The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 23, 1950 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, October 23, 1950
Page 3
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^_MONDAY, OCTOBER 23, 1350 HAL BOYLE'S COLUMN American Tank Floats Out to Sea and Back By HAL UOYLK WITH U.S . FIHS'1' CAVALRY UlVloION, Korea tAP;—Hear now the tale of an American tank that "Our men weren't much afraid of being hit themselves," said West- burjr, "because they could hide In the tank or under It. But they did — .."..« *..*, u.ii.iL u. uuuc* n,, uut uiuy mn Ujti out, to sea—and Jloated back I worry that the rilbber boats might l "! , be punctured. A Sherman tank me truant tank went away for wouldn't float much better than a. p. ciay while ii wa.s being icrried 37-ton rock." ' across the Yesong 'river near Kae- dunng Seventh Cavalry Hejiments march on the North Ko- ><s.n capital of Pyongyang. Engineers had no time to wait for Heavy Imaging tquipmem, to be biought up so they quicKly Impro- viseu a ferry by puaing planking across six large rubber pontoon boats. ' me tltsi tank they rolled on it was a 37-ton Sherman," said Cant Ait Word of the runaway tank had been messaged back to headquarters. An air and surface search was immediately organized. "After all, leaving out the question of the men, a tank Is worth $200.000," salt! Westburg. "And the Army doesn't like to have them drifting off without at least looking for them." He set out In a small artillery plane and finally sighted the tank, "a little out to sea." Before a Na 1 Ait Westburg oi Washington DC , " me °" 1 lo sea " Before a Navy a&sjstaiil regimental operations oi- I tug ™uld f rive to recapture It the li ccr v • sea decided to return the footloose There is a 18-foot tide differential In the river that creates an 6-to- 10-knot current, ft took hold of the lurry and off it floated down stream. Tankmen Surprised Besides the crew of five surprised tankmen there were several chagrined engineers and about 15 frightened South Korean laborers aboard. Bobbing and dipping as if ac-. knowledging the cheers of a parade crowd the waterborne tank rode majestically down to the mouth of the river into the estuary and out to sea. Atong the way it passed a fhore- line and several small islands stUl held by the enemy. "Oie startled Red-i took & long unbelieving look at this . unusual target and then joyously began banging away at it with mortars and machine guns. „ . en on the banks and hills must have rubbed their eyes at this second chance at the strange target. They opened fire again even more hnp- pily. Positions Given Away But tlla t 6"ve away their nosl- tlons to some Marine fighter planes. Thls wils Probably the most thor- ouglily protected tank in military about 150 feet from the point '.vhL. _ it had begun its brief odysse, and the hungry men aboard it leaped ashore. . The next morning, its holiday over, the tank went back to work up the road to Pyongyang. "The engineers figured they traveled a round trip-of 36 miles on I ferry," laughed Westburg. "And now they think our tanks ought to carry life preservers as standard equipment during river crossings." Three Young 'Explorers' Are Found After Being Lost in Cave 12 Hours HARLANSBURG, Pa., Oct. 23. (If) —Three young "explorers", and a »ma!l dog were rescued today after their flashlights tailed while they wandered through the maze-like passageways of a newfound cavern. Apparently none the' worse for their 12-hour stay in the bat-filled tunnels of the cave were: Herbert Harkless, 12; Eddie McClelland, 16-year-old son of a funeral director; Ernest Mallinak, 26, a construction company employe, and "Andy," year-old cocker spaniel owned by young McClelland. The only note of concern was expressed by the Harkless boy, whose first comment was: "Heck, I guess I'll have to go to ^•chool- today as l-sual." < M His mother, overjoyed at his safe ^i-cturn, was quick to assure him he could take a couple of days off, if he wanted to. : ; The plight ,of the three turned this Western.Pennsylvania town of 500 put in full force to aid in the search. About 1,500 men nnd women from surrounding .communities also 8_athcred at the cavern entrance as the word spread. Voung Hnrkless, McClelland and Mallinak went into the big cavern