Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on July 26, 1896 · Page 5
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 5

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 26, 1896
Page 5
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Dunlap's . . Celebrated Hats. Silk, Stiff and Soft. STILL THEY WIN -Spring Styles. DBWBNTER The Hatter and Furnisher. Cincinnati Takes Two From the Beaneatersi''•'.'•••' CLEVELAND LOST TWO SPRING NECKWEAR,' A Very Pretty .Compliment for the SPRING OVERCOATS: c SHOE BARGAINS. 98 Cents Bays Men's Shoes solid leather, lace or congress. 98 Cents Buys Ladies Kid Patent Leather Tl Shoes, button or lace. 63 Cents Buys Ladies' Kid Oxford Ties, pa teat leather tips, 73 Cents Buys] Ladies' Low Calf Skin Shoe just the thing for Garden 29 Cents Boys Ladles Ser^e Slippers, solit comfort. 69 Cents Buys Children's Tan Shoes, button or lace, 19 Cents Buys Baby Shoe?, patent leathe tips. 50 Cents Buys Beautiful Velvet Slippers fo house wear. Stevenson & Klinsid 403 Broadway. ' THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK -07-' LOGANSPORT, . . INDIANA CAPITAL #2n THE CHRISTIAN SPIRIT. Would Not Permit Women to Wear Plumes. Will notliiivst Slop those victorious red- lew from Cinciuiiat.i.?;It seyms that they have set. 'tlie.ii- hearts "on the lirilcv-strjri of blunting which. hap.'.wa.if.'d overCiii'c grand stand at Balriiiu)tt[jjor two sen- sous past, amd which te-wilifrittur for tile A. J. MurdocK, Pre». . W. W. Rora, Cash • 3. r. Brookmeyer. A»st. Cash. DIRECTORS: B. B. Bice, W. H, Brtnghurst. A. J. Jlortoca-, Dennis unl. B. F. Yantls, *• M. Harwood, W. I. WUson. BanklnR In aK Its Departments promptly »nil carefully done. Safety to Customers and Stockholders •cufht for. Btront Reserve Fund maintained. Business Change. James Beehoor has purchased tlie Pelton meat market. He now occupies •the n*w room Just erected to the -west of the old stand, and it to Ms Intention to run a first-class si»p and handle a full line of fresh and salt meats. DAILY JOURNAL. SUNDAY, JULY 20, 189C. •Subscribe for Tlie Journal, 40 cents a month. For Sale.—Now typewriter, $20. Ben \Vlsma-n, Boom 4, Cra-wford block.- House to pent—WJth all modern ten- provoments on Spear'street between Ninth and Tenth. Jaines Goss, Si 1 . "ThWo is one thing about Mils silver question that I like," said the fat man, who cannot ride a wheel.. "It provides a conversational alternative to I he bicycle." Dcfensel** bublcs are already begin- nto>r ,to take on tJic nnme of Bryan. It wouldn't be a bad Idea,, iiowevrr, to. wait until Oibbut December 1, next, before christcnins them. The maa of Mexico ombrace eadi other upon meeting aind if an elderly lady kisses a Rirl an one clioek the spectator may kn'OTv tlint the younger one U iirtman-ied; a salute on both cheeks shWs..thc«lrlsMH a maiden. Awarded . , .-.',.. Highest Honors—World's .Fair.. •DR: Bryn, Mn,wr. Pa., .Time 22, '90. Dear Christian Friends: 'Be!n« unable to accept an invitation tri be with you on tlio day devoted to tin 1 tou.sid- era.tiau of tilic liimwiie idea, I accept the other altwnative proffered me of iul- <lrcM$in£ ;x few words to you by letter. As the riyfult of many years spent In the conjiidemtJOiii of rue subject 1 have hail opportunity to foron .some decided ophi'ioios, :IIK! oaie o.t" them 1-s that liu- niaue work is distinctively a wurk in wiUk-h all Christians should engage if they desire tlicir Olirtetiamty to Imve