodles Hanneford Equestrian Troupe The PicchianI Family AT THE LA CROSSE COUNTY LIQUOR DEALERS FIRST ANNUAL LA CRESCENT, Minn. (Special) The Catholic aid society will serve a dinner Sunday to the public at the Canning Factor hall.

N. C. Koel of Caledonia was a business caller in town this week. Mr. and Mrs.

Emil Tschumper, who were married Tuesday, will reside in the Strasche residence. Mr. and Mrs. Donald Cameron and son of Denver, are visiting at the A. J.

Cameron home. Mrs. Catherine Orr and daughter. Miss Jennie spent the week-end DOKOTNV lUICHS gatlnn by federal, officials Into the Casterton home Inking of the stern-wheel excur- Mrs. Rueben Wolstad.

Mabel. Ion boat Mayflower 1 at South Is a patient at the local Shore park Saturday night led to an hospital. announcement no negligence was A number of Rushford citizens found. The boat apparently hooked stopped here Monday and gave an against the pier and became filled entertainment as a means of ad-with water when It careened to one vertising the corn carnival to be ide ns the lake became rough, ao-held there Thursday and Friday of cording to Capt. TIenry Erichsen, this week.

inspector of hulls. Mr. and Mrs. Harold Oakes and Ficmic anil Barbecue Tonight He Bates jot laud with the greatest -cf ease. tLi funny faced man on the flying trapeze I 1,000 colossal comicalities: 8:00 TILL 8:30 SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 23 WIGWAM BEACH 1,001 FLABBERGASTING GAGS! Enjoy WICK'S NIGHT CLUB SEVEN MILES SOUTH OF LA CROSSE.

ANDY ANDERSON LAST TIMES TODAY FREE! FREE! FREE! KAY FRANCIS LESLIE HOWARD and his orchestra. The Spot of Beauty Five Mile East on High -way 1. DINING-DANCING BUFFET The Best in Music Every Night this Week. Phone 4564W9 for Reservations. AND A CAST OF TllQt'SAMbi IN Boxing, Diamond Ball, Balloon Ascension.

Contest between four crack Drum Corps. Prize for the best horse shoe team. Refreshments of all kinds. Program brought to you by the dealers in BRITISH AGENT Am-Plus Batteries and Diamond Tires. Admission 25c per car.

Fill up the bus and lets go. While an Empire Crashed She Held Him With Kb.

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