Star-Phoenix from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada on March 18, 1997 · 30
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Star-Phoenix from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada · 30

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 18, 1997
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The StarPlhocmix , iiciprui.ffj Classified Manager Wendy Davies 664-8299 Thought Of The Day After all is eaU and done, more is usually said than done! How to 15 .' . How to J an Ad: J I y';' : ' I - 1 - J"0.." 'J I I I ' J f 'A I 204 5th Avenue North V 1 r "V I "... v V. -? 'S 11 , I v V f 1 Saskatoon, Sask. . - .. - - ' S7K2P1 : : E-w, 11 u&Jvl an Ad: OR USE OUR TOLL FREE NUMBER 1-800-667-6979 Mondav - Friday 8 am - 6 pm Sundav 2diti - 6om 3 OlUbcu ocuuiuaya RENEWING AN AD? Call our Renewal Express Line 664-8347. v Don't forget to provide your name, address and a phone number where we can contact you. The StarPhoenix Classifieds 204 5th Avenue North Saskatoon, Saskatchewan S7K 2P1 Monday - Friday 8 am - 4:30 pm 204 5th Avenue North (customer parking available on our south lot) ! ! I 1 I 'Hi The StarPhoenix Online You can also drop off your ad at any of the following convenient Saskatoon locations: all Shoppers Drug Marts, all Mac's Stores, Ralph's Confectioneries in Dundonald & Erindale, Clarence Ave. Shop Easy, Cumberland Readers Nook and Lakeview Pharmacy. m B H..' nhihiWMi mmi-hiiv mm ml jj Word Ads: 6 pm for next day publication Classified Display: 12 noon for next day publication c Announcements Anniversaries 1069 Births 101 Card ol Thanks lOtib Coming tvents 109 Deaths 1000 Engagements & Weddings. 1066 florists . 1040 funeral Directors 100 funerals 1003 Funeral Plans 1016 Graduation 108 Happy Days 1210 Happy Days Service 1?1! In Memoriam 1004 Lost n Found 1101 Memorial Services 1005 Retirement 1088 Social Club 1086 Sport tvents 1090 Travel 1091 Education & Training Career Counselling 3532 Career Training 2200 Employment Services 2205 Job Training .. 2005 Teachei Resources 2255 Tutoring 2206 Employment Business Opportunities 2203 Childcare Required 2175 Childcare Services 2180 Computer Personnel 2196 Daycare (Licensed) 212 Daycare (Subsidized) 2167 Domestic Help Wanted 2035 Drivers Wanted 2020 Employment Wanted 2210 Farm Help 2030 Hairdressers Wanted 2060 Health Care Personnel 2230 Help Wanted 2000 Hospital Personnel 2220 Modelling 200 Nanny Services 2170 Office Help 2050 Part Time Help 2040 Professional Help 2195 Restaurant Help 2045 Sales Personnel 2190 Secretarial Help 2055 Specialized Help 2028 leacriers Wanted 2250 Technical Help Wanted 2027 Trades & Const. Help 2025 ?-" Merchandise & Services Merchandise Antiques 3125 Antiques Wanted 3127 Articles lor Sale 3115 Articles Wanted 3135 Auctions 3130 BabyInfant Articles 3110 Beauty Salon Supplies 3092 Books & Comics 3422 Cellular & Mobile Phones ..3405 Cpins & Stamps 3450 Collectibles 3435 Computers & Equipment .3392 Craft Sales 3112 Firewood 3570 Furniture & Appliances ... .3120 furniture Rentals 3140 Garage Sales 3165 Garage Sales Rural 3360 Garden & Lawn Equipment 3585 Hobbies S Crafts 3440 Lumber & Building Suppl 3370 Merchandise Under S200 . 