Uio -merit of consistency. That Ihis tiruth Is oftciri overlooked I.s evidenced by .die fact rli;W even ministers or (lie gospel have bocii known to Ill-treat ami overwork horses, and quite recently I hwird of some who actually weu.t o\u gunul-lif:. ;wid yet'tJiey profess to be followers of Hie gentle and compassionate Jesus. I'D Is profanation to Imagine Him InflvctinK fright Mil wounds on mined to hoist tl roofed structure which ovi.'rlooks the porkopolitaiutii' diamond: In this effort the club Is ably "seconded 'by a.s enthusiastic fl following ,Iu the to-wn by the Ohio river as ever warmed an liiiilfter- out baJl player Into cliamplmishlp form, or "rooted" a visiting team into a IOK- iiijr s(r<?alc. Nor. that the Cl.nciunall crowds are too partisan to be fair,, but "rooting." that I.*, judicious "rooting," holjw to win imainy a Kami!. And then every newspaper In the cliy supportis the team through thick and thin. If the Clevelands- but had liaU' the ba-ekins from the people and newspapers of the Forest City at= their fellows in the sister Ohio town, the Te-mple cup scrliy would certaiJi-ly be •fought out between these toiups. As it Hs— ljut. tlwre.ar.e.still many games to play and uot. be count till out by a.ny niawLer ot\o The FhSUitts sctim ^ their old letting form" y wslerilay, for tliey batted Wilson out of the box In .the flnst ga.me, compelling flic substitution of Cnpl'.v. a,nd tluni- turned on the Lo- ganspO'i-t l>oy In tlip : sp,co!«l,.ga..iiie.-inid did the saint? trick to"1iim,"^Cttins JOS. G. GRACE s, WILL SELL YOU A SPRING SUIT TODAY FOR i * LESS MONEY fHAN ANY OTHER CLOTHIER IN LOGANSPORT. LINE COflPLETE. teen, safe OIHW oil' the game.. The result of the surprise and It mates a biK differbncc any of the -rent-le c-reatures of His canv , n t])( , st ., n(lmK Q j:-t-lle clubs. Follow- How conisiisteii.t tlicii. is it for those \vlio especkilly profess to be trying to iml- rate Him, to do tl»?se th'lnp-.s, and \vo may a,s-k how ' consistent is It for any Clirifittau wheOier lay or clerical to re- card as tfport the suffering and death of any Jilivin.;? creature. When.' ' our GlM'l'st.kin.lty is what 'It should be, we !u- flict dcatili onJy as a painful necessity, «nd not in comieatioa with any .idea of sport, nor shall we Chrlstlanc? calmly hold nlooC ' -while mom w-hoso solo tilimight as the atlvrmce off' science, or the graitificatldn of pure ' curiosity, or the mistaken thoug-ht to do evjl tJiat good may come, canstnnWy inflict tlic most. Incredible torture on belplfts<5 animals. The fact that we have laws cainst cruelty proves that It Is the ecm- :ensus of thouglitful opinion that cruelly is ki itself crimina.1, and It Is never lenled by tlKwe who hnvc Rj;y pretensions to moral rectitude. The question thus conceded to be n. moral question. How rthen can it be right to Inflict cJTTelty for any i-eason whatever? Modern theolofry does nor approve or wlu« evil means to attnln any good end. iVliy then is It content to :eave trie MIT)- loct.of vh-lpiecitJon, .to be decided by ihose who luive the strongest temptation :o practice Jt? If It te not right to lie or steal >to attain ft cooi] end, by whai distortion c-,in we make if'rlght to ig- jo'ro and uJteriy violate me OTVlne law •f merey which, was a, direct .command .f Clrrlst, .Just aSithe prohlibitioo of iy~ ng and stealing were direct ccvmmands inder tine older dJ^-peusatlon. I cannot close without n word, to hrlisttau women. Largely