Star-Phoenix from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada on March 24, 1997 · 27
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Star-Phoenix from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada · 27

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada
Issue Date:
Monday, March 24, 1997
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Monday, March 24, 1997 The StarPhocmix U,n(,,7Wf The StarPhoenix Ilolplulj 204 5th Avenue North Saskatoon, Sask. S7K2P1 Classified Manager Wendy Davies 664-8299 Thought Of The Pay No yesterdays are ever wasted for those who give themselves today. How to an Ad: QTTTJ Dl .It f jT t I I I" a'- I twwm dJ f v-a t : ,,,, V'v, S3 How to an Ad: OR USE OUR TOLL FREE NUMBER 1-800-667-6979 tftf rt-,i.. r.u.,,, o m c . r. o c V iviuiiuay - rnuay o am - u uni - ouiiuay turn - uuiii Closed Saturdays RENEWING AN AD? Call our Renewal Express Line 664-8347 inn I 2 F- Ail il X. Ukf F m 1 ll ft Don't forget to provide your name, address and a phone number where we can contact you. .1 1 The StarPhoenix Classifieds 204 5th Avenue North Saskatoon, Saskatchewan S7K 2P1 Announcements Anniversaries 1069 Births 101 Card of Thanks 106b Coming Events 109 Deaths 1000 Engagements & Weddings. 1066 Flonsls 1040 Funeral Directors 100 Funerals 1003 Funeral Plans 101b Graduation 108 Happy Days 1210 Happy Days Service 1?1b In Memoriam 1004 Lost n Found 1101 Memorial Services 100b Retirement 1088 Social Club 1086 Sport Events 1090 Travel 1091 si : f Monday - Friday 8 am - 4:30 pm 204 5th Avenue North (customer parking available on our south lot) The StarPhoenix Online You can also drop off your ad at any of the following convenient Saskatoon locations: all Shoppers Drug Marts, all Macs Stores, Ralph's Confectioneries in Dundonald & Erindale, Clarence Ave. Shop Easy, Cumberland Readers Nook and Lakeview Pharmacy J M "J Bilk! HM? Word Ads: 6 pm for next day publication Classified Display: 12 noon for next day publication omEcf'""""! 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Service 3063 Towing Boosting 6893 Trades 8 Professions 6000-6950 TVVCR Service 3153 Tree Service 3605 Video Taping 3473 Personals Companions 1230 Personal 1220 Personals (Adult) 1228 Personal Services 1223 Psychic Services 1222 Support Groups 1235 1-900 Services 1225 Pets & Animals Pet Supplies 3000 Pet Announcements 3005 Pet Grooming 3010 Pet Sitting 3015 Dogs 3020 Cats 3050 Other Pets 3055 Pet Memonams 3057 Public Notices Real Estate Rentals Accommodalion Service ... 9005 Board & Room tot Rent 9365 Board & Room Wanted 9385 Condor, tor Rent 9196 Houses tor Rent 9136-915 Houses. 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Mail rates in Canada $33.00 per month, U.S.A. and Foreign $59.20 per month. Rural inquiries mey phone 1-800 667-2008. 204 5th Ave. N. Saskatoon. Sask. S7K 2P1. The StarPhoenix Online Deaths 1000 ANDREWS HildaCROFFORD nee Blewden. Hilda passed away peacefully Friday. March 21. 1997 at the age of 93 years. A Memorial Service will be held Saturday, March 29, 1997 at 1 :00 p.m. from Wesfwood Funeral Chapel, 1402 - 20th St. West, saskatoon, sk wiin iev. n. Stewart Dingwall officiating. Hilda is survived by one daughter, Louise (Roy) Cassidy. Wey-akwin, SK; two sons, Gerald (Norma) Crofford, Saskatoon and Warren (Helen) Crottord, Edmonton: one daughter-in-law. Mary Crofford, askatoorv five step daughters, Shirley (Ron) Whiteside: Dorothy Vermcuien; Jean (Don) Pearson; Marlene (Lyle) Osterhout; Joan (Bill) Sweet and their families: one step sister Annie Casey. Elrose. SK; one step sister-in-law, Rita Hart, Saskatoon; fourteen grandchildren, thirteen great grandchildren and many nieces and nephews. Hilda was predeceased by her late husband. Marshall Andrews (1993); three sons. Lome Crofford (1992). Wayne Crofford (1944) and Robert Crofford (1942) and her first husband Hildren Crofford (1963); only brother Fred Blewden (1987); six step brothers and three