3118 Musical Equipment 3465 Office Equipment & Suppl 3090 Photography 3425 Restaurant Supplies 3375 Satellite Dishes 3415 Saunas & Hot Tubs 3550 Sound Equipment 3460 Sports Cards 3430 Tickets SaleWanted 3382 Wedding Boutique 3475 Services Balloons 3477 Bands S Orchestras 3457 Bankruptcy Information 3059 Catering 3485 Computer Consultants 3400 Computer Services 3395 Counselling 3530 Courier Service 3080 Dairy 3660-3665 Financial Planning 3058 Handyman Services 3617 Hauling 3615 Health Services 3534 Holistic Services 3537 Home Care 3540 Home Cooking 3490 Houses 3388 Income Tax Directory 3065 mm i,. TIM! saem: InternetWeb Sites 3402 Insurance 3610 Jewellery Appraisals 3455 Massage Therapy (Reg I .. .3536 Meals 3640-3665 Money To Loan 3505 Musical Instruction 340 Musical TuningRepair 342 Nursing Homes 3535 Oflice Services 3060 Photography 3425 Produce 3635 Resume Services 1990 RololillersSRototrlling . .. 3595 Snow Removal 6890 Taped Music 3458 Tent Rentals 3483 Telephone Ans Service 3063 Towing Boosting 6893 Tiades & Professions . 6000 6950 TVVCR Service 3153 Tree Service 3605 Video Taping 3473 Jin nil Real Estate Rentals Accommodation Service . 9006 Boaid Room lor Rent . 9365 Board & Room Wanted 9385 Condos tor Rent 9195 Houses lor Rent 9135-9175 Houses. Rural tor Rent . ... 9235 Rental House Wanted 9255 Retirement Living 9205 Rooms lor Rent .... 925 9305 Rooms Wanted .9345 Shared Accommodation 905 Suites lor Rent 9015-9095 Suites Wanted 9115 Townhouses for Rent 9215 AgricultureIndustry HP Personals Companions Personal Personals (Adult) Personal Services Psychic Services Support Groups 1-900 Services .1230 1220 1228 .1223 1222 1235 .1225 Pets & Animals Pet Supplies 3000 Pet Announcements 3005 Pet Grooming 3010 Pet Sitting 3015 Dogs 3020 Cats 3050 Other Pets 3055 Pet Memonams 3057 Public Notices Public Notices 1180 Tenders 1190 Real Estate Sales Acreages 8670-8720 Acreages Wanted 8730 Apartment Blocks 8540-8550 Appraisers 8280 B C. Properties ... 8480-8510 Bed n Breakfast 842 Buildings 8620 Business Opportunities ... 8580 Commercial Prop 8630-8640 Condominiums 8230-8235 Farmland 8690 810 FishingHunting Lodges .... 8475 HotelsMotels 8560 Houses lor Sale 8010 Houses Wanted To Buy ... 8220 Investment Properties 8660 Listings Wanted 8370 Lots 8740-8760 Mobile Homes 8240 Mortgages 8009 Open Houses 8115 Out ot Province 8390-8410 Property Management 8290 Property Wanted 8360 Real Estate Auctions 8330 Real Estate Companies 8270 Real Estate Lawyers 8340 Real Estate Services 8320 Sask Cottages 8420-8440 Sask. Properties 8460-8470 Stores S Ottices 8690-8610 Townhouses for Sale 8060 Warehouse Space 8530 Trades, Professions, Services 6000-6950 Agriculture Custom farming ... 7125 Farm Fguipmenl Dealers . 060 Farm Equipment Sale 090 Farms Wanted Z460 Feed 8 Seed 1 80 Grain DryingCleaning ... ... 7130 Grain Trailers 460 Gram Trucks 4660 Horse Trailers 7210 Live'stock & Accessories .. 7150 Stables 7240 Industrial Chain Saws 7390 Heavy Equipment Rental ..600 Ind Machinery & Repairs .7570 Industrial Trucks 4650 Removal Service 7690 Rental Service 7660 Sand Blasting 7330 Septic Tanks 7360 Sharpening Service 720 Small Tools 7540 Welders 7270 Vear 1993 4507 Year 1992 4508 Year 1991 4509 Year 1990 4510 Year 198!) ...4611 Year 1988 4612 Year 198 4513 Year 1986 4514 Year 1985 to 1981 ... 4515-4519 Year 1980S Older 4520 Repairs S Accessories 400 Semi Tiailers 4680 Sport Utility . 4525 Truck Leasing 4695 Trucks Wanted 4690 44s 4710 1 Km 8 Larger . 