througb cul- wiWc 'Ignorance, aad snd to .say,, sfune- Imes wlHi full knowledge, professing hristltini women have. been guilty in he irwi'titer at' personal adornment. Peril ps the most flagrant c\1dfrnce 'of thi.s' s tlie <])cr.4ls-tcmt wearing of the plumes f birds, especially the little delicate try aigrette, whl-clr to procure costs so inch woe anil pliysicaJ. suffering to the eaur.ifnl white heron from which the hunts are taken, far tlie work/is do-ne the nesting season,' and the agonized xiremls will ™t. leave the young, ami iiis they become Uje easy, prey of tin; uthless huniter who leaves tne young iiig are the scoi-es'bf the games yesterday: At Cleveland— riilladelphia 10. Cleveland 9; (second game) rhila'delphia 10: CleveJaud ">^ A.t Cincinnati— Boston 5. Clncinuatl 10; (second gamp) Bcsron 2, Cincinnati 3. • • At Pittsburg— Xew Yoi;k.-10, Fltts- burg 7; (second game) Now York i2; rictsburg 7. • . '.'.'""..' At St."Lonis— Bnltiimore'2; St/Lou'is'3.' At Louisvilile— \Yaisliliigton fi, Louisville 7. At Chicago— Brooklyn 7, Chicago (i. STANDING OP THE CLUBS. Clubs Won Lost PerCt. Cincinnati ..... ; ...T.S •...-.->'•. .^00 Cleveland ...... .,.'•%.. '"-''^i-- \. : -<]Q". Baltimore. ........ -.ni--' ,v, ^^^-^ Chicago .....' ..... ".4S ""!?S" ..'.58 Pltrsbuw .......... 4P. . 37 ,r>3S Boston ....... -..•:'.:•. 42 37 .r.32 Brooklyn ........... .S7 43 .403 Philadelphia- ....... 37 4.1 .4(53 Washington . ..... ;. 33 4" -434 New York ....... ..33 4-" .423 St. Ixxuis ........ ....24 Wi .300 Louisville .... ---- .20 r.7 .250 THE STRUGGLE ' Kokomo -Has Buy a Lougley Hat and be up to Date 426 Broadway. P. S. If you want a Tailor Made Suit don't forget my line of the Celebrated Stein Block Clothing THE CHURCHES. i .the to the slow anil torturing CREAM BAKING MOST PERFECT. MADE * M>*« G'aP* Crram ^ Tart<ir Powder - FrM f r Ammonia, Alum or any other adulterant 40 Years the Staadttd. eath at' sttnrvation. It is not becoming OhrisMfi'ii profession of any woman o display on her 'h«ul the badge of this eckJess cruclily/'nor 'to 'have her con- clence easily quleto<] as ?o many have een by the suggestion .of dealers that plumes are .m-anu.factni-Cfd. .They n.re nmiufUGliirwl by nature on ..tlm back of a lwinmle.w bird which, ought to be. loft to enjoy Its life. a-s-God Intended. M-iicli more could he said about the cruelty in cli-tv^s. rhe hideous work of senl killLUK for example, but with the advantage of the presence ajuoug you of those who knoiw the tnith about this and other forms of bmlnJity there is little need for me to add greater length to this letter ; therefore trusting that you Wii'U'jolii with us in the 'effort'to hasten the coaulujr of the golden age wlieu.cni- i>lty sliall no longer exist, when the Golden Rule shall ' be nmiversal .In .i!s application, I a,m, Sincerely your friend •In tihc Humane cause, • MARY F. LOVELL. The Indications are:jrp4^itua,t-' ; i ; !n'ru. will be 11 veiry pretty.:,; jjfwy* jjffc. ! ?>nlt .Dlayed tiite afternoon. 'by iile^Kokoinaf and Ottoci. i't'iippeoraiices go"fb)s,$nyr fhlng, the Indiana Statt league Is going to be a kindergarten for the training of ]>layers who., will graduate Into the big leagues. With, tills in view, there will lie no effort, spared on the pai-t of the play<!rs to. play chfl.mipton^hlp ball. If there is a 'weak player, he^wlll be compelled to steii clown, for league ball and the sort we ha.ve Iwciv playing are altogether different; Kokomo may lake one of the two games to bo played here. but not If hard ball pliiylng nu the part of the Ottos .can .'prevent It. • _ xvru.