about 2 p.m., EST, yesterday to look'for unusual rock aiid crystal formations. The cave was "first discovered a short time ago during some nearby highway construction work and in recent weeks » number of persons have visited It. The McClelland boy said he had gone into the cavern three times before yesterday and was certain he could find his way about. They wandered through underground chambers and passageways to a point about 1,800 feet from the entrance. As they started back, all three of their carbide lights Jailed one after another. Left in pitch darkness, they decided to sit down and wait for rescuers. "They told me It was about raid- night," Herbie Harkless said, "ami I was tired and cold. Then I heard some yelling later and I knew they were coming fcvget us^I felt better." One of the five rescue groups, using twine safety lines to permit a safe return to the entrance, carne on the little group. They were' in a large chamber about 25 feet from floor to ceiling a weird setting of stalagmites, stalactites and whirring bats. The news that they were safe was greeted by a cheer from the hundreds gathered at the cave mouth. Young Herbie Harkless was given some soup and put to bed immediately. Ills other companions stayed up a little longer to tell the talc of their adventure to a wide awake town. "Andy," the little cocker spaniel. Tom re! You May Be in the Movies! Cotton Picking Contest Movies Not a Newsreel, but pictures of you and your friends at the Parade and Contest. Especially prepared for the Skyline. You'll enjoy it' 30 FULL MINUTES —ALSO— THOMAS MITCHELL 'in Swiss Family Robinson" 3 COLOR CARfOONS •^^^^^^^^_ How't You, Sp«.domtt.r? rr •n sp«d«mettT, hr »ll c.n and trucks. T. I. SEAY MOTOR CO. 121 E. Main Phone 2122 BLYTHEVTLLE (AKK?) COURIER NEWS Atom Expert Said To Be in Russia Scientist Missing Froift British Lab Since July 25 HOME, Oct. 23. m— Britain's missing atom expert, Dr. Bruno Oiilecoevo, was reported today to have sailed on Sept, 2 aboard a Russian ship dom Finland to Leningrad. This report was made early today by the Stockholm correspondent of II Tempo, iienrico Altavlllu, who jalji he flew from Stockholm to Helsinki to investigate the whereabouts of the Italian-born Pontecorvo, described by European scientists as a leading researcher In tritium, basic element of the hydrogen bomb. Pomecorro, who worked for two years at the British atomic research plant at Hans-ell, has been on a vacation from England since July 25. On Saturday, Italian newspapers under banner headlines said that the scientist had slipped off to Russia. Their report set off an International search. Doing Advanced Work CANBERRA, Australia, Oct. 23. W--Nuclear Science Prof. Marcus Olljjbani saw today missing atom expert Bruno Pontccorvo was working on the "most advanced nuclear Physics In Britain wlien he resigned" from the Hritish atomic research staff at Harwell. Oliphant, who has earned a worldwide reputation for nuclear research, told reporters that Pon- lecorvo was regarded as "one of Harwell's bright boys." "I can't imagine why he should disappear," Ollpant said. "As far as I know, he had no reasons for wanting U> leave Britain. He seemed the lust person In the world to have political persecution fears, and ills integrity was never questioned uy his colleagues." Stimson Rites Cond ucted Today COIJJ SPRING HARBOR, N.Y., Oct. 23, (AP)—Private funeral services for Henry L. Stimson will be held today at his Long Island home here. Death came Friday to the 83- year-old statesman—who was secretary of war under GOP President Taft, secretary of state under President Hoover and secretary of war also under two Democratic presidents, Roosevelt and Truman. President Truman said of Stimson ,a life-long Republican: "As a statesman who placed duty to his country above party lines, he scorned unreasoning abuse neap- ed upon him when he accepted a war post with a national administration not of the political rrarly to which he had given long allegiance." Mr. Truman made the comment in a letter to Stimson's widow, released yesterday in New York City by First Army headquarters. and the two bloodhounds used In the search, each got i bone and some sleep. HOUSING AUTHORITY OF THE CITY OK BLYTHEVILLE, AR KANSAS. Sealed proposals will be received by th3 Housing Authority of the ^ity of Blylhevllle, Arkansas (here- Inafte- called the "Local Authority") l its office In the First National 'lnk Bldg. In the city of Blythe- Ille, Arkansas until twelve (12) o'clock Noon. (CST) on November 8. 