The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 21, 1950 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 21, 1950
Page 8
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PAGE EIGHT Italian Atom Scientist Skips To Russia, Rome Papers Say ROME, Oct. 21 (/Pj—Rome news-* papers broke out in a rash of scare herdlihcs today reporting Italian- born British atom scientist Bruno Pontecorvo had skipped behind the iron curtain. Swedish airlines officials said he visited Stockholm !ast month and then flew to Finland. His father in Milan said he doubtless would bo back in England on schedule III January. No one yet has been able to contact Pontecorvo, who became a British citizen during the war and worked on atom research projects in Canada and England. He came lo Italy with his wife and three children recently for a vacation. Under Dicir blackest headlines. Home's leading morning newspepcrs said the scientist and his family had departed anywhere from two weeks to a month ago on a Czech airlines plane bound for Poland. These stories said he left with a Polish passjiort. Source ,Vol (livrn Allhough none of (he newspapers named the source of their information, it had an official tone. They played up the fact that ponlccorvo. hnd worked in Britain's Harwcl Atomic Energy Research Laboratorj where German-bom Dr. Klau Fuchs hart been a top official. Fiich: was convicted and jailed on charge; of giving atomic secrets to the Russians. Then Swedish nirlines official: here reported that Pontecorvo am: his' family arrived in Stockholn Sept. I and flew on to Helsinki Finland. They did not know what his plans were after that, but thei said he had stopped In Munich and Copenhagen on the way to Stockholm. VI.S. Is "Interested" In London, an American govern ment Informant said the U.S. Embassy is following "with interest" news reports about Pontecorvo. The source added that the embassy has not begun any formal inquiries. A spokesman for the ministry of supply, which is in charge of atomic research In Britain, said the ministry had no reason to believe that. Pontecorvo would not return 'to Britain in time to take up an appointment at Liverpool university Jan. 1. Obituaries Mather of Blytheyille Man Dies in Mississippi Services were held today in Greenwood, Miss., {or Mrs. Sarah Katherlne Minyard, mother of \v. H. Minyard of Dlytlieville who died Thursday at a hospital there, she was 78. . She hnd resided In Greenwood for the past 50 years. Mrs. Minyard also is survived by three daughters, Mr.s. George Howeri of Greenwood. Mrs. A. D. Hunt of Hattiesburg, Miss., and Mrs. Sam Raper of Columbus, Miss.; three other sons, B. r. Minyard of Jackson, Miss., D. s. Minyard and B. C. Minyard. both of Greenwood; a brother. Dr. S. H. Dues of Greenwood- and a sister, Mrs. H. B. Conner of Graham, Texas. PROUD MISS —Two-year-old Roberta Young, of San Frnn- c-isco, proudly displays an autographed color picture of himself Kiven her by President Truman. She is the granddaughter o( Albert Chow, San Frnncisco Democratic lender unrt long-time friend ot the President. Guerrillas Fight Reds BANGKOK —f,Ti— There are 1,500.000 Chinese Nationalist guerillas harrasslng the Chinese Communists from Manchuria to Yun- lan and from Shanghai to Slnkiang Patrick Pichl Sun. Nationalist Charge d'Affaircs In Bangkok said n an interview. He said all these scattered groups would be rallied together for recovery of the entire Chinese mainland when the time comes. Sun said 2.000 Nationalist, soldiers vlio had crossed into Burma from Yunnan when their commander Tcncral Lu Han, Joined the Reds lad now crossed back into Clilnp.. ' •east Becomes Bath ' TRIPOLI, Libia W_A British :ourt invoked payment of blood noncy ("zia") under the Islamic aw m the accidental slnyinsr of two guests at a wedding feast Ahmed HE,, Miftah, exuberant brother of the bridegroom, fired oft ins rifle to celebrate. One shot