-j:: -M;;- . SHORT ENDS OF <S*aV&:-. : '•' Pitcher George Crosby-'f'vWttifl' ^hls new-ly^nade wife at I mlihV)iMft)lIs Fri- : ' The Han. S. E. JWdiolfon, of Kokomo jlrtd. : ,.--wi:ll address .the luiilon- mcetin ithis evening at the rink. Le: our eit zeiis.glve this apostle of temperauc rel'oiim a good hoaring. • ' First rrwsbyUfrisiB church—The pas •tor, D. P. PuliruMn will preach at 11 m'.>.• upon- "Our Responsibility for on Beliefs." Sunday school at 9.:30,n. .m Irotaiff---peoples meeting at 0:30 p. n UnJ»u service at the rirak in the evening of Christ (Soie.nt.lsts)—Sen- ices will be he-JO in their rooms hi fh Mock, comer of Sixth am Broadway at 10:30 this morning. Subject-.:,"God's .Promise to Establlsl iDa.yicrs"TlmHie." •' way. Iwtween Eighth .anrt'N.mth .streets ;Suivd'.iiy school at.-10:n. m.,- and service.-, llmthe morniiDg at 11-o'clovk.. The Kev 'M.r. iLintcm of Ijombtird university will speak on "Chrifclian Graces." j "The Bi*biiid"wftJ f 'iMo)liod.lst cluwc-h—E. ;L. Summits, pastdiv'-Gifafes at 0. Sun•day school at 0:45, :: .in<l'p-i r eiicliJng at 11 in. m. Also the'Ttcep'tlon-of-membc i i.T'iinloir Loh'giie "ait.'5-'p. m. Epworth are cordially in- at fi:30. All 'hit.tho : 'N'ln ! tlVs'i.ixH;t"Cin'lsvtia.n |ali,uix'li.f»(lay atifaViii. •''Sermon by t.he !l>as'(ior, Rev, T. g.' : iS : eemnn, Subject of Ghirj^f:"' : fljiioii services jat the rink toiriglit.'-'S'u'nday school at (0:30 a. m. 'G.' '^VTBeri-'y," Supt.' Y: P. " " day nnd.,gi;vturda.y, , It , ,jm r y , : siirprfe' inany to know_'fhai 'Ve. w|i's.,au.ljfh: miir- riod -SOIIMJ three wee.ks : .siu^e. ,.,,..;.-.. ,, Hartford Cit/y doesn'tfla?<p-tg;gpter the league.' That dispose*;v«fi;;;;Mnrion's chances,' '• ' •-•>••- -[~ '•"•'•"•• '•'••••_ •"'• Anderson. could not "get _re!HTy-'to' i>biy :l today, so the game, sch,etli»l(;d. there will be played later in the -.season.- .--.• -v.v •' Kokonvo ivas slgue'd-'Braffdeyiburg,. go'n- 6ml •basenia-n. 'and ' OiBiTejW"-- a^'-flolder; Judy :l'ias taken '.'Lovo'^'iflac^' at" short; : .. at • Servici.'S at he' A.' .^l. K. ehurch. cor- •ner'bf Market' ami, Ckxift s-trt-et,* toiln'y •'as follows: J_£!;JO a'.' iii: Sennon by l.he paslor. 3 p. .aii<. ;S,u.U(]ay. school, Prof. G. ; c! Knight,- ,^'t. JV 5 .-'- 1 - '»• sermon by. ilw pii.staiv./.A.U,, are welcome.— L. PetUifonl, pnfitor,,. ...,„..; , ; .. ^ •W:lica,i.J!ind: g|t. 3I. : E.jclmi;ffli-f£Rqv,. M. A. Harlan,,]>astoa.-...,8ujnlay school at 0:30; a. .m. .7. H.-.JJ.ndor;i Supt. Si'rmon at ;-,io :45. Gl;iss ' .....jit- -.-1 12 . . m., . .Tu nlor League at 3 p,;..mv,..Ep 1 wovth Jiagiie de- ) eria>g i ':Ji.t;;'..(;.:30. 5JI«s Cleo der..-: .HevI.v;H sffrrlcci? at Sanies, laulei 7:30. A eoinlf«il-..\v*iU!fl-!ii4J- 'o every one. Sr. : bnke's EriL'i,i[ih : 'Lui.h^-mi church. iv=it' hui;l'Market stroet^-.T, C. i.; •f-ta',itoi ; ;"'!Siin.!1ay school at ,n:GO amd cilmweh. Ven-icw • atfll'.. a. m. servicV* and 'offering for .TiTniinr'-'EiiOeavni at 5:.1fl jaiml Ghrlstiaii Endeavor at 0:30 p.'in. *J'ho Ea*te-ad","niissloii Sunday school •meets at 2:^.". A gciiierjii' invitatton is texijcride.il.' . . . ait 0:30 a. m. Y. P. S. C. E. at (i:30 Subject "TJie Book of Judges." Reviews! by II r. AV. H. Mia,r<.-\voM. •it the Baptist church. Sunday school a.t 0:4.1 a. m. Preaching service at. 11 a. m. Subject "Gleaning. 