step sisters. Hilda was born in England (1903). moved to Saskatchewan with her wid owed mother who took up a homestead an Swanson. SK. (1912). Sh3 marrlea Hiiaren (-rot- ford (1926) and together (armed and raised a family in the Asquitn. baskenoon, ana Kegma districts. Following Hildren' s death , she married Marshall Andrews (1972) and they shared twelve active, companionship years until health failed. The family expresses a special thonk you to the caregivers at Porteous Lodge and Cosmopolitan Villa, their concern and kindness made our mother's passing so much easier. Flowers gratefully declined. Interment of cremated remains will be at a later date Ar rangements have been entrusted WESTWOOD FUNERAL CHAPEL and Prairie View Cremato-rjm (653-3434). BEREZA Sylwester. It is with sadness the tamiiy announces the death of Sylwester Be-rezaonfnday.March21. 1997 at his residence in Saskatoon, at the age of 81 years. A Prayer Service will be held on Monday. March 24, 1997 at 6 30 pm from Westwood Funeral Chapel. 1402 -20th St West.Saskatoon.SK The Funeral Service will be held on Tuesday. March 25. 1997 at 1:00 p.m. from Holy Tnnrty UKramtan Orthodox Cathedral. 919 - 20th St. West, with Pev D. Hohol offcicrfTig Sytwester is survived ty his two sons. Jerry of Saskatoon and John (Doreen) of LaRonae. SK and one grandsoni if ns of baskaroon. He was preaeceasea oy nis 'w.fe Anno and by one sister and one brother In leu of flowers, the tamiiy would oopreciate ;oonaTons to Saskatoon Cancer Centre. 20 -Compus D"ve. University of Saskatchewan. Saska'oon. SK S7N 4H4 Arrgnqon-ienls have !t-een 'rusted to WESTWOOD FUNERAL Chapel cy-W.U) Deaths 1000 TAYLOR James Wallace "Wally" Taylor died at the Salvation Army Eventide Home at the age of 71 years after a six month battle with cancer. The Memorial Service will be held at the Saskatoon Funeral Home on Tuesday, March 25 at 3:00 p.m. Everyone is welcome. We encourage those who wish Including Wal-ly's skating, hockey and old car friends to say a few words about him at this largely informal celebration. Wally is survived by his sister, Gladys Hodgson of Victoria; ex wife, Marion (Homsby) of Saskatoon; and his children, Rodney (Maureen) of Saskatoon, Douglas (Mary-anne) of Livelong area, SK, Cindy Peters (Sid) of Saskatoon and Shelley McMillan (Dave) of Calgary; plus nine grandchildren in Saskatoon ana Calgary. Wallace was born in Saskatoon to George Wallace and Mabel (Nummy) lay-lor on April 12, 1925. He attended Caswell School and graduated from Bedford Road Col legiate in IV44. He ennstea in the but was soon discharged at war's end. At school he excelled in track and field events and as a young adult he played on a number of commercial and recreational basketball, baseball and hockey teams while also enjoying golf, curling and bowling. During this time he enjoyed his hobby of building and flying model airplanes. He and his daa (Shorty and Pop) built and raced several outboard powered speedboats and hydtoplanes in the late forties and early fifties. On December 30, 1950 he married Marion Hornsby of North Battleford. The moved to Saskatoon soon after and Wally started to build his house on Broadway Avenue. Though largely self-taught, dad was a highly skilled in woodworking and mechanics. He worked as a construction carpenter on dozens ot jobs large and small for many contractors in Saskatoon over the years. His meticulous attention to detail, his inventiveness, plus an interest in preserving old things ted him to collecjang a fleet of old cars and especially Hudson cars. He loved to putter" away in the "dungeon ' on his car parts and mechanical innovations. Throughout life and up until his recent illness he was active in his favorite activities of skating, hockey and golf as well as cycling with his lifelong pal, Donald Potter. He coached cub hockey and bantam ball and always played every kid on the bench with no favorites. His underated skills and talents