hit and killed two guests Judge KhaJil Boy jchtirl 'of the British court fined him $800 directing that the money be paid to dependents of the victims. But Ahmed Ben Miflah went behind prison bars for three months for possessing rifle and ammunition without permit. Catholic Bishop To Visit Here And in Osceola The Most Rev. Albert L. Fletcher bishop of the Little Rock Diocese of the Catholic Church, will make a canonical visitation to the Immaculate Conception Church here tomorrow. While in Mississippi County, the bishop will confer the sacrament of Confirmation at services here and at St. Matthew Church in Osceola. He also will preside at the 10 o'clock mass tomorrow morning (then a High Mass will be. sung by the Rev. Amos H. Endcrlin, pasto of the church here. The confirmation services will fol low. Alter these services, the blsha] will attend a dinner for all mem bcrs of the parish. Women of tin parish will prepare and serve tin dinner. The confirmation service In Oscc ola will be held at 3 p.m. Blshot Fletcher will attend a luncheon there before returning to LIUIc Rock. Master of ceremonies for thi bishop's visitation will be the Ver Rev. Msgr. Joseph A. Murray, chancellor of the Little Rock "DIOCCFC Walter Emala and Adrian Callouitc students at st, John Seminary li Little Rock, will serve as chaplains to the bishop. Stossen Still Hopeful PHILADELPHIA. Oct. 2t. M>) — Harold E. Stassen, twice unsuccessful in his bid for the Republican SHOW STARTS 7:00 P.M. SATURDAY ONLY! $ Saturday Nile is Buck Nile $ $1 All Cars, Trucks & Buses DOUBLE FEATURE PROGRAM CARTOONS SUNDAY & MONDAY FEATURE. PROGRAM "Golden S Twenties" Corroons & Latest New* ?746 Million Korean Relief Fund Estimated WASHINGTON. Ocl. 2!. (AP) _ ien. Douglas MncArthur has pu the cost, of Korean civilian relict su 5140,500,000 for the remainder ot the Jiscnl year ending next June 30. His estimate was received yesterday by the army department, which ins taken over from the Economic 3ooi>cration Administration the re- Icf Job in war-damaged South Korea. Phone Hearings Recess LITTLE ROCK, Oct. 21. W-Tlu. Public Service Commission hearing on Southwestern Bell Telephone Company's application for a permanent $4,620,000 annual Arkansas rate increase was in recess today. Mencken Is 'Resting' BALTIMORE, Oct. 21. (AP) _ H. L. Mencken's doctor said today the 70-year-old newspaperman, author and critic had spent an "extremely restful and comfortable" 36-hour period. "Hie National Geographic Saciely says New England feels an average of one fairly severe earthquake a year. Nebraska. Kentucky, Alabama and North Carolina claim, golcien- rod:ai s lhe state flower. 'residential nomination, said today ic still Is hopeful that Russia's Joeph Stalin "will answer my letter 'in the interests of world peace." THK LI'ITI.K JIAN THAT WASN'T TIIKKK—A buttle helmet Iright) seems suspended hi air after leaving the head of its owner who was excitedly watching smoke (background) mushroom skyward from Corsair fighter plane which plunged into the sea after ill-fated takeoff from Navy earner dtiri,i B American Invasion of Inchon, Korea. The plane's pilot B, !S ,B» Jim Broean, of Detroit .Micl,., was rescued by helicopter. (AP Wirephoto). Hunters Asked To Avoid Shooting At Phone Lines Clyde Shlbiey, manager of the Blytlieville oHice of Southwestern Bell Telephone Co., today sent out a plea io hunters in an effort to prevent disruptions of phone service. "Broken lines, shattered insulators and the loss of hundreds of telephone calls result from damage by gunfire in the hunting season each year," Mr. Shiblcy said "More than 320 wires were broken by stray shots last year in Arkansas alone." he said. "Many glass Insulators were smashed and cables carrying many pairs of wires were pierced by bullets. ••During a Hunting month it's hot unusual to hnve more than •>000 hours of talking time lost as n 'result of gunfire. Even