4630 Mini Vans 430 Vans tor Sale 4360 Van Accessones 4380 Van Rentals 4390 Buses tor Sale 440 Garages tor Lease 460 Parking lor Lease 470 Towing Service 490 Recreation Vehicles Aircraft 4795 Bicycles for Sale 5000 Bicycle Repairs 5020 Motorcycles 5040 Boats lor Sale W79 Campers lor Sale 5090 RVMolorhomes tor Sale ...5140 Dune Buggies 5200 All Terrain Vehicles 5220 Goll Carts 5320 Snowmobiles 5340 Snowmobile Accessories ...5345 Skiing Equipment 5420 Sporting Goods 5300 Tents 8 larps 5280 Utility Trailers 5240 Transportation Cars lor Sale Year 1996 4104 Year 1995 4105 Year 1994 4106 Year 1993 4107 Year 1992 4108 Year 1991 4109 Year 1990 4110 Yeai 1989 4111 Year 1988 4112 Year 198 4113 Year 1986 ' 4114 Year 1985 to 1969 ... 4115-4131 Year 1968 8 Older 4132 Autos $1000 8 Under 4135 Antiques 4250 Autobody Repairs 4310 Auto Leasing 4290 AutoRepaus 4295 Auto Wanted 4270 Classic Autos 4260 Parts 8 Accessories 4300 Sports Cais 4240 Trucks, Mini-Vans 1 Vans lor Sale Year 1996 4504 Year 1995 4505 Year 1994 4506 We try to make it perfect, but... Please read your ad the first day it appears to make sure your ad is exactly what you want your readers to see. If you should find an error In your ad, please let us know right away at 653-2100, or use our toll free number 1-800-667-6979. Well be happy to make the necessary changes. More claseifications are available -please inquire with our classified salespeople. The StarPhoenix . , Hclplul.p- Direct dial numbers for: Switchboard 652-9200 Editorial 664-8231 Circulation 664-8320 Classified 653-2100 Display 664-8340 Saskatoon Sun 664-8342 Lyle Sinkewicz Steven Gibb Cam Hutchinson Ron Deutscher Glen Houle Larry Funk Craig Peterson Jack Phipps EldonAmundson Publisher Editor Managing Editor Advertising Director Production Manager- Press Production Manager - PrePress Promotions Manager Circulation Manager Controller Subscription Rates: Home delivery in Saskatoon $10.71 75 GST $11.46 per month for daily service. S1.87 13c GST c S2.00 per week for Friday and Saturday service when prepaid. Mail rates in Canada $33.00 per month, U.S.A. and Foreign S59.20 per month. Rural inquiries may phone t-BO0-667-2008. 204 5th Ave. N. Saskatoon. Sask. S7K 2P1. The StarPhoenix Online Oeaths 1G00 1-iMMiri't if r -1 - .-.. BOSER Alexander J. Boser. bom Mary 3. 1927. Alex was colled to his creator on March 16. 1997. A loving husband, father and grandfather. Alex leaves his wife. Madeline, his chil dren. Len. Ken, Linda. Dave. Doug and Donna sons and daughters-in-law: Twelve granacnu-dren and many relatives and fnends to grieve hts Dossina One ot sixteen children, Alex was bom on a farm near Reward. SK He went on tq a career in the construction industry specializing in metal lath work Alex retired 4 years ago and has since spent his time enioying his family, grandchildren and friends. He was an avid card player, enpyed horseshoes, building puzzles and tinkering in his garage. Music was very much a part of his life. The home often filled with the sound ot his oanjo picking m chorus wth hts brothers and sons accompaniment on all sorts of instruments Alex never missed a day of coffeeing at Confederation Wan He made many trienas mere ana scratched many lottery tickets m hopes ot someday winning the bra one He was the gentlest, kmdnest friend to those who had the privilege of knowing him His smile was infectious and his tove unending We will greatly miss hts sense ot humour, his loving sptnt and unique personoirty We will corry with us our tona memories of Alex knowing that he is at peace in heaven Prayers will be held from St Mary s Roman Catholic Church 211 Avenue O Souttion Tuesday. March 18. 