plus boundless patience and knowledge were passed on to us. his children who recognize that most of what we know came from our Dad. He will be missed. We wish to thank L BekcJay and the start at Eventide home tor their kindness and care m waity s final days. The family asks that memorial donations be made to Eventide or the Canadian Cancer So cety Arrangements have been entrusted to SASKATOON FUNERAL HOME CHAPPELL WilSam Charles Chopper!, age 96 of Asquith (Langham) SK. passed away peacefully at his res-dence on Saturday. March 22 The Funeral Service w be he'd from the Chapel of Saskatoon Funeral Home (corner of 25m S and 4th Ave ) on Wednesday March 26. 1997 at 3 00 p m. A complete notice wHI aooear tn Tuesday s paper Arrangomenfs have been entrusted to SASKATOON f UNERAl. HOME Deaths 1000 STEELE The Rev. Gerald Arthur Steele went peacefully to be with his Lord on March 22.1997 at Lady Minto Health Care Centre in Edam, SK at the age of 7 1 years. He is survived by his loving wife, Maude of Meota; son, David (Dorene) and their children, James and De-slree of Saskatoon; by his daughter, Sylvia (Allan) Besplug and their children, David and Christopher of Lethbridge, AB; and by his son, John (Julia), also of Saskatoon. Also surviving are his brother, Robert (Ethel) of Kelowna; and a sister, Jean (Glenn) Pilkey of Scarborough, ON. Gerry served faithfully in the pastoral ministry of the Anglican Church of Canada in parishes in Toronto and across central Saskatchewan until his retirement in 1984 for health reasons. The Funeral Service will be held on March 26. 1997 at 1 1 :00 a.m. at St. Paul's Anglican Church, 1302-99th St, North Battleford, SK with reception to follow. Interment of the cremated remains will be at a later date In Meota. Flowers are gratefully declined. Donations in Gerry's memory may be made to the Primate's World Relief and Development Fund. 600 Jarvis St., Toronto, ON M4V 2J6 or to the Alzheimer Association of Saskatchewan, 224-408 Broad St. . Regina, SK S4R 1 X3. Funeral arrangements are in care of SALLOWS & MCDONALD, North Battleford. - v liTir li'irr - - BALDERSTON Lorie Jean. With great sadness the family announces the sudden passing of Lorie Jean Balderston (nee Garnett) on Friday. March 2 1 1997. Leaving behind to cherish her memory are her loving husband. Greg, four devoted children, Tonja, Brent, Kelsey and Jessye. Her mothers. Phoebe Garnett of Saskatoon and Jean Herzog of Waterloo. ON. Her fathers. Sandy Garnett of Saskatoon and Lenord Humble (Dianne Skog) of Unity; sister. Jennifer Herzog (Brian Jeskay) of Vancouver: brothers. David (Sharon) Garnett of Victoria. Clarence (Joyce) Humble ot Unrty. Bruce (Karen) Humble of Unity; her father- and mother-in-law. Norm and Jean Balderston of Moose Jaw. her brother-in-law. Dennis (Beth) Balderston of Calgary; and numerous aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews and close friend. Jan Coghlan. She was predeceased by her grandparents; one brother. Brad; and one uncle Lone was bom on March 14, 1955 in Saskatoon. She attended Wilson Elementary School and City Park Collegiate She was an honour student where she excelled at all she took part in Lone and Greg were married on December 29. 1982 in Saskatoon. They shared many wonderful years together with their children and life in general Lone s dream was to own her own business andwasstnvmgtoochieveherCrvlA status lone and Greg shared a long term goal of retinng to Florida They so very much enjoyed their nights out at Alexander s - their discussions over pizza and a gjass of wine Lone enioved cubing and long wa'ks with the dogs She hod a lovmg nature which touched everyone s heart as she tourneyed cHong we s way Lone s fomity. her husband ord children, were The Liants of Her Lrte . The Funeral Servce wfl be held on Wednesday. March 26. 1997 at 2 00 p m. at McCkjre United Church. 