1950, for the purchase of its Temporary fxian Notes (Second Series) In the aggreBate principal amount of Five Hundred Seventy-Six Thousand Dollars ($576,000.00), at which lime such proposals will 1«'opened and canvassed. The Notes will be dated Novem- r 28, 1950, and will be payable to bearer on 1 May 4, 1951. The proceeds of said notes will be used to pay expenses Incurred or to be incurred in the development of a housing project or to refund, renew or extend outstanding notes issued In connection therewith, and for which the Public Housing Administration has agreed to make a loan to assist In the development, thereof. For the prompt payment of the principal of and interest on said notes the full faith and credit of (he l.ocal Authority will be pledged and raid notes will be further secured by a requisition agreement between the Local Authority and the Pubhc Housing Administration under the terms of which agreement the Public Housing Administration agrees to purchase an advance loan note of the Local Authority prior to the maturity of such temporary loan notes and In nn amount sufficient to pay the principal of and Interest upon any of said temporary loan notes to )>e deposited at the respective bank at which saiil temporary loan notes are payable for the benefit of the holder or holders thereof Said notes will bear, interest at the rate or rates per annum fixed In the proposal or proposals accept- to for the purchase of such notes will be Issued In such denominations, and both principal and Interest thereof will be .payable at such Incorporated Bank having trust powers or Incorporated Trust Company as the purchaser designates In its proposal; such Bank or Trust Company must be a member of the Federal Reserve System and must have an unimpaired capital and surplus of not less than the aggregate principal amount of notes designated In the proposal or proposals submitted by the purchaser, provided, however, that such unimpaired capital and surplus need not exceed One Million Dollars. The notes will provide that they are not valid until after such Bank or Trust Company has signed the agreement, appearing on each note, to act as paying agent. The notes will be transmitted to such Bank or Trust Company for delivery to the purchaser upon receipt and disbursement by such Bank or Trust Company of the purchase price thereof In accordance with Instructions from the Local Authority After taking delivery of the notes the purchaser shall obtain the signature of such Bank or Trust Company upon the notes as aforesaid. All fees or charges, If any, of such Bank or Trust Company shall be paid by said purchaser. Complete certified transcripts evidencing the lawful organization of the Local Authority and the validity of the notes and the requisition agreement will be furnished the attorneys designated by the purchaser to approve the validity of said notes and said requisition agreement at I least five (5) days prior to the date SHOW STARTS 7:00 P.M. Last Times Tonite DOUBLE FEATURE PROGRAM WARNER BROS: MS ^ pBijj)^t= Cartoons & Latest News Tuesday & Wednesday Double !''ealtire Program "Letter from K1TIIKR THE PARSON STOKE... S Of flit fiisloli f/i'rf/ ft --7 MY \ CRoinr 'JOELNcCREA ELUN DIEW ' DEAI STOCKWEU I An Unknown Woman" Also Cartoon Service with a Smile If jo« drlY« . CJirjultr or a rlj. month, then you'll W wise U brlni jro«r car home for Mrrict . . . «r <men know j»«r «r. 121 E. Main Phon«2122 T. 1. SEAY MOTOR CO. ol said notes. The tees or charges of such attorneys shall be paid bv said purchase. All proposals for (he purchase ot said notes shill be submitted in a form approved by the Local Author- It)'. Copies of such form of proposals may be obtained from the Local Authority «t, the addreis Indicated above or from the General Counsel Public Housing Administration, Washington 25, D. C., or from Field Office Director, Public Housing Administration, in the cities of New York city, New York; Chicago, Illinois; Atlanta, Georgia; Tort Worth, Texas; San