if a bullet or shot only nicks a wire, contraction of the wire in cold weather may cause added stress and cause it to break." Mr. Shiblcy pointed out that there is always the possibility that a call disrupted by gunfire may |;e one of importance, such as a call lor an ambulance from the scene of a wreck. INDOCHINA (Continued from page i> "towards nc\v positions." Langscm was the sixth post- the FYcnch have given up within a month along the mountainous frontier, stronghold of Moscow-trained Ho Chi M fuh'5 Nationalist guerrillas. All that remain arc Laokiiy and Mcmcay on the western and eastern ends of the former French border defense line. Garrisons Nol Effective Military experts already have admitted that the frontier garrison no longer am effective hi their mail (unction, that of stopping traffic between the Vlctminh and the Chinese Communists who the French charge have been training the guerrillas on a large scale recently. Meanwhile the French have dug it) with heavy armor along the Rcc River delta while reinforcements were mobilized to bolster new positions for n stand against the Vietminh forces. The French communique said the 'withdrawal of Langson garrison was not decided under pressure ol the enemy." 'It was apparent Tor several months that progress made by the enemy in augmenting its strength and armament- as well as its ability maneuver, required our forces adapt new combat tactics based the reconstitution of mobile miLs possessing strong /ire power," hu statement said. "Bntlalinns Need Regrouping" It added that "the only means ,o constitute such mobile reserves vas to regroup our battalions im- nobilixed on the frontier." "Severe reverses suffered at Dongkhe showed the necessity for his new plan of action which is g rapidly implemented," said he statement, adding: "No further withdrawal of our roops is foreseen." Two lilies of retreat lie open for the big LrUigsou garrison. One withdrawal route He* southwest along colonial route otic through dangerous Vietminh-infested mountains J. Hanoi 100 miles away. Along this perilous highway comparative safety would mvait French troops at the strong post of p langtlutong 50 miles southwest The other path to safety for the narrated Langson column lies southeast along colonial route four which leads to Moncay at the sea The first French station alont* this route is 12 miles away. , m Starts 7;15 V-3 Mile Xnrth on Highway 61 Saturday Only! Missco Gets ? 16,077 In School Transport Aid Mississippi coiint-y's share of the first i!133l2 in 1950 state transportation aid to school district., was S16.077. the Arkansas Education Department said today. The distribution was the fi, st . o f transportation aid for the current school year. Other payments by counties Included: Arkansas «,6SO: Benton $10,116- Clark Sfi.SOS; Columbia uo'is- Crmghcad J9.567; Crawford SC751-' Crittemten $6,622; Faulkner S6,790- Garland $5,934; Greene »10152- Good Entertainment Everyday Oijen Week Days 6:45 Show Starts 7:00 Salurdays & Sundays 1 :00 Always a Double Feature .Saturday The Wild Fronlier Wesl Memphis Horse Racing Track Action Is Postponed LITTLE ROCK. Oct. 21. (AP) _ The Arkansas Racing Commission yesterday left unsettled the question of whether Arkansas will have a second horse r;\ce track. Cobert J. Boileau of Mountain Home, who'd filed the application to build a 52,000,003 track at. West Memphis, asked the commission to hold the proposal in abeyance. Boileau said there were some lease difficulties over the proposed track property he wanted to straight i-n out before the commission took action. Hempstcad $9,077; Hot Spring $4% 089; Independence £5,050; Jeffersoii S11.W1; Miller $7,345; Ouachita $7505; Poinsett $7,539; Pulaski $H,520; Sebastian $6.798; Sevcir S3 801- St, Francis $3.370,- Union $1J 97-1- Washington J7,917; white $12535 Hollywood Continued from ?