4025 Taylor Street East, officiated by Rev Date Morrison in l-eu of tiowprs. memonoi .lonaf'ons may be mode to the Cheapen s V. sfi foundation of Canada. Saskatchewan Cnooter. Box 309 Saskatoon SK S'V 3l3 ArarTements are m crxe o PARK FUNE R Al CHAPE I . 244 2103 .Kenneth J Sctx-rch. Funeral Director Deaths 1000 CAWLEY Frances Luciel Cawley passed away peacefully on Friday, March 21 , 1997 at Extendicare Nursing Home at the age of 97 years, a pioneer resident of Saskatoon for 86 years. Frances was born on May 24, 1 899 at Kil-larny, MB to Charles and Maude (nee Fitch) Cleveland. Upon coming to Saskatoon In March 1911 from Sherwood. ND. she took her schooling at King George School Annex before the school was built. Frances married Herbert Cawley on January 24, 1924 at Christ Church in Saskatoon. She was predeceased by her husband. Herbert In 1981; her parents; six brothers; one sister; and a brother-in-law, Bernie Almas. She is survived by her daughter, Dora (Dot) Almas; her son, Richard (Natalie) Cawley; and a grandson, Shawn Cawley, all of Saskatoon; and a grand daughter, Cheryl (Mark) Hepworth and their children. Chase, Raquel and Travis of Assiniboia, SK. Frances is also survived by numerous nieces and nephews. Interment of Cremated Remains will take place at a later date. MCKAGUE'S FUNERAL CHAPEL is in care of ar- rangements. 664-3131 I - -t 2A SCHATZ John Schatz, age 88, passed away peacefully after a short illness at the Royal University Hospital, Saskatoon, SK on Thursday. March 20. 1997. He is survived by his wife. Marie (nee Fast); his children , Ray (Irene), June (Tom), Ruth (Ray). Jim and Ken (Crystel); daughter-in-law. Evelyn. He is also survived by two brothers, three sisters and many grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Throughout his lite he was involved in various church activities and had a special love tor needy cnildren. He had a passion for gardening, and will long be remembered for his quick wit and the beautiful flowers he grew Special thanks to the staff at Unit 6300 at Royal University Hospital. A Memorial Service will be held on Monday, March 24 at 3 00 p m. at Acadia Drive Funeral Chapel (8th Street and Acadia Dr ) with Pastori Gary Bellamy presiding. Cremation Committal to follow at Htlicrest Memorial Gardens In lieu ot flowers, donations may be made to Mission of Mercy Children's Fund (co Elim Tabernacle. 37l8-8th Street E.. Saskatoon. SK. S7H 4T4) Arrangements are entrusted to ACADIA DRIVE FUNERAL CHAPEL (955-1600). John Schachtel. Director. RHOADES Tommie Passed away peacefully on Ihursdav. March 20, 1997 with his family at his side. Tommie is survived by his loving wife, Jane, of 43 years; his daughters Marta (ken) Mananchuk. Dawn (Jerry) Mulder. Kim (Gary) Quade: his sons Bart (Vanda) Rhoodes. Bret Rhoodes (and friend Patty) Also, seven randchiidren. leqan Mananchuk. Mandy and Irocy Mulder Cameron and keaton Quode Dustm and Montana Rhoodes. Atso his Mother Fern (Larry) Darrah Pteaeceased by his father Clateus He was born in San D'egp Decemoer 12. 1931 and as a cMd lived" in many places throughout the United States. He served m the uved stores a t-orce tor seven yea's before moving to Dmsmce. SK m 1961. His summers were spent farming. lesKtng m Saskatoon m the winter where he was mvcved wn the Nutcma Lons He later spent he retremen.t wife's n Mesa. An-ona tl'ay ttxrs to o stat at the Penal uvt and Pa tve Care Unit at St. Pout s Hospfaf A Private Famv bervce w be he'd at a later dcrte m San Oeoo tn Neu ot towers dona'-os may be mode to the Rerx ifr-it ord Pa xrve Care a' St Pats' snoscrtoccxr,yofvo.j'cr-oTe Deaths 1000 DOELL The sudden and unexpected death of Mr. Walter William Doell of Watson, SK occurred at St. Elizabeth's Hospital in Humboldt on Saturday, March 22, 1997. He was 81 years of age. Walter is lovingly remembered by his wife, Edna (nee Warner) Doell of Watson; by three daughters and one son, Sharon Betson of Regina, Lyle (Alice) Doell of Regina, Linda (Bill) Thacyk of Regina and Colleen (Don) Fletcher of Alix, AB; and by ten grandchildren and four great grandchildren. Funeral Services for Walter will be held on Wednesday, March 26. 