1 ' Junior meet- tajr at 3 p. m. Senior meeting at 0:30 p. in. At: this mcetiuj;; reports from the Milwaukee convention will be given. Union, services at the rink addressed by Hon. S. E. Nicholson- of Kokomo, Tiid. Let'there-be a. full house to tear him. BUNCO BEN. Is at it "Agen"—The Democratic Press Denounce the Chicago Platform and Ticket. ARGUED AND THEN SLASHED. George Parrish, Charles Stoll and Eddie Brice engaged in a fight yesterday, 'aftemoon in Bailey & Cohee's saloon. The row was tlie outcome of a political argument. Parrish drew a knife and stabbed Stoll in the back. B»ice also received a severe cut in the jaw. Parrish then quit, and the injured man sought the aid of a physician. No arrests were made. The'trouble was well 'under way before the proprietors could interfere .to prevent a fight. PLAGUE OF OFFICEHOLDERS. and the latter•iia«-renimett,l.o.'E|woo.d,:'' Donald D.' Smith, progldon | L.,. i ;0^.,the leajnie, .pays the Loga-niiport^club' a very-prettycomipjlmej^ "^^.Jfe-Sjy.f 1 "LpgansjKrt't made n hosi^jgi^.^ejiids by. her, ball plnylng .and.,«en*i?'naitl5' < duct. It was the flnwt? gamer ever seen on'onr.groun'd^V-'^ • r -* ^•'•••' Coleridge arrived hentojitaWrdny from Detroit. He did'.'hot .Bt*M>'<3d thfl: riice owing to the, fact thar^li^fojured" one .of his legs while beIng 0 &lMped i i : 6'De- troit, ' . •jnjr b'y.tilie paster at.lO,:4";..'i..m. and 7-."0 J). n'l. Sabbath school at 0:30 a. m. 'bla,-s m eel-ing at 11:4;" a. m. and 0:30 p. .m! :Tnn : raV."L«i?w ;if..3 p.- m. .Ep- ,wor,th Len.eue at.0:.30,p. m. Topic "Th? !Trlliii;la.t:<>n a.ud . Eucouragfiment of the ' as... Boston. AH ... . .. . . , .. . . '"Bi-oadway J>ifsl)y*e*iil,n-. .Church, cor- jiei 1 c.f XJirtfli ' street, aud. .Bronflway— 'llev. H. Aj.w(wdje.ejwjyai.. pastor. At 31..q. m. a. Kera]f>[i.w,ni ; ,b^;.preaclied on ' of the,. Himaue. society. Sub' ijert bodv "Our A-nJim.ii Evevy- ,,_.Gifiil jnnslc. Fren Wts. P|-toteil. i,' : roe ; ;.'ams_.; -Bible snliool The Journal still continues to print number of Democratic newspapers that refuse to-support Bryan arid Scw- :ill. It prints this morning the uaroes of the Seymour Democrat, Lafayette Tourual and Wina.mac Democralic-.Tour- jial in the list. It: knows that It is pub- ishlng a falsehood. If the list is a fraud n part why mny not the whole thing ie a fraud.—Pharos. Over two hundred prominent Democratic papers hava denounced Bryan, ind Sewall aud the Chicago platform. Bvery reader of metropolitan papers knows tliis to be the case, ami that tlie Pharos attempts to deceive its readers n the above statement. In the great rtty of Chicago there Is -not a paper sup- lortiug the ticket. In the great city of 'liiladelpbia there is not a paper sup- wrtlng the ticket, lu the great, city of New York with iis 50.000 Democratic uajority there is only one paper sup- inrting the ticket and that is the New York .Tonrunl.'awticd by Senator Hearst f California, who also owns the load- ng California Democratic paper, and vim, when compelled to sacrifice oni' Dtercst or the other, decided to stand iy his California plant and declare for i-ce silver. As far as the Indiana press s concerned The Journal last week pub- ishod extracts from those in the list howlntr their opposition. They may !>c upportlng the ticket, bur. denouncing he candidates and the platform, but •hat kind of support is this? As an indication of the attitude of the ndlaiui papers The .Toiirn.il publisher he following fro.m the Indianapolis «ntlnel. thc;,Sta.ie organ of Democrary. f y(\*tPrday. showing HIP Pharos's u*n- 1 trickery. Wabash. July 24—Special.