*«• 4' tlon that exerted pressure on h heart took him to Scripps ClUlit . . . Th« Toni Seven-Sen. Wane Magnuson marriage It .now slate for some time after January, 19s Their romance has been a Wash ineton, D. C., buzz-buzz. Klitabrth Taylor WM a.s*ed by lens outfit to POM ajalnst the buk ground of hubhy Nick HIKon'i B« Air hold pool In (he reverslb) bathing suit she bought !n Europe l.lz said maybe, but MOM roared "No" (hat was recorded on Ih local seismographs. There's a naval aviation picture coming up for John Barrymore, Jr Plans call for filming n. In Cuba . . . Van Johnson will star it MGM's "Barling, I'm Stuck." ThL is a title? . . . They're telling the silly about the starlet who heard that Mario Lanza was starring in "The Great Caruso" and wantet to know who was playing his mat Friday. . . . Tip-off on -why so many post-Civil War action dramas are being filmed: Movie-goers be low the Mason - Dixan line are dredging out old Confederate, flags and rushing to the theaters. I.ouls l.ikcs lo Work Steady there, gals—Louis Jourdan, of the Puller brush eyelashes —wears a "malo" (early Hawahar for sarong) and shows the Jourdar torso for the first time on the screen in Fox's "Bird ot Paradise.' Flashing a full-sized biush at his wife, he told me: "Kill I'm nothing: to look al.' Jourdan Is set to co-star with Jeanne Grain next In "Meet Me in Washington Square," a remake of "Heaven Can Wait." r.e still owes two pictures to David o. Selznick and says of his two-year absence from the screen: "It's very bad for an actor not to work, even when he gets paid for it." John Steinbeck's new short novel, "Burning Bright"—it hits the book- M R * SAT. ONLY $1 Per Car Every 3rd Car FREE 3 BIG FEATURES No. 1 Muster Crahlic Al (Fuzzy) St. John No. 2 "Billy the Kid's "Bowery at Roundup" Midnite" No. 3 Hilly Cillicrl Slicing Howard "SPOTLIGHT SCANDALS" AI,SO COLOR CARTOON SUNDAY & MONDAY You May Be in the Movies! Cotlon Picking Contest Movies Not a Newsreel, bur pictures of you and your friends ot the Parade end Contest. Especially prepared for the Skyline. You'll enjoy it! 30 FULL MINUTES —ALSO— THOMAS MITCHELL In Swiss Family Robinson 3 COLOR CARTOONS 'YOUR FRIENBIY THEATR SUNDAY & MONDAY Features Sunday: 2:35, 4:40, 6:45, 8:50,10:20 Features Monday at: 7:00 & 9:05 Born of a Rebel Yell... One Man's Daring ... and A oman's Fire! To flic str 0 /their H wild lan "Rocky" Lane will, AIuu Ctirlis & Ann Gwyime (In Color) ' (';ir(oon King of I ho Kockcfmcn -Serial Safin-clay Owl Sho UHlVERSAV-IHIERNAriONAI prcitn I'opeve Cartoon .Jungle Land Serial Sunday & .Monda li'loon it I.nlcsl News ! Elslnt. They'll marry arw Th. Wanda H e n d r I x- Stack romance in MexIco-te co-starring with Mickey Ronnp!, , •Th« Kid From Mexico*:^ 1 '" U> dates, palsy-walsyness an Inolh ing serious. . . . Gloria Svm^' boiling over the printed reVorlTh"^' she nixed a seven-picturf °o nt * ^ deal with Paramount beginTn, *75.000 a picture. She «,£»?$,& offer was ever made. . . Howa^J Hughes Is doing it again! it', ?„„ secret on the RKO lot, but HuEhV. has recalled all prints of ••«n«>, : Danger Lics"-the picture that in?. troduced Faith Domergue to mi! '< vlegoers: Retakes and added will be made although It h a released in many key cities fdwatd J. Kelly Dies J CHICAGO, Oct. 21. M>j_ rorn '. Mayor Edward J. Kelly, 74 rjomn • eratic national committeeman fcom ] Illinois, died yesterday. m RITZ THEATRE Manila, Ark. Saturday "Land of Six Guns" with Jack Randall ; Also Cartoon & Seri||' ! Saturday Oivl Show 'The Black Cat" • with Alan Larid Sunday & Monday THE FURIES" / Barbara Stanwyck Wendell Corey- Warner News & ShorlS Tuesday Nile Air Conditioned ; By Refrigeration \ NEW! "Your Com m unity Center" {• MANILA, ARK. | Mati.nees Sat. & Sim. fc I'h. 58 f: "Slreels of Ghost Town" with Charles Starred Saturday Owl Show "Leathernecks Have Landed" with Lew Ayres Sunday & MoYftfa Three Came Home" Colbert

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