1997 at 7 30 o m the (-unerot Lrturay w be celebrated from St Mary's on Wednesday March 19, 1997 at 2 00 D m The Celebrant wiii be Rev fr John Boser 0 M I Conceieb'a'ng ae Rev Fr Stan Liska CSs3 and Rev tr A Rl-cwsi CSsR Interment of Cemcfed Remans v. 'ii ta.e D'O" e m Wood oa" Cee'ev SrrJ.a'acr $k McKAGUt S ' jVSAl CMAPf lS rye in coe of the crar-x mens ofeJ 313' Deaths 1000 MtmMStk aWMIK 1 MOLDENHAUER It Is with great sadness we must say goodbye to a loving husband and best friend. Roy Moldenhauer. Roy passed away March 15, at St. Paul's Hospital Palliative Care Unit after a courageous battle with cancer. He is survived by his loving wife, Judy of 50 years; his daughter-in-law. Linda (Art) Schaffel: and grandchildren, Trevor and Bon-nita Moldenhauer; also his sister, Anne Schatz; special aunt, Annie (Len) Kellow; mother-in-law, Millie Meyer; sisters-in-law, Clara Schaffel, Tillie (Ted) Steckler, Anne Jacek, Margaret Voros, Elsie Lennox, and Irene (Bert) Ullrich; and numerous aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews and many friends. He was predeceased by his son. Larry; his parents. Adam and Anatolia; by his brothers, John and Jacob and wife, Leona; brother-in-law. Jack Schatz; father-in-law, John Meyer; brothers-in-law, Joe Schaffel. Karl Kurtze, Adam Jacek. Mike Voros. and Bill Lennox. Roy was born on the family farm south of Colonsay on January 21. 1922. After grade 12 graduation at Colonsay School he got his call to serve in the army. He served in World War II and was stationed in Canada. England and Holland in 1946 he returned from the war and married Judy Meyer. Together they farmed at oionsay until ivtjj when tney retired. I hey built a new home in Colonsay and enjoyed their retirement. When Roy was diagnosed with pram cancer on December 16. IV96, they sold their home and moved to St. Volodymyr Court Louise Place, Saskatoon on l-ebruary 1 2th. Roy was very active in his church and community. He was a life member of the Knights of Columbus. He served on St. Mary's Church Council and was a Lay Presider for many years He was on the Colonsay Cemetery Committee for over IV years. Roy was interested in all sports and won medals in track and field while in the army He played baseball with the Colonsay Monarch Team. Also played broomball and hockey for Colonsay He coached and ofttct ated minor hockey, as well as coached and umpired minor baseball He served on the wink Committee. Curling Committee. Golf Commit tee, the Colonsay History Book, and Wheat Pool Committee, also the CO-OP Board and Telephone Board Roy was a 4-H leader for the colonsay Grain Club and was instrumental in forming in the Wheatland Chapter of tha (i R H 5 at Allan, SK. with the late td Zerr. He worked at Central Canada Potash at Colonsay for a short time and helped produce its first product He enpyed ttsnmg trips to the northern lakes with hts relatives and friends He loved to curl and especially enjoyed the senior bonspiels Roy loved to golf with his friends, and enjoyed playing pool at the senior center Playing cards was also a favorite pas time of Roy s He enpyed his yard and gorden wnich he took great pnde n m lieu ot flowers donations may be mode to the Cotonsoy Cemeten Fund or to St Paul s Hospital Palliative Care Urnt. The Vigil of Prayer win be held on Tuesday March 18 1997a1?.30pm from Park Funeral Chapel. 