—The ve- fusal of the Walxish Tlmtv?. fhe only Dpnioc.ratic.paper in AVabash county, to! support the Demooratic nominees, ami. plaVorm on acclior of free silver declaration hiis resultied in leading mem- iliers of t.he'party, who favor free .silver. mxlertakfnp, to establish a semi-weekly • newspaper, which will advocate free silver,, A canvass, of the county is be: j ing made to secure subscribers. ..Tlw nnme of. the paper and. the date of its | appearance .ha* not- been decided ujion. The Republican drum corps have ordered theJr. suits through Jos. .G. Grace. They are very neat suits and will be donned by the boys the last of the week. Prance I» Suffering from mn Ezcen of the Tax Eaten. France's chamber- has met anew. Sneaking- from an arithmetical standpoint, the reforms look harmonious. They will consist in doing away with aS7,000,000 francs of fiscal duties received by indirect revenue, and replacing 1 that exact, sum with nn increased taxation on the incomes derived from property; also in a tax on bank values, domestic and foreign, besides th« tax which seemed to have beten given upon exterior sings of luxury — house rent, servants and horses. The tax on servants nnd horses means thousands of "Jeamses" without employment aiid an increase of bicycles, instead of carriages. So the fiscal problem is not to be solved with these reforms. At the present hoar the French pay more taxes than any other nation in Europe. While the Frenchman on an average pays 112 francs for taxes, the German pays 02 francs, the Italian 60 francs, the Austrian 54 franca, the Eaglishman 51 francs.. The trouble is that in France budgets never have open 'modified. The .reformers have never • made what might be called reforms, for real reforms would mean economies in the administration. The evil of "functionarism" that overburdens the public treasury and monopolizes the best part of the activities of the nation is little known abroad. In one of thede- partmenta of administration you may count 30 chiefs for r>5 employes: in another 15 superiors for 22 "understrappers." and in a third 36 bhjwip-s presiding over 42 scribes. Thus you may sec that, if he would suppress some of these officers, the secretary of.finaurcs would not need to torturo his mind further to invent the means of economy. — N. Y. Press. DVNAMITE IN A SHEAF. Narrow Kucape from Death by a Partner of Plpeotone, Mich. : .Hejiry Glass, of rjpestome, Bcrrien county, Mich., vras about to tos* a sheaf of wheat into .the threshing machine the other day when a. slick of dynamite fell out.'ami upon searching the bundle of gra.in he found 1 wo more sticks of the explosive. Had thedynamitc passed •info the reach inc there in no doubt that .it -would have been blown- into atoms nnd the men at work, near it would have .been instantly killed. Mr. .Glass :s at a loss to account for the presence of the dynamite in the sheaf, os he had rone on the place and the grain hail only just been -harvested. He thinks that, some envious neighbor or unknown <?nemy placed .the dynamite where It was found for the purpose of wrecking The thresher, which is a new one recently purchased 'for hin owii use. A Far T!IP new British ;"-my m«ffa*lne rifle will throiv a bullet to a dUtnuce of not -4.COO yards.

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