1997 at 2:00 p.m. from the Watson Civic Centre. Watson. SK officiated by Rev. Harry Rose. Interment will follow at Watson Public Cemetery. Memorial donations directed to either St, Bride's Anglican Church Memorial Fund or the Watson Public Cemetery Fund will be grate- . fully received by the family. SCHULER-LEFEBVRE FUNERAL CHAPEL, Humboldt. (306-682-41 14) MCINTYRE The Honourable Joseph Gerard Mclntyre, born February 25, 1920, Glace Bay, Nova Scotia.tlied Friday, March 21, 1997, Regina. SK. Cape Bretoner, Soldier, Husband, Father, Lawyer. Grandfather, Justice of the Court of Queen's Bench of Saskatchewan and Great Grandfather. Joe passed away as a result of a stroke. He was the beloved husband of Rita, his wife of 50 years: and a loving and caring father of sons. Peter (Rose), Vaugnan (Debra), Alan (Rachelle), Paul (Lori), Jamie (Ida-Jean); and daughters, Mary, Martha and Maggie (Joel Thompson); and grandfather of Michelle. Jennifer, Angela, Stephanie. Jessica, Evan, Robin, Neil, Darcy, Andrew, Allana. Chandra, Eric, Sean, Nathan, and Noah; and great-grandfather of Jacob. His sister, Dorothy McDonald, and his brothers. Dan. Aloysius, and John: also survive him. Joe was predeceased by his sisters. Annie. Mary and Rose. He was proud member of the Cape Breton Highlanders. Enlisting in 1939, he served in Canada and England and saw action In Holland and Italy. Wounded in action three times, Joe left the service at the end of the Second World War, as a Sergeant-Major. He returned to Cape Breton and married Margaret Rita Nicholson in 1946. Joe then attended St. Francis Xavier University, Antigonish. NS and Dalhousie University, Halifax, NS, graduating with a law degree in 1950. After articling and practicing in Glace Bay. Joe met E C. (Lofty) Leslie. Q.C., who extended an invitation to join the law firm of MocPherson, Leslie 8c Tyerman. Joe, Rita and their first three sons moved to Regina in 1953. He practiced all areas ot the law. but was best known as a criminal defense counsel. He was very active in the Law Society of Saskatchewan serving as a Bencher from 1960 to 1971 and President of the Society in 1967. Joe was appointed Queens Counsel in 1964. Aside from his busy practice and family Me. he worked hard to establish separate high schools in Regina. He served on the Separate School Board for nine years, on for each child and one extra, and was Chairman of the Separate School Board from 1960to 1963. He was President of the Canadian Catholic School trustee Association in 1 965 He was a member of the Knights ot Columbus and the Royal Canadian Legion, servina as tone Commander ot Legion Zone I V m 1 952. Joe was appointed to the Dtsttict Court in 1974. and became a member of Queen's Bench Court in 198 1 . He retired May 1 994 . at the age of 74 Joe was well known tor his wit and camaraderie. His wife and children remember fondly his colourful sayings: 'joe-isms . He was. from time to time an avid duck hunter, fisher, camper and curler and thoroughly enpyed hs praine home Prayers will be heia on Monday. March 24. 1997 at 7 30 p m. at the Regina Funeral Home. Hwy 1 East, (adiacent Regno Memorial Gardens Ceme'e'v). Funeral Mass wilt be he'd on Tuesday March 25. 1997 at 1 1 00am at Hory Rosary Cathedral 2104 Game Street 8c 1 3th Avenue. Regma, with Rev John Weekend Celebrant Recebt'on to follow at Ho'y Rosary Cathed'Ot Church Hon Flowers grafefu'y declined Donations m Joe s iemory may be made to the J G. Mcmtye Family Bursary at the Co"ege ct Law University of Saskatchewan. Saskatoon or the cN3"ty of choce Soecial thars o the doctors and nurses of te VSascorxi Pehabti'a'-on Centre and the Plans Hea:T, Cenf,e 'or fe tremendous core cyd comoassion Arrarvnementj i cere D REG INA FUNERAL HOVE (Phcne (306) Wll 1 1

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