Francisco, California; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Richmond, Virginia; Detroit, Michigan; Los Angeles, California; Seattle, Washington and Boston, Massachusetts. Proposals may be for all or any part ot snid notes and separate proposals will be required for each part ot said notes for which a separate Interest rate Is bid. Said notes will be awarded at the lowest net Interest cost to the Locul Authority under such bid or bids, nnd in computing such interest cost the Local Authority will take into consideration any premium which any bidder offers to pay. No bid for less Ulan {liO.OOO principal amount of said notes or for less than par and accrued Interest (which interest shall be computed on a 3GO-dny basis) will be entertained and the Local Authority reserves the right to award to any bidder all or any pni t of the notes which such bidder offers to purchase in his proposal, upon the basis of such proposal. If only a part of the notes bid for in » proposal are awarded by the Local Authority, the premium, if nny, offered In such proposal shall be pro-rated, and said notes will be issued In denominations In the order of the lowest denominations specified in such proposal: provided, that one note may be issued In a smaller denomination than ts otherwise specified. The further right Is reserved to reject any or all bids. In the event that prior to the delivery of any of the notes to trie sue- Last Times Today "TWO FLAGS WEST" Slarrlnr Joseph Collen, I,tn<Ji Darnell, Jeff Chandler & Cornel Wlld« Features »t: 7:00 & 9:»B eessdil bidder therefor tlw Income received by private holders from oW llgitlons of the same type and character shall be taxable by the terms of any Federal Income tax law hereafter enacted, the successful bidder may, at his election, be relieved of his obligations under the contract to purchase said notes HOUSING AUTHORITY OP THE C'TY OF BLYTHEV1LLE, ARKANSAS. By J. Mell Brooks, Secretary-Treasurer 10J23-25 Vet Sloys Bride, Commits Suicide PITTSBURGH. Oct. 23. W) - A factory worker killed his German war bride with a souvenir pistol last night and then used the weapon to take his own life, according to detective Charles Mclnerncy. The victims were Identified as Alexander Hyiak, 42-year-old World War Two veteran, and his wife Maria, 21. Mclnerney said Hyzak took his own life before the eyes of his younger brother and while Hyzak's 13-month-old son slept in his crib In the couple's one-room second floor apartment,. The detective said the younger brother. Kdwnnl Uyziilc, 2.1, gave this account of the tragedy: "I heard nn argument between Air Conditioned By Refrigeration NEW • "Your Community Center" MANILA, ARK. MnHnees Sat. & Sun. 1'h. 58 i.nsf. Times Today Three Came Home" Claudette Colbert Tuesday 'Brewsler's Millions rr DENNIS O'KEEFE rriy brother and hts wife after she had come home from the movies. Then I heard a shot. I rushed upstairs. When I en(ere"d the room, I saw Maria on the floor. Before J could say or do anything, Alexander put the gun to his head and fired." Latest Casualty List WASHINGTON, Oct. 23. (AP) — The Defense Department reported 34 casualties today in a Korean casualty list (No.132) which was one of the smallest Issued since the first few weeks of the Korean conflict. Seven were reported killed in ac- PAGB THRE1 — —.,--. _ . . .. lion, 20 wounded In combit, lix lm- Jured in accidents and on« misting In action. Both Australia and New Zealand display Hie Southern Cross on their flags, but Australia uses five start to New Zealand's four. MOTHER ABOUT M Wtr VOU GIVE ASPIRIN TO YOU* CNIU? You Jr., H you "force" ordl- RITZ THEATRE MANILA, ARK. Last Times Today THE FURIES 7 iirlwni Stanwyck & \Vciidcll Corev Tuesday Nile TWltUED TO By THOUSANDS! From klnilr.rgarlen to Junior High, tKey'll IPO completely nutflttcd in these sparkling fall cottons. Each one Is » wonderful .suvint at tins price. Get Ready! Get Set! For Savings! Girls' Outstanding FALL DRESSES IF NOT SPECIALLY PURCHASED THEY WOULD BE 3.98 CHECKS GINGHAM PLAIDS COMBINATION TRIMS SOLID BROADCLOTHS EYELET EMBROIDERY TRIMS SIZES I TO 6X, 7 TO 14 Girls' "Litfle Miss Dixie" RAYON PANTIES Matching fare trim legs with c 1 n * 11 c u'afxtband.s in four beautiful colors, white, hlne, phtk ninl rrml7.«. 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