311 3rd Ave North, baska form Th" Funeral IrturTV writ be held on Wednesday March 19. 1597 at 10 30 am from St Mory s Cathcc cnu'cn cotonsay. t ine celebrant w be Rev tr Ana'e Ponevre ine Rite of Committal win take place m the Coton- sav Cemeterv. Coionsav. SK Arrangements have been enusfed to PARK FUfitRAL, CHAPf L ?d4 2103' Deaths 1000 MCCALLUM The death of Dr. K.J, McCallum occurred March 16. 1997 peacefully at his home at the age of 78 years. Ken was born and raised in Scott, SK. He received his B.Sc. at the age of 13and his M.Sc. at the age of 21 attheU of b. He receivea nis pn.u trom (-oiumoia university at 24 years. He joined the U of S faculty in 1942 where he held the following positions; Professor of Chemistry. Head of the Department of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Acting Head of the Department of Anthropology and Archeology, Dean of Graduate Studies. He was a fellow ot the Chemical Institute of Canada, the Royal Society of Canada and the American Association for the Advdncement of Science. He was the Past President of the Canadian Association of Graduate Schools and of the Chemical Institute of Canada. He served on the Cluff Lake Board of Enquiry, the Atomic Energy of Canada Ltd. and the Atomic Energy Control Board. He was the author of many sci entific papers and the recipient of two medals for service to his country. His 42 years with the University of Saskatchewan were very meaningful to Ken. Though he was very passionate about his work, there was no doubt about his love for his family. Ken was able to create a balance between his work and his personal life. His friends and family will always remember him for his gentle, unassuming and caring ways. Ken is survived by his wife. Erika: his daughter, Pat and Jim Byers (Jason, Lindsey and Kent) Red Deer, AB; his son. Doug and Carol McCallum, Calgary: his stepchildren. Ken and Linda Connell (Lee), Saskatoon. Neil and Marj Connell (Cameron. Scott). Hudson Bay. Eric and Shirley Connell (Cheryl. Jordan. Jessica. Tara. Robert, Nicholas). Prince Albert. Sue and Tim Heisler (Matthew. Adam, Katie). Saskatoon; and by his sisters. Marion Hamilton, Calgary, Helen Bray. Winnipeg. Ruth Roosedahl. St Walburg. SK. Ken was predeceased by his first wife. Christina Chomeyko. and his parents, A Memorial Service will be held at Bethel United Church, 1 141 5th St. Edst at 10 30 a m . Thursday. March 20. 1997. The family would appreciate that in lieu of flowers. a donation be made to the K J. McCallum Memorial Fund', U ot S. Development Office 1 1 7 Science Place, S7N 5C8 or to the Cancer Society 1438-2ndAve MILLER Funeral Services for the lore Martha Miiier of Vaey View Towers. North Battietord and formerly of Rabbit Lake will be held at 2 00 p m on Thursday. March 20 from the Rabbit Lake Community Hall with Pastor Roger Pan-nell Hougen officiating Interment will be in the Rabbit Lake Municipal Cemetery A Prayer Service for tne late Martha Miller will be scud at 3 00 p m. on Wednesday afternoon from the Lnapet ot battows McDonald Funeral Home The family have requested ttxjt Memorial do nations be directed to St Paul Lutheran Church, Rabbit Lake Martha w be sadly missed by her children daughter Elsie (Oscar) Fenner, and son Ewaid (Moron) Mitter. grond-cfuldren. Sandra Fenner (fiance. Ron MocKoy). Boo Fenner. Glona (&) Sleekier. Ge"Y (Cinay) Miiier Mark Mer, great aand-cMaren. Moegnan Stecuer. Coaey Kieand levi Mfer numerous rueces and nephews and tne families Mortnawas predeceased by her husoand. Frederick fVer m lvt33, an trfont son her paints Ferd nand and Jufcanno Ztm-mer. sf brctners th-ee safe's and m ntant g'oncson Afan Fenner Funerqiafrangemenfs hen e oeen entiled to SAL L OWS & MCDONALD FUNERAL HOVE. 1271-103'd Sfeet North Battieford.SK. (306) 445-24 1 3. Deaths 1000 BUSBY James Walper, after a short battle with cancer passed away suddenly in Saskatoon City Hospital on Friday. March 14, 1997. Jim was predeceased by his parents Robert and Bessie, infant twin brothers, sisters-in-law Leila, Francis and Norma, his granddaughter Shawna Junop. Jim is survived by his loving wife Hazel June, children Bob (Dianne), Bev (Doug) Junop. Bryan (Lynn). Bill (Jacqueline). Ben and special friend Christine Moorman. Grandchildren Karly and Jay Busby. Teresa (Ken)Shiriey, I rent Junop (corry Dyovig). lam-mie Junop, lan, Evan, Jennifer, Samantha, and Clayton Busby. Great grandchildren Mackenzie Busby. Jessica and Jeffrey Shirley. Brothers Ken (Grace). Ray. Howard. Bill (Jean). Jim was born on the family farm near Laura. He served overseds for his country in the Second World War. Jim married June McCuilough on May 1 9th , 1 95 1 . Thev resided in Saskatoon and area raisina their family. Jim worked for Shelly Broth ers then owned and operated the Esso Service Station on 1 1th Street West. He farmed in the Saskatoon area for many years, then worked with Cominco until his retirement in 1984. He thon snrved until his nassina with the Corps of Commissionaires in the Revenue Canada Building. Jim was a member of the Delisle Roval Canadian Leaion, Branch 184. Funeral Service will be held on Wednesday, March 19th. 1997 at 1:30. p.m. from Park Funeral Chapel. 3 1 1 - 3rd Ave. North. Saskatoon. Cour tesy parking avanaDie. uiiiciaring win De iev. Charles MacNutt. In lieu of flowers. Memorial donatpns may be given to a charity of your choice. Interment will take place in Hillcrest Memorial Gardens Arrangements are m care of PARK FUNERAL CHAPEL 244-2103 WIEBE The death of Mr. Corey Wiebe. age 60 years of Saskatoon, occurred on March 1 5. 1997. The Funeral Service will be held on Wednesday March 19. 1997 at 2 00 p m at the Bergthaler Mennonite Church In Warman (2uo-2na 3t. west) conauciea oy iev tu rviar-tens. He is survived by his loving family, his wife. Eva. one son. Kerry Wiebe (special friend. Val). Saskatoon; two daughters. Bonnie (James) Evanochko. Saskatoon, Deseree Wiebe. Saskatoon, three grandchildren. Christine. Michelle and Jason Evanochko. parents- in-law, Jacob and Mary Braun. Hague, and by four ssters and four brotners He was preae ceased by his parents. Peter and Aganetha Wiebe; ond three brothers-in-law in lieu ot flowers. Memorial donations may be made ot the service to the Narcoteptt Association interment w take place m the Warman Ceme terv Arranqements are n care ot DALMENY FUNERAL HOME HALL The death of WiH'am (Bill) Hall of Saskatoon, occurred on Sunday. March i6, 1997 He 6 survived by his loving wfe. Joyce sons. grandchildren Cremation It was B swshthat there De no fune'oi servce wrongerpenrs ere m core of park funeral chapel 244-2103 DavvjJ Scfxji Fune'oi Lectpr A Deaths 1000 I li. : :Mm00Sm9SP Mill D E .m., Y.UYfrYhiiliMiihiii n 1 minus! McLEOD (ROBB) Thelma S. (Robb) McLeod age 79 died on March 15. 1997. She was born on December 30. 1917 in Portage La Prairie. Manitoba, the daughter of Frederick and Olive Livingstone. In Saskatoon she attended Thor-ton Elementary School and Nutana Collegiate. Thelma was a devoted mother enjoying with great pride the successes of her children. She was employed for many years as a ward clerk at the City Hospital. She won many awards as a 5 pin bowler and spent numerous volunteer hours at the Saskatoon Speed Skating Club. Predeceased by her husband of 26 years. Jack Percival Robb and brother Alistar Livingstone, Thelma is lovingly remembered by her husband Jay McLeod; her children Clayton Robb (Joan) of Calgary and Peggy (Greg) Mueller of Madison. Wisconsin; grandchildren Randy (Karen) Robb of Calgary, Susan (Scott) McCall of Regina. Tim Campbell (Robb) of Nelson, British Columbia. Jason Mueller (Jennifer) of Madison, Wisconsin. Kurt Mueller of San Francisco; three great-grandchildren Meranda and Graydon Robb and Maxwell McCall; brothers Dave (Marg) Livingstone. Jim (Edith) Livingstone and Don (Vi) Livingstone: and nephew Glen (Marilyn) Robb; and numerous nieces and nephews. It was Thelma's wish that there be no Funeral Service, but friends and family are invited to gather at 439 5th Ave. (Fifth Avenue Place) between 2 and 4 p m. on Saturday. March 22. "Mom, may you finally rest in peace." Arrangements have been entrusted to the SASKATOON FUNERAL HOME and Prairie View Crematorium 244-5577 KELLETT The passing of Marj Kellett. of Saskatoon, occurred on Sunday, March 16. 1997 in Edmonton. AB at age 59 years. Marj is survived by her loving husband. Hal. two daughters. Leanne (Sheldon) Klassen of Delisie, SK and Dianne Kellett ot Windsor. ON: one son. Michoel Kellett of Whistler. BC. two grandchildren. Derek and Adam Savard. Sheiean and Joshua Klassen. sister Myrtle (Gus) Servatrus of Trail BC; brothers. William (Helen) Mikaeisson of Mckenzie. BC and Karl (Diane) Mikaeisson of Calgary, AB She is also survived by her mother-in-law. Florence Kellett of Toronto. ON. and sister-m law. Joan (Harold) VanBuskirk of St Crax. Virgin Island. USA. She was predeceased by her parents, her father Hildmg Mikaeisson on Decemper 16 1996. and her mother. Wiiheimma Moeisson (nee Bremner) on March 5. 1997 Mari was bom on May 6. 1937 m Birch Hills. SK. She was rased and received her schooling m Prince Albert. SK Her wo'k through her schooling brought her to Saskatoon where she worked n tne accounting department first with the Hudson Boy Com-pony. later with Boychuk s Construction and Cameco Corporation In 1963. Mar) momed Hal Keiieti She was a working mottier. devoted to her children hustx nd and to her wor away from home She retired in 1995 Sne immensely enpyed her time with her children, grandchildren . family and friends - thetr get to-getners. tomg and kjughmg She oso enpyed traveling flower tne summer season, as weS as her hobbv of c'ochetmq Christmas cnoments ond knirnng The Fure'ot Ltu'av w benetdonFrdav March 21. 1997 at 10 3uam from S Ptiii'o Net Roman Ca"xc Cfurch, I9G2 Mjroe Avenue (and Comer of lavtor Sf,eet) CeeD'ant 1 be Rev fr lenCvr Oe-moton v it fc3w in ieu of towers Memoro! donations mav be mode to tn.j Heart orxl S"ce Foundaton 0r 5.i-i?.:"'Oa in Aranae-ments ae m cce c Pask FUNERAL CHAPEL. 244 2503